Il Grido (1957) - full transcript

After living seven years with the mechanic Aldo, having a daughter with him, the simple woman Irma is informed that her absent husband had just died in Sydney. She becomes upset when Aldo proposes to marry her and she tells him that she is going to leave him. Unable to explain how much he loves her, Aldo takes their daughter Rosina and travels with her, meeting different women in different places, trying to establish a new relationship and fill the emptiness of his sentimental life. He visits his former lover Elvia; he meets and lives with the widow Virginia, who owns a gas station; he lives with the prostitute Andreina. But these relationships never complete the needy Aldo.

I don't know if it's good news
or bad news for you, Mrs Irma.

- But that's beside the point.
- What news?

Your husband died in Sydney,
twenty days ago.

This is the letter from the Consulate.

I believe you knew
he was working in a factory.

They are sending a box with
his belongings. I'll forward it to you.

- No, keep it here.
- Why?

I'll come back tomorrow.

Excuse me.

Aldo! lrma's here.


- Aldo!
- Hi. Wait!

- I'll leave your lunch here.
- Wait. I'm coming down.

- Could you give it to him, please?
- Sure.

- Where's Irma?
- She's gone.

- What's wrong?
- Why?

- She was crying.
- Was she?

I'm going home,
back in ten minutes, okay?


I told you to go back home!

- Where's mum?
-l don't know, the door was shut.

Dad, I got a low mark.

Well done.

Have you seen Irma?

No. I thought she was here.
What are you doing at home anyway?

- Your sister's in a funny mood today.
- Why?

- Hello, Auntie.
- Hello, darling.

Ask Irma if she wants to stop over
at mine later. I'm going home.

Is it true what happened?

And now? You'll have
to tell everything to Aldo.

You know he's waiting for you?

Why were you crying?

My husband died.

Why didn't you wait to tell me?

I didn't want to talk about it over there.

Now we can talk about it in peace.

There's nothing to talk about.

We'll get married and that's it.

I know, it isn't appropriate
to be happy when someone dies,

but it's been seven years,
we've been waiting for seven years.

Irma...what's wrong?

It's nothing, Aldo. It'll pass.


There was something else
we should have discussed last night.

- What else?
- What else?

Sit down here.

We should have talked about it
a while ago.

One of us has drifted apart.

-Irma, are you crazy?
- No, but if I keep going like this...

I've changed, Aldo.

I still love you,
but it's not the same as before.

It might be my fault,
but I know I'm not wrong.

I know I'm doing the right thing.

Because I'm being honest.

All of a sudden, just like that?

- It isn't sudden.
- So why are you telling me now?

The time has come to decide.

Decide? Decide what?

Don't insist, it will make things worse.
Just let me go.


Go where?

To someone else.

What? What did you say?

You heard me.


Who is he?
Did you hear me? Who is he?

Don't ask me that, Aldo.

What would be the point anyway?

It wouldn't change anything.

So then...

All these years...nothing.

Nothing was true.

It was all true.

Until four months ago.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Did you hear?
The river burst its banks at Porto Tolle.

It's all flooded, as far as Ca' Zuliani.

Let's hope it's another big flood,
like the last one we had,

which swept away a few old things
and made room for something new.

- Goodbye.
- See you.

And now what will I give Rosina?

And what will you give her if you go?

Did you forget you have a daughter?

I took that into account, too.

I should have known
it would end like this.

A woman that...while her husband's
working in Australia to support her...

You never had any scruples about that.

And look at the result!

And to think...
And to think that I had someone else!

- L could've married her, no problem.
- You still have time. Elga's a fine girl.

But me...what am I to you?
Come on, tell me.

What am I?

I've just one thing to say.
You're not leaving. You're staying here.

Whether you like it or not!

I brought you the eggs.

Four, five...and six.

- There were six of them, right?
- Yes, I think so.

Well, see you, then. And thank you.

- What are you looking at?
- Just the envelopes.

You should at least
have the guts to tell me.

Guts? What guts?

He just wants to pick a fight.

