Inside Daisy Clover (1965) - full transcript

Daisy Clover is a 15 year old Tomboy who dreams of being a Hollywood star. After auditioning for producer Raymond Swan of Swan studios she becomes the toast of Hollywood. Daisy must then come to terms with her new found fame and the 1930's Hollywood star treatment.

The 24th of August, 1936.

Angel Beach, California. USA.

The world, the universe.

Angel Beach.

Happy birthday, Daisy Clover.

I'm 15 today

but I won't let it go to my head.

I'm still the same happy,

adjusted, polite, young lady.

People say I'm quite
sophisticated for my age.

That's only skin deep.

Underneath the veneer...

I'll bet my simple, healthy instincts

against yours any day.

Look, Mrs. Clover,
were there any distinguishing marks?

I never heard of a distinguishin' mark.

It's anything special about a person

like a scar or a missing tooth.

Where you been?
You had your breakfast?

- Yeah.
- This your daughter?

Well, it's not my mother.

Mr. Clover never lost a tooth.

Your mother called us to report

the sad news about your father.

Does Mr. Clover often fail to come home?

It's too long ago to remember.

I haven't seen him in seven years.

You waited seven years

to report your husband's disappearance?

I only started to miss him this morning.

Human nature.

Photographs never did him justice

but he looked exactly like this.

Okay, Mrs. Clover,
you've had your fun.

Yeah. Well, I certainly have not.

He's got a button missing.

Hey, how long has
your mother been like this?

- Like what?
- Like that.

The dealer's been
a little moody since Mr. Clover

took a powder, that's all.

- The dealer?
- The old chap.

I call her the dealer
'cause she plays a lotta cards.

Well, that's no way to live.

Ah, live and let live.

What do you do for money?

Mr. Clover left us
some government bonds.

And some gold cufflinks by mistake.

What was your father's profession?

- He invented things.
- What things?

Oh, like musical earrings, you know?

Got the idea from cowbells.

That one never caught on.

I'd better figure out
what kind of report to make.

Hey, wait.

Listen, take my advice
and drop the whole thing.

It's no good askin' Daisy questions.

She doesn't remember as well as I do.

The cards are givin' me nothin'
but trouble this mornin'.

Hey, old chap?

After all this time, you really
want that old joker back?

Maybe I do, maybe I don't.

It's none of his business.

Some people got no imagination!



- Hey!
- You stinking sneak!

You stinking sneak!

How's business?

Like to buy me out?

My folks get back from Hawaii tomorrow!

You said that yesterday.

I forgot about the time belt.

Hey, you gotta come down
to the store and

see that Victorian brass bedstead we got.

It's fantastic.

I can see it when your folks get back.

- You said that yesterday.
- Daisy, dear.

When can I expect my Myrna Loy?

- Oh, she just came in.
- Oh.

Milton, why don't you keep busy

in the summer vacation like I do?

Get your mind off of it.

I helped my father move furniture

around the store for a whole month.

But it didn't take my mind off of it.

Nothing takes my mind off of it.

Here she is.

You know, even our handwriting's the same.

- Thanks, Daisy.
- Okay.

"I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good."


You sing?

What's the matter with you?
You wanna be a singer or somethin'?

What's the matter with wanting
to be a singer or something?

Don't you wanna be anything?

I'm gonna be kept by some rich older dame.

It happens if you're good at it.

Then get to work.

- Ow!
- Daisy.

What are you doin' in there?

I'm fryin' up fish burgers.

I got beans and hot chocolate, too.

It's my birthday and I want a party,
damn it.

Stay off those four letter words.

There's too many of them around.

Try and concentrate. It's my birthday.

You take an awful lot for granted.

Well, the 24th of August
has always been my birthday.

- That's your story.
- You got a better one?

I have never heard of such a thing.


Your sister, Gloria

oughta be ashamed of herself.

If it's your birthday, she's forgot it.

Well, I certainly intend to forget hers.

Oh, the hell with Gloria's birthday!

- It's my birthday.
- Yeah, well...

Come on, old chap.

Pull yourself together, huh?

Try to get in a party mood.

We're gonna eat and cut up.

We'll... we'll take a walk along the beach.

We'll treat ourselves
to a sweet sherry or two.

Maybe we'll call up Gloria
and give her the bird, okay?

Hey, old chap?


Your mother just drew the ace of spades.

Her number may be up.
I'll let you know.




Four... five.

- Close the door.
- Huh?

Close that door!

Something is very wrong.

There's a hearse outside.

And I got an insulting telegram.

Who from?

Some smart aleck askin' me
to present myself for an interview.

I never give interviews.

- Where's the telegram?
- I threw it away.

No point keepin' trash like that around.

Daisy, I wish you'd send that hearse away.

Hey! Hey, you!

I'll be right out! Wait!

Try and concentrate.

I got somethin' to explain.

I can sing.

I open up my mouth
and a song comes out.

You oughta be in school.

Try and concentrate.

I got an appointment
with Mr. Raymond Swan, see?

They said in the newspapers

that he was runnin' this talent contest.

So, I recorded my voice,
and I sent it to him.

Who is this joker, some cop?

