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Iancu Jianu, zapciul (1980) - full transcript

It's all right!

It's all right!

It's all right!


The lord had a bad dream.
He tossed and turned in his bed.

What we will going to do, boyars?
Did you hear? The Lord had a bad dream!

It is not good!

I'm sure that something is going on
inside the court.

There is quivering around the lord.

He got the asthma.

- Why did the sultan's emissary come?
- To relegate him...

Why would he send
for the Romanati bailiff?

Who can know?

- I wouldn't want to be him.
- God save us!

It's impossible, sir!

- My respects boyars!
- All respects, all respects!

- His highness is waiting for you.
- Yes!


- Wish me luck, Iancu.
- From all my heart, sir!

Do I have to find out from Istanbul the
things I should have known from my bailiff!

You flaccid!

- Vladimirescu is in Vienna, Your

- What is your command, Your Highness?

Vladimirescu won't sit
with his hands crossed.

Go see with whom he meets
and what is he up to.

When you have the proof to his guilt,
put him in chains and bring him to me.

Yes, Your Highness.

Create a good posse
and get men you trust.

- Yes, Your Highness
- Reliable men!

The lease for the salt mines at Sârata

royal domain starts
at 5000 gold pieces.

Who's offering more?

More? Even that is too much!



- 7000!
- 7000...









- Who's offering more?
- Play everything cool, boyars!

- Who's offering more?
- 8700!


- Don't mess with me. I said!
- 8800.







You can't get enough, can you?! You

- I've got a new sheri_, Your Highness.
- Is he loyal?

He is loyal.
The youngest of the Jianu family.

- Your Highness!
- Sire!

- Long life, Your Highness.
- He is Iancu Jianu, Your Highness.

Forgiveness, Your Highness!
I've just got better after mangophillya.

I know the Jianu family
Loyal peoples, and faithful to their lord.

Be like them.

What kind of disease is
this mangophillya?

There is no such disease.

I didn't want to kiss his hand.


Who owns this stud, Spiru?

- A man Vârlan, owns it.
- What does he do?

People say he is Horea's man.
The one that got killed on the wheel

And what kind of trade does he do?

He is a good man now.
He raises horses.

Rain on the grass,
Rain on the trees,

Rain on the roo_ops,
But not on met

Rain on the grass,
Rain on the trees

Rain on the windows
But not on me!

It's a rainy day, it's a rainy day,
It's raining outside and I can't go out and pla_

Why does it have to rain, anyway?
Rain on the grass

Rain on the trees.
Rain on the roo_ops

But not on me!
Rain on the grass,

Rain on the trees,
Rain on the windows,

But not on me!,
But not on met

It's a rainy day, it's a rainy day,

It's raining outside
and I can't go out and play...

- Did she pass away?
- No, but it wont last long now.

Your grandfather is calling for me.

I would have gladly go to him, if
l knew you settled down.

Take Tincuta, Iancu.
She waited for you enough.

Take Tincuta, Iancu.
She waited for you enough.

You're drinking your mind away and we have

- In my house I do what l wish.
- If it is still yours!

- Who do you think owns it?
- Whom ever your grandmother left it to.

Go search for the will.

Give me the rehoboam.

Loane, go and slaughter a calf.
Ilinca prepare the pots for the alms.

Start boil the wheat.

Who did she leave her wealth to?

To Iancu.

I lived to see this too, Spiru.

I'll sell everything the old woman left
behind and that is it, we are leaving!

In less then one month
we will be in Vienna.

We should keep it low so that young
master of yours doesn't smell anything.

God rest her soul!
Forgive my disturbance, sherifl...

Did something happen?

The wagons with His Maiesty
gold have been robbed

Mereanu's outlaws!

The Albanians horses have 2 spurs
on there horseshoes, this one has 4.

If we don't find the gold His Highness is
going to pin our heads to the Palace Gate.

Don't worry boyar.
I'll catch Mereanu.

You don't know His Highness...

- Master!
- The salts...

A_er me!

- L search rock by rock.
- He couldn't be swallowed by the earth.

Turn around sherifl, or ill shoot!

With what, Mereanu?
Your load is wet.

I want the gold, Mereanu.

For a iob like this you need
people you can trust.

I need to make iust one sign and all
the Oltenia will jump, boyer Samurcas.

I need to make iust one sign and all
the Oltenia will jump, boyer Samurcas.

