Impulse (1990) - full transcript

Lottie Mason is a police vice cop who has just the right looks to be a decoy for the whore-mungers on the streets of Los Angeles. She seems to always be where the action is whether it be vice or drugs. While she is attempting to help Stan, the District Attorney, set-up a drug buy with a witness he needs for another case, they seem to have mutual attraction in each other. Lt. Joe Morgan has the hots for her, but she cant stand him.


Hi, yourself.

Be easier to talk
if you got in.

I don't
get into cars.

Maybe we could just go
back to my hotel room.

So, what are we
talking about here?

Say... 50 bucks.

What for?

I just want
to fuck you,

nothing weird.

Pull around
and park.

I got a room.

You got a room?

Ah, not until
you pay for it.

I want to take
a little bite.

No. Not now.

No, damn it!

I said no!
I need some help!


All right!

All right, freeze!

Up against the car!

Give it up!

propositioned me!

¿A donde estan?

Aha. That's it.

Let's go.

Put that away.

No clip, man.

The cash.

Dele el polvo, julio.

Make any test
you want.

Pay them.

No clip, man.




Kennedy airport
for los angeles

is now boarding
rows 12 to 18

at gate 37a.

Passengers holding tickets
in those rows,

please proceed to gate...

the going's easy

with traffic on the 101
extremely light

into downtown los angeles.

You can expect temperatures
in the high 70s

at the civic center,

10 degrees warmer
in the san fernando valley.

Hi, lottie.

How's tricks?

What are you doing
in my house?

Ask yourself this--

how do i keep
lieutenant morgan happy

when he finds out
i'm moonlighting

on the hooker detail?

Get your fucking feet
off my coffee table!

Your costume's
affecting your manners.

Give me that.

Just a little kid
at heart, huh?

Get out.


Don't be so cold.

If you play
your cards right,

you might get
a shot at the title.

Jesus christ.

I say something funny?


Why don't you just
go home, morgan?

You know, connie's dying
to go undercover.

You might enjoy working
behind her computer desk

for a while.

Come on, what's
for breakfast?


Why don't you have
a shower first, though?

While i call
your wife

and ask her how you
like them cooked.


I picked up your mail.

You got
a bank notice--

you're overdrawn $242.76.

American express wants you
to cut up your credit cards.

You open the rest.

It got too depressing.

This would be
a hell of a time

to find yourself

So why did you
break up with him?

When someone else
is paying the rent,

it's always due.

In the last two years,
every time we talk,

you've just kissed off
another guy.

No, not just guys--


Three cops--vice,
homicide, and bunco.

Check your files.

Why do you think
that is?

And take off
your sunglasses.

Do you resent being
made to come here?


I like watching you.

I've never known anyone
so anal retentive before.

Don't bullshit
with me, lottie.

Look, according
to internal affairs,

i'm here for you
to evaluate one thing--

whether or not
my having shot a perp

will affect my judgment
and performance on the job.

If you're trying to make
a normal person out of me,

someone who thinks it's wrong
to lie and deceive...

the department will lose
its best female undercover cop.

You're not
off your job.

doesn't worry me.

You do.

The incident
with morgan--

why aren't you
reporting it?

Come on, doc,
flip on your brights.

He'll only say
i encouraged it.

Did you?


Not likely.



working vice...


the way
they look at you...

you feel all that...

power over them.

Make them pay.

It excites me.

I just...

i wonder what
it would be like...

just to do it.


lose control.

Fantasies can be
normal, lottie.

Yeah, well,

in my fantasy,

the guy's
not handsome.

He's old
and ugly and...

wants me to do all
these degrading things.

The worse it gets,

the more
excited i get.

What sort of things?

Well, first
he, uh...

aw, shit,
doc. Sorry.

We're out of time.

Very funny.

Next week.

Same station.

Morning, natalie.
Is he in?

Good morning,
katz. He's in.

Oy, gevalt.

Guess who was
in new york last night.

New york?
My uncle elias,

my aunt rose,
and their dog jack.

Your surprise witness,
tony peron.

He disappeared on us.

What do you mean,
he disappeared?

He's not under arrest,
you know,

just protective custody.

He was doing
a dope deal.

That's the good news.

Where is he now?

That's the bad news.

There's a chance
he's dead.

