Il ritorno di Zanna Bianca (1974) - full transcript

Lucio Fulci's sequel to Zianna Bianca (White Fang), set some years after the events in the first White Fang movie, has the wolf-dog befriended by another young boy, named Bill Tarwater, the grandson of fur trader John Tarwater, in which the dog teams up once again with novelist Jason Scott and his partner Kurt Jansen to stop the evil Beauty Smith, now living under the alias Forth, in another Northern Canada town and exploiting the townspeople including Sister Evangelina who's trying to open a new mission hospital in town.

Don't be so upset.

We can't take you with us.
It’s a rough trip.

Mitsah is afraid
to remain by himself.

- Isn't that so?
- I'm not afraid, and won't be alone.

I have a friend. Right, White Fang?

Let's go.

They can go. We don't give a darn.

Right, White Fang?

You want to play? Jump!


Come on, jump!

Run! Run! Go on!

Give it to me.

Come here.

Stop! Let go!

Let go! You're hurting me!

Don't pull!


Stop, White Fang!

Let me go! Am I hurting you?
Let me go!

We are lucky.

Those Indians, with their canoe,
will save us.

Indian, how much do you want
for that canoe?

Maybe you didn't understand me.

We'll pay for your canoe.
We need it. Is that clear?

We need it, too, to transport hides.

Then we'll buy your darn hides.

- We've promised them already.
- Promised?

- Don't be silly.
- That's enough!

They don't want to sell it?
They can go, then!

White Fang, hurry!

White Fang, stay close to me.

Very good!

You feel like running today! Go!

Go on, run!

Go, Henry!

That's it, Jimmy! Run!

What is that?

Is it a dog or a piece of ice?

Good boy.

What're you doing?
Guarding a dead body?

Who is he? Good boy!
I won't hurt you.

He was your master, right?

Poor boy! Calm down.

You don't want the wolves
to eat him, do you?

Calm down.

You don't scare me. If you stay here,
you'll die of cold and hunger.

The wolves will rip you two apart.

You've been a good boy,
but you must come away now.

I don't want to hurt you.

And you'll let me get closer.

A dog understands if a man
is a friend, better than a man.

Good boy!

Good boy!

May the Great Spirit
welcome you in his prairies.

At least you won't end up
in a wolf's stomach, boy.

Look at the photographer and smile.

Are we ready?

Stop as you are...

Don't move.

Very good!

You, Mr. Scott,
go there with the journalists.

- For you.
- Thank you, Mr. Scott.

You were about to become
a doctor

when you started travelling
and writing these novels.

Did you stop having
a love for medicine?

The love for the sick was stronger.

I'll kidnap you, Mister.

I must have your portrait
published in our newspaper.

I am sure that our women readers

imagine you as a big man
with a beard,

like one of those coarse miners
that you describe in your books.

I don't want to disappoint them

I am brutal with women,
especially when fascinating like you.

Mr. Scott!

May I? There was so much snow
in your book,

that when reading it, I kept
putting fire in the fire place.

- Jason Scott?
- Yes?

I must talk to you personally.

- Excuse me.
- Come.

- Please, sit down.
- Yes, miss.

You are a liar.

White Fang doesn't exist.

What makes you think that?

If you'd had a dog like that,
you'd have taken him with you.

Nobody would leave White Fang.

You're right.
I'll tell you how it went.

He left me when he found out
I was coming here.

This is not a place for White Fang.

I think he'd get bored.

- You're not a liar, Mr. Scott.
- Thank you.

Jason, I must talk to you.
I've been waiting for an hour.

- The duties of notoriety.
- Yes, unfortunately.

I spend a lot of money...

promoting your book as best possible,
and what do you do?

You waste your time
with people who are useless.

Who are useless?

You're as sly as a fox.

I am tired of your meetings.
I'd like to return to Klondike.

Coarse and ignorant people,
but at least they are real.

Is this another folly
to write a new novel?

You guessed!

And then I'll propose it
to another publisher.

Excuse me.
I'm from the Boston Gazette.

- What is it?
- You lived in those places...

Gray Wolf!

Why don't you ever answer?

You don't like the name Gray Wolf?

We'll change it.

It's a nice name, huh?


Run, Lightning!

Get it!

Listen, friend.

You are beginning to bore me.

You don't like Lightning either?

Do you like Stupid?
Shall I call you Stupid?