Just a flock Tudore, iust a flock!

This flock is the people, boyar.

Get the boyars close, Tudor.

The boyars! A bunch of crawlers ready
to kiss the shoe of every foreigner

for who knows what favour!

Forgive the fact that l got a bit heated
up, but you won't find two alike you.

Let's keep searching, Tudore,
and we shall find.

Wouldn't His Highness
want to stretch a bit?

I don't really feel like getting ofl...
Maybe I'll fall asleep a bit.

Bocioaca! Tend to the horses and eat
something. We shouldn't take too long.


Hold on! Wouldn't you be the youngest
of the Jianu family?

That must be me.

- L almost didn't recognize you.
- We have important guests.

Who couldn't recognise him,
Tudor Vladimirescu, the intendent?

Welcome sir!

- Stop calling me sir, aunty!
- Exactly, better get him something

To refresh his heart.
He has been travelling a lot.

In a second.

As l recall she was your nanny.

Yes, to her l opened my eyes.
Mother passed away giving birth to me.

- How is your family?
- Well... The old woman passed away,

Anghel shut the world out and
keeps things to his own,

My sister-in-law, Sultana, as you
know her, all she dreams about is Vienna.

By the way, what is going on there?

The world is moving and the crowned
heads have joined hands to curb it.

No law can stop man
from fighting evil with evil.

When the folk will start moving, all it
is going to be left is the dust.

Nice words, Tudor, but,
in the end the biggest is the strongest.

See, this is your problem, Iancu.
rhe people don't realize how strong they are,

This is a good thing because, even

What rule? The one of the traitor boyars

Nothing to say about the Lord, but l

Everything is for sale, in the poor
Romanian Country, my boy. Can't you see?

Every one of this petty lords that stack
up a few bags of gold run to there Lord

To kiss his hand, so he may get a

l beg your forgiveness, l too
bought the sheriff position

because this is the way things go.
But I didn't kiss any hands.

So, you have been ordered to put
in chains that miserable outside.


Do you know that the man you feel
sorry for stole the kingdoms gold?

You, one of the Jianu family,
got to be the Fanariot's retainer?

I am not the Lord's retainer,
l am the kingship's retainer.

But you still get your pay
from Caragea's treasury.

- L earn it honestly.
- Honestly?

By being a part of the crimes
the lords commit?

The things the lords do
is not of my business.

I am here to ensure
that the laws are being respected.

If it wouldn't be so wretched
and crooked, Iancu.

The law is the law and we must obey it.

This is why we got we are today!
Blinding obeying crooked laws

and masters brought by the wind
put on our necks the shame of the crossbar.

And you talk about obeying the law

Which is made only to put the halter over

even the ash in the widow's fireplace!

You sold yourself too!

I care about you too much Tudor.

To somebody else, l would have stop

And watch it,
that you don't disturb the law.

A friend is a friend and a iob is a iob.

Spiru, get the men.
We are leaving!

Oh great Olt, great ríver,

Oh great Olt, great river,
Take my rifIe with you,

Let id drown in _unare.

Or let others take ít,
for I don't deserve ít,

Because the posse got me.

...And there goes my poor life...
- The outlaws, master, can you hear?

It sings for rain, Spiru.
Rain! Shut it horse.

Oh great Olt, great river
Oh great Olt, great ríver,

Oh great Olt, _reat river...

Its easy to sell,
but the lands bring gold,

Boyar Izvoranu,
and gold is the water of life.


It's boyar Calafeteanu, are we going
to dance this year at Tincuta's wedding?

We shall, if in good health.

Come on Izvorene, come, your acting
like your hands are tied.

- Let him be, he has a good hand.
- What can l say...

l take one card and hit 1 OO over.

...1 OO over!
- Sultana, don't jump head first!

- Too much!
- Go away, you jinx!

Did you get anything
after the old woman died!

Not much but at least we resolved
the debt we had with you.

Oh my, Madame Sultana,
did anyone force you?!

I was thinking if you would consider
selling me the Bujoreni estate,

Seeing its in the vicinity
of my Izvorani estate.

I came to tell you "have a good rest",
grand mother.

Lucky with this card game or you
wouldn't have had any wake at all.

- Your 1 OO and my gold peace over.
- Madam, someone came...

Go away, is this when you find
it's appropriate to come?

Your gold piece,
and for me all that is on the table.


