I Hate Summer (2020) - full transcript

Three families end up in the same rented house. Throughout the summer, they become friends and rediscover how to enjoy life.

ALDO:Here you are, listeners friends,

live worldwide, the great Aldo Baglio!


ALDO:He's missing a point to enter the legend.


Free throws are his specialty, but the emotion, in these moments,

friends listeners, it's really unsustainable!



Brian, get the ball!

Go to the bed. Thanks to Brian for bringing the ball back!


Thanks, Brian! Brian, Brian

There is still one last chance! If Aldo Baglio scores this free throw

will be world champion of the world of ...



ALDO:What is it? CARMEN:Come down a moment!

I'm doing something important!

Help me with the belt, I can't do it alone!

The strap? I have periarthritis bachelor-humeral! You are crazy?

- Ask Salvo when he gets back. - Of course.

- And the dinghy? - There is no space!

- Thing? - We never use it!

- What summer is it without a dinghy? - I'm trying to get him in.

Thank you my love.

ALDO:Have you noticed? - Damn holidays!

ALDO:There comes a time in life where priorities are lost.

People start trading bullshit about the important things

and the important things for bullshit.

Brian, remember one thing:

when you die it doesn't matter if you have the money, the beautiful car or if you are famous,

it only counts if Aldo Baglio will become

world champion of Massachusetts!

ALDO:I don't know how, but at some point it happens to everyone.

People start thinking only at work, in pain in the ass

and the beautiful things if you forget them.


"Crooked and Sons", accessories for footwear and the like, say.

PAOLA:"Hi, love, how are you?" - Good.

PAOLA:"What did you eat for lunch? Tonight, pasta or meat? "

Dunno ... pasta is fine, you make it.

Sorry, there are people.

No, the insoles are in the corner. I'm coming now.

Don't touch! I come.

Sorry, I have to leave you, I mix all the strings! Hello.

ALDO:Suddenly, what before it made you happy you don't care anymore.

"Football on Thursday"? "I have no time". "Pizza with friends"? "No!"

"What should we tell each other?" Going on vacation is also a problem.

As a child you can't wait, when you grow up

when it comes to leaving, they all get nervous.


- Sonia, I'm devitalizing. - Excuse me, doctor.

There is the engineer Lantieri who has a problem with his incisor.

- At this time? - Indeed!

- Tell him to come back in September? - No, I do after this.

- What's up? - If he doesn't need me, I'd go.

-Go, I'll manage by myself. - Thank you Doctor. Happy holiday.

- Happy holiday. - Until we meet again.

The holidays. Pilgrims, do you take holidays?

- Unfortunately, no, I have to work. - Blessed are you! Open well.

ALDO: Maybe because "leaving is a bit dying"

which, however, in my opinion, it is a great bullshit!

Because to me, who am frail and I'm always sick,

I just need to go out two kilometers from Milan and I already feel better.

Hurry up, it's already late.

Pull over here, I'll walk. It is useless to go all the way around.

ILARY:Mom, why can't he come? - The house is small and it's hot!

It's better here.


ALDO:If you think about it, memorable things of life happen in the summer.

The summer you learn to swim, the summer in which you win the world championship

that of the first kiss, the one after maturity, for those who have done it!

Brian, what do you say, have we waited long enough?

Here we go!

How strange, the kennel goes on strike in August?

What a shame, there is to take to the streets!

What are we doing? There are five of us in a studio apartment.

- We hug. - Except, did I ask your opinion?

For a year and four months you have to shut up.

Okay, but "this thing" we can't use it for everything.

- Come on, we're on vacation. - Sure, let's justify it!

He didn't do anything, poor thing!

Indeed, we stop at the next motorway restaurant, so you can rob him!

- Shut up, okay. - Good boy!

ILARY:Mom? - What's up?

MELISSA:How far away? - Eight hours and twenty minutes.

If you ask me again, I ride the car and go back to Rozzano!

Little girls, some music to ease the tension?

ILARY:Yes! But not Massimo Ranieri! MELISSA:We are fed up with Massimo Ranieri!

Can we hear Tiziano Ferro? ninety two 00:07:27,920 --> 00:07:32,232 Massimo, forgive him, they don't know what they say!


(sings) If the city burned, give, give, give I would run!

Even fire would win.

ALDO:Well, if leaving is a bit dying, as far as I'm concerned

holidays are paradise!


Holy shit! Why people Does it all start the same day?

On the same ferry! What a mess, all crowded together!

I told you! You worked until the last, now you are in the queue.

You know how it is, one works, one earns

and with the money he pays the house, the vacation, the private school.

- I'd go to public school. - Ludovico, please!

All we need is public school!


How much incivility!

In Denmark, such a thing it couldn't happen.

There, the lines are ... I mean, it's all there another code ... another irregular ...

There is a system of things ..

John, if the words don't come to you, let it go.

I understand myself.

RADIO:"Updates from A4, at the Trieste Lisert barrier

- there are seven kilometers of queue. " - Here you are!

Every time! There, there is the funnel!

If you tighten the road first of the toll booth, it is clear that the situation ...

- I mean, it's a I ... - Dad, it's 900 kilometers from here.

What do you care about the queue in Trieste?

Of course! Let's think like this! These ... are the results.

RADIO: "Always on the A1, sometimes queues.


What do you think? Here.

Feel what a perfume!

It's kerosene.

- You always spoil the moments! - And kerosene!

Now I feel too.

Cold sandwiches, hot cans. They didn't even give me the bag.

- Here, love. You do not eat? - Six euros and 50 for an empty sandwich!

I eat when we go down.

Mom! Brian ran away!

- Where it went? - Over there.

What are you doing love? Come here. Are you making friends?

Don't touch the dogs you don't know, how many times do I have to tell you?

Don't worry, it's good.

- It will be good, but it's a dog. -Well, let's go. Hello Beautiful!

- Come on, come on. - I was just playing!

- There are seats downstairs, can we eat there? - Yup.

- All these people make me anxious. -Let's go down. Ludovico?


ALDO: Via Chiti, 24, Here, pull over.

CARMEN:In what sense? ALDO:"Here" in the sense of here,

approach "in the sense of approach, voice of the verb "pull over here".

So how does it look to you?

It seems to me that you have gone stupid, who knows how much you paid for it!

- What's wrong with you this year? - You always think about money!

- Let's download. - Shall we download? If anything, download!

Yes, I with my back ...

- Those from the agency? - They said two o'clock.

- Then people hate the southerners! - let's call.

- I don't remember the number. - Aren't you marked?

Have you scored it?

I loaded the suitcases and driven nine hours.

