Island of Lost Men (1939) - full transcript

An altered remake of 1933's "White Woman," finds cabaret-singer Kim Ling, daughter of a Chinese general who has been accused of absconding with government funds, arriving in the Straits Settlement. There, she meets Gregory Prin, a half-caste gun-runner and head of a jungle empire where he treats the Malaysians ruthlessly. She meets Prin and agrees to accompany him in search of her father, as she has several reasons to believe Prin is holding her father prisoner. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(dramatic classical music)

(bright music)

♪ With a beach for my bed ♪

♪ And the palms overhead ♪

♪ And the waves making music on the ♪

Do you know a little place in Brooklyn

right near the bridge?

They sell steaks that thick.
♪ With a beach for my bed ♪

♪ And the waves making ♪

The European dress she's wearing,

I wonder how she ever picked it up.

♪ Leave me there ♪

Take it away, take it away.

It is not the wine I wanted.

Bring me (indistinct) Taiwan.

Mr. Prin, it is excellent wine.

What do you know?

You presume to tell me about wine?

Mr. Prin, Mr. Prin,
please the apologies.

The waiter, he is dumb.

So are you.

It's the truth, but we will
try in our stupid way to sell-

Shut up, shut up.

♪ Lazy lion evermore ♪

♪ With a beach for my bed ♪

♪ And the palms overhead ♪

♪ And the waves ♪

I shall introduce you.

This is Mr. Gregory Prin.

By my title, by my title.

May I present The King of
the River, Mr. Gregory Prin?

You are pleased and
honored to meet me, yes?

Is an honor and a pleasure sir.

If you wish, you may join me.

Thank you, I would be delighted.


Yes, sir.

The kind I want.


Two hamburgers American
style with onions.

[Restaurant Owner] Yes, sir.

On second thought, forget the onions.

I did not get your name.

Miss Lily.

Your full name.

I'm known as China Lily.

A perfect description of your beauty.

Of course you've heard of me.

Everyone in the orient
has heard of Gregory Prin,

King of the River.

The river to the north
that no man dares travel

unless Mr. Prin gives him permission.

Oh, I see you have heard of me.

They say you are an emperor.

Frankly, I am just an ordinary
fellow with a few brains

and I put on a little show.

Then you are not King of the River?

Who said I wasn't?

I conquered the river

alone and single-handed.

Al this territory I control.

It's tribes of savage head
hunters are my subjects.

They fear me, they obey me.

You must have great courage.

Courage, yes,

but courage without cleverness
is like a dull knife.

I am clever,

Oh, I forgot, your singing,
you have a terrible voice.

Does it matter?

The audience is not particular.

But you like music?



Very much,

He's dull, decidedly, second rate.

It's a matter of taste.

Your diamonds are beautiful.

Oh, thank you.

And that art medallion, a decoration?

No, not a decoration,
something I picked up,

a little knickknack.

I like things like those.

It is Chinese, perhaps the
seal of some great house.

Oh, you think so?

Well it looks very nice.

I got it from one of
those rascally merchants

who found it expedient to become my guest.

At your place up the river?

Well if it isn't my
old friend Julius Caesar

Napoleon Bonaparte Gregory Prin,

King of the River, Son of All Nations,

boss of everything north of Singapore

but I suppose he's
handed you that already.

How are you, Ballister?

I'm alive and strong, Prin.

Strong enough to take you by the ear

and throw you over my right shoulder.

All of which would be rather silly, huh?

What do you say we have a drink, Lily?

The lady is my guest.

What does she want, Prin?

What would any woman be doing
wasting her time with you

if she didn't want something?

Your humor is forced, my friend,

but tell me when are you
coming up to my place?

I could use that mighty
strength you brag about.

You'd love to have me
up there, wouldn't you?

Well you're not gonna get me.

The cards have been running
pretty good lately, Prin,

take a look.

I've cut the rough stuff.

I'm inside of the law
and I'm gonna stay there

so I won't have to hide out
in Gregory Prin's empire.

There is always hope.

Your foot might slip.

Should the emergency present itself,

you may go to that address.

Safe transportation will be provided.

An invitation to an unpleasant end.

You're a very funny, Prin,
but you're not crazy.

You might fool the rest of
the people with that routine,

but you don't fool me.

Adios, senorita.

What did he mean?

It is no secret.

I need men up there to handle the natives,

those who will go to my place
are running away from the law

and the law cannot reach them there,

mountains, jungles, rivers.

I'm running away from the law.


What have you done?

I will ask you no questions,
you will ask me none.

Be ready to leave at daylight.

(dramatic music)

(lion roaring)

(monkeys screeching)
(adventurous music)

(monkeys screeching)

(elephants rumbling)

(mysterious music)

(monkey vocalizing)

Hey there, Eggbert.

Oh, I say, look what the
little begger's picked up.

Chang Tai's watch, it's only nickel.

Yes, I know it isn't much

but see how the little
beggar's catching on.

Why he and I can make a fortune in London.

