In the Cold of the Night (1990) - full transcript

Scott is a fashion photographer concerned about the sudden appearance of nightmares in his nightly dreams. In these, he seems to be involved in the murder of a beautiful young woman. When he actually meets this dreamwoman in reality, he begins to suspect that something strange must be responsible. As he attempts to solve the enigma of his troubling dreams, he is falling deeply in love with the mysterious woman. In the end, he uncovers a diabolical and sinister plot....

- All right, ladies,
here we go.

Get ready.

Everything's set.


# Never know how much I love you

# Never know how much I care

# When you put your arms around me

# I get a fever that's
so hard to bear

# You give me fever
when you kiss me

# Fever when you hold me tight

# Fever in the mornin'

# Fever all through the night

# Sun lights up the day time

# Moon lights up the night

# I light up when you call my name

# And you know I'm gonna
treat you right

# You give me fever
when you kiss me

# Fever when you hold me tight

# Fever in the mornin'

# Fever all through the night

# Everybody's got the fever

# That is somethin' you all know

# Fever isn't such a new thing

# Fever started long ago

Bye Scott.

Bye Scott, thanks. - Goodbye.

See ya GUYS-

# Juliet, she felt

So, what'd you think?

- I think you're even sexier
with your clothes on.

- Does that mean I can
spend the night?

- Only if you promise to respect
me in the morning.

- I promise to be horny
in the morning.

Works for me.

Oh god, that's great.


Heard any good screw jokes lately?

Oh god, Scott.

Come on.

How many feminists does it take to
screw in a light bulb?

How many?


One to screw in the bulb,

and two to discuss the violation
of the socket.

That sucks.

I know.

- How many pessimists does it take
to screw in a light bulb?

You're devastating.

You ain't seen nothin' yet.

- No, no, no, no, no, no, Lena,
I'm wasted.

I gotta some sleep.

Sleep is for wimps.



Scott, Scott!


You tried to strangle me.

Your hand was around my throat,
Scott, I couldn't breathe.

But I almost came.

Hey, don't worry, I've inspired
dirty dreams before.

# You are in my shadow

You've already done 200.

Jeez, relax.

Shut up and eat your pizza.

God, you look like shit.

Yeah, I didn't sleep last night.

She snored, huh?

Bad dream.

Yeah, it's always a nightmare

when they wanna talk afterwards.

Saw myself kill a woman.

- Yeah, it was probably
your future ex-wife.

Hey, give me a break.

Okay, okay.

- It wasn't like a dream,
you know, man?

It was too real.

I was walkin' down this hallway
in somebody's house.

This girl's takin' a shower, I
open the shower door,

and I start strangling her.

- So, you had nightmare,
what's the big deal?

- The big deal is that
when I woke up,

I was actually choking the
girl next to me.


What happened?

She was all right.

I took a cold shower and never
went back to sleep.

You just got laid, didn't ya?

- What's that got
to do with it?


You were beat, your mind was
playing games with ya.

That's all it was.

Yeah, you're probably right.

- Scotty, you ever have
a secret desire

to make it with your mother?


- Well, there are all kinds
of explanations

for recurring dreams.

I'm not gonna come up with
something off the top of my head.

How rational are they?

- Well, you have to understand
that we're dealing

with a subject for which

there are not many
rational answers.

- I was thinking, I had a
motorcycle accident a while back,

bad one, no helmet,

and I spent a little time
in intensive care.

Could this be some kind of a
post-trauma thing?

It's a possibility.

You ever have nightmares?

Just the usual kind, you know,

falling, childhood monsters,
things like that.

- Plus, all the dreams
you've forgotten.

Not these dreams, Doctor.

You don't forget these dreams.

- Okay, the centerpiece
for your dreams

is a woman, the same woman.

The method of murder is different,


- Do you
recognize the woman?

Not consciously.

- Do you see yourself
in the dream?

I don't think so.

- Then why do you think you're
doing the killing?

I don't see it, I feel it.

It's hard to explain.

I feel myself walking
down that hallway.

I, I, I feel myself in the body
moving into the bathroom.

No, I'm the one who's
doing those murders.

I woke up and I was actually
choking the woman next to me.

- Well, that could be a
simple reflex action.

See, dreams that generate this
kind of powerful emotion

occasionally will
manifest themselves

with equally strong
kinetic activity.

Tell me about the other dream.

It was a knife, jagged edge.

I saw my hand-

Or somebody's hand.

But it felt like,

I felt like it was me
doing the stabbing.

Did it give you pleasure?


It scared me.