The feds found
an exploded van

and four i.d.s.
one was peron's.

The coroner
figures there's only

enough spare parts
for three bodies.

What are you saying?

Did they identify
peron's body?


Maybe he wants us
to think he's dead.

Who is it?


Hello, vic.

Forget the hellos
and the bullshit.

I saw it on tv.

Peron's dead,
and i'm splitting.

You're not
going anywhere.

We had a deal.

Peron's not dead.

What the fuck
is going on here?

He's in new york
doing a dope deal

while i'm hiding out
in some jerk-off

protection program?

You're here rather than
sitting in san quentin,


I'm not walking
into that courtroom

as the sole witness.

You won't have to.

There's three weeks
before trial.

How much did he score?

Street says 900,000.

You can kiss
your trial goodbye.

You know how many
air miles

900 grand can put
between him and you?

Oh, yeah, smart mouth?
Where's he going to go?

You picture peron on some
gilligan's island like vesco?

No way. He's a homeboy.
He'll be back.

Listen, jerk-off,
just so we understand.

You go to trial
and you lose,

you lose a promotion.


I lose my
god damn life!

Hey, hey, hey,

Come on,
sit down.

Get the word
on the street,

and i mean fast.

Have peron
report to me now,

because you're both
going into court

against luna, and if
he doesn't show,

i'm going to leak
to the press

that he's scheduled
to testify for me.

Then he can deal
with luna alone.

Do that.

Wait a minute.

What happens to me
if it doesn't work?

I'll take care of you.

Is that like
"trust me"?

That's exactly
what it is.

Think it'll work?

I've been on this case
for 2 years.

I can't give up now.
I'll try anything.

We can't go against luna
with only one witness.

I need an apb on tony peron
as soon as possible.


You know this guy?

Frank munoff.

The d.a.'s office
wants him?

We don't want him.
I'm after hector luna.

Luna... the big guy
himself, huh?

We'll finally be able
to indict him,

but i need
a second witness.

Luna's daughter maria
lives with munoff.

If we pull munoff in,

we could pressure
maria into testifying.

Can you bring him in?

I got nothing
to hold him on.

We could try
to set him up.

Munoff's a hound
for pussy.

I got
just the girl.

A woman?
This guy's dangerous.

So's lottie.
Trust me.

I want to meet
her first.


She's working

Are we ok
with this thing?

Give me a love tap
if you read me.


Same go words as usual--
"what sign are you?"

He's in
apartment 15.

I thought you said
apartment number 3.

What's the difference?

I got a thing
about numbers.

I don't want to go someplace
that's not my lucky number.

Yeah? Well, how
does 15 feel?

Yeah, 15 sounds good.

You got that?

She's in apartment 15.


Looking for edge.

Hey, edge.

Hey, edge.


How you doing, man?

Everything cool?

Come on, man.

I told you--

she wants
three spoons.

How do i know
she's not a cop?

Fuck you, man.

How do i know
you're not a cop?

What is it
with this guy?

You said he was cool.
Why's he asking me this?

'Cause let's just say
you are a cop,

but you say
you're not.

Case won't
hold up in court.

No shit.

I didn't know that.

That's good
to know, man.

Thanks for telling me.

So, um...

where's the stuff?

Give me three.

Where's your outfit?

My old man kept it

to make sure i don't
come home empty-handed.

Yeah? Why don't
you use mine?

Hey, thanks, man.

So, uh...

what sign
are you, anyway?

You're a scorpio,

Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!

I don't let
anybody fix me.

I'm good at fixing.



Don't move!

Get down!
Hands behind your head!

All right!
All right!

You! Bring that
shit out!

Hands behind
your head!

All right, move!

All right.
All right.

Stand up!


Get your
fucking hand--

oh, shit!

Didn't want
to blow your cover.


Lottie's getting
pretty pissed.

Maybe we ought
to cut her loose.

Fuck her if she
can't take a joke.

Get your hand down.

Did you
talk to her?

Yeah. She's still
tied up with paperwork.

Relax, counselor.

She'll be
finished soon.

You're pushing it
with me.

Let's not get
cranky, lottie.

We've got company.

This is
frank munoff.

I know.

I busted him
two years ago.

That's the end
of that.

It's no problem.

I've busted others.
They've never made me.

I don't like
taking risks.

Do you drive
on the freeway?

