I Am Taraneh, I Am Fifteen Years Old (2002) - full transcript

Fifteen year old Taraneh, whose widowed father is in jail, refuses the unwanted attentions of carpet salesman Amir - until Amir's mother talks Taraneh into accepting Amir's marriage proposal. Within four months the couple realize that they are incompatible, they divorce and Amir emigrates back to Germany. When Taraneh discovers she is pregnant she decides against all advice and intense social pressure, to keep the baby.

Taraneh Alidosti



Rasoul Sadr Ameli

You go in

What your name. How old are you?

I'm Taraneh...
15 years old


Taraneh Parnian

I know your name. What is
the prisoner’s name.

Davoud Parnian,

The previous officer
knew me well.

He got retired and left.

6400 tomans

I have to come here
For another 4 years and 3 months


Hello dad.

Hi dear, Are you okay?

Yes, I am okay.

Aziz is okay as well. Everyone’s okay.

Nothing is going on out.

Everything is the same just more crowded.

How is your foot?

It is better

I brought medicine for you
It’s in a small glass

He said that it would burn.
He has written the prescript

I bought a new shirt for you.
It suites you.

A towel, a pair of socks,

A few packs of cigarettes…

You haven’t quit smoking yet?

Smoke less dad. You promised

Smoke one less a day.

This way is it wouldn’t be hard
for you as well.

I bought a lighter for you but I lost it.

It is okay.

I will buy another one, Instead I bought
you a nice rosary

Don’t lose it this time. According to
Your own saying, don’t give it away

Don’t spend so much

I really don’t need a rosary

Tuesday was your birthday
It’s your present

By the way I cut my hair.

Do you want to see?

Up to here

Taraneh, no, no,…


I have written a letter for you

and a poem too.

Read it and tell me
If I will become a genius or note


and 6400 Tomans.

The officer, which gets the money has changed.

He is a good person
But the previous officer was better

There are 7 red apples as well

I didn’t buy bananas

I thought that they would get squashed
before you get them.

What nice cheeks!

Look at her hat.

Oh God

You are so pretty

So that is why he took so many pictures

I thought that he wants to take then
To Germany for his dad

What do you want from me sir?

Why don’t you leave me alone?
Who do you think I am?

What’s wrong?

I am losing my job

Do you want this to happen!

I need this job.
Why are you doing this?

Why do you want to disgrace me?

You don’t know anything about my situation
You have a different life!

Where ever I go, I have to be careful if you

are anywhere around with your camera.

If you had put all this energy and time
For someone else, I am sure that…

…you would have got better results

Leave me alone Amir.

Thank you, okay?


Okay, I won’t take any more pictures of you.

I won’t bother you anymore.

I promise Taraneh

I knew that

You are different from the others.

That is why I don’t want to lose you.

Listen I don’t care who your mother and

Father ae and how you live

I like you,

I like you so much that I don’t want to
go to Germany anymore!

I want you to be my wife.

Is it you Taraneh?

Okay, now we would review

The love poem on the black board

Not your own loves!!

The love poem has between

5 to 15 lines

The first two half… verses have to have

The same rhyme.

This is called…

Is Mr. Arash here?

He is in the atelier

Can I help you?

Are you Taraneh?


I want to talk to you.

To me? Yes?

Not here, let’s go out for
a few minutes

But I have to stay here.

Well, be right in front
of the door

What’s your problem dear?

My problem?

Don’t be afraid I can help you.

I don’t have any problems.

Why do you cause problems
for others?

What do you want from the boy?

Which boy?

If you want to get married go ahead.

But not with Amir Hussein…

These kind of boys don’t know anything
about life and...

…you thank they could start a family?

-Wait a minute lady.
-No, you wait a minute.

I know you well.

I know everything about you,

Leave him alone Taraneh

What was your name? Taraneh?


I took custody of that boy
with a lot of difficulties.

He has not come all the way

From the Germany for you
to sweet talk him.

Let him stay with me.

If you are a good girl

Then Amir is no good for you,

And if you are not,…

You are a good girl, aren’t you Taraneh?

The next award goes to
Taraneh Parnian.

the second-class student.

For being a model student in school,

in her house, in behavior and her studies.

And for being responsible

in managing her life.

Parand having a new bag gives you
a good feeling!

I know, now tell me
Why don’t you go to work anymore?

I don’t want to talk about it.


Hello, where is he?


Amir, where is he?

I haven’t seen him.

I don’t work in the photo shop anymore,

I know he left on the same day too.

Haven’t you seen him
around here?

Why around here?

I have hidden myself from him.

Please come in.

Are your parents at home?

No, only Aziz is here.

I want to talk them.

They are not home. You can talk with me.

Listen dear,

Do you really like Amir?

I am studying and my exams

start two weeks from now.

I asked if you like him or not?

Do you really want to get
married to him?

Congratulations dad, it is very nice,

Where did you bring it from?

I made a bet with someone and

He was forgiven and lost the bet.

Are you okay?

Yes, I am okay.

Aziz is feeling better.