The woman's scream woke me up.

So, the dream frightens you.

You don't associate the
murder with pleasure.

I wouldn't worry about it.

There's no way that I'm
gonna interpret

that you're harboring some bizarre
homicidal tendencies

in your subconscious.

Could be something
very complicated,

or something as simple as stress.

In any case, I'm glad you decided
to talk to somebody.

What about a CAT scan?

Well, CAT scans are for people

with serious brain problems.

What you need is a good
night's sleep.

Don't deliberately try
to stay awake.

Don't shy away from the dream.

Chances are you may not
even have it again,

but if you do, don't fight
the damn thing.

Try to make peace with it.

- How's the Boston
Strangler tonight?

You're not thrilled to see me?

Not a good day, what's up?

You're outta salami,

your Jack cheese is growing green
fur, you got no lettuce,

and you need mayo and tomato.

- I'm glad you're
enjoying your dinner.

Where you been all evening?

Hot date or somethin'?


Why didn't you bring her home?

I was with a shrink, Phil.

I heard they give good head.

Do me a favor, pal.

- Shut up and get the
fuck outta here.

Just shut up.

And, uh, spend the night here,

_ okay-

So, this dream thing's
really got ya paranoid.

Just curious.

The shrink couldn't help me out.

Gotta draw my own conclusions.

Which are?

Maybe I'm not just dreaming.

_ okay-

Maybe that girl really exists.

I, I checked newspaper articles
going back three years.

No pictures, no mention of a girl
like her being murdered.

_ okay-

- So, that rules out my
being influenced

by something that I've
seen or read.

- With the exception of Friday
the 13th, Jagged Edge,

and about 500 other movies.

- No, no, this dream is too
consistent in detail.

Everything, same house, same
furniture, same girl.

Only the murders are different.

So, hit me with the heavy stuff.

- What if there's this killer,
real killer out there

who's thinkin' about, planning
to kill that girl?

What if I'm somehow
intercepting his thoughts?

- I think you and Brian De Palma
should get together.

You are one useless human machine.

Fuck you.

- I now leave you alone to the
misery of your feeble body

and your victory over your
worst nightmare.

- You know, for an ape, you can be
quite poetic sometimes.

Oh, well, thank you, thank you.

Anytime you got a bad dream,
give me a call.

They don't call me the head
doctor for nothin'.

- Good morning, will you hold
those messages, sweetheart.

I don't wanna see 'em just yet.

Good morning.

Hi, Scott. - How are we?

Hi. - Ooh, you guys look great.

You all ready?

Yeah. - Good.

Hey, Paul.

Yeah, hi, Scott.

How long we got?

Five minutes.


Four minutes.

Four minutes, beautiful.

Tiffany, will you put
this stuff away?


How are you lovely things?

You guys look great.

Okay, nice, nice.

Come one, there you go,
that's right.

Good, good, good, good.

Okay now, there you go, right,
yeah, another one.

Another one, good, good, good,

No, no sweetheart, that's
not what I need.

Okay, look, what I want you to do
is I want you to turn.

Right, now bring your face back.

That's right, good, that's nice.

- Come on, Scott, what are
you waiting for?

Come on, what are you waiting for?

Come on, Scott, what are
you waiting for?

- What's wrong with you?
- Click it.

Come on, Scott,

what are you waiting for? -
What's wrong with him?

- Come on, Scott,
what are you waiting for?

Click it.

- Come on, Scott. - What's
wrong with him?

- Come on, Scott. - What are
you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

- What's wrong? - What are
you waiting for?

Click it.

- Come on, Scott. - What's
wrong with him?

Click it. - Come on, Scott.

What are you waiting for? -
What's wrong with him?

- Click it. - What are
you waiting for?

- What's wrong with him? -
Come on, Scott.

- What happened to you,

Hey Scott, you blacked out.

Are you doing drugs?

- Give him a break, you guys,
he's had a hard day.

How 'bout a cup of tea?

Don't fucking touch me.

Just stay away, just stay away.

Just taking your fucking clothes

and get out of here. - Oh my god.

Jeez. - You're outta your mind.

What is your- - What's the
matter with you?

What's the matter with you, Scott?

- God, Scott. - What is
your problem?

- There's nothing here, Scott,
it's normal.

- So, what are you saying,
I'm goin' nuts?

Of course not.

A few nightmares never
killed anybody.

- I was wide awake, I was
in that house.

It's no longer a nightmare.

Maybe these things

are hallucinatory
extensions of your dreams.

Maybe you're experiencing some

post-traumatic reaction
to your accident.

