J-ok'el (2007) - full transcript

An unworldly and closed-minded American travels to a small village in exotic Chiapas, Mexico; at the behest of his estranged mother when his half-sister disappears during a local epidemic of kidnappings attributed to the legendary J-ok'el, the weeping woman, who drowned her own babies, centuries ago and whose spirit has returned to claim more children as her own.

(Foreign Language)

Stop, stop, I need to stop!

(Foreign Language)

Excuse me?

Excuse me?

Do you know where this is?

(Foreign Language)

No, no.

(Foreign Language)

Where are you going?

El Camino a Las Estrellas.

Do you know where that is?

(Foreign Language)

Do you know where this is?

(Foreign Language)

(Foreign Language)



Si, you don't remember me?

No, sorry...

(Foreign Language)

Is she here?

She cannot know I called you.

No, no, no, thank you, I'm not staying here.

Your mother is terrified.

Last night, last night another child was taken,

a young boy, younger than Carolina.

I'll get a (Mumbles) for you.

No, no, I'll go.


Pablo called you, didn't he?

I'm here for Carolina.

Want some lemonade?

No, thank you.

So, what are you doing these days, George?

Still painting houses?

I like what I do, mom.

You really should have some lemonade.

I don't want the lemonade!

I'm here to find Carolina, that's it, okay, nothing else.

What are the police saying?

Police don't know anything.

Okay, what about ransom demands?

Has anybody contacted you?

No, nothing.

Well, can Jose do something?

Doesn't he have some connections, some strings he can pull?

He's stuck in Cuba in the hurricane, luckily for you.

Did they take her medicine?

I'm handling it, George.

I didn't call you, I don't want you here.



Call Mr. Christensen a cab.

Why do you care, George?

Because she's my sister, she's my only...

She's my family.


A couple of cards in 10 years, that's family?

Stay by your phone, please.

Go home, George.

(Foreign Language)


Yeah, me.

All right, walk in here.

(Foreign Language)

Okay, my name's George Christensen.

My sister went missing four days ago, Carolina Moret.

Moret, Christensen?

Yeah, she's my half sister, my mother's Heather Moret.

It should all be in her file.

I just wanted a status of her..

No tell without (Foreign Language)

without proof...

Without proof of your relationship,

we cannot release nothing, sir.

Okay, look, my sister has a serious medical condition,

this is her inhaler.

If she doesn't have this when she needs it, she can die.

She's all ready been without it for four days now.



(Foreign Language)

I understand your situation.

(mumbles), Senor Christensen.

But you need to understand (mumbles)

things, things is going to get much more complicated

if I do something extra for one people

and not for other person (mumbles).


Can you tell me if there's been recent activity

by any underground organizations like drug gangs,

political groups, anything like that?

No, no, senor.

And it is best that you not concern yourself in the affairs.

(Foreign Language)

What was that?

Where's her file?

You see all these people?

All the children's have been taken, like Carolina.

You are not the only one hurting.

Carolina's file is probably with all the others,

as we look for similarities..

Wait, probably?

At the time...

At the time we (mumbles) with you,

we have less time to find who is doing this

and to stop them.

Can you understand me?

You don't even know where your files are.

That's something I don't understand.

We are doing the best we can, okay?

The best.

This is not a (mumbles) your normal phenomenon,

this is not normal, Mr. Christensen.

We are over full, over full!

Go away.

Go away!

If she dies, you and your station will be responsible.

(Foreign Language)

(Foreign Language)

No, no.

Senor, no.


(Foreign Language)

I'm sorry?

You speak English?

Well, yes.

May I help you?

I'm looking for my sister.

I don't know if maybe, maybe if you've seen her?

She's been missing for five days now.

Five days?

Wow, I'm so sorry.

My friend Gloria, her son went missing three days ago.

I'm sorry.

My sister's, she's not like other kids,

she has severe asthma, so without her inhaler,

she won't survive.

Then we should finish putting this up, right?

I can help you.

Thank you.

It's okay.

Was that your child I saw you with yesterday?

Oh, yes, Fernando.

Gloria takes care of him when I have to go out to work.

You cannot be too careful these days.

When your friends child was taken,

did anyone see anything?

Hmm mmm.

So no one as any idea of who's doing this?

Well, people think that it's Jokel.

Jokel, Jokel, that's what the woman last night

was screaming, what is that?


What, a woman?

Well, yes, but she killed herself almost 500 years ago.

I don't..

