Insight (2021) - full transcript

Jian (Ken Zheng) is a counter terrorism agent who blends his skills as a martial artist and clairvoyant to bring the world's most nefarious individuals to justice. This lone wolf is is ...

Come on, Jian.

You can do it.

Do your trick.

Make Papa proud, huh.

Let's go.

Come on.


All right boys,
which one's gonna win?

- Again!
- Okay, okay, ready?




Ready, go!

Find a good place?

Okay, I'll go first.

Under a bucket.

- Red bucket?
- Mhm.

Good one, okay, you.

Jian, do your trick.

Which one's gonna win?

Come on boys, which one?

Come on Jian, it's a hard one

but you can do it!

Close your eyes.

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You cheated.

It's in your pocket.

Okay, fine good job.

- Again.
- Okay, okay, ready?


- Wait, what's wrong?
- He's coming.

He's coming, he's angry.

Daddy wants to be mean!

Boys, where are yah?

Boys! Come out here boys!

This has got to be the most
boring job in the world.

No, listening to you complain

is the most boring job
in the world.

Intruder, Research Laboratory.

9-1-1, what's your emergency?

On your knees!


So I know this DJ.

He's an asshole.

Sir, sorry to interrupt.

We had a break in,
corporate headquarters.

we chased him into the street,
LAPD showed up

and took him into custody.

What exactly were
they trying to break into?

Looks like he was trying
to break into the laboratory.

Thank you.

Give me a minute.

So who is he?

Police took him in but the
arrest report is not online yet.

- Did he get into the lab?
- No.

But security tells me
he tried to use

Boa's R-Fit card to get in

and that's what set off
the alarms.

You should've told me
that earlier.

Jian Huang.

I've been expecting you.

Whiskey Tango,
we are approaching the objective

in one mike, be prepared
for immediate engagement.

All teams move out.

What do we got, Jian?

I thought there was something
here but I cannot...

- What the number?
- Stand by.

I'm picking up something.

Second floor, corner apartment.

Move in.

Apartment 7, green door.

- Clear!
- Clear!


There's nobody here.

Under the bed.

- Are they just...
- Under the bed!

- Let me see your hands!
- Don't move!

- Don't move!
- Hands up!

- We got him.
- Target secured.

- There's someone else.
- What!


You're awake.

Couldn't sleep.

I got a special thanks
for my assent

for your work last night.

They've been searching for
that apartment for two years.

I've got some paperwork here

I'd like you to review.

Something happened.

You tried to decide
whether or not to tell me.

I thought I should give it
some time.

Maybe there was
more information.

It's Bao, isn't it?

They called me
early this morning.

He's dead, isn't he?

I wanted to see
if there was more information.

I'm sorry, Jian.

I'm sorry.


Los Angeles.

They said suicide.

It doesn't feel like that to me.

I have to
take a look for myself.

I can't authorize that, we need
to catch a plane to Prague.

- You're in operation.
- I'm not asking for permission,


It's my brother.

Of course.

I'll see what I can do.

Just get me the clearance.

I can handle myself.

Just be careful.

I don't think it's a good idea.

You're waiting for me?


Oh, um.

Hi, Detective Laurner.

How'd you know it was me?

You look like a cop.

Hey, Mister... Mister Wang.

- Huang.
- Huang.

I'm sorry that we're late.

I was told to meet you
at the gate.

I'm Detective Stevens.

Shall we?

First time in LA?

- Mhm.
- We're sorry

for your circumstances.

If there's anything we can do

to make this a little easier

don't hesitate to ask.

If you need to,
uh, see your brother's body

we can make that happen
if you want.

Must have some
pretty powerful friends?


Well, this isn't exactly
what we do.

We're working on
a kidnapping case.

Not your brother's death
but we've been given orders

to take you to the crime scene

and provide whatever
evidence that you need.

Jian, I'm sorry.

It's just more than
a little unusual.

What do you do
back there in Hong Kong?

You a cop?

- I think you passed it.
- What?

I thought you said that
this was your first time in LA.

How'd you know I passed it?

I knew the address.

The cleaning lady
found him here.

The medical examiner estimated

that he'd been diseased
for a couple hours.

We're still waiting for
a full toxicology report.

There was an empty bottle
of pills

on the floor by his feet.

Has your brother had
any history of medical problems?

It wasn't from the prescription.

