It Was Always You (2021) - full transcript

Elizabeth's engagement plans are thrown into disarray when her fiance's brother returns home. His unexpected influence prompts Elizabeth to question her life decisions.

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I thought we talked about
flossing at your last visit.

I floss.

I don't think so.

One of these
might have to come out.

Denise, would you mind calling
Dr. Belling in here, please?

Yes, Dr. Hall.
Right away.

Oh, I hear you and Dr. Belling
are getting married.

Two months from today.

How did you two meet?

Um, we were childhood friends.

We fell out of touch
after high school,

but then,

my first day of dental school,

I walked into
my Oral Pathology class,

and sure enough, there he was.

Some things

are just meant to be.

So where are you two going
on your honeymoon?



we haven't actually
talked about it.

I think we've just been so busy

that we haven't had time
to plan anything.

My wife and I

just took a six-week tour
through South America.

Hiking in the Andes,

Machu Picchu,

and we went ziplined
over the Inca Trail.

I highly recommend it.

Sounds fun.

Although, I'm not sure

that's something
Dr. Belling and I would do.

George doesn't really like
roughing it outdoors.


It's just something

you have to try
once in your life.

It's like I told my wife,

you don't regret
the things you do,

you regret
the things you don't do.

Like flossing.


Thanks again
for your work today

with Mrs. Gibson's crown.

It was outstanding.

Oh, thank you, Dr. Belling.

That was a lot of fun.

It was, wasn't it?

Well, have a great time
on your vacation.

Oh, it won't be vacation.

No? I thought
you were going to the island

to visit Dr. Belling's family?

We are.

But we are way too busy

to think about having anything

that even remotely resembles
a vacation while we are there.

Our engagement party
is in a week,

and we still have

a lot of wedding planning
left to do.

I'm sure it will go smoothly.

You have been working on
that wedding itinerary

for months, Dr. Hall.

Thank you, Denise.

Oh, George,
I almost forgot to tell you.

I changed something
on the itinerary.

I had to move our meeting
with the florist to 10:15,

which then bumped
the cake tasting to 11:45.

Is that okay with you?

-Works for me.

Oh, and one more thing.

I bought your mother

a lovely blanket
for her birthday.

Cashmere. So we can give it
to her at her party.

Right. The surprise party.


Remember, only you, me,
and your sister know,

so don't tell anyone,

because we don't want
your mother finding out.

Of course.

See you tomorrow.


So, who's helping you
plan everything on the island?

George's mom and sister.

I think you met
Diana and Louise once.

How is Louise?

She's excited for the wedding.

She recently moved home.

-How come?
-Bad break-up.

I think she just needed
a change of scenery.

What about George's brother?

Will he be at the party?


I have no idea.

He's probably off
traveling the world somewhere.

He keeps sending George
these postcards

from faraway places,


hiking in Mozambique,

or a camel ride
through the pyramids.

That sounds amazing.

Is he cute?

I have no idea.
I haven't seen him in years.

Imagine waking up every day
to a new adventure.

You ever think
of something like that?

When I was younger.


I used to dream
about going to Europe.

My parents tried to plan
this trip once,

and they couldn't decide
where to go,

and I didn't want to spend
the whole vacation

listening to them argue,

so I just asked
if I could stay home

and spend the summer

on the island
with George, Louise and David.

That was a long time ago.

And now I have

my dental practice
to worry about,


let's be honest,

George really hates
to go anywhere new.

Did you pack
the extra phone charger?

Got it.


So, Mr. Henry was telling me

about this six-week expedition
he and his wife went on

to South America.

-Oh, yeah?

They went hiking,

It actually sounded
pretty amazing.


Sounds exhausting.


Well, I was thinking

we might want to consider it
for our honeymoon.

A six-week honeymoon?

What about our patients?

I'm sure we could find
someone to cover for us.

Do you know how many people die
every year on ziplines?


Neither do I,
but it's probably a lot.

I'm sure you're right, George.


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Thank you for stopping.

I know it wasn't
on the schedule.

We were almost
at the house.

I know, George,

but the house
will still be there.

Come on.
It won't be long.


You folks,
sit anywhere you want.

I think they only serve
raw oysters here.

"Ring the bell,
pick a pie."

"Three dozen oysters,
and your pie is on the house."



You know
that oysters contain toxins,

and toxins can cause

Yes, but Key lime pie does not.

[waitress] Hey, folks.

What can I get for you?

Just a water with lemon
for me, please.

I would like one slice
of Key lime pie, please.

Oh, you can't have any pie

unless you finish
a platter of oysters.

House rules.


Well, what if I were
to tell you

that I have a shellfish allergy?

I would tell you

that you might enjoy
Burger Hut up the street.

Fine. I will have
a glass of Chardonnay.






This place seems fun.

Okay, here we go.

No, no. No, no, no.

I actually ordered
a glass of Chardonnay.

We don't have that.

-You don't have Chardonnay?

And I am driving.

Okay, leave that there then.

Knock yourselves out.

Can we leave now?




[phone ringing]

It's the office.
I'd better get this.

Oh, you'll be on the phone
for hours.

Come on, you're off the clock.

I'm sure whatever it is,
Denise can handle it.

What if it's an emergency?

Then she'll call Dr. Willis.

George, please.


Hey, Louise.

Hello. Hello.

Not going to give your brother
a hug hello?

Not now, George.
I have to find my keys.

[Elizabeth sighs]

[George] Oh.

Oh, but I will give
Elizabeth one.

Hi, Louise.

Hello, Mother.

Hi, Tilly!

Oh, there she is.

My soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

It's so good to be here.

I'm so happy
to have you both.

[cell phone ringing]

They've tried
calling me twice now.

I really should get this.

-Two minutes, I promise.

This is Dr. Belling.

What's all this?

Oh, Eugene dropped it off
about a half an hour ago.

It's for you.

It's from some party store.

Oh, those must be

the decorations
for the engagement party.

They weren't supposed
to arrive until tomorrow.

I have it right here
in my list.

Well, I guess
we're ahead of schedule.

Oh, my.

That is very detailed list,

I don't think I've met anyone
quite as organized as you.

Found them!

Where are you off to, Louise?

The airport.
To pick up David.

David's coming home?