Maybe you oughta take a vacation.

- Take two Valium and call
me in the morning.

- What I am gonna do is to give
you a mild muscle relaxant.

Just don't overdo it.

Take the normal dosage for
a couple of days.

You can call me if there's any
problem, side effects.

Call me anyway.

Yeah, cancel that one too.

Right, I know, I know, I'll never
work in this town again.


Wednesday, the beer stuff?

Well, postpone that.

Well, if they don't go for it,
just cancel.

I don't give a fuck
what you tell 'em.

Just, you know, you
get paid to lie.

Well, between herpes and
dead grandmother,

I'm sure you're gonna come
up with somethin'.




Look at me.

I'm lookin'.

Do I look crazy to you?


Thank you.

No problem.

Hey, ypu got a quarter?

Fuckin' A, man.

Which one?


I like the pineapple.

Pineapple's no good.

- Warned ya, man, pineapple
gives ya the shits.

Gotta make a run at Seaport.

- Hey, hey, can I talk to you
guys for a minute?

Yeah, what's up, man?

- I'm sorry to bother ya, but
this, you know this girl?



That's a hand-painted shirt.


Where'd you get it?

Hey, goin' somewhere, pal?

- You ain't gonna shoot me,
are ya, man?

- You crazy cocksucker, I'm
not gonna shoot you.

You ain't a cop?

You dumb fuck, I'm not a cop.

What'd you do?

You stole this, didn't ya?

None of your fuckin' business.

- Okay, I said I
wouldn't shoot you.

I didn't say I wouldn't
break your neck.

Okay, okay, I stole it.

I stole 20 more of 'em too,
so what?

So, what are you
gonna do about it?

I get this and you get this,

and then you tell me exactly
where you stole it from.

What if I don't?

Then I will break your neck.

# I don't want nobody

# Tellin' me what to do

# Well, the get beside themselves

# And I don't go for that

Great place you got here.


How can I help you?

- Well, I was wonderin', do you
have any more of these?

# I'll tend to mine

- Ah, I'm sorry, that's
hand-painted, one of a kind.

# Tellin' me what to do

- Damn, I wanted another one, I
really liked the artwork.

Thank you.

Oh, you did this?

It's a beautiful girl, is, um,
she a model?


I'm a fashion photographer.

This girl has a very
unique quality,

and I thought, you know, maybe
she's in the business.

I wouldn't really know.

But you painted her.

- Yeah, but my man, I paint a lot
of different things.

Mostly from memory, I
don't use models.

Now, this girl you're
trying to find.

Jeez, I mighta seen her months
or even years ago.

Mighta seen a picture
in a magazine.

Maybe even had a dream about her.

You saw her in a dream.

- Now, look, I don't know
where I saw her.

Let's just say I invented her,

and we'll leave it at that, okay?

Can I ask ya another question?

Sure, why not?

That's all you've done
since you walked up.

- Have you had any kinda odd
dreams lately, you know,

different than usual?

- My dreams are all exactly the
same, dull, colorless.

Are you finished now, Dr. Freud?

- So, uh, you wouldn't know
this girl's name?

- Nor her address or her
astrological sign or anything else.

I suggest you find somebody
else to obsess on.

- Well, my studio's
pretty nearby here.

If you do happen to remember
anything about her,

would ya at least give me a call?

- Oh, I didn't bring any
wine or anything.

Oh, wine I got, come on in.

Look at that.

You okay?

I think so.

I'm just surprised you
invited me to dinner.


- Because I'm a one
night kinda girl.

I usually get invited to dinner
before, not after.

Well, with me, it's different.

Come on, sit down.

Tonight, we go to Greece.

First stop, the island of Corfu

where the chef recommends
pheasant salad,

vine leaves stuffed with rice,
calamari, ouzo.

- The sights and smells of
the Mediterranean.


I got a little something for ya.

Designer condoms, right?

- Lena, it wouldn't kill ya just
to be a tiny bit romantic.

Come on, open 'em.

Put it on.

It's beautiful, but why?

- I just felt terrible about
the other night,

and I wanted to do something
to make it up to ya.

God, you didn't have to do that.

I was yours for the taking.

Thank you, really.

Oh shit.

That was breakfast, I gotta go.

What time is it?

7:30, time to make a living.

Listen, next time, dinner's on me.

If there's no next time, thanks,
it was great.


Are you Scott Bruin?


Are you Scott Bruin?


My name is Kimberly Shawn,

and I want you to tell the
man who hired you

that he's wasting his money

because we're through and he's
never going to see me again.

