Illustrious Corpses (1976) - full transcript

A detective (inspector Rogas) is assigned to investigate the mysterious murders of some Supreme Court judges. During the investigation he discovers a complot that involves the Italian Communist Party


I saw him naked
and I helped clean him up.

I never realized
he was so small, so short.

Yes, Inspector!

Judge Varga used to come here
every Sunday.

He liked talking to the mummies.

He'd make the dead reveal
the secrets of the living.

- He'd talk to the mummies?
- Of course.

You're from Rome. There are
some things you can't understand.

Open it.

See him?

Bernardo da Corleone.
A great 17th century lawyer.

In those days,
the dead person's family

would come here and tell
the deceased their secrets.

And our Don Bernardino,
still alive at the time,

would come down
to the crypt at night

and get the corpses
to tell him everything.

So he knew everything.

Everything about everybody.

"Let me talk about little white jasmines... "

This fatal, just-picked blossom

symbolizes the purity
of his existence.

And its scent evokes the goodness
he brought to the courts

and to his family.

It's this jasmine
that caught the last breath

of Judge Varga, and passed it on
to the ultimate Judge,

who will admit him
to His Kingdom.

For thirty years he fought
against crime and the Mafia

and the Mafia has killed him.

He was the Mafia!
He was the Mafia!

Organized crime had never
been so daring before!

It's the first time
a judge has been murdered!

- Mafia! You're the Mafia!
- You're the Mafia!

It's an appalling crime aimed
against the whole judiciary!

It's a challenge
to the State's authority!

Why is this leaflet linking your name to
the dead judge and the garbage?

They attack me
because I was his best friend!

What about the garbage?

Come and have a look.

You hear that?
They're not striking for better pay.

They even have cars to come to work in.

They're starting a cholera
epidemic just to screw me.

Where does Judge Varga
come into it?

Varga was murdered because
he was about to arrest them.

Not these wretches,
but their puppeteers.

Quiet, quiet.

He's dead.

He has no pulse.

Judge Varga knew every secret
of this city.

He had drawers full
of court files.

He acted on some when the time was right,
but ignored the others.

General, you were his friend.
You admired him, didn't you?

I liked the man.
He wasn't in it for money.

He thrived on power.

A phone call from Rome.

I'm sorry. I need your authorization to move
from here right away. - Why? Where?

I guess you already know they killed
another judge some 100 km from here.

The two crimes may be linked.

Go, but keep me informed.
The Minister is concerned.

The whole city mourns the tragic demise
of judge SANZA

who lived without marrying to fully dedicate
his life to his native city

which he had seen growing and multiplying
during his thirty years of service

- Shall we arrest him? - Why?
- As usual, they won't talk.

This guy heard nothing,
saw nothing, knows nothing.


Do you get many lemons?

A lot, but they want to out
everything down to build houses.

Tell me something...

did you know the judge?

Of course. He issued the
dispossession notices.

What was he like?

Like this town.
This is what they wanted.

- Maresciallo.
- At your orders.

Is this you?


Did you bring us all this way
just to identify a picture?

You were at Judge Varga's funeral.
Were you a friend of his?

We had ceased to be on friendly terms.
But when he was a junior judge...

- When you killed that unionist.
- Everyone was acquitted.

Sure. But this time you've gone too far.
You shouldn't mess with judges.

Inspector, you're wasting your
time with us. And you know it.

If it's payback, as you call it,
that's between the judges.


Brave Chief Judge Calamo
is dead.

He's the third judge to be killed.

The police do nothing
to stop this mad slaughter.

And their inertia gives rise
to all sorts of speculation.

We're being killed off and
our reputations are tarnished.

But the judiciary is sound,
the Parliament is ineffective.

The government is weak.

They're the reason the country
is plunging into chaos.

Find me that raving maniac!

Only a maniac would go around
killing judges.

Listen to me.

You're the Chief of Police,
your head will be the first to roll.

You're our best man, but if I go down
you're going first.

At least stop the damaging stories
about the murdered judges!

What's this?

The late Chief Judge Calamo
had them in a drawer.

He had several millions
in the bank.

- What on earth are you doing?
- Piecing together three lives.