Yeah, well,

word has it

that he's...

arriving early

for the...

surprise birthday party
I'm not supposed to know about.

No, no, no, no,no.

Don't worry. No.

I can act very surprised.

I mean, don't forget

I was the star

of many high-school musicals
in my day.

Oh! Oh!

A surprise? For me?

Oh, you shouldn't have!


you are--
you're pretty good.

I know.
I think I missed my calling.

How's your room?

Mother has officially
turned it into a museum.

I wouldn't be surprised

if she starts
charging admission.

You think your house
is like a museum,

don't you remember
that horrible yellow wallpaper

at my house across the street?

I vaguely remember.

I used to love
coming over here.

You all were so welcoming
and kind.

That was my escape.

There was always
something happening here.


those scavenger hunts

your mom
used to throw for us.

Oh, those.

"Oh, those"?
They were fun.

Maybe we should do one
this weekend.

Really, Elizabeth?

We're adults now.

Haven't we grown
past all of that?

I suppose so.


look at the treehouse
your dad built.

Peter was so handy.

Still, it's amazing it's up.



You know, it's all right
to talk about him.

It still feels like
he was just here yesterday.

I just wish he could have
lived long enough

to see what I've done
with my career.

He would have been
so proud of you.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance

to give you
a proper hello yesterday.

I was running around like crazy.

No, it's fine.

How did everything go
picking up David?

Oh, fine.

You know David.

I picked him up
at the airport,

and the minute
we drove over the bridge,

he insisted
on getting out and walking.

He got up early and went
into town this morning.

It's been so long
since he's been home.

Yeah, I don't think
he's gonna stay for very long.

You don't think so?

You know David.

He's a wanderer.

A free spirit
traveling the globe,

looking for
his next big adventure.

I doubt that there's
anything in Echo Beach

that's gonna keep him here
for very long.


[door opens]

Hello, Louise.

Hi, Eugene.

Elizabeth, great to see you
back on the island.

Hi, Eugene.

Louise, that band
I was telling you about--

they're playing
at the Brewery this Sunday.

Would you like to...

Sorry, Eugene.

I'm just really busy.

Oh. Well. Right.

Of course,
if you change your mind...

[Louise] Really busy, Eugene.


Catch you later.

See you tomorrow.

-Bye, Eugene.
-See you, Elizabeth.

What's that look for?

He likes you.


Don't be ridiculous.

Eugene's a mailman.
He likes everyone.

No, he likes you.

Please, Elizabeth.
That ship has sailed for me.

Come on, Louise.

You've got to give love
another chance.

With Eugene?

Why not?

Well, because.

Because why?


because I don't even know

how much
a first-class stamp costs.

That's why.

That's your reason?

It's perfectly valid.

Have you ever
stopped to think...

that Eugene McClain
of the U.S. Postal Service

might just be your soulmate?

He could be the one
who completes you.


I think that a soulmate

should be someone

that inspires you
to complete yourself.


I've got to go pick up
the ice cream

for your mom's surprise party.

Oh, she is going to be
so surprised.


Thank you for doing that.
You don't mind?

No. I love going into town.

You never know
who you'll run into.


-Hi. Welcome.
-Thank you.

What can I get you?

I would like
three pints of vanilla, please,

but one of the pints I'd like
in two separate containers.

In one of the containers,
I would like 1/4,

in the other container,
I would like 3/4.

Then I would like
two pints of chocolate,

but I want a half pint separated
into two individual cups.

Then I would like
three pints of strawberry

distributed the exact same way
as the vanilla.

-Right. Uh...

I've got a typed-up list
for you, if you like.

Double spaced.

What's your name, my friend?

[employee] I'm Ricky.
What's up, bro?

Can I get a pint

of the Chocolate Belly Booster,

Yeah. Thanks, man.

Hi, David.

Oh, hi, Elizabeth.
How are you?

Bring it in.


It's okay.


David Belling,

back from
his latest adventure.

Here I am.

And how does it feel
to be home?

Feels good.


Amazing, actually.

I'm really excited
to catch up with everybody.


Congratulations on the wedding.

Very nice to hear
about you and George.

Thank you very much.

I've got to know.

How did old Georgie
pop the question?


Well, um,

we were sitting
in the break room at the office,

and we looked at each other
and thought we get along great,

we're very similar,

our practice is thriving.

It just seemed like

the most logical time
to do it.



Thank you, David,
for understanding.

-Of course.
-After all,

life doesn't need to be
a romance novel.


Who needs romance?

So, how long
do you intend to be home?

Not very long.

I've been teaching
at a school in Mumbai

and I promised my students
I'd be back soon,


probably right after
the engagement party.

Well, you will be missed.

That was
a very nice thing to say.

[Ricky] Hey, so,

it's going to be $37.95
for the pints.

I got this.

Oh, no, no, no.
You don't need to do that.

Sure, I got it.


you wouldn't happen to take
Yen or Rupees, would you?

I don't think so.

I got it.

Thank you.

I'll get the next one, okay?

Thanks, buddy.

So is that a lucky charm?

You don't recognize it?

I do not.

It's yours.

You used to have it
on your backpack

all through middle school.

So how did you end up with it?

Funny story.

When we were about 12 years old,

me, you, Louise, George,
we went to the movies.

I was being myself,
as I am,

but you decided to report me
to the usher for speaking.

Oh, I am sure I didn't do that.

Oh, you most certainly did.

And while you three were
walking off into the sunset,

and I was being accosted
by security,

this rabbit's foot
fell off your bag.

I picked it up.

I was going
to give it back to you,

but then I thought to myself...


Wow, David.

I'm so sorry
that I annoyed you that day.

"Annoyed" is a bit
of a strong word, but...

you used it.


Do you realize the hundreds
of annoying things

you used to do on a daily basis?


But you should have
said something.

I did!

You just don't remember!

Well, that just sounds
very plausible.

How about this--

let's take this opportunity

for you to get off your chest

all the things I ever did
to annoy you.

Let me have it.

How much time do you have?

Alright, there was the time

your dad drove us
to get a Christmas tree.

You yelled shotgun,

ran ahead of everyone,

and made us wait outside the car
for over an hour.

-I did that.

Or July 4, 1997.

Do you remember
what happened that day?


You snatched
the fries off of my plate

and stole my soda.