- I'm open, come on. - Now you force the locks too?

They were under the doormat!

- Sorry. ALDO:Bravo!

Prejudice is a bad thing!

Where the fuck did you take me!

Not even Carla Bruni has a house like this!

MELISSA:Dad! - What's up?

- Do I have my own room? ALDO:Even two!

One day you sleep in one and one day into the other.

We have the sea at home! I go.

- Are you coming? MELISSA:Yes!

CARMEN: Except! Suitcases?

- Yes later! - "Yes later"! Much...

No, okay ...

You are crazy!

I want it to be an unforgettable summer.

You are crazy!

(DOORBELL) I'm going, it must be the agency.

(sings) Losing love, when evening comes ...

Good morning!

- Did we get there too early? - No. Sorry we went in.

The door was practically open. The house is beautiful!


If it's not ready, let's come back later. Maybe we can arrange the suitcases.

No! It's kind, but we take care of it for ourselves.

On the contrary...

Thank you.

(Aldo sings) Losing love, when evening comes ...

- Are you sure this is the house? - Look at himself.

Excuse me, there was a "qui-pro-quo".

I thought I gave her five, ten seems to me too many!

We did it all by ourselves. Without rancor.

There is a misunderstanding. It's me, the tenant. Do you see?

The address and dates match, so...

Love, what's up?

- The gentleman claims to be the tenant. - I don't say, I am!

It is not possible, we are the tenants.

"It's us" ... Where's the contract?

I don't know, not one walks with the contract in Bermuda!

See if it's in the blue suitcase.

We don't have any blue suitcases.

Blue, yellow ... a suitcase!

Look, I understand you!

"Got it" what? I paid, this is my home.

"I've paid, it's my house" ... It's not enough say it! We need the backing pieces.

It takes a minimum of a minimum of ... things.

- Of ... - "Backing patches" is sufficient.

There is no need to reiterate.

Surely, there is an explanation.

Perhaps a misunderstanding with the agency. Now let's solve.

Here it is, I found it!

It is not clear! It's not possible to read it.

It's all "family"!

- You can't see the ... - The words, Giovanni.

Indeed! Words are important, to be seen.

'Eh! .N °?


Sorry, is this the "Casa dei Tigli"?

- Because? - I think it's our home.

- Who the fuck is this? - Let's moderate the language.

There is a baby.

Hypocrisy bothers me, not bad words.

Please, this is not the time to make controversy.

There is controversy precisely why it's not the time to do it, that's the point.

Let's do this, you tell me when it's time for controversy!


Come on, I'll take care of it.

Do you see? "Via Chiti, 24". It's this one.

"Casa dei Tigli". coincides.

I have the "voucher", the contract, the dates. We are the renters.

"House of lime trees". Everything else is the same. We are the renters.

Who are we? Let him read the contract.

Beautiful? "Carta sings"!

- You don't read anything! -That's what I said too!

We won't do two years in jail because the contract is badly printed.
- You don't read anything! -That's what I said too!

- You don't read anything! -That's what I said too!

Anyway, you are out and we are inside.
- You don't read anything! -That's what I said too!

- You don't read anything! -That's what I said too!

Let's see how it behaves! I got bored!
- You don't read anything! -That's what I said too!

- You don't read anything! -That's what I said too!

- This is a document ... - Don't attack my husband!
- You don't read anything! -That's what I said too!

- This is a document ... - Don't attack my husband!

Shut up, he's talking. (OVERLAPPED ITEMS)


We are civilized people, some more and some less.

Let's go to the agency and solve it the problem, with grace and calmness.

Yes, let's face it gracefully

and that stuff there.

- Peacefulness. - Yes, calmness.


Machine, call "Agenzia Mare". (FREE LINE SIGNAL)

To me these are already on my cock! With grace and calmness.

MOBILE VOICE:"You are online with 'Gragnafava Real Estate.

- Two minutes and we'll work it out. VOICE:"Please don't hang up

so as not to lose the priority acquired. "


Gentlemen, the dog that "gets it right"? We are still in a public building!

So? Provide!

Get the dog out!

"We are still in a public building! "

Here we go. Come here.

Do you want to take him out? By now you know each other.

Yes, but don't go far.


- Damn, damn! - What happen?

- It doesn't work there - How?

It does not work. When it's too hot, the "G" doesn't work.

We hope well.

While we wait for it to cool down, tell us what we can do.

In the summer it's hot and everything gets complicated!

- So? - Make a complaint.

I'm sending the file to the DA and you go back to Milan.

- In Milan? - Then in five years,

because you know how things are going in our country,

we will know who is right and who is wrong.

But right or wrong are ephemeral concepts.

Truth is the illusion of the fool, clear?

Or ... the island is beautiful and the house is big.

Summer is short, what's better of a holiday all together in harmony?

What harmony? I have the contract!

Why didn't he say that earlier? Then home it's his. Until we meet again. Good lunch.

My contract is also clear.

- I paid double. - So, the house is yours.

I booked first!

It is not clear.

It's not my fault, the printer is defective.

It is not his fault, but of this damned heat.

- Anyway, "paper sings". - That's a cell phone.

- There are idioms. - I'm calling my lawyer!


That's enough! Should I fire a shot in the air?

- A little respect for the environment! No? TOGETHER:Excuse me.

There is an emergency, a house must be sealed.

- Let's not exaggerate. - Don't be hasty, wait a minute.

Wait up.

We don't put seals on them anymore. No tell me!

Of course, as usual, short pasta. Rigata, please.

I don't like smooth pasta. The sauce does not "catch", it slips.

I don't know if ... Huh?

In this situation, only two things can save us.

These two things are:order and rules.

Chapter one:refrigerator. We don't mix foods.

We see that we have different power supplies.

-So... -The others?

Who, Beauty and the Beast?

For charity! They went to look a five star.

- They don't mix with people like us. - Better, we are wider.

So? Be careful, I was explaining. What did I say?

What it takes the re-go-le! (GIOVANNI RIDE)

We laugh, we laugh! Even the Maya laughed and went extinct!

- What do the Maya have to do with it? - Nothing, he likes to give examples.

CARMEN:Excuse me? | caissons we can take them, who are twice as many as you?

No, they split every other week.

Even weeks, Storti. Odd weeks, Baglio.

The dishwasher charges deferred.

-It is always like this? - Often, yes.

Why are you here with your parents?

I am obliged by the court of the Minors, what have you done?

They sent me back to three subjects: mathematics, chemistry and English.

- Ah! GIOVANNI:The rooms, it's easy.

The adults upstairs and the boys we settle here, there is space.

Don't worry, now it's over.