Nothing is going on out.

Everyone sends regards

Has your foot better?

Yes, the medicine burnt it away.

Dad, what would happen if I get married?


Somebody has proposed to me.

You mean you have grown up
so much?

Of course you have.

You are a lady now.

But why so soon?

Is it soon?

Who is he?

A stranger!

What’s his job?

He is a student...

But he has a carpet store

with his mother and uncle.
He is the only son on the family.

His mother listens to whatever he says.
His father is in Germany,

His parents have divorced.

Does his family know,

Or is it something between you guys?

-His mother came to our place

She wanted to talk to you

Then she asked me
if I would marry her son or not.

What did you say?

I said that I have to talk with my dad.

Now what do you want to do?

I don’t know.

Do they know our situation?

Have you told her about me?

Yes, I have.

Why? What’s wrong with us?

What did they say?

At first she said nothing but then

She asked if you would agree or not?

Do you like him?

He is a nice boy.

What about him?

He likes me a lot.

What would happen to your school?

Your school, his school?

We would go to school.

His mother said.

First we would become religiously intimate

Until Amir finishes his studies and then…

She said that this way you could both
Go on with your studies.

But all of them depend on What you decide.

I don’t know what to say.

On one hand I would like you to start

Your own life and get rid of this situation.

One the other hand you are only 15 years old

And you have a lot of time.

If you agree I could arrange a meeting

so that they could come and talk to you.

Sorry, but Taraneh didn’t say anything.

To me until yesterday

She always talks to her dad first

I told her to ask Mr. Mohseny and

Mrs. Nemati to come over,

This way at least a few elders
would be around.

We have been neighbors for a long time.

Not me, I am her father’s friend.

Her father’s minibus is in my shop.

Is this man his father?

No lady, he is the notary.



But you said they are coming here

to propose marriage.

Well that is what I have come to

But I thought that a religious intimacy
Could be pronounced between them

You mean for my girl
To become a common law wife.

No, it is not like that,

We thought that this could be done

Because they are studying now

I have spoken to both of them and

They are going to go on their honey moon…

…after they finish studying

This is better for both of them lady

They won’t have any problems

In local places,

And Taraneh won’t have any problems

in school.

Of course I went to see Mr. Parnian

We spoke about this and other ……..

He gave me this ring,

Which is for Amir and…

…he wrote a letter of satisfaction and

Gave it to Amir’s uncle,

Taraneh dear come and sit here.

In the name of God

I, Davoud Parnian

Son of Seifolah born in 1330 in Tehran

ID number 24 issued in Tehran,

Announce my approval in regards

To the marriage of my daughter,

Taraneh Parnian with

Mr. Amir Hussein Khatam…

…became on the conditions which my daughter

Would determine personally and…

…I wish prosperity for both of them.

Signed by Mr. Davoud Parnian and

With the official registration number of 14214


I love you Taraneh

Do you know how long it took?

8 months.

I did everything during these 8 months

And you said no.

I took pictures, I gave you letters,

Flowers, I called you.

I somersaulted,

I jumped up and down,

And you kept on saying no, no,

And eventually now you said, yes.

What if I said yes in the first place?

Nothing I wouldn’t have gone
through all this.

We would have got friends then.

Then I would have become

The same as others for you very soon.

No, you were always different.

I made my house like hell

To convince my mother

I was about to leave her and to back to Germany

Only because of you.

- I have you Taraneh.
-You are crazy!!

What is this?

Before when I used to walk with a girl,

A thousand people came and…

…asked me what our relation was and

They took us to the police station.

But now that we are related,
Nobody comes to ask anything.

Somebody come and arrest us,

Hey sir.

Hey sir.

Do you want to make trouble?

Give that intimacy certificate to me.

Do you remember once I told you that
You are different from others?

Well you are different.

You won’t go to the cinema with me,

You don’t like coffee shops and…

…even parties.

I am not different,

It is just that I don’t have the time.

No, you are different,

Yo u never paid attention to my car either.

Why should I care?

It is either your mom’s car

or your uncle’s car.

I really love you Taraneh

Let’s go.

Go where?

I have to call Germany

My dad is waiting for my call.

Hello, Mr. vali.

Hello, please.

When the guys come tell them that
I won’t be here tonight,

I’ll see them tomorrow.

Yes sir, I will


Sleep Taraneh.

Okay Aziz.

Don’t forget to write your name,

surname and your teacher’s name.

Taraneh who is Mrs. Keshmiri?

Why do you ask?

She called the office.

When you are done with your exam

Come to the office and call her,

She called from the woman organization


Why have you come out?

-Who told you to come out?

Yes you.

I came from outside.

You came from outside.

Come here.

Kamali, Kamali.

Yes sir!

Why is she out?

How did you come out?

I just came in from outside officer.

I have come after Amir Hussein Khatam,

They told me he is here.

Do we have any khatam here?

Amir Hussein Khatam.


Yes, those who were in the Pride.

Who are you?

Are you his sister?

Wasn’t there any elder in the house

to come after him?