What a monster.

Just a thought--

-1997 that was?

Maybe you should
let that one go.

See you back
at the house, David.

Bye, Lizzie.

Alright. Shh, shh, shh.
She's coming.

Gran, come here.
You've got to hide.

Yeah, come on.

[door opens]



I can't believe it!

What a surprise!

Somebody told her.

Yes, they did.

It was--

It was me.

[Louise] David!
How could you?

I'm a terrible person.
What do you want?


You know,

you don't have to take the blame

for something
that you didn't do.

Ah, so it was you
who spilled the beans.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

You know, come to think of it,

you would have been
my most likely suspect.


Thank you.

Thank you, all,
for this wonderful surprise.

My wish was that Peter
could see us all together

having such a marvelous time.

He's right here with us, Mom.

If I could just take a minute

to talk about
my wonderful children...

Oh, get ready for the annual

"why I'm so proud
of my children" speech.

I mean, just look at
my extraordinary son, George.

Getting married
to the most wonderful girl.

I mean, the Belling family

has been in love with Elizabeth
for it seems like forever.

And George and Elizabeth's
dental practice

is just thriving.

[cell phone buzzing]

Excuse me.

Hello? This is Dr. Belling.

Now, where was I?

Oh, yes.

I want to say how proud I am
of my amazing daughter, Louise.

An award-winning artist.

And my truly remarkable
son, David.

Travels the globe,

teaching children in need.

You're such a good man.

Thank you.
Very kind.

If you ask me...

Here we go...

David needs to stay
in one place and get married

like his brother.

I got married at 18.

What's your problem, mister?

It's a fair point, Gran.

The answer to that

is I just can't find someone
as special as you.

Yeah, yeah, always the charmer.

You, listen to me.

Yes, Ma'am.

Love is not something you find.

Love is something
that finds you--

when you least expect it.

George, what is it?

Oh, it's Mrs. Valenzuela.

She says she has
an unbearable toothache.

Well, can't Dr. Willis
handle it?

You know Mrs. Valenzuela
and her dental anxiety.

She had such a bad experience
with her last dentist.

Her son said
she'd only see me.

Well, I don't blame her.

I can't think of
a more brilliant dentist

to handle whatever problem
she's having.

Well, I'll only be gone
the night.

I've scheduled for her
to come in

first thing in the morning.

Will you survive
without me?

Mm. I'll try.

I'm going to grab my things.

[thunder rumbling]

Alright, go inside.

Hello, Tilly.

Big storm coming, George.

Think so?

Oh, yeah, look at those clouds.

[storm rumbling]

Drive safe, okay?

Thank you.

Hold down the fort.

I will.

Hey, George?

I read that...

that article that you wrote
in the dental magazine.

What did you think?

It thought it was
really interesting,

especially the part about

how oral infections in childhood

could actually increase
the risk of that...

that thing in adulthood.

You mean atherosclerosis?

That's the thing.
That's the thing.

I thought it was very cool
how you figured that out.

Well, you didn't understand
a word, did you?

No, not a word,


that does not make it
any less impressive, buddy.

You're impressed?

Of course.

I'm very proud
of my big brother.

Well, I'm...

I'm very proud
of you, too, you know?

Oh, I gotta hear this.
Go ahead.



I wish that I could be as--

liberated as you,

and just take off

and live day by day,

as life comes.

Well, okay.

I'll book tickets
right now, George.

Where do you want to go?

Come on, why not?

Well, that's just the thing.

See, I'm not
a why-not kind of guy.

I'm the guy that just asks why.

Almost had you.

Did. Almost.

-You were gonna come.

Have a good night, David.

You too, buddy.

Safe drive, okay?

Thank you.

[car engine starting]

[thunder crashing]

[loud rock music playing]

What is going on?

[loud rock music playing]

I can't believe this.

[loud rock music playing]

[loud rock music playing]

[David singing]



[loud rock music playing]


No, I do not want any cake!

Do you realize
it's 2:00 in the morning?

I'm surprised you haven't
woken up the whole--

You seem a little tense,

I am tense!

Because I was just woken up
by David's one-man rock band!

Well, since you're up,

why don't I get you
a little something?

You could get me something.

You could get me
turning down the music

because some of us
are trying to sleep.

You're absolutely correct.

Some apology milk.

I'm sorry.

I'm still on Tibetan time.

Well, the rest of us
are not on Tibetan time.

The rest of us
are trying to maintain

our usual eight and a quarter
hours of sleep per night.

[pop music playing]

That is a very specific amount
of time, Elizabeth.

[music playing]

I love this song!
Isn't it so good?

It just makes you want to dance.

No, I do not love that song.

Feel free to help yourself
to that cake, alright?

I'd rather not.

Okay, fell free
to join me in a dance.

I'm gonna be over here dancing.


David, it is
2:00 in the morning.

I want to go to sleep,

I do not want
to have a dance party,

and I do not want to eat
peanut-butter cake.

Hold on, now.

Is there peanuts in that?


What's the matter with you?
Can't you taste them?

[David clears throat]

You're funny.

[clears throat]

That's not funny, David.

[David gags]

David! David!

David, are you okay?

David, wake up!
Wake up!

-Wake up!

I'm trying to sleep.


Is that your idea of a joke?

More of
a performance piece, really.

You think it's funny

to make me believe
you're dead?

I was going for unconscious,

but I'll be the first to admit
that I'm not a very good actor.

You have been trouble
from the very start.

You take nothing seriously.

You break all the rules--

and I don't like rule-breakers!

So here's
what we're going to do, David.

We're going to keep our distance

for the rest of the time
you're home.

We're going to be
like two ships

passing in the night.

That's poetic.

I'm sorry.

[George] Excuse me.
What's going on here?

Lightning struck the bridge.

[engine revving]

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where are you going?

You can't cross the bridge.

Island's closed.

Inspector should
be here shortly,

to let us know
how the assessment's going.

Is there much damage?

Well, far as I can tell,

the lightning looks like
it might have got the kingpost,

some of the framing braces,

probably 10 or 12 transoms.

Huh. I see.

Well, then I will
just wait here

until the repairs are done.

Suit yourself.

Could be three or four days,

maybe even a couple weeks.

Two weeks?


No, I need to get across
the bridge today.