(Foreign Language)

I don't understand.


People here paint things they're afraid of, spirits.

What, that's Jokel?

That's what they call her here, it's a Mayan name,

but most Mexican's call her (Foreign Language),

the weeping woman.

No, we shouldn't speak of her too loudly,

we shouldn't say her name.

It's too dangerous.

She was born here, in (mumbles),

she fell in love with a Spanish soldier.

They had two children and then he left her

for another woman.

At night, she went insane.

She took her children to a lake

and she drowned them.

So, this is what, like a bedtime story?

No, the moment when she realized what she had done,

she filled buckets with stones and

walked to the bottom of the lake.


Don't you see?

She's searching for other children to take

the place of her own.

Wait, wait, wait.

That's what people think is happening here?

Oh, that's un...

That's fucking ridiculous!

So, instead of actually doing something,

they just run around screaming Jokel?

Jesus, how could you ever believe that medieval bullshit?


I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...

Look, um, I'm starving, is there somewhere

we could grab something to eat?

Do tacos make you sick?

Okay, then what am I supposed to do?

Yeah, I all ready did, they're completely worthless.

You know, what the fuck good is an embassy

if you're not gonna do a god damn thing?


What's wrong?

Are you okay?

What the hell happened in Mexico?

Things weren't always this bad.

When was the last time you were here?

I lived here when I was 15 for a while.

Your mother is Helen Moret, right?

She doesn't have any contacts?

She seems like a lovely lady.

It's not that I really know her,

but she's been living here for a long time.

So, you're not hungry?

She's uh, she's not real helpful.

She kind of hates me.

Your mother, why?

I, when I lived here, she left the house one night,

I was in charge and Carolina had an asthma attack,

she almost died.

I'm sorry.

It was a long time ago.

I just wanna find her, make sure she's okay,

and get the hell out of there.

If you want me to, I can be your translator.

You'd do that?

Yeah, sure.

Yeah, that would be great, thank you.

I don't wanna force you into anything.

No, I want to find Caritos,

well, and your sister, of course.

Sometimes I teach in the afternoons but it will be fine.

Great, thanks.

So, you're a teacher?

Mmm hmm, I love..

(Foreign Language)

Who is this guy?

(Foreign Language)

Carmen, who is this guy?

This not concern you, gringo face.

He is my ex-husband, Ignacio, but they call him Meco.

(Foreign Language)

Just relax or..

Or what?

What do you know?

You know plastic, boxes, welcome to America!

George, please?

(mumbles), huh?

Go home, gringo, this don't involve you!

Just calm down, okay, just relax.

(Foreign Language)

What the hell was that?

Nothing, I'm, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

What was he saying?

He says he knows where they're taking the children.



He doesn't know a thing, it's just a trick.

Where are you going?

I'm gonna go talk to him.


George, wait!

George, George!

George, he's just a drunk, George.

Where the hell did he go?

I don't know, forget about him.

Now, I want to show you something, come on.

All these children are missing.

Holy shit.

You see that one over there?

That's Carlitos, Gloria's son.

Are there always so many people at evening mass?

What's going on?

No, it's not what you think.

Come on, come on in, come on.

Where'd everybody go?

I really, I don't like being here.

It's just people praying.

Yeah, I'm just not into this kind of technology.

Are you angry?

This is a waste of time.

Praying is not gonna help them find their children.

Carmen, that's the woman I saw screaming last night.

Can you ask her if she has any idea who took her kid?

(mumbles) sure.

(Foreign Language)


No, tell her...


(Foreign Language)

Are you okay?

I don't know how to do this.

I'm not an investigator, you know?

I mean, I don't even watch cop shows on TV.

I'm sorry, so, what now?

I gotta talk to Meco.

No, please, you don't understand.

He has nothing to do with this.

I don't want you two fighting.

We're not gonna fight, I'm just gonna talk to him,

that's it.

George, please!

(Foreign Language)


Wait, hold on, hold on.

I just wanna ask you a question, hold on!

Meco, wait!


Okay, okay.

(Foreign Language)

I just want to talk to you, okay?

You said you know where they're taking the kids, right?

You do not know!

Wait, I need to know.

(mumbles) you are fucking my woman!

Ah, Jesus, I'm not fucking anyone, okay?

I just wanna find my sister, she's sick

and she needs her medicine.

(Foreign Language)

Fuck you!

You son of a bitch.

(Foreign Language)

(Foreign Language)

Thank you.