There was enough of that stuff
to shutdown anybody's system.

It's not the pills.

You know, we don't know much
about your brother

other than he's been living here

under an expired visa
since three years ago.

No employment records,
not even a bank account.

Do you know how your brother
made his living?

'Cause these places
don't come cheap.

Sorry, I can't tell you that.

And why is that?

Because we haven't spoken
in years.

May I ask how you
make your living?

This isn't about me.

He didn't die here.

I beg your pardon.

He was moved here.

After he was killed.

And why would you say that?

He didn't kill himself.

How would you know that,
you just said you hadn't spoken

- to your brother in years.
- You know what,

it really doesn't matter because
we're doing

our own thorough investigation

and we'll know exactly
what happened to your brother.

Sounds great.

Now if you don't mind,
I'd like to get some rest

after that long flight.

You're planning on staying?

We were told to take you
to a hotel.

Why would I stay in a hotel.

This rent is paid, isn't it?

Well, if you finally
think of something

why don't you give us a call.

Abby, Abby don't!

- Don't, don't what?
- Don't... don't make this

into something that it's not.

All right,
it's a case of suicide.

- Plain and simple.
- Well, he seems pretty sure

and I don't know where
he's getting his information

but there's something
he's not telling us.

His brother is dead,
the family's a little weird.

Weird, he goes in the apartment,
scans the place

and suddenly it's murder,
what the hell was that?

We've got other,
more important cases do we got.

Something's not right
and you know it.

- You cheated!
- How?

It's in your pocket!

Okay, fine good job.

Jian, help me.


On your knees!




I'll come pick him up.

Thank you.

I didn't do it.

What's my son gonna think?

Yeah, none of us did.

He's gonna think
what I thought about my dad.

What were you arrested for?

They said
I robbed a jewelry store.

They said they got the whole
thing on surveillance footage.

Tell your lawyer the
surveillance footage

was modified by the manager,

he used someone
that looked like you

and changed the timecode
so it matched the date

you were there shopping for
your wife's anniversary present.

It was an inside job.

Hey, you got
a good story for me?

Jian Huang.

Mr. Huang,
how nice of you to call me.

Getting into a lot
of trouble for someone

so new to our city.

Guess you weren't in need
of a rest after all.

If it were up to me
you'd be back on a plane

to wherever the hell
you came from.


Vortex is not what it seems.

It's not just
a software company.

Vortex has been
a major player here

in the software industry
for several years now.

Someone at Vortex
killed my brother.

How do you know that?

I just know.

Vortex has a lot of security.

There's an entire locked down
part of the building.

A secure part
of a software company

and that is significant how?

They're just protecting
their secrets

like any other corporation.



It's not just
a software company.

Where the hell
are you going now?

What the...

I told you, dude,
end of the line.

You gotta go to
the end of the line, dude.

The end of the line.

What are you doing?

I need to talk
to someone in there?

- Who?
- He has something to do with

my brother's murder.

Alleged murder.

- Murder.
- How can you be so sure?

What is it
you're not telling me?

I'm going in there
to talk to him

you either can help me or
get me back out of jail again.

Told you, end of the line
just like everybody else.


That's him.


Mason Roth.

He works for Vortex.

He knew my brother.

What did you do to my brother?

- What?
- What did you do to him?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Jian help me.


I shouldn't have gotten
you involved, I'm sorry.

Expelled from MIT.

That's weird.

And then nothing
for several years until 2005.

Started Vortex.

Let's go.

Come on.

All right boys,
which one's gonna win?

Which one?


Do your trick.

Make Papa proud, huh.

That one.

You sure?

Yes, he's gonna break
that one's jaw.

The fight won't last long.


One thousand.




Yes! Yes!

Come on!

Come on,
hitting the wrong guy, huh.

You gotta fight!

Hey, what are you doing?


What are you doing!

Why'd you tell him
the wrong one?

He's gonna find out
and he's gonna beat us.

To hell with him.

Let's get the hell out of here.

Let him win his own fights.



I'm gonna kill your brother!

You filthy little liar!


It's me, Frank.

I expect you're gonna be
on your way back here by now.

Why didn't you call?

I'm sure he didn't kill himself.

I can't go back.

I can't go back
until I found out who it is.

I did some digging and
I think Vortex is behind this.

Vortex, that's Roth's company.

I need your help, Frank.