My engagement party
is on Friday,

and I promised
to meet my fiancée today

so that we could meet
with the...

the florist,

and the rental company,

and the wedding-cake designer.

Well, I'm sorry to disappoint
you and your fiancée,

but you two lovebirds

are gonna have to
plan your wedding

from this side of the bridge.

Hmm. Hmm-hmm!

Good morning, Tilly.
How are you?

[Tilly groans]

Well, I'm good.
Thank you for asking.

How did you sleep?

How did I sleep?
Oh, I slept like a baby.

How about you?
What's your name?

[Tilly groans]

Tilly. Shh.

You're right there.
She can hear you.


[phone rings]

-[Elizabeth] Hello? George?
-[George] Hello?

[Elizabeth] You're breaking up.
I can't hear you.

The bridge?

Did you just say
lightning strike?

[static, garbled conversation]

Hello? George?

You're breaking up again.
I can't hear you.

[static, garbled conversation]

Did you hear about
a lightning strike

on the bridge?


So why didn't you tell me?

Two ships
passing in the night, right?


Oh, hi.

Need a ride?

No thank you.

Are you sure?

Looks like you've got
a lot of junk in your hands.

It isn't junk.

It's important research.

I'm planning a wedding,
you know?

Oh, I do know.

I also know
George has got your car,

so why don't you hop in,

I'll take you
wherever you want to go.

I'm just going
to the florist,

only a few blocks away.

Perfect. I'll get you there
in two minutes.

I'm fine.
Have a nice day.

Look, Lizzie. Stop.

You're marrying my brother.

We're going to be family.

For George's sake,

how about you and I
call a truce?

For George?



Well, hold on, now.

Are you sure
you don't want a ride?

Okay, but only if you promise
to stay inside the vehicle

while I'm talking
to the vendors. Deal?

Deal. Hop in.



Let's go for a walk.

Good girl.
Hey, hey, hey.

Wait for me.

So, as you can see
from my notes and diagrams,

I have a pretty clear idea

of what I want
the cake to look like.

I see.

A six-tier monochromatic cake,

with sugar petals down the side,

and then a single sugar pearl
at the tip of each leaf.

We can do that.


Be with you in a minute, sir.

I'm good.

Thank you.

Excuse me just one moment.

What are you doing?

-Is this lemon?
-We had a deal.

You were going to wait outside
until I finished my meetings.

Now, why don't you just sit down


try not to interrupt.

I can do that.

I'm so sorry, Sylvia.

Um... right.

So I would like a vanilla cake.

All vanilla.

Nothing but vanilla.

A lot of vanilla.

Did you say something?


Sorry to interrupt.

You were saying
how fond you were of vanilla.


I mean, imagine, if you will,

a world
where only vanilla exists--

no butterscotch, no coconut,

no rocky road.

I suspect in a vanilla world,
oceans wouldn't get crossed,

mountains never climbed,

civilizations never discovered.

Perhaps I'm being dramatic.


This is not about Magellan
discovering a new world.

This is about my wedding cake.

You're absolutely right.

I apologize.

I'm just gonna sit here.


where were we?

Sugar petals.

Right. Uh, sugar petals.

So, the, um--

the floral-inspired decor


You think vanilla is dull?

I think vanilla is playing it
a little bit safe.

And from my observation,

all the years
that I've known you, Elizabeth,

you do tend to play it safe.

Maybe it's because
you want people to think

that you're a responsible,
practical, safe person,

but, deep down,

I think you're actually
a Neapolitan ice-cream sundae,

with sprinkles,

maybe even
a little cherry on top.

If you'd just
let go once in a while,

you might discover
that you're not vanilla--

not at all.


let's go with the vanilla.

You got it.

You think I'm dull, don't you?

No. In fact,

that's the opposite
of what I was trying to express.

Well, why don't you
just say it?

I won't be angry.

You think my life with George
is dull and uninteresting.

At least compared to your life.


someone's gotta
hold down the fort

so us crazies can act out.

Well, maybe...


No, go ahead.
You started.

Maybe what?

Maybe, sometimes,

I get a bit sick
of holding down the fort.

Maybe I don't wanna be
just vanilla.

Maybe I wanna be...

chocolate and strawberry, too.


Wait, where are we going?

[David] You'll see.

Hold on, Magellan.

You're about to discover
a whole new world.

[bell clanging]


You've been here before, right?


You grew up here

and you've only been

to The Flying Otter Oyster Bar
one time?

Well, I don't know, David.
I didn't plan it.

Well, we're going to fix that.

Sandy, my everything.


Lizzie, Sandy.
Sandy, Lizzie.

[women together] We've met.



You're gonna love this.

We are going to finish
this entire thing.

The bell's gonna ring,

and we're gonna have that pie.

Come on.
I believe in you.

There it is.
Bottoms up.

How was it?

Delicious, isn't it?


That's terrible.

But I want that bell to ring.

I want that pie.

That's the spirit.

Okay, here we go.

Let's dig in.

This is yours.

Throw that one down.
We're all done.

A little for me.

A little for you.


Here we go.

♪ All my life ♪

♪ They told me
"Don't do this"... ♪



♪ ..."You're just a girl
You can't run the show" ♪

♪ I said... ♪

[bell clanging]

[David] Yup.

Very nice.


-And to you.

I'm very proud of us.

There she is--
right on time.

-Well done.

And there we go.
Enjoy your pie.

Thank you.

There it is--
in all of its glory.

Get ready.

Here it comes.

Is it all
that you dreamed it would be?



You got something right here.


I'll get it.


Do I have more cream?

No, you don't.

It's just crazy.

What's crazy?

You and George
are getting married.

Yeah. That's happening.

What about you?

You ever think about
getting married?

Me? No.

Nobody special in your life?

Never in one place long enough.


Have you ever
even been in love?

I mean,

aside from Melanie Greenberg
in the sixth grade?

Oh, Melanie Greenberg.

From her braces--

my poor little lips
were never the same.

I'm being serious.

Don't you want to be in love?

Get married?

Start a family?

The whole circle of life thing?

Nothing about me
goes in a circle, Lizzie.

Or a straight line,
for that matter.


So you're just going
to zigzag your way

through the rest of your life?

I don't know about all that,


[music playing]

I'm gonna zigzag my way
over to that dance floor.