Luggage and junk in the attic, which is hot

and not even an iguana would sleep in it.

GIOVANNI:Everyone agrees? TOGETHER:Yes.

- Good. Now, the dog chapter. - The dog chapter, no!

- Can we do it tomorrow? - No, we do today.

(DOORBELL) The agency!

-I'm going! - I'm going with her!

ALDO: I keep the door for you. Come, little girls.

What the fuck are you looking at?

Rule one, the dog cannot stay on the sofa.


My husband is a jerk!

High season, everything is "sold-out".

Can you tell us which are our rooms?

With pleasure! For you, we have kept the penthouse.

Thank you.


Hey! Things?

It's Melissa, she has a little detour to the nasal septum.

- Shall I stop her? - Perhaps!


- Thank you. - Good night.


At least Alessia, for once, is with someone her age!

- Who? Pablo Escobar? - Exaggerated.

I wish I knew what he did! You don't go to the Juvenile Court for a joke.

What do you want me to do? A nonsense. It's normal.

- It happens to all boys at that age. - What guys?

- It's full at my school. - I believe you, you teach in Guantanamo.


Let's relax and enjoy this holiday, we need it.

Nice relax!


-But they're ... -I would say yes!

(CARMEN GEME) Oh well...

Let's sleep?


Nice relax!

I get it, you don't like me anymore! You can say it.



Lord Jesus ...

Let's do one thing together, going on holiday!


- Look where we ended up! - Do you want us to go back to Milan?

There are many beautiful initiatives, jazz under the stars, arenas.

Giacomo, please!

Do you have to smoke? It's beastly hot.

What should I do? Take this away from me too!

We are in a damp cavern full of mosquitoes and sweltering heat.

- Can you fix the fan? - Do you want to try it?

No, thanks, you do. "Dentist of the year" and you can't do shit.

(CARMEN GEME) What's this noise?

Don't even recognize the noise? What do husband and wife do?

- What are they doing? - They're fucking! "Do you remember"?

No, "| don't remember", unfortunately. Do you still practice?

- With whom? Certainly not with me. - I was joking, it was a joke.

Pretty! Bravo, very beautiful!

What a shit vacation! (CARMEN SCREAMS)

Fucking fan!


Whole vacation with these people, we don't even know who they are!

So? Do you see how you are, you little bourgeois?

Change your mind! Open yourself to the other, to the different.

Yes, let's open up. I saw you, how you looked at the blonde!

- Who, Barbara? - You already call her Barbara!

And his name. If you prefer I call her "Renata"!

What's the other name?

- Alessandra. - Her name is Paola.

-It is the same root. -Of course!

I love it when you are jealous! Come here.

Yet? What have you got lately?

You're strange.

It's summer, my love!

If it's summer, let's not stop it!

CARMEN: The "treble"!


Don't make any noise, disturb the lady.

No problem.

(screams) Ilary! The breakfast!


Take your time!

Eh! It is nutrition.

Enjoy your meal!



- Hello? DARIO:"I'm Dario,

della Gragnafava Real Estate.

I heard there was a problem with the apartment, I apologize.

Computers go haywire in this heat. We have two perfect housing solutions.

Category "Superior de | uxe" for you, at no additional cost.

We take care of everything, we also come to take the luggage

No thanks, we have already solved. Don't call anymore.



- What are you laughing? -Admit that you like it, I don't take offense.

- Too dry, not my type. - You can't afford it.

- 740 counts for you. - You've become mean!

ILARY:Dad? - What's up?

ILARY: You said you were getting ice cream.

You don't have to listen to all the "bullshit" that I say!

You must be able to recognize a "fake news" from real news.

- But you promised us! - If you promised him.

Let's go get ice cream.

Do you want something from the bar? A coffee, a mineral water?

- Bring me a Magnum. - And the costume fitting?
Do you want something from the bar? A coffee, a mineral water?

I have never feared the costume fitting, it is the costume that fears me. Go.
- Bring me a Magnum. - And the costume fitting?
Do you want something from the bar? A coffee, a mineral water?

- Bring me a Magnum. - And the costume fitting?
I have never feared the costume fitting, it is the costume that fears me. Go.

I have never feared the costume fitting, it is the costume that fears me. Go.

ALDO:Girls, say hello mom's costume.

GIRLS: Hello.

Melissa, you who are good at school, Magnum comes from the Greek 0 from the Latin?

We are only in third grade!

You don't know how much they eat!

- Wasn't there a place with fewer people? - Milan.

Always with this humor! Not your forte.

- Who are you "chatting" with? - I'm trying to cancel an invoice!

You can't stay five minutes without working?

If I do later, it's a mess.

But the tax drawer of shit kilo conceived?

Ludo, what are you doing?

- Game with crabs. - Leave them alone, you don't know where they come from!

You have no vegetable garden, to play crab tones again.

Do you prefer me to stop and get bored?

Yes, at least make friends with someone.
Do you prefer me to stop and get bored?

Yes, at least make friends with someone.

What do you care if you have fun with crabs?

Here it is full of boys and he plays with crabs, he isolates himself, does not socialize.

- Who knows who he got it from! - From me?

Everyone we hang out with they are my friends.

-My do not want them to frequent! - Who would they be, out of curiosity?

-The Giavazzi. -The Giavazzi?

The Vendrame.

Do you mean Paolo and Patrizia Vendrame?

They are not friends, they are customers.


What does that want? He is always around Alessia.

He wants what everyone wants.

- I inquired. - And ...?

He stole a moped.

Did he steal a moped?

Not really, there was a misunderstanding.

Alessia? Sandwich! (NOT AUDIBLE VOICES)


Alessia! We do a beautiful hut of branches?

-I am 18 years old. - I'm almost 60, then?

- Alessia would like to take a tour of the lighthouse. - Very good!

Let's make it hut and then the tour to the lighthouse.

Actually ... I'd like to go to the lighthouse with Salvo.

Ah! By scooter?

- Please! - I didn't say "stolen", just "moped".

Let's leave her alone, we're on vacation. Let's relax.

I'm sick of it, I have been relaxing since nine!

- Go take a bath! - I've already done seven.

- Almost almost, I'm going for a ride. - Good love! Go.

- But yes ... I'll be back in half an hour. - Take your time.

- I go. - Go.

Holy shit! Shh! Speak softly, pretend nothing has happened.

- What happens? - Anything.

I need something?

Look, Pirola, I'm on vacation with my family.

It is neither the place nor the time.

- Do you know each other? GIACOMO: No ... that is, yes.

-He's a patient of mine. - Ex.

Ex patient who happened to be an "incidentino".