Don't waste time with the dead.
We need someone who's alive and guilty.

Stop this nonsense!

You're looking for rationality,
but we're dealing with a paranoid.

If he's paranoid,
he's an innocent one.

What did you mean by
"innocent paranoid“?

Three judges have been killed
in twenty days,

in three towns quite near each other,
all killed the same way,

by bullets of the same caliber,
shot from the same gun.

A gun with a silencer.

- Enough evidence to suggest a vendetta.
- By whom?

A victim of a miscarriage of justice.

Do you know whether the three judges
Varga, Sanza and Calamo

ever worked together on a case?

Yes. They worked together
for eight years, right here.

Sir. The plane is ready
to take off.

Actually I thought there'd be
another killing in this town, and I was right.

I was here
when they shot Calamo.

Then the papers are right:
you're a jinx.

Now I have my definite opinion.

Three innocent people who live in this area
were unjustly sent to jail for several years.

A chemist ruined by his wife,
who tricked the judges,

a mechanic rumored to be gay,

and a truck driver
who's now a hobo.

- So, what's your next step?
- One of these three people is the killer.

- How are things?
- Bad.

- What's bad?
- Everything.

- And before?
- Before what?

- Were things better before?
- No.


80... Here we are.

What do you think about
these judges being killed?

Were you sentenced by Varga?

He was the prosecuting judge
in that trial.

He asked for 30 years.

He said he regretted
there was no death penalty.

Did Chief Judge Sanza
deliver the sentence?

Judge Sanza gave me
a discount... 27 years.

- But he wasn't alone.
- I know. Judge Rasto was there too.

And Rasto is still alive.

What do you want from me?
Later they proved I was innocent.


You were innocent
and spent four years in jail, unjustly.

52 years of my life have
been spent unjustly.

Spending four of them in jail
was no big deal.

Jail is a safe place.

- What do you want?
- Police.

Leave me alone! You've already
made my life miserable! Go away!

Come here.

Do you remember Judge Varga,
Chief Judge Sanza and Calamo?

They were all bastards.

- And you killed them.
- I wish I had.

Do you live here?
Do you have a gun?

- Go and get it.
- You get it.

Clear off!

Don't answer me like that. Understand?

- What shall we do?
- Nobody saw him. He might be sleeping.

- Stay here and keep an eye out for him.
- Yes, Sir.

- Mr. Mama, phase.
- That's. me.

- Can I help you? - I'm Inspector Rogas.
I'd like to have a word with you.

At your service.

Excuse me, I'll be back shortly.

- Please, sit down.
- Thanks.

I wanted to talk to you because I've been told
you're the only friend of the chemist, Cres.

Friend... It's hard using the term
friendship with a man like Cres.

Let's say I get to meet him.

- You see him often?
- Yes.

Actually, I'm the one who goes to him.
I try to get him out of his shell,

and give him a chance
to meet other people.

- Have you seen him today?
- No. I think he's been staying home all day.

I knocked on his door,
but no one answered.

He does it all the time.
He pretends he's not home, even with me.

- You mean it's happened to you too?
- Yes, often.

Are you sure that Cres used to stay
always home? That he didn't go out?

Dear Inspector, as far as I know,
the only trips Cres takes

are inside the walls
of his own house.

He's not here.
So, it's not true that he's always home.

Maybe he's left and switched
the meter off. Let me take a look.

What's this music?

Cres is crazy about tangos.
He has thousands of them, let me show you.

Tangos of all kinds,
from all countries.

He's put speakers
all over the house.

That's Cres' wife.

She used the Animal Protection Agency
to frame him.

Do you think
Cres was innocent too?

He prepared
the chocolate rice.

My husband used to cook it
all the time!

Still any doubt?


Unless you think that poor woman

designed such a diabolical scheme
to incriminate her husband,

to the point of sacrificing
an innocent animal, her cat,

that had for years been the only companion
in her lonely existence?

It's an absurdity.
He wanted to murder his wife.

He set up a fake suicide.
You must find him guilty.

- The woman, where is she now?
- Nobody knows.

She took off
while he was still in jail.

She took almost everything with her
and left him only her portrait.