I heard there's someone
who delivers vegetables door-to-door.

It might be convenient,
but the quality suffers.

Would you like some potatoes, too?

- No, thanks.
- Thanks.

Why did you come here?

What do you mean,
why did I come here?

Are you afraid I might run away?

Listen, Irma, don't you think
that if you try harder...

- It wouldn't work.
- But at least try.

Okay, let's try. What do I have to do?
Come on, tell me.

Irma, come here.

Let's go in for a moment.

- That belt that was in the window...
-l think I still have it.

It's a black leather belt,
with a gilt buckle.

-Is this it?
- Yes, that's it.

Try it on.

What? You said you liked it.
Don't you like it anymore?

- Let's try another one.
- Why do you waste money like this?

For nothing.

For nothing?

-L might come back later. Bye.
- See you, Irma. Bye, Aldo.

So you've forgotten everything?

I haven't forgotten anything, Aldo.

That's exactly why I don't want
to keep going on like this.

It would be humiliating for both of us,
and I don't want that, Aldo.

I'm so upset I can't even talk.

But what can I do?

I feel like I can't control this anymore.

I must see him. He must help me, too.
Do you think he's at home?

No, I saw him leave a while ago.

Did you speak to Aldo?

I ran away, or I would've stayed,
married him and done what he wanted.

Don't think of him now.

I don't know if I have the right
to think just of myself.

Aldo has always treated me well.
For seven years.

And then I start having doubts...

I fear I might make another mistake.
He's younger than I am.

Decisions like these
aren't reasoned out.

And age doesn't matter.
If you are sure...

Deep inside I am, but is that enough?

Shall I send someone
to the warehouse to fetch him?

No, it's too crowded.
It's the wrong time.

Suppose her husband had come back
instead of dying.

What would have Irma done?

I never said anything, but
what you two had going wasn't right.

Say what you will,
but people have always gossiped.

Always. And gossip is like hail,
where it falls, it hits hard.

Isn't that true?

Who's going to care if Irma
is different from the other women?

Being beautiful is one thing,
being loose is another.

First her husband, then you,
now this other guy.

Too many men for a decent woman.

Now you come to your mother to get it
off your chest, but what can I do?

You have to take care of this yourself.

There must be a way
to make her come to her senses again.

I know.

He'll insist to keep Rosina, you'll see.

On the other hand, she's his daughter,
too. She bears his name.

I fear that one day
I might regret this, too.

There he is.

He's seen me.

- Shall I go and get him?
- No, he's with his friends.

- Tomorrow everybody will know.
-l need to break up with Aldo first.

At least that.

Aldo's walking around the village like
a madman, looking for Irma. Be careful.

- Okay, thanks.
- Bye.

It was Mariuccia, did you hear?
He'll come over here as well for sure.

I'll handle Aldo,
but I need you to watch out for him.

Nobody must tell him,
he mustn't leave the house.

God knows what would happen.


Not going there
would be another mistake.

And now...come home.

Did you hear me?

Now, really is over.

Look at Goriano, it's so beautiful.

It looks as if people were happy there.

Rosina! Rosina, wake up!

Come on, get up.

Hey, look!





- Get me a rag.
- Get it yourself!

- Come on, the motorboat broke down.
- What motorboat?

Dad, I'll stay here and watch.

- Elvia, they want a rag.
- A rag?

Any kind.


Hi, Aldo. It's true that
the living always meet again.

I hope it's not an unpleasant surprise.

- How are you?
- Fine.

Well, not too bad. We work, we live.

- And you?
- So-so.

I wanted to see you.

And since I was passing by...

You're Edera! The last time I saw you,
you were this high.

And you looked this high.


- Are you staying or going?
-l don't know yet.

Why don't you stay and eat with us?

Well, it all looks the same here.

You haven't changed either.
You've slimmed down, it suits you.

- No, I'm not married.
-l know.

Seriously, why don't you stay? You're
on your own, and setting the table...

No, Rosina is with me.
The little girl. My daughter.