"Mcìdenkìno"? For his coma I can no longer even two "cat"!

- Excuse me? - You see? "Gaffo".

The "gaffo"! "What gaff do you want", "who gaffo are you", "gaffo head".

- Who is this gentleman? - Two years have passed.

He should get over it. This is how it works with the alveolar nerve!

- One in two hundred thousand ... it can happen. - And it just happened to me!

- It's nobody's fault! - There was the trial!

- A process? - Yes, but ...

It lasted two and a half years.

- And you didn't tell us anything? -It's stupid.

A "stupid"? He disfigured me!

(screams) He's a butcher! Everyone must know!

- He ruined my life! -Let us lower our voices, there are children.

Are you ashamed? "Dentist of the year"!

- Since your father made me? - He's not my father.

Have you seen?

There was a trial in court and you didn't tell us?

So as not to worry you.
There was a trial in court and you didn't tell us?

So as not to worry you.

I bet Sonia you made her worry.

Maybe you even took her to hearings. Wore it?

- The nurse with the big tits? - Yes she.

There was.

- Says there was. - There was always.

- He says he was always there. - And work, the testimony

- Ludo, let's go! - Can I get crabs?

No, leave them!

- Where are you going? - Sea a ride '.!

There will be a village, on this island of shit.

- Goodbye, I'm so sorry. Here we go. - Until we meet again.

Here we go!


What happened to her?

They will have given it the umbrella in the second row.


Rudy Contrada?

- Have we met before? - Do not you remember?

- Quinta F. - Professor Pastor?

Hand! He was old, will have been dead for twenty years.

They are crooked, do you remember?

- Giovanni Storti? - Yup!

Shit, what a meltdown!

- I'm kidding! Wrong! - Stupid!

- What are you doing here? - I'm on vacation with my family.

- Oh yes? - You, rather?

No family. Free as the wind.

Let's go eat "da Pino", the best fish on the island.

- I've already eaten. - Don't make me eat alone!

- I don't understand ... Stoni! - What an idiot!

- Holy shit ... - And this? Always trendy!

Me, elegance ...

RUDY: I had a "kick in the ass".

With the fall of the Berlin Wall everything has changed.

I got a saleswoman from Slovakia,

then one from Estonia, from Belarus ...

- A real godsend! - And now?

We do everything in Eastern Europe. On the contrary, I don't do anything, I just count the money.

- And you? The shop? - The shop ...

-It is a different activity. -Yup!

It's another world, a very refined activity.

- Yours is a niche shop. - Yes, niche niche ...

I still remember your father, the counter, the smell of leather.

- Wonderful. - These are difficult times.

- The world has changed. - They are difficult for everyone. Almost all.

I have ideas, but who has the money?

Who are you hiding?

I haven't told anyone, but I know that in September

I do not reopen.

Listen, would you make a company with me?

What do you mean?

I put a hundred thousand euros and it becomes the shop more beautiful than Milan. What do you say?

- Are you joking? - No! And don't tell me no!

Let me do a good thing in life!

- I do not know what to say! - What do you have to say? Let's toast!

In the old days!

- Satisfy my curiosity. - Tell me.

It's nonsense, one of those things that you can't get out of your head.

- Tell me. - Do you remember when we used to go to school?

- What did you call me? - Rudy.

Not when I was there, when I was going home.

I was helping my father at the fish counter and you could smell it ...

"Smells like fish! We smell fish! "

There was also a rhyme with the rhyme.

"Do you feel that it stinks in this street ..."

"Maybe Rudy Contrada has passed".


It's been a lifetime! You can't be offended.

I am not, on the contrary, I have to thank you.

When I came home from school alone, I thought:

"I'll make him pay, to these pieces of shit. "


Go ... I'll pay. The niche shop!

You've always been an asshole.

You also have the courage to ask me for money.

It's already a lot if I don't take you kick your ass!

What a dickhead!

Where am I wrong? Tell me!

What do I have to do to hold it together this family?


- Are you OK? - Yes, but what happened?

Holy shit!

Do they all happen to me?

Don't say anything to dad.

Who did this work? There is the whole "thing" reversed.

- The thing"... - Shh!

(softly) There are the threads you need ... They are "cosati"!

Get me a Phillips screwdriver.

- Ouch! - What's up?

- A big problem. - Here you are!

Do you see this? That's the problem.

It's dad! Look at the nose.


Indeed, it is such and such!

Ludo! Tonight we eat fish, me, you and mom?

What do you think?

Shall we do two shots in the garden?

Penalties to five, like in the old days!

Is it time father? I'm playing. Can I, 0 is this also forbidden?

(BRIAN ABBAIA) What's wrong?

- I do not know? - Go look!

Do I have to do everything myself?

- Can you take it off? Stink. - Yes, it's true.

- Good morning. - It's dangerous?

- Brian? - The dog!

Yes, Brian, the dog.

- Ah ... - And a little lamb. News about the house?

- Did the agency respond? - I'm here for another reason.

- Whose SUV is this? -It is mine, why?

Well done! Do the side to one car and don't leave a ticket?

- Is it like this in Milan? - Which side?

These eyes see everything. The island is small, people talk.

- I haven't used the car in two days. - Let's go take a look.

What a mess! I don't understand. I assure you I didn't use the car.

- Did something happen? - Did you take the car?

The? No.

- I didn't take it, neither did she. - Someone will have taken it!

GIOVANNI:Are you all right? - It depends.

From what?

You want a complaint, the experts, confiscation?

I already agree with the other party. Four hundred euros and we are all happy.

But it wasn't me!

Don't argue for a little money, we close and forget about it.

It is a question of principle!

He's right! In fact, sorry if I'm allowed.

It's a question of civilization, honesty, fairness.

Otherwise where do we go?

Holy words! Driving license and registration document, I call the tow truck for confiscation.

Confrontation, dialogue is important. Don't you say anything?

- What do we have to do with it? - Today Salvo went to the lighthouse.

- It is far. - Are you calling Salvo a thief?

Not I say, but the judiciary.

Your daughter went to the lighthouse too!

You're making friends, I'm glad. Friendship is the most important thing.

But do me a favor, it's hot, it's seven o 'clock

and tonight I have people for dinner, let's do this:

one hundred euro for a family and I'll put the rest on.

Let me go home my wife is throwing the pasta.

It's the usual story ... to pay are always the same!

Sometimes, I wonder myself how good I am!

Until we meet again. I hope not to see you again. Lady.

- Until we meet again. - Marshal.

Come on.

What's up?

There is something wrong?

Nothing. Sleep.

- Do you still think about the car? GIACOMO:No, imagine!