No, it's got nothin' to do with the cops!

It's Mr. Raymond Swan.
It's the movies.

Oh, I never go to them.

That hearse is still outside.

Go away. Go away!

It's goin' away, old chap.
With me in it!

You shouldn't accept rides from strangers.

They take you to a foreign country.
They leave...

Hi. I know, but I'm late.

You never hear from 'em again.

There oughta be a law against it.

Wish me luck.
I'm gonna make a noise in the world!

Send me a postcard... if you get there.

Follow me.

What's your name?

Daisy Clover.

What do you want to see me about?

I thought you wanted to see me.

You sent me a telegram and a limousine.

I sent you a record with my voice on it.

Who taught you to sing?

No one.

You take your hand away from your face.

All right, tell me why you sing.

Why shouldn't I?

Don't you know it's bad for ya?

- Huh?
- Oh, yes.

Singers breathe out more air
than they breathe in.

Especially when they sing loud like you.

They get too much
carbon dioxide in their system.

It makes them jittery,
they start seeing things.

I can't see anything.

I didn't ask you that.
I asked you why you sing.

My mother says
this world's a garbage dump.

And we're just the flies it attracts.

Maybe she's right.

But when I sing,
the smell doesn't seem so bad.

Don't like your hair.

I think she looks charming.

Wonderful eyes.

Ray, won't you turn off
that horrible light?

- This is my wife, miss, uh?
- Clover.

My name's Melora.

Did you come here all by yourself?

I call that very brave.

Well, my mother's a little bit
under the weather today.

Tell me about
the rest of your family.

My father took a powder.
So did my sister, Gloria.

She went off and married
some guy in real estate.

Stand up for Mrs. Swan, please.


Thank you, dear.

Presume you can spare us
a little of your time today?

♪ Everyone tells me ♪

♪ To know my place ♪

♪ But that ain't the way I play ♪

♪ Why am I daring ♪

♪ To show my face? ♪

♪ 'Cause I've got somethin' ♪

♪ To say ♪

♪ Move over sun ♪

♪ And give me some sky ♪

♪ I've got me some wings ♪

♪ I'm eager to try ♪

♪ I may be unknown ♪

♪ But wait till I've flown ♪

♪ You're gonna hear ♪

♪ From me ♪

♪ Make me some room ♪

♪ You people up there ♪

♪ On top of the world ♪

♪ I'll meet you I swear ♪

♪ I'm stakin' my claim ♪

♪ Remember my name ♪

♪ You're gonna hear ♪

♪ From me ♪

♪ Fortune smiled ♪

♪ On the road ♪

♪ Before me ♪

♪ I'm fortune's ♪

♪ Child ♪

♪ Listen world ♪

♪ You can't ignore me ♪

♪ I've got a song ♪

♪ That longs to be played ♪

♪ Raise up my flag ♪

♪ Begin my parade ♪

♪ Then watch the world over ♪

♪ Start comin' up ♪

♪ Clover ♪

♪ That's how it's gonna be ♪

♪ You'll see ♪

♪ You're gonna ♪

♪ Hear ♪

♪ From me ♪

All right, cut.

A little more.

Now, is he...
lock it down pretty well.

Right, quite hot.

We're trying to get that hot spot

right behind Charlie's head.

- You hit the same spot.
- Yeah.

- I can't.
- Good enough.

You're in a dreadful mood.

I told you,
never accept rides from strangers.

All right, it's your birthday.

Last week, you wanted a birthday.

You live in a world of your own.

That's your trouble.

Don't go yet. Don't go 'way.

Old chap, try and concentrate.

It's not the cops or the funeral home,
it's the movies.

It's your sister.

Go away, Gloria!

♪ You oughta be in pictures ♪

♪ You're gonna be a star ♪

- Daisy.
- Take it easy.

How'd you get
in the act anyway?

Oh, important people can find out

anything they want to.

How is you, motherkins?
Harry sends his love.

Lay off the soft soap!

Daisy, close the door!

- She seems worse.
- How the hell would you know?

You haven't been around for over a year.

Everything smells of beans around here.

Where can we go for coffee, hm?


Well, Miss Clover.

I'd like to, uh, meet your mother.


Daisy, send 'em all away.

Do as your mother says.

Sorry to have troubled you, Mrs. Clover.

You can settle everything
with Mrs. Goslett here.

Settle what?

You're a minor, you can't sign contracts.

Sister's been asked
to represent your interests.

You kill me.

All right, Miss Clover.

You report to work next week. Mm-hm.

Incredible as it may seem,
I'm gonna make something out of you.

- What?
- Money.

There's a certain mixture of
orphan and clown

that always packs 'em in.

It's got a dirty face, heart of gold...

and it sings.

It doesn't smoke,
or bite its fingernails,

or cut its hair
without permission.

It becomes America's Little Valentine.

And it goes to the top of the tree.

Oh! Whoa! We're on fire!

Oh! Help! Help!

- Mother needs help.
- No.

Help. Help.

- No, no, baby, you can't.
- Let me go!

- Mother was always...
- Let me go!

Daisy, you can't go in there.

- No, no, no!
- Let me go!