It's over, it's been
over for a year,

and hiring two-bit private dicks
won't do him any good.

You tell him that for me,
all right?

Wait, wait, wait.

Keep your hands off me.

I'm sorry.

But it isn't like ya think.

Just give him my message.

' Who?

- Is he also paying you
to act stupid?

- No, nobody's paying
me for anything.

I'm not, I'm not a
private investigator.


- I'm telling you the truth,
I'm a photographer.

Really, look.

If, if you just come in, I
can prove it to ya.

Is it safe to come in.

- Oh, I was just trying to take a
shower when you showed up.

Leave the door open.

All right, let's say you
are a photographer,

why are you trying to find me?

I'm not, I mean, I wasn't.

Okay, I bought a t-shirt that
had your face on it,

and uh, I thought you had an
interesting look.

I'm a fashion photographer,

and I asked the guy who
painted it who you were,

and he told me that you
didn't exist.

Rudy knows my ex-husband.

He's just being protective.

So, I'm not the bad guy anymore?

- Is it safe to leave
my bike outside?

No, not in this neighborhood.

Be right back.

Got any coffee?

That's your third one.

You drink too much coffee.

I didn't sleep too well.

- Not that it's any
of my business,

but you're a nervous wreck.

Thank you.

Can I buy you dinner?

I've got plans.


Meeting a friend.

How 'bout an ice cream?

What time is it?

It's a few minutes before 11.

Out of the question.

So, what's with the accent?

What accent?

Brazilian father, I
grew up in Rio,

and by the time Mother claimed me,
I was 17.

Then I married a Frenchman.

That didn't do much for
my accent either.

So, how long were you married.

Three weeks.

That's not very long.

Three weeks with a Frenchman,

as close you can get
to an eternity.

From honeymoon to divorce, huh?

- From Monte Carlo to Paris and
from gambling to solicitors.

So, did you love him?

- I was sexually attached to
him for a while.

- Sexual attachments
don't last long.

If he's still chasing you,
he's still in love.

We always fall in love

with what we don't have
or can't have.

So, what are we doing for lunch?

- I thought you were
meeting a friend.

It's a big restaurant.

- I think you're going to like the
smoked chicken salad

and the Champagne grapes are
simply delicious.


- What do you think of Kimberly,

What do I think of Kimberly?

Interesting question.

- Well, I mean, she's a very
beautiful girl, isn't she?


- She took her father's
strong Brazilian blood,

his temper, and his mischief.

- 20 years later and she's still
bitter with Father.

- Well, some feelings just
don't wash away.

Are you enjoying the
Champagne grapes?

Simply delicious.

How did you two meet?

I ran into him this morning.

He was half-naked.


How embarrassing.

- Well, he was, I got him
out of the shower.

I thought he was working for Mr.

- Oh, I think he's too
nice a young man

to be working for your ex-husband.

Jean-Jacques is another person

who doesn't wear off with time
in Mother's mind.


Do you have bad dreams, Scott?

No, not usually.

Yeah, well, neither do it.

Of course, I do see it
very much anyway.

So, you got Scott out of
the shower and-

- Let me make it smile for ya,
Mrs. Shawn.

Last night, Kimberly and I
slept together.


No, you didn't.

- It's all right, Mother,
it's only birds.

Mother has this thing about birds.

Why do I get the feeling

that your mother was upset?

- Probably because you
underestimate her sense of humor,

which happens to be very dry.

She got the joke.

Do you like oldies?


Why'd you go outwith me?

- Because I was alone and
feeling miserable.

The thought of having
lunch with Mother

just bored me to tears.

Plus, I had nothing better to do.


You're not gonna pout, are you?

How 'bout dinner?

You asked before.

Yeah, I know I already asked.

How 'bout dinner?

Still no.

Somebody else?

Is it serious?

You ask too many questions.

- Yeah, well you don't
volunteer much information.

Drop me off over there.


There, the black BMW.

What about your bike?

- Take care of it, I'll
pick it up later.



I don't know, man.

Whole things sounds pretty fishy.

- Well, how else do
you explain it?

I can't.

Very basic brain, beer damage.

But I do know things like this

just don't happen in real life.

Guy dreams of girl.

Guy sees picture of girl's face
on stolen t-shirt.

Guy tries to track girl down.

Girl finds guy.

Guy loses girl.

She left her bike.

- Big deal, a witch never leaves
her broomstick behind.

Nothing makes sense anymore,

and you know what, I don't care.

It's open.

I knew you'd show up today.

