In the Good Old Summertime (1949) - full transcript

It's turn of the century America when Andrew and Veronica first meet - by crashing into each other. They develop an instant and mutual dislike which intensifies when, later on, Andrew is forced to hire Veronica as a saleslady at Oberkugen's music store. What the two don't know is that while they may argue and fight constantly throughout the day, they are actually engaged in an innocent, romantic and completely anonymous relationship by night, through the post office.

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When I see Chicago today, it
's hard to understand ...

which is the same city
I knew when I was a child.

All these buildings ...

this steel and concrete ...

the busy streets ...


That did not exist.

In my day,
life was more peaceful.

Women did not
wear makeup.

The men were different.

They were not important men
if they didn't have a mustache.

I remember I had a mustache.

But even so,
he was not a very important man.

I lived in a pension ...

along with other young people

Sunday was my big day.

It was my only
opportunity to go for a walk.

Sometimes I caught my friend Hickey.

Your uncle, Mr. Oberkugen, was my boss.

We met with him in some park.

Mr. Oberkugen was
unpredictable during the week ...

but on Sunday he was always happy.

Nellie was your teller, your accountant,
your secretary ...

20 years ago.

They never got married.
I wondered why.

Like all boyfriends, they were
worried that I didn't have a bride.

They wanted to get me one,
but I had other plans.

If you take your hand, and she, yours

It is a good sign

That he loves you

in the summer heat

in the summer heat

Stroll along pleasant paths

with your beloved

If you take her hand, and she, yours

It is a good sign

That he loves you

in the summer heat

The second alarm clock meant
going back to work.

Some hated the alarm clock ...

but I do not.
I had reason to get up ...

because the post office would be open.

It meant
you could have a letter for me ..

one of those special cards.


- I'm sorry, miss.
- He is well.

- Why don't you look where you are?
- Let me fix your hat.

- No, that's not good.
- Drop my hat!

Here's your parasol.
I don't know what happened.

Here is your purse.

- Forgive me.
- My God.

- Leave me in peace.
- I'm really sorry.

- Take your parasol.
- Thanks.

- Is something missing?
- The bird!

Here is the bird.
That. Oh, I'm sorry.

- There!
- I was wrong about a bird.

I'll fix it.

I am terribly sorry.

- I, I just have to read ...
- God help me.

- a very important letter and I was careless
- Get out now

I am really sorry.

Here's your umbrella.

- Where is it?
- Down here.

Again, your parasol ...

Is this yours? Excuse me.

- Here is your purse.
- Wait!

Here it is.

Excuse me.

- Sorry lady.
- Sorry lady?

Sorry, but I must go.

I will be late at my office.

Listen, this is my card.

That's where I work, see?
Buy what ruined ...

I will gladly pay.

- Thanks.
- Goodbye.

Just a moment. Hey!

He was Mr. Oberkugen's chief salesman
and well paid ...

$ 15 per week.

- Good morning, Andy.
- Good morning, Nellie.

- Good Morning.
- Good morning, Hickey.

- Good Morning.
- Good morning, Rudy.

Arrives late.
Mr. Oberkugen had to open it.

I know I know. I received ... Come here.

Sit down. I received another letter.

- The ad girl?
- Yes. Do you want to hear something beautiful?

Dear friend...

my heart was trembling
when I entered the post office ..

but there you were, in box 237.

I took you out of the envelope and read ...

right there, dear friend.

I thought your correspondence was
on intellectual topics.

Isn't that intellectual?
It is true poetry.

Wait, there's more.

Are you short or tall?

Are your eyes blue or brown?

Do not tell me. It doesn't matter
if our minds come together.

You're right. Yes, it is intellectual.

There are wonderful things
to write about in this world of ours.

It would be wasting precious time
if we said ...

the sordid details of daily life,
let us not do it.

I agree when you say ...

There is more happiness in dying ...

'to die for the beauty
that to live for the bread. "

You said that?

Well, Ralph Waldo Emerson
said before.


Mr. Oberkugen wants to see you now.

Thanks. How is this morning?

- Like a silk.
- That's good.

But, how many times did you say?
This violin is priceless

Sorry, Uncle Otto.

And don't call me Uncle Otto.
At the store, I'm Mr. Oberkugen.

Yes sir.

All I did was play your violin
Just to ...

That idiot ...

a Stradivarius,
and played like a mandolin.

It's your fault. If it was on time,
it wouldn't have happened.

- Sorry sir. I had an accident
- no excuse.

Everyone can have an accident.

Did you hurt yourself?

- No. Nothing happened, sir.
- I hate the dangerous bicycle.


I have to show you something.
I am sure it will please you.

It is a surprise
for all the staff. Look.

I had the opportunity to buy
100 of these from Kramer .

We can be of good use, eh?

- What you think? I think it's real.
- I don't think it's for us.

- Just saw it.
- There is no need. it's a harp.

Few people play the harp.

It's amazing how quickly you decide.

I was in this business for 20 years
and it took me an hour to decide if I liked it.

But, you, Professor ...


Sim, tio... Sr. Oberkugen?

Miss Burke? Please.

Do not.

Sr. Hansen!

- Yes sir?
- Look at that, please.

What do you think?

Mr. Larkin doesn't seem to like it.
I do.

But I don't want to influence you.
I just want your honest opinion.

That's all I want,
your honest opinion.

It's wonderful, wonderful.

- Well, have you changed your mind?
- No, I repeat it is not for us.

I agree with Andy.

Thanks. Thanks.

He's already offended.

This was his way of calming himself down
when things were going badly.

But he was the only one who calmed down.

Hickey knew how to
take care of his job.

Good morning lady.
Can I answer it? Oh, miss ...

- Fisher.
- Srta. Fisher.

Looks like you bought a
lot of things, eh?

- How much do I owe?
- I can't accept anything from you.

- You must accept.
- Couldn't, really, couldn't. Do not insist.

- Well, really ...
- Nice shop. It has beautiful things.

Thanks. We like it.

Maybe I can buy you something else.
Do you see something that pleases you?

- Really, I see.
- Good.

How about a harmonica?

Or a piano?

- A music box?
- No, I want a job.

I'm sorry, I sold the last one yesterday.

Listen, Mr. Larkin, this is
not a joke.

That's why I was so furious yesterday
when you stumbled upon me.

I dressed to the nines
to look for a job and you ..

I am really sorry. We cannot employ
anyone now. It's bad season.

But you don't even know
my skills.

I worked with Roberts Brothers,
I worked at the Gregory store.

They were satisfied with me.

They said they would be happy
if I went back to work with them.

Why don't you make them happy?

Well, it's a bad season.

I'm really sorry, but I can't
hire anyone right now. Good Morning.

Just a moment.

- Are you the store owner?
- No but...

I want to talk to the owner.