Join me.

No thank you.

Come on, Lizzie.

I'll zig, you zag.

It's okay to cut loose and have
a little bit of fun, Elizabeth.

You can't leave me out here
all by myself.

You comin'?

There she comes.
There she comes.

Elizabeth, ladies and gentlemen.

Here she is!

What's she gonna do?


Oh, wow.
It's like a solar eclipse.

I can't look directly at it.

Stop it!

[phone ringing]

[David] No.

No, no, no.

George is calling.

Well, call him back.

I should take it.

One song.
You were just getting into it.

Two minutes,
we'll call him right back.

I can't believe you did that.

You just told me to do that!

How do you feel?

Like I am breaking the rules.


We've got a troublemaker
on our hands.

We're going straight to prison.



-[Eugene] Hi, Louise.

I hope I'm not interrupting.

No, no, not at all.

Come on in.

What do you think?

I like it.


Yeah. I like what you did

with the reflections
on the water.


You know, the other day,

I noticed you were painting
something with mallards,

and, well, I remembered

that my father had one of these,

and I thought maybe
it could keep you company.

You know, like you artists say,
for inspiration.

Thank you.
That's really thoughtful.

Why don't you put it over there?


Oh, that's perfect.

Yes! Well...

see you around, Louise.

See you.


Smells so good in here.

-Hi, honey.

Hey, have you seen, Louise?

Do you know,

I think she's out
in the studio with Eugene.


Oh, don't get too excited.

Our Louise has sworn off

after two broken engagements.

Oh, my gosh, look at the time.
I've got to get this to mother.

Why don't I take it for you?

You don't mind?


Besides, before you know it,
she'll be my grandmother, too.

Oh, Elizabeth.

How wonderful to see you.

Diana sent this for you.

So much food.

Who could eat so much food?


So how's
the wedding planning going?

It's been interesting.

George got stuck
on the other side of the bridge,

so David has actually
been dropping me off

at my appointments.

Let me tell you
who's running that bridge.

Nincompoops, that's who.


Want to know who else
is a nincompoop?


My grandson, George.


Imagine leaving
a beautiful girl like you

all alone on the other side
of the bridge.


It was Mother Nature.

It wasn't George's fault.

Why, if I were a young man,

and I saw you,

I'd sweep you off your feet

and never leave your side.

Is that what Grandpa Lou did?

He swept you off your feet?

Not exactly.

Let me let you in
on a little secret.

Before I married Lou...

I had a boyfriend.


I didn't know about that.

It's true.

Martin Moretti.
Know him?

Mr. Moretti?
The dry cleaner?

That's him.

We both grew up together.

We used to loved
sailing around the island.

Going to see movies in town.

And we just loved to go dancing.

Boy, oh, boy,

we were something else
on that dance floor.

Every move perfectly in sync.

People used to say

that Martin and I
were a match made in heaven.

So why didn't you marry him?


Why would I want to marry
someone who is exactly like me?

All right,

then how did you end up
marrying Grandpa Lou?

Well, you know,

after we met,

he really started
to grow on me.

Little by little.

He challenged me.

And that was a good thing.

And with him,

I found
I could always be myself...

the real Vivien,

not to mention we had
this wonderful connection.

We used to call it "that zing".


Well, it's just...

a feeling.

You can't force zing.

And you can't deny it
if it's there.


And even though
Lou didn't like to sail,

and he didn't like to dance...

every time that man
held me in his arms,

I would just
go weak in the knees.

Like jello.

Every single time.

I'm sure like you and David.

You mean like me and George?

That's what I said.


Every time I come in here,
it reminds me of my dad.

He used to read to us
from that chair right there.

One of my favorite
childhood memories.


The best is when he read
"Robin Hood".

He did the greatest voice of--

[together] Friar Tuck.

That's right.

I loved the way
he did those voices.

Me too.

Look at these places.

China, India, Nepal.

It's all so beautiful.

So is that how you do it?

You just spin the globe,

and point to a place,

and that's how you choose
where to go next?

It's a good start, no?

The Himalayas.

I wonder if, when you're in
these faraway places,

if you ever feel like there's
a part of you that's missing?

Sometimes, when I'm on
the other side of the planet,

I sleep and I do dream of...

being home.

Sometimes, I wake up,

and I long to be back
with the people I love,

the people I left behind.

That's why
you're so lucky, Lizzie.

I'm so lucky?

Yes, you're very lucky.


There is a part of me

that wonders
what it would be like

to be that important person...

for somebody else.

And you have that.

You're that missing piece

that makes
someone's heart whole,

like you said.

The truth is, you can climb
the highest mountain...

and swim the widest river...

and still never find that.

Oh, my goodness.
It's still here.


You've got to come see this.

Do you remember this?

How did you find this?

[David] I watched you
write that note

when you were 13...

right over there.

Then I watched you
stick it in this book.

Of course,
I had to come read it.

I wanted to go to Rome so bad.

[David] Mm-hmm.

I thought
maybe we'd go as a family,

but then my parents split up.

Look at all the places
I wanted to go.

Trevi Fountain.

The Colosseum.

The Sistine Chapel.

Did you ever end up going?



Come on, Lizzie,

you've got to go--
what's stopping you?

I just can't see that happening
anytime soon.

Maybe there's a piece
of your heart

that's missing, too.

A piece of you
that's in this list right here,

that that girl wrote
all those years ago.


I gotta call George.

Yes, of course.
I'll leave you to it.

Say hello to the man for me.


[Louise] Where have you been?

Inside with Elizabeth.

Lost track of time.

[Louise] That's nice.

What's nice?

That you and Elizabeth
are finally friends.

You know,

I think you bring out
a different side of her.

Oh, yeah?
How so?

I don't know.

I mean, when she's around you,
she's a lot lighter,

and she's less Elizabeth
and more Lizzie.

Yeah, she's pretty great.

I know.

I've been telling you that
for years.

Well, don't you
just know everything?

Ha, ha.

I bet you regret all those years

when you and Elizabeth
didn't get along.

Yeah, between her lists,

and my dancing and carrying on,


thoroughly annoyed each other,

but we're all adults now,
we can move on from that.

Well, good.

I guess you and Elizabeth

have found that thing

that Grandma Vivien
always talks about--

you know...

that "zing".

