'It's Alive!' (1969) - full transcript

A loony farmer finds a prehistoric monster hiding in a cavern on his land. To feed his newest critter, the farmer kidnaps three people. The three desperately try to escape and finally, one of them succeeds.

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The poets would have
called the place pastoral.

The day, tranquil.

For Leslyann Sterns and
her husband Norman,

it was another day in a
cross-country tour.

But as they entered
the Ozark plateau,

an ominous feeling invaded
the privacy of the car,

a feeling that intensified with each
turn in the winding highway.

There were reassurances
from time to time,

usually in the form of some
familiar landmark.

But soon, these were
behind them.

And then it began to rain.

There is a legend
in these hills,

that when it rains and sun
shines at the same time,

the Devil is kissing his wife.

And, speaking of the Devil...

"Look, Norman!"

At exclamation at something
out of time, out of place.

Then a simple request to explore

another in the strange
oddities that dot

the roadside of a
thousand highways,

oddities that beckon the
traveler to stop and see.

But terror knows no
time or place,

and jeopardy can hide behind

gentle rain or shine.

And if Norman Sterns had
known what danger lay,

screened by an Ozark forest,

he never would have
left the highway.

I'd like to get
this windshield cleaned.

You've made it worse.

We're almost
out of gas.

We could at least have been
in Los Angeles by now.

Can I do
anything for ya?

Go ahead, it's hot out here.

- Yes, it is.

I wonder if you could tell
me where this road leads?

- It doesn't lead much of anywhere,
as far as I can tell.

According to
the map it should take us

right into Wilson National Park.

- Not on any map I've ever seen.

You must have turned off
about ten miles too soon.

- Fine!

We're lost!

I hope you're satisfied.

- My name is Wayne Thomas,
can I be of any help?

I don't suppose you
have any spare gasoline?

No, not really,
but there's a

farmhouse three or four miles
up the road that might

be able to give you
a little supply.

Would you like a drink?


- Thank you, Mr. Thomas.

Sorry to have troubled you.

- It's no trouble at all.

I'm glad to have been of help.

- Thank you.

- Are you sure you have
enough gas to get there?

- We'll make it.

Clara! What are
you doing out of your cage?

I might have stepped on you.

You know better than that.

I have a good mind to put you
to bed without your supper.

How'd you get out?

So that's it...

She left your cage door open.

What can I do for you?

We're almost out of gas.

Have you got any?

- No. No, my drum's empty.

The truck was due yesterday,
but it didn't come.

- Well you must have
some, a little.

Enough to get us back to
the highway, at least.

- I'm sorry.

The truck oughta be here
any minute, though.

Why don't you come inside?
It's cooler.

- Well, we may as well.

I don't suppose there's any way of
knowing when the truck will get here?

- Nah. Where you folks from?

- New York.

My wife's fond of
traveling by car.

Unhurried excursions along
the scenic byways.

- We were on our way
to Wilson Park.

We took the wrong turn.

- Yeah, sometimes people do that,
and they end up here.

But I can't keep
you waiting here.

Come inside!

- Look, can we telephone to
make sure it's on its way?

We're in a hurry.

- Come on!

Watch your step.

Is somebody looking for you?

I mean somebody that
might be worried.

- No, we don't know
anybody out here.

I just don't want to
waste any more time.

- I see. I don't have
a telephone.

But don't worry,
you'll like it here.

You folks go into the parlor.

Why don't you make
yourselves at home?

I'll have my housekeeper
make some ice tea.



That woman's never around
whenever I need her. Pardon me.

- What's the matter with you?

- I don't know.

It's sort of strange,

this house way out here.

And that man!

- An eccentric.

Obviously a recluse.

Nothing so strange in that.

- Did you see his eyes?

They were like a...

Norman, I don't like this place.

- Well we're stuck here,

and there's nothing
to do about it,

except wait.

I hope this teaches
you a lesson.

You know, I offered to
take you to the Bahamas.