Is l pay,
will you give me the Bujoreni estate?

I will but not for anything
Iower then 8000.


The big card!

- Madam!
- What?

The Mother Superior
from the Ciunget is here.

See her through.

You are in a very good period,
madam Sultana...

You made me poor.

Yes, Madame Sultana.

The sisters have worked very hard
for the benefactor.

They sewn silk crepe for her and
twined the candle for the wake.

Thank you, Mother
Superior, thank you.

Her soul will be very happy, she
was such a religious woman.

So true, because only out of love and
faith a person gives away in her will

all her worldly possessions.
- Give away?

The late Madame put it in her will that
she is leaving all her worldly belongings

to the holly church.
- The estates? Impossible! What estates?

The ones at Pângaratii and Buiorenii.

The certificate!

Let me see the certificate!

We wanted to pay a visit
tomorrow boyar Calafeteanu,

So that he could put it
into the registry book.

I want to see it!

I think its better that he sees it first,

so that he can ordained accordingly.

- The certificate is valid.
- And what are we going to do?

Us... Iancu...
She doesn't mention us at all?

She does!

She wrote in her will that she will
Ieave everything to Iancu, but later on

She changed her mind because,
Iook here:

"Because of the people's bad faith,

l was afraid that his incapable
brother Anghel.

Driven by his wife, Sultana,
will dissipate his wealth

With there inclination
towards extravagance."

"Because that wretched woman,

lnherit from her parents..."


Come by the o_ice Mother Superior.

God rest her soul!

If she would have left it to you,
l wouldn't have given you 8000,

l would have given you 1 OOOO gold

And l would have forgotten
about the debt as well.

- Maybe you could give us a bit more

Friendship is one thing
but duty is another.

Take the price of your estates,
old shrew.

You can't leave us alone,
not even in death.

May you burn in hell and vanish
into the pitch black darkness.

Well, grandma, you cant say that
nobody cried for your departure.

They cried, but you had your own way.

Where is the gold?

Wake him.

I will untie your tongue, thief.

Where is the gold?

This is why the Lord pays you!

There you go, thief!

You will talk, idiot.

Control yourself bailiff.
This is no job for you.

- You're a woman, not a man!
- L evolved a lot.

_ _ _g_,
___ __ ___n

Tomorrow, who knows
what l could hear behind me...

May you live long, sherifl!
When is the wedding?

Come on, fall will come and
the rains will start. Go, Greek!

Izvoranu won't give us anymore time,

We barely got him to wait
until Saint Mary.

The git.
How much good dad did for him.

Iancu, you are our only hope.

Marry Tincuta faster.

How can l? the ground over the grave
isn't settled yet and

l should put wedding bells to sing?

Where is that axe so l can make a
sign up there to remember this day!

Long live, Stefane.
You mouth is still a rich one.

Let it be the sin of someone l know,
because he didn't come by here

since he was a child
and used to tumble in the yard.

And even so, now you think he came
because he misses me l wouldn't think so.

I can tell you. l am looking for a horse
with 4 spurs on his horseshoes.

Well, Iancu, a lot of people come past
here. Who looks at the horses shoes?

Iancule, you are here?

How are you, how did you find out
l was here?

The sheri_ knows all, and sees all.

Come let me show you the blankets.

Look, l will dress up the benches.
So all will be white.

Or you will prefer other colours?

I don't know.

Let me show you more.

I loved and I'll keep on loving,
Until I grow old and white.

I will paint this with
nettle and saffron root,

And l will put them on the sofas,
because they are lighter.

You've cut down the hive!
: is how he used to mock me when l was a cl

If poor dad didn't send the plough boy
after me, l would forget

l needed to go back home.

- What is this, honeycomb?
- Take.

Go, Sorell!

Hey, wait?

Leave me!

Where did you come from girl?

- Let me go!
- Look at her: she is not mute after all!

Go away!

- You are a little devil aren't you!
- Leave her, boyar!

- And if I don't want to?
- Let her be!

Leave her alone, boyar!


Back of boyar!
Do you understand?

Iancu, don't stress to much over
a horse. You will find it.

Long live the sherifl. All done.

I wonder who is going to be hanged

in the gallows by His Maiesty?

- And what do you want?
- Not to be hanged without being judged.

- This is the law.
- In my governorship l am the law.

You better leave these things up to me

and you would send your tax collectors
to gather taxes.