I can't do this alone.

I'll be on the next plane there.

But do me a favor, will yah?

Keep your head low.

I don't want to lose you too.




Meet me at the control center.

Yeah, now.


give me another five minutes,
will you?

- So what time was he there?
- About ten o'clock.

He had a plain clothes cop
with him.

Seemed like a detective.

Well, where are they now?

Jian went to Bao's apartment.

We lost the detective.

Jian knows we'll be watching
the apartment.

You know what,
don't do anything.

Let him come to us.

But you call me as soon
as he leaves, all right?

Yes, sir.

- Can I help you?
- FBI.

I'm here to see Captain Duke.


solved the case already, huh?

No, sir not yet.

It's already been three days.

And now you want Abby
back on the case.

Actually no, we don't.

And your rising young star
is about her find herself

in a whole lot of trouble.

Oh really?
How so?

I guess she didn't tell you
about last night?

No, she hasn't.

A tourist, Jian Huang broke into

the Vortex Software
Corporation Headquarters.

Of course I knew about that.

The state department
wanted him released

and Vortex didn't object
so I sent Abby to pick him up.

And then Mr. Huang and Abby
went to a nightclub

where they assaulted the owner.

Beat the crap out
of the bouncers.

The owner of that club
was a man named Mason.

He's a right-hand-man of Wallace

who's the owner of Vortex.

All right,
I'll get her side of it.

That's just not gonna be
good enough, Captain.

We need you to suspend her
until we tell you otherwise.

Listen guys.

I know you've probably
been spanked already

for taking her
off the kidnapping case

and not being able to solve it

but I'm not gonna suspend her.

You need to listen to me,

'cause I'm about
to tell you something

that cannot leave this office.

- Is that understood?
- All right.

But it better be damn good.

The president of Vortex,

was a golden child at MIT.

He entered the graduate program
at the age of 15.

He was considered one of their
top engineering students

but he matured
into a megalomaniac.

Eventually, he was expelled.

After that, he disappeared
into Asia for many years.

Showed up back
in the United States

about a decade later.

Shortly after, he started
this software company,

Vortex Software
here in Los Angeles.

And we believe that
this company is a veneer over

a huge international
criminal enterprise.

He's extremely dangerous,

You need to get Abby
off this case now.

Before she gets drawn
into something

that she cannot handle.


I'll take care of it.

Very good.

Thank you, let's go.


My office now.

- Captain, I...
- Don't say a word.

Now you've gone too far
this time.

You're suspended
until further notice.

- Well, I don't understand...
- Buh-buh, listen.

If you pursue the Vortex
or the kidnapping case

in anyway whatsoever you will go
before the disciplinary board.

Gun and shield.

- Captain...
- Not a word!


- Yeah?
- Sir, the detective has entered

Bao's apartment building.
How should we proceed?

All right,
get some more guys up there.

Just make sure
that they understand

that I need Jian alive.

All right, I need to see
inside the apartment.

Get a drone over there but
don't let him see it, all right.

I knew it, I knew there
was something wrong with you

from the beginning
and I know there's a lot more

going on with your brother
and Vortex

than what you've told me.

I can't tell you anymore.

There's nothing
you can do now anyways.

Just call it a suicide and
go back to your regular cases.

I would if I could but I can't!

Because I've been suspended!

I warned you.

I tried to keep you out of this.

You should go now before
get into more trouble.

How could I possibly
get into anymore trouble?

Do you know how hard I've worked
to become a detective?

Now I'm not going anywhere
until I get my badge back

and I can't get my badge back
until Bao's murder is solved.

So you know
it's not a suicide now?

No, I checked the
toxicology report this morning.

There wasn't enough medication
to shutdown his system.

So now I need you to tell me
everything you know

about Wallace,
your brother and Vortex now.

All right.

Let's talk.

I'm going to tell you something.

You're not going to
believe me at first.

But what I'm about to tell you
is true.


My brother and I were born
with the ability to see things.

Like clairvoyants?

Something like that, yes.

Give me your hand.

You took Victoria's doll
from the crime scene?

How could you
possibly know that?

When we touch someone
or something

or sometimes even
if we get close enough

we have visions.

Who are you really?

My brother and were recruited
to the ISN

to track down persons
of interest

but my brother couldn't tolerate
the structure within ISN.

How does Wallace
fit into all this?