But no, you insisted on...

- Norman!

I've lived all my
life in New York.

I always wanted to see
the rest of the country.

Not just the big cities, but

towns and villages,

the people that live there.

I don't suppose you understand.

- So there you are!

Hiding on me!

Get up!

- I saw them.

I saw them come in.

I know what you're going to do,
but don't make me help...

- Shut up!
- I can't, I won't...

- Shut up!

- I've obeyed you.

I've done everything you've asked
of me - everything! But not this...

- Bella!
- No!

Not just to see them,

and talk to them,

and know what
you're going to do!

- Now...

You will go into that kitchen,

and get them something
to eat and drink

while I move their car.

And you will keep
your big mouth shut!

Someone's coming.

Hurry, do like I told you.

And remember...

If they get scared and run away,

you'll take their place!



I was just wondering
if they'd made it.

- What do you mean?
- Well they were having

a little gas problem.

- Yeah.
Do you know them?

- Well, we sort of met up the
road a little while back.

I see.

- Is something wrong with the car?
- Yeah, it won't start.

- Well what seems
to be the trouble?

- I don't know.

You know anything about cars?

- Well, a little.

I'll take a look at it.

I've got a screwdriver
in the front of my jeep,

would you get it for me?

- Yeah.

- Thank you.
Just put it down here.

- Can I get you something else?

- Would you open the drapes?

- I'm sorry, I can't,

Mr. Greely doesn't like it.

- Well Mr. Greely will have to
make an exception, I'm afraid.


- There, that's better.

It's like a tomb in here.

My wife was getting nervous.

- I'm sure Mr. Greely
won't mind.

Just for a while.

We'll tell him we did it.

- Why did you come here?


What do you mean?

- What are you talking about?

What's the matter with you?

- Norman, let's get out of here.

We can wait in the car.

Anyplace but in here!

Is everything all right?

I'm sorry I was so long, but I
had some chores to do.

- I don't suppose that
truck is here yet?

- No.

- I'm afraid we
can't wait any longer.

We have to be going.

- Where would you go?

- Remember Mr. Thomas?

We met a young man earlier,
back down the road, and

he offered to help us.

I was going to tell
you about him.

He was here, while I
was outside.

- What?
- Yes.

- Well where is he? We can
get a ride back with him.

- He's being very helpful, he's

going back into town,
he said he'd have

some gasoline sent
back out to you.

- He's gone?

- Yes, but he should
be back soon.

We can wait in the car.

- It's rather stuffy in here.

- I tell you what...

If you want to go outside, why don't
you let me show you my collection?

- Well, I don't think so...
- Well, why not?

You're the one who was so
anxious to get out of here.

- I wish you would.

I'm rather proud of it.

- Come along.

After all, you were the one who
wanted to see some wildlife.

This may be the only
opportunity you'll get.

- Come this way.

- Did you capture all
of these yourself?

- Yeah. It's my hobby.

Look at his eyes!

- Rather a dangerous one,
isn't it?

Living so far from help.

In case you were bitten, I mean.

- No. Over the years

I've built up a resistance
to their poison.

Besides, these animals like me.

They know I feed them.

But you ain't seen my prize.

The best part of my collection.

- Let's have a look.

- I'd rather not go in.

- What nonsense!
It won't take a minute.

Will it?

- It'll be over before
you know it.

I can't see!

Hey, we really can't
see anything in here.

Isn't there a light in here?

Wait, I'll turn it on.

I spent every penny I had
wiring this thing for tourists.

Then they bypassed it
with the new freeway.

You folks wait here and
I'll go turn the lights on

for the rest of the cave.

- What kind of place is this?

Looks like someone lives here.

- Norman, let's get out
of here, please?

- Leslyann, for Heaven's sake!

- Well I'm going to go back
and wait in the car.


- Greely!

Greely, open this
door immediately!


Come back, I'll give you
whatever you want!

Greely, you won't get
away with this!