No officer, I am not his sister

What has he done?

Then who are you?

Are you his girl’s friend?

I am his wife, what has he done?

How old are you?

Let me see your ID.

I still haven’t added the marriage

to my ID.

But our intimacy has been pronounced

Until we finish school.

You can call and ask his mother,

Go and bring him out.

Why didn’t his mother come to pick him up?

She called meat school and told me that

He is your husband.

Go and get him out yourself,

What has he done officer?

What has he done?

I will tell you right now!

Who is this girl?

You have a wife and then

Do all this shit as well?

What did I do?

They arrested us for no reason.

What have you done?

Go and bring the girls.

Which one? There are 3 girls.

I don’t know which one was with him.

Bring all of them.

Yes sir.

Taraneh the car is here.

Taraneh wait.

Can you tell me what wrong I did?

I just went for a cruise.

Is that a sin?

Well you never come out.

You are either going to see your dad

Or you have to stay with your grandmother.

Okay you have all these problems

but what about me?

When do you have some time for me?

What should I be happy about?

If you want to leave go ahead,

But I am tied as well…

It’s very nice Aziz, is it finished?

These are yours.

I love you Aziz, thank you.

Come and take your mediation.

I won’t take the pills anymore.

Then come and have some of these.

Come on.

Go and I want to sleep.

Okay, sleep.


Yes Aziz?

Is your husband a good man?


Do you get along?

Yes Aziz.

Are you happy?

Yes, a lot.

Are you saying this

Just to make me happy?

No, I am telling the truth Aziz.

We are happy.


Why is Amir standing outside?

I don’t know.

You have a good husband Taraneh,

Don’t lose him.

You suit each other

Why didn’t you invite us for
your engagement?

Your uncle was upset.

What engagement aunt?

Whatever it was.

I have heard that his family’s very good

They are respectful people.

Your uncle said,

I have not worries anymore.

Now he has no obligations to his family.

What obligation aunt?

Well the inheritors what their house.

If not today they’ll want it tomorrow.

Your uncle wants to sell the house and

Give their shares

This way we could buy a small house

in Ahwaz as well and…

Get rid of this house – renting problem.

It would be better for you too.

Are you still upset about Aziz?

But I am not worried about you.

She left at a time that

You are not alone anymore.

How is Amir?

He is outside?

I haven’t seen him in two weeks dad...

Why? Did you have a fight?

Dad, what if I get a divorce?

It has been only 4 months and

You couldn’t get already?

I wanted to I did my best but…

What’s wrong?

Does he bother you?

Does he hit you?

No, he is still a baby.

I can’t go on.

Nothing special has happened

But I can’t anymore.

It’s bothering me dad.

I ruined my exams.

I have fallen behind everything.

Are you crying? What about his mother?

Is she kind?

Does she act like a mother for you?

She’s wasn’t pleased with this

In the first place, Amir convinced her.

I made a mistake dad.

Then leave him.

What are you waiting for?

I don’t want him to bother you.

I just wanted you to get married

so that you feel better.

I thought that you want to get married and

I said okay.

I don’t want to see you like this.

Don’t even think about it,

It is not late.

Do whatever is necessary to be done.

Don’t you want to take another chance?

No sir, what chance?

At first they wanted to get married and

Now they have decided to get divorce.

Life is serious.

They are understanding people.

Why should they bother each other?

Okay son, do you agree as well?

He agrees sir.

Up to now you have done everything

through tyrannizing.

Why should you give hope to a girl.

Who had no father and mother?

She needs a responsible, go ahead.

What about you my girl?

Do you have any claims?

Go ahead sir.

In the name of god and

With the hope of obviating all animosity,

Purifying the hearts,

Protecting each other’s dignity and

Acting according to all moral and…

…human principles,

Which are customary in our society,

I pronounce the divorce…

What do you want to do now?

I have a lot of do,

First I have to go and find a place.

I didn’t tell you dad

But uncle has decided to sell his house…

…and I have to leave.

Because I have money.

I want to rent a place.

Mr. Mohseny said that

His wife’s brother has a house,

which I could rent a room in.

It’s enough Parand leave it,

You’ll be a late.

Okay don’t talk so much.

Thank you, don’t bother yourself

Thank you, thank you.

You are welcome.

Thank you, you help a lot as well.

You are welcome.

Okay, I want to go home now.


You stay I will take you home.

The landlord is on the other side of the yard.

He sells stuff in his ware house.

He comes once in a while to take something

He won’t bother you cut all.

This is not possible.

You goofed up,

What do you want to do now? Huh?

You had become to proud of yourself…

…because everyone said what a nice girl.

I am bursting God.

It has been a long time that

I have asked you to help me.

I never realized how you helped me,

You know better how to help me.

Please don’t leave me alone.

When you know everything,

I shouldn’t be scared but I am.

Excuse me,

I want to see Mrs. Keshmiri.

Her room is there

but she has a meeting now.

Thank you.

Think about those

Who have the same problem as yours.

Don’t you want their problem to be solved?

I would like to ask you to give permission

for this film.