- But I've already gathered the taxes.
- Well we are going to do it again!

Where do you want me to get
the gold that Mereanu stole?

We will angry the people, boyar.

On the contrary. The harder your
measures against the peasants are,

the better you can control them.
- It is a sin to make others pay

for something that somebody else

But I don't plan
to fight with innocent people.

You dare defy me?

Its like Vladimirescu is speaking, not
the man who is going to be my son-in-law!

Daddy, my sweet daddy!

With this dress you made me
the happiest girl alive.

Even Lady Ralu would die of spite because

- Do you like it, Iancu?
- Yes, it is beautiful.

Oh, stop looking at her like that boyar,
you will give her the evil eye.

Iancu, I'm talking to you as a
man that has gone trough life.

We are under the control of a foreign
Iord, who wants 7 skins from one sheep.

Caragea is looking for the smallest excuse

l beg your forgiveness but,
we are to blame.

It is not Caragea!

You forget that behind him
is the power of the Sultan.

We have no choice, boy, if we want
to keep our lives and our wealth

We need to bow our heads.

Iancu, my boy, you are still young and
didn't face all the life's hard trials.

You are to impulsive.
You get mad to easily.

But remember this, only the one that
knows how to control one self,

Can control others.

You will marry Tincuta, you will
be in my place, or higher.

But for that you need to close
you eyes from time to time.

To step over your heart,
to learn to be humble.

You know the saying? If you want to


Merene, soon the crows will visit you.

Only l can save you.
Don't be so hard headed.

Give back the gold
and l will vouch for you.

You are so kind all of a sudden,

Good or bad, l wouldn't put my life
on a limb for a fist full of gold.

Every man with his
own way of thinking...

If you die, what good will that gold
serve you in the after life?

- That is not of your business.
- Are you sure?

It is my business, you mad man,
I have orders to gather taxes again

and send the Lord
what you have stolen!

Have you thought about that?
Have you thought about this?!

I did.

Then you lie when you say you only
want what is good for the people.

Don't you feel pain when you know that
they are going to be hang upside down

and fumed with hot pepper
because of you?

I do!
More then you do sheri_.

Are you acting brave?
You are a coward!

I heard you searched for me.

Lets go there.
I need to talk to you.


- You may be hungry or thirsty.
- Why did you call for me?

Look Iancu, this is all l ever earned.

1 O bags of indented gold pieces
and _ without indent.

Take them and give them
to whom ever you know,

and save that poor man
from being hanged.

What came over you nanny?

l think he is a lonely

and sad soul.

And that he may not have done
only evil in his life.

Iancu, child, don't be
so cruel and harsh!

Remember that the iob you have
at court is the like the Lords rule:

here today, gone tomorrow.

But we will live our lives
between this people always.

As l see,
from a time I don't fit anywhere.

Where ever l go, is the same.

Starting tomorrow
we begin to gather the taxes.

- We are going to collect it again.
- As many times as needed.

Forgive me...

Don't punish me!
Its easy to throw rocks.

Do you know what it means to be a
young married woman in her prime,

and feel worse then a widow?

What are you doing here?

Get out!

Tell on me to your stupid brother.

He will crawl more at my feet


Boyar, wake up!

Its no fire.

Wake up, is noon already.

Wake up, boyar!


Such a deep sleep.

Rise and shine, beautiful!

- Easy or you'll turn my house to ruins!
- Boyar, he arrived.

Boyar, he arrived!

- Who arrived?
- What do you mean who? The sorrel.

Come, so you can see for yourself.

There he is!

- Who brought him?
- Nobody.

He came on his own.

Barley, give him water, groom him,
make him ready while l get dressed!

Yes, master.

Anybody here?

Watch out!

What are you doing here sherifl?

You knew this too?

- What do you mean?
- That I'm the sheri_.

I did. But your lordship
didn't answer my question.

I did. But your lordship
didn't answer my question.

If I do will you tell me your name?

Ionica - if this is you wish.

I was looking for you, Ionica.

You don't believe me.

I ask you to leave boyar.

- Ah!
- What?


Leave me alone!

Leave it... Dad!

- If he sees you here, someone will die.
- He doesn't have the heart.

Leave me alone, sheriff
or you're going to get kille!d.

Did you ever see a dead devil
and an old bride?

What does a stranger look for
on my lands?

He lost the way dad.

Aha! Like so.