London, Paris, Timbuktu,

names, my friend, just names.

Oh, there you go again getting high hat.

I suppose after some of
the jobs you've pulled

this would seem merely a
trifle but believe me this is,

are you sure this is only nickel?


Well in that case, we'll
give it back to Chang Tai.

As I've always told you, Egg,

but honesty is the best
policy, come along.

There you are Chang Tai,

there's your old nickel watch back.

How did you get it?

This little beggar lifted it off you.

Isn't he clever?

Thief, eh?

Just a second story worker

and a very good one at that.

Tell me, Herbert,

what's the good of stealing
out here in the jungle?

Well, you see Eggbert and I,

we just want to keep our hands in.

We've got a big future in front of us,

Tell me, Chang Tai,

just what was your specialty

before you came out to the river?

You might be surprised.

Yes, I'll bet it was
something unusual and nefarious.

Mr. Prin, he now come up river.

(birds cawing)

Ah, welcome back sir.

What are you staring at?

Oh, I beg your pardon, sir.

On the last trip, he
brought home the base strand.

Ah yes, reception committee.

And who speaks the welcome
home piece this time?

Here, you behold the only
blemish on my household,

three civilized things called men.

Would you care to know their names?

But for what?

They're not even worthy of numbers.

Get back to your jobs.

Probably costing me
thousands standing here

when you should be driving the natives.

They were resting from the sun, sir.

A moment ago, I came here
and found them and I said,

"Gentlemen, do you think this
is an honorable way to act,

to take advantage of
dear Mr. Prin's absence?"

Thank you, Frabenius,
for this touching devotion.

Have you any other information for me?

Oh yes.

Hambly deserted the post up the river.


Oh, don't worry sir.

When I learned of it, I
had the natives seize him.

Bring him here.

So sorry to bore you with this shop talk.

Shall we go inside?

You spying pig.

(bird cawing)

This is my house and you are my guest.

Thank you.

It's a most interesting place.

Yes, I like it.

I find it rather cozy.

Oh, you will have to excuse me,

it is time for me to listen
to the stock market reports.

Herbert will show you to your quarters.

Very good, sir.

This way, ma'am.

(Eggbert screeching)

Oh, don't be afraid, ma'am.

It's only Eggbert.

Why Eggbert.

Eggbert, why Eggbert
what are you doing here?

Oh, cute.


Thank you, I'm glad you
like him, he's mine.

I raised him from a little nipper.

I've been just like a mother to him.

[Lily] Hello there.

Oh, he likes you.

He doesn't take a thumb
just from everybody.

I'm flattered.

Yeah, well shall we
unpack your bags miss?

Oh, you need not bother, thank you.

Well thank you, miss.

Well if you want us, we'll be around.

Herbert, those men
out there on the porch?

Oh they work for Mr. Prin, miss.

All of them?

Yes, miss.

Well you see it's like this,

we're all up here working
for Mr. Prin because-

I understand, Herbert, that will be all.

(monkeys screeching)

(monkeys squeaking)

Why are you 50 jumpy now?

For two months you were
like a shell of a man

without emotion but suddenly-

I don't know, I can't explain it.

Perhaps our house guest?

I say, do you know, it's
the most extraordinary thing.

This little beggar took
to her straightaway

and he's never been wrong
about anyone in his life.

Have you, Eggbert?

Perhaps the gentleman's
gentleman can tell us

who the mysterious charmer is.

Ah, she's a beautiful Chinese lady.


With a name like music, Lily, Miss Lily.

Oh Lily, Lily, the girl
who can drive a man silly.

Oh poor old Hambly, this is rotten like,

I'm most frightfully sorry for you.

Yes and as for you, you ought
to be ashamed of yourself.

Don't pay any attention
to Herbert, he's emotional.

Pull on.

[Radio Announcer]And
Oriental Rubber closed at 61

for a three point loss.

This concludes-

This is no record for an honest man.

Hello my dear Hambly.

Go ahead, Prin, what
are you gonna do to me?

Do, what can I do?

I bestow upon you a position of honor,

I place in your keeping
my jungle trading post

and you desert, you leave
it to thieving savages.

That old man you sent
to me is still there,

although he won't last much longer

and I'm not going back either.

The natives are becoming dangerous.

That bad alcohol you've been trading 'em

is making 'em murderous.

You will not criticize my merchandise.

You ain't fooling no one, Prin.

The chiefs know you're
planning to take your gold

out of the jungle.

The chiefs know nothing.

Oh yes, they do

and I'm not going back.

I'm going down river, Prin.

I'll take my chance in the
law catching up with me.

And if it does,

at least I'll fall in the
hands of civilized men.

Very well,

If you've made up your
mind, I won't stop you.

I have more pleasant things to attend to.

(speaking in foreign language)

A pleasant journey and my
compliments to civilization.

Thanks, Prin.

What about that old man?

I'll take care of that.

Now get out before I change my mind.

Frobenius, see that he is
well equipped for the journey.