- Don't you know I have a daughter?
- She's so big.

Time flies so fast.

What are you doing in Pontelagoscuro?
Sure, I've asked you before...

I don't live in Goriano anymore.

I don't live anywhere.

It's much better this way.

I don't want to be tied down
to one place anymore.

- Elvia, do you have a screwdriver?
- It should be in that drawer.

Five guys from Ferrara
are having a motorboat race.

- A race?
- Yes, if we manage to fix this in time.

- Has the engine broken down?
-l know little about these things.

- What does the driver say?
- He knows less than I do.

- I'll take a look.
- Are you a mechanic?

A mechanic?
He's the best mechanic in the world!

- Let's go.
- Sure.

Wait, I'll come with you,
so I can meet your daughter.


- Why is there so much spray?
- It's the propeller.

It makes me thirsty.

- We'll have something to eat now.
- Yes.

Aldo, how about your job?

I'll find another one. There's plenty
of sugar refineries here, too.

Who knows what he'll get up to today?

Come on!

He's in third position.

But he's catching up. Can't you see?

If number 19 comes first,
tonight you're taking me out dancing.

- To the Blue Fish?
- No, they built a mill on the site.

There's a new venue now.

You're on.

He got third.

- The motorboat wasn't ready yet.
- Of course, he can't steer.

- Come under.
- They're crazy, racing in this weather.

Rosina, let's go to the club.

- Come on!
- God, I've lost a shoe.

- Why can't we go together?
-l want to go on my own, for once.

- There are people.
- No.

- Okay, we'll see.
- Dad, what make is this car?

What do you care
what make it is? Let's go.

- This winter's never ending.
- Nice, isn't it?

Look at my sister.

- Edera, we were all agreed.
- I'll do as I please.

Why are you like this?

Rosina, would you like
a chocolate or a sweet?


And you?

Rosina! Come on.

Go and sit there and be quiet.

- Are you Elvia?
- Yes.

I'm Irma.

I heard so much about you.

- Who knew I would meet you like this?
- Like this?

At such a difficult time,
for Aldo and me.

We've split up.

My fault.

Then Aldo left in a hurry with the child.

I thought he'd come here.

- Why would he come here?
- He'll come, sooner or later.


You two have known each other
for a long time.

Aldo has always spoken well of you.
I can't really say, but I'm sure that...

Can I leave this suitcase with you?

I packed a few things,
some overalls, his employment card...

And some things for Rosina, too.

Taking her with him...

I understand, Aldo's right,
but she'll just be a burden to him.

- Don't you agree?
-l don't. You said it's your fault.

- Can I leave it, then?
- Sure, leave it.

I'm sure Aldo loves you very much.

You'll regret throwing this away.


- Hi, Elvia.
- Hi.

- Do you work on Sundays, too?
- You know, with such bad weather...

- Why don't you come to the cinema?
- Now? No, I don't feel like it.

Tonight, then? We'll go dancing.

No, I can't tonight.
Maybe another Sunday.

Sure, like last Sunday.

Five ribbons, please?



Let's give them to Edera. She's got
plenty, they'll make her beauty queen.

There she is.

Thank you! Look!

Look. One, two... Five of them.
I've got twelve already!

Why don't we leave?

Why? Just when the fun's starting?

I have...something to tell you.

What is it?

- Edera? Are you staying?
- I'm sure she wants to.

Aldo, during all these years,
has there ever been a moment when... thought of me?

Oi course.

Maybe wondering whether I'd got
married and managed to get over you.

Is this what you wanted to tell me?

First of all, I want you to know... hasn't been easy for me.

I'm sorry.

Why did you come back? Why?

If Irma hadn't left you,
you wouldn't have thought of it!

Yes, it's true, but...

Listen, Aldo, tell me what I can do
for you and then please go.

Go, as soon as you can!

I don't know
what you can do for me either.

I just want some peace of mind,
that's all.

And you're the only one
I can stay with.

Irma sent a suitcase
with a few clothes in it.

What did she send?