After being so
mysterious and complex,

something started
making sense to me.

You're almost predictable.

I figured you out just by looking
closely at this bike.

Chrome, black,


But not too much, enough to
drive you off a cliff.

Dangerous, yet sleek and
beautiful at the same time.

Almost lost my head on a
bike like this once.

Spent five weeks in the hospital.

It was a stupid accident.

I think of it as my own Vietnam.

Idiotic, senseless.

But to me, it was heroic.

I always talk to people
about that accident

as if it was the only foolish

and brave thing I've ever done.

First thing I said to myself

when I got out of
intensive care was,

god, I'd love to go for a ride.

False sense of freedom.

No seat belts, no helmets.

Just you, the machine, the wind.

And you go faster and faster,

and it gets riskier and riskier,
and it gives you a rush

like nothing else you've
seen in this world,

but you wouldn't stop doin' it

no matter how dangerous it got.

- If therapy's over, I'll cook
dinner for you now.

Don't play games with me.

I'm not playing games.

I'm not a good loser.

- There's nothing to
win or lose here.

How 'bout my sanity?

You willing to take risks?

What do you think?

Then trust me.

The ride scare you?

- You always drive straight
to the bedroom?

- Only when I have to
pee real bad.

Be right back.

It's a pretty impressive house.

- Pretty boring too, it's being
sold for 12 million.

You'll be rich.

- No, I won't, I'm just
house sitting.

When the owner's sell,
I'm outta here.

Wanna play Bocuse?

I don't know the game.

- Bocuse, chef, South of France,
nouvelle cuisine.

- You got any pizza
in the freezer?

Wanna taste it?

Like it?

I love it, what is it?

Maybe it's the sauce.

Maybe it's just the way I taste.

- Well, I'm not real good with
puzzles, but let's find out.

You haven't touched your pizza.

You cook too well.

That's not all I do well.


Mm, I paint, and uh.


I think food is sexy.

Like it?

- Now, that would make
great pizza topping.

- ls pizza all you
can think about?

- What about you,
what do you like?

- Hmm, carpaccio and um,
souffle Grand Marnier

and uh, veal cooked with
grapes and coq au vin.

Coq au vin.


- What exotic dishes are we
eating right now?




Plain ordinary salad.



I have a confession to make.


- I can't take you back,
I'm too tired.

Is this a come-on, Kimberly?

- You had a good time with me
today, didn't you?


I really did.

- I'm starting to like you, Scott,
a lot,

and I really love foreplay.

Is there any reason we
have to rush this?

Not that I can think of.

Good, I'll sleep in my bedroom.

The rest of the place is yours.

I'll clean up.

Leave it for the maid.

When does she come?

Next week.

What took you so long?

- I thought you didn't
wanna rush things?

I lied.

What, what is it?

So, what was that all
about last night?


- Come on, Scott, I'm talking
about your sudden urge

to kiss me while I was
sleeping so nicely.

That's all it was, an urge.

I'd rather hear the truth.

- Truth is I had a strange
dream last night.

Some guy with a shotgun came into
your room and blasted you.

Did bleed?

A lot.

- Good, that means
strong emotions.

Was it day or night?

Does it matter?


Strong emotions, quiet
subconscious, violence,

an unknown man in the dark,

Was he French, by any chance?

He didn't speak.

Well, I'm no dream expert,

but I bet all of those
Jean-Jacques horror stories

affected you real bad.

I never had bad dreams before.

That makes you abnormal.

I've had horrible dreams
until I was 16.

Then what happened?

I made love for the first time.

Come on, come on.

Come on, what are you waiting for?

That wasn't funny.

- You just have a rotten
sense of humor.

Oh yeah.

What's wrong with it?

It's got a mind of its own.

When it's convenient for you
to laugh, it works.

When it's not convenient,
nothing's funny.

Very impressive, Doctor.

We've known each other
for 24 hours,

you've already analyzed my dreams

and criticized my sense of humor.

- I wouldn't change you
for anything.

You wanna know somethin'?

Okay, here it goes.

What I'm about to tell you

is one hell of an important thing.

It's not conjecture, it's
not a promise,

it's just what is right now,
today, at this moment, okay?

Thing is I love you.

What did I say?


Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, wait.

What's wrong?

- There's no way you can love
someone in such a short time.

Okay, wrong choice of words.

How 'bout this, I think I'm
falling in love with you.

No, you're not.

Yes, I am.

How do you know?

I know me.

- Look, we're two
consenting adults

having some fun, that's all.

If I offended you, I'm sorry.

I withdraw everything I said.