No, baby,
sister is “lust hacking out for you.

Please. Ugh!

Come on out of there, old chap!
Come on out!

Come out! Mother!

Let me go!
She may have fallen asleep!

- She'll wake up, come on!
- Come on out!


Hey, gettin' pretty hot in there, huh?

They're ready for you now, Miss Clover.

Come over here, Daisy.

Sit down.

Mrs. Goslett?

Now, now, baby,
y-you've gotta face facts.

Our mother set fire to her own house.

So she needs special attention

in a special place.

- Uh, right, Harry?
- Right.

I-I mean, a-a mother,

who, well, plays cards all day

just isn't seriously on the job.

I-i-it's not that we think
she's completely loco, kid.

It's just that she'd be happier
in an institution.

Not an institution, a...

- a special place. Mm?
- Right.

- You can't do it.
- Well, it's been done.

I read a magazine article.

And it said
as long as you can concentrate,

your mind is still okay.

Look, our mother can't concentrate.

The dealer's no trouble!

She can make coffee,
she heats up beans,

and she can read
the newspaper headlines.

Look, the law's on my side.

And I've signed the papers.

- You creep!
- Look, I know...

- Harry! Harry!
- Rotten, stupid, garbage can!

- Dirty rotten garbage!
- Harry! Stop!

Garbage can!

Dirty garbage! Garbage! Garbage!


Now, now, now,
now, there, dear.

Now. Now, now, dear.

Oh, dear.

Now, now, now, now.

Your sister's right, Daisy.

She has absolutely full legal grounds

for committing Mrs. Clover.

You're going to be very famous very soon.

Oh, you're gonna be news.

People will wanna know
everything about you.

They'll shine bright lights
in all your dark corners.

Sometimes they'll praise, flatter you.

Sometimes they'll be very cruel.

That'll hurt.

Now, think of the pain...

if they tell about your mother.

- And they will. They will.
- And they will.

- They will, unless we protect her.
- They will, unless she's officially dead.

It's all right, buttercup,
you can come in now.

Gloria is your legal guardian.

You're coming to live with us, kid.


when I was 12, my father died,

my mother went off
to Europe and I had to live

with some hateful cousins.

Seemed like the end of the world,

but I got over it.

In just a few years,

I had the rest of my life
to do as I wanted.

And plenty of money to do it with.


So will you.

Christ died for you.

♪ O come ye ♪

♪ O come ye to ♪

♪ Bethlehem ♪

♪ Come and ♪

♪ Behold Him ♪

♪ Born the King of ♪

♪ Angels ♪

♪ O come let us ♪

♪ Adore Him ♪

♪ O come let us ♪

♪ Adore Him ♪

♪ O come let us ♪

♪ Adore Him ♪

♪ Christ ♪

♪ The Lord ♪

♪ Come and ♪

♪ Behold Him ♪

♪ Born the King of Angels ♪

♪ O come let us ♪

♪ Adore Him ♪

♪ O come let us adore Him... ♪

I know they're in season, like eggnog,

but I can't stand that either.

All right, Daisy.
Once more, straight through.

We hear the picture's great,
you're a sensation.

Come on, come on, "It's the
most exciting moment of my..."

It's the most exciting
moment of my life.

Who're your favorite
motion picture stars?

Fred Astaire and Myrna Loy.

Stand up, stand up.

Tell me why.

They have elegance and poise.

I wish they'd been my parents.

Who are your parents?

My father died in a train crash
when I was nine.

And what about your mother?

What about your mother?

- She died, uh, last year.
- What? I didn't hear you.

My mother died too, last year.

Oh, I'm so sorry.
W-W-What was she like?

What do you remember most
about your mother?

Oh, come on, Daisy. Come on.

Your mother loved music.

Her last wish was to

- hear you sing once more.
- Hear me sing once more.

Right, kill the choir and dim the lights
in exactly one minute.

Now, come let them adore you, dear.

On Christmas Eve...

wise men always follow a star.

Stars light up the world

and shine all the way
into men's hearts.

And from time to time a miracle occurs.

A new star appears in the sky.

We see it a long way off,

very small but very bright.

We watch it move up there

and take its place beside
the other constellations.

Now, this Yuletide...

I'm inviting you,
in motion picture theaters

all over the world...

to join with me.

Look up with me...

and celebrate...

Miss Daisy Clover.