Great, she's concerned
about my clothes now!

You should've thrown them
into the Po!

She didn't turn up herself, did she?


We'd better go home now.

Where's that stupid...?

It's you! You know
they made me beauty queen?

And you helped me the most!

Such nonsense!

My head's spinning so much!

They made me drink too much.

This stupid guy told me
I'm as fresh as a daisy.

Come on. Time to go to bed.

Is it true?
Am I as fresh as a daisy?

Is it true?

Why are you getting rid of me?
I'm the beauty queen.

Come on, go to bed.

Irma! Irma!

- The same size or a bit longer?
- A bit longer.

- And less tight.
- Okay.

He left this morning.
We only talked for a moment.

What did he tell you?

Nothing. Just that he was leaving.

But why?

I didn't ask him.

- Will it be ready by Thursday, then?
- Sure, by all means.

- Okay, thank you. Bye.
- Bye.

Are you sorry he's gone?


I'm happy to hire you, if only
for your child's sake. It's up to you.

Is there a village nearby
where I can stay?

No, there isn't.

I could certainly use 1,500 lira a day.

But how can I manage with the child?

- It's impossible.
-l don't know what to say.

- Shame. Thank you, goodbye.
- Not at all.

- Do you want some more?
- No.

To hell with you!

I told you so many times
to be careful when you cross the road!

You must be careful, understand?

Stupid girl.


Why are you crying? Don't be afraid,
nobody's going to harm you.

Don't worry, they're all quite gentle.

Luigi, Francesco, Osvaldo,
let's go home.

Come on, Francesco. Let's go.

Be quiet.

They're all gentle, can't you see?
They're all gentle.

Be quiet, Rosina. Come on.

No, don't cry.

That's it. No more crying.

Good girl.

Dad, can we go there?

No, living in a town is too expensive.

But we'll find somewhere to stay.

You must go back to school.

Look at the state of your dress.

Isn't there another in the suitcase?

Yes, but I forgot.

Remember tomorrow morning.

And my pretty dress... When mum
comes, she'll make me an apron, too.

He's ruined my cloud.

Get off, the police are ahead.
I shouldn't have people onboard.

-L might see you later.
- Okay.

- Thank you.
- Bye.


They're all dead.

The old chap's run off again!

I'm sick of it, understand?
I'm sick of it!

Don't you like it here?

You have all your comforts,
your own bed and radio.

What more do you want?

You can't sleep outside
every night, father.

Now it's starting to get cold, too.
Look at me, I'm soaking wet.

At least go inside.

- I'll be right back.
- Okay.

I fined a woman last night.
She was wearing a nightgown.

You could see everything!

And you fined her? You heard that?

I know it's bad for him,
but he's driving me crazy!

- Just regular or four-star?
- I'm four-star, it should be enough.

Listen to that!

- Are you drinking some more?
- Until I run out.

And then?

When I've run out,
praised be Jesus Christ!

There are cops around,
I'll see you tomorrow.

- Bye!
- Bye!

- So? Off to bed?
-l wish!

- Yeah?
- Bye.


- Is the village far away?
- What village?

I don't know,
there must be a village nearby.

Listen, may I stop here for a while?

I'm not the boss here.


He wants to stay here for a while.

It's easier to get a lift here.

This road is quite busy.

So, do you want to go the village
or stay here?

Oh, bother.

- How many litres?
- Fill it up, please.

Pass me the map.

Is there a road
that connects to the main road?

- Where are you going?
- Bologna.

Don't know.

- Where's Rome?
- Further south.

- L see... Off the map.
- Yes.

- What are those?
- Those are the mountains.

I've never seen the mountains.

- Seriously?
- I'm always here.

- I'm so stupid!
- Maybe the petrol gauge is broken.

You should've told me earlier on
that you wanted to go.

-L could've talked to the policemen.
- If I'd known...

- How much?

- Here.
- Thank you.

Don't be upset.
You'll get a lift sooner or later.

- It's a long day.
- Sooner or later...

I can't get to a village at night.
I have to eat and sleep.