I do not advise you.
He is in a very bad mood this morning.

- I insist on talking to the owner.
- Listen, I've been here for several years ...

and I know Mr. Oberkugen very well.
I know what your attitude would be.

I could tell you word for word
what I was going to tell you.


- Mr. Larkin, one moment, please.
- Excuse me.

- Sorry lady.
- Clear.

Come here.
So you know me very well.

You know exactly what I think
before I think

Not only is he a financial genius, he
is a guesser, eh?

- Mas, Sr. Oberkugen...
- Sai.

Good morning lady.

- I'm Mr. Oberkugen.
- How are you, Mr. Oberkugen?

- How are you doing? Sit down.
- Thanks.

I don't know what the problem is ...

but for Oberkugen,
there is no word impossible.

What do you want?

Well, you see, Mr. Oberkugen,
I was with the Gregory brothers ...

I guarantee that our merchandise
is much better.

- It's not that.
- We have violins, we have flutes ...

temos harpas.

Isn't it wonderful?
Something new. Look.

Some of my salespeople
don't agree ...

but I think it’s charming.

I guarantee you won't find
anything as beautiful as that at Gregory.

But I don't think you understand,
Mr. Oberkugen ...

I was with the Gregory brothers
and I am looking for work.

Wait a moment.
I play the piano and I know how to play the violin.

Wait for you. just a moment. You can play
whatever you want. I have no time.

Good Morning.

Why did you put me
in a situation like this? Because?

- It wasn't my fault, sir.
- Whose fault was it? Mine?

- Yes, I think so.
- What happens to you?

I love you as a son,
but each time you contradict me.

Whatever I say,
you say no. Because?

Okay, Mr. Oberkugen.
Since today...

I will say yes to everything.
Of course, Mr. Oberkugen.

I'll take care of her.

Listen, miss,

As soon as there is a vacancy,
we will call immediately.

- He is well?
- Oh yeah.

It saw? Is it difficult to touch?

No, anyone learns.
It is so romantic.

What's romantic?

Well, the soft music ...

- and the shape of the hands ...
- It's a woman's opinion.

- How much are you asking for her?
- I thought of $ 75.

- Ah, yes, it's a bargain.
- A bargain?

- A real bargain.
- It's a beautiful harp, isn't it?

- It's very unique.
- Actually, I was looking for a song.

Can I answer it, lady?
This is a song that is in fashion.

I heard you sang.
I guessed by your voice.

Of course, for someone who likes
art, it is very flattering. Your hands...

Ay, I have almost no voice, but
if you have something you want to hear ..

This is great, lady. It has beautiful handwriting.

Is not.
Tonight in the Dreamland.

- Someone could...?
- Yes. Will you allow me?

- Yes, thank you.

- Go to the piano.
- isn't it beautiful?

Please, ma'am, have a seat.

- Sure, if you can't touch ...
- Yes, you can.

Of course you can play.
Come on, touch it. Sit down.

I'll see you tonight

in dreamland

under the silver moonlight

I'll see you tonight

in dreamland

where the roses of love bloom

Comes with the light of passion on

in your dear blue eyes

I'll see you in the land of dreams

in the sweet and magical dreamland

there where my dreams

will come true

I'll see you tonight
in dreamland

under the silver moonlight

I'll see you tonight
in dreamland

where the roses of love bloom

Comes with passion on fire

in your dear blue eyes

I'll see you in the land of dreams

in the sweet magic

There where dreams

will come true

It's adorable

- How much?
- $ 99.50, discounted from $ 100.

- I carry.
- OK.

Your sales book, please?

And your pencil.

- Don't you want a job too?
- Not yet.

- Aunt Addie?
- Here, Veronica.

I got a job.

- Job?
- Anyway, I have it.

- Who is it?
- It's Jerome.

- Hello Baby.
- It's from Mrs. Spring.

He had to go out and
pay his gas bill.

Tell me, what kind of work?

Well, it's a music store,
and the boss is a charm.

- Do you have other gentlemen?
- Yes, I think there are three.

- Give me the rent, please.
- It is?

My boss's nephew,
Mr. Hansen ...

Are they young?

One of them is young.
Mr. Larkin, the chief salesman.

He didn't want to employ me.

But I ignored him,
talked to the boss and he gave me the job.

- I don't think you liked me.
- Oh, I almost forget. I went to the post office ...

and there was another one of those letters for you.
There, on the table.

Aunt Addie, this makes my day perfect.

Dear friend...

Dear friend...

- Aren't you coming, Mr. Larkin?
- No, Joe. Thanks.

- In my opinion, you're in love.
- You think?

- I know. She also doesn't eat.
- Who?

Ask me who.

All the time is like this

So, when you enter ... Look.

I knew now.

Just a moment.

- Hello.
- Hello. You did very well.

- Did you recognize her?
- Clear.

It's the song you sent me yesterday.

I thought it would be for your audition.

Haven't sent your request yet?

- No not yet.
- Do not let me down.

Yesterday I talked about
you with my fiancée.

With your bride?

Yes, he said he was going to win a scholarship
to go to Leipzig ...

and that it will be famous,
and that one day I would boast that ...

we live in the same house.

He never spoke of his bride
until now.

Seriously? It's curious.

You were my fiancee for a long time.
I thought I told you.

Well, after all,
why would you do that? No?

We only talk
about music, don't we?

Of course, it is true.

I have to go.

On the bag,
you better hurry.

I have no chance of winning.

Of course you do, get involved.

Listen, I will bring music
every night. I even bring a violin.

What do you think?

I am interested in your career.

Okay, I'll send the request tomorrow.

- Great.
- Thanks.

I wondered
if the girl I wrote to ...

it would be as wonderful as your letters.

Oberkugen Music House

September and October passed
and I kept writing letters ...

and trying to sell harps.

Do you think Eric would like
that gramophone?

I don't know, but it is very beautiful.

Sorry, I can't see well
without my glasses.

Can you tell me how much
this charming harp costs ?

- $99,50.
- $99,50?

Really good prices here.
I wonder how Oberkugen does.

Well, if you don't know, Mr. Oberkugen,
who knows?

- Good morning, Mr. Oberkugen.
- Good Morning.

They look good, the harps.

I would like customers to
think so.

- Good morning, uncle ... Mr. Oberkugen.
- Good Morning.

Good morning, Mr. Oberkugen.
The morning is very beautiful.

- Yea?
- I just sold my third gramophone.

Good morning, Otto.

I've been auditing the accounts. I think
we should attend to some of them ...

You shouldn't leave it there.

Love it.

Of all the instruments,
the harp is the most beautiful.

See, the classic lines,
the mysterious tones ...

seem to come from the air. It's wonderful.

Otto, you don't have to keep them.

Kramer will accept them.
We are good customers.

We bought a lot this year.

