Immaculate Conception (1992) - full transcript

A childless Western couple visit a fertility shrine in Karachi run by eunuchs and set off a huge culture clash.

Where's the Gulab Shah shrine?

Two streets up.

Look, a white Memsahab on pilgrimage.

- Buy a shawl and get your wish.
- No, thank you.

Welcome to the Gulab Shah shrine.

She's come for a baby.

Come in, come in.
Please take off your shoes.

Hey, Kamal...

your people have come.

Look after her.

The baby's cry has rent your heart.

Gulab Shah was blessed by Allah.

Yes, yes.
Take a photo. All of us.

Bibiji, Sahab wants to see you.

Wait and see. More surprises ahead.

He's so smooth!

An angel descended from heaven.

The Englishman wants to meet you.

Yes, yes, why not?

We have made a lot of
young Englishmen happy.

And old Englishmen?

All lovers stay young forever.
Even Englishmen.

Uh, the Sahab says...

he wants to see everything.

Yes, we'll show him everything.

And he wants photographs.

Sure, you can take pictures,

but don't degrade us.

We may be eunuchs,

but we have our dignity.

Yes, absolutely.

But, tell me...

were you born this way?

Or were you tampered with?

When my brother noticed
my thing wasn't growing,

he said to my elder sister:

"Take her away!"

Here you are.

Now show the Sahab your treasures.

Up a bit.

Sahab, when are you coming back?

What's this?

Photographs are forbidden.
This is our Holy Book.

That's not written
anywhere in the Koran.

Photographs are another way

of spreading the word.

What you're saying is true...

My wild panther.


The smell of white flesh
has crept up your nostrils, eh?

Oh dear, dear, dear.

Every muscle so tense.

Are we not happy
with our old lover?

Dreaming other dreams, are we?

You want to escape?

The smell of white flesh
tempts you away.

Dog! You want a longer leash?

You want to be free?

Come on, my son. Begin

Make them repeat the creed.

"There is but one God..."

He works in a very big office
where they keep dying animals alive.

Her father's in the American government.

His father's a famous doctor.

Lots of money.

Drink it, drink it!

You'll be at it all night!

Ready, are we?

Gird your loins.

Get lost, I don't need preparing.

You're our sacrificial goat.

We must groom you for the ritual.

Take a deep breath.

You're going to ride the mare.

Not a nightmare, a white mare.

Come on, champion, time to mount.

When he's born, America will rejoice.

If it's a boy,
I will circumcise him.

I will recite
the call to prayer in his ear.

If it's a girl, Gulab Shah
will grant her health and beauty.

If it's one of us,
then it's in God's hands.

Fill Bibi's car with petrol.

Up to here.

You taste it first.

Bibiji, the English Sahab is here.

Memsahab's gone crazy.

- I tried to stop him.
- The eunuch's boy took the baby.

Who's there?

- What do you want?
- To see Shehzada, our Prince.

What prince?
We've got plenty of those here!

From the Gulab Shah shrine.

The old eunuch?

Just one visitor.

Nobody else!

It'll be all right, don't worry.

The police have closed the shrine.
What's going on?

Even in Pakistan
there should be some justice.

What is there in this country
for our kind

except for bullets, flogging and jail?

What is there in Pakistan?
Army, Allah and America.

I spoke to the Police Inspector.
They want to charge you with fraud.

That's all I needed.

They'll summon that woman.

Your woman.

Your barren, white woman.

Listen, where's Memsahab?

- Gone out.
- Where? It's important.

She's gone with her brother
to their mosque.

You know, where Jewish people go.
She's gone there.

Thank you.

The show's over.

Completely over...


Leave that Englishman.

Get married...

to a Muslim...

a Muslim.

Let the Sahab in.

Leave it. There's a baby.

May I speak with you?

Memsahab, I'm begging you.
Get him released.

You're going away.
And we're left with all the misery.

Return my boy for Gulab Shah's sake.

You came to the shrine for help.

Memsahab, we have no-one else but you.