-So, do you think about the customer? - We missed him too.

Ludovico. I lack respect, he avoids me.

Today, on the beach, because he said that I'm not his father?

- I have a feeling you hate me. - It's normal, he's 12!

At that age, with a mother like me, I'd hate everyone too!


So you can't make a speech!

It will be the power supply! (CARMEN SCREAMS)


(Aldo yawns) Good morning.


ALDO:Good morning. GIOVANNI:Hi.

GIACOMO:Coffee? ALDO:Thanks.

Yes thanks.

What a fool!

I'm for the car. Rightly so. Who did it was!

Thank you.

Then I give it to you too.

JOHN:Bring me a flexible one, willow or hornbeam type.

This is eucalyptus, it is used to decorate the interior!

- I don't know the "marks" of the trees. GIOVANNI:"Marches of the trees".

- Can I ask you something? -I'll give you the money later, I'm in costume.

Not about the money, about your daughter. I see you have a good relationship.

Well ...

How do you think I am with my son?

Giacomo ... you are a bit like cones.


The Italian school is in disarray! You really don't study Massimo Ranieri

It seems impossible to me. The program is World War I,

Second World War and Massimo Ranie

Nice? Can I teach you to "pick up" with the dog?

It's easy.

You pull the stick towards the goal, look.

- No! - What's up?

Honestly, I already have a girlfriend.

Do you already have a girlfriend? Well done!

CARMEN:Here I see a mourning, a lack. -He is Ludovico's father.

- He got me pregnant and disappeared. - What an asshole!


- Can you see if Giacomo has another one? - Huh?

Here "Giacomo"?

Yes, of course.

The boys, at that age, they need ...


- About that thing there ... - Of rules!


The rules are obvious. Come on, you know!

- Of affection. - Affection is beautiful,

but it takes something

- Love? - Love and affection are the same thing.

- Come on, that comes to you! - It's okay, you tell me again.

For example, yesterday he was playing with the ...

- The iPad. - Good boy! What was he playing at?

- I don't know, I don't ... - "I don't know, me

We must enter the children's games, you have to understand them.

- Although every now and then ... - Thing?

A slap every now and then he never hurt anyone.

You say?

- Violence ... - I too abhor violence!

But a slap every now and then ...

But let's use these "little hands", the hut is not built by itself!

We just write to each other, we live far away. I didn't understand if we are boy and girl.

You know what? Go and figure it out!

Don't put it off. One says "then I'll think about it", but then it's too late!

"Life has to be bitten, 0 remorse remain. "This is mine!

- "Bites, remorse" ... do you understand? - Yup.

A small masterpiece of hermetic poetry.

How about a drink"? Do we "break through"? Brian!

CARMEN:It's my turn, shuffle and choose four dogs.

Making your own tarot is bad.

Ah! The secret. How come I didn't get there before?

He is happy, caring and "trumpet" every night.

He has something to be forgiven!

If I "catch" with another, I make him get his hernias back!

It had been thrown into a corner for months, all rusty.

-Motors break if they don't walk. - You did him a favor, to get him!

We put five euros in petrol!

The lawyer says see you next time "bullshit" I end up in prison.

You don't do it!

Alessia, can I tell you something?

It's lucky you met. You're nice,

talking is beautiful and we walk a lot.

I feel this iodine is good for me!

There is one thing I would like to ask you, according to you ...

Is "trumpeting" a possibility?

Why not!

- What do you mean? - Okay, let's do it.

Now? - Do you prefer later?

No ...

- More than anything else, where? - Here, behind the dunes.

- Or at home. - In my parents' bed? It makes an impression on me.

- In that of mine. - I was speaking in general, it was more an idea ...

- Fear, huh? - It's not fear.

- Partially yes. - Come on, idiot, let's go take a bath.

Brian! Come here!


- You see it? - Thing?

JOHN: They are playing!

- Play too, participate! - Bravo, you're right!



(Screams) Brian!

But where? (screams) Was he with you?

- Haven't seen him in a while. - (screams) Brian!

'(Screams) Brian! '(Screams) Brian!

- (screams) Brian! - (Melissa and Ilary scream) Brian!

- (Alessia screams) Brian! - (Except screams) Brian!

- (Melissa screams) Brian! CARMEN:Something happened.

I perceive these things.

Who are you, the sorceress Circe? It will be nearby!

- Don't worry, come back. - I feel the tragedies!

I have powers. call it a gift or a curse.

- You cut it! - But what curse? We are in 2019,

There is such a thing as technology. Have you heard of it?

Brian has a microchip in his collar, with the appropriate "app"

is "HM!" both precisely for "appropriate", and ...

And "?

And "shit" doesn't happen. The satellites are not aligned.

You got it in the same store of the printer?

- Maybe he was kidnapped! - From who?

From those of the crashed car.

They are impulsive people, a wrong look and make your car explode.

- But who are they? - Didn't we give him the money?

- Maybe if the Marshal is kept. ALDO:But no!

- 0 was the gentleman on the beach. - Which?

- The client permanently scarred. - I have not scarred anyone!

Check it out! "My studio is among the most prestigious in Lombardy!

There was a little accident while I was working on the alveolar nerve ..

- He said, "I'll kill you, you piece of shit." - What about Brian?

I too, yesterday, had an argument, in town.

With whom?

Do you remember Rudy Contrada? I met him by chance.

- Why did you fight? GIOVANNI:So ...

I found it!

- Where did it go? - And far away! How did it get there?

JOHN: In two hundred meters, turn right.

In a hundred meters, turn right.

- In fifty meters, turn right. - I understand! To the right!

I beg you! You make my brain melt!

You say you understand, but we missed the turn!

As soon as possible, reverse the direction of travel.

Did you understand?

- As soon as I allow the roadway. -Let's go on "ad Iibitum"!

GIOVANNI:As soon as possible, reverse the direction of travel.

GIACOMO: I understand!

JOHN: It looks like a steamer is mooring.

It's a big car, not a can.

We need caution, about it.

JOHN:You bought the big car, but you can't drive it!

GIACOMO: The streets are small!

You won't be much of a dentist,

but about how you drive nothing can be said to you!
You won't be much of a dentist,

You won't be much of a dentist,

- Do you want to drive? - I didn't say anything!
You won't be much of a dentist,

You won't be much of a dentist,

- Not you, him! ALDO:Why are you looking at me?
You won't be much of a dentist,

You won't be much of a dentist,

GIACOMO:If I look behind ... ALDO:Brian wait!
You won't be much of a dentist,

GIOVANNI:We are in the middle of the road. ALDO:Don't collect.
GIACOMO:If I look behind ... ALDO:Brian wait!
You won't be much of a dentist,

GIACOMO:If I look behind ... ALDO:Brian wait!
GIOVANNI:We are in the middle of the road. ALDO:Don't collect.