This would help us to solve your problem,

Okay let’s start.


Go ahead

What should I say?

The things you said before

Your age,

Up to what class have you studied.

How did it start, what was the reason,

Come on talk

I don’t want to talk,

I don’t have anything to say

You can’t force me,

I have respect.

Oh my God!!!

Take me away I don’t want to talk,

I don’t want to be filmed I don’t want to.

What happened all of a sudden!

I can’t do it.

But we spoke about it,

We made agreements and...

isn’t that right Ms. Abbasi?

Yes, I won’t show your faces,

It is for your own benefit to talk, believe me.

I won’t, I haven’t done anything.

What has happened?

Wait where are you going?


What are you doing here?

I want to talk to you.

Go to the room.

I am pregnant.


I am pregnant.

How long is it?

- I don’t know
- from when?

I don’t know.

Then what do you know?

Who is the father

Well it is obvious

It is obvious for you, not me!



How do you know?

What is that supposed to mean?

You are telling me now?

I just found out

Be comfortable with me.

How should I know that

Another person is not involved?

What do you mean?

Everyday a lot of girls like you sit in this

chair and talk to me in front of this camera,

they tell me the truth and

I would help them if I could.

They get pregnant and then…

…they go after foolish boys

to get married to them and…

…blame the baby is from them

But I know my son, he has principles

He won’t make any problems for others,

Then who has caused this problem?

This is what I would like to find out.

What are you thinking about,

What do you want to prove?

Prove what?

I am pregnant Mrs. Keshmiri.

Don’t film this Mrs. Abassi, don’t.

Please leave the room

But you two only spent

Four months together.

Whatever the duration

We were husband and wife

What husband and wife?

It was only an intimacy pronouncement

So that he doesn’t commit a sin…

…if he sees your hair, or your leg,

or if you hold each other’s hands.

You can’t come here and tell me

You are pregnant because of that formality

What do you want from me?

Come on spit it out.

I don’t want anything from you.

I just came here to ask you

What I should do?

You told me to come to you

whenever I have a problem.

But I made a mistake.

Whatever you told me here

You should have told Amir at that time.

They agreed to talk,

but they don’t want say their names.

Come on go in.

Is anything wrong Taraneh?

No, nothing.

Then what do you want to tell me?

Didn’t you promise to always be happy?

To live and enjoy life instead of me. Huh?

Has anything happened in school?

Yes dad,

I have fallen behind from my studies.

It is okay, every mistake has a price to pay.

You have to make up for it.

If you try a bit everything would be okay.

But don’t feel sorry.


I am alone.

I wish I could hug you bad.

You are always in my arms.

Be patient.

Keep yourself busy with your studies.

I know what you think about me.

It is more than a week

that I have been looking for you.

From the day that you care to

The organization I came after you.

I am here twice but I didn’t find you.

Why didn’t you tell me that

You had changed your house?

I didn’t want Amir to find me.

He won’t, he left a days ago

He returned to German.

I could not keep him here.

I am worried about you.

A girl you go

With this situation and condition

Have your school found out yet?


In such a situation you have to act logically.

It doesn’t make any difference

Who caused the problem.

The truth is that you have to bare

the weight all alone.

This will ruin your school, your future,

Your life.

You will be destroyed Taraneh,

Get rid of it.


It is not difficult

I found out soon.

I asked a few people

You have to…
I asked a few people

You have to…

What a nice bag.

Have you run away?


Do you have a date?


Are you homeless?


Then what?

I am pregnant.

That’s no big deal.

What if I want to keep it?

You’ll be ruined.


I don’t know but all my friends got rid of

The baby when they got pregnant.

Only one of them kept the baby,

She was the same age as you.


She has to tell you herself,

I have her picture

Here look.

What a pretty child?

Is it a girl?


Does she like her?

A lot.

Do you want me to take you there?

Come to the same park tomorrow evening,

I will take you to her

She says she is okay.

But I know she is lying

Get rid of it.

Are you afraid of doctors?

Is it difficult?

If you have the money wasn’t be.

But it has pain.

Sanaz, whom I told you about,

had pain for a whole week.

She wanted to be smart and

Pay less money and his happened to her…

…but not Setareh, she gave 170 thousand

and she could walk two hours later.

But she was very smart.

She managed to buy a mobile as well

With the money she goes to

Do you have money?

For what?

Do you want to become rich?


I will find a few fools in the Bazaar and

Then we will tell them that it is their child.

I would be the witness and then

We could get a lot of money from them.

We can start from tomorrow and

We split 50-50.

We would calculate

The rent of the house as well Agree?

Get out of here, get lost.


What did I say?

Get out.

Listen Taraneh, if I have leave now

I would bet arrested.

At least let me stay here until morning,


I won’t say a word.

I would leave early in the morning.


Why did you take my bag?

How should the problems be solved…

…not to cause any disturbance for the rest
of the people in the society?

One of the problems that consumers

Could cause for their society is forestalling.

Well 2 or 3 sessions ago

We spoke about supply and demand.