You want to scare me
with those white fangs?

What did I say? White fangs?

Is your name White Fang?

Grandpa! Grandpa!

I found out the dog's name.

Who told you?

His name is White Fang.

- Oh, come on!
- Watch.

White Fang, come!

He's not very happy.

We'll become friends.

White Fang!

Good boy, White Fang.

Ten dollars? Are they yours?

They fell.

Boy, don't tell anyone.

These people would think
who knows what.

You can't buy sled dogs
and a sled with ten dollars

to look for gold up north.

Anyway, don't talk. Alright?

White Fang, we'll have fun.
Let's go!


The old man will lose his underpants.
The other guy is good.

I saw him play with Tom,
and Tom never won.

Tarwater is the same old lunatic.

His children are right
in not listening to him.

If he had money to buy dogs
and a sled, he'd go look for mines.

Every ten years
he has a gold fever attack.

It's ten years now
that he's returned from Klondike.

One hundred dollars.

Two hundred.

On John Tarwater's word.

I don't bet against a word.

Foreigner, everyone here
knows Grandpa Tarwater.

I've nine children
and 18 grandchildren.

They all work and earn money.
If I lose, they'll pay for me.

Could you sign a paper stating that?

With your signature,
they can't deny me the money.



Grandpa, are you crazy?

I'm beating a sucker.

Up to 300, then.

Stop. Come away. If you lose,
they'll lock you up at home forever.

I call.

Four seven.

Well? And so?

He had an ace hidden.
Then he's a cheat.

Give me back the 30 dollars
you won from me yesterday!

- Thank you, boy.
- Forget it.


Run, guys!


Didn't you sleep well last night?
Go on!

My son Jack's brain
must be smoked out by now

after he's smoked so many fish.

Children get old.
Come on, Jimmy!

The only one who resembles me
in the family is the brat.

When he grows up,
he'll be another Tarwater.

My grandson Bill is like me.
He has talent.

Actually, I'm sorry I didn't
bring him with us to look for gold.

Go, Jimmy!


Go fast!

A man like you is afraid
of having a tooth pulled!

No, I'm afraid that it will hurt.

- Did I hurt you?
- Yes.

You just have to get used
to the pain.

Oh, I see!

Open and don't make a fuss.

Good for you!

I was brave, huh?

Instead of laughing
like a bunch of idiots,

you should help me
fix up the hospital.

No hands are enough to fix up
that shack, Sister Evangelina.

- Why don't...
- Sam is right.

I'd already told you, Sister.

Only one person can give you
the wood and many other things.

Mr. Forth.

Yes, him. He has everything.
Don't worry.

- Except the desire to help people.
- He won't say no to me.

You've reached 300 kilos.
You can go.


Wait for me. Let's hope.

- I'd like to talk to Mr. Forth.
- Come, Sister.

What is the matter, Sister?

Did you see a ghost?

Not a ghost, but a demon.

- I'll try pushing the sled.
- Darn tree!

We are stuck. Hurry, Bill!
Let's free the dogs.

Wait, boys!

Stay put!

Stop! Grandpa!

- White Fang, come back!
- Come back here, you beasts!

Come back here!

White Fang ran away too!

- He left too.
- Come on...

You're back. Good boy!

Let's hope he can pull the sled.

Please, sit down.

You know Mr. Forth?

I met him years ago in Dawson City,
but his name wasn't Forth.

It was Beauty Smith. Everyone knows
what he did at Dawson.

I'd like to meet this man
who looks so much like me.

Stop pretending.
God could have made

only one face like yours.

- I have never been to Dawson.
- You are lying.

Your word against mine.

No. Not only my word.

You weren't expecting it,
right, Beauty?

Too bad you are paralyzed.

If you weren't,

I'd crush your bones to the marrow.


I represent the law.

Tell me who you are.

I'm a government inspector
for the mines.

He is Jason Scott, the writer.

Well? What are your accusations
against Forth?

Stop! Back up!

Three years ago? It will be easier
to prove my innocence.

To murder an old man, to keep a child
hostage and make a dam explode...

being cruel, like Mr. Scott
say about me, is not enough.

Above all,
I believe I should've been able

to use my legs.

Your legs were in great shape
in Dawson City.

This is evidence that you're
mistaking me for someone else.

Lieutenant LeClerq...

When did we meet?

Over five years ago I think,
at Alberta.