The man's insane.

He's out of his mind.

- I told you. I knew it
the minute I saw him.

- You told me?

I should never have listened
to you in the first place.

You and your fool notions.

Traveling across country in
an automobile like a couple of

poverty-stricken gypsies.

Stopping at every wide spot
town we come to.

Sleeping in motels,
eating truck stop garbage.

- This room wasn't
intended just for us.

There have been others here.

What do you suppose
happened to them?

- How should I know?

Maybe they're still here.

- Mr. Thomas!

- Why don't you eat?

- I'm not hungry.

- You're wasteful.

That's a sin here in
the mountains, you know that.

Everything is used again
and again.

Even when it rains, a drop of water
falls from the sky and a plant catches it.

An insect eats the plant,
and it falls prey to a lizard.

A snake devours the lizard and

his blood in turn quenches
the thirst of a hawk.

So you see? That little drop
of water sustains life

in one animal after another.

You see, each animal
is served by another,

and each must serve his turn.

- A human being is not an animal.

- Who can tell?
- You can't!

That's why you have no right doing
the horrible things that you do.

- A man has a right to protect himself!
- Not with the lives of others!

How many others...
- Shut up!

- How many have there been?

Three since I came.

How many before that?
- Shut up, I tell you!

Just be glad I spared you!

Sometimes I wish
you hadn't!

- I didn't mean that.

- Sometimes you annoy me, Bella.

You make me real mad.

- I'm sorry.

- Now go in the kitchen and get
some food for those folks.


- Now!

And by the way,

take enough for three in case
the other one is still alive.

- How long have you been here?

- Where's "here"?

- We're in a cave behind
Mr. Greely's zoo.


I remember...

He asked me to look at this...
It was your car.

- He must have hit you and
dragged you in here.

- Why would he do that?

- Frankly, I was hoping

you could tell us.

- It looks like we're
prisoners here.

- We're prisoners?

Maybe it's the hit on the head,
but everything is a little nuts.

- Hey, there's a tunnel
down here!

It goes almost straight down.

- That madman must have thrown you
down there while you were unconscious.

- It was dark.

I heard voices.

And I crawled to the
sound of the voices.

That's all I remember.

- Did you see anything while
you were down there?

- No. It was just dark.
I think I was pretty groggy.

- We could go down and look.

- Why? So we can fall
and break our necks?

- Wait!

Someone's coming.

- I brought you
something to eat.

- That tunnel...
Where does it lead?

- The house.

The cellar of the house.

But Mr. Greely
keeps it locked.

- Where is Greely?

I want to see him at once.

Well? Answer me!

You could both go to
jail for this, you know.


Norman, let me talk to her.

What's your name?

- Bella.

Bella Pittman.

- I'm sure all this isn't
your fault, Ms. Pittman.


No, it isn't!

- Ms. Pittman, could you please...

- There's never been three before.

He said there'd be three.

- Ms. Pittman, could you please
tell us what this is all about?

I... I couldn't.

- Can you help us?

- Is there a way out of here?

- I'd like to help you.

I'd like to.

But I can't.


- Because...

Because then he'd
let it have me.


- The thing...

I've got to go.

- Mrs. Pittman...

Could you please at least
leave us the lantern?

- Yes, we'll need it.
- Please?

- Please? Please?

Thank you.

Poor woman.

- Wow!

She's frightened to
death of Mr. Greely.

- And of the "thing",
whatever that is!

- She said,

Greely would give her to "it"
if she tried to help us.

Rubbish! Obviously
she's in on it too.

- In on what?

- On the plot to frighten us,

so they can bleed us
of every cent we've got.

- That may account for you,
Mr. Sterns,

but they don't stand to make too much
off an assistant professor of paleontology.

- You just stumbled into it

because you happened to
have seen us come here.

- Maybe...
Maybe so.

- You're not going down there?

- If there's something down there
I wanna find out what it is.