We said that the demand depends on

The consumers of a society and…

…the supple is related to the producers.

I explained the relation between

Supply and demand and you…

Taraneh what should I do?

Shall I bring my old bag for you?

You can sew it yourself.

I am talking to you…

Where are you looking for?

No, I don’t know her.

Love has entered my heart.

Look as the sea is coming to the shore.

Excuse me, the principle has asked to see

Taraneh Parnain in her office.

We want to take good care of

Our model students but we have no time.

What’s wrong Parnian?

Why don’t you tell me?

Tell you what?

I don’t know.

But whatever it is

You better trust Mrs. Keshmiri.

As she says she has a lot of facilities and…

…she is waiting outside the school

She says that you run away from her.


Have you done anything wrong?

She is in charge of the women’s rights

Organization and she wants to help you.

This is the organization’s responsibility.

Hello, I was looking forward to meeting you.

Hello, thank you.

Come Parnian.


Hello, are you feeling well?

Thank you.

Mrs. Keshmiri would take you home and

You could talk on the way.

I can drop you home as well.

Thank you, I have a car, goodbye.



You right, she wants to help me.

Is she in charge of the women’s organization?

She thinks that I would be scared

if she comes to my school.

What was the story?


What do you mean nothing, let’s go in

No, I have to go.

Tomorrow go and tell Mrs. Mirzayi that

Parnian doesn’t want that lady to help her.

- Who the hell was she?
- Amir’s mother


I’ll come in a minute mom,

I am talking to my friend here.


It is your own bag.

Can your sister find another job for me?

Not in that photo shop.

Anything else will do.

What has happened Taraneh?

I am pregnant.

My mother might be listening.

Tell Mrs. Mirzayi that I am pregnant.

Tell her that I want to keep my baby.

You are joking.

No, you’ll see.

I didn’t ask her.

I am sure that there is a problem,

Which you are not telling me about.

What’s wrong? Tell me.

I quit school dad.

You quit school? But why?

I had an argument with my principle.

Did they expel you?

No, I quit myself.

What are you us to Taraneh?

You trust me, don’t you?

I still trust you.

I have to rust you.

What else could I do?

But I have to know what you are doing?

I want to start working.

Do you need money?


Sell the minibus.

No dad, that minibus is giving good money

To us, I am not alone.

The hell with me,

At least this may I would feel better.

Taraneh you have no one to take care of you.

You are taking care of me

Then don’t do anything to disgrace me

Why are you afraid of me dear?

Why should I be afraid of you?

You don’t feel comfortable with me.

I am respecting you.

This is not respecting Taraneh,

You are becoming distant from me.

You used to respect me and

Talk to me before, what’s wrong tell me.

You have to trust me dad,



Hi, I missed you

Me too.

It looks so nice.

I miss school a lot.

Tell me about the student.

They are all okay.

They don’t know anything about me anyways.

But Mrs. Mirzayi is defending you bit time.

She made them all shut up.

By the way did you tell your dad?

I can’t, I am afraid.

What if I tell him and he disagrees?

Well the child won’t stay this size,

Eventually he would notice.

That would be worse.

That is what I am afraid of.

Once I used to long for the days that

I could meet him.

But now it has become

A major problem for me.

I am ashamed to tell my dad.

I don’t know how other women go to

Their dad and tell him that they are pregnant.

What’s this?

Dried sour cherries.

When are you going?

To bring something to eat.

No need, I have to leave soon.

Where? I want to talk to you

Do you know how long it has been that
I've not spoke to anyone?

Stay here some food from noon,

I just came to tell you about the job.

Actually Parisa couldn’t find a job for you.

She found a job for herself

But my mom didn’t agree for her to go.

So I thought you could replace her.

How many months is it?

I don’t know 4 or 5 months.

Do you want to see it?

Oh my God.

Are you making fun of me?

The food burnt it! You and your food!

It was a long time that

I hadn’t laughed too much

Does it feel good Taraneh?

I don’t know, it is a weird feeling
to have a human in you

A human made of yourself.

Is it possible?

Do you like it?

Well it is a part of me

But sometimes it scores me.

You have changed Taraneh,

You have grown up.

Not grown up you are the same

But you have changed somehow.

Yu have become like a mother.

I even don’t know myself anymore.

I don’t know what got into me,

when I put myself into this rubbish love life.

Now I have to pay the price.

Everyone looks at me in a weird way.

Well I wanted to have a family as well.

Just like others.

I didn’t know that this would happen

But nothing is important for me anymore.

It was God’s will for me

My family...is began from me!

To become a mother

Can you do it?

Yes Parand, I can…

Yes, yes okay, no problem

I will talk to her

Welcome yes,

Okay, goodbye.

He would come a bit late,

Do you want tea?

No, thank you.

We have a lot of work to do here.

You have to work all throughout the week

And you have a day off.

Do you think you could tolerate?


Good, your name was Taraneh?


I am Sima,

You have to change your appearance a bit.

You will get some money soon,

I see good news coming

There is a person

Who you can’t make up your mind about him,

And even if you decide

You can’t act accordingly.