Then tell him to go away
and stop being lost.

And you go inside and watch this kid.

Wait a minute man.

- Vârlan is your name?
- What gives you the right to ask?

The sheri_.

Look sherifl here
nothing bad is going on.

And what If your iob isn't as clean
as you say?

Mind your words in my yard sherifl.

An honest horse dealer doesn't change
the appearance of his horses.

That is all?

Then you should know that
those are not my horses.

And if my word isn't
enough go ask boyar Izvoreanu

because he sent them to
me so l can put spurs on them.

- And now go!
- L want to see a horseshoe from the front.

Well if you went looking for a
mare's nest, go ahead look

Listen to me! My advice is to forget
the path that brought you here.

I only scared you then.

But next time, l wont miss.

- So you say your name is Trica?
- Trica, uncle.

Well, dear, you will stay here
until it's settled.

I have a word with you!

- Then l will take you to your father.
- As you say.


You hold dear this man, don't you?

- Dad!
- Don't say yes or no!

You are a child you don't know better.

I'm not a child anymore dad.

_ _ qcM_ _ O
_D__ __

But So you know,
l rather kill you with my bare hands

then to know you with child
from one of the Jianu family.

- You think too far ahead dad.
- Ey...

Young girl, little mind.

The sheri_ is capable of anything.

Until he can get you where he wants
and then he will put you aside.

Dad, my hear is telling me
that he means well.

You dare support him over me?




Where are my children?

Where are the children?

Who would have cursed me to
spent my life near one like you?

Your thirst for wealth.

With the Jianu's estates
you wanted to get married not with me.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Do you think l fear him? I have to
mind my words in my own house.

You are at your brother's mercy.
Are you waiting for his alms?

Cant you see that it's almost Saint

Until Izvoranu will put all this
to auction?

You stone my brother but wont sell any
of your jewels to save us from debt.

I would rather be buried with them
then give them away

so that you can get your estates back.
Who got me on the threshold of poverty,

if not you?
Didn't l mortgage them for you?

For your heart's desires for
your what ever you fancied.

You threw fists full of gold
on the cards table.

The price is small for what I had
to endure near a man like you.

You are weak! Why don't you
command him

Who long is Calafeteanu's girl going
to wait for him?

Command him with a whip.
We are going to be poor because of him.

Poor l tell you.

Ah, I've had it! One day l am going to
go away and never look back.

I cant take it anymore!
I cant take it anymore!

- Do you want to save your life?
- L cant.

Give me the gold.

This stupid hardheadness
l wont ever get.

If you will one day, its still good!

If not l pity you, sheri_.

Prise him

And make it, all merciful, that his
passing from this valley of worldliness

be as easy as his repentance

And his coming back to you
with al l the humility.

Our Father, Who art in heaven.
Hallowed be Thy Name,

Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done...

...on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,...

Why did you brought me here, father?

So that you can learn what life is, girl.

...and forgive us our trespasses, as we
forgive those who trespass against us...

Did you put a guard at the entrance
by the spring?

Only birds can enter the village now.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, our
Heavenly Father, Be most merciful!

Carry on with his sentence!


Help, Iancu!

Ho, ho!


Boyar, boyar!

Why do you sit there like a crow
in a tree? Get down from there.

I would, boyar, but l cant.

Don't leave me, boyar

Torture him until the baby will cry
from his mothers womb!

People are fleeing,
the villages are getting scattered.

You will get Mereanu from where ever!

Him and all his thieves
and mercenary allies.

- Where is Mereanu, bastard?
- I don't know.

Where is Mereanu hidden?

Curse you!


- Who helped him?
- I don't know man.

Who released the cattle?

Who helped the thieves?

Why do you mock the people's trust,

Oh, Iancule!
If only your father could see you now

he would role in his grave.

- Who released the cattle? Tell me!
- I don't know nothing, boyar.

Tell me!



Well, Iancu,
you did it with your own hand.

Why did you become a sherifl?
- Now you tell me ofl too.

The worse part is that
people curse you, child!

And my soul gets torn every time
I hear them.

An what would you want me to do?

Nothing is good enough for the
peasants. Better they fear you.

If this is what you think, child,
carry you mission to the end.

And whip the women too, and
the children while your at it.

And start with me, for I didn't sit
here with my arms crossed.

- What are you talking about?
- As you heard!

You should know that l too put
fire where those cattle where.