Don't thank me Christensen.

You're coming to the station.



I didn't do anything.

(Foreign Language)


Wait (mumbles)!

(Foreign Language)

Where can I hide?

(Foreign Language)


(Foreign Language)

So, where'd you hear this?

I was in the (mumbles) this morning

and I ran into this friend of mine who is sister

of the neighbor of the woman whose children

went missing last night.

Well, grandchildren actually because both parents are dead.

Believe me, this is much more reliable information

than you will ever find with Meco.

She's not going to stop, is she?

Let's not go there.

(Foreign Language)

God's got nothing to do with this.

Do you believe in anything, George?

Yeah, I believe I'm gonna find my sister.

Can you ask her some questions, write down her answers?

Yes, of course.

(Foreign Language)

Go ahead.

Okay, how did she come to be the caretaker for the boys?

(Foreign Language)

Okay, does she have any idea who could've taken the kids?

(Foreign Language)

Si, Jokel!

(Foreign Language)

(mumbles) tell her I need her to be logical.

I can't help her if I don't know the truth.

(Foreign Language)

Okay, okay.

Sorry, let's go.


Gracias, senor.

I'm gonna find them, trust me.

(Foreign Language)

You were very nice to her, thank you.

I'm gonna go talk to my mom,

see if anybody's responded to the fliers.


Can I meet you later?

Yeah, sure.

Let me write down my address for you.

Here you are.


There's nothing real here, this is all,

this is all bullshit, these people just want money!

I told you.

Next time you have such a brilliant idea, darling,

keep it to yourself.

I've been on the phone for two days, and it's all,

as you so eloquently put it, bullshit.

Well, could you give me something to go on here?

Floundering again, sweetheart.

I need some help with this, okay?

I'm here doing all this by myself,

and your stupid fucking husband is off

playing around someplace.

I told you, he's in Columbia.

You said Cuba.

What's going on?

Why are you lying to me?

Leave it alone, George.

What are you not telling me?

He left me, okay!

He left me for a horse trainer!

I begged him to come back for Carolina's sake.

She missed her daddy so much.

I was so worried about her,

she was having attack after attack.

You know what he said to me?

He said, she's your daughter now, she's your problem.

I don't know anybody here.

And now...

You're the only one here for me.

You, of all people.

I'm sorry you're hurting, I'm just here to help.

I'm gonna find Carolina.

Believe me, I'm gonna bring her home.

(Foreign Language)

Ah, hi, hey.

Come in, please.

I'm sorry, I haven't had any chance to clean

but I'll just take a minute, okay.


I used to play football too,

but I played football, not football.

(Foreign Language)

What did your mother say?

She told me that her husband left her.

She begged him to come back but...

It's like there's some kind of cloud over this place,

like something is toxified the whole environment here.

Jose left before Carolina went missing?




(Foreign Language)

That's Gloria, right?

Yes, she's helping me with Fernando because

I have to teach tonight.

What are you thinking?

It's so clear to me now.

She's been taking children who suffer from something

their parents have done to them.

Let me explain myself.

I have something I want to show you.

I have been looking all over for this place

and I think I found it now.

Jokel has been taking the children.

See, here's the place where she drowned her children, okay.

We should go there.

I know she's there, I can feel it.

According to the legend?

All the children come from broken homes,

that's too much to be a coincidence.

We should be looking for the real elements here.

Yes, the real elements, like Meco.

Meco's a drunk, I told you so.

But here, here's where the supernatural is.

Come on, Carmen, religion is just something people

need to feel safe and worthwhile.

It's all crap.

I shouldn't have said that.

(Foreign Language)

I'm tired of you insulting what I believe.

I know what's true.



(Foreign Language)

Go ahead!

Come on, hit me!

I'm sick of this shit!

Fuck you!

(Foreign Language)

(Foreign Language)

What are you drinking?


Mmm, sounds divine.

Make that two.

You French?

No, I just look and talk French.

Well, it's (mumbles) say get the fuck out,

you know, have a good time before you do, right?

Two more.

Now, that's good.

I'm guessing you didn't come to Mexico to talk friendship?

No, my sister was kidnapped six days ago.

That's her.

Have you seen her?

No, sorry.

You have a girlfriend back home?


Why not?

Oh, you have a girlfriend here?

The only woman here who's been nice to me

thinks I'm an asshole, I broke her trust.

Mmm, I like assholes.

Nice, who doesn't?

Sounds like you don't trust yourself.