Mr. Forth was already an invalid.

- Are you sure you remember well?
- I have an excellent memory.

You are a disgusting couple
of scoundrels!


Do you realize you are risking jail?

I don't give a darn, and go to hell.

Calm down, Sister. It's useless.

Considering the circumstances,

we can only apology to Mr. Forth,

who I really hoped was Beauty Smith.

I accept it.

- So everything is alright?
- Yes, you can go.

Thank you.

They didn't believe one word.

Neither the inspector,
nor that other man, the writer.

As of today, Beauty must respect
the law, as everyone else.

The game is becoming dangerous.

It's normal that those who play
take a few risks.

No! Not me.

I told you from day one.

I am an officer,

and it wasn't in our agreement that
I expose myself to scandal, dishonor.

I married an imbecile.

I was better off when working
in Beauty's saloon.


Jane is tired of this miserable life.

Jane wants to live where it's warm.

In a city! I want lovely clothes,
a beautiful home, money!

And if you aren't capable
of giving it to me,

it's over between us.

I can't give you up. You know that.

Beauty is the only person who can
have us become rich. You understand?

I'll do as you wish, Jane.

We heard barking,
and went to see.

We found this dog hooked up
to the sled, pulling all alone,

his strength giving out.
I'm not crazy.

Look at the load he was pulling.
It's in there.

It's hard to believe your own eyes.

Who knows how many miles
that poor animal pulled the sleigh!

Did you see what was in the sled?

An old man, who'd gone berserk
from the cold, and a little boy.

They must thank the dog
if they are alive.

Here is a man with two excellent
reasons to thank the heavens.

Really? I'd like to know
at least one.

I'll tell you both.
He has a beautiful daughter

and he found 300 kilos
of food to leave.

You were wrong twice. She's not
my daughter, but my sister.

I didn't find a darn thing.

- Aren't you leaving?
- Yes, we are,

but not for the plateau.

We're going back. I'm fed up
with what's going on here.

I wish I'd never set foot
in this cursed place.

My friend, I'm sorry.

I must say that I'm truly sorry.

Sister or daughter,
what changes? Nothing.


A lot changes if you leave.

Why don't you tell me
what is going on here?

You are the only one
who doesn't know it.

- Liverpool!
- Yes?

- I'm getting the pot from Johnathan.
- Yes, alright.


You can get food
only from that hyena.

You have to sign a contract.

So if you find gold,
half of it goes in his pocket.

He stays here, while we risk
looking for gold up there,

in that hell
from which few return.

And this is not all.

You pay 300 kilos of food to him
at a very high price

and that scoundrel
only gives you 100.

But the law says
that with 100 kilos you can't go.

If Forth wants,
it's more than enough for the law.

When you sign the contract,
LeClerq gives the pass right away.

You had decided to leave anyway.

So you don't lose out on anything.

I give you the money,
you sign the contract

and buy 300 kilos of food.

- Yes. Forth will give me 100.
- In fact.

LeClerq will give you the pass

and that signature will be evidence
of his corruption.

You'll have to secretly return.
Will you be able to do that?

- I think so.
- Good.

We'll go to a judge together.

We'll report LeClerq
and Forth with him.

My old friend,
where have you been all this time?

- Good dog. How are you?
- Hey! This is my dog!

I say he's mine because he cares
for me. Don't you, White Fang?

- He cares for me, too.
- He can't have two masters.

Dogs only chose one.

Let's see who he chooses
between you and me.

I'm for it. How will we do this?

We'll part ways.
You go that way and I go this way.


I am Jason Scott.
Goodbye, young man.

- I am Bill Tarwater. Goodbye.
- Let's go.

Stop! What are you doing?

You'll rip my clothes!

Who won?

Nobody. You see?
He belongs to both.

Whenever you want,
you can borrow him. I like you.

Do you have a pass?


May I give you some advice?

When you go to sleep

always leave one of these dogs
tied away from the fire.

When he'll be too cold, he'll bark.

So you'll wake up
and add wood to the fire.

If the fire goes out,
you'll freeze and die.

- May I go?
- Go and good luck.


Yes, I was deceiving you.

You paid all of my supplies,
but I...

I wouldn't have returned. I was
looking for gold. I was a coward.

I realized it in seeing those two,
and I thought of all those madmen

who sneak by
without food because of Forth.

It's not impossible to pass.