- All you have to do is explain ...
- Explain what? What am I going to explain?

Otto, you can see for yourself
that we have two months with them.

Nobody buys them.

- I'll call Kramer.
- No, you shouldn't call.

- It will be sold.
- But, Otto, they are ...

Yes I know. But this is my business.
It will be sold.

He is well. There's the bill.

I did the best I could.
I have never seen a man so stubborn.

- $ 19.75, please.
- Give me your note, Miss. Fisher?

Of course.

Well, let's see. He already sold $ 241 worth
of merchandise this morning.

- Magnificent.
- See, Mr. Larkin, I was wrong.

This store needed another seller.

10, 20, 25.

He knows? I think you're angry
because I sold the harp, and you can't.

On the contrary, Miss. Fisher,
I'm delighted.

- I wish I could sell the other 99.
- Who knows, maybe.

Thank you very much, madam.
Be sure to come and see us.

It will be well received.
I will open the door for you.

- One moment please.
- Tell me, sir.

Can you tell me how it is?

- Yes, with pleasure, I will play.
- Thanks.

This is a very popular piece.
I know you'll like it.

Surround me with your arms,
hold me

Surround me, approach
me with passion love me

Honey, no

Excuse me. Do you want me to help you?

- He is well.
- Good. From the beginning?

I will sing the verse.

The introduction, please.

Flat itself. Let's go.

Come the night,
everything is calm

and under the moon and its glow

Flame Cupid to every soul

It's love time

Someone waiting for me

I will no longer doubt

I will approach

How are you dear?

It's with you, darling

what I long to be

Wrap me in your arms

Hug me

Wrap me up, get closer

with passion love me

My love

Hadn't he looked at me?

With those eyes that

So much idolize

When they look at me

my heart starts to float

And then, shaking

like a motor boat

Never met

a guy

like you

Hug me

My love

won't you look at me?

With those eyes that
so idolize your eyes

When they look at me
my heart starts to float

And then, shaking
like a motorboat

Never met

a guy

like you

15 cents, please.


What should I do
with the days and hours

that they must pass
until they see your face?

Dear friend...

Dear friend...

Harpa Amboy - $64,50

Amboy harp -
reduced to $ 49.50

If only once did
you admit that you were wrong.

In all the years that I know you, I
never heard you say: I was wrong.

Very well. You will hear me say it now.
I was wrong.

For 20 years I was wrong ...

thinking that I could marry
a woman who spies on me.

- A woman who spies on you?
- Yes, a woman who spies on me.

It looks like we're going to have
a White Christmas, Mr. Oberkugen.

What a novelty!

I thought so. I do not know...

give me different answers when
I ask a simple question and ...

- Good morning, Rudy.
- Good morning, Andy.

- Well, I'm glad someone is happy.
- Rudy, this will be a great day in my life.

Tell me, Rudy, Do you mind
if I ask you a personal question?

No, ahead.

Supposing someone like me
wanted to get married.

- Cheers.
- No, he said supposing.

Assuming I want an apartment ...

one of them with bedroom,
dining room ...

- and living room ...
- Dining room?

- And what do you want a dining room for?
- Well, and where will we eat?

In the kitchen.
Look for a large kitchen.

- And the guests?
- Guests? What are you, an ambassador?

Listen, Andy, if a friend is
really your friend, he will go after dinner.

Yes, but after we get married ...

- I didn't even propose.
- To whom?

The young woman who exchanges correspondence
on intellectual topics.

Yes she.

Well, over time,
we come to the theme of love ...

- of course, on the intellectual plane.
- Yes, what else can you do in a letter?

Well, tonight we’ll meet
for the first time at the Heinkel restaurant.

Tell me, how will you recognize her?

She will carry a carnation
in a poetry book.

- Very appropriate. Is that you?
- I'll take one on the lapel.

Rudy, she is so wonderful.
You have such great ideals ...

- so delicate feelings, so ...
- Good morning.

I'll tell you later. Here comes the duchess.

- Well, she's happy today too.
- Good morning, Mr. Hansen.

Good morning, Miss. Fisher.

- I know, it's late.
- No.

It is about this blouse you wore yesterday,
yellow with green dots.

No, as you've always been wrong, Mr. Larkin, it
was green with yellow dots.

And everyone found it flattering.

As I recall, I never said anything about
the ties you wear.

And believe me, if you think you’d
have to say it’s crazy

- My ties are ...
- Then leave my shirt alone ...

- that is not your affair.
- It seems to Mr. Oberkugen that it is.

- Ah, yes, I'm under your orders.
- And I didn't forget.

From now on, I'll
call you every morning ...

and I
’ll say exactly what I’m going to use that day. What do you think?

Look, if you want to dress
like a circus monkey, get dressed .

But I don't want
the boss to fight with me.

Listen, Mr. Larkin ...

I sold as much as the others
yesterday with that blouse.

- Truth?
- Did Mr. Oberkugen say that?

- Said.
- And what did you say?

- Said: Tell him to stop using it.
- Well I won't use it.

- I will say.
- Thanks.

Your welcome.

Nellie, lembra ...? Nellie!

I didn't know it was over.

Nellie, remember the green shirt
I wore yesterday?

- The one with the yellow dots?
- Yea.

- I thought it was beautiful.
- He liked? I'm glad.

Because I have a
very important appointment tonight ...

and didn’t know if he wore it or something else,
a little more ...

- Well, I always say ...
- Good morning, everyone.

Good Morning.

- Good morning, Miss. Fisher.
- Good Morning.

Can I say
you look lovely tonight?

What do you think if we see each other tonight, have
dinner early and go to the opera?

- Sorry I cant.
- What's it? Do not feel good?

I feel really good, thank you.
I have another appointment.

But you can deselect it.
If it explains, it will understand.

Why are you so sure you are
a woman? I have friends too.

Nellie, are you going out with
another man?

- Yes I will.
- Nellie, you can't do that.

Who will stop me?

- Mr. Larkin!
- Yes sir?

Please tell everyone
to stay on the job tonight.

We will take stock.

- Tonight?
- Yes, tonight!

There are many things in the store
that are not sold.

I wonder what they are.

I want a complete overhaul
of all of our merchandise.

Mr. Oberkugen, is it absolutely
necessary for me to stay tonight?

Because I have
a very important commitment ...

- would it be possible to excuse me?
- That depends on Mr. Larkin.

- Mr. Larkin ...
- You can work without Miss. Fisher?

Mr. Oberkugen, I also
wanted to ask you to leave this evening ...

What is that?
Does everyone want to go?

- Once a year, I ask you to stay.
- If I knew it was so important

I know, do you want a special invitation?

Next time,
I will send you a recorded announcement.

- I don't think we need Andrew.
- Did I ask for any advice?

- No.
- Uncle, I replace Miss. Fisher.