- You actually take this "thing"
business seriously, don't you?

- Well I don't know,
he may have a python

or anaconda or something.

Besides, it may be a chance to...

Look, I'll tell you one thing:
that woman was genuinely scared.

- She was. She really was!

- I might be able to
find a way out of here.

There's no point in you both
going with me, it's okay.

- Certainly not.

- If I find anything I'll
be right back.

- I doubt very much if...

What is it?

A small earthquake.

- You see?

Well, it would be foolish to
go any further into the cliff.

Well then you
can wait here - alone!

- Watch it, it's slippery.

- Seems hotter down here.

- Listen!

- What is it?

Sounds like water.

- If there is water, that could
mean a way out of here.

- Good lord!

Look at this!

- I'm going to find out
where that water leads to.

- Please be careful!

- By all means.

We'd hate to lose you.

- But I'm afraid you will

if he goes down there.

You once told me
that you were a...

What was the word you...

- Paleontologist.

- Yeah! The study of
things that were old.

- Very old.

- Perhaps you know of
my creature.

It's great, and powerful.

My greatest discovery!

- I'd like to see it.

- You will.

Don't worry.

- Look, why don't you
exhibit it?

You exhibit the rest of your creatures,
why don't you exhibit this too?

- Yes!

All you need is publicity -

I'll pay for it!

Why, people will come from all
over the world to see the "thing".

- You'll be famous...
- Quiet!

Stop it! Stop it!

You still don't believe!

You're making fun of me,
aren't you?

Mrs. Sterns...

You're a very pretty woman.

If you like,

I might decide to
take you out of here.

- No!

- Do what he says. It's our
only chance.

- Norman!
- Don't be a fool!

You're the only one
who can save us.

- Look, why don't you share your
discovery with the world?

Why don't you let us help you?

- Help me?

You fools!

First see if you can
help yourself!


- Damn you!

- Wayne!
- The gun!

Don't let him get the gun!

- Keep it, then!

Keep it!

It won't do you any good!

Let me see.

- Alright.

- You're bleeding.
Let me try and stop it.

- Knocked the wind
out of me, though.


- I guess he got away?

And thanks to you,
he isn't likely to be back.

- Well at least he offered
himself to save us,

instead of just me!

I expected you
you be impressed.


You know, I never
realized before

what my value to you was.

I know you told me
earlier today,

but I didn't want to believe it.

Well now I know.

I know how much I mean to you.

And it isn't enough!

- That sounds rather final,
my dear.

- It was meant to be.

- I see.

I think I'll have a look below.

- Not very professional, but it
at least stopped the bleeding.

- Wayne!

I think I found a way out.

Come on down and have a look.

- What is it?

What is it?

Sterns, you better get
back up here!

- Why?

- Get back!

- Norman!
- Help me!

No! No!

Help me!


Help me!

- Norman!

- It's alright.
It's gone now.

My god!

I saw it!

It was there!

Or am I going mad?

- If you are, we both are.

- It's impossible!

There's nothing like that,
for millions of years!

It was there.

It was real.

It's alive!

- Wayne...


What was it?

It's impossible!

- So was what we saw.

- The only thing I've
seen are drawings,

fossils, prints.

What it looked like

was a masasaurus,

which was a kind of
aquatic lizard,

the most successful of its kind.

It grew to be forty or
fifty feet tall.

There were hundreds of
them around here

seventy-five million years ago.

- But how, I mean...
I don't understand.

- I don't know.

We talk a lot about
suspended animation.

- I've heard of
suspended animation.

- Right, the art of slowing
down the aging process.

Maybe, through some freak of nature,
it's already happened here.

- What should we do?

- Let's go back up to the room.

- Okay.

- Where have you been?

Where have you been?!

You've been downstairs,
haven't ya?

- I didn't do anything.

- That's funny. You've always
hated what's down there.

Maybe you're changing. Maybe you're
beginning to like it.

- No, no, I swear to you!