♪ Move over stars ♪

♪ And give me some sky ♪

♪ I've got me some wings ♪

♪ I'm eager to try ♪

♪ I may be unknown ♪

♪ But wait till I've flown ♪

♪ You're gonna hear from me ♪

♪ Toss me the moon ♪

♪ 'Cause I've gotta shine ♪

♪ I'm climbin' a cloud ♪

♪ And callin' it mine ♪

♪ You'll pardon my haste ♪

♪ I've no time to waste ♪

♪ You're gonna hear ♪

♪ From me ♪

♪ Heaven ♪

♪ Smiled ♪

♪ From the blue above me ♪

♪ I'm heaven's ♪

♪ Child ♪

♪ Listen world ♪

♪ You're gonna love me ♪

♪ I'm on my way ♪

♪ 'Cause I've got it made ♪

♪ Raise up my flag ♪

♪ Begin my parade ♪

♪ Then watch the world over ♪

♪ Start comin' up Clover ♪

♪ That's how it's gonna be ♪

♪ You'll see ♪

♪ You're gonna hear ♪

♪ From me ♪

♪ Listen world ♪

♪ You're gonna love me ♪

♪ I'm on my way ♪

♪ 'Cause I've got it made ♪

♪ Raise up my flag ♪

♪ Begin my parade ♪

♪ My comet's on fire ♪

♪ I've gotta go higher ♪

♪ It sounds kinda crazy ♪

♪ But take it from Daisy ♪

♪ That's how it's gonna be ♪

♪ You'll see ♪

♪ You're gonna hear ♪

♪ From ♪

♪ Me ♪



The world has met Daisy Clover.


Daisy Clover meets the world.

I persuaded Ray to cut down
your numbers with the choir,

if it's any comfort to you at all.

I'm sure it's a comfort to the choir.

So, just "God Rest You, Merry"

and "Holy Night."

"Good King Wenceslas" is out, dear.

Perfect. Hideously perfect.

You've got time
for a nap if you like, dear.

Bedroom's through there.

It'll all be over soon.

For we wrestle not against
flesh and blood, but against powers,

against the rulers
of the darkness of this world.

B-but don't worry.

And we meet...

in the castle of lost souls.

In the land of the Black Swan.

Otherwise known as the Prince of Darkness.

Welcome, little captive

to the waterfall of sweet dreams.

Melora says it washes
all her cares away but I,

I need stronger stuff.

As one fallen angel to another,

would you care to get drunk?

- Yeah.
- What on?

Sweet sherry.


There was a young lady named Cherry

who used to get swacked
on sweet sherry.

And when they said...

Uh, when they said, what?

Well, what? Help me.
Help me, when they...

- Um.
- W-what? When they said what?

- Um...
- "Do you think, uh,

it's a sensible drink?"

That's good.

She replied...

"Not very."

You always go to parties like that?

I've got a show to do.

You have a sh...?


Unholy order.

Daisy Clover?

U-uh. That's your real name?

- Yeah.
- Sure?

Yeah. It's the one thing about me
they haven't changed.

It's the one thing about me they have.

Your real name isn't Wade Lewis?

No, no, it isn't.
It's Lewis Wade.

They took a poll and decided

that it was sexier
the other way around.

Well, but that's, uh,
that's not your problem, of course.

- What?
- Sex.

It's not your image at all.
Don't... oh... no, don't be insulted.

I just mean that you're being peddled
for something else.

You're Miss Huckleberry Finn.
Clean, sharp as a whistle.

That's it. That's what it is.

God rest, God rest you merry
ladies and gentlemen.

Let nothing you dismay.

Unto us a child star is born.

Littlest dipper on its Swanny Way.

Shine on, shine on, orphan star,

into the hearts and the minds of men,

who cares or wonders what you really are?

Swan, the father,
has done it again!

What's the matter?

My father just died.

He had the golden touch.

Did you ever hear
of the Slumber-Rite mattress?

Hm? No.
Well, it's a big moneymaker.

What am I gonna do with it?

I, uh, I never had to worry
about a place to sleep.

My mother's supposed to be dead.

Actually, they put her away.

Merry Christmas, dear heart.

Everything's for you,
except the yellow roses.

- Who are they for?
- Your crazy mother.

Shall we cutout?

'Good evening, Wade.'

Wade always hides at parties.

I never caught
him stealing before.

Well, nothing you'll miss, dear heart.

How do you know what I miss?

Has he made his speech about
the Prince of Darkness yet?

- What's next?
- Guess.

Uh. A dirty joke?

- No.
- A getaway?

- Nope.
- Very good at getaways.

No, I've hidden, and I've stolen...

and now I'm ready to drive Daisy home.

She's scheduled to sing with the choir.

Well, have a black mass instead.

Drive carefully.


Poor, rich...

lovely, lonely lady.

Miss Clover, there's someone
here to see your aunt.

Merry Christmas.

- Merry Christmas.
- Mr. Wade Lewis, sir.

I'm your most devoted fan.

Merry Christmas, Mrs. Clover.

Though we've never met,
I've heard a great deal about you.

I'm inviting you to a party.

Let's open the sweet sherry, dear heart.

Try and concentrate, old chap.

Get in a party mood.

She's right.

She's got nothing to celebrate.

- Christ died for you.
- Thank you, what's your name?

I... I'm not allowed to say.

- May I call you Dolores?
- Oh, no.

No, no, wait, wait, you remind me
of a poem called "Dolores."

0 wise among women, and wisest,

Our Lady of Pain.

- Oh, Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christm...

Oh, d-don't, don't go, Dolores.

Come and share our feast.

I, uh, I think Dolores could use
a little of that wine.

- Champagne?
- Thank you.

Luncheon is now being served, Mrs. Clover.

Last call.


We're not celebrating anything.

Lights have just gone up.


It seems to go on forever.

Thousands of faces...

looking up at us.

Uh-huh. Ah, ah, ah!