Yes, sir, I will
supply him with the best.

A little disturbance of no importance.

I'm sorry if my
presence embarrassed you.

Oh no, mademoiselle, nothing
embarrasses me, you see?

I am my own world.

A selfish attitude.

And I don't continence
disagreement either.

Then how shall I think of you,

as the most gracious of men?

Ah, like that,

Yes I do, Herbert?

[Herbert] Yes, sir, coming, sir.

Two highballs.

Two highballs, very good.

Excuse me, please.

Did you say two highballs?

Yes, two!

[Herbert] Very good, sir.

(radio beeping)


[Man] Is that you, Mr. Prin?

Has anybody else ever answered but me?

[Man] Sorry, sir, I have news.

I gave Mr. Tex Ballister
transportation to your island.

Oh really?

[Man] He showed me the card you gave him

and I made all arrangements
to send him to you.

Splendid, anything else to report?

[Man] That's all, Mr. Pim.


(shaking cocktail)

This is what I call
the Gregory Prin special,

it hits you like a knife in the back.

(Herbert laughing)


Thank you, Herbert.

Let me have a look at you.

I should not confer this honor on you,

however, I know you are
curious about my guest.

With a clean face, you are
a different man, professor.

I think I prefer you dirty.

That's your natural preference
anyway, isn't it, Prin?

Don't talk back to me.

And you, my inscrutable friend,

can you not look a little more pleasant?

Is not the prospect of
dining with a beautiful woman

pleasing to you?

I prefer to be excused.

And have my guest think you snubbed her?

Oh no, no.

Ah, Miss Lily.

You look beautiful.

Allow me to present my general staff.

They are, you will observe,

the same men you saw this afternoon,

but soap and water have worked miracles.

This is Mr. Frobenius.

I am honored.

He is what is known
as a thoroughly bad egg

but a faithful worker, I like him.

Mm hmm,

[Mr. Prin] We call him Professor Sen.

How do you do?

Likes to play at being a gentleman,

he's really a bad actor.

And last but not least,

one of your countrymen
who found my little haven

after deserting the army.

Chang Tai is his name.

His father was the head
of a great Chinese house

and his mother a Russian
countess, so he says.

I'm pleased to meet you, sir.

Thank you, Miss Lily.

Shall we dine?

Herbert, I'm in the mood for music.

Turn on the radio.

Very good, sir.

(gentle classical music)

What beautiful flowers.

Orchidae singrovia, ma'am,
they grow in the jungle.

You like them, yes?


Well it was very thoughtful
of Herbert to place them there

knowing as he does that I despise flowers.

I'm sorry, Herbert can take them away.

No, no, no, you like
them, they will stay,

more than that, they shall increase.

Tonight, you will go into
the jungle and gather more.

Tonight, sir?

The cobra lies in wait

beside night blooming orchids, Prin.

Yes, that should add zest
to Herbert's adventure.

Please don't make him go.

My dear lady, do not be concerned.

Herbert will be all right.

Personally, I fear for the snake.

You'd better get started.


If you see him on that errand, Mr. Prin,

I will not remain in this house tonight.

(gentle classical music)

You need that gold, tell her that.

Oh sir, thank you.

Oh I shall never forget
what you did for me ma'am.

It was my fault, Herbert.

I should not have admired the flowers.

You see, ma'am,
Mr. Prin is so unpredictable,

one never knows what he
likes or what he dislikes.

Oh, excuse me.


Kim Ling, why did you come here?

Could it be for the
same reason you are here?

Even so, this is no
place for you with Prin.

You know what he is, don't you?

Of course.

But why?

When I first saw Prin,

he was wearing the jade
medallion of the House of Ling.

To him, it was just a Chinese trinket,

but to me, it meant that his footsteps

had crossed my father's somewhere somehow.

I must prove my father's
not a thief or a traitor.

We must prove.

Chang, my father's been
here in this very house.

I feel it.

I'm convinced that if
your father's still alive,

he must be at that post
farther up the river,

the one Hambly left.

He spoke of an old man up there.

(upbeat drumming)

Don't be startled, it's
nothing, they're just dancing.

(upbeat drumming)
(singing in foreign language)

What a hideous idol.

It's the God of friendship.

Every night at this hour they serenade it.

(speaking in foreign language)

Hambly's belt and gun.

The natives killed him at the river bend.

I do not understand.

That's what always happens
when you disobey his orders.

(speaking in foreign language)

You missed a very nice dinner.

Won't you join me inside for coffee?

Thank you, I do not care for coffee.

And you?

Perhaps later.

You are being a little impolite.

Do you not know there
are certain courtesies

a host like myself has a right to expect?

So the impeccable manners of the Chinese

are merely a myth, eh?

Well as long as you are my
quests, you will do as I say.

You will go inside and
have coffee with me.

Now at once!

Yes, sir?

Herbert, get my things out.

I have to put on a show
for those monkeys again.

Yes sir, very good.

Let me see, sir, the last
time you were an admiral,

what will you be today sir,
admiral, grand duke, general?