I just wanted to see if...

- ...If our friends
were still alive?

And were they?

- The young man, the lady.

- What about Sterns,
was he there?

I'm glad you're beginning to take
an interest in these things.

Because you know
what'll happen if I...

Please, please
don't be angry!

- Go to bed, Bella.
It's getting late.

Go on!

- Want some coffee?

Ms. Pittman brought it.

She went back to get some
bandages, change your dressing.

Ms. Pittman?

- Greely, do you know the significance
of what you've got down there?

- So now you do believe.


- Isn't it a
magnificent creature?

- How did you find it?
Where did you?

- Would you really like to know?

Any scientist would give his
life to discover something like that.

- Since that's what's
about to happen,

I'll tell you.

I came here several years
ago looking for gold.

And I found it - some -

before it was taken from me.

One morning I dug through
to a cavern.

And then I found there
was something down there.

Something alive.

I decided to make it my friend.

I brought it food.

Cattle, sheep.

Sometimes a coyote
that I'd catch.

And then one day

a stranger came, trying to
find what I had in the cave.

He found it.

Or rather, it found him.

I chose those who
couldn't be traced.

Those whose families and friends
thought they'd been swallowed up.

- That's inhuman.

- Inhuman?

I offered to save you, didn't I?

I meant what I said last night.

I think you'd find life out
here better than in there.

- No.

- If it's Bella you're
worried about,

I have ways of
taking care of her.

- No!

- It's your choice.

You have a little while
longer to make up your mind.

- Greely!

Just for one second, try and
think like a scientist.

Do you realize the value of
your discovery for mankind?

- Mankind?!

What do I care about mankind?!

- If there was just something
I could use as a lever or a ram!

- Why bother?

He's armed, and we're not.

Don't you go
getting discouraged on me.

I'm counting on you to
keep my spirits up.

- Mr. Thomas...

I brought you some bandages.

- Thanks, Ms. Pittman.
Thank you.

- I heard you talking
a moment ago.

And I heard what
he said about me.

And I'll help you now...
If I can.

- Please, sit down.

- How did you get into this?

- I was like you, once.

It seems so long ago...

It seems like an eternity.

But really, this nightmare
began just two years ago.

It was the last day of a
well-earned vacation and

the day was almost gone and I was
shopping for a place to spend the night.

Only another school teacher could
know what I meant by "shopping",

because only she would know that

we must stretch the pennies
until fall rolls around.

The luxury motels are
out of the question.

Teachers... Well, they don't have
fancy credit cards or expense accounts.

Suddenly, I found the
town behind me and

I realized I must try and
make the next community.

It was the biggest
mistake I ever made.

Well it may be hard
for you to believe, but

he actually looked kind

the first time I saw him.

Just like any other person.

He explained that there were
no accommodations to be had

and that he'd have to
wait until morning to go

into the nearest town
for gasoline.

Well, I was welcomed
to spend the night.

He said something about
looking after his children.

This seemed peculiar,

as I'd seen no sign of
anyone else living in the house.

And I was trapped,

a prisoner of a man I would
later learn was a madman,

and who wouldn't rest
until he could pull me

into the twilight world
with him.

How would he do it?

By every fiendish trick
he could imagine.

He began by starving me
of food and water.

The restless animals
kept me awake at night.

By the third day without
food or sleep,

the gnawing hunger was
more than I could bear.

I told him that without
food I'd die.

He said that wouldn't do,

because he had plans for me.

And he then told me about the
hatred for the highway people

for bypassing his serpetorium,

of how he was doing well

until the new road
isolated his place.

He said he'd fix me a good meal.

And then he went down
the stairs.

Somehow, the thought
of finally getting food

made me able to collapse
on the bed and fall asleep.

That was only the beginning.

With each new horrible act he
tried to outdo the last.

With what little presence
of mind I had left,

I realized I had to escape
from this madman's grasp.

Now my only problem
was to stay awake.

