Ijmete kudasai Henrietta (1989) - full transcript

Which way did he come first?
The guy, that is.

I heard the girl came in later
after he called her.

What kind of physical
features did he have?

I don't really want to get involved
with this stuff...

How old is he?
Can you tell from his voice?

About thirty... four...
Maybe older...

Was the woman a regular here?

"Please get ready now..."

- Hey.
- Uh?

- Chief.
- Thank you for your service.

The cause of death was suffocation. We have
to wait for the results from the autopsy.

But, based on how it looks, we couldn't
find any trace of drugs or injections.

However, we found semen left in
her vagina about 2 hours after her death.

The woman must be in her
late 20's or early 30's.

Well, it's very heart-breaking for me to tell you this,
knowing that you've recently lost your husband...

But, as soon as we found out about your loss, we
thought this might be the right time for you.

This job is not for you.

With the low wages, you cannot even
pay your rent or buy a house one day.

This job is for people who work hard to such
an extent that they invest their own money.

Otherwise, there is no future in this career.

Of course, I think you've already figured this out
based on how people around you have been working.

And about the severance package...

...for us as a company, there has been not much
than your remuneration based on your contract

Excuse my word...
But this job is not like a kid's play.

How about finding a
different career?

I'm sorry...

Oh, I'm glad.

I had called many times only
to listen to your voice mail.

I am lucky to finally find you.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

So, how was it?

You have to find a way to pay it back,

Even my boss said he would be satisfied
if you could at least pay the interest.

Yes... I will do something.

I'll find something...

While I personally sympathize with
your hardship, business is business...

Anyway, I will be expecting your
more detailed response soon.

I will do something...

Even as we speak, the interests
are getting bigger every second.

At the moment,
there are too many workers.

But, if you bear with us for 1 month, there
might be some fluctuations in work for you.

Anyway, please provide your name,
address, and a copy of your ID.

We will call you.

Ah, I'm so sorry.
Unfortunately, I forgot to remove the poster.

I'm really sorry about that.

You're like one day late.
And right now we're needing younger staff.

Ah, I'll bring you a coffee.
Please, drink it.

Hm... The age is fine with me but...

...we need someone with experience. Not that we are requiring
word-processing skills or some fancy qualifications though.

I will do anything,
like serving tea or something...

Our budget is too small to hire someone
to serve tea. We're sorry.

- Is it okay? I'm sorry.
- You're going to get fat.

- It's okay, I am already fat.
- Your husband won't like it.

I don't care.

I'll keep eating. I love it.

Oh, I'm sorry.

You could be working
somewhere else.

- I am...
- You're still young.

Why don't you try some
high-paying jobs?

Hardships are easier to get over
when you are young.

How about bars and such? It's hard but
you can earn a lot. It'd be better.

Of course, that's not an easy
job either, though.

We don't care whether you don't have
any experience but, your age...

cannot take you.

Even if the wage is low, how about doing some
transition work between young girls?

I don't care about the low wages!

- Sorry for being late!
- Good morning.

- Who is this person?
- She might become a new helper.

Are we going for older ones now?

- Good morning, Mama!
- Good morning.

Look here.
If there is a line, she needs stimulation.

- But, if there is a crack, she is a pervert.
- So, are you a pervert?

- You know it already, right? Don't hide it!
- I got it.

It's not a big secret, though.

- Let me see, let me see.
- And then?

They are just a list of
garbled numbers...

- Ichio-san!
- Show me, show me.

- Ichio-san!
- No, it should be better than that

- Look, look, look! Ah, sorry...
- It's okay. Don't worry.


Isn't he calling you?
Go now.

Look, look, how poor your wife is...
How many?

- Hey, bring this.
- Yes.

I can definitely find a good guy.
Kind, rich, with no parents.

You fool!

- Look, isn't it good?
- Ichio-san!

- Quite good, isn't it? This one is good.
- I agree.

- Welcome.
- Oh, Mama. Hi.

It's been a while.

Bring them back!

- Ah, clean up the ashtrays as well.
- Yes.

Wow, he started touching me
a minute ago out of sudden.

Oh, is that so?

- I just want to have an intimate conversation.
- Wait a minute!

Hey, this one is
for the same seat.

- Ah, and go buy cigarettes after that.
- Yes.

I've tried to count our earnings from last
night several times, but it doesn't add up.