Well, I'll leave it up to you, Herbert.

Oh, thank you, sir.

If I may say so, sir,

you look most impressive
in your general's uniform.

All right, the general.

Very good, sir.

I say, sir, do you think those
savages know the difference

between an admiral and a general?

Who cares?

Al know is that they like it

and I look like a dressed up baboon.

Yes, sir.

I mean, no sir, no.

If I don't appear too curious sir,

how did you get that medal?

Well, I'll tell you.

I got this one for getting
that one and that one for,

well and so on, see?

Yeah, I see, sir, it's very interesting.

Now get out and
announce that his majesty

is about to hold court.

Very good, your majesty.

Get out.

(upbeat drumming)

Now you'll see how I conduct
one of my famous ceremonies.

Here, here

(speaking in foreign language)

which means, my people,
I love you, stupid pigs.

My friends I've called you here

that I might make an
important announcement.

Go ahead.

From the right honorable Gregory Prin

to whom it may concern,

whereas the post of overseer
at Tanwack is now vacant

due to the death of the last incumbent,

his highness wishes to
announce the appointment

of his successor.

Who shall it be?

That is the thought that is
pounding in your brains now, eh?

Who goes to Tanwack 40 miles up the river

to preserve law and
order for Gregory Prin?


His right Honorable Highness

has decided to confer
this exceptional honor

on Professor Sen.

My dear sir,

you have but to order me and I go.

And what shall I bring you back?

Why worry about coming back?

Why not?

Hambly came back, didn't he?

Oh yes, my dear professor

but you are too smart a man
to repeat Hambly's mistake.

You will like Tanwack.

There you can spout your
epigrams and philosophy

to the jungle.

No longer shall I be
obliged to listen 10 them,

for which I shall be thankful.

You will leave tonight after sundown.

Now get back to your work, all of you.

(speaking in foreign language)

Mr. Prin wants you to work.

You called him names, professor,

and now you're going to Tanwack.

Maybe Tanwack

but you'll never live to see me go there.

Come here.

Not before the natives.

We are supposed to be so strong and wise

we do not quarrel among ourselves.

What would happen,
Prin, if I beat you down?

You'd be a fool.

I think you're right,
Prin, I would be a fool.

They'll take care of you someday.

We will all leave together
in the same direction

as a sign of friendship.

You may return to the bungalow, Miss Lily,

I will see you later.

Herbert will prepare cocktails.

And now my jolly friends,

we take a little walk together.

My dear professor, how I despise you.

The feeling is mutual, sir.

(mysterious music)

(Eggbert giggling)

(mysterious music)

Would you, would you care
for the cocktail, ma'am?

No, thank you.

I wonder, Herbert,

would it be possible for
Chang Tai to come up here?

Well, he might be able to
make it if Prin didn't see him.

Would you like me to ask him?

- Please.
- Yes.

And Herbert?

What you saw just now,

you will not say anything
about it to Mr. Prin?

Say anything about what, ma'am?

I didn't see a thing, did we Eggbert?

Now you stay here and
keep this lady company

and I'll be right back.

[Lily] Chang.

You wanted to see me?

My father had $300,000
when he disappeared.

Yes, American.

From a bank in Lavian?

Yes, how did you know that?

I just saw the money
here in Prin's room.

That exact amount?

Yes, 10 packages each
containing $30,000.

That's the way the bank
turned the money over to him.

Then your father must be at-

Prin's place in Tanwack.

Prints sending
professor Sen to Tanwack.

Chang, you had better hide.

That's exactly what
I don't intend to do.

But you can meet tonight,
no one will see us.

I'm Mr. Prin's guest.

Of course you're his guest

but you can't be interested in him.

You and I should be friends.

We're going to be here
together a long time.

Don't be too sure about that.

Tell Professor Sen he's staying here.

You're not gonna send him to Tanwack?

Who does the sending around here?

You need not even wait until sundown,

I'm sure you'll enjoy the sun

beating on your back for a few hours.

Get him started at once.

Yes, Mr. Prin.

You may say goodbye to your friend.


Permit me to add goodbye.

Well Chang, I don't envy you your journey.

You must have done something terrible

to make the old highest change his mind

about sending me to Tanwack.

Your tum will come next.

Some day, I'm going to
squash you like a fly.

[Frobenius] Your canoe's ready.

(monkeys screeching)

(gentle classical music)

Not many flies tonight.

No, sir.

It must be going to rain.

[Ballister] Just a quiet
evening at home, huh Gregory?

[Mr. Prin] Well, my dear,
dear friend, Ballister,

at last, huh?

Oh yes.

Miss China Lily,

the old bar ain't the same since you left.

Thank you.

Will you excuse me, please?

Don't let me chase your away, baby.

Found this near the dock.

Yes, we were expecting you.

Nice grapevine you got, Prin.

Did they tell you why I was coming?

Nobody need tell me that,
your foot finally slipped.

Not mine, Prin, yours.