Hold it, hold it.

Just a little longer.
Little longer.

That's it.

Now, don't hang your head.

Well, I want a big happy smile.

Come on, we're at the party now,
come on,

a big, big, big smile.
Big, big, big smile.

Bigger, bigger.

Bigger, bigger, bigger.

That's it.

- Like it?
- Adorable.

Open it.

First-aid premiere kit, dear.

For a growing girl.

All right, the limousine will pick you up
at your dressing room.

Uh, just a moment, Daisy.

I hear Wade Lewis paid a visit
to your mother.

Quite a few nurses' hearts fluttered.

There are certain risks
which must never be taken.


from now on,
I can't allow you to see her anymore.

Now, don't forget.

Big, happy smile.

Oh, Miss Clover?

Something for your memory book.

I agree.

Come on.

It's not much, but it's home.

Easy. Up! Up!


I won the Battle of Fredericksburg today.

Single-handedly, ahead of schedule.

And I need a drink.

Just in time for your premiere.

Thank you very much.

And that, ladies and gentlemen,

was Miss Joan Crawford.

Always charming and lovely,
always gracious.

And here comes, uh,
I think this is the producer.

Yes, it is.
Mr. Raymond Swan and his lovely wife.

Daisy Clover will be in their party too.

She's scheduled to be in their car.

No, I don't see her.
Uh, excuse me, may I...

Maybe I can get a little closer
to the car.

No, she wasn't in that car.

Well, uh,
perhaps she's scheduled to be

- in another car. Uh...
- Cold?

Pardon me, just a moment.

I'll see if I can't find out
from the producer.

Uh, excuse me, Mr. Swan.

Can you tell me...

Oh, he walked straight on in,

I guess he couldn't hear me
and I don't blame him.

There's a tremendous amount
of noise going on here

as our radio audience
can certainly hear.

And I suppose he just didn't hear me.

Uh, I think this may be Daisy now.

The crowd is really beginning to roar.

No, it isn't.
It's Jean Harlow and Mr. Clark Gable.

And would you just listen

to that sound, the sound of love.

Oh, the crowd is really
going mad at this point

and I don't blame them,

I've never seen so many celebrities
and luminaries

here on Hollywood Boulevard.

But where is Daisy?
Where did Daisy go...

She's right here, folks. Right here.

The little lady's right here.

...she shows up, we'll certain...

America's Little Valentine, Miss Clover.

- Miss Clover, Miss Clover.
- Yes?

Uh, there are millions of girls
out there in Radioland

who are just dying to hear
the secret of your success.

Um, excuse me.

Testing, everything's...

Miss Clover,
would you mind telling me

what your secret
unfulfilled ambition is

before you get
completely stoned?

- To get completely stoned.
- Ah, I see.

Does America's Little Valentine have
anything else on her mind except drinking?

- Yeah.
- Yes.

A-and what is that,
Miss Clover?

She wants to drive a garbage truck.

Sh... she... Why?

So she can dump
a hundred stinking tons

of it on Mr. Raymond Swan!

Do you know you're a crazy,
monstrous child.

You are.

Streaking through life like
a hare with the hounds after you.

And they are after you,
dear heart, you know?

I've checked with the airport, sir.

- Mr. Lewis went to New York.
- Mm-hm.

Shall I find out where he's staying?

Hm, would you?

Good morning, Daisy.

Tear that up, please.

What is it?

The past. Tear it up.


It's worth a lot more money.

Well, don't thank me.

See that her sister signs it
this afternoon.

Yes, sir.

Well, the picture was a triumph.

And you're going to the top of the tree.

No question.

You want to know what it's like up there,
the top of the tree?

Like most high places,

the air is...

very good.

It gets lonely at times,
but we learn how to deal with that.

We learn how to look beyond
personal disappointment.

I've been lucky.
I found Melora.

I'm sure you'll find someone...


In the meantime,

fame does have its obligations.

We wouldn't want
the newspapers telling us

how America's Little Valentine...

lost her shoe.

That's all.

Miss Clover,
you'll find your shoes on my desk.

And now in response to the millions

of Daisy Clover fans,
Raymond Swan presents

The Daisy Clover Story.

The Clover name is a part
of the glorious history

of these United States,

recorded among those courageous pioneers

who braved the hardships and dangers

of the great trek West

to become the builders of the New World.

Daisy's ancestors settled
in San Francisco.

Her great-grandmother sang

with the Calhoun Repertory Company.

Until she lost her voice
in that city's tragic earthquake.

Some years later,

Daisy's grandparents moved South
to a small town called Hollywood.

Where a young industry dared
to prove to the world

what motion pictures could do.

Grandpa Clover gambled his future

in the rich oil fields
of Southern California,

where he won,
and then lost a fortune.

Daisy was born in this simple house.

A happy child, destined too soon
to know hardship and loneliness.

Her father died when she was nine.

Life became a constant struggle.

Her only escape was to sing,
to sing and to dream

that some day
a miracle would happen.

And it did, the day Mr. Raymond Swan
played a recording of her voice.

Daisy Clover,
the sweet simple child

from Angel Beach, California

was on her way.