From now on, I'll just
keep my mouth shut

and my feelings to myself.



I'll call you later.

- Don't worry, I'm not gonna ask
you any more questions.

It'll be better that way.

# Love

# ls a many splendored thing

# It's the April rose

# That only grows

# In the early spring

# Love


# ls nature's way


- You almost fell
asleep in my arms.

Just had my eyes closed.

I see better that way.

# The golden crown

What were you seeing just now?

- Us in St. Thomas or Rio, far
away from all this.

# Love

Well, this isn't too shabby,
you know?

- Yes, but the residue of
my life is here.

All I've ever done,

all I still have to do.

I like everything to be brand new,

without a past, just for you.

- Hey, I thought we
weren't gonna talk

about the past or the future.

# My silent heart

# And taught it how to sing

You can always talk.

Just don't scare me with feelings.

I can't handle those.

# True love's a many
splendored thing



What are you doing?

Scott, stop!


Wanna talk about it?

Not right now.

- Come on, Scott, what's
going on here?

What's really bothering you'?

Talk to me, damn it.

- I've just had a couple of bad
dreams lately, that's all.

- We've all had our share
of nightmares.

Don't let it get you down.

Yeah, I'll be okay.

I know you will.

- I'm gonna sleep out
here tonight.

I don't wanna scare ya anymore.

- Sleep with me, it
won't happen again.

It's all over.

I'm gonna sleep in the tent.





You look like you saw a ghost.

- God, you scared the
hell outta me.

- Yeah, I look horrible
in the morning.

- I thought you, I
thought you'd left.

Just about to, why?

I made you some breakfast.

- You can use some food,
I gotta run.

Wait, what's the hurry?

The house may be for free,

but nobody pays for my expenses.

I gotta work sometime.

All right, give me a lift.

I'll just be a minute.

- I'm having a few friends over
for dinner tonight.

Can you make it by seven?

I'll be there.


Follow her, not too close.

A few friends for dinner, huh?

I hate dull meals.

- Does the owner know you're
throwing these little bashes?

He couldn't care less.

He's so bored and unhappy with
all of his money,

he probably wouldn't get upset

if the place burned to the ground.

Hi, Ken! - I root for the guy.

Someone you know?

Yeah, a friend.

You don't know here?

- I don't know everybody who
comes to my parties.

- Well, well, my god,
it's a small world.

Hi, Lena, this is Kimberly.

Hi, great place you've got.

Thank you.

- If you don't mind my saying so,
you're beautiful.

Thanks again, it's the makeup.

Scott, I've got to mingle.

Why don't you keep Lena company?

Excuse me.


She invite you?

Oh, not personally.

Kind of a friend of a
friend of a friend.

You know how parties are.

- Any chance you're
remembering the name

of this mysterious friend?

- Well, let's see, I've
had three drinks.

Give me another half hour,

I can come up with all the names
you want.

She your new flame?

- Well, I'm afraid it's gone
way beyond that.


I hate to admit it, but you make a
great-looking couple.

- Hey Lena, you're a hell of a
girl, you know that?


Oh, don't worry, Scott,
I don't talk.

- Why don't you let me
help you to bed?

" Bed?

Hell no, party's just heatin' up.

- Come on, Scott, you need a
good night's sleep.


Like all the other good night's
sleep I've had lately.


Please, Scott, I bruise easily.

- Bruise easy, get off your
princess cloud, Kim.

I'm trying to spill my guts here.

I've told you some lies, my love.

The first time I saw your face, it
wasn't on any t-shirt.

It was in a nightmare.

I was trying to
strangle you to death.

And, uh,

when I told you you had an
interesting face, another lie.

Your face is not interesting, Kim.

It's the most beautiful thing I've
ever seen in my life.


I can't-

Stop this.

- If I do, I might not
have the guts

to finish what I have to say.

- Then don't finish, I don't
want to hear it.

You've gotta hear it.


- Because I dream every night
that I'm killing you.

In the beginning, it was
just a nightmare,

but can't you see it?

It's come true, I mean, I'm here
in the same house,

scared I'm gonna hurt you.

Christ, I can't even protect
you from myself.

But because I love you so much

and because I'm such a
fucking coward,

I can't just walk away,
never see you again.

You've got some secrets too.

Black BMW, house in the Hills.

And I got a feelin' you're
more scared than me.

What are your nightmares,

- Well, I need to tell
you that I love

but being terrified to say it,

losing you when I want you more
than anything in this world,

pretending not to be jealous

when I see you with another woman.