Do you want
the guy or not?

Stan, three weeks.

Who's my passport
to munoff?

An informant.
Name of gates.

Cocaine cowboy.

You'll be his date.

Gates has
a direct line to munoff.

He can set up
a buy next week.

What do you say,

Stan, come on.

Ok, it's a go.

Can i buy you
a cup of coffee?


You don't have to
drink it.

There's a few things
we need to discuss.


Must be difficult,
working for a man like morgan.

I think i can
handle him.

You do, huh?

I don't think it,
i know it.

It's just
part of the job.

Friction's normal.

Is it normal procedure

for a male officer
to frisk a female?

Like tonight?

Morgan just likes
to harass people.

It's just who he is.

I don't take it

Well, you should.


Because it's not right.

Jesus christ.

Want to know my first
impression of you?


That you are an unhappy,

tight-assed reactionary,

who'll spend
the rest of his life

spitting into the wind.


i'm happy.

Ok, then, a happy
tight-assed reactionary

who'll spend his life
spitting into the wind.


But do you like me?

So, uh, thanks
for the coffee.

Thanks for drinking it.

Nice car
you got, lottie.

So's yours.

Listen, maybe i ought
to follow you home.

Just to see that you
get home safely.

It's pretty late.

I can take care
of myself.

I don't doubt that.

Good night.

How'd you like to have
dinner this week?

I can't, um...

i'm working, um...

i've got some plans.

Which? Are you working,
or do you have plans?

What difference
does it make?

Then i'll know
whether to ask again.

Ask again.

So far,
bubkes on peron.

I'm going to take off.

Looking at a house.

I'll see you
in the morning.

Come on, stanley.

Relax a little bit.

Cheer up.

Why don't you
give arlene a call?



She's a nice girl.

And she's, uh...

fun to be with.


no, uh, curb appeal.

Curb app--

i spend the evening
explaining real estate,

and that's
what you remember?

I'm not interested
in the market.

I got a reality alert
for you, my friend.

People depreciate.

Every year, you get
a little more selective

and a lot less

Thank you, charley.

Good night.


Nice girl.

Good night, charley.

Good night.



Check with lapd.

See what they'll release

on a narco officer,
lottie mason.


Curb appeal.

Can i buy you a drink?

A drink?

Maybe, uh, something else.

What do you got
on your mind?

I'm not your ordinary
kind of guy.

We'll have a real
good time, believe me.

And i pay good.


I like girls.

Fucking dyke.


You're under arrest
for solicitation.

Come on. Nice and quiet.
No one will know.

Looking for a party?


What are you doing here?

Oh, i thought
i'd just drop by,

proposition you.

I thought you'd
find that funny.

Why would i?


it was just a joke.

It was a bad joke.
I'm sorry.

Inside every guy

there's a pervert
waiting to get out.

Is that what
marriage did to you?

I pulled your file.

The whole relationship
was just....

so predictable.

I hate that.

Being predictable.

I don't want
to buy groceries

on certain days
of the week or...

make my christmas
list out in october.

So is this the part

where you tell me
about you?

Not much to tell.

Let's see, i'm from buffalo,
and, uh...

my father was a plumber.

You have four brothers
and two sisters,

and you worked your way
through law school.

I read your file, too.


So what else did
it say in my file?

It's a little
messy in here.

The maid hasn't
been here for a while.

Four months,
as a matter of fact.

But, uh,
i still pay her.

What's this?

That's, uh...

junior olympics.


You like to read, huh?


Do you play?




Yeah. Me, too.

When i was a kid.

First base
in the ponytail league.

You're kidding?

I play first base.



Collect the cards, too.

I didn't know there
were so many in a pack.


No gum?

Here, you want some gum?

I hate gum.

I just get it
for the cards.

So you want a porsche?

i can't stand porsches.

Oh, really?

That was a gift.

I'm going to take that off.

It's just on there
with a little glue.

Is that you?

Yeah. On the right.

Oh, you climb mountains.

That's how
i got up there.

Mount everest, huh?

No, it's not mount everest.

It's, uh, mount hood.

Is that snow?

Yeah, lottie,

that white stuff there,
that's, uh, snow.

I've never seen it snow.

You've never seen it snow?

You're kidding.


No time. No money.

People get stuck.