Is she telling you the truth?

No, she knows me well

You stupid!!

If you are telling the truth

Then tell her for tune.

You are extreme,

You are either black or white.

You are going to have a fight with someone.

This would happen very soon.

1 day, 1 week, or one month from now.

Is it a woman?

I don’t think so, it is a man

Is it your husband?

Bottle, pacifier, two plastic toys,

Milking instrument,

A complete set of clothes,

Bundle, hat, what else?

Pampers, mosquito net, blanket, scarf,


It would cost a fortune.


Hello, how are you?

I am well, thank you.

I have been looking for you

Since you quit school.

At last I had to find Mr. Mohseny’s agency,

But what’s the use now?

You are responsible for whatever happens.

I hope that you would give birth

To your child easily…

Come in please.

No, I have to go.

What is this?

It is not from my pocket.

It’s one of the usual services of the Org.

Each month some money

would be transferred to your account.

Thank you but I don’t need it.

I am not paying.

These are other people

Who need this money more than me.

This is the way you wanted it,

Don’t forget this, good bye.

Pack your stuff and give the place back.

Call your uncle to come and

Take you to Ahwaz.


I feel better like his,

I don’t want you to stay on your own here.

But I am working, I am living my life.

What work?

Which life?

Do you know what you are doing?

Have you seen yourself in a mirror?

Each time you come here you look worse.

I can’t go.

Why do you want to stay here?

You have already quit school,

And you are all alone.

A girl all on her own in a house,

Why do you want to stay?

Over there they will take care of you.

I will write a letter to your uncle.

I won’t leave,

Don’t write a letter to him.


Then don’t come to see me anymore.

Your child is a girl.

How do you know?

You have become heavy and fat and slow.

But I am working fast.

So you want it to be a boy?

What happened that day?

I will bring your bag back for you.

Please don’t say anything about it here.

I don’t want my bag.

I want to see your friend.

Which friend?

The one whose picture you left at my place,
the one who has a child.

Oh, Maryam.

I don’t know her name.

The one that kept her baby.

Do you know

how much I searched to find you?

Why do you want to see her?

I want to talk to her to see

What I should do?

Is that all?

Yes, will you bring her here one day?

I work here.

Of course, actually I haven’t heard

From her recently but I can find her.

You kept the baby at last,

How many months does it have?

I don’t know, 7 or 8 months.

Do you want tea?

No, I’ll have a cup of coffee.

Coffee is too expensive here,

Be my guest and have some tea.


What was your name?


Last time you said another name.


Not Fariba, Farzaneh,

But you can call me Mehri,

Hey miss come here,

There is something wrong with your friend.

I won’t show it to you unless

You give me something!!

I will, I have money.

I don’t want anything from you.

I haven’t seen a mother as lonely as you.

There was a lady have

Who give birth to a child and…

…her relatives were standing up to

The end of the corridor,

But they have brought you here and

Everyone has gone.

What should I get from you?

I will get your share from others.

Here you are.

What’s wrong with you?

You had your milk, you burped.

What else do you want?

Do I have to make dinner

For myself a not?

I will be over in a minute.

Yes darling,

Hello, what a surprise.

Is this how you set a date?

Do you know how many ties we come

Here and nobody open the door?

Oh my God, how old is she Taraneh?

16 days

Oh she’s so small, well here is Maryam,

What did you want to ask her?

She might catch a cold.

I washed her right now.

You use pampers?

You must be well off.

No, I don’t know now to wrap the diaper.

I don’t do it correctly by

It makes a mess everywhere.

It’s very easy, give me the diaper.

Oh, cutely, what is her name?

Shh, she’s asleep.

What’s her name?

I haven’t found any names yet.

What do you mean?

We have a lot of names, Assal, Nazanin,

Shirin, Ava, Golnaz… what do you
suggest Maryam?

Arezou, name her Arezou.

Do you give her your breast milk?

Of course.

Then you have to have cow bone soup

At least once a week.

Cow bone?

Yes, it is very good for the baby.

Why didn’t you bring your child?

I don’t have a child anymore.

She gave her to the orphanage.

I couldn’t take care of her anymore.

Taraneh, can we spend the night here?

I won’t steal anything.

If I did, don’t let us in there anymore.

Why are you coming here again?

No, maybe sometimes.

When we have nowhere to go.

We can leave if you want.

Her stomach hurts.

You haven’t slept?

I can’t sleep, do you have any
stomach syrup for the baby?

But it’s not morning yet for you to leave.

I want to go, I can’t bare it,

Her breath, her warmth, her cries,

All remind me of her,

I don’t want to regret what I have done.

What was her name?

I chose Arezou,

But I don’t know what her name is now?

Give her to me; give me the child.

Why did you give her to the orphanage?

It was useless,

I shouldn’t have kept her in the first place.

No body accepted me with a child

Even my mother.

Go, all the hardship that I went through

Was enough for me.

Nobody even gave me a house

I don’t know how you

marriage to get one.