GIOVANNI:We are in the middle of the road. ALDO:Don't collect.

Can you go faster? The trees are overtaking us.

The terrain is rough and the tires are not adequate.

It's an SUV, it's made on purpose, I says the word.

"On Variable Surface

This has only two-wheel drive.

You already "busted" it for me, at least save the shock absorbers!

- Do you know how much they cost? GIOVANNI:It's really true!


"Big SUV, little man"!

JOHN:Giacomo ... - What are you doing?

"Little man" stops here.

You're right, we apologize.

Giovanni, apologize to the little one ...

to Mr. Giacomino, a great professional and a dentist of lineage who must be respected.

- Apologize. - (whispers) Sorry.

- I have not heard. - Sorry.

- I have not heard. - Sorry!

Maybe you have to go to the otorino!

Shall we proceed?

It happens even to the best. Now, however, step on the pedal

and get this car going! My dog is dying of starvation. Thank you.

And now?

- (Aldo yells) Brian! - (Giovanni yells) Brian!

- (screams) Brian! - (whispers) Brian ...

It's a dog, not a cat!

- You call him! - (whistles and screams) Brian!
It's a dog, not a cat!

- You call him! - (whistles and screams) Brian!

- You have to throw out of here, say "thing" ... - Of?

(Screams) Brian!

It's here, but you can't see it. Where will it be? (screams) Brian!

- (screams) Brian! - Incredible...


He came this far to throw himself under, poor beast!

Dogs don't commit suicide! He always was cheerful, happy, smiling.

- You already talk about it in the past tense. - I say "was" because who knows where it is now.

I saw him two hours ago scampering happily on the beach.

- Keep this memory dear. - (screams) Brian!

(Screams) Brian!

- Brian ... - Aldo!

-And he? - Which?

That disjointed cluster.

- They are stones! It doesn't move. - After a flight of thirty meters, this is normal.

- Poor beast. - (screams) Brian!

(Aldo yells) Brianino!

- You really are a bastard! - Because?

- Why are you raging? He suffers. - What about you, then?


You scare people and these are the consequences.

I have not scarred anyone! They also acquitted me on appeal!

"Also on appeal ..." (BRIAN ABBAIA)

ALDO: Brian, is that you? Brian!

(BRIAN WAYS) ALDO:Brian, my love!

(BRIAN ABBAIA) How beautiful you are! Where have you been?

What have you done? (THE OTHER DOG BAYS)

JOHN: You understand, Brian!

GIACOMO: It must be a family fault.

ALDO: And now ... big party!


A little attention, please. To Brian! The prodigal son.

And to all those you have shamed for no reason!

The Marshal, the friend, what you scarred

It is not true! I have not scarred anyone!

Listen to Brian, who reminded us most important of all!

- "A || you need is love"! GIRLS:Tattarattatà!

ALDO: Tattarattatà!

- To Brian! TOGETHER:To Brian!

ALDO: Health to all! My love...


ALDO:Here you are! PAOLA:Come on, uncork!



- He has to do the drawing ... ALDO:Now let's open another one!

(NOT AUDIBLE VOICES) A little drop ...


(LAUGHS) CARMEN:She's crazy!

BARBARA:But that's not true! (NOT AUDIBLE VOICES)

- Come on, on ... - That "stuff" there? Can not be done!

CARMEN:Based on the water you throw away the salt. - That's not true, you have to put first ...

I need the password credit card.

I don't remember it.

Ask dad.

- Yes, but after a while ... - Your credit card password.

- For what? - I need to download a video game.

- Let's eat ice cream, then let's see. - I need it now.

We are at the sea, forget it video games. If I said no, it's no.

Come on, give me this fucking password!

- What did you say? Repeat! - Give me this fucking password!

What are you doing? Are you crazy?

- Sorry, I was wrong, I'm going. -He's my son, I'm going.

It doesn't matter, these things happen.

- What do I do, am I going? - Go!

But yes! Nothing happened! A couple of slaps are good for him!

What are you saying?

Today's kids lack authority.

- Why are you making circles? - Children tear parents apart

and put them in the freezer, and don't tell me it's not true

and the problem is my circles with the fingers?

So, we guys would be all criminals

and then you come and solve everything to "blows"?

So, for example, to that friend of yours there

if they gave him two more slaps, would still be cleansed.

- Look, dude! - Thanks Dad.

You ruined everyone's evening and me the holiday, are you happy? Good boy.

Fuck off! Except, let's go.

Well done! What do we do now? Shall we slap her too?

What's on your mind?

- You wanna know? - Yes exactly.

I mean two years ago.

- Do you know what happens in September? - No what?

The shop closes forever. Finished.


Long last! It is from 1921 that you break our balls with the insoles!

And what do I do, the laundry? Ironing?

Good boy! I've been washing and ironing for twenty years!

It would be enough for me to return to being a normal father and husband.

Incidentally, Giovanni, every now and then it would also be nice to "fuck"


But yes, a drop.

I'm not angry, I'm sorry for him.

I don't know how to help change things.

They do not change now, they are just like that.

Look at my father, "I can't do this do "," I can't do this "...

We have a wheelchair at home, says you never know!

Of course.

You know how many sick days he's been on this year? 117,

He is not a slacker, but he "shits down". He is afraid of making mistakes, of failing.

- When he was young, he was good. - Your father?

Yup! sang in the clubs. Morandi, Ranieri, that music there.

One day he is noticed and invited to a special evening.

Whoever wins goes to Sanremo. My father, in Sanremo!

What does he do? He makes up an excuse and it doesn't work.

He was afraid to sing in front to all those people.

What can we do, rage? Tell him to get a move on, don't believe him?

Because? He is like that and I keep it that way.

The same goes for your father. After all, it's not bad.

Just look at you.

He did a good job.

So to say, if I had to choose you another man, how would you like me?

- What do you say? - One day you might get tired of me.

- What do you want to tell me? -It's a game. Who would you like?

- Tell me the truth, do you have another one? - Huh?

I'm not stupid! You are always cheerful, it is clear that you have another.

- The tarot cards also say it. - What exactly do they say?

That you are keeping something important from me.

- Come on, come here. - No!

- Do we have to fight over osmosis too? - Do not touch me!

Oh well, if they say the tarot!

ALDO: Good night.

I know, as I would like.

- Thing? - The other man.

- How would you like it? - With hair!