Grandma was talking about
what she had with Grandpa Lou.

I don't got a zing with Lizzie.
I got a zing with nobody.

I'm zing-less.

Come on.

George and Lizzie...

they got a zing.

Those two are perfect
for each other.

It's just
an off-the-charts zing.



Hi, Eugene.

You're working late.

I don't mind.

Louise, Eugene is looking tired.

Perhaps he'd like some coffee?

Oh, yeah.
We just made a fresh pot.

Would you like some?

I'd love some.

Cream? Sugar?

-Black is fine.

Have you eaten
much today, Eugene?

Not much.

[Elizabeth] Ahem.

Oh, we have some pie.
Would you like a piece?

I'd love one.


It's apple.

Oh, right.

There you go.

You made this?

Oh, no, no, no.

That was all Louise.

You like it?

I think it's the best pie
I've ever eaten.

I'm just going to...

So, um...

I've been meaning to ask you...

how much does
a first-class stamp cost?

I'm glad you asked.

I can't understand you
when you're laughing like that.

[George] And the Denise
put the mouthwash...

Denise put the mouthwash
in the break-room refrigerator?


Yeah, yeah,
that's really funny.

Yes, it is. [static]

You're breaking up again.

[garbled conversation, static]


I guess just
call me back, George.


[TV playing]

Sorry, I didn't realize
anyone was in here.

Ever seen this movie?

The best western ever made.

Seen it probably
a thousand times.

It gets better every time.


Would you like
to watch something else?


there's this dating show
that I like,

and tonight the guy

is supposed to propose
to the girl that he chooses.

We can watch that.


Yeah, sure.
Why not?

Have at it.

[romantic music playing]


[man on TV]
I've always believed

that there's
no time frame for love.

Serena, I've fallen
in love with you.

[Serena] That makes me
so happy that you've said that.

I'm thankful for you, Chad.

I'm ready to give myself...

You're kidding, right?


This isn't romance.

What do you mean?
What's wrong with it?

What's wrong with it?

He doesn't even believe
what he's saying.

You don't think
this is real, do you?

Yeah, I kind of do.


It's moving.

They're both flight attendants.

They have a lot in common.

A bag of peanuts,
in-flight magazines--

that's all
they've got in common.

What do you know about romance?

Well, don't you come for me.

I'm the most romantic guy
you've ever meet.

-Is that so?
-That is so.

Then how would you
romance that girl?

How would I romance her?

-You really want to know?


Let's see.

I would take her on a boat.

Out on the water.

It would be sunset, of course.

And I would take her in my arms,

and I would say to her...

"All I love,
all I ever need, is you.

Without you, my love,
I am lost.

Every time I look at you, I...

I'm breathless.

Every time I hold you
in my arms,

I feel like I am home.

I loved you yesterday...

I love you today...

I love you tomorrow."


What are you doing?

[strikes a final chord]

Serenading myself.

Would you care to join me
so it's less sad?

No thank you.

I was actually wondering

if you could drive me
into town again.

I have another
couple appointments.

Of course.

All I ask...

is that you climb up here
and join me.

I said no thank you.

My mom never wanted me
in that treehouse.

I don't think
she trusted the ladder.

Your mother was a smart woman.

The only problem is,

is that, sometimes,
to find happiness,

you gotta reach...

for what's
just beyond your grasp.

Come on.

I got a confession to make.

I don't understand this whole
wedding-registry thing.

At all.

You're just supposed to do it

so that people can get you
what you really want.

Alright, well,
if that's the case...

if I was getting married,

I would want...


That's ridiculous.

It is ridiculous.

Do you know what else
is ridiculous?

The fact that you have a list

that you're using
to make another list

so that people
can buy you presents,

apparently, from the goodness
of their hearts,

but only exists
on those two lists.

That's not really the point.



Now, this...

this is actually perfect.

What's so perfect?

A white, plain plate.

That's how you want
to celebrate your love?

It's timeless.

It's timeless,
I'll give you that.


Now, this...

that's a wedding essential
right there.

Golden flying pigs?


What am I supposed to do
with those?

A reminder
that anything is possible.

Pigs can fly.
I don't know, Lizzie.

They're fun.
Look at them. They're cute.

I'll have you know
that when you were a kid,

you were the one

who would find the joy
in all the little things.

For instance,

do you remember that ring

that Louise gave you
one year for Christmas.

With the pearl?

You didn't care about
that ring, did you?

All you cared about

was that cute, little box
that it came in.

Oh, that was a thing of beauty.

It was.

She painted
all those unicorns on it.

I saved that for years.

And the ring?

No idea.


But that was
a really long time ago.

I believed in unicorns then.

But people change.


Well, if it's
all the same to you,

I'm gonna hold on to my memory
of that little girl...

who believed in unicorns.


[scanner beeps]

Oh, good.
You found the toasters.


It says here
you and Georgie-boy wanted

a four-slice toaster.

I changed my mind.

I want a two-slice toaster.

Okay. Sure.

What about a crumb tray?

It says here that...

No. I like crumbs.

Oh, yeah?

I really, really like crumbs.

And one more thing, David...

not everything has changed.

I still find joy
in the little things in life.

Like crumbs.

So if a crumb
is going to bring you joy,

a crumb's what you should get.


Oh, my goodness!
What have you done?

What else do you want?

I don't know.

The world is your oyster.

Take your pick.

What's it gonna be?

I want that.

That's not on your list.

I don't care.
I want it anyway.

-[David] Wow.

Okay, what's next?



I want whatever this is.

That's a rabbit
toilet-paper dispenser.

Every home should have
one of those.

What's next?

What else do you want?
Come on.

-Show the people.

What else do you want?



The scanner slipped.

I don't know what happened.

It's okay.


Now, lots to decide on
for your wedding music.

-[dog barking]
-[woman] Joey, let the dog out!

In a minute, Mom!

I'm with clients!

We need to decide
on your entrance music,

the father-daughter dance,

the cutting-the-cake song,

and, of course, the first dance.

You said you have a list?

You got your list?

I-- I don't.
I'm so sorry.

I don't know
what I did with my list.

Want to go check the car?

That-that's okay.

I've got plenty of ideas
for you two.

-Oh, we're not engaged.
-He's not my fiancé.