But nobody has come near
the cash register.

How much?

- That much?!
- That's right.



Didn't you open the cash register
when the laundry guy came?


I don't want to be suspicious of you.
Did you do something?

No way!

- I've put it next to the bills.
- You shouldn't let her open it.

Maybe it's in this bag?

- What are you doing?
- I just want to search a bit

Otherwise, everyone
will be suspicious of you.

To think of it, Yuki said her
ring was gone as well, Mama.

Stop it, please.
I don't know anything about it.

Just to be sure, come with me to
the changing room. Mami, help me.

Stop it!

- Stop it, please.
- It's because of your astrological sign.

The book says you are more likely
to get involved with petty crimes.

This is according to the
book with a questionnaire!

- C'mon.
- Stop it!

You don't have to make a scene if you
haven't done anything suspicious, right?

This is cruel! No!

Isn't it good to be vindicated?
This is not going to take too long.

- Hurry up!
- I didn't do anything!

Bring your waist down.

It says you cannot see your
own wrongs in the mirror.

I'm sorry.


Have you kept proper records
of your accounts?

Can you prove that the amount that your husband borrowed
from us was separate from your living expenses?

If you cannot prove the debt was
separate from your living expenses...

...under the collective liability rule...

...you are liable.

Do you have the records?

I don't.

I will figure out something
to pay it back.

I've heard the same phrase enough.

We have been waiting for a while as well,
considering your situation.

We need a more detailed response.

I'm sorry.

Had this been a loan from the yakuza, it
wouldn't have turned out into these kind words.

When their patience runs out, nobody
can guarantee the safety of your body.

Anyway, you have to figure out something.

Is the manager here?


I'm sorry!

Don't surprise me like that.
What's up?

So, you want to earn money
using your body?


- If possible.
- So many girls want this job.

The bars I know...

...are looking for minors
or even younger girls.

It's hard.

Can you do that kind of stuff?

Putting it in simple terms,
find some old guy with a lot of time.

And also, you need to find rich ones.

If you need help,
I can ask for you as well.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey, show me your body.


I told you to show me your body.

If not, I cannot properly
recommend you to anyone.

- Here?
- That's right. I am going to evaluate it for you.

You are desperate, aren't you?

Hurry up.
Mama will arrive soon.

You don't have to show it
to everyone, right?

Do it at once!

Stop fumbling!

I told you to hurry up!

Get on the table!

That's right. Now, open it!

What do you think?
Isn't she good for mid-30s?

But, it would totally depend
on the guy's preference.

But, you know, overall...

...her tits are not sagging yet,
her vagina is clean.

I think she could be entertaining
for some men.

What the hell are you doing?

Wasn't she fired?

Since my parents died...

...I was raised by relatives.

While living like a maid...

...I met my late husband who was a bit yakuza-like,
but nice to me. And then he came out from the house.

But, he never liked staying home.

He had never worked at a job for long.
He also liked gambling.

So, he didn't give me much money.

I don't have anybody I can depend on in Tokyo.
After several years passed like an arrow...

...he suddenly died of heart infarction

At 40, his condition was
already irreversible.

I've been thinking, had he died in a car accident, I would've
been able to, at least, build his grave with damage compensation.

But, somehow...

...no tears came out.

Such a sad story.

If you were younger and ready to take off your
underwear, your life could've been easier.

You were born too early.

Ah, you cannot go back
at the moment.

There won't be many jobs for you even if you
are prepared and desperate for money.

For some girls who are ready to entertain guys,
there are many ways to earn money, though.

What a strange society, isn't it?

I am sorry for boring you
with my story.

I'm giving you this!

- What? You don't have to...
- It's okay, since I want to feel good too.

And I have to confess, the reason why you
were fired in relation to the theft was me.

I apologize.

Sorry! I was greedy.
I took the money.

By the way, there is a place for older ones
like you. You don't mind any place, right?

My friend goes to a SM club.
I will call her for you. You know SM, right?

Anyway, I will give her a call.

You are always welcome.

There is no need for a CV.

Please provide your contact
and address.

Ah, right. Let's take a photo of your
face later. Are you okay with it?


The money is 6 to 4. It means non-taxable 60%
is left for you. Are you okay with it?

Thank you for the job.

Yes. Hello?
This is Red Saturn.

Ah, yes. I've been waiting for you.