- And I have a little girl with me.
-ls she yours?

Why are you taking her with you?

As for accommodation,
it depends on what you are used to.

Used to? Fancy that... I wish.

I've been wandering like this
for over three months.

Take a look at that shack there,
see if it's suitable.

- Can you open up, please?
- Just one second.

- Sorry, someone wants number 40.
- Number 40?

Oil number 40.

It must be here.

What a life, eh?
Can't even rest at night.

How's it going in there? Cold, eh?

A little bit.

You would've been better off
inside the house.

On second thoughts, I could've
put you up in my father's room.

- In your father's room?
- What did you expect, mine?

Quite clever, aren't you?

- Earlier on, you said I was stupid.
- When?

Oh, yes...

What have you decided to do?
Are you leaving or staying tomorrow?

It depends on so many things.
Money, willingness, work...

What are you lacking most?



So you've decided to leave?

You could at least have come
into the kitchen,

it wouldn't have bothered me.

Thanks, but I'm waiting for the truck.

Are you in such a hurry?

Not really, but what can I do here?

- Where are you off to?
-l don't know. Maybe Loreo.

I heard they need labourers.
Anywhere as long as there's work.

I see...

Fill it up.

- How much?

No, madam, this much!

You scoundrel!

You thief!


Did you see what he did?

But I know who he is, I do!

What did he do?

The police! Where's the police? They're
always here when you don't need them.

They're always here!

Hey! Stop!

Okay, let's go.

Dad, how old is mum?

- What?
- And you?

Come on, Rosina.

Well, boss?

- How many litres?

- Thanks, Carlo.
- When can I see you again?

Get yourself a sports car first.

In the end, he even thanked me!

I'm too nice, really.

A car stopped by for petrol.
10 litres, regular.


You found a job quickly this time.

Are you up for it?


All the best!

I'll tell you another one.

A gentleman with a neck but no head,
with two arms but no legs. What is it?

What did you say?

A gentleman with a neck but no head,
with two arms but no legs.

You have to guess what it is.

- With no legs?
- It's a shirt!

You didn't guess!

- A shirt.
- I don't understand.

Yes, a shirt has a neck,
but no head.

The head is yours.

Of course!
My head is mine.

- I'm telling you a joke?
- I'm listening.

A little boy
tells his grandpa...

- Rosina, it's late. Time for bed.
- Goodnight.

You'll have to do without it, tonight.
Go to bed!

Go to bed!

Five litres, regular.

What time is it?

- Half past seven.
- It's so late.

I have to go back upstairs.
If the child wakes up...

I've just checked. She's sleeping.

For once, you get to enjoy life a bit...

You criminals! You scoundrels!
Cutting down a healthy tree.

- We'll plant another one, okay?
- No, it wouldn't be the same.

What do you want? We bought your
land, shed, animals, trees and house.

We gave you a sack full of notes!

Leave us alone! Go away!

That's it!

That's it! I've had enough.
Now you'll see.

- Were those trees yours?
- They were all mine.

Why aren't they yours anymore?

Because my daughter
didn't want to be a peasant.

Since my husband died,
I've needed help from everybody.

How can a woman run a farm
without help?

When we were offered the petrol station
we accepted, the land was ours.

But I'd like to wander around,
like you do.

You see places, people...

There are various ways to get around.
The way I do it...

Yes, okay. But think of me,
I've never been anywhere.

You've never even seen
the mountains, have you?

How do you know that?

I just do.

Virginia! Virginia!


Wait here.


Even if it means spitting out
tricoloured pellets, I'll do this to him!

- What happened?
- He came 'round with a girl.

He insulted us, threw stones at us and
called us criminals. He's got to stop!

- Don't get angry!
- Of course I will!

Then do it on your own!

You mentioned a girl?
Where? I'll get her.

- On my property!
- You said she was asleep.



Fill it up, four-star.

Excuse me,
is there a ladies' room here?

- Eh?
- A toilet?