Tonight has a swing.
And everyone stays.

That is all.

- Number K52T4.
- I thought I said three.

These were banjo cases.
Metronomes, six.

- Sure?
- Sure.

Harpas pequenas, 99.

- Right?
- You love to piss me off, don't you?

- I'm just taking stock.
- No matter what you do, it's bad.

If I make a package, it's bad.

He wants everything his way, and even
when he does it his way, he doesn't like it.

When I came here, I
was very excited.

And now look at me.

Listen well, one of these days
I can find out that I don't have to work ...

and then I will say what I think of you.

I'll get another form.

Mr. Larkin, I don't like you.

Nellie, will you give me another form, please?

- Don't feel bad, Veronica.
- I can't help it.

We will never end here ...

and I will miss
the most important commitment of my life.

Maybe we'll be done soon.

Nellie, is that watch right?

- Yes it's right.
- Nellie, I won't be there in time.

Can't you call the gentleman?

- I can not. I don't know your number.
- MS. Fisher.

Thank you, Nellie.

I have an appointment.
I would like to get out of here.

- Me too.
- MS. Fisher.

- Yea?
- Would you mind holding the ladder

And could you tell this song that is there?

- Sim.
- Srta. Fisher!

He is well.

It is almost 8:00.

Ah yes.

- Is it too late for dinner?
- What about your friend?

My friend. I made it up.

No, no, I already know.
You want to be very kind to me.

You are a very beautiful woman, you
are very attractive, Nellie.

Come on, Otto.

I should have known you couldn't want
an old man like me.

- Why, Otto?
- I know, Nellie.

I'm not worthy of you,
but I always expected ...

when he was a famous violinist,
who, maybe ...

But to know, suddenly,
that there is another man ...

Otto, listen to me.
There is no other man.

- No?
- For real. I made it up.


I will get your things.

Children, what are you doing here late?
Home, you can go.

- Hurry, Aunt Addie, quickly.
- I'll be right there, my daughter.

My God.

- Aunt, help me with this, please?
- I shouldn't help you ...

since you're going to have dinner in a public place
with a strange man.

Aunt Addie, he is not a stranger,
I know him very well.

After all,
we are almost committed.

It doesn't matter, nobody introduced you.

This is a silly social convention
for ordinary people.

This is different. It's like he says ...

A love like ours is not kept in an envelope .

And you know, Aunt Addie,
I know exactly what it will be like.

He will be tall, dark and very,
very handsome

and a little sad.

- Don't be sad.
- Really, Rudy, I don't feel well.

Beware of the blackhead

It's 8:15.
You don't have time to feel bad.

- Where's the button?
- On the table.

- I don't think you should go, Rudy.
- Please, Andy.

For her sake.

I'm such an important man.

And when you see me, it
will be a terrible impact.

Don't worry, it
will be love at first sight.

On the other hand, think of me.
What if you don't like it?

You don't know how lucky you are.
Everyone looks for a pretty face.

They soon discover that there is nothing behind.

- But you do know what's behind.
- Yes, but, what's up?

- It will be very beautiful, you will see.
- I wish I didn't know how to read or write.

- Good luck, Andrew.
- Just a moment. See, it scares me.

- More, Andy ...
- Please.

He is well.

- Can you see her?
- Not yet.

- There is a beautiful girl.
- Yea?

Very pretty, but no book.

Wait, I seem to see ...
Yes, there is a book with a clove.

I can't see the face.
It's behind a rack ...

but yes, there it is, lean forward,
Andrew, there.

- Can you see her?
- Yea.

- And is it beautiful?
- Very beautiful.


I would say it is similar, it
has something of the color of Miss. Fisher.

Miss. Fisher? From the store?

You have to admit that Miss. Fisher is
a very beautiful girl.

Personally, I’ve always
liked her.

This is no time
to talk about Miss. Fisher.

Well, I can assure you,
if you don't like Miss. Fisher ...

you will not like this young woman.

- Why?
- Because she's Miss. Fisher.


Of all the women in the world,
just how can she? How cheeky!

But, Andrew,
you can't go and leave her sitting there.

How can I not?

Even though she was the last woman in the world,
and we were on a desert island ...

would go away and leave her sitting there.

But, remember,
she wrote all those letters.

I can not believe. Could not.
And even if I could ...

Good night, Rudy.

Be right back.

- Andy, I thought you weren't coming tonight.
- Well, actually it was happening ...

Well, I like it very much.
I have wonderful news.

They accepted my request,
and I will play on Friday night

- How wonderful!
- Will come, will you, Andy?

- Sure, I'll be there.
- You have to come. Andy?

- What?
- You're not sick, are you?

- No.
- I'm finding you a little weird.

- I am fine.
- Well then...

- cross your fingers. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- Sorry, miss, can I get that chair?
- Oh, no, please.

I hope somebody.
It will arrive soon.

It must be very special
to wait so long.

It is very special. Leave it like that.

- Excuse.
- Thanks.

Now, what a coincidence.
I have a date here too.

- Did you see Rudy Hansen?
- No, I didn't.

- Will you let me sit and wait for him?
- No, please, Mr. Larkin.

- I have a date too.
- Ah, yes, I remember.

- Your friend seems to be late.
- He will come.

I see you're reading
Elizabeth Browning.

Yes. Any objections?

No. I'm just surprised.

- Wait ...
- I didn't know you read classical poetry.

- Mr. Larkin, there are many things ...
- They are looking at us.

There are many things
you don't know about me.

- Truth?
- Yea.

Well, tell me, Miss. Fisher, have you
read Emerson's essays?

- No, not these.
- Well, I do.

You know, there are many things
you don't know about me, Miss. Fisher.

It's a pity that we rarely ...

bother scratching the surface
to find the inner truth.

Mr. Larkin,
I didn't want to scratch your surface ...

I know that underneath, instead of heart, I
would find a harmonica.

And instead of soul, I would find a flute,
and instead of intellect ...

I would find a metronome
that doesn't work well.

- It was well said, Miss. Fisher.
- Thanks.

- A metronome?
- Yea.

Well, interesting mix
of poetry and cruelty.

- Well said.
- Cruelty?

Do not get me wrong.

Mr. Larkin, I thought you understood
when I told you I was expecting someone.

Well, but if, if your date doesn't come ...

Don't worry about it. He will come.

However, don't bother
to keep me company.

As you wish, Miss. Fisher.

"Did you happen to read Crime and Punishment?"
- Still here?

Do you deliberately want to ruin
my night?

Oh no.

Did you hear what they're playing?
Do you know what that song reminds me of?

Sim, 99 harpas.

Not that.

It reminds me of a young woman
looking for work.

- A very nice young woman.
- How you know how to lie.

That was before he started
making fun of me ...

Imitating me in the wardrobe.