Yes. Yes. Room 5055.

Understood. Yes.
Thank you very much. Yes.

Akina! Mura Makita-san
said Room 5055.

I appreciate that he is calling for me,
but the professional wrestling play is...

It is good business
when you have a regular.

You can save some money, if you don't waste too
much. But one thing: never have intercourse.

Ah, okay.

And it might be easier if you buy a bicycle,
since the hotel is quite far.

- I am back!
- Welcome back.

Arumi, she is the acquaintance
of Yuki who called you.

Ah, right. How is it?
Have you made a decision?

Thank you for the job.

The customer was quite crazy.

- Sometimes crazy customers make my life hard.
- Thanks.

Anyway, Aunt...
Ah, Aunt might be too cruel!

Have you had your name chosen?

- Hey, manager...
- No, not yet.

That's right. It's been 2 months since she quit. Let's
go with Natsuko. I can't bother to make a new name.

- That's good.
- Yeah.

She is the new Natsuko.

Anyway, walk her through.

That's right.

- Well, I am leaving!
- Take care.

- See you.
- I will be back today.

So, I leave it up to you. See you.

- Yes...
- Good luck. Take care.

The environment is not good here.
Let's do it at a hotel tonight.

This is a small syringe.

You spray into your nose,
like this.

Like this!

You have this.

Hey, I hate fumbling.
Hurry up and undress.

Yes, I'm sorry.

- I am doing you a favor.
- Yes.

Scream loudly like: "Ah!"

- Ah.
- Lauder!

- Ah!
- Lauder! Much louder!

From now on,
you're turning into a bitch.

- You've became a bitch. Understood?
- Yes.

- Understood properly?
- Yes.

Pochi, how do you feel?

Let's see.

I'm not torturing you.
I am adoring you as Pochi... as Pochi.

Is this the first time
you are tied by a rope?

How do you feel?
Are you happy?

I am going to make a shape for you.
Got it?

This rope will be messed up
with the candle drippings.

The candle will drip on your body
from now on.

Are you scared?

Ah, delicious.

Hmm, delicious.

It's delicious!
Do you want to drink it?


What's wrong?

This is the minimum.

Shake your boobs.
Like that.

Ring the bells.
Like that.

It's not loud. I cannot hear a thing.
Ring the bells loudly!

Ring it clearly by
shaking your boobs!

That's right, that's right!

I am going to make
them go away for you.


I am a pro, right?

You're okay.
You can do it well.

I will do my best.

Once you make men come,
they are very easy.

If you are okay with it,
you can have intercourse.

- But, he told me not to.
- That's just for technicality.

The number of SM maniacs
is very small.

But, there are many who want to touch
women but don't have the looks.

If you don't like being tortured, you
may choose to be the one torturing them.

In my case, I torture them
and get the money for it.

Ah? That's impressive.
You know many things, Arumi.

No, Natsuko will become
like this, sooner or later.

How distorted this society is.

There are some shops who promote it with phrases
like: "We don't do prostitution. Only anal sex."

It makes me laugh.

This is Natsuko.
I just got into room 309.

Yes. Thank you.

My name is Natsuko.
Thank you for choosing me.

Crawl right now.


That's right, that's right.
Bring out your ass towards me.

Remove the bath towel.

Remove it completely.
Ass up!

That's right!

Show it to me more closely by pulling
your cheeks with your hands. Good!

Move more!

That's good.

From now on,
we are going for a walk.


Be quiet!

- It's embarrassing.
- You're too loud. Don't talk.

- Understood.
- Crawl to the elevator without saying a word.

Got it? Hurry up!

Open! Open it!

Open! Open, I beg you!

I beg you!
I will do whatever you say.

Correct. You are going to keep paying
us like this from now on, right?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

It seems that you found a high-paying job.
What kind of job is it?

It's okay.
You don't have to tell me.

For me, as long as you pay us, everything
is fine. I shouldn't have asked.

Ah, this is for your kid!

- Thank you very much.
- Here it is.

Thank you.

Punishment by God.

Punishment by God.

The happiness of women includes making
a proper home and giving birth to a baby.


This is not a job for a woman.
You're horrible.

Pure trash.
Stop it.

You're the trash of the world.

How many guys have you served?

You bitch!

Is this... intercourse?

Yeah, it is.

- It is not allowed...
- I've never heard such a thing.