Get me some Brandy, Prin's private stock,

none of the stuff he sells to natives.

Very good, sir.

You mentioned something about my foot.

Oh, curious, huh?

Hold your horses.

Brandy, sir.

Label's all right, smells all right.

Tastes all right, very good, my man.

Thank you, sir.

Get out.

Very good, sir.

Before you go, I'll take my watch.

What sharp eyes you have, sir.

It's a nice house you run here, Prin.

What about my foot, Ballister?

It slipped.

Do you remember that Chinese merchant

who came to Singapore with an order

to close a deal for $300,000
worth of army trucks?

No, I do not.

It happens he wasn't a merchant, Prin.

He was General Ling, one
of the great men of China.

And you came here to tell me this?

Mm hmm and how did I find out?

The guy you used in
Singapore to affront for you

is the phony truck salesman, he told me.

As usual, Prin, you double crossed him.

You got $300,000, he got.

And where do you come in?

As a partner, Gregory.

I come in for exactly $150,000

and don't tell me you
won't pay because you will,

Sabe, senor?

No, sabe.

Okay, play dumb.

But if the old guy is hanging around here,

it's liable to go bad for you.


Yeah, indeed.

About two months ago,

somebody from the Chinese Secret Service

was in Singapore looking for the general,

his name was Chang Tai.

Enjoy your brandy, Ballister,

I will join you in a few moments.

[ wouldn't bother to
have me bumped off, Prin,

it might complicate matters.

My friend in Singapore

is waiting for me to
get back with a package

and if I don't get back there's
no telling what he might do.

He might go and blab to the police

and they might take up trip up the river.

You are very amusing, my friend.

I ought to be something for $150,000.




[Frobenius] Yes, Mr. Prin?

You are going up the river.

Mr. Prin, you wouldn't send me to-

Quiet, this is important.

You will take two natives.

Ina few hours, you should
overtake Chang Tai's canoe.

Kill him and any native
who is paddling him.

Then go to Tanwack, find the old man.

If he is still alive, kill him.

Be sure to get rid of the
natives who are paddling you,

no one must know what happened but you.

You honor me with your
confidence, Mr. Prin.

I won't fail you.

Good luck.

Thank you.

Prin is sending Frobenius

up the river to kill people.

Tell the chief Frobenius
must not reach Tanwack.

(speaking in foreign language)

The chief wants to know

if you are ready to take Prin's place.

Not yet.

First, I want proof that
Frobenius is out of the way.

How is my cherished guest?

Rotten, thanks.

Coffee tasted like tar,

my bed felt like a gravel pit

and now I've got to look at you.

Oh, I'm so sorry you are not happy.

Why don't you leave?

That's up to you, Prin.

You've got what it takes to make me leave.

(radio beeping)

Excuse me.



[Man] Are you alone, Mr. Prin?

Go ahead.

[Man] The international police

are trying to locate china Lily.

That's the girl you took
up the river with you.

Why should they be interested
in a nightclub singer?

[Man] Our investigators have found out

that China Lily isn't a nightclub singer.

She's the daughter of General Ahn Ling.

Watch everything closely at your end.

If anything new develops,
let me know immediately.

The what you call, grapevine.

China Lily right here in your own house

getting the goods on you.

What of it?

Where can she take the goods?

She's here and never leaves.

Come on Prin, kick in,

I'll let you know where you really stand.

Oh orchids and the China Lily,

pretty a combination
as any man could want.

May I bring these into the house?

Of course you may, my dear lady.

Need it matter that I do not like orchids.

You do, that is sufficient to me.

A very pretty speech, Mr. Prin.

Ignore him, everything
he says, everything.

If you gentlemen do not
mind, I will go to my room.

I have always preferred
that chair where you found it.

I prefer it here because
this is where I'll be staying

until I leave with that money.

After that, you can do whatever you want

with the girlfriend.

I see, a gallant night in
slightly rusted armor, huh?

(men mumbling)


A little souvenir for you, Prin.

(head thudding on floor)

Frobenius' head.

Evidently, the natives
didn't believe you yesterday

when you put on that friendship act.

Where did you get it?

It came in the canoe, sir.

The canoe just floated into
the dark and I saw it and oh.

Take it away.

I guess Frobenius
didn't get up to Tanwack,

whatever that means to you.

This is the first time

a white man has been killed on the river

without your orders.

Get me a drink.

Yes sir, very good.

Better make it two.

Very good.

Well Prin, looks like
your days are numbered.

Chang Tai will be coming
back from Tanwack soon

and then you're gonna-

Oh no, my friend.

I will get through to Tanwack myself

and take care of things.

I'm sorry if I appear
to be nervous, sir,

but any little thing thing
like that upsets me so,

poor little Mr. Frobenius

being cut off in his prime like that, sir.

Shut up!

Yes, sir.

To your health.

Better make it to yours, Prin,

because I think you're gonna need it.

(birds cawing)

(speaking in foreign language)

General Ling, what have
they done to you, sir?