Oh, sorry.

That's okay.

[Joey] I just assumed.

Well, anyways,

what do you think of this
for your first dance?

["How Do I Live?"
by LeAnn Rimes playing]

[dog barking]

[mom] Joey!
The dog needs to go out!

[Joey] Sorry.

I'll be right back.


♪ How do I... ♪

♪ Get through a night
without you... ♪


DJ Joey.


I must have left my list
at the house.

We should probably head back.

Well, hold on.

DJ Joey put on
a heck of a presentation here.

I think this song
is pretty nice.

You want to take it for a spin?
See if you like it?


♪ Baby, you would take away
everything good in my heart ♪

Oh, my goodness,
what is happening down here?

I know how to dance, David.

Of course.

Just thinking
maybe one of us should lead.


show me then.

Alright. Hand, hand.

You had it before.

Bear with me.

Step. Step.

There it is. Easy.

Listen to the music.

See how you feel.

♪ I'd be lost if I lost you ♪

♪ If you ever leave... ♪

[David] There...

♪ Baby, you would take away
everything real in my life... ♪

-You okay?

You sure?

You want to go slower?

Let's go slower.


♪ How do I live
without you... ♪

-[door opens]
-[Joey] Sorry about that.

[door closes]

What do we think of the song?

Well, DJ Joey,

I think the song is...

I think it's perfect
for the bride and groom.

What do you think, Elizabeth?


I... I...

I think I will just meet you
back at the house.

Uh, I'm gonna need
a 50% deposit up front.

Not the time, Joe.

-I'm gonna call you later.

And then he says,

"Sure. I'll watch
your dating show with you."

Because, apparently,
he knows all about romance.

But trust me,

I don't need David Belling
telling me about romance.

Are you gonna order
a platter soon,

because I'm supposed
to take my break.

Yeah. Sure.

But what I really want is pie.

One platter coming up.

I had my whole life
figured out.

Everything was written down
on lists.

But today, I lost my list.

No oysters?

Well, it kind of seemed like

you could use
a piece of pie today.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Don't worry.

It's just pre-wedding jitters.

I'm gonna marry George.

Truth is, I didn't even know

you could go weak
in the knees until...

Until George?

Okay, I'm gonna go
take my break.

Enjoy that pie.

[bell clanging]



Oh, where do you
want this, Louise?

Just with me is fine.


Oh, hey, Eugene.


thanks for helping me.

My pleasure.




Don't give up now.
You've almost got it.

I thought I was alone.

Yeah, and I thought
we were doing wedding stuff.

May I make a suggestion?


[Elizabeth moans]

You okay?


I can't do it
while you're looking at me.

Of course.
Yes, ma'am.

You know, I've been thinking.

[David] What have you
been thinking?

Just everything that's happened
since the bridge went down.

For as long as I can remember,

every aspect of my life
has been planned.

Get good grades.

Go to college.

Go to dental school.

Marry George.

Run my dental practice.

It's all written down.

What's wrong with that?

I've just been thinking
about that list you showed me--

in the book.

All the places
I wanted to see in Rome.

And I found myself wondering,

why haven't I been
to any of those places?

All George and I ever do
is just work all day

and go to conferences
on weekends,

and, and, and...

And I know that for you,
a trip is just a small thing,


Small things
are the big things,

and good things only happen

from all the hundreds

of tiny steps
you take along the way.

I need to start taking
those tiny steps.

With George.


We need to take some time away
from the practice,


go to Rome.

You can picture George
at the Colosseum, right?

Of course.

I can picture that.


That's what
I'm going to do, then.

As soon as George gets here,

I'm going to tell him
about our new plan.


But first I'm going
to climb this ladder.


Take your time.

You got it.
Stay close.

You got it.

A little further.

[Elizabeth] Oh, my goodness.

Pull yourself over.


How's the view?




Dr. Belling.


Your sister called.

The Echo Island Bridge
is reopening tomorrow.

Oh! That's good news.


Thank you, Denise.

For what?

Thank you for always
putting in extra hours,

even when not asked.

Oh, well, it's my pleasure.

Well, I imagine

there's probably
a thousand other places

you'd rather be than here.

Not really.

I really enjoy my job,

so, truthfully,
there's no place I'd rather be.


So what is the sheriff doing?

He's trying to catch
the bad guys.

Spoiler, he always does.

Hmm, clever.

You don't like this movie,
do you?


You can admit it.


I spoke to Bob Dooley today.

[together] Uh-huh?

And the bridge
is reopening in the morning.

[together] Mm-hmm.

So George'll be back soon.

[power cutting out]

[David] Nice.

So will you be leaving
once the bridge reopens?

[David] No, no, no.

I've gotta stay for
the engagement party, right?

Alright, I've told her to change
this thing a million times, Mom.

Wow, look at all these boxes.

Geez Louise, Louise,
that's a lot of them.

Here's one of yours.

What's in here?

Oh, that is a lot of souvenirs
and travel books.

Can I see that book, please?


Thank you.

So have you really been
to all these places?

Yeah. Yeah, pretty much.

London, Amsterdam...


After you and George
go to Rome,

you've gotta stop in Paris.

Everybody's gotta see
Paris once.

Walk along the Seine River.

Wander the streets of Monmarte.

You've gotta stop
at this little place

in the 5th arrondissement

that has the best profiteroles
that you will ever have.

They just melt in your mouth.

What if George doesn't want
to go to Paris?

I mean, Lizzie, you talk
a lot about George's plan

and what he wants,


I know George would want to do
what you want to do, too.

So what do you want?

I want to go to Paris.

Then you should go to Paris.

What will people think?

Lizzie, sometimes,
the people around you

aren't going
to understand your journey.

That's okay.
They don't need to.

It's not for them.

Lizzie, maybe nobody's
told you this before,

but it's okay...

for you to chase
your own happiness.

[power surges on]

Et voilà.

Bonne nuit.




[George] Elizabeth!


You're back!

Are you alright?

Yes. Yes.

I was just about
to go for a walk.

Do you want to join me?


Oh, I hope you don't mind,

I registered us for a seminar
in September at the University.

Fixed metallic replacements
versus dental implants.

I couldn't resist.

It sounded so fun.