♪ You're gonna hear ♪

♪ From me ♪

♪ I'm on my way ♪

♪ 'Cause I've got it made ♪

♪ Raise up my flag ♪

♪ Begin my parade ♪

♪ Then watch the world over ♪

♪ Start comin' up Clover ♪

♪ That's how it's gonna be ♪

♪ You'll see ♪

♪ You're gonna hear ♪

♪ From ♪

♪ Me ♪

Just recently in the world-famous

Grauman's Chinese Theater,

Mr. Raymond Swan premiered
her latest film,

The Big Top Kid.

The royalty of Hollywood appeared
in one of the most dramatic

and dazzling displays
this romantic and exciting town

has seen in some time.

It was a night of triumph,

for Daisy Clover
captured their hearts

as she will capture yours
when you see her next

in Raymond Swan's production
of The Big Top Kid.

Look, look, there we are. There we are.

- There we are.
- Quiet.

Who's that?

Oh, that's Ray. Ray. Ray Swan.

He can put his shoes under my bed anytime.

That's his... oh,
there's his wife, he's married.


There she is! There she is!

There's the kid.
There's Daisy.

There's the kid.
There's that Daisy, baby.

Here's the kid.

Oh, we want Gloria.

We want Gloria.

♪ Oh I oughta be in pictures ♪

♪ I'm gonna be a star ♪


There's my baby.

That's my little Gloria, buttercup.

She's wonderful, isn't she?

You're the best, buttercup.

Dear heart...

didn't you get my postcard?

I wrote you one.

Didn't get it.

Didn't send it.

What'd it say?

Nymph, in thy orisons.
Be all my sins remembered.

What's "orisons?"


Well, then, why didn't you say so?

It's from Hamlet.

Oh. Well,
I wouldn't have got it if you had sent it.

Miss Clover...

try these.

Here. They were all for you.


Happy birthday, Daisy."

Where is this?

That is Vienna. The Danube.

It's not very blue.

"Merry Christmas."

Mexico City.

"Happy New Year.

Knoxville, Tennessee.“
What were you doing there?

"Missed a train. Miss you too."

Then why the hell did you go away?

Never look a gift horse in the mouth,
dear heart.

I came back.

You see?

Everything's wiped away.

They're only asked for croquet.

I think we're in for a trickier game.

What's it called?

It's called
"Do What The Man Says."

- What?
- Well, what's he gonna say?

He's gonna say,
"Leave my little star alone."

But don't worry.
You're not expected to play.

- Why?
- Why?

Because you don't like the game.
Come on.

So good of you to have invited us.

Good of you to come.

I don't believe
that you've met Miss Clover.

Miss Clover,
this is Mrs. Swan, Mr. Swan.

- Miss Clover, sit down, please.
- Thank you.

Mr. Swan is in the brow-beating business,
dear heart.

- Booze is over there, Wade.
- Right.

Whoop! Uh... I... Sorry.

Did you want
anything while I was up?

- No, thank you.
- No. Sir?

No, thank you.

I could have you arrested.


What... what charge would you have in mind?

Oh, America's Little Valentine
just happens to be jailbait.

- Bad publicity.
- Not for you.

All right, I'll play along.
I'm cynical.

I'm irresponsible, dear heart.
I stop at nothing.

No, you're just insecure,
like most actors.

Isn't that the truth?

What is it, that makes us...

rich, successful, and unhappy?

God knows.
Your private life is no concern of mine.

But Daisy's career is.

- Good business.
- Yes.

Now look here, if you hurt her,

you hurt her work,
and I won't allow that.

What makes you think
I want to hurt Daisy?

Well, you do have a problem.
She's in love with you.

No, but that's no problem.

No problem at all.

I asked her to marry me this morning.

Well, I can hardly stand the suspense.

What did she say?

Do you wanna tell the man what you said?

What did you say?



I'm truly happy for you both.



- Open the champagne, please.
- Yes, Baines.

Yes, Baines,
a little champagne for all.

It is festive, isn't it?
Festive indeed.

Well, I must say,
I hardly expected quite such a switch.

Nothing I said forced you into it
or anything?

Nothing you said
could force me out of it.

Uh, shall we have the wedding here, Ray?

It's a good idea.

And it hasn't even had
its first screen kiss.

Baines, press release.

Today, Sunday, 17th of October...


Where are we?

- Jawbone.
- What?

- Jawbone.
- Where's that?

Five miles north of Big Snake.

Shut up, Buckeye.



The hour before the dawn.


Oh, would, uh,
you get the bags, please?

They're in the back.

I'm gonna learn how to cook.

And not just your fish burgers
and hot chocolate.

Real gourmet muck.

From now on, that's it.

Goodbye, America's Little Valentine.

Hello, Mrs. Wade Lewis.

Hello, Mr. Wade Lewis.

Actor, drinker,

ah, rich boy.



He left a couple of hours ago.

- Well, what'd he say?
- Nothin'.

Could I have your autograph?

You're not Myrna Loy.

Mrs. Swan was feeling tired.
She took a sleeping pill.

Mr. Swan is meeting with your lawyer.

He'll see you in the morning.