Where are the photos
of the women in your life?

You read my file.

It's all work.

Oh, sure.

Well, there
have been a few.

But nobody special.

And how do you
feel about him?

He seems like a nice guy.

They all seem nice
for a while.

Maybe you don't want
them to be nice guys.

Maybe you're afraid
of nice guys.

A lot of maybes.

Someone you have
to open up to,

make a commitment to,

I trust me. That's it.

He's a guy
like any other.

I wanted to get laid.
Big deal!

Why are you
getting defensive?

I'm not being defensive.

I'm keyed up, that's all.

I'm doing
a major bust tonight.

What are you doing tonight?

Wash out your pantyhose?

Arrange your canned goods
in alphabetical order?

I'm getting pressure
from internal affairs

to approve you
or take you off the job.

Come on.

Don't do that to me.

Here's the cash
for the buy,

all marked and recorded.

Gates, once again,
who is she?

Carla st. James.

Hey, man, what a phony
fucking name.

Not like that armani
knockoff you're wearing.

What's luna's
daughter's name?

Maria. But i'm not
supposed to know that yet.


be careful, huh?


Haven't you noticed?

Frank, this is
carla st. James.


But that's not
your real name.

It is until i get
to know you better.



Ok, baby.

Will do.

Excuse me.


Move away from the tv,
you dumb broad.

Why don't you
get off her case?

I don't like
the way things feel.

Give me a love tap
if you read me.

Give me a love tap
if you read me.

What are you doing
out here all by yourself?

Trying to decide whether
to abandon our venture.

I don't like
doing business

so many people around.

I wouldn't
worry about it.

Just a couple of
close friends, that's all.

Your friends...

not mine.

Have we ever met before?

Not in this lifetime.

I like that.



Business first, eh?


Let's do it.



Don't you think she's been
up there long enough?

If i don't hear
something soon,

i'm calling it off.

It's a little late.

You had to have
this guy, right?

This is my job.
Let me do it.

Oh, shit. My car keys.

I forgot to leave them
with the doorman.

They'll get pissed
and tow my car.

Shut up
and take care of it.

Sometimes that guy
makes me nervous.

I know
we've met before.



There's gates.


There's gates.

In the lobby.
I just saw him.

What's he doing there?

I'm going in.

The whole thing
could blow.

One wrong move,
she's dead.

Gates says you have
a heavyweight sponsor.

That's right.


What the hell
are you doing?

That's interesting.

Just what the hell
makes you think that?

Mm-hmm. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

That's good to know.

Oh, don't worry.
I'll take care of you.

I knew you were
a fucking cop!

That's right.

A scared cop.

We're going in.


I'll door-knock
the place.

Everybody stay alert.

Come on, come on, come on.

How much do you
make a week?

$500 or $600?

I've got $70,000
in that safe.

Hey, frank.

We can make a deal.

The stairs. Get her!



Hey, frank.





Stay back.

Oh, shit!
There she goes.

Did you see a woman
in a purple dress?

English! Where is she?

Call the cops!
Call the cops!

Get out of here!

Take anything you want.

Are you ok?


Give me a couple
more shots.

Sorry munoff ate
the big bonita,

but we got the luna broad
by the ass.

I found three keys
of white-out in the safe,

plus 60 grand in cash.

He told me 70.

I'm surprised
he didn't say 100,

the way these
freaks exaggerate.

What kind of firepower
were you using tonight?

You splattered that guy
all over the place.

Let's see it.

I'm surprised
at you, lottie.

This is an
out-of-policy weapon.

I'm alive, aren't i?

I'll have to keep this.

Go ahead.



Give me
some breathing room.


Hey! Hey, can you
change my tire?

Take a while.

The spare's in the trunk,

not in the front
of my dress.

Keys are in it.





* I know
it's hard sometimes *

* and things seem
larger than they are *

* but if you need
to tell someone... *

what'll it be, miss?

Tequila shooter, please.

i'll take care of it.

Gentleman's paying.


Meeting someone?


Flat tire. My car's being
fixed across the road.

You look like you've
been to a party.

I was,

but it was a bust.

Nah, i never
liked parties.

Watching a bunch of
phonies stand around

telling me who
they think they are.

So what do you do?

Whatever i feel
like doing.

That isn't exactly
what i meant.

I'm a businessman.