I have lots of nightmares, Scott.

You don't want to know about them

because you're a part of
them and it hurts.

- I was looking for an
aspirin yesterday,

and I found this in one
of your drawers.

I live alone here, I have to.

I know.

I want you to do me a favor.

Put it under your pillow,

and if I ever try to
hurt you again,

you shoot me.

Good morning.

What year is this?

Same year, new day.

You slept like a log.


Hangover medicine.

Ugh, juice from hell.

It'll make you feel better.

And try to get some more sleep.

Yeah, very funny.

With this black poison in me, I'll
be awake till I'm 40.

Where you goin'?


Oh, new mysteries.

No more mysteries.

Here's my number, call me
if you need me.

- What the hell am I
supposed to do

all alone in this mortuary?

- Snoop around, watch some movies,
get well.

See ya later.

# There's a cold wind blowin'
in the night

# I see your face but you're
no where in sight

# I wanna touch you in the
heat of the light

# You're a cold wind blowin'

# Cold wind blowin' in the night

I Ah

- Oh, yeah, hi, um, I
was wondering,

how much would it be to have
one of your planes

fly a personalized banner.

# There's no place you can hide

- Um, it's Pacific Coast
Highway near Malibu.

# I'll go searchin'
for the answers

- Aw, I don't know, somethin'

like, I love you, Kimberly,
something like that.


# Cold wind

# Cold wind

# Cold wind

You can't do this to me.

Wonder what Fatty is up to.


A zero, an incompetent.

- You don't understand, I got
no place left to go.

Get out of here!

- It's like you're killing me,
old man!

- Get out before I
call the police.

You crazy bastard.

He hit hard.

- I
asked you first.

- Yeah,
but I got the gun.

Yeah, I'll rephrase that.

Yeah, who the hell are you and
why do you have a gun?

I'm the owner.

Bullshit, you're Mexican.

I hate stereotypes.

- Go ahead,
make, what's that line, T.C.?



Stroman Associates.

Uh yeah, Kimberly Shawn, please.

- I'm sorry, Miss
Shawn outwith a client.

Can I take a message?

- I'm supposed to deliver
some shoes to her.

Could you give me her address?

- Stroman
Associates, can I help you?

Uh, yeah, Kimberly Shawn please.

- I'm sorry,
she's still out.

Would you like to leave a message?

- Oh no, no message, I
called before, thanks.

Stroman Associates.

- Yeah, is Kimberly
Shawn back yet?

- I'm sorry,
she's not.

Maybe she's gone for the day.

Okay, thanks.

Kimberly Shawn, what a
pleasant surprise.

Scott, this is Karen, my-

- Oh, nice to meet you, but I'm
really in a hurry.

Can we please talk?

Come with me or I'll
break your arm.

I'm fine, I'll see you upstairs.

Just the what the hell do you
think you're doing?

- Oh, don't mind me, Miss Shawn,
I'm just kidnapping you.

I need some answers and I need
'em fuckin' quick!

Answers to what?

You keep actin' stupid,

I'm gonna kick the shit
outta you right here.

Here we are, Lovers' Lane.

All's quiet, nobody can hear you.

Please, talk.

You're crazy, totally insane.

- No, not quite yet, pretty close,
but not quite yet.


New in your
neighborhood video store,

Nightmare in Scott's Mind.

Why are you telling me this?

- Because, dear one, this disc has
my nightmare on it.

No, let me rephrase that.

This disc is my nightmare, frame
by stinking frame.

And guess where I found it,
in your house,

in your screening room.

Now, ain't that a coincidence?

No, it's not.

I took it out of the vault and
put it there myself.

- This is some kind of game,
isn't it?

Some sick mind fuck, and
you're part of it.

- If I ever try to hurt you again,
shoot me.

It's not a game, it's
an experiment,

and we're both part of it,
but it went too far.

I had to stop it, for your sake,
for mine.

- Well, it's nice to know
I'm not goin' nuts.

Now, I'd like to know
who's behind it.

- You should be talking
to Ken Strom.

I intend to.

Where do I find him?

- You'll never make it alone,
you need me.

Like a hole in the head.

Use me as a hostage.

Ken won't touch you as long as he
thinks I'm in danger.

Why should he care?

He's my lover.

- Ken, old boy, this is
your pal, Scott Bruin.

Listen, asshole, I got your
girlfriend right here,

and I got a gun pointed on
her pretty head.

She and I are gonna pay
a visit soon,

clear some old bills, you
know what I mean?

Yes, sir, they'll be expected.

" Yes.

No, let them through.