- Be quiet, they hear us! - You can't hear it.

- To the sea they told me yes! - For real?

- What a shit figure! - Let's be quiet.

- Will you make me the tiger man move? -Do you want me to break your arm?


(screams) Ludo?

(screams) Breakfast is ready! Now stop.

Ludo, breakfast is


(EXPLOSION) We can do better, Gerolin!

You have to do better! More gunpowder.

- It is not too much? - Never! They come from all over the islands

to see this show which must be unforgettable!

- Why do you care so much? - It is the most important holiday of the year.

The most precious event, the end of this fucking summer!

You understand? These thousands of tourists, red, skinned,

with those hideous flip flops!

And with the "pinocchietti"!

They finally leave and for a year we don't see them anymore! Fire!


Marvelous! You like fireworks?

- Enough.

It's weird ... if you think about it, the fires are a hit

- If you don't think about it, I'm a marvel. - Like life!

But fuck off! Now do the metaphors too!


The Milanese! Come here! Stop them, come up with something.

-It's closed, I'm sick. - We can not! It is our duty!

- "Where everyone flees, we go!" - Isn't that the motto of the fire brigade?

But it's nice!

"And entered the room reserved for it

the mother found a letter hand written

from the aforementioned minor. "

- Well done! Not even one - Thank you.

Letter that reads verbatim: 'I'm fine, don't come looking for me,

don't break my balls'.

He left an unambiguous message.

- In your opinion, what should we do? - Hear these words!

He's 12!

Who didn't have it? Yet we are all here.

- Let's leave him alone for half a day. - Are you sure you're a Carabiniere?

I often ask myself.



In Follonica?

He drove 500 kilometers to go to find the Danish penfriend.

- Who is? - I don't know, I have no idea.

They have been writing to each other for two years and I didn't know, what mother am I?

What does that have to do with anything?

Rightly so. Why should he confide in me?

I'm always angry, I hate everyone. He's right.

I can't stand anyone, not even myself.

- Do you know what? You go. - Huh?

You go, without me, alone.

- The? Alone? - Yup!

I know myself as soon as I arrive I start to piss him off.

I am like that! You have to go there.

You can't go on the highway with this lighthouse.

Even so, I don't think it's up to standard.

- Thank you. JOHN:Listen ...

I thought ... I'll come with you if you want.

So, to keep you company. So much here ...

And anyway ... the advice of slaps I could have saved myself.

- Where are the others? - Giacomo goes to Follonica with Giovanni.

- You go too! - Because?

You have fun with them, what are you doing here?

How can I do? I have reflux back, the fault of the swordfish.

ALDO:I have an inflamed lumbar band! - Enough of this bullshit!

That's enough! You know Zanardi? He has no legs and runs marathons!

The marathons!

RADIO:"This is Radio Italia, let's listen to 'How beautiful summer is'! "


Thank you. These are the moments where you see how much people are worth.

Yes, but if you don't accelerate, in Follonica we arrive at Christmas!

The limit is 90! There are speed cameras.

- Don't see ghosts everywhere! - Let yourself go, Jack!

Let these 4000 horses gallop!

You have to leave two fire furrows! (TURN UP THE MUSIC VOLUME)



Am I talking to you? With people I have a certain ...

A way of ...

You've done enough already! Shut up and let me talk.

Homo say "savoìr fame".

POLICEMAN:Good morning. - Good morning.

- Do you know what the speed limit is? - He's absolutely right!

- We're going to do a delicate thing. - We're looking for the son, he ran away.

- He was there last night and not this morning. - A minor runaway?

The police have been informed. Everything is under control.

- Law enforcement? Where is your son? - He's not really your son ...

- Of course? -He is a relative child.

He is my son.

GIACOMO:Okay, so? POLICEMAN:Now try on the other leg.

I just don't know how to take it, that blessed boy!

- I can't establish a dialogue. - That's the way it is at that age. I have two.

One of 16 and the other of 13, The baby now she is obsessed and eats only kiwifruit.

Now, come back on the line.

With children it's all complicated, being strict or understanding,

leave them free or check them? But something must be done!

- What does she do? - I'll buy you kiwifruit.

POLICEMAN: All right, now I'm sending you away.

Good luck for your son.

Thank you. It did me good to talk to her.

It is thought that law enforcement are punitive, instead ...

No, we are men too!

They are 400 euros and six points of the license.

Six points?

Four for excess speed and two for the broken headlight.

Scotch is not enough!

POLICEMAN:Good luck! - Go to hell!

- (in English) Who is it? - (in English) My father.

Thanks for letting us know, Helmut.

Sorry for disturbing. In fact, tell me how much I owe you.

No disturbance. I'm alone with Else, the caravan is large

and the boys are happy.

I am very happy to meet you. Ludovico talks about you in letters.

"My father is a great dentist!" "My father here, my father there


Sorry if I ask you, but ...

- What does Else say about me? - What do you mean?

- Do you speak well of me in letters? - Ah!

We do not read Ludovico's letters.

- No? - As a matter of "privacy".

For real? I read Iole when Else sleeps.

I enter his room like a thief and I read them with the flashlight.

Reading their stuff helps you understand them.

- Listen, Ludovico ... - Yup?

What exactly does it say in the letters?

"Dad, dad ...", but then he ran away here!

I understood this, you love your wife and she loves you.

Ludovico loves you both, but every now and then you should tell yourself!

ALDO: Pizza! Pizza!

The sand is hot! (HELMUT SPEAKS DANISH)


I'm sorry, Helmut, with the herring there was not. One moment! Selfie!

(CAMERA SHOT) CARMEN:Look how they have fun!

CARMEN:They're having a great time! - Let me see!

- Of course they have fun, I'm not there! - May I tell you something?

- Yup. - You broke the dick!

- You say? PAOLA:Eh, yes!

They get along and you get angry, have fun and cry.

You're lucky they don't abandon you on the highway!

- What should I do? - Do not do nothing.

I'll give you the treatment tonight! Ate, your friends take care of it.

Are you really Danish? (HELMUT SPEAKS DANISH)

How is Denmark? Neat, clean, no traffic?


With you, the shops are good of shoe accessories?


Insoles, laces, graduated heels, shanks, caps ...


- What happens? IGNAZIO:Tragedy!

HELMUT:What's the problem, Ignatius?

Challenge with the "Papete" and it's just you and me.

- Damn "Papete"! - What is "Papete"?

The campsite nearby, extra-luxury, all thin!

"Babydance", "pay you" parable, "Wi-Fi"!



It's okay! Goals!

What a shot of shit! (VOICES)



Else! (SHOUT)

GIACOMO:Next time you decide to escape, let us know!