I will try to tell you,
but first, my daughter?

She's well sir, she's
been searching for you.

[ knew she would.

That man, Prin, he stole the money.

Yes, I know, Kim found it.

It will be returned.

Then my name will be cleared.

Once again, I shall be
able to serve my country.

We must leave here immediately.

(natives mumbling)

Let go.

(speaking in foreign language)

Be calm, there’s no need to be alarmed.

What's on the program?

You are going to send a message

to your friend in Singapore.

You will tell him you
got what you came for

and are starting down the river,

Okay, hand it over and
I tell him anything.

Do not annoy me too much, Ballister.

I will get you Singapore on the radio.

My man down there will
deliver the message.

No dice, Prin.

Oh, you want time to think it over?

You need proper surroundings

conducive to deep meditation, huh?

Well I have just the place.

Get out on the porch.

Open that door.

Now get in.

Knocking me off ain't
gonna do you no good, Prin.

Oh, I am not going to Kill you yet.

Oh thanks.

After you're in there a little while,

maybe you will be glad to do as I say.

Get in.

(monkey screeching)

(birds cawing)

(knocking on door)

What is it, Mr. Prin?

You and I are going to
take a little boat ride.

Thank you, I'd rather not.

Then you force me 10 insist.

You will be ready shortly?

Very well,

[Mr. Prin] Herbert.

Yes, sir.

Fix me a drink.

Yes, sir, very good, sir.

I told you keep that
beast out of the house.

I'm sorry, sir, get out
of here, Eggbert, get out.

Go on, get out, go on!

Get out!

Off to the opera?

Chang Tai should be in
Tanwack by now, professor.

Which reminds me,

I suppose I have a lot to be thankful for.

That's right, a little less insolence

and you might cease to annoy me.

I will try to improve.

(birds cawing)

(monkey vocalizing)

Hello, what are you doing there?

Eggbert, you come here to me.

Now you keep away from there,

that's a bad, bad place.

(monkey screeching)

I see he's trying to tell me something.

The latest scandal for monkey land.

Yes, come along, tell me, what it is?

Whatever it is, it's down there.

(monkey screeching)


So it is.

Apparently he has become
annoying to his majesty.

It's a shame I don't like Ballister.

If I did, I might enjoy saving his life.

Oh, but you're not gonna let him drown,

are you professor?

And pass on the chance
to put one over on Prin?

Not me, get a rope, hurry.


(gentle music)

Do you like it?

It's peaceful.

Yes, peaceful, as if
we were hardly moving.

The river surrounds
you like a soft pillow.

It seems to whisper sleep.

When I die, I want to be out
here like this gliding quietly.

This evening, you are very
beautiful, Miss Kim Ling.

Even your name is beautiful and tragic.

Now that you know who I
am, you know why I'm here.

Where is my father?

Perhaps Mr. Chang Tai,
Secret Service agent

can tell you about that.

I think I understand everything now.

You are on your way to Tanwack

and you do not intend
that I shall be with you

when you arrive,

Believe me, I deplore the necessity

that drives me to do such
an unpleasant thing as this.

Leave here, Prin,

leave her and let her go.

Give me that gun.

Come on, Prin, use your noodle.

Pay me off and ['ll
start down to Singapore.

That'll leave you alone to run the show.

Very well, Ballister,

but after I pay you, you
will leave immediately.

With pleasure.

I will get it.

You must let me help you.

Tell me one thing, Ballister.

How did Sen know you
were in the water cell?

Herberts' monkey made a
bigger monkey out of you.


The money's gone.

Don't pull that on me, Prin.

But it was in the chest.

Yeah sure, what are you giving me?

No one could know
about this but Herbert.


Yes, sir?

Did you take money from my room?

Money, sir?

I didn't take any money, sir.

Talk fast.

I didn't take any money, sir.

I swear sir I didn't, no
sir, honestly I didn't.

I took it.

Where is it?

Shell it out.

That money represents
the honor of my father.

You'll never get it.

Oh, you want to go back on that river?

It is not what I want that matters,

it is what I must do.

(radio beeping)

Go ahead.

[Man] The focal police
have started up the river

and are headed for your plantation.

What are they coming here for?

[Man] They have sufficient information

to believe that General
Ahn Ling and his daughter

are with you.

All right,

Well Ballister, your friend in Singapore

got tired of waiting for you.

That's rich, Prin,

there's nobody waiting for me in Singapore

except the cops.

I got in a jam before I left

and I figured if I could take you for half

I could clear out of the country.

I was running a bluff, Prin,

and you fell for it,

the clever Mr. Gregory Prin.

It is very, very funny, isn't it?

Yes, very, very funny indeed.

And I could enjoy the joke too

if you could tell me who is
sending the police up here.

I wouldn't know

but I do know you're in
a jam up to your ears,

what with the General
Chang Tai up the river

and Kim Ling right here in the house,

the cops are gonna have plenty of evidence

when they get here.

Yes, the situation is very delicate.