Aerospace industry.

What about you?

What do you
feel like doing?

Right now?

Right this minute?

I feel like getting on a plane
and going someplace...

i've never been before.

Like where?

For instance?


Well, let's go.

No, i mean it.

Come on, come on,
let's go.

I can't. I'm a working girl.
I mean--


i gave you
the plane fare...

and you go someplace
else you've never been?

My house.

I'd enjoy
the ride a lot more

if i was traveling
first class.

We'll negotiate the
round trip afterwards.

I never did
get your name.


Why don't we go upstairs
so i can fix us a drink?


I think i'd like to go
freshen up for a minute.


To the left
of the stairwell.

What am i doing?

I'm getting out.

Operator 322.

I'd like to report
a murder.

1722 beverly estate drive.

We have you registered
on the screen

and will dispatch

Are you alone
in the house?

May i have your
attention, please?

All passengers departing
flight 123 to chicago

will now be boarding
at gate 14.

Flight 35 now boarding
at gate 37a.

Passengers, please
proceed to gate 37a.

Found two sets
of i.d.--

one says
jimmy denton,

the other says
tony peron.

I vote peron.

He died by two contact
gunshots to the head.

Definitely small caliber.
Probably .22.

There's almost no rigor,

so time of death
must be about 12:30 a.m.

an anonymous woman
caller reported it.

If a broad did it,

she sure knew
how to use a gun.

Did you find the money?

What money?

A drug killing
in new york.

Peron made off
with a million bucks.

Place is clean. No money,
no drugs. Nothing.

Why wasn't that in
the file you gave me?

It had nothing to do
with anything...

until now.

I feel like
a god damn mushroom,

kept in the dark
and fed bullshit.

You came to us for help.
We bend over backwards.

You hold out on
pertinent information.

I'm fucking sick of it!

This investigation
is under my jurisdiction,

not yours.

You'll know what
i decide you should know,

no more and no less.

You know
what i'm sick of?

I'm sick of
your god damn mouth.

Come here, charley.

So we got no money,
and we got no drugs.

We got nothing,

Not a thing.


I guess that's it,

Munoff's dead,
now peron.

We pack our attaches
and go home.

What about this woman
who reported it?

She made a call.
That's all we know.

Yeah, but what's
the connection, charley?

I mean, uh, is she
working for luna?

If she's luna's friend,
why would she call?

I don't know.

Not good for prints.
Just a few smudges.

Looks like things
have been wiped.

Got a couple of long red hairs,
about 29 centimeters.

Found them
in the bathroom.

Maybe synthetic.
No root structure.

I'll have it definite
after i check it out.


Find the owner
of the house

and what the connection
with peron is.

Don't let the media
know about the caller.

Police have identified
the victim

in that beverly hills
murder last night

as anthony peron,

a west coast crime figure.

Police say
they have no suspects,

but we're hoping
for more details

later on in the day.

Stan, we had a deal.

I kept my end,
didn't i?

I did everything
you told me.

I cooperated
right down the line,

but luna
found peron first.

Face it, it's over.

It is not over.

What do you mean?

We have
an eyewitness.


Where is he?

Not he, she. I'm trying
to find her now.

When i do, i'll use it.

An anonymous caller,

But it's a woman, which
is half of los angeles,

maybe a little more.

Don't bullshit me, stan.

You're trying
to buy time.

You got no witnesses.

Believe me,
i'll find her.

When i go into that
courtroom next week,

you'll be with me.

1722 beverly
estate drive.

I'd like to report
a murder.

1722 beverly...


I thought i'd come see
if you wanted to have lunch.

I'm really sorry
i didn't call yesterday.

I was...

don't worry about it.
Don't worry about it.

Paperwork took longer
than i thought,

and then i fell asleep.

Come in.
Have a seat.

I've been a little
crazy myself.

You heard
about peron?

Yeah. On the news
this morning.

Whose voice is that?

Oh, that's an anonymous,
uh, caller

who reported it.

Any leads?

No, uh, not yet.

Lottie, i'd love to
have lunch with you,

but i'm up to here--

don't worry.

I thought i'd see
if you were free.

Can i see you tonight?

Um, i'll call you
this afternoon.


Yeah, i promise.

I'll see you later.


Peron leased the house
a week ago from beverly realty--

10,000 a month.