What's that supposed to mean?

People who we aren't are (mumbles).

Got anything more to say?

Man, you always hurt woman when you don't trust yourself,

and then you blame for woman it.

No, I'm blaming myself, you're not listening

You are such a (mumbles).

What made your shoulders so heavy?

Some things just aren't light and fun, you know?

Inside it comes in many shapes and sizes.

It grows as good or bad as the weather (mumbles).

You just need to relax.

What, you never had anything bad happen to you?

Sure, everyone has bad experience.

I just choose to be happy,

smart people choose to be happy.

Easier said than done.

Well, I get it done, why can't you?

Oh, Jesus, (mumbles).

Oh, Jokel, everybody's talking about her.

I'm sick of hearing this stupid ghost story.

They think she's real.

She is real.

Oh, you too?

If someone was to see a ghost, they'll see a ghost,

but it's not always their eyes that matter.

Jokel is real.

(Foreign Language)

(Foreign Language)

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Look, I apologize for what I said.

I'm not thinking clearly.

I just don't understand.

Understand what?

Why you believe in this Jokel thing so much.

I know people who know about these things.

I could bring you to them but

you wouldn't believe me, would you?

Try me.

Ah, great, it's not over yet.

What is all this?

Well, they do this ceremony to cast out evil spirits.

You mean Jokel, right?

Well, you asked me why I believe so strongly

in all these things.

My parents work with indigenous people all their lives.

There has been stories of Jokel going back hundreds

of years, that's why I felt you should just listen

to Chief (mumbles).

Shall we?


(Foreign Language)

He's glad to meet you.

So did it work?

(Foreign Language)

Something happened that made Jokel come back to life.

I think she comes back when children are deeply wounded,

when their hearts are broken.

Okay, but what is she, or it?

(Foreign Language)

What the wind carries, it carries (mumbles).

(Foreign Language)

Your heart is open, now you will see.

What did he just do to me?


Oh, come on.

(Foreign Language)

What the fuck are you doing now?

I'm not gonna fight you.

Come on, man.

(Foreign Language)

Just tell me where they are.

Fuck you and fuck your sister!

(Foreign Language)



Somebody help!

Flores, somebody stop her!

It's Jokel!

Somebody stop her, it's Jokel!

(Foreign Language)

No speaking Spanish, excuse me.

Okay, okay, Mr. Christensen.

(Foreign Language)

You are released now, free to go.

We don't want problems (mumbles), you know?

We can't have you fighting the (mumbles).

You look like gringo (mumbles).

Another child disappeared last night.

Hmm, how do you know that?

Because I saw it happen.


Yeah, I saw it from my cell.

I was screaming about it all fucking night.

What did you see (mumbles)?

I saw her, or it, the one that everyone's been saying.

I saw Jokel.

(Foreign Language)

I'm sure you (mumbles) last night.

You know what is that?

Tequila cerve.

Child that went missing was a boy, right?

About six or seven years old.

That was in the report.

He went missing this morning.

(Foreign Language)

Oh, shit!

Look, I'm telling you what I saw, the ghost, or woman,

or whatever she is, was headed that way out of town.

If you're not gonna use that information, fuck you.

Hey, we are doing everything to find your sister

and the children.

No, you're not, but I'll do everything I can,

count on that.


(Foreign Language)


(Foreign Language)


Oh, fucking bastards.

Stay here.




Gloria, Gloria, where's Carmen?

(Foreign Language)

I don't understand, no hablo, no hablo.

(Foreign Language)

Money, I need money, dinero, dinero.

Okay, stay here.

(Foreign Language)



Here, let me do it.

Yo, yo, yo.


(Foreign Language)

Later, later.

(Foreign Language)

Here, take me here, Aki.

(Foreign Language)

Aki, Aki.


Wait here.

(Foreign Language)



Oh, Jesus Christ!

Oh, oh my god.

They're dead.

They're all dead.

Get away from him!

Pablo called (mumbles).



No (mumbles)!

No, Fernando.


Mom, what's happening?

Jose, he just left her.

How can he leave her without saying goodbye.


Mom, stop!

Mom, don't make me do this!


(Foreign Language)

Mom, look at me.

It's George, look at me.


Are you hurt?

What's happening, mom?

I'm so cold.


Why are we here?

Why did you do this, mom?

Mom, why did you do this?

Why, why?

You suffer like all my children.

But I can save you.

In our suffering, we spoke too loudly.