And he placed it
in front of his bed.


Is this headless picture Cres?

I think so.

Maybe his wife did it
out of spite.

- This is you, who's the other one?
- Probably Cres.


- Don't you have any pictures of Cres?
- I used to, but he took them all back.

- Who is it?
- I'm Inspector Rogas.

Come in.
The judge is waiting for you.

Come in.

The police Inspector is here.

- Your honor.
- Good evening.

Inspector Rogas.

- Please sit down.
- Thank you.

- Will you excuse me for a moment?
- Certainly.


Forgive me for calling
on you at this hour.

But I've been trying in vain
to see Mr Cres, the chemist.

His house is locked up
and nobody answers.

What do you want
with the chemist?

Nothing in particular.

I looked up his file...
a strange case indeed.

Any story is useless when there's
no man in it. I want to meet him.

Cres' trial has no link
with what's happening nowadays.

It was much talked about.
And the sentence was very controversial.

Weren't you one
of the judges?

I was only the recorder.

The decision was made by
Judge Varga and Chief Judge Sanza.

And they've both been killed.

Forty meters.

They fired from over there.
There's no doubt.

- Who lives there? - It's empty,
there's no caretaker either.

A fire was still burning. The killer
must have spent the night there.

He must have known
the judge's habits pretty well.

- The corpse can be removed now.
- There's an ambulance strike.

We called the airport,
in order to have someone else.

Use one of our cars. Do you need
the union's approval?

Were you really here
when he was shot?

Not really. I met Judge Rasto last night,
but I didn't kill him!

- Why did you visit the judge?
- Just routine.

You have no clues?

Four judges have been killed
since you began investigating.

Gentlemen, talk to the chief.

Inspector, we have to write our articles,
the people must know!

Who shot?
We don't know yet.


Look who's here!

One judge is a concern for the police.
Four, and it's a political matter

If it's politics,
you're here to explain everything.

- Don't you read the papers?
- No, especially yours.

- Good!
- Let's get away from here.

Your colleagues won't
give me any peace! Let's go.

Too bad you don't read our paper;
it's the only one defending you.

- Defending me? How?
- We're not into witch hunts.

We're not looking for a maniac
at all costs.

We don't want to raise the tension.

We want you to do your job
without any interference from above.

Is that what you write?
Well done.

Sometimes the police even
suit the Communist Party!

- Yes, if they do their job like you do.
- I do it well for you.

Because we were school mates
and we go fishing together.

But your friends always think
it's a political matter!

That's your friends in the government,
and they play dirty politics.

Listen, you can tell me.

- What's behind all this?
- None of what you might think.

Nor what my friends
in the government think.

I'll tell you a story,
if you promise you won't write a word of it.

A nice story.

It's about a man, his wife
and a cat.

- This one?
- No.

This one?

No, not at all.

This one?

This one looks like him,
but it's only a drawing, not a photo!

That's enough,
we need to put an end to all this!

Give me your description again.

A man, 175 cm tall, sturdy,

with graying hair,
perfect teeth,

slightly aquiline nose. "



These brutal and appalling crimes

are an attack on law, order, and the authorities.

They are the diabolical fruit of the actions
of groups of young agitators,

who preach violence
as a means to an end,

and sow the seeds of delirium
in weaker minds.

It is time to say
“Enough, we must resist together!“

Have you seen the murderers?

I heard a shot and saw two
young boys run away. That's all.

- Were you passing by at that time?
- Yes, but I heard nothing.

I was on my bike when
those two knocked me over.

- Why were you at the scene of the crime?
- I wasn't, I work down there. I'm a printer.

I went out to get some fresh air.

I heard a woman shout and
saw him getting away on his bike.

At last! While you waste your time

trying to catch your crazy maniac,

the real lunatics are exterminating
the judges, and ruining the country!

It was you who talked about a maniac,
you even came to tell me.

- But you were there, and you should have seen
what you didn't want to see! - What do you mean?

- Please, sit down.
- What I mean is they were everywhere.

At Varga's funeral,
where Sanza was killed...

They even setup camp there!

This is not serious evidence,
it can't be used to accuse anyone of murder.