And tell you now, Miss. Fisher,
I don't have crooked legs.

- It does not have?
- No.

- I have information to the contrary.
- Well, it's a lie.

If you think I have crooked legs,
let's go to the street and I'll taste it.

- I'll get my pants up.
- What? How?

And another thing, you
can have beautiful thoughts ...

but she hides very well
because she is cold and moody like a spinster.

And if you don't take care of yourself,
that's what you're going to be.

- I? Spinster?
- Yea.

The more you talk, the more nonsense you say.

I have letters that I could show you. They were
written by a very superior man ...

this is ridiculous.
They opened his eyes.

- Me spinster?
- Yea.

- You are a poor dependent!
- Poor dependent?

Thank you and good night,
Elizabeth Browning.

Tell me, what did you think?

- I didn't see him.
- How?

Mr. Larkin came and
sat at my table.

And don't go out. He just talked,
talked until it was so late that ...

When it came out,
it was lying in the snow.

You must have seen us through the window.

You must have seen us together and thought ...

You can write to him. Can you explain.

No, I can never explain it.

I wouldn't understand.

Do not.

I would never understand.

Now Reduced to $ 38.75.

Hello, Rudy.

Miss Aunt's aunt. Fisher called
to say he's sick.

- He won't come today.
- I think we'll survive.

Do not understand you.
How can you be so cruel to her?

Yesterday he was waiting for you,
and he didn't even come in to see you.

He left and left
her sitting alone.

- That would upset anyone.
- Don't tell me about Miss. Fisher.

You don't know her like me.

At least, phone.

Listen, if you have to call,
she can do it.

But I do not understand.
You're so stupid.

Very sick, eh?

- Is that you, Aunt Addie?
- Yes my dear.

- Aunt, did you have a letter for me?
- After all, there was no time.

I will never hear from him again.

Come on, Veronica, maybe you had to leave
town on business.

Perhaps your mother fell ill.

I wanted to be dead.

Within an hour, there's another post.
I will go again.

- Who knows if he calls.
- No, it can't be.

You don't know my number, you do
n't even know my name.

Yes tell me? Who is it?

One moment please.

Mr. Larkin, from the store.
Do you want to speak to him?

No. I don't want to talk to him.
Say anything.

Sorry, but it doesn't feel right.

I hope it
's nothing serious. Right.

Say we miss you.
I say that she is very hardworking.

She is a good salesperson ...

and now that Christmas is approaching,
we need a good saleswoman.

Listen, say
you might come by to see how you are, do you want to?

Thanks. Yes.

- Good Morning.
- Ah, it's you.

- MS. Fisher, can I come in?
- Well...

I'm sorry to see you at the door,
but my aunt isn't here.

I hope you excuse the intrusion,
but it is a business visit.

- Want to come in?
- Being on behalf of the store, I wanted to ...

- See if you lied?
- No, no, I didn't say that.

I just wanted to ... How do you feel?

Well, it will pass, I think, someday.

Didn't you go to the doctor?

No, Mr. Larkin.

I don't need a doctor.

My problem could be
called psychological.

- Oh, yes it is only psychological ...
- Only psychological!

Well, what I mean is that ...

Mr. Oberkugen will have a party tomorrow
at the Vienna Garden.

and maybe, if you go, it could help you.
Psychologically, say.

- A party?
- Yea.

- In the Vienna Garden?
- Yea.

Well, of course ...

Mr. Larkin, that you don't understand
women at all.

It's to celebrate an engagement.

Nellie and Mr. Oberkugen are getting married.

And he rented the hall for the whole night.

You will see, after 20 years,
Nellie has finally accepted ...

No, I will go. Don't worry, I will go.

My mother had to take the bus
to go to the market.

And he said that Addie could take care of the baby.
I have music class.

- Oh, if by any chance. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- You have a visitor.
- Ah, it's Jerome. Give it to me, please.

Do not sit. I know how to do it.

One hand on the coast and the other hand
below, right?

Yes, better give it to me.

God help me.

- But, how do you know so much about babies?
- I've had dozens of them.

- How?
- From my sister.

There is nothing you can tell me about
babies that I don't know about.

I'm an expert
at taking their breath away.

- By the way, whose is it?
- The one over there is your mother.

- How?
- I mean, this is your mannequin.

My aunt does all her clothes.

It's easy to see who you look like.
Don't let it get hot.

- No, sure.
- Hold your back.

I know what I do. Do not worry.
I've been doing this for months.

- Does your sister live here?
- No, in Wichita. I'm from Wichita.

You must miss them. Of babies.

Yes of course. They are good kids.

- One of them has my name, you know?
- Which one?

- Andrew.
- I didn't mean the name, but the age.

Andrew, 17 months, three weeks and two ...
No, one day.

- He was born on my birthday.
- Oh really? When is your birthday?

- Watch your back.
- It's good this way.

- June, 30.
- June, 30. Cancer.

- What?
- Astrology.

I am very interested in
the signs of the zodiac.

I can't do anything about it right now.
What is your?

- December. Capricorn.
- Capricorn? Cancer?

- Yes.
- That's why we fight so much.

- Do you know what you wanted?
- What?

- Veronica!
- Here, do you want to get him?

Watch your back and head,

Yes, I know how to do that.

- This one!
- Aunt Addie, how wonderful!

Aunt Addie, this is Mr.
Larkin, from the store.

Mr. Larkin, how are you?
It was so lovely.

Aunt, it is not a social visit.

- We shouldn't interrupt your lunch.
- I have plenty of time.

- You can give me Jerome.
- Yes, thank you.

- I'll pour you some tea.
- Yes, great.

- Go ahead, read your letter.
- Do you mind?

No, not at all.

- Good news?
- Very good, Mr. Larkin.

I'll be back to work tomorrow.

Also, I will go to the party.

Isn't it amazing
what a letter can do?

At that moment, I feel so good
that I could even forgive him.

Forgive me? Because?

- You ruined my date yesterday
- Did I ruin it?

Yes. This gentleman came
and looked out of the restaurant window ...

saw you sitting at my table
and misinterpreted everything.

- Did you think that you and I ...?
- Yea.

So it says here: Tell me honestly,
who was this handsome gentleman?

It's the kind that delights women

You really have a sense of humor.

Well, he looks like a strange man

Feeling afraid to approach a table
because there is a man sitting there.

He was not afraid.
He just acted with tact and sensitivity.

You see, it's very difficult to explain ...

a man like him
to a man like you.


Well, when you say white,
he would say black.

When you say spinster ... he would say ...

eyes that shine with fire and mystery.

- E or what else?
- Fascinating, animated ...

And many things.

If you'll excuse me, Mr. Larkin,
I have to respond immediately.

It would be the last to stop.
I say goodbye and see you tomorrow.

- Yes goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Why don't you invite
your friend to the party?