Is there anything you need, Mrs. Lewis?

I knew he'd do it.

I knew he'd leave you.
I knew it.

I love him. I'm crazy about him.

You poor little jerk.


You want a pill?
I took a pill.

They think she's got a headache.

She hasn't!

She's got a heartache!

Take me back to my room. Please?

Melora's been hurt.

I wonder where he's gone.

So many places,
so many people.

So many beds, so many lovers.

- Melora, here's your room.
- He never sleeps alone.

- Needs company.
- Here.

I... I cut myself when Wade left me.

It still hurts sometimes.

- You like to cut yourself?
- No.

- You like to get drunk?
- No.

- I know, you need a good laugh.
- Melora.

Hello, long distance, please.

Mr. Wade Lewis.
Very long distance.

Melora, come on. Let's...

Hello? Hello.

How wonderful to hear your voice.

Of course I know you're not Wade.

You're the new number.

Good luck, dear.

What? No, no message.

I just called to say, uh...

have as much fun as I did.

That's the new lover.

I didn't get his name,
but he sounds charming.

Your husband never could resist
a charming boy.

All the good women
and all the good men

who tried to put Wade
back together again.

Age, sex...

doesn't matter.

They take him to heart,
he takes them to bed.


But, then, like any...

lost cause,

they can't give him up.

They've just got to carry on
about true love,

new life, deep understanding. Oh.

Then one day, they wake up...


She... didn't stand a chance.

I told Melora she didn't stand a chance.

I told her what would happen.
It happened.

Oh, then she cut her wrists and...

blamed me.

It appears I lack the finer points.

But Wade, oh, boy!
He's got 'em all.

Thousands of girls sit watching him
in dark movie houses...

go home and they dream about him

in dark, little bedrooms.

Thousands of wives

wish their husbands
were exactly like him.

Isn't that something?
I mean, you can't help admiring the man.

I just signed him
for three more pictures. Hm.

What are you going to do?

He's in New York.

He'll be back.

Couple of weeks.

I'll see you don't
run into ea... each other.

You're blaming me too,
aren't you? Oh.

You know, if...

Listen, if I'd warned you,

if I'd said,

"Wade isn't your true love, he's...

you're just the best fun he ever had."

You'd have called it a wicked lie.

And then Wade would have said, uh...

"Prince of Darkness stops at nothing,
dear heart"

and, uh, you'd have eloped

It's over, Daisy.

All over.

I've got you
the best divorce lawyer in town.

So, sleep it off.

Take a long, deep sleep.

Sandman's orders.

At least you know all about love.


All about love.

Just nothing.

Lost cause.

Just like your husband.

Who needs it?

Don't go yet.
Don't go away.

It's all right.

No one's ever gonna come for you again.

It's all right.

♪ When the circus came to my hometown ♪

♪ It was fine and funny ♪

♪ And shiny new ♪

♪ So when it left ♪

♪ From my hometown ♪

♪ Well of course I left with it too ♪

♪ Wouldn't you? ♪

♪ The circus is a wacky world ♪

♪ How I love it ♪

♪ Hocus pocus ballyhoo ♪

♪ Ain't it great with the clown
that always breaks you up ♪

♪ The elephant that shakes you up ♪

♪ The overture that wakes you up ♪

♪ Because ♪

♪ The circus is a wacky world ♪

♪ It's a riot ♪

♪ A-razzamatazz
and hoochie cooch ♪

♪ Ain't it grand? ♪

♪ What a jazzy world you find the scene ♪

♪ Until you are behind the scene ♪

♪ And once you are behind the scene ♪

♪ You'll see ♪

♪ The circus is a wacky world ♪

♪ Take it from me,
but it ain't at all ♪

♪ What it's supposed to be ♪

♪ It ain't what it's supposed to be ♪

♪ The clowns don't smile ♪

♪ That's just a painted grin ♪

♪ The bearded lady is a man ♪

♪ The fat man's really thin ♪

♪ The toothless lion ♪

♪ Is anything but bold ♪

♪ The midget isn't small at all ♪

♪ He's only 5 years old ♪

♪ The circus hasn't anything ♪

♪ Like what they say is in it ♪

♪ But as old P.T. Barnum said ♪

♪ There's one born every minute ♪

♪ It isn't great ♪

♪ It isn't grand ♪

♪ Tell me why it clicks ♪

♪ It isn't real ♪

♪ It isn't real ♪

♪ It's just a bag of tricks ♪

♪ The circus is a wacky world ♪

♪ Make-believing ♪

♪ Hocus pocus ballyhoo, what a fake ♪

♪ How you tend to lose the kick of it ♪

♪ When you are in the thick of it ♪

♪ How quick you find you're sick of it ♪

♪ And yet ♪

♪ And yet ♪

♪ The circus is the strangest place ♪

♪ Can't explain it ♪

♪ When you start to play your part ♪

♪ It's your home ♪

♪ So you don't exactly live it up ♪

♪ You still would never give it up ♪

♪ How could you ever give it up? ♪

♪ Oh no ♪

♪ The circus is a wacky world ♪

♪ Where you can hide ♪

♪ To escape the even ♪

♪ Wackier world outside ♪

♪ So step right up ♪

♪ And start the show ♪

And, cut.