Told you
at least 10.

The leasing agent met peron
at the scaramouche.

I talked
to the bartender.

He identified peron.
Says he'd been there lately.

He was there last night.

Left about midnight
with a girl--

auburn hair, 5'6",
fancy dresser.

Has she been there before?

He never saw her before.

He thought peron called her
carrie or karen.

Also, she said she
was getting her car fixed

at a gas station

You checked it out?

Dead end.

All he remembers is that she
had a great set of tits.


This guy
doesn't remember

what kind of car
he repaired?

First he says chevy,
then camaro,

then switches to cougar.

He did think
it was blue.

Get a composite artist
over here right away.

Get those two witnesses
in here.

We don't have all year.

Talk to anybody

the bartender remembers
from last night.

And morgan, i assume

you have someone posted
outside the bar,

just in case she returns?

I do know my job,

Assistant d.a.
thinks he's god.

Goes to court, runs off
at the mouth, and gets paid.

Thinks i'll jump whenever
he opens his fat mouth!

We put our asses
on the line every day,

and nobody gives
two shits.

What else is new?

I've had it
up to here.

Yeah. That's
pretty close.

Thank you.

for coming in.

Anything else
i can do?

If she comes in

count on me.


Makes sure
this goes out statewide

to all police departments
as soon as possible.

And send it to the media
with a hotline number.

I got a composite
to get on the wire.

Yeah. Right now.

And send me gloria from
press relations, ok?

I know it's late
to cancel this evening,

but i'm still
not feeling that great.

I'd like to see you,

but i wouldn't be
very good company.

Forgive me.

Call me tomorrow, ok?

Sleep tight.

Lieutenant, next
friday, 10 a.m.,

judge riordon's

Gates wants
to plea bargain.

Prosecutor wants
us there--

you, me,
and carla.


Carla st. James.

Tell lottie,
will you?


Yeah. I'll tell her.

They want to see you

in the gates-munoff


Luke says you want to go
after this burrows kid.


I haven't had time
to do any research yet.

I'm not going in there
fat, dumb, and stupid.

I've seen you do

some pretty stupid
things before, lottie.

I don't have time

for this nickel
and dime shit.

I'm on this task force
with your friend,

trying to find
peron's killer

and a lot
of missing dollars.

You wouldn't know
anything about that,

would you?

Why would i?
It's not my case.

Never mind.

I just got
a good lead.

That's why you get
the big bucks, morgan.

Anything wrong?

You can talk to me.

I'll keep that in mind.

Pull the plug
on this burrows bust.

Get somebody else
if you want him.



I lied.

You lied.


I didn't want us
to become a habit.

What are you
putting on there?

It's curry.

Ah, of course.

Very good.

It's a habit
of mine.

Not all habits
are bad, lottie.

Can i have a beer?


In the fridge.

This place
is a mess.

Reminds me of home,

living with
my two brothers.

Now i'm a mess.

Taste this.


Pretty good, huh?

Uh... no.

There. You see?

It would never work.

We're too different.

Oh, lottie...

what do you want
out of life?


On mondays, i always
want a fat bank account.

Tuesdays, i'm worrying
whether i should invest it

or spend it
on a car...

jewelry, furs...

i always spend it.

By wednesday,
i'm feeling pretty guilty.

I think i should be
doing something useful,

like be a schoolteacher
or nurse.

Oh, what do i want?

I guess...

i want something
to last.

What would you say if i...

if i said i thought i was
falling in love with you?

What would you say?

What would you say,

You wouldn't say
anything, would you?

You're strange.

You're a strange
woman, lottie.

Maybe that's why i can't
stop thinking about you.


oh, shit.

Good morning.

Have some coffee.

I will.

Uh... i got to go.

Stan, don't go.

There's something
i need to talk about.

I got a meeting.

It's important.
I need--

i got to go, lottie!

What is it, lottie?

It's nothing we can't
talk about later on.

This peron case--
it's driving me crazy.

I'm sorry.

No luck, huh?

Well, we have a lead...
on a woman.


We just have
her first name.

Oh. What is it?

Well, we've, uh, decided
not to tell anybody.

Didn't realize
i was just anybody.

Lottie, you're not
just anybody.

I'm a cop.

A good cop knows where she
stands on the chessboard.

Don't worry about it.