- Maybe he does.
- Goodbye.

Dear friend...

Look how it shines.
It looks like a rainbow.

Nellie, aren't you happy?
I think you must be happy.

Of course. I wanted you to use it
to shine that night.

You know, someday I'm going to have one
like this one.

Of course, beautiful.
You deserve.

Nellie, you can go
so they can get to the party in time.

- I'll take care of the box.
- Very kind, Andy. Thanks.

Let me.

MS. Fisher, will you allow me to
accompany you to the party tonight?

- Yes.
- Yes?

- I'll be at 8:00.
- OK.

Is your friend?

- Won't he come?
- No.

He prefers to be alone with me.

I don't blame him.

Sr. Larkin...

If you're in love with a young woman,
don't take her to a party.

Take her where there is music ...

on a small table, just for two.

- Yea?
- I know such a place.

I know?

I will recommend it to your friend,
if I get to see him.

Thank you, Mr. Larkin, thank you very much.

Here it is, Andrew.


- When are you going to give him the news?
- As soon as there is a raise.

- Yes sir.
- Come here before you go.

If you want a raise, now is the time.
You'll never be in a better mood.

- Wish me luck
- Sure, Andrew.


Sit down.
I want to talk to you.

Each day I give you a little more
responsibility ...

and each day proves to be

I do the best I can.

But I never expressed my appreciation
in a tangible way.

I wouldn't say that, sir.

Now I will demonstrate
how much faith I have in you.

Thank you sir.

I'll let you take my violin.

It is to surprise Nellie.

- But, sir ...
- No, shut up. I'll play for her ...

but I can't take it ...

- why would she be, as they say? ...
- Alert.

You must not be alert.
So, you take it, right? ...

And then, at the right time, you
’ll ask me to play ...

and I will say: But I don't have a violin.

And you will say: But, Mr. Oberkugen, it
turns out that I brought one with me.

No, Mr. Oberkugen, I couldn't do it.
It's a lot of responsibility.

It's a Stradivarius, sir.
Worth thousands of dollars.

I know. And I have a lot of faith in you.

- Not serious.
- No, not a word more.

Take care and protect him with your life.

- Yes sir.
- Goodbye.

- Andrew, it will be a beautiful party.
- Yes, Nellie, I'll see you later.

- What are you taking there?
- Well, we were ...

Oh no.

Andy, don't you think about playing
for all these people?

I think so.

I can't allow you to make a fool of yourself.
You have to do something.


Ready, Nellie?

- Please.
- Yea.

- What happens to her?
- She's very moved.

Of course.

- At 8:00. Don't be late and remember, eh?
- Yes sir.

Louise, come in.

- I was afraid I wouldn't find you.
- You look nice.

- Thanks. Take your invitation.
- But remember that you may have to go ...

Yes, I already know you have to go
to the Oberkugen party ...

but try to go later
to the time of my audition, do you want?

- I think the violins are in the end.
- I'll try to go.

- Okay, Andy. Thanks.
- Goodbye.

Andy, you did it!
He got me a violin.

- Listen, Louise, I wanted to tell you ...
- I said I'd do it.

- Isn't it Mr. Oberkugen's Stradivarius?
- Yes that's it.

- Exactly what I want to tell you about.
- And let me use it?

How wonderful. How wonderful!
Now I know that I will win.

I am sure you will win.

- Wish me luck, yes?
- Yea.

- Good luck, Louise.
- Thank you. Thank you very much.


Wait for the sun to shine, Nellie

And get away from the clouds

We'll be happy, Nellie

Don't sigh

We will get lost
in the Ways of Love

In love, You and me

Wait for the sun to shine, Nellie

Little by little

We'll be happy, Nellie

Don't sigh

We will get lost
in the Paths of Love

In love, you and me

Wait for the sun to shine, Nellie

Little by little

- 9:00, and Andrew doesn't arrive.
- Calm down, Otto, it'll be enough

MS. Fisher, will
you allow me the honor of this dance?

Of course.

Sr. Oberkugen...

allow me the honor of this dance?

Sorry, uncle.

Andrew. Wait a moment.

Hello, Mr. Oberkugen.
It looks like it's a magnificent party.

- Just a moment. Where's my violin?
- I couldn't bring him.

- What?
- You can't bring him.

Is that, all of a sudden, he said to me:
If I had an accident?

If it fell on the ice?

Stop finding it. Go get it.
Bring it on then.

Please, you are right where you are.
I'll bring it tomorrow.

- I'll get it.
- No.

I will bring it. Wait here. Wait.

My violin.
My Stradivarius.

- Have you played?
- No.

I'm glad you came.

Listen, I have to go back.
How much longer for that ring?

I do not know. I have no idea.

- Calm. I will not lose sight of you.
- Where's my violin?

- I left it at home.
- I have a problem.

- Do you have your key with you?
- Yea.

- Can you lend me your violin a little?
- Yes of course.

- Okay, I'll explain later.
- Right.

Thanks. I'll be back.

Otto, with that face they thought
you don't want to marry me.

Sorry, Nellie.

- Good night, Mrs. Oberkugen.
- It was a beautiful party.

But they cannot go.
Something else is missing.

- Veronica will entertain us.
- Sure, we stayed.

It's a surprise.
He rehearsed something with the quartet.

Will you allow me your attention, please?

Veronica ...
Miss. Fisher will entertain us.

Now, Veronica.

At night

when the moon comes out

must visit

friends, should visit

the old


The old barbershop

In the big tavern
where a kind of color

called Bill Jefferson Lord

played the piano and sang a song

He sang and played
all night without interruption

Until a lady
with bright eyes

Adorable call Sadie

heard him play the barbershop tune

When he finished,
Sadie sighed

Oh, God

Every time I looked at him, I screamed

Sr. Jefferson Lord

play the barbershop melody

this calm song

I find it exciting

Play that ton

just to delight me again

Why sir

when this dance starts

I feel your fingers
touch my heart

- Oh, God
- Oh, Mr. Lord

Play the barbershop melody

- Sr. Jefferson Lorde
- Thomas Jefferson Lorde

- play this barbershop melody
- play the barbershop melody

- This calm song
- This sedative song

it seems to me


Play that ton

just to delight me again

Because, sir,
when this dance starts

I feel your fingers
touch my heart

- Oh, God
- Mr. Jefferson Lorde

Mr. Jefferson Lorde

play the barbershop melody

- Another, another!
- Other!

Sing another one, Veronica!