They will find plenty of evidence.

They will also find Tex Ballister

which might prove
embarrassing to Mr. Ballister.

Aren't you wasting your time

playing soldier with that gun?

Okay, add my body to
the rest of the details

you have to explain away.

Do not insult my
intelligence, Ballister.

Why should the only two
strong men of this place

be fighting each other

when they could combine
forces and find the money.

And split 501507?

I'll accept that

as a working agreement anyway.

Okay, what about Chang Tai and the cops?

They're getting closer every minute.

The police will never
reach this plantation

and Chang Tai will never
get back from Tanwack alive.

Wait a minute, Prin,

I'm afraid it's you who will
never reach Tanwack alive.

Who is there to stop me?

The natives.

Since when have you been
spokesman for my natives?

Have you forgotten, Prin?

They killed Frobenius,

threw his head in your face
and you nothing about it,

a sign to them that you are a coward.

A coward, huh?

What are you gonna do, Prin?

Show them who's running this place,

these stupid pigs.

You'll turn the river
into a slaughter house

and wipe us all out.

Leave it to me, Ballister,

we are partners now.

(gunfire blasting)

Now we shall see who is king of the river.

(monkey squawking)

Eggbert, get away.

Oh please don't shoot him, Mr. Prin.

He never did any harm to anybody.

Nobody ever made a fool
of me and got away with it.

(monkey screeching)

(gunfire blasting)

Now get inside, all of you.

(upbeat drumming)

I'll tear your heart out with my hands.

Another word and you'll
get the same thing.

Little nipper.

I'll square it for you.

If I don't, they will.

For the last time,

are you going to tell me where it is?

Ballister, in my room,
there is a bull whip.

Get it.

Wait a minute, Ballister, no bull whip.

I've stood for some
rough things in my life.

You can do anything within certain limits

to make her tell you where that money is

and I'll mind my own business
but you can't whip her

because I won't let you.

You were always very funny, professor.

I'll bet your mother
would be proud of you.

(gunfire blasting)

Let's leave personalities out of this.

Wait a minute, there will
be plenty of time for that.

It is solely a flesh wound.

I the savages don't get you, I will.

That's a date, Ballister.

See what that is.

Well Prin, there's
your declaration of war.

For each tooth in those skulls,

you have a minute before they attack.

If they happen to be
the skull of an old man,

you haven't much time left.

Close the doors.

Unless she tells us where the money is

turn her lose in the jungle.

Do you suppose that would be agreeable

to our great humanitarian friend?

It would be fast, like that.

She'd be better off than
we when they do get here.

It is up to you to decide

but do not be misled by the
observations of the professor.

We who remain here shall
be quite safe I assure you.

Come, look.

This is how Gregory Prin
protects his little family.

[Ballister] I think you've
got something there, Prin.

[Professor Sen] I didn't
know about those guns.

So you see, my dear lady,
you have everything to lose

should I send you into the jungle

but I will not press you.

You may retire to your
room to think it over.

(banging on door)

well, Secret Service operator number 999

or have I got the wrong number?

Why didn't you change your name

so I would not know who you were?

It wasn't necessary, Prin.

I left instructions for
the international police

to start up the river

if I did not return to Singapore by today.

Now you know who put
you on the spot, Prin.

He's dead.

[Mr. Prin] Well you
better break the news

to Miss Kim Ling.

She is in her room.

I heard about father.

He's alive.

He's hidden on the
riverbank not far from here.

We'll pick him up.

Now get ready to leave immediately.

Does Prin still have the money?

No, I have it.

You have?



I'll give it to you before we leave.

In a hurry please.

For your information, the tribes
are gathering up the river.

This bungalow is surrounded by death watch

on the jungle side but the
river side is still open.

Miss Ling and I will leave
in one of your launches.

Which one do you prefer?

The one with a gun.

Not a bad boat for a jam like this.

You may have it.

Not until she hands over the money.

No, my dear Ballister,

I'm afraid I shall have to
let them go money and all.

Then when the police arrive,

we will be quite respectable.

Now, get your things and get out, get out!

Herbert, professor,

help them pack and get them out of here.

What's the matter with you, Prin?

Have you gone crazy?

Do I look like a philanthropist?

All right then, what is the idea?

I told them they could have the boat

but I did not say how much
gasoline would be in it.

They will be just enough to
get them down to the bend

where the savages will
be waiting for them.

Savages never take anything but heads.

When this rumpus is all over,

we will go down ourselves
and get the money.

Got hand it to you, Prin,

when it comes to a knife in the back,

you're a man after my own heart.

Oh, thank you.

(boat engine revving)

The money.


See Ballister, we never
would have found it.


Herbert's leaving to?

[Chang] Yes.

I'm sorry to see him go.

So hard to get help up here.


(water splashing)

Oh, he must have fallen overboard.

I hope he can swim, water
is very deep in this place.

Care to join us, professor?

Thanks a lot but I think I'll stay.

Really Professor, such charming company

and you prefer to stay with me?