It's impossible to survive like that.

Jimmy had been dead for a while.


A friend.
I left him there, in that ice.

And Carter...

I think he'll lose his legs,
to say the least.

Liverpool, do you still have
LeClerq's pass?

- Sure.
- Are you willing to come with us?

- When do you want to leave?
- Soon. On the quickest way.

The river, then.
I'll find a canoe and advise you.


Let's organize everything
for tomorrow morning.

- Mr. Scott.
- What is it?

Come to the mission right away.
Sister Evangelina is in trouble.

Wait. I'm coming.

I can't resist.

You must resist, Carter.

You'll recover.

Sister Evangeline is very good,

and she will cure you.

But you must be brave.

It hurts now.

But you'll feel better later.

I can't.

I am not a surgeon.

I know, but you studied Medicine.

If we don't attempt an operation,
he'll die.

There isn't even a priest
to give him a blessing.

Poor thing!

Don't worry, boy.

I could help you.

I know something about medicine.

It's not possible.

- It would be useless.
- But gangrene will kill him!

We must operate.
It's cowardly to let him die.

My legs!

It hurts like crazy.

- What happened to my legs?
- They are like drenched branches.

We must cut them
or he'll die suffering.

I'd do it myself if I weren't so old.

Help me!

Kurt, take Bill away.

Give him whiskey.

Here, son.

It'll be good for you.



Thank you.

It's just as Harvey said.

We just have to stake it, Jimmy.

It's a big gold deposit.

Crow Valley. I have the map.

I won't lose it, Jimmy. Don't worry.

Jimmy, we are rich.

I'll tell you who did it. It was the wolf
that is always with that brat.

- White Fang?
- Yes, I saw him.

- We must kill him!
- Scott's dog, White Fang!

Come with me.

White Fang!

You must run away.
They'll hurt you.

You must leave.

Don't do this.
You have to run away!

They want to kill you.

Go! Run away!

Go away!

Go away!

I'll fix you!

Stop! Don't touch him!

Make way! Make way!

- What is going on?
- Your dog tore Liverpool apart!

White Fang didn't do it!

Enough talking.
Let's get this over with.

Let's kill him!
What are you waiting for?

- Stop. Are you crazy?
- Don't touch that dog!

No, you're too old.

It's one more reason
to reveal your secret.

Then I'll tell you my secret.

Until I find the gold,
I will not die.

Tell me where the gold strand is,
and I'll go there.

You can't do it.
They took away your legs.

- No.
- You can trust me.

We'll split the gold fifty-fifty,

exactly as you would've done
with your friend, Jimmy.

White Fang, where are you?

I love you!

Come back!

White Fang, where are you?

It's me. Why don't you answer?
I don't want to hurt you!

Help! White Fang! Help!

White Fang! You still love me.

White Fang, I'm here.
Don't you see me?

What did it do to your eyes?

Mr. Scott!

Mr. Scott,
he became blind to save me.

It was an eagle.

Give me a wet cloth.

Hold still, even if it hurts a bit.

Good boy.

Good boy, that's it.


You were a really good boy.
Good boy!

- Bill!
- Yes.

Bill, call him.

- Call him.
- White Fang!

Dear dog!

Thank you.

It was blood mixed with mud.

Bill, right now we'd better not say
that White Fang is back.

We'll keep him hidden here,
where it's safe.

Let's go.

If Carter had the map of a mine,
he gave it to the old man.

You can bet on it.

That is why he left.

Tell me, great genius...

If you had the map of a mine,
what would you do right away?

I'd hide it
so nobody could steal it.

Instead of hiding it,
it's better to memorize it.

Once it's in here, it's difficult
for anyone to pull it out.

And if Carter isn't as imbecile
like you two,

it's what he did.

If it is not all fruit
of your imagination.

A good job, Harvey.

You won't regret
being on my side.

- I don't need Mr. Forth anymore.
- But weren't you...

It was an alibi
for those who could recognize me.

And now, gentlemen,
the moment to act has come.

I can't breathe.

I can't breathe!

I had the nun called.

She'll know how to cure you.

Maybe it's her.
I think she's arriving.

I saw her yesterday. She was fine.

The road is clear.


Let's go.

Did they get angry?

I was with White Fang all day.

Where is grandpa?

Get me something to drink.

- Whiskey. It'll kill the pain.
- The sister doesn't want me to.

Please, just a sip.