Wallace once worked for the ISN.

It was him
who convinced Bao to leave.

One day they just...


Spread out,
and search the basement.

Hey, hey, hey,
he's over here!

The target escaped
using the north exit.

I need to call Frank,
he was supposed to meet me

at the apartment 'bout now.

No signal, need to get closer
to outside to make a call.

Wait here.

Wait, you can't
leave me alone right now!

Something's wrong.

Get up, get up,

get up, I'll do it myself.


Got you.

Son of a bitch.


Okay, where the hell are you?

All right,
get the drone outta there,

but keep it nearby.

Okay, sir,
but the battery's almost dead.

Then fly another one over there.

You understand me?

All right, they're in
a warehouse somewhere near

Boyle Heights,
6th Street Bridge.

I'm gonna text you
the address right now.

Get over there
as quick as you can.

You get him back alive.

As far as the cop goes,
do whatever you gotta do.

While you were out,

I thought of a way
we can get into Vortex.

Let's go.


You gotta jump!

Let's go, let's go!


so nice to see you again.

I can't honestly say the same.

Last time I saw you
was a photo on the front page

of People's Daily.

You were on your way to prison

for corruption.

I would have preferred
that was my last memory of you.

Stick him in the laboratory.

I'm hungry.

Don't worry,
I'll figure something out.

Hi, I'm Val, nice to meet you.

Have a nice day.

My brother and I
were just looking for

- something to eat!
- I said have a nice day.

Fine, your phone number
is 139-1016-7789, right?

I think I got just
enough money to make a call

to your wife, Mai Hoi,

and let her know about
your mistress Sonny.

Of course, if you give us
some money for lunch,

I might just forget
about the phone call.

We're just hungry.

Jian, are you all right?

I keep forgetting how hard
this must be for you.

Even if you two weren't close,
he was still your brother.

We were close.

We just chose different
paths, that's all.

I'm sorry.

Anyway, we should
probably call Carl.

I think he's the only one
who can help us now.


Carl, it's Abby.

We need help.


How have you been?

He can't help us.

He's never called me
Abigail before.


That wasn't long enough,
I couldn't get a location.


- Was that her?
- Yeah.

She said she's in trouble.

Now, I don't know what,
Chief, but I tell ya

somethin' doesn't
smell right here.

This Wallace, he's supposed
to be some serious criminal?

Then how come
they're not chasin' him,

instead of trying to find Abby?

I know, I know.

Looks like they're tryin'
to use our girl as bait.

- Bait?
- Look, look, I know

you're concerned about Abby,

but she can take
care of herself.

I need you on this case.

The mayor's all over
my ass about it.

Give me a progress
report, will you?

And, make it soon.

Sir, we just lost Jian
and the detective.

So this is my baby, Frank,

designed by me
and a team of engineers.

You know what this is, Frank?

You have any idea
what it does?

If not, it's okay, I wouldn't
really expect you to know.

It's a lot of expensive shit!

You're right.

You're right, Frank,
you're right

it's very expensive, it is.

It's a lot of fun
to play with as well.

Crane your neck, see if you can
see this screen right here.

Can you see that?

You know what you're
lookin' at right there?

That there's an image of
your brain activity, Frank.

As a matter of fact,
that's what it looks like

when you're trying to
come up with a plan.

Relax, Frank.

You're not goin' anywhere.

You're insane, Wallace!

And right there,
you see that image?

See that's your brain
on emotion.

See, with this instrument,

I can pretty much
read your mind.

But more importantly,
Frank, is I can record it.

Start the injection.

No, back off!

Just a tiny prick, Frank.

It's a tiny prick, Frank.

It's not that painful.

What you got goin'
into your neck right there,

that's a neurotransmitter

The effect of that drug

when combined with
my use of this tool,

well let me tell you
what it does.

That signature right there,

what I can do is
I can amplify that

a little more than ten times,

then reverse engineer it,

and put it right
back in ya, Frank.

You know what that
allows me to do to you?

Lets me control you, buddy.


Sorry, I have a flat tire.

Two flats in one day.

- Uh, yeah.
- Can I help?

Yeah, I think this one's
gonna be okay, but, um,

could you help with the car?

- I can take a look.
- Yeah, it hurts pretty bad,

so I'm just gonna stay here.

There's a spare
in the trunk, I think.