Didn't you hear that there are
eyewitnesses to Judge Perro's murder?

Nobody has seen them shooting,
just running away.

Enough talk!
You're an excellent detective, Rogas.

The best criminal investigator
we've got.

But now this has become a political affair.
We've already made too many mistakes.

The good name of the police must be
restored; it's in your interest too.

You will work with the
political squad

and Inspector Bloma.

This way.

Before they fuck me, I'll ruin them!
I'm telling everything!

- That'd be bad for everybody.
- I don't give a damn! You can tell them!

I have ten boxes full of documents,
they're hidden in Switzerland!

Did you talk to the Customs Police?

- Yes, but they won't give us the tapes.
- Why?

Everyone's blackmailing each other:
Customs Police, Police and Carabinieri.

They took the money,
but they won't give us the tapes...

- This goes straight to the Minister.
- Yes, Sir.

Are you still recording phone calls?

- Where are you keeping all these tapes?
- Don't worry.

They'll get rid of them, at the courthouse.
Come with me.

Rogas, come here!

Isn't that your communist friend
over there, the journalist?

- Is he being watched too?
- No, only their leader, Amar.

"Times are difficult. "

"This meeting must end
with a clear decision. "

"A party like ours can't be caught
off guard by the actions of the government. "

Let's see what they're
sending us now.


Please, write.
When questioned, he answered:

"I used to go to Rome
every month,

and delivered the checks
coming from the Oil Companies

to the head of
the Christian Democratic Party,

who was responsible for their
distribution, according to the quota,

to all other Parties,
except the Communist Party. "

- Nothing to the Communist Party?
- No, just to some affiliates of theirs.

Only once, but not much.

Put in the tape of the “2 Group...

Yes, Sir.

We are monitoring all these groups'
publications, written in the last few months,

especially the articles
that attack the Judges.

Can I have the article
from "Permanent Revolution"?


This is the newspaper
written by “Group 2“.

This is Galano, head of "Group 2".
The most fanatical.

There are some other tough ones -
listen to what they say about judges!

The article is titled
“The Monsters...

"Bony and withered,
more often fat and flabby,

their faces marked by infamy,
dressed like clowns, as bishops wouldn't dare.

These are the high magistrates
who inaugurate the judicial year,

telling us to lock up more
people and keep them there.

- Stand up!
- Who, me?

Yes, you. Stand up.

- Start walking.
- Where?

Just walk until we tell you to stop.

Turn around and walk.


Do you recognize him?
Is that him?

Quick, turn around!

Keep on walking. Go ahead!

Come on.

Do you recognize him?

Let's start again.

Two young boys bumped into you
and you fell off your bike.

I didn't say I fell.
I was knocked over.

Same thing.
You saw them run away.

The dark-skinned guy was limping.

I didn't see any dark-skinned guy.

It doesn't matter.
He did limp, though!

- Maybe, but it was so quick!
- How quick?

Just one second...
Then they got into the car.

A car? You never mentioned
a car before.

You never gave me a chance.
You kept asking about the young boys.

Let the girl in.

Sit here.

- You saw the car?
- What car?

There was a car
when they shot Perro.

- Yes, a big foreign car.
- Foreign? What do you mean?

Why didn't you tell us
about the car?

What's the car got to do with this?

I see so many cars!
I work with cars.

- Was the car parked?
- Yes, it was.

I went up to it to see if
I could do some business...

That's why I noticed
it was big, nice and foreign.

- Swiss.
- Then what?

They started the engine
and left.

- With the young boys?
- What young boys?

The hippies,
the ones that were getting away.

They started running
and I saw them get into the car.

No way! The car left
and the hippies just ran away.

Let's start again.
This is your statement: I'll read it to you.

"It was 6 PM, I was walking
by the courthouse building.

I was about to
cross the street,

when I noticed my
shoe strap was undone.

I bent down to tie it up
and heard a shot. "

- What next? - When I heard the shot,
I turned around.

- What did you see?
- Two young boys running.

- They bumped into him.
- And then?

They ran away
and went around the corner.

The car left right away,
in the opposite direction.

He didn't see anything, he was leaning
over the dead man.