- What do you want?
- To talk about a certain mine.

And how to find it
before Tarwater claims it.

- Leave him alone, you scums!
- Take this...

32 miles north.

On the plateau,

there's a small...

fir tree wood.



Crow... Valley.

A nice fire
and it will look like a tragedy.

Help! Don't leave me here!


- Go ask the nun if she needs help.
- Alright.

Take care of this damn animal!

Fire! The mission is burning!

Fire! Run! Hurry!

There's a dog on the ground.
Help me move it.

Look! Let me by!

Help! Help!

- Help!
- Run!


Sister Evangelina! No!

Bill, answer!

Sister Angelina!

Bill is safe.

What is going on?
What do you want?

- Murderer!
- Let us through. Make way!

Say to the lieutenant
what you saw last night.

There were two men in the mission.

They tortured Carter
to know something from him.

They hit me and set
everything on fire. I heard a name.

His name was Beauty.

Now you'll say
there are two Beauties?

Or admit that Beauty and Forth
is the same person?

And that Forth wasn't paralyzed
six years ago, just as he isn't now.

- Mr. Scott...
- Murderers!

Sister Evangelina is dead
because of them! Kill them!

I want to be alone for a moment.

I won't run away.
I give you my word.

So you weren't ill.
You were in agreement with Forth.

The stake is a deposit,
and you wouldn't have allowed it.

I shouldn't have allowed
anything from the beginning.

Lieutenant LeClerq
wasn't enough for you.

I should have let you leave.

No, Charles!

I love you, I swear.

All that I wanted for myself,
I wanted for you too.

I can't love you.

You are a murderer.

Go away!

you must arrest Beauty now.

Or Forth, if you prefer.

You won't be able to stop him.

- He left last night.
- Where was he headed?


He found out about Carter's mine.

The old man left, and Beauty...

He's on Tarwater's tracks.
He'll kill him too.


Stop! It's an order!


- Go on!
- Go!

That way.


Turn the sleds over!
Let's find shelter!

You've no way out, Scott!

If you come forward,
we'll kill you.

Stay here and don't move.


Cover me by shooting.
I'll go pull them out.

It's a useless risk.
They won't resist and will surrender.

Come back here!


White Fang realized it right away.

Beauty tricked us. Let's follow him.


Halt! Stop!


Half of the mine is Carter's.

The other half belongs to....


I found it...

for him.

I feel happy.

I have never been this happy...

It was his mine.

- Now it's Bill's.
- Not yet.

Tarwater died before
having claimed it.

So it doesn't belong to anyone.

A mine belongs to who claims it
at the Concession Office.

It's not enough to find it,
and everyone wants gold.

It'll be a race of men ready
to kill one other to get there first.

Good boy!



Help! Help!


Have pity, help me!


Help me!

They're coming.
Ready to change the dogs!

Make way!

Why did we come here,
and not with the others

to wait for Scott?

Because we are more clever than them.

They're coming,
almost all of them together. Look.

They'll take a long time
to change the dogs.

Jason Scott will be able
to get in the lead.


It seems like he
is more clever than us.

At least as much as us.

But he doesn't have White Fang.

Nor does he know we have him.
Nobody knows you're back.

I fear Harvey has too much
of an advantage, even for White Fang.

Here, hurry! Go!

Go, Scott!

Come on, White Fang!

White Fang, run!

Good boy!

Here is the first one.

- He's coming!
- Who is he?

It's Jason Scott!

White Fang is here!

Good dog!

Good job, Scott!

Good job!

Good boy, White Fang!

Come. The executives of
the Concession Office are waiting.

- My compliments.
- My compliments.

I congratulate you. Please.

Sign the concession contract
and the mine will be yours.

Thank you.

Isn't your name Jason Scott?

In fact.

But only when I write books.

- Goodbye, Kurt.
- Good luck, Jason.

Keep him on a leash.

Goodbye, friend.
Behave and keep an eye on Bill.

Keep sharp, Bill!

Are you sure White Fang
doesn't want to come with you?

Very sure.

A dog like him can't live
just anywhere.

This is the right place for him.

Other places, other people...
It would be a real disaster.

How does he know?

Dogs know things
that you can't imagine.

From now on, he'll only be yours
because he chose you as his master.

Stay with him.

Take care of him.

Bye, White Fang!

Come! Run, White Fang!


Run, White Fang!