Better go, or you're
going to be late.

I'll see you later.


Beverly estate drive.

I'd like to report
a murder.

1722 beverly estate drive.

I'd like to report
a murder.

1722 beverly estate drive.

I'd like to report
a murder.

Carla. That was
her name, man.

How could i forget?

This girl was a fox.

Yeah. Did they
come in together?

She came in here
to work the place.

It didn't
take her long.

What do you mean
"work" it?

She slid in,
ordered tequila.

Next thing i know, this guy's
pulling out these bills.

You saw him
offer her money?

He pulls out this big
wad of hundreds.

Lays it right there
on the bar.

Then she left
with him?

She left with him.

are you all right?

Just great.

Come in the house.

Who are you?


Which one of these
characters that you play

is you?

You're drunk.

What is this?

You tell me... carla.

I don't know
what you mean.

Why not tell me
another lie

before i take you

and have you booked
for murder?

How long have you
and peron been buddies?

How long
have you known him?

Known him?


I didn't know him.

I only met him
that night.

I didn't even

tell me what
happened that night.


What happened?

It was after
the munoff bust.

I was really hyped.

On the way home,
i got a flat tire.

While it was
being fixed,

i went across the street
to the bar.

Who was there?


He bought me a drink.
I thought--

didn't he buy
something else?

Did he put money
on the bar

and buy
something else?

Didn't he buy you?

You took the money

because all you were
worried about

was a fat bankroll,

you went with him.

And you fucked him.

You fucked him
for money!


didn't you fuck him?

I don't know why
i went with him.

I know
i didn't fuck him!

You didn't?
What stopped you?

Maybe you looked at him
and saw my face?

No! Is that what
you want to hear?

I stopped
because i don't know

what i was doing there
in the first place!

You got to believe me.

I... i...

i went up
to his house...

and i told him
to fix us a drink.

I was really scared,

and i needed
to figure out

a way to get out of there
without a hassle.

So when i was
in the bathroom,

i heard two gunshots.

So i hid.

Morgan--he took my gun.

I may be
a lot of things,

but i'm not a murderer.

I'm a cop.
I know how things work!

I didn't have
to report it!

Then why did you
report it, lottie?

I--i wanted to do
the right thing.


Aah! Aah!

You know
what you did?

You watched me
sweat my balls off

looking for that
son of a bitch!

Trying to figure out
this fucking puzzle!

for the mystery lady.

You wanted
to put things right?

You fucking did!

I have something
to show you.

I wanted
to tell you!

I tried to tell you!

I wanted
to trust you, stan.

You wanted
to trust me, lottie?

Please let me finish.

Don't go now.

If you go now,
it'll never be the same.


So that's it.

You've told me


I used to think

i was such a good judge
of character.

I really messed up.

We both messed up.

Is it possible
someone followed you

to peron's house
that night?


I was too keyed up
that night.

I would have noticed.

Who knows you
as carla?

Morgan. He hates me,
but why would he--

you know him
better than i do.

Maybe that's how
he gets his kicks.

Maybe he thinks
we have the money.

I don't know.

I do know a killer's
out there somewhere.

Once your face
is on the news,

he'll know there's
an eyewitness.

you look at it,

you're in
one hell of a jam.

So, uh...

what happens now?

You going
to turn me in?

It's dangerous,
and i don't like it.

Harold, we, uh...

we have no choice.
We're at a dead end.

The officer's volunteering
to pose as this witness?


We'll stage an appearance
here tomorrow,

get a lot
of advance press.

I'll get it
on the news tonight.

And you think the killer
will follow her?

It's our only shot.

All right.

There's been
a new development

in the murder
of anthony peron.

The mayor's office released
a composite drawing

of an anonymous woman
last seen with him

and thought
to have telephoned police

from the crime scene.

Police ask that anyone
having seen this woman

call news tip at 555-3244.


So you're saying
she saw the killer?

Yes. She can make
a positive identification.

We expect an arrest
very soon.

Tough assignment,

being a sitting duck,
huh, lottie?

How did lover boy
talk you into this one?

Sorry. I forgot what
a dedicated cop you are.

Try not to shoot to kill
this time, ok?

What do you mean?

I'll tell you
what i mean.

If the killer dies,

we'll never know
what happened.

That would
be a shame,

what with a million
bucks lost out there.