Intercourse is not much different from
your job. You'd better be good at it.

If you have to quit,
I will take care of you.

Write your number an a paper.

Do you like earning
easy money like this?

You bitch!

Such a pathetic woman.

One... two...

...three... four... five...

Say, "Ah".

Say, "Ah"!

Ah, Ishikura-san!

Have you read the stuff
I gave you the other day?

Please, come to the
community meeting.

There must be some misfortune in your fate,
that's why your husband died.

By listening to Mr. Junki's speech,
you can have a bright future.

- But, I...
- Solve the seed you sowed in your before-life.

- Wipe out the misfortune, listen to the holy speech.
- Sorry.

I have no doubt you will have a
bright future. Please join us.

Consider the loss of your
husband as a good turnaround.

The pamphlet has all the information. Mr. Junki
is a very inspiring person. Please read it all.

Sorry. I am busy now.

Please read the
pamphlet thoroughly!

What did you say your name was?

- What's your name?
- Arumi.

- Say something!
- Thank you very much.

- I am happy with this.
- Are you?

Isn't it...

...what you were ordered to say
to customers by the SM club?

No, I'm saying it from my heart.

I am talking about that tone.

I'm saying it from my heart.

- You...
- I am happy.

I like this kind of stuff.

Are you the oldest child?

- Ah, yes...
- You didn't graduate from high school?

No, I didn't.

- Why didn't you graduate?
- I was stupid.

- Why were you stupid?
- I couldn't focus on study.

I only thought about sex.

You liar!

You can do whatever you want!

- Do you love me?
- I love you.

Are you going to do
whatever I want?

I would listen to whatever
you say.

You, stop sleeping
over there and came here.

What are you doing?

- Come this way.
- But, that is...

How is it? Say it.
Say it.

Hey, is it delicious?

Is it really delicious?

I am glad it's delicious.

Let's have a three-way kiss!

How was it?
Did you like it?

- Yes.
- Did you like it?


- Did you really like it?
- Yes.

Let's have a threesome again.
Got it?

- Got it?
- Yes.

- Got it?
- Yes.

What was your name again?

Well... it's Natsuko.

Ah, my ass still hurts.

- Are you okay?
- You'd better be careful.

The white-collar workers. There are many
perverts among white-collar workers.

Some of my regulars are even
teachers and police officers.

- Ah, really?
- This customer is actually a government employee.


- I will build a grave for him, sooner or later.
- Yes.

Even if I cannot fully understand the loss of your husband,
the promise will be delivered during the afterlife as well.

Advance in your life believing
in the Lotus Sutra...

...and you will definitely meet your
husband one day in a bigger world.

I will come again.
Thank you very much.

Please visit me any time
you are confused about life.

I hope your father's grave is completed soon.
Mama will work hard too.

- Hey...
- Yes?

Is it cold inside the grave?


What happened to Arumi today?

- I'm sorry.
- Uh? What happened?

I came today... as her substitute.

- Tell me the truth.
- What?

She probably found a good-paying
regular like me and quit it.

- No!
- What did she say about me?

- She must be doing good now.
- What?

She is doing good now.
She has no business with me anymore.

So, you are the one who is
entertaining me today?

- Yes.
- Right, right?

- You are entertaining me, right?
- Yes.

Good, then.

"Please torture me."

Torture me, please...

Do it right! Say it right!
Say it right!

Sit properly!
Say it at once!

Sit properly and say it:
"Please torture me."

Say the phrase:
"Please torture me."


Head up properly!
Head up!

More! More properly!
I, myself, am sitting properly too!

Please... torture me...

You are...

...the trash of all women.

You're not even a slave. You cannot even
become a slave. Suck it properly!

Even if I killed you, nobody would
complain about it, right? Right?

Right? That's right.

- Uh?
- Torture me...

Trash... I want to choke you.
I'll kill you.

Nobody will complain
about your suffering.

Even if it falls under
criminal assault...

...you must have your throat pressured to
get the pleasure. How's it? Do you feel good?

Mare! Feel it more!

Do you feel good?
You feel good, right?

More, more!

- Thank you for today.
- Thank you for today.


I found a lead. She seems to be
from a SM club called "Red Saturn".

It looks like foul play.

- What? So, it isn't a suicide?
- No.

The expression on her face...

Written and Directed by:
Akio Jissoji