Very good, Daisy.

Miss Clover?

Mr. Swan is expecting you
in his office at 6:30.

Goodnight, Miss Clover.

Listen, old chap.

You see, it's...
it's the middle of the night...

and I honestly believe in...

in nothing.

And I wonder if that's any way to live.

Old chap?

Come on, talk to me.

Please, come on.

Old chap?

Morning, Daisy.

Morning, Daisy.

- You look great.
- Thanks.

- Coffee?
- Thank you.

Daisy, I've marked the parts
we have to redo.

Right here and down here.

Come on, gentlemen,
let's not keep the star waiting.

Are those phones patched in?

Yeah, we checked it.

- I've checked it.
- Well, check mine.

Will you give us a level please, Daisy?

- One, two, three, four.
- Fine.

Like to try a run-through first.

- Let's do it.
- Feeling brave today.

All right, Daisy, let's go for a take.
Coming up.

- Okay.
- All right, roll it.

Scene 346, take one.

One, two, three, four.

♪ The circus is a wacky world ♪

♪ How I love it ♪

♪ ...that shakes you up ♪

♪ The overture that wakes you up ♪

♪ Because ♪

Perfect, Daisy, just perfect.

Try one more, please, a lit...
little more life in the last two lines.


One, two, three.

♪ The circus is a wacky world ♪

♪ How I love it ♪

You got a little
ahead of it that time, Daisy.

- Once more, please.
- Okay.

Try one more, please.

Once again, please.

♪ ...wacky world ♪

♪ How I love it ♪

Stop it!

Stop it!


Make her stop!

Make her stop!

Make her stop!

Make her stop!

Stop her! Stop her!

Stop her!

Medical profession is certainly pushing

”ifs" and "buts," they're expensive
and I don't need any more.

Look here. If she's sane, cure her.
If she's mad, certify her.

I want her cured
so I can finish my picture

or certified so I can collect insurance.

Miss Clover is not certifiable.

Then she's sane
and she'd better get up.

All right, get that idiot sister out
and we'll start again.

Time's up, Mrs. Goslett.

She needs me.

Mr. Swan's orders.

Famous young lady.

You know you're still getting
a hundred letters a day?

everyone misses the Little Valentine.

I can't understand why.

Everybody's begging her to get out of bed
and finish the picture.

Isn't it wonderful to have
loyal friends who want to help you?

You're as sound as a roach.

- Fresh as a daisy.
- What're you holding out for?

Don't you think you'd enjoy getting...

Trust me, Daisy.

If there's a problem...

I can solve it.

I always have.

All right, come on now, come on now.
Try and concentrate, hmm?

The world is holding its breath...

because my little street Arab holds hers.

Isn't that something?

The world identifies with you...


I didn't come before, dear.

I haven't been feeling very well.

I'm not an angry or jealous person.

I only hope he's...

he's what you need.

Ray, I mean.

Now, why don't you get up,

finish the picture,

and take a long exciting trip?


We could go around the world together,
if you like.

Try and hang on, anyway.

Like me.

Dear heart.

Yellow roses.

Sweet sherry.

Can't stop singing.

World's still a garbage dump.

I don't blame you for holding out,
of course.

The hounds are still after you.

But, um...

won't you join me back in the
limelight, little Lady of Pain?

Then mayn't I pronounce you
officially alive.

I want to talk to Miss Clover alone.

Don't you think the Little Valentine's
been bluffing long enough?

Missed me?

Open your eyes.



Well, say something.

My hair's going gray.

My gray-haired teenager.

Welcome back.

All right, here's the schedule.

I'm dismissing your nurse.

And I'm giving you exactly one hour

to get dressed, bathed, perfume...

all by yourself.

I want you ready when I come back.

Ready to give the devil his dues?

So it's beginning to feel
a little chipper,

asking to play rough again, eh?


I'm dismissing your nurse anyway.

You'll get up,

or you'll lie here and you'll starve
and if you starve I'll sue you.

We're legally in business for five years

and you're legally fit to work.

Still not rough enough?
Like to play again?

All right.

You don't cost me money,
you make it!

Picture's a big investment,
I want it finished.


I don't care what happens to you.

There's more where you came from.

I'll just write you off.


So we're up.
Doesn't it feel good?

Sorry to barge in like this,
but I forgot my book.


Oh! Here it is.

Miss Clover,
I have a favor to ask you for my sister.

She's your greatest fan

and she's just dying for your autograph.

Thank you, Miss Clover.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

Walter Baines here,

Mr. Swan's expecting you
at 7:00 in the morning.

I'll send a car.

Miss Clover?
Are you disconnected?



Here's the situation.

I'm pushing 17, and I'm, uh,
America's Little Valentine.

I've been married for one day.

Then I got insulted and divorced.

The Prince of Darkness took me in his arms

and I almost gave myself the works.

But I haven't let it go to my head.

I'm still the same happy,
adjusted, polite young lady.

And I'll bet my simple, healthy
instincts against yours...

any day.

Hey, what happened back there?

Someone declared war.