Make sure your men stay
out of their way.

Yes, I'll be fine.

Good evening, Ken.

Oh, don't get up.

We're all family here,

no need to get hung up
on formalities.

You won't use that.

No, I won't.

But my finger has a
mind of its own.

What do you want?

- Even trade, your
girlfriend for my sanity.

Let her go.

Then you can have what you want.

Including your life?

Remember Ken, I'm out of control,
a homicidal lunatic.

I'm your product, Ken, and I'll
bet you're real proud

of what I've become.

But tell me something, right now,
deep down inside,

aren't you just a
little bit scared?

- I'm gonna let you in on a
little secret, friend.

You're involved in a
rather unethical,

yet crucial experiment, broad
beyond any imagination,

one that will alter the
face of the world.

True, we did use you in a very
cruel and inhuman manner,

but there was no other way.

- I just love a man who's
ridden by guilt.

Why me?

- Because of all the good
things you are.

Your psychological profile,

No emotional attachments.

And an accident, you stayed five
weeks in intensive care.

We obtained access to your brain,
CAT scans, EEGs,

every chart and bit of
information available,

including the rather tempting fact

that you had four broken teeth
that need replacement.

The ideal guinea pig.

You are the first recipient of
a micro receiver,

small enough to be
implanted in a tooth,

yet potent enough to receive
directly through your brain

high-frequency, high-definition
television transmissions.


No more hallucinations.

You trust me, I trust you.

True, we did some things that
might seem ethically wrong,

but it's worth a lot of money,

and we had a colossal
Japanese investment

fall right into our laps with
proof that it works.

Mind-altering technology
has been the dream

of many principled people, let
alone governments.

Sometimes we must sacrifice
our own emotions

to the life of the venture.

I paid a high price myself.

Kimberly is precious to me.

Me too.

She's a great lay.

- I assume by now that
you've figured out

the rest of the story.

The guy on the bicycle, Dr.
Frieberg, Rudy, Mrs. Shawn.

They all work for us.

And all the other minor
characters, and the props,

like the mysterious black BMW

and the rented house in Malibu.

Now that you understand the scale

and the importance of
this project,

take ordinary people,
make them killers,

take those born violent,
make them good.

Now that you understand the
meaning of real power,

let me suggest your options.

Worst case scenario, you shoot me.

My men storm the room, they
shoot you, and Kimberly.

Best case scenario, you get
back your discs,

we give you a decent check
for your troubles,

and we put this thing to bed.

- You're so intelligent
and eloquent, Ken.

How could anyone resist such a
rational approach?

I'll tell ya what,

let me give you my best
case/worst case scenario

and see where that takes us.

Best case scenario, I walk outta
here with Kimberly.

I get to keep her.

I go public.

You go through some heavy shit
with some lawyers

and spend a few years in the pen.

Worst case scenario, I shoot
Kimberly, I shoot you,

boom, it's a wrap.

You wouldn't kill her.

I will Ken.

It's like you said, sometimes
we have sacrifice

our own emotions for the
sake of the venture,

and if I can't have her, I really
don't care if she's dead.

Well, it's been nice socializing,

but I got a dentist appointment.

You tell your goons they
make one wrong move

and no more Kimberly.

Oh, and Ken, I'm not the
crazy one here.

It's you, you are the
sickest motherfucker

I've ever met in my life.

- Wherever you go, I'll be there,
and Kimberly, be careful.

Remember, I love you very much.

Don't forget that.

Don't lose them, get
the van ready.

You really do love him, don't you,

I want you to stay close,
make it look clean.

If you have to,

sacrifice the girl.

It's them.

Hang on.

Come on, come on.

Oh my god.

Okay, okay.

It's okay, it's all over.

It'll never be over.

He'll come after us.

He always gets what he wants.

- Maybe not this time, not
if we're smart.

What else is keeping
in that vault?

- All the original tapes
of the project,

all the files, names, canceled
checks, everything.

That's our insurance.

We can't go back to the house.

They're probably waiting.

I don't make good
collateral anymore.

Let's gamble.

How many cameras in the house?

About five or six, I think.

Then they'll know soon.


Over there.

What are you doing?

I've got more bullets.


Because it had to be like this,

because sooner or later, he'd
claim what's his.

You and I would never
have any peace,

no matter how far we ran
or where we hid.

Because I am a bad dream,
and I betrayed you,

and you would never forget that.

Because he promised that this
way you'd be safe.


Take good care of her.

I love you, Kim.

- We always love what we don't
have or can't have.

Goodbye, my love.