They say I'm crazy, foolish
but I don't care

They say it or not as an insult
but I don't care

I am very independent

I am my own superintendent

And my rising star
so I don't care

I don't care, I don't care

What do you think of me

I'm carefree
They say I have courage

I live satisfied and happy

I don't care, I don't care

They watch me hard and cold

If I'm not lucky
It won't be death

Because I don't care

A girl must have composure
Heavens, what a hard life

Must be correct

When men look at her

relentless, I kept them away

But now,
when men look at me

I give them the look back

I don't care, I don't care

If people disapprove of me

Maybe without a friend I
should go my way

It's my philosophy

I don't care, I don't care

Whether you are poor or millionaire

Without a doubt I will
scream to the four winds

Because I don't care

I don't care, I don't care

If we talk about happiness,
I want what corresponds to me

Don't try to change me

Nothing can make me different

Because I don't care

Ladies and gentlemen,
you must not tire it.

He will sing later.

And now...

my dear Mr. Hickey,
don't you have something to say?

- Now?
- You wanted to say something.

Uncle Otto, do you want to touch us?

Dear Hickey,
you are very kind. Much.

But unfortunately, I don't have a violin.

I have a beautiful Stradivarius,
but I didn't bring it ...

and I don't have a violin.

How curious.

I happen to have a Stradivarius
here with me.

In that case, I will play a small number,
which is one of my favorites.

Come on, Rudy.

- It's a clumsy one. It's a donkey!
- Come on, Otto, please.

- How are you, Doctor?
- Just a little annoyed.

- Will be fine. Do not worry.
- OK.

Come on, Rudy. Help me to explain it to you.

You're fired too!
I don't want to see you again!

- Okay, I heard everything.
- I'm sorry, Andy.

It's so dumb.

- My Stradivarius.
- Sorry, Uncle Otto.

I am no longer your uncle.
Leave me in peace.

Mr. Oberkugen,
I just wanted to tell you ...

- You are fired.
- One moment, Mr. Oberkugen.

Andrew did nothing.
He didn't break his violin.

- Did nothing.
- Nothing? I let you carry the violin.

I told you to take care of him with your life.
And now I don't have a violin.

- I just wanted to say, sir ...
- Not anything you can tell me.

- Get out of my sight.
- Please listen to what I have to tell you.

I just wanted to tell you
that your violin didn't break.

- Didn't it break?
- Isn't it wonderful?

Your violin is safe and sound.
I'll bring him in an hour.

Just a moment. Bring from where?

I loaned it to someone at Symphony Hall.
I'll bring it next.

Did you borrow?
My valuable violin, borrowed it!

- Calm down, sir.
- Calm down? I'll call the police.

Do not wait.

I'm glad it's over.

- Louise, you were great.
- Heavens, do you really think, Andy?

- Of course. Won of all.
- I hope so.

- Andy, isn't it Mr. Oberkugen?
- Yes it is.

We will thank you.

Mr. Oberkugen, I don't know
how to thank you for your kindness.

When Andy brought me the violin this afternoon,
I couldn't believe it ...

Sorry, Miss. Parkson.
Judges want to talk to you.

Yes, sir, I will go next.

And thanks again,
with all my heart.

- Sorry, Andy.
- Yea.

Sorry, Mr. Oberkugen. Thought
you knew and had no heart ...

Do you want me to arrest you?
Whatever you say.

There is no need.

Thank you sir.

Come to the store tomorrow,
to receive.

Yes sir.

- Mr. Oberkugen, I ...
- I'll take you home, Miss. Fisher?

Andy, I won!

Isn't it wonderful?

- Of course. He played very well.
- Thanks.

I'll bring a carriage.

Andy, I couldn't thank you for
what you did for me.

Without you, I could never do it.

- Of course.
- Andy, I'm the happiest girl in the world.

I can't understand you.

Fire a man like Andy
and leave another like you.

I tell you you're crazy.

- Good morning, Miss. Fisher.
- Good Morning. We come?

We have to wait for Mr. Oberkugen.
Andy has the other key.

Good Morning.

- What's it?
- We have to wait for Mr. Oberkugen.

Yesterday I heard, Mr. Hickey,
that you were an acrobat.

Nellie, didn't you know? The violin that broke
was not Mr. Oberkugen's.

Was not?
It was too good to be true.

- Whose was it?
- It belonged ...

Mr. Larkin's friend.

Mr. Oberkugen arrives.

Good morning, Uncle Otto.

Good Morning.

Srta. Burke ...

prepare Mr. Larkin's envelope
and give it to him when he comes.

And give a receipt.

And to think that we were so happy yesterday.

- Good morning, Hickey.
- Hi, Andy.

- We didn't expect you this morning.
- Well, because I ...

Listen, here's Andy.

Good Morning.

I didn't think I would be here anytime soon.

Well, I thought of you,
freezing outside ...

and I thought it was best to bring the key.

- Thanks.
- Mr. Oberkugen opened it, Andy.

- Yes.
- I've seen it.

- Wait a moment, I'll bring your money.
- Thanks.

- I feel bad. I made you lose your job.
- Forgets.

Listen, you were lucky.
Although, it was not so terrible ...

I don't know what we'll do without you, Andy.
Really, this store will not be the same.

Of course. Let's work ...

the customers started to arrive.

How about a Christmas dinner tomorrow?
Is committed?

Well, not yet.

- Come with us.
- Thank you, Rudy.

- Good. We'll have a reserved place
. - Thank you.

I know we didn't get along ...

that we fought a lot ...

but, losing your job before Christmas ...

- is something that would not wish anyone ...
- Not even your worst enemy. I know.

I did not say that.

We will not fight anymore, Miss. Fisher.



- Good luck.
- Thanks.

Andy, here it is.

- One month.
- Thank you, Nellie.

- And goodbye.
- Andy, it's all my fault. I'll tell him.

You won't do any of that.
I won't allow it.

At least,
I can get you a recommendation.

- No, Nellie, I don't believe him ...
- Knock on the door in a moment.

I'll get you.

Very well.

Andrew is here.

I paid him, but it will be difficult to
get a job without a recommendation.

Very well. To whom it May concern...

I note
that Mr. Andrew Delby Larkin ...

was with me during ...

- Many years?
- Many years.

In all this time,
I found him ...

- Responsible?
- Responsible, efficient ...

Did you say responsible? It is not responsible.
You took my violin! Responsible?

- No, it's not.
- It is not honored. Its not good.

I could have put
him in jail for that.

Yes, yes it could.

Where were you, please?

In all this time,
I found him responsible ...


extremely honored ...

and, due to his dedication, I promoted him ...

promote ele ...

I was proud of him

It was like a son to me.
Like a son.

- It's Andrew, you came to get the letter.
- In between.

Good morning, sir.

I'll be done in an instant.

Where were you?

Due to his dedication, I promoted him ...

To the position of chief salesman.

And that is not all. He was also going to promote
the store manager.

When Nellie and I got married ...

I was going to put you in charge of the business.

And then he had to do this to me.

I'm sorry, sir. I can not say anything.

Otto, let's forget everything.

Andy leaves,
and you have your violin.