No, I insist. They got into the car.

You were scared stiff, with your ass
on the ground! You didn't see anything.

Bloma, I've been thinking about it.

I won't work with anyone else.

Maybe the chief is right when he says
I'm not made for this.

Maybe you're right.
A break will do you good.

Yes, but first I have to do something,
to ease my conscience.

I have to tell a guy
he's about to die.

Easy, one at a time.

No, I can't answer.

We are following a definite trail.

As soon as we know something certain,
we'll let you know.

Good morning, Inspector.

May I speak to
Chief Judge Riches?

- Who are you?
- Inspector Rogas.

Wait here.

- Inspector, the Chief Judge asks you to come back
tomorrow at 8 PM. - Very well.

That's the Chief of Police's car.
Is he having a meeting with the President?

Why are you asking?

At least get in touch with the boy.

We have to pay the school fees.

- Don't worry, I'll do it tomorrow.
- Marco is moaning; he says he never sees you.

- When did you see him?
- Last Sunday, as usual.

- Was he all right?
- Yes, he was fine.

- Don't forget the school fees.
- Yes, bye.

News update.

Today, General Edoardo De Sarmiento
was appointed

Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

The new Supreme Commander
of the Armed Forces

received the Commanders in chief
of the Air Force, the Army and the Navy.

The ceremony included a parade
of the various Corps,

along with Police Special Units.

Various diplomats were attending
the parade...

Today, General Edoardo De Sarmiento
was appointed

Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

The new Supreme Commander
of the Armed Forces

received the Commanders in chief
of the Air Force, the Army and the Navy.

- Rogas?
- Yes. Good evening, Sir.

- Why did you go to Chief Judge Riches?
- I wanted to warn him; he's in danger.

You still insist
on chasing your lunatic.

The Chief Judge will be killed
by my lunatic or by your groups.

The Chief Judge is well protected.

I know. All the General Staff
looked after him today,

and I saw your car, too.

We weren't at Riches',

we were attending a reception
at the Portuguese Embassy nearby.

You can go and see Riches,
but don't alarm him.

- Hello. Is this the Portuguese Embassy?
- Yes, who's speaking?

I'm the Chief of Police's chauffeur.

I'm sorry, but my boss forgot his
briefcase at today's reception.

What reception? The embassy
has been closed for a week.

- The ambassador is in Lisbon. - I'm sorry,
there must have been a mistake. Thank you.

- Yes?
- It's Rogas.

I need you to do something.

Find the owner of a white
Mercedes with a Swiss plate.

Is that everything you know?

The first two numbers are 9 and 7.
You find out the others.

Sit down, please.

- So... you think I'll be killed.
- Yes. I believe they'll try.

The subversives
or that other guy?

The other guy... Cres.

Ah, that's right... the chemist.

He tried to kill his wife, his plan was
too naive. What did he get?

- 5 years, upheld by you on appeal.
- Not by me.

I meant by the court
over which you presided.

- So? - He was innocent.
- Really? - I think so.

Was he innocent,

or is that just what you believe?

I do think he was innocent,
but I can't be sure.

- So, you can't be sure about it.
- I think it was an error,

a miscarriage of justice.

Miscarriages of justice don't exist.

- Are you a catholic churchgoer?
- Not a churchgoer.

- But you're a catholic nevertheless.
- Sure, like everyone else.

I presume you go to Mass
from time to time.

Have you ever considered the issue
of bread and wine,

turning into the body
and blood of Christ?

Every time...

Every time the priest eats
that bread and drinks that wine,

the mystery occurs.

This always happens.

The priest may be unworthy
in thought or deed,

but simply due to
his Ordination,

every time the Mass is celebrated
the mystery occurs.

When the Judge delivers the Law,

he is exactly like a priest
celebrating Mass.

The judge may have doubts,
he may question himself,

he may even torment himself.

But at the very moment
he delivers his sentence...

he can't harbor any doubt.
At that moment justice is done.


Once, a priest who was breaking the host
found blood on his robe.

Because he had doubts.
That has never happened to me.

No sentence has ever
left blood on my hands.

No conviction has ever
left blood on my gown.

It's always a matter of faith.