As hard as it may seem,

only the promise of my freedom
was able to overcome my exhaustion.

It was like I was
on a treadmill,

some horrible nightmare.

As the belt brought
welts to my back,

the will to live
went out of my body.

I'd become one of
Greely's animals.

I was afraid!

I still am.

But it doesn't matter now.

- Can you get us
a key for that door?


- How can we get out of here?

- I don't know.

- Do you know what
he did with my jeep?

- I think it's in the
wrecking shed,

with the others.

- Look, I've got a blue canvas bag,
it's about this big. Can you get it?

- I'll try.

- And bring it here.

- But what if he sees me?

- He won't see you.
- Wait, wait, look!

Wait till it's time to feed us,

bring it then. Can you do that?

- Please!
- Please, please, Ms. Pittman!

- Thank you!

What's in the bag?

- Dynamite caps.
For excavating.

I think I can blow
this door down.

- There you go.

Stupid, crazy woman!



Time for dinner already?

- They didn't eat this morning,
so I thought they...

- You're getting very
thoughtful lately, Bella.

What were you doing awhile
ago when you were outside?

- Mr. Thomas

needed some bandages for
his wound, so I got him some.

- Is that all?
- Yes.

- You forgot the napkins.

- That's being thoughtful.


You got it! Great!

- I hid it until I came back.

- Okay, listen, I'll tell you
what to do. Go back to the house.

Wait about thirty minutes,
then meet us at the car, okay?

- Yes.
- Okay, you'd better go now.

- Will it work?

- It'll work.

You'd better go ahead.
I'll be a little while.

There's the baby, right there.

- Wayne?

We don't know each
other very well, do we?

I mean, if we get out of here...

- When, not if.

- When we get out,

you may find out you
don't like me at all.

- Look, when we get out of here we may have
like thirty or forty or seventy years

to find that out.



What's so funny?
What's funny?

- No, I just remember
reading somewhere...

A very famous woman wrote

it's very interesting being
married to a paleontologist.

- Why?

- Well...

Because the older you get,

the more interesting you become.

- That's a good line.

I don't know how much
charge is in this,

so we'd better get way back
in the tunnel, okay?

- I'm sleepy.

- So am I.

Let's go.

- It's warm in here.
- Yeah...

Hey, you're not kidding.

It's very warm in here.
Let's get out of here.

- I'm so sleepy...

- Come on, Sleepyhead.
Let's go.

What's the matter with you?

What is the matter with me?

It's the damn coffee.

- Mr. Thomas!

Mr. Thomas!
Mr. Thomas, wake up!

What's the matter, Mr. Thomas?
You've got to get up!

- He drugged the coffee...

Mr. Thomas, there isn't much time,
we've got to hurry! He's taken her.

- What?
- He's taken her to the cavern.

- Dynamite... Get the dynamite...
Under the bed.

- Hurry Mr. Thomas.
Please hurry!

- Alright.

- There.

I'm gonna tie you up,

just to keep you from
running away, hurting yourself.

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Don't feel frightened.

You're safe as long
as you're here with me.

There's still time left
to save yourself.

Very little, but enough.

- Wayne...

- Your friend can't help you.
Only I can do that.

So you want to die?!

Very well, I'll see that you do!

Soon you'll be begging for me to
help you, but then it'll be too late!

This is your last chance!

What is the answer?


- No! Get back!
Or I'll kill ya!

She's mine!

- No! Stop!

- Bella...

What is it? What do you got?

- It's dynamite.

Something to destroy
your creature,

so that it can destroy no more!

- No!

I won't let you!

What it is?

What do you want?

What it is?

I'm your friend!

I'll save you!

I won't let them get you!


No! No!

- We've got to tell someone.

- Yeah. They'll come and dig.

They'll dig. They won't
find anything.

Everything's gone. It all went.
Everything went when the dynamite went.

There's nothing left!

Maybe there never really
was anything.

You understand? Maybe there
was never anything!

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