That's the problem.
I don't have my violin.

Yesterday, for the first time,
I heard it play as it should be played.

And I knew then that I had no right to it.

I want you to give it to your friend.

And give it to me with my blessing.
Take him tonight ...

- finishing working.
- Finished working?

Yes, finishing your job.
And now that you're a manager ...

- Manager?
- you can get the raise you wanted.

It saw? Sometimes I admit that I'm wrong.

Walking, manager.

Mr. Hickey! Mr. Hansen! Cheer up!

I am your new manager,
and I ask you for the best Christmas spirit.

- Are you a manager?
- Cheers.

- That's really good.
- Thanks.

- And Miss. Fisher?
- in the locker room.

Very well, Mr. Hickey, it will open.

It will be the best Christmas
that Oberkugen has had.

- We will sell the entire store.
- Of course, Andy.

- What happened?
- What?

What you mean?

- I thought they fired you.
- Ah, that. It was, it was.

Mr. Oberkugen changed his mind,
and hired me, promoting me as a manager.

- Well, congratulations.
- Thanks.

- It's very important to me.
- Ah yes?

Yeah, yeah. Salary increase,
and who knows? Maybe I'll get married.

He knows? It is a very attractive girl.

Yes I think.

Yes. I was surprised to learn
that I had a girlfriend.

You just thought
you couldn't have a girlfriend, right?

I ... there it is,
putting words in my mouth.

- I wasn't ...
- He's the most unbearable man I know.

- What did I do now?
- God, it was already when I was a salesman ...

- but now that you're a manager ...
- What happened?

- I hurt my finger.
- I am really sorry.

I felt so happy
when I got there this morning.

And I was happy.

Because I thought I wouldn't have
to see you every day.

- But I didn't know ...
- I can't stand you anymore.

- I'm leaving!
- Just a moment.

You can't leave like that,
when I was about to ...

Of what?

I mean, you can't leave
on Christmas Eve ...

with all the clientele that will come and ...

Do not worry. I'll end the day,
if that's what worries you.

But I warn you, Mr. Manager,
I'll be out of here tonight.

MS. Fisher, the lady is interested
in this song and wants to hear it.

Of course.

- I'll play.
- Thanks.

- Andy, does something bad happen? What was it?
- Everything.

- Told her?
- It's not over. Forgets.

Merry Christmas

have a merry christmas

of your heart's desire

On Christmas eve

When you go to sleep

Santa Claus will pass

and I know it will leave you

Exactly what you asked for

in your chimney

Then smile

enjoy the party with joy and devotion

Close to your loved ones

and the smile of your friends

When ringing the church bells

Like singing angels

Listen to the song that they happily repeat

Hang a wish for me

on your Christmas tree

For a happy


- Mr. Oberkugen ...
- Well, my children ...

this Christmas was the biggest
in the history of the Oberkugen store.

And I want to show my thanks.

MS. Fisher, I hope it will be the first
of many Christmases with us.

- Thank you, Mr. Oberkugen, But I ...
- Mr. Hansen, please.

- Did a good job.
- Thank you, Mr. Oberkugen.

Now, I know that sometimes
I was blunt ...

but you know, nephew, that it’s not serious.

Thank you, Uncle Otto.

- And now.
- Mr. Oberkugen, did it for me ...

this very happy Christmas.

This is for the manager.

And tell this young woman that, please ...

- take care of my Stradivarius.
- Yes sir.

- Come on, Nellie.
- Goodnight.


Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all.

You don't need me to help you close today,
do you, Andy?

No, Rudy, go with your family, I will close.

- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Yea.

- Good night, Miss. Fisher.
- Good night, Mr. Hansen.

- What did you say?
- Who missed something.

Yes, I lost my cloak.

- Andy.
- Or what?

I hope you are not offended
by approaching Miss. Fisher.

I didn't know until yesterday
that I was in love with you

I thought I was doing it right,
but the best man wins.

- Hickey, are you coming or not?
- I'm going.


Mr. Larkin,
would you mind giving this to Mr. Oberkugen?

Now that I'm not here anymore,
I don't think I should accept it.

- Won't you change your mind?
- No.

I was leaving in
a few weeks.

Do you know, Mr. Larkin?
You are not the only one who is getting married.

Seriously? And when did this happen?

- Excuse. I'll help you, okay?
- Thanks.

And when did this happen?

It hasn't happened yet.

- I understand.
- And, of course, he may not ask me.

- And also ...
- Maybe so.

I will tell you, I know it will happen.

Sr. Larkin...

why do you say you know?

Well, you better tell him.
He came to see me the other day.

- Who?
- Your fiance.

I was very
uncomfortable with him, you know?

Didn't believe you when you wrote ...

that he felt nothing for me.
Can imagine?

Well, it doesn't cross my mind.

Did you say that he came to see you?

Yes, yes, it did. But do not worry...

because I clarified the whole matter.

In a little while,
you will be Mrs. Newspickle.

Well, that's the name, isn't it?
That's what he said.

Sim, Newspickle.

- He's a good person. Congratulations.
- Thanks.

She's a lucky girl.

Did he find it attractive?

Yes, I did. But, don't want to change it.

Don't go on a diet.

- Would you say you're fat?
- Well, not exactly.

Personally, I liked his belly
. It gives a homemade look.

After all,
this is what you want from a spouse.

This is what I want.

And as for being bald ...

- Bald?
- I don't think anyone would notice.

He lets
his hair grow back ...

and comb it forward ...

- covering up to the ears. It's a genius.
- Mr. Larkin.

- What?
- And the mind?

He thought it was ...

very clever, ingenious?

Ingenious, no.

I actually found him depressed.

Of course, you can't judge
a man without a job.

Are you out of work?


He never told me anything about it.

As you say, it is very sensitive.

But I think you can live comfortably
with what you earn.

Did you ask how much I earn?

Yes, and then, it's your fiancé.

I was worried at first ...

but I promised I would give you a raise.

Well, I ... This is ridiculous, scandalous.

I would like you to read your letters ...

and discover
your point of view so high.


And now I discover that it is materialistic.

Materialistic too?

Excuse me.
Have ruined your Christmas.

Well, it didn't ruin.
I think I should thank you.

No, there is no reason to do that.
But, do you know what I want?

Let Newspickle
with its problems ...

and focus on me.

But I can not.
You already have a girlfriend.

- No not yet.
- Just a moment. This is wrong

- Besides, it's Christmas.
- I know, but Mr. Larkin ...

Veronica, I love you so much.

Open box 237 and
take me out of the envelope

- Box 237?
- Dear friend.

- You?
- Yea.

Are you disappointed?

Psychologically, I'm confused ...

but, personally,
I am delighted.

Translated and subtitled
by Alexandre Neto

Note: The child is the daughter Liza Minelli.