I don't think you've
quite understood.

I'm not a Catholic.
Nor am I a Christian.

I've never had such weaknesses.

I've never believed in Voltaire's
“A Treatise on Tolerance“.

He started all this nonsense
about miscarriages of justice.

Virtue, mercy, innocent victims
fallen prey of errors.

What error?

A judge who can freely km
with his sentence.

Voltaire was the first to sow
doubts about the judicial system.

When a religion starts to be concerned
about people's doubts,

that religion is already dead.

That's why we had Bertrand Russell,
Sartre, Marcuse...

and the delirium of
today's youth.

So it's all Voltaire's fault.

Yes, but Voltaire had an excuse.

At the time they didn't realize
the danger inherent in these ideas,

but today's masses have
made that danger lethal.

If things go on like this,
the only viable form of justice

will be what soldiers call

Punishment by killing
one soldier out of ten.

Nowadays, there are no individuals
any more!

There is no individual
responsibility any more!

Your job, my dear friend,
has become ridiculous.

It was fine in times of peace,
but now we're at war.

Robberies, kidnappings, murders,
sabotage... This is war!

As in war the answer is: decimation.

One, two, three, four, five...

One, two, three, four, five...

One, two, three, four, five...
Cres, convicted!

Cres has a. 22 caliber gun

and it's loaded with a bullet
with your name on it.

Park down there.
All the way back!

Go on! Go on! Stop!

Who lives below Chief Judge Riches?

- Mr. Pattos.
- Pattos... the shipowner? - Yes.

Inspector, Mr. Pattos is here.

What are you doing here?

- Excellency, I didn't think...
- You didn't think what?

That you'd meet me
at my friend Pattos' place?

I didn't think I'd be intruding
on a reunion of friends.

- Too late now. So?
- I was looking for someone. - Looking for me?

No, someone who just came in.

Do you think he's here
among my guests?

Come in.

Inspector, I'm sure you were
looking for me.

Are you here to arrest me?

My dear Evaristo,
you are a big liar.

You always denied that the police
tapped our phones.

The inspector's presence here
proves my case.

- Is it true?
- Not that I know of.

How amazing!

He asks if it's true.
And he answers that it's not!

I know nothing about phone tapping.
I know it's done sometimes,

but always with
a judge's approval,

and only for criminal suspects.

But never for political reasons.
It's impossible.

That means I'm a criminal suspect,

since my phone is definitely tapped.

I mean the phone where I live,
not mine.

Nocio's phone.
Where's the great liberal writer?

You are not my guest.
You're my wife's guest.

I would have never had an intellectual
asshole like you as my guest!

They want to start a permanent revolution!
You wish the Inspector

had come here to arrest you;
you'd become a hero.

- Wilfredo, don't be ridiculous!
- Shut up!

This is how conservative you are:
"Shut up!".

Just because I'm a woman
and your wife!

No, because you're a parrot,
not a woman!

There's nothing to do. You're
atypical communist, catholic and bourgeois.

Yes, for a long time. I didn't wait
for the latest fashion!

Now that we are winning,
communists, catholics, the bourgeoisie,

you're all queuing up to jump
on the bandwagon!

- No, I won't take this! - This asshole
wanted to start a revolution!

Gentlemen, let's stop
these family quarrels.

We're here to enjoy ourselves,
to eat and drink something.

- Champagne? Would you rather have
some whiskey? - No, thanks.

Have a drink, Rogas.
You're not on duty.

Your assignment here is over.

Come with me.

Did you hear?
To them it's all a game.

- A game? It doesn't seem a game.
- Yes, a game.

I'm playing the game too.

I'm in the middle of it.

Giving both protection and threats.

Don't let appearances fool you, Rogas.

Everybody's sure they've already won,
but they're still scared.

Maybe more than before.

When the party's over,
they'll flee in all directions.

No one will sleep
in his bed tonight.

- Who do they fear? - They'll think that
you and I were part of a plot...

and that your sudden appearance
was planned.

My dear Rogas, subversive groups
like Galano's are useful to us.

- And to our Communist Party friends.
- Friends?

Your know what the
situation is like.