I am flattered.

[Herbert] Coming, sir.

I suppose you were saying
goodbye to your Eggbert.

Maybe, he left a message for yourself,

Well, goodbye, I wish you
the pleasantest of journeys,

really I do.

Give my regards to the police

when you meet them down at the river.

Come, Ballister.

Tell the chief I am now
ready to take command,

The natives will enjoy
my dethroning Mr. Prin.

Send word up and down the
river that we are ready.

(upbeat drumming)

[Ballister] Those
drums are getting louder.

Yes, they must be getting
close to the last tooth.

Ever stand up to a native riot, Prin?

It's no taffy pool.

We have nothing to worry about

with the protection we've got.

Close that door.

I'm afraid your time is up, Prin,

but you may carry this
pleasant fault with you.

Chang Tai, Kim Ling and
Herbert are beyond your reach.

They are safe now.

They won't get far, no
further than the bend.

That's what you think, Prin.

But do you suppose I fell for your trick

when you told them they could go?

After you left the float,
I took a look at the gas.

When they shoved off, they
had a full tank, Prin,

a full tank.

You gave them gasoline?

You sent them out to Singapore?

You cheated me out of $300,000?

Yes and I ordered the natives to see

that they get safely around
the bend in the river.

(gunfire blasting)

(upbeat drumming)

I'm afraid our little
date is off, Ballister.

As usual Prin has harbored all the glory.

(loud drumming)

They've rounded the bank,
Prin, that was the signal,

two bursts, they are clear for Singapore.

They're closing in, get out the guns.

I will show them whether Gregory
Prin is ready to advocate.

Spoken like an emperor, Gregory.

Come here, cream puff, come
here and have a laugh with me.

Herbert said Eggbert left a
message for you, remember?

Well take a look.

(upbeat drumming)

He hid those guns.

You heard that loud splash
before showed up on the float.

He threw them in the river.

We can still hold them
off, we have enough rifles.

He didn't forget a thing, did he?

Go on and grin, you monkey,

but your empty head will look
pretty on the end of a spear.

Yours won't, that's a cinch.

That's mine.

You mind using your knife?

Uh uh, this is the only
gun in the house, Prin,

one gun, one bullet.

You know what it means
to fall on the hands

of those savages alive?

They like to play around
with you for a while,

sometimes it takes hours.

Before it's over, you're
asking 'em to end it,

down on your knees begging 'em.

Stop jabbering, they will not get us.

Not both of us, Prin, just you.

I'm gonna beat 'em to the punch with this.

When they get here,

they won't be able to
have any fun with me.

No, you cannot do that.

You cannot leave me here alone

helpless with no chance to fight back.

Here, give me the gun, I
will give you my rings.

Don't make me laugh.

What good are they now?

I'll give you everything I've got,

a fortune in diamonds.

You'll be a rich man.

Yeah and a dead one.

No Ballister, a live one, maybe.

One of us can sneak out to the boat,

drift it downstream and make a getaway

if the other one stays here
to keep them entertained.



They will get enough
excitement torturing one

to keep them busy for hours.

Okay, Prin, you stay.

No savage is gonna carve
his initials in my windpipe.

[ know your way, yellow.

When it comes to showing real courage,

you crawl like I always knew you would,

I'd kill you, Prin,

if it wouldn't be doing you a favor.

And do yourself a favor

and prove you can take
it when you have to.

What do you mean?

You're supposed to be a great gambler.

You brag all over Singapore

that you'll bet thousands
on the turn of a card.

Well put up your gun
against everything I've got.

Why should I?

The one that wins, leaves
and takes everything.

The one that loses stays.

And gets everything.

Yes Ballister, now
if you are not yellow-

No greasy half gas can
say nothing about me.

It's a deal, Prin.

I got a pair of dice here in my pocket.

And that's where they'll stay.

We'll use cards.

One hand draw power.

(upbeat drumming)


You cut, I'll deal.


(upbeat drumming)


One card.

Dealer takes three.

The man with the high
hand leaves with everything.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.

Beat two pair, aces up.

For the first time in
my life, a straight flush

and you had to deal it.

Luck, Prin, luck.

That's what's always gotten
you by, luck and nothing else.

The gun, Ballister.

(door breaking)

It's too late.

Give me the gun, I want it.

I'm calling the deal off.

Give me the gun.

You keep your diamonds,
I'll keep my gun.

No don't, Ballister.


(gunfire blasting)

Now look here, Ballister,
you can't do that to me.

Nobody disobeys me.

My word is law.

I'm king of this river, king, king!

Frobelius, Sen, Herbert,
Ballister, Chang Tai, all of you,

look at me, watch me.

I am going out there and talk to them.

They are savages, but they
are like little children

and I know how to handle them.

I will say to them, I am your
king, go back to the jungle,

let peace return to the river.

Peace, my children, peace, peace!

I am your king.

I am Gregory Prin, king of the river!

Your king, I am.

(upbeat drumming)

(victorious music)