GIACOMO:We were going to have a heart attack! - You're right, dad, sorry.

You have to be calm, now mum and I will fix everything.

I will try to work less, so much the home loan is paid.

Car leasing too! Then, there is great hope on the horizon

the "Flat Tax"!

How's it going with Else?

- Because? - Just to say...

do you want to stay another week?

- I talked to Helmut, he agrees. - And mum?

I'll talk to her, don't worry.

G - Ouch! raZIe!

HELMUT:Now and always ... TOGETHER:"Papete suca!"

Please, behave yourself. And if you need, call!

- Did I give you the money? - Yup.

Then I wanted to tell you something else.

Maybe we're not used to it and it's my fault

but I meant that ...

- Tell me. - Another hundred euros can be convenient for you.

- If you don't spend it, you give it back to me. - Okay, dad. I love you too.

(HORN) JOHN:Shall we go?


played a game of football ... "


JOHN: This is the last one.

GIACOMO:The last thing? - Break.

The last ferry leaves in two hours and seventeen minutes.

254 kilometers away and the speed limit ...

I have a beginning of prostatitis.

- It's not an organ that works! - Poor thing, if he has problems!

He has problems in his head! Hurry up.

Those are problems too.

I can not believe it!

- I feel bad! - What is it, again?

Massimo Ranieri plays tonight! And we stopped here!

-It is a sign of destiny! - No, piss every ten minutes!

- Let's go to Santa Marinella. - We don't talk about it! Giacomo, no!

Don't be like that, it's just a concert.

- By Massimo Ranieri. - He revolutionized Italian music!

ALDO: What are you laughing?

Why did you put the arrow?

Tell me that's not true! I'm dreaming!

# My life began like grass like flower #

# And my mother kissed me as if you were the first love #

PUBLIC: # La la la la la! #

# This is how my life # was born

# How a poem begins #

I still don't understand how we did it to enter without tickets.

Two years ago, before a concert to the Arcimboldi, fourth molar.

Who was the open dentist until eight in the evening?

I saved the grant, he owed me a favor.

The colleague who built the bridge it had made a mess.

Because when you devitalize ...

Yes, alright, but now let's enjoy the music.

# A star, a guitar first love blond and mine #

# With the pride of twenty years I cried but I said goodbye #

If Salvo sees me, he'll kill me.

It's been twenty years that I do not do a joint.

I have never tried.

You are a human case!

- Because? - Have you ever bathed naked in the sea?

- The naked bathroom? - Well no!

What are you doing?

But fuck off!



Except ... I have to tell you something.

They didn't send me back, I do the classic, I have all nine and ten.

Me too.

# ... I think up there! #

(Audience shouts and applause)

- See what happens now. - There's a little unscheduled.

I learned that among you, the public, there's a huge fan of mine.

MASSIMO RANIERI:I know he would love a lot sing a song with me.

His name is Aldo Baglio. (APPLAUSE)

MASSIMO RANIERI:Let's welcome him with a big and warm applause, come on!

- Aldo, Aldo, Aldo! AUDIENCE:Aldo, Aldo, Aldo!

- Aldo, Aldo, Aldo! AUDIENCE:Aldo, Aldo, Aldo!

# Grass from my house #

# I ate quickly and then ran away #

# How much emotion a kick to a # ball

# you who said softly, my love # AUDIENCE: # ... I love you ! #

# Melted snow #

# On the floor, our books waiting #

(they sing together) # And while I #

# I taught you how to make love #

# Like an unripe flower finished your song #

(they sing together) # But another spring #

# Who knows when it will come! #

# For this, from life I take what # gives

# To love again here's what i will do! #

# I'll delude myself that it is grass of my house! #

ALDO:It was the best moment of my life.

We got it! Is it possible to change the subject?

You're right ... you show it to me another time?

- Thing? - The video.

That's enough! We have already seen it ten times.

That's enough! We know it by heart!

Look, I thought something for this winter.

I have a timeshare in Canazei, we never go there.

There is a lot of space ... but without obligation!

We could spend the New Year together!

New Year ... for me it is a period a little complicated.

- How much would it cost? - You are my guests! Jokes?

Maybe this year, on New Year's Eve, we can.

I need to check a couple of things, but I think so.

- You, Aldo? - You're crazy? Do you invite him too?

They throw the dishes away on New Year's Eve from the windows and shoot the neighbors.

Huh? He is sleeping.

- A minute ago he was talking! - Now he sleeps.


- I guess you're not feeling well! - Aldo!

Aldo! Aldo!

- How are you? - We gave him a Soradol drip.

- Good! - Of Soradol?

I heard from colleagues who follow him to Milan.

There isn't much else to do.

- What situation? DOCTOR:I thought you knew.

AI current of what?

GIOVANNI:Hi. - How are you? Better?

Carmen Do you know? Did you tell him?


I didn't want us to stay locked up at home for three months waiting for the moment.

I wanted it to be a nice summer.

-It was a nice vacation, wasn't it? - Yes, we had a good time.

Yes, but now we find a cure, let's hear from another doctor! 1 2 3 4 01:37:16,040 --> 01:37:21,194 Now you have to tell him, if they find out for themselves it is worse.

I know, I've already called.

Tomorrow morning they take the first ferry.

I'll tell him.

Now let's go, the doctor said you need to rest.

- See you tomorrow. - Until tomorrow.


Hey! Straight deal!

We still have ten days of vacation, I want to enjoy everyone!

Do you realize? I sang with Massimo Ranieri!




Come on, it's late. It's eleven o'clock.

A moment! Let me enjoy this moment!

Oh well, let's go.

- Good evening! - Mrs. Caracciolo.

-It's the last day. - Unfortunately.

We come back next year! We've already booked.

That good news! Duty calls us.

But fuck off!


ALDO: And so, we have come to the end.

If there's one thing I hate about summer is that, first or then, it ends.

But this summer I got it an important thing:

that bad things, even the very ugly ones,

if you are not alone they are less scary.

CARMEN:Do they start? BARBARA:I think so.


Sorry, I have to tell you something.

The accident with the car was me.

- We figured it out! CARMEN:What a revelation!

- It cost us one hundred euros each! - I haven't seen yours yet!

- Oh well... - I veil meant!

Here they are! (FIREWORKS)

- What's wrong? - What I have ...

I almost preferred that you cut my horns.

-Me too! - (cries) Fool!

ALDO:What did I tell you? The important is choosing the right people.

I in this, modestly, I am a champion!

Not only in this. You may not have understood it, but ...

you are talking to the world champion of the world of Massachusetts!