My party, which has been badly running
the country for 30 years,

will be forced to badly rule
with the Communists.

Your own job would be easier, Rogas,
if Amar, head of that party, already had my chair.

The ministry of safety would work,

and I'd have fun watching Mr. Amar
on my chair,

oppressing these small groups.

So, what should we do?

Keep going. Keep harassing
these small groups

as much as you can.
Arrests, controls, searches.

But always with the approval
of the judges, who won't withhold it.

- They keep on killing them!
- Are you still thinking of arresting Galano?

At least give us our minister back!

Hang around, Rogas.
We'll continue our conversation.

Hot coffee and cold milk.

Waiter, a whiskey.

Find out who they are
and what they want from me.

We're always being watched.

If they find out,
I'm finished too.

I didn't tell you to do
it in there.

Why don't you use your own lab?
You did it for the oil companies.

Give me a cigarette.
Come on.


Placing a bug under the
chief of police's ass.

Big fucking shit!

And now, Minister, allow me
to address a burning issue.

Ever since I left the house of the
Chief Judge of the Supreme Court,

I've had the feeling that I'm being
followed by professionals.

I mean, people specifically suited
to that task.

As if trained in a state or
private police corps.

If people in high places
deemed it necessary

to give me protection

I can only be grateful.
But, at the same time,

I want to point out
that such surveillance,

which is very expensive,
with so many officers involved,

would be better employed
in protecting the judges.

You'll never get out of here
unless you confess first!

And that goes for everybody!

To the Minister of Safety

It's the tanks;
the motors run all night.

They're holding a meeting
at the armored division barracks.

Listen, this is him.

"Let's be careful
with these judges. "

Stop! Play it again.

. These judges.
Let's be careful with these judges.

Rogas is on our back and
he's already figured out too much. "

Come on, once more.

. These judges.
Let's be careful with these judges.

Rogas is on our back and
he's already figured out too much. "

- What next?
- Next? Isn't that enough?

- Rogas?
- Yes. Good evening, Sir.

Why did you go to Chief Judge Riches?

I wanted to warn him; he's in danger.

You still insist
on chasing your lunatic.

The Chief Judge will be killed
by my lunatic or by your groups.

- The Chief Judge is well protected.
- I know.

All the General Staff
looked after him today,

and I saw your car, too.

It's a plot.

The chemist Cres killed his judges,
and now they keep killing the others.

We've come across so many plots -
they arrange one a day.

We've always managed to
keep a close watch on the situation.

But this time you've got to do something fast,
or something bad will happen.

You must understand, we can't risk
jeopardizing everything.

You talk this way. I'm not saying
you should start a revolution

before their counter-revolution,

but you have to inform the Parliament
or the press.

We can't alarm a whole country
just because of some “feelings...

What feelings? I have evidence.
They're all involved!

If that's the case, it's no use
discussing it any further between us.

You must see Amar.
Only the party secretary can decide.

Amar is like all the others to me.

In a room of the National Gallery

a group of visitors
discovered two bodies.

The police have now
identified the victims,

Mr. Amar, the secretary of
the Communist Party,

and police Inspector
Amerigo Rogas.

Both victims were shot
using the same weapon,

the gun that Inspector Rogas
was still holding in his hand.

Here's the Chief of Police's
assessment of the facts.

Inspector Rogas had just returned
from a very stressful mission,

conducted out of the city,
searching for the judges' killer.

When he returned to Rome he
started showing signs of mental disorder,

as a result he was placed on leave.

He was seeing plots everywhere,

and started looking for
non-existent evidence.

Maybe he thought that even the
secretary of the Communist Party

was part of this imaginary plot.

He killed him and then
he killed himself.

We have already accepted
this version of events.

Everything points to him
being the killer.

I don't believe it, I knew Rogas.
He was no lunatic. There was a plot.

They felt so confident,
they went all the way.

And now they came up
with this last provocation.

A police Inspector
who kills the party secretary.

Even if what you say is true, would you
start a civil war? A real clash?

No, but I don't want to be an accomplice.

Accomplice? We would be
if we took part in their game.

They want to unleash the masses!
That's what they want!

So, people will never know
the truth.

Truth is not always revolutionary.