Especially in this neighborhood,

They have 3 mosques have.

Why did you keep her in the first place?

I didn’t want to

But I had no money for abortion.

When she was born

I couldn’t let her go.

I love her but what was the use?

What about her future?

I didn’t even dare to get in ID for her.


What would her father’s name be?

It would be evidence against me and

It would have been worse for the child.

Do you know how upset she would have

Got when she had grown older?

This way she might have a chance to become fortunate.

She would be educated and have and ID.

What do you want to do about her ID?

I don’t know.

Do you want to keep her?

She’s my child,

I love her.

Then you will get an ID as well.

I have to.

Oh please,

Till now the baby wouldn’t let us sleep and

Now that she’s silent you won’t let me sleep.

I have a date tomorrow morning.

Either forget about the ID or

If you want to get it,

Get it in her father’s name.

This way it would be obvious that

You had a husband.

Taraneh dear.

Aren’t you coming up Mr. Mohseny?

No, it’s okay here.

But it is not right.

I thought that something has happened that

You don’t come to get the minibus rent.

Then the boy’s mother came,

What was her name?

Mrs. Keshmiri.

She told me what’s going on.

I didn’t want to bother you

Because you had hidden it from everyone.

Have they accepted the child?

I mean Mrs. Keshmiri.

No, I mean I don’t know.

Have they come to see you at all?


They won’t accept her.

The day she came to agency

She spoke in a way as if…

…she wanted to help you as charity.

I don’t need their help.

What did your father say?

I haven’t told him yet.

Taraneh, does she really belong to

Mrs. Keshmiri is son?

Of course Mr. Mohseni.

Did the Minibus break down again?

No, it is okay. It still works

But money has to be spent on it.

Taraneh, who are these girls that

Come and spent the night here?

They are my friend,

They came here only twice.

What do they do?

I told them that they are your classmates

But I heard that they are not students.

To whom?

The landlord, he wants his house back,

But the contract date is not over, yet,

Wasn’t he a friend of yours?

His neighbors have asked him.

I asked him a lot but he didn’t accept.

Well, a girl your age,

All alone with a child,

It would have been good if one of

Your relatives would come and stay with you.

He has given some time.

Go and see to your child.

But I am not leaving here Mr. Mohseni.

Do you want the neighbors to start bothering you?

Isn’t he your relative?

Give his address to me and

I would talk to him personally.

What do you want to tell him?

What do you want to prove?

With what evidence?

Does the child’s ID have her father’s name in it?

Do you have a husband in your own ID?

You want to tell him that

An intimacy was pronounced between you?

He didn’t believe me let alone you.

If it weren’t for the 40-year friendship that

I have with your dad

I wouldn’t have believed you as well.

This is for our child, now go see

What right? Didn’t I tell you that

Such girls have not rights at all?

I haven’t come to get something

Which is not mine.

I want to register her father’s name in her ID.

This the problem.

Whoever is mentioned in her ID

as her father has to answer her tomorrow.

When she grows older, he would be come.

Responsible for the inheritance.

She doesn’t want any inheritance.

But she has to have a father’s name,

Isn’t this her right?

Of course, but why don’t you understand

How could I be sure that she in my son’s child?

Then whose is it?

This is exactly what I am asking tell me

so it a he or a she?

Dear judge,

An intimacy had been pronounced

between Amir Hussein khadem and I.


Excuse me khatam

on the condition to get permanently and

Officially engaged after we finish our schools

What was the notary’s name?

I don’t know.

What do you mean?

Did you get an intimacy letter?

No, I mean you, but he kept it,

I didn’t need it anymore.

This is necessary, it is considered evidence.

To be on the safe side we even have to bring the man…

…who pronounced the intimacy to court.

Can you bring him to the court?

The more witnesses you have

The more rights you would be given.



Sir, the day that the divorce was done

Did you ask if she had any claims or not?

And did she answer yes or not?


And I paid the dowry as well.

I didn’t know that..

Did she have any claims

When she was getting her dowry?

No, sir I even emphasized and asked her

If she has any claims or not.

Now how could I believe what she says?

Listen sir, this child is 2 months old now.

Her birth date doesn’t match

The date of the intimacy letter.

He was a witness.

Well the baby was born soon.

Do you have a medical report that

Shows the baby was born soon?


I can’t accept this sir.

I feel sorry for her as well.

Her father is in jail,

Her mother has passed away,

She doesn’t have anywhere to go,

I understand her situation.

She needs help but…

What can I say?

Ask her where she works.

In marriage ceremonies, photo shops


Is it appropriate for a girl this age to work.

Is such place?

Believe me sir,

These were cases that even old women

didn’t stay healthy in such places.

You know what I am talking about

You have seen the conditions of these girls

in the streets.

Girls who would do anything to save

themselves when they get into trouble.

We have examples of then

in our own organization every day.

Your complaint has been written incorrectly.

This lady, Mrs. Kashmiri has nothing to do

With this case .

You have to sign a complaint

Against Amir Hussein Khatam.