Dynamite the palaces

Stab the cowardly bourgeois

Who leave us starving to death

How about a nice picture
for your kitchen?

A landscape or a Mona Lisa
for your lounge?

- Or maybe a scene from Othello?
- I?d like one for the bedroom.

Here you go, look at this beauty!

- How much?

- Too dear.
- What? 350 for the Butterfly?

Here you go...350.

- Look, Virginia, this pump...
- Enough of this pump!

Do you think I care?

What did you buy?

I bought...a picture.

You bet that...

- The dog's mine!
-l can't pay for the damage.

- What a mess!
-ls that supposed to be my fault?

What are you doing? Careful!

I knew it! Are you happy now?


We can't go on like this. He runs off
at night, argues with the neighbours,

gets on everybody's nerves.

Now he even plays like a child.
That's the last straw.

If I want him to behave, I have
to get him drunk. And it's bad for him.

Not even a drink
can calm him down now.

That's going too far.

First his foot, then his spine.
He'll end up being paralysed.

He needs a carer all for himself.

Unfortunately I'm right.
That's the only thing to do.

It's up to you to decide.

I've already decided.
As soon as he can walk again.

Goddamn it!

Rosina, go to bed! Quick!

- Come on!
- No, no!

Don't make such a fuss!


- Hello.
- Hello.

We just need to fill these forms
and pay.

Let's go. If I stay here
a minute longer I'll feel sick.


- Look at that brunette!
- Not bad, is she?

- Where are you going, darling?
- Leave me alone!

- Let me through!
- Hey, you!

Get off him!


- Where's Rosina?
-l don't know.

You could at least
have kept an eye on her.

I can't look after my father,
how can I look after your daughter?

I'll go and look for her anyway.

You should've left her at home.

Come here.

Aldo, don't get upset,
she couldn't possibly understand.

When I was her age,
I didn't understand,

yet we all slept in the same room,
with my mother and father.

Aldo, please tell me if I upset you!

It isn't my fault!

I told you this morning that
we should've left her at home.

I knew something bad would happen.

And it did.


- Thanks.
- Goodbye.

Aldo, the food's ready. Call Rosina.

- Why don't you call her yourself?
- She'll turn up when she's hungry.

We can't go on like this.

We must put her someplace, too.

I know we have to put her someplace.

- When are you coming?
-l don't know, Rosina.

Don't say anything. Don't say that your
dad's ill because he's no longer with you.

I'm still with you in spirit.

Dad can't explain to you why
he doesn't feel like working anymore,

but things will change, you'll see.

Dad loves you, Rosina, he always will.

- Gualtiero!
- Gualtiero!

- Gualtiero!
- We caught two hedgehogs!

- Gualtiero!
- What's going on?

- Two hedgehogs.
- Great.

They're really nice roasted.
Now we'll skin them...

- And tonight we'll eat them.
- Let him do it.

Let's go.

Mario, look what we caught.

Excuse me'?

-ls this dredge yours?
- Yes, why?

Do you need a mechanic,
by any chance?

It seems incredible that such
a small animal could be so tough.

And to think the meat from a hippo,

which is a huge beast
and weighs three tons,

is more tender than butter.

- Have you eaten it?
- In Kenya, before the war.

And in Venezuela I ate iguanas.

You've been to Venezuela?
How's life there?

How's life there?

Who nicked my matches?

- I?ve got some.
- Here.

An iguana is a sort of crocodile,
but not quite.

Where I landed, there was a river.

So, there I was,
on the river bank in front of a tree,

and down in the water I saw...

...what looked like six motorcycle lights
coming towards me.

Do you know what they were?
Three iguanas.

So I said, "No way, Gualtiero Moron."

Nobody's getting at you
in Venezuela anymore.

And so I moved over to Chile.

Chilean women...

You know, they're a cross between
the German race and the local race.

Did you hear that?

Didn't you ever feel homesick,
being so far away?

Homesick? Come on, drink,
tomorrow you might be dead!

Touch wood!

- Cheers!
- Bottoms up!