He's in the basement,
we need to shut down

the security cameras.

The camera recorders
are in the cable room.

Left at the first hallway,
second door on the right.

Not if you're gonna do
exactly as we say.

Okay, which one of these is
the surveillance camera router?

The three on the left.

These ones?

What do you mean crashed?

Well, send a technician
down there now!

What was that about?

Problem with
the security camera system.



She's gonna come here
and try and rescue Frank.

Put the building on lockdown.

Yes, sir.

I need the building
on lockdown now.

We have two intruders
in the building,

one male, one female.

I need them taken alive.

So, Frank,
Jian will be here soon.


That was fast.

Yeah, I was, uh,
just passin' by.

Is there some kind of trouble?

Our camera system's down.

I guess it set off
the alarm somehow.

- Computers.
- Yeah.

They're more trouble
than they're worth these days.

Say, uh, look, I was, uh,

lookin' for a place
to relieve myself.

- Too much coffee.
- I'm really not supposed to let

any non-employees through.


That's fine, that's fine.

- Thank you, buddy.
- Uh-huh.

Hey, it's a trap, get out!


Help me!

I saw this.

It's where you
killed my brother.

That was an accident.

Strapping him to this
machine was no accident.

Of course it was.

But there's some
information that I need,

and fortunately for me,

you can give it to me.

Sadun Al-Biati,

chief financial officer
for OPEC.

There's a number in his head,
and I'd like you to

give it to me.

But you don't
say anything, do you?

Neither could Bao,
'till I built this.

But what this little toy
allows me to do

is exponentially increase
your clairvoyance level.


A number, that's what
this is all about?

A number?

Yeah, just a number,

but a number that unlocks
OPEC's banking system,

a series of numbers that
will allow me to empty out

several sheikh's bank
accounts in microseconds.

I didn't get anything
from that photo,

and even if I did,
I'll never tell you.

You will,

you will.

Or Frank here's gonna have
a very unpleasant experience.

- You're nuts.
- Followed very closely by

Abby's very
unpleasant experience.

Ah, God!

Ah, ah!

Damn you, Wallace!

Hear that snap, Jian?

That's a metacarpal
being broken.

What my colleague here did
is he took his finger

and pressed it the wrong way

all the way to his wrist,
a hyperextension.

It's very painful.

See, see,

you'll give me
anything that I want.

Let's power it up.

Chief financial officer
for OPEC.

Daddy was being mean.

We're hungry.

Backup needed,
Vortex corporate headquarters.

Kill her.

What'd you see?


coming for you.

- Really?
- Sir, he's right.

Cops are in the building.

- Put a chopper on the roof now.
- Copy that.

Get the chopper to the roof now.


Back your ass.


I have the detective,

I'll meet you on the roof.

Go get 'em!

Go get Wallace!

I'll take care of you.

Clear the helipad.

We are two minutes from landing.

Come on, Jian!

You can do it.


Hey, come here,
but give me the cuffs,

give me the cuffs!

Cuff them!

All right, come here, tough guy.

Ah, come on,
on your feet.

Thank you, detective,
we'll take him from here.

We can hold him on
kidnapping charges

while we look into
the rest of his business.

Yeah, why don't you just
take all the credit, huh?

Sorry to hear you feel that way.

You did a wonderful job,
you should be proud of yourself.

Carl, can I get back on
the Victoria case now?

Jian, can we?

We can find the girl.

You know what,
I'll tell the captain

that you need a few more days.

And you go find that girl,

and why don't you
take Jian with you?

Like I said,

you two make
an excellent pair.

Thank you.

Hold, don't move!


Victoria, it's okay.

It's okay, you're safe.

You're safe.

You're safe!

You're safe, I got you!

Come on, come on,
let's get outta here.

Hi, sweetheart.

Victoria, this is Brooke,
she'll take care of you.

I promise.

Come on.

I'll take it from here.

Congratulations, detective.

Field office just
contacted me just now.

DC would like you
to join the agency.

Can you come in
tomorrow morning, 9:00?

Thank you, but, um,

I can't, I have other plans.

Well, the agency's offering you

a once-in-a-lifetime

Thank you so much,
but you can tell the agency

I won't be coming in.

All right.

Your choice.

Great job today.

Thank you.

I would have liked
to have met him.

He would have liked you.

It's in your pocket.

Good job.

We got a plane to catch.