At the time being you and

This child have no right

Unless you could introduce

Amir Hussein khatam to the court and…

…prove that he is the father,

Or you could submit the result of

His blood test.

Which has been approved by

The Iranian Embassy in Germany to the court.

I want Amir’s address do you have it?

No, I don’t and even if I had it

I wouldn’t have given it to you

Leave him alone.

For God’s sake.

I will see his uncle tomorrow

and I would get the address for you.

Thank you.

The intimacy pronouncement of a woman

Whom has become intimate is correct

If she doesn’t know that

She has no expense rights.

A woman who has become engaged

To a man temporarily…

…would not inherit anything from the man and

The man would not inherit anything from her.

But the intimacy is permanent

Between the father and child and…

I don’t understand these.

Yes dear, Hush hush

Don’t cry, dear.

They won’t accept you well

The hell with them.

You are my dearest, you are only mine.

I only have you in this world, Hush hush.

Well it happened any ways,

I knew that I am making a mistake

In the first place.

Leave them alone Taraneh.


You are not after their inheritance one you?


Then leave it, stick to your child,

Think about your child’s future.

Don’t depend on them.

Depend on God.

You are young,

You still have time.

Start all over again

Get married.

Forget about the past.

Let everyone see you and your child

with a father from now on.

If you want to go on with this argument

You’ll ruin your future.

Do something to make your father

happy as well.

Do you have any news from him?

No, has anything happened?

No, don’t worry, he is okay.

Someone wants to propose marriage to you

And if you agree

Everything would be okay.

Who is he?

He came here and spoke to me

He is a good man.

He is a hard worker,

He has enough money.

He has his own house and life,

He works and has a bright future.

He knows everything about you and

He has accepted it.

He even said that if you agree

He would like to get…

… the child’s ID in his own name.

Have you spoken with the landlord?

Yes, I did.

If your neighbors don’t complain,

He wouldn’t ask you to leave.



My mother wanted to talk to you.

She is so pretty.

Who was that Mr. Mohseni?


The one you found for me.

A worker in Keshmiri’s shop!!

You fooled me.

You fooled me.

You are on their side as well.

You all want to get rid of me.

I was so stupid to believe you.

I thought to myself that

Mr. Mohseni wants my well-being.

I was so stupid to forget about

The complaint I made.

I swear to God

I want your well-being…

What well-being?

You wanted me to marry with

A worker of Keshmiri’s shop…

To leave them alone?

But now I won’t have them alone,

I will disgrace her.

This isn’t the story sir.

My son left by his own will.

After he divorce I did everything

To keep him here but it was no use.

After this lady told me that she is pregnant

I called him and I spoke to him

But he didn’t accept.

Why isn’t he willing to send

His blood test results then?

Why don’t they tell him to send it?

If they are right, if the baby is not his,

He could send the test results to prove it

Why are they accusing me?

I don’t know if you have a daughter or not

But nothing is more terrible for a girl…

Than being accused.

Would you ask this man why he came and

Proposed marriage to me?

Please sit.


Yes sir, Mrs. Keshmiri asked me to go.

Did you get anything from her?

No. sir.

Did she promise anything?

No, nothing.

I just wanted to do a good deal.

I just wanted her well-being.

Sit down sir,

Now what do you want my girl?

I don’t know much about the law like Mrs. Keshmiri.

I don’t know much about religion.

I bought some books to learn something.

For today but it was no use

I didn’t understand anything.

Well how should I say it,

You know sir, nobody would believe that

I am a mother as well…

…like all other mothers

I have gone through hardship

They have done something to me that

I haven’t been able to go and…

…see my father for a long time.

I am embarrassed to go and see him.

But what have I done to feel embarrassed?

End of the court session,

We would have a 30 minutes break and…

…then the court would announce

the find sentence.

If has been proven to the court that

Taraneh Parnian has been the wife of…

… Amir Hussein khatam,

As for you Mrs. Keshmiri

As a substitute parent,

You right would be protected

To be able to sign…

…a complaint in opposition to this sentence

After offering an approved blood test result…

… to be court.





Mothers name?

Taraneh Parnian.

Father’s name?

She doesn’t have one

But according to this certificate

Amir Hussein Khatam

Is the father of your child.

Yes, and I really tried hard to get this paper

But she doesn’t have a father’s name.

There I would leave this space empty.

Good bye.

Why did you do this Taraneh?

Naghmeh does not have a father

And your kindness is not enough for her.

If one day Amir wants, he could come
and get an ID for her.


Yes dad?

Tell me about her.

What do you want to hear?

I have already told you everything.

Her ID is under my name,

Nagmeh Parnian.


Will you forgive me dad?

What is hat supposed to mean?

You are my child, only my child,

You are my daughter.

A daughter who has her own house and life.

When I get out of here

Where else could I go to but your house?

Bring the child near.

Smile Naghmeh, smile for grandpa,

I don’t know why she isn’t smiling

She will, she will.

Why are you laughing dad?

When you are 20 years old

Your child would be 5 little mom.

She’s laughing, dad she’s laughing.