Tell me something. A good mechanic
who moves over there...

How did you make money there?

By licking boots, my friend.
All the time.

Se?or, mister, monsieur...

Seven years like that,
that's what that dredge cost me.

- How did you get here?
-l got a lift.

- Hi!
- Would you like a drink?

What is it, red wine?
I don't like red wine.

How about a cigarette?

Guys, a cigarette for Andreina.

Don't start flirting, you.

No, it tastes bad with that.


Let's go.


- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.


And have fun.

Here they tell you everything you need.

Papers, working contract, everything.

Look here, there's even a map, see?

Hey, Venezuela's so big!

In Spanish, mechanic
is "mecanico de motores".

Welder is "saldador".

Metal construction worker...
"obrero de construcciones metalicas".

We'll think about it, okay?

- Bye.
- Bye, "obrero".

Motor mechanic...
"mecanico de motores".

Hey! Help me!

It must be higher,
otherwise it can't be seen.

Give it to me.

I'm dying, I feel like I'm dying.

Where have I seen you before?

I know! You were with those guys
working the dredge, a week ago.

You're that girl, then?
Cover up now, you're all shaking.

Leave me alone!
What have you become, a nun?

Don't be silly, focus on getting better.

I don't want to focus on anything.
I'm thirsty.

Where are you going?

I'm not running away, I'm putting
the signal up for the doctor.

My God, Andreina, you look awful!

Look at your eyes!
And your skin is as yellow as a lemon.

You're in such a state!

My mother was right.

Nobody should live on their own.

Forget your mother
and go back to bed.

You shouldn't be on your feet
if you're ill.

That's what feet are for!
Try not to be so stupid.

- Are you the patient?
- No, it's her.

My respects!

- What's wrong?
-l have a fever.

- Diarrhoea?
- No, sir.

- Sore throat? Headache?
- No.

- Vomiting?
- Come down and examine her.

I'll stop by tomorrow, it's malaria.
Give her some quinine.

- Come down at once!
- I?ve got other calls.

- And this is not a call? Let's go.
- Careful!

- Let's go.
- What are you doing?

You won't get away with this.
You'll pay for being such a bully.

- How?
- Easy. I'll report you to the police.

Come over here.
Let's think of something cheerful.

- Do you ever manage to?
- Sometimes, after a little white wine.

- I'll take the flag inside.
- Leave it there.

When I was in the army, I learned
that flags must be taken down at night.

- Andreina!
- What's up?

The carabinieri. That bastard doctor!

What a welcome.
I was expecting something better.

- What are you doing here?
-l came to see you.

- Why?
- Because I wanted to.

Who told you I was here?

This place isn't as big as Texas.

Did the carabinieri bother you?

What carabinieri?

Oh, those two were just passing by.
Nobody's after you, relax.

Shall we go?

- Where?
- To my place.

- Would you rather stay here?
- I'm fine here.

Are you?

Well, I'll be...

I can't understand
why things are so bad around here.

You look better.

I'm okay, thanks.

- Hey, what kind of fish is that?
- Gilthead, miss.

- Would you like some?
- I?ve never liked gilthead.

But I'm so hungry!
Come on, Aldo, let's eat.

- You'd better go afterwards.
- Me? I'm staying here with you.

And where will you sleep?

It shouldn't be too difficult
to find a bed.

Do you always do this?

No, during the summer
there's work for women, too.

Threshing, cutting hemp...

What happens to the money you earn?

It's safe. In circulation.

Aldo, look how lovely they are.

Look, I've met some odd types,
but nobody as miserable as you.

I didn't use to be like this.

I remember once we were setting up
a refinery in Ferrara,

and some friends...
Have you ever been to Ferrara?

I was supposed to go once,
with my cousin.

On that Sunday,
when my friends arrived...

- All men?
- No, there were women, too.

And they wanted to go dancing,
as usual.

One of them, her name was Irma...

"We always go dancing!" she said.
"Let's go in there instead."

And so the two of us...

...went to the museum.


We looked around the museum.