Oh, counselor...

i'll leave her in
your capable hands.

Couldn't you have
kept him out of this?

I want to keep
an eye on him.

There's plenty
of security.

Don't worry.

I never rely
on anybody but myself.

Everything else aside,

that's why i knew
you weren't the killer.

He used a .22,

not a bazooka.

I'll be close by.


I know this sounds
really crazy, but, um...

right now i'm more scared
about us than anything.

W-10 here.

All "w" units

and all units
on the perimeter,

stay awake.

6w-22, ok here.

W-21, no action so far.

Where you going?

Take a leak.

* Her eyes shone
like the diamonds *

w-21 to all units.

We have a slow-moving

This might be our boy.



Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on!

I didn't do nothing!

Get your hands off.
I'm clean!

You guys scared
the shit out of me!

Some guy offered me 50 bucks
to deliver flowers.

I figured what the hell.

Behind you!



No one will ever
get luna.

I had to shoot peron
to get off the hook.

Take good care, lottie.

I will.

I can't believe
you're leaving.

It won't be the same
without you.

I'd like to say

i'm going to
miss the place,

but i'm not.

You're retiring?

You might say that.

You must've
inherited some money.

Last i heard,
you were overdrawn.

Who died?

Blow it out
your ear, asshole.


Thanks for coming.

I resigned today.

I'm a full-fledged

I thought you like living
on the edge too much to quit.

People change.

What are you
going to do?

I thought i'd get out
of town for a while

and think about things.

Sorry about your case.

I heard you had
to drop it.

It's no big deal.

I'll get him.


I guess i just don't
know when to quit.

Can you ever forgive me
for what i did?


But you can't
forget it.

You can't, can you?

It's so simple
when you're a kid.

When you've done
something wrong,

you say...

"i'm sorry."

"I take that back."

I'd give anything
if i could take it back.


Send me a post card.

Yeah, sure.

All passengers
arriving from detroit

on flight 202

have now arrived at gate 15
on concourse "c."

Aah! Let go of me!

Don't make a scene.

I'm a cop
and you're not!

Get the fuck in here!

Such a clever
little bitch, aren't you?

Get out of here!

You thought you'd
get away with it.

You're under arrest.
Give me the briefcase.


Want me to
fucking take it?

Take it!


Where's the money?

I don't know.

I don't know, my ass!

Where's the fucking money?

I swear to god,
i don't know!

Where is it?

I'll rip
your eyes out, bitch!

Give me the god damn
money, harris!


K.o. the broad.

She'll fuck you over
for that money.

There is no money.

There never was.

I always said you belonged
in the toilet.


you all right?

Yeah. Just bumped
my head a little bit.

You have a little blood
on your lip.

I do?

Jeez! Look at you.

Not bad for a guy
who graduated law school.



wait a minute.

What is going on here?

You set me up back there.

I could've been killed.

What do you mean
there's no money?

Where are you going?

I'm going to have
a drink.

What's this for?

It's my car keys.

It's parked on
the upper level in 4e.

The money's in the back.

What's the catch?

There is no catch,

The money's yours
free and clear.

That's what you
wanted, isn't it?

Turn it in.

I need a drink.

I hate being

You know, lottie,

not all habits
are bad.

* Everybody

* needs somebody

* everybody

* you keep your distance

* are you afraid

* afraid your heart's
gonna break *

* aren't you tired

* of carryin' the load

* nothin' is sacred

* and nothin' is fair

* livin' in a world
gettin' harder to bear *

* you start denyin'

* what you already know

* standin' in the shadows
alone *

* everybody needs someone

* to lean on

* everybody needs someone

* have someone to love

* and every time
that he holds you *

* he makes you realize

* that there in the dark

* there's nothin' to hide

* open your heart

* let love in your life

* ohh

* ohh ohh

* oh

* ooh

* mmm-mmm

* sometimes we need

* what we deny

* but i can see
the truth in your eyes *

* mmm, everybody

* needs somebody

* everybody

* everybody needs someone

* to lean on

* everybody needs someone

* needs someone to love

* everybody needs someone

* to lean on

* everybody needs

* they need

* need somebody

* need someone to love

* to love

* ohh

* everybody

* ooh

* needs somebody

* to love

* everybody needs someone
to love *

* someone to love