Yeah, sure, George.
Whatever you want.


while you were gone,
I did some thinking,

and, um...

I think I've come up
with a pretty fun plan for us.

Another seminar?

Not exactly.

I think that we should
put things on hold

for a couple of months

and travel the world.

Elizabeth, I already said

I do not want
to go to South America.

I have no interest
in ziplining across the Andes.

And this is certainly
not the time

to leave our practice.

Okay, just hear me out, George.

This could actually be

the perfect time for us
to do something like this.

We don't have kids,

we haven't bought a house yet.

It could be
the adventure of a lifetime.

And we don't have to go
to South America.

We could...

We could go to Rome.

Did I ever tell you

how much I've always wanted
to see the Coliseum?

And then we could go to Paris
and eat profiteroles.

Do I need to remind you

that this fall
we have a dental convention,

three seminars, two lectures,

and not to mention our patients,

who, I assure you,

will not be very happy

to know that their dentists
are galavanting across Europe.

Sure. Sure.

You're right.

Just a crazy idea.

Maybe someday we can go?

Maybe someday,

when we're very old
and very grey,

we'll go to Paris.

Dance with me.


I want to dance with you.


Yes. Now.

Dance? Huh.

["How Do I Live?"
by LeAnn Rimes playing]

♪ How do I... ♪

Are you sure you're alright?


Just dance with me.

♪ If I had to live
without you ♪

♪ What kind of life
would that be? ♪

♪ Oh, I... ♪


Do you think you could
hold me a bit closer?


♪ You're my world
my heart, my soul ♪

♪ If you ever leave ♪

♪ Baby, you would take away
everything good in my life ♪

Are we done yet?

Yes, George.

We're done.


When I was a young girl,

there was no such thing
as an engagement party.

Back then, we just got married.

No celebration.

Gran, that can't be true.

It's true.

Lou and I were married
in my mother's kitchen.

There was no food,
there was no music,

no fancy party.

No presents.

Oh, Mother, please.

No, there must have been
some presents.


My father gave us $5.00
and wished us good luck.

I was married 57 years.

What does that tell you?

I'm not totally sure.

If you ask me,

the shorter the engagement,

the longer the marriage.

How long have you been engaged?

Meatballs, Grandma?

Oh! I thought you'd never ask.

Elizabeth, would you like
to go and dance?

Yeah? Georgie?

Oh, no, thank you, David.

Alright, brother.

Let's go!




Thanks again
for the invitation.

This place is amazing!

Good. I hope
you're having a good time.

And who's this?

David Belling.


Abby, nice to meet you.

Excuse me one moment.
I'm going to put this down.

So this is David?

I guess she's going.

Let's go!

Come on.

There it is.

My goodness, there it is.

I learned from the best.

Don't you flatter me.

[upbeat music
changes to a slow song]

♪ You are so beautiful... ♪

This seems
to happen to us a lot.



♪ To me... ♪

♪ You are... ♪

You alright?


I'm okay.

I don't know what that was.
I'm sorry.



Hello, everyone.

If you would all
head inside the house,

we have a wonderful
selection of desserts.

Come on in.

♪ ...You're everything
I hoped for ♪


♪ You're everything I need... ♪


Shall we?


♪ You are so beautiful... ♪

And I say,

"Because we need to check
for cavities and gum disease."

And then she says,

"Do I get a refund
if you don't find any?"


Excuse me.

George, may I speak with you
for a moment?

Uh, sure.

Excuse me for a minute.


I was hoping we could talk about
the past few days.

What about the past few days?

[man] Hey, Georgie boy!

How do I explain?

Once upon a time,

there was a lonely, little girl,
who came from a broken family.

And one day,

this wonderful family
moved in across the street.

And they were fun
and loving and kind.

And they welcomed her
with open arms.

And since then,

she's been trying to replicate
this perfect family.

This perfect life.

What are you trying to say?

I've had this one goal...

and this one plan
for how to get there.

But I've discovered

that sometimes life takes us
to unexpected places.

And that maybe
having a plan for happiness

isn't the same
as just being happy.

Well, I need to have
a plan, Elizabeth.

I know you do, George.

And that's great.
It is.

I used to be that way, too.

Used to?

Ever since the bridge went down,

I've realized that...

I need to find out
who I really am...

and what actually
makes me happy...

without a plan.

I see.

And where does that leave us?


Is there anything I can say
to change your mind?



I guess that's the point.

If I have to convince you,
then there is no point.

George. Wait.

Thank you for making
every day we had together

so perfect.


[Louise] Have you seen David?

He's gone.

Gone? Gone for good?

You know David.

There's always another adventure
on the horizon.

Let's go sit by the fire.



[Elizabeth] I can't believe
I've been gone for a year,

but every time
I think about coming home,

I find another place
on the map.

London is absolutely amazing.

Today, I went to Big Ben.

Miss you.

Love, Elizabeth.

Having the time of my life
in Paris.

Today, I ate

the most incredible

See you soon.


[Diana] "Mrs. Diana Belling

requests your company

at the marriage ceremony

uniting Louise Belling
and Eugene McClain."


And now a very special song
for the lovely couple--

the bride and groom,
Louise and Eugene!



Who knew dental hygienists
had those kind of moves?

Did you see
that she caught the bouquet?

Doesn't look like
she's letting go anytime soon.


Aw, look at Louise.

She seems so happy.


I think she found
a really good man.

I think so, too.

You know,
I wanted to write to you.

Just didn't know
where to send the postcards.


Come on.



I tried writing you, too.

Just a very long time ago.

Open it.

"Trevi Fountain.


Sistine Chapel.

I don't know
where any of these places are,

but if you wanna go,

I wanna go.

But only with you.

Love, David."

I was 13 years old
when I wrote that note.

It was right after I read yours.

I put it in that book
right there,

hoping that one day
maybe you would find it.

But you never did.

Not the smartest idea
of all time, but...

it was okay...

because you were happy.

You asked me once
if I'd ever been in love.

The answer is, just once.

And I never stopped.

For me, it's always been you.

I loved you yesterday,

I love you today...

I'll love you tomorrow.


Dance with me.


I thought I might get a kiss
with that line.



Sorry, hold on.

He's going to propose.

Just watch.

I thought you didn't like
these dating shows.

Well, you know...

Love and stuff.