What kind of story is that?
How does it end?

I don't get it!

Damn! These are the things
that drive me nuts!

First you talk, then you shut up.
Whatever takes your fancy.

If you're like this at work as well...

At work you can't behave
as you please, darling.


At the refinery I had a steady job.

And with responsibilities.

From where I worked, sometimes...

...I?d see my house, the river...

...I?d see my daughter,
coming back from school

or playing in the courtyard.

- Do you have a daughter?
- Rosina.

As soon as I have some free time,
I'd like to try and have a daughter, too.

I got pregnant once.

But it went wrong.

It would've been great
if I'd had the baby.

I'd be married now.

With a man of my own.

Who knows where.

"If you enter and won't pay,
you may as well go away."

Who knows you, anyway?

You don't know me
because you're the sedentary type.

What am I?

If you enter and won't pay,
you may as well go away!

We'll fast.

Do you know what? I'm out of here.
I'm going to my brother's in Contarina.

He'll be furious,
but what am I going to do here?

The water's rising. In a couple of days
all this may well be under.

You can stay as long as you like,
you could keep an eye on my shack.

There's always something missing.

Now we've got a place to stay
but no food.

What would you do without me?

Without you, I'd wait for good weather.

And when it comes?

So, now you're the one who's
giving me advice? How old are you?


And I'm ninety.

- Let's do something.
- Let's do nothing.

I got it. Nothing will ever happen
unless I arrange it.

Where are you going? It's raining.

I'm going for a walk. See you!


- What do you want?
- Come back home.

I won't. Leave me alone!

Andreina, come back home!

Stop shouting! And tell me,
why should I go back home?

Don't you know why I came here?
Don't you?

Because I'm hungry. I'm hungry!
And so are you.

And if you say you aren't, you're lying!

I'm an unlucky girl,
but who do you think you are?

You might have some problems,
but it'd take a month to tell you mine!

Where are you going now? Wait!

Let's talk, no? Where are you going?

Hey! What's wrong?

Just go to hell!

Cold, isn't it?

50 litres, madam.

I swear, this is the last winter
I'm doing night service!

Still wandering around
looking for work?

Or something else?

Aren't you sick of it yet?

Of course I am, Virginia.

You left your suitcase behind.

I'm not sure you remember it.

- Where is it?
- In my father's room.

s- You're back.
- Just passing through.

But I thought you were...

Good for you, grandpa!
Keep well, okay? Bye!

A postcard came for you.

- A postcard?
-l kept it for a while.

- It was from Irma.
- Where is it?

I don't think it was anything important.
I lost it.

You lost it?

It said that Rosina has grown up
and is fine, best wishes, the usual.

And then?

There were a few more things
but I can't remember them.

You can't remember them?
But I must know!

- Halt!
- You can't go through here.

- Why?
- Orders.

I need to go to Goriano, I live there.

There's nothing I can do.

- Can I go that way?
- Yes, you can.


At Local Theatre - 3:00pm
Meeting Against Dispossession Threat

Oh, Aldo!

I'm not even going to ask you how
you are and why you came back here.

I must go to a meeting. They're
taking everything away from us.

They want to build an airfield
for jet planes.

Why we need jet planes right here,
I don't know.

They're going ahead for sure.
They won't have the last word.

After the meeting,
we're seeing the prefect and...

- Sorry, Guido, I'm going that way.
- Sure. Bye.


Yes, sir?

- Halt! Where are you going?
- Who's that?

He's coming!

-Isn't that Aldo?
- Yes, it's him.

- When did he come back?
-l didn't even know...

They've set the fields on fire!

They're burning everything!

- Bianca!
- Aldo!

- Have you seen Irma?
- She was here a minute ago.

Just tell me one thing: why are you
so concerned about the farmers?

They're better off than you!
They're all landowners.

Besides, even if they take
a piece of land away from them,

it's for defending the country, no?

You may be right,
but there's solidarity to consider.


Anna. Anna!

I'm going out for a moment.

Put him to bed now,
but dry him well first.