Don't make me commit a sin!

Do to me as you wish.

But you should know the on this chair
here sat Mereanu after his escape!

Now you know!

- Who is there?
- Good man.

Good or evil, you have
no business here!

And if l feel like getting
barked at by your dogs?

Stop ioking boyar and
go back the way you came.

Can't you hear...

I'll shoot...

l swear l will!

How did you dare?
If you encountered my dad?

You know that he forbid me
to be near you!

This means I've upset him, really bad.

He says you are a bad man.

And what do you say?

That all the sheriffs are bad.


And if l stopped being a sheri_?

What do you mean?

Well iust like that!

Lets say I'm not a sherifl anymore,
and that is that.

Would you still believe I'm bad?

I would say you are not.
I told father too.


He still told me to beware
of you like from fire.

Because you are going to dishonour me

This is where it ends.

If you would have stabbed me last

l... l think you have a good soul.

But you are a boyar.


We wont be together.


Because this is the law of man.

Each should use his
own herding grounds.

I'm beginning to feel sick
of this life and of myself.

I feel l want to take you away far away
until people will forget our names.

Good bye, Ionica.

...on which one you can see
the towers Yedikule.

A flowered porcelain
with a drawing of 2 swords.

- Stupid, watch they way you handle

Where is he?

A tray on which is
written "Birmingham".

A pot for fruits,
made out of metal lace...

Leave that cursed drinking!
You are like this because of it.

Your hard head got me like this.

You wanted to be pious after the

And now look... l get to see
Izvoranu master of my house.

A beggar on the bridge
this is how you deserve to be

...on which is written Bruckner,

...a Russian tea urn with red stones...

Iancul, l beg you on my knees,
have mercy! Only you can save us.

If l get poor,
Sultana is going to leave me.

You got pretty bad, brother...

Save me brother!
I ask you like l ask God!

Save me...

l ask you like l ask God...

...with a man hunting
with blood hounds.

I will take upon myself
my brother's debt.

And from where are you going
to get the money? Out of sheriff's pay?

If Calafeteanu would vouch for you...

I heard you are going
to be his son-in-law.

Make the agreement.

...a stained glass cabinet,

ln which we find...

Thank you.

- In which we find...
- Fine china.

You got it right.
On my mark, begin.

Come on!
Go outside as the madam commands!

- Come.
- Ey...

Wait for me downstairs.

- Like this.
- Fine, boyar.

Ey, Izvoranu,
Did l lift a weight o_ you chest?

A weight, a whole mountain!


Nice hones bargain Boyar Calafeteanu.



- Father!
- Long live the madam.

And when fall comes and the wine gets
hard we are going to have a wedding.

Iancu, did your heart come back
where it belongs?

How many sons-in-law
am l going to have?

Well now, all come into the yard
for I've prepared something.

- Yes?
- Yes.


Let me tech you a new dance.



Damn stumps with there high heals.

This is better.

Look now you dance with me.

Auntie, is it a bad sign if a heal
breaks during you dance?

Your wishes wont come true.

God damn you!
Are you a boyar?

Look fat and ugly!
Here! Like this!

- How many years you need?
- About 20-30.

- Where shall l take them?
- At the spring from the Ursancii Valle.

Ionica should bring them.

Nice and easy so the posse
won't suspect a thing

No fears.
I will take care of the sheri_.

What are you going to do, Vârlan?

Now that the weapons get here
we must not alert the poses.

The sherifl is going
to be the bailifl's son-in-law.


If he will make it.

Trica, Do you care about me?

Go to boyar Iancu and tell him I'll
wait for him at whirl. Understood?

- l was afraid you were not going to

You might even have missed me.



I did.

- L was afraid.
- Afraid of what?

- That they may kill you.
- Who?

Don't ask because l cant tell you.

A! Your father.

Not him.

Did you tremble for me?
How did you know l was there?

I did.

And l know that you are going
to marry the bailiff's daughter,

ls she beautiful?

How should l know?

She is.

She is beautiful.
I saw her.

- And does she care a lot about you?
- Maybe.

And you care about her?

I care about her like l care
for a sister. We grew up together,

but, to be honest, I don't love her.

Then why do you marry her?

This was written for me, l guess.

Throw it over your head,
maybe the faith will be more gentile

and your fortune gets better.

Do you have horses
that have 4 spurs on there shoes?

Only father's horse had those.

Lets both throw it at once.

Father please!

Father what are you doing?

Father what are you doing?

You kill each other like mad man.


Father what is wrong?

What did you do to him?

Iancu, I didn't...

l wanted to tell you
that they hired a man to kill you.

- l wanted to save you.
The one who trusts a woman is a stupid mar

l wont hang him,
but don't get in my way again.

Where were you, Iancu? Come get on,
we have urgent business to tend to.

Its time to catch Vladimirescu.

A man of his told me that the
gold stolen by Mereanu was exchanged

On swords and muskets for Tudor,
at Sibiu.

So, Mereanu and his people
are with Tudor.

The weapons are the proof of his guilt.
If we get the weapons we have Tudor.

Now listen, the caravans of the
Sibiu traders should arrive tonight

At the Duroaia church.
I have men watching Vladimirescu.

Prepare the posse and
tonight we get the weapons.

I will untie the trader's tongues.

If I had him over to the lord
he is going to make me a great chief,

and if I'm good
you are going to benefit from that.

We are understood, boyar.

- yeS.
- And don't forget what l told you, Tudore.

Beware of fire and of the baili_s men.

I heard he is out to get you.

Fair well!

Fair well, boyar.

- Good steed!
- I'll buy it, Bocioaca.

Take the money from the box an
pay the man. Ah, new people!

- So good to see you Tudore.
- Welcome, Iancule.

- l won't stay too long.
- What is it? Are you here with work?

I didn't even get to say "Hello"
and you are pulling my chains.

Well, when the sheri_ comes,
you may aspect anything.

Are you going to muck me more
for this job?

Polino! Bring a flagon of wine
so the boyar can cool a bit.

Well, boy, did the kitten get eyes
and started to see around.

Come on, Iancu,
tell me what is bothering you?

The bailiff found out about the weapons
you are expecting from the Duroaia church.

If he sent me to make me talk tell
him he is not going to get lucky.

You are afraid of me!

Maybe, in your stead, l would do the
same. But at least listen to me.

The bailiff wants
to send you in chains back to the lord.

A man life is a winds blow, Iancu.

If it is like you say
it would be such a waste.

Because those weapons
could be of a real use.

- What if you would take me at your

Go out dancing?

I see you still don't trust me!

You alone said earlyer
that if you where me...

l can't prove what is in my heart, and
you do well that you don't trust anyone.

But be careful there is someone near

- Who?
- If l knew l would have told you.

But I don't.

I have spy near me,

Around me the streets swarm of

people, of the bailifl's people
- l was them coming as well.

And then, what could I do?

Maybe l can do
something that you cant.

I know somebody
who can prevent Mereanu.

And who might that be?

A man by the name of... Vârlan.

I grew a snake near me!
Take the posse and get them!

With this han
l will put the nose over his head

From now on you are the sheri_.

Take it, Bocioaca you deserve it, but l
would have been a million times more happy

if l could he given it to you for free.

Why did Iancu do this?

What is it?






Father, don't leave me!

Open up!



Curse you sherifl.


This is it!


Run, Iancu.
Cant you hear me? Run!


Your lady, boyar?

Don't drink that much,
your feet will get light.

At dawn when Vladimirescu's weapons
get here,

you wont be of any use to anyone.

Don't be afraid, master Spiru!

In iust a second
we will have Mereanu and his men,

we wont be afraid of some traders.
- Long live our new sheri_!

Long live!

Sherifl, nah you are going
to be a chief, master Spiru!

Now nobody can save Vladimirescu
from hanging.

Take this to Mereanu! We have
to thank him for dropping by unannounced.

Where we shall send him
he wont need money,

Nor wine, horse or women,
like he did in this world.

Lets drink!

Hey you!

The sheri_ sent me to bring this
to Mereanu. Open up!

You are the one the sold Tudor out.

If the peasants catch you
they will skin you alive.

You wanted to get rid of me
but I didn't.

Come turn your hands this way.
Itter Mereanu, you don't understand your ton

- What kind of trickery is this, sheri_?
- Ask me some other time. No time now.

Give me hand.

Oarca, Cutui, spread around!

We will take him by surprise.
On my whistle, jump him!

You don't need to get to them,

- Come!
- Understand! Did you lose your wits, man?

- And then?
- Sssst!

Come on!

Come on men!

Be our captain, Iancu.

I have grown old.

Long live the captain!