Hysteria (2016) - full transcript

A shy and feeble architect is victim of a violent and abusing surrounding. The pressure builds up until he is pushed to the limit of his own humanity.

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This is the living room.

It has great space

and well,
the view is spectacular.

How old is it?

Thirty, thirty five years.

But it's in great condition.

The ceilings are typical
English style.

It's lovely.

And honestly,
it's at an excellent price.

Is there anyone else interested?

Four people are willing to give
the advance payment already.

This is the basement,
which you can use as a storeroom

or as a playroom
for when you have children.

I love it.

Well, yes, it's very nice.


We would have to ask
for a bank loan.

We'd be paying the same
we're already paying for rent.

It means debt for ten years.

But for something that's ours.


it's our estate.

This is for us
and for our children.

And, the house is lovely.



Say yes, my kitten.




Careful, careful there! Pull.

Push! Get to work!

-Where does this go, ma'am?
-In the basement.

And be careful
with the walls, okay?

Let me do it, sir!

Oh! Careful!

Be careful with my furniture!
You're pushing it onto my banister.

Well then pull it to the left,
and bring it up, if you will!

Bring it up!
Pull! Pull! There.

What happened?

Your husband just...!

I'm telling him to let us work,
but he continues meddling!

-You should've paid attention.
-It was unintentional.

I've been telling you
to be careful for days,

and you don't give a shit!

-Look, ma'am...


I'm taking it off
from your salary.

He was not responsible.

Damn it! Don't defend them!

How will we fill all this space?

Just wait
until the baby is born.

It'll soon be full of toys.

The baby will be jumping
on the bed crying:

"Mom, dad,

can I sleep with you?"

Come, my kitten.

What's up, my man?
Cheers! Toast with us, dick!

What's happening?

Some guys out here.

Tell them to leave.

It's really late
and they're annoying.

They'll leave in a bit.

Will you help me
with the door, honey?


Good luck.

Wait. Wait.

No eating out.

-Leave it in the car, all right?

At the conference,
the official reported

there were 28 bodies
found in clandestine graves

in diverse states
of decomposition.

Although these corpses
were all incinerated,

and their identity
remains unknown.

According to the information,
Police acted jointly with organized crime.

The World Health Organization
reported that the death toll by Ebola

rose to 3,439 people out of
the 7,492 contagion cases.

The first case of Ebola
diagnosed in the United States,

the Liberian Thomas Duncan,
remains in critical state.

Atlas won
in the classic match...

Good morning to all.

Good morning.

This is architect
Federico Anduaga,

who even when it's not evident,

studied in London,

he has worked in several firms
as a designer.

-He's very talented.
-Thank you.

And he's gay.

Let's give him a big applause.

I'm kidding, my man!

The architect here

is going to lead the most important
project of our construction firm:

the residential condos
in the State of Mexico.

An applause, please.

Giddy up!

Excuse me.

These motherfuckers
are like cattle.

One has to herd them.

You've got to let them know
you're the authority.

You are the boss now.

Speed up with the numbers, you're
coming with me to see the investors.

Yes, sir.

-Congratulations, and welcome.
-Thank you.


Architect? Your wife.

Thank you.

How did it go?

Very well.

I have my own office.

Hmm, let's make
some good use of it.


I don't know what to get
for your father,

a tie or a chain-watch?

I fear he'll think we can't afford
anything else if we get him a tie.

-I've got to go, honey.
-Don't forget the dinner party.

No, honey. Bye.

Anduaga, this is engineer
Leonardo Guerrero.

A pleasure, chief.

The engineer has been in this
corporation for many years.

And he's advised
all of our architects.

He'll be your right hand
from now on.

Whatever you need, chief.

Seriously, whatever,
you count on me.

Thank you very much.

We're betting everything
on you, Anduaga.

You'll see, in a year time we'll
be driving big pickup trucks.

Giddy up!

In your birthday

We're gladly singing to you.

Wake up, dear Rafa. Wake up.

Look, dawn has already come

-And the little birds...

Thank you.

Guess what I got
for your father?

Tell them, sweetheart.

A trip to Japan!

We've got something
for you too.

Congratulations, dad.

A tiny detail only.

Give me a bigger slice.

Sugar, Rafa.

I don't give a shit about sugar!

Give me a bigger slice!

Nasty losers

demonstrating again.

If I had a handgun,

I'd go out and kill them all.

Don't talk like that, Rafa.

We have another surprise
for you.

We're going to have a baby.

No! Babies!

-How thrilling!

How will you maintain a child?

He's now hired,
at a construction company.


You'd better not screw it up.

Not a word?

Damn it, why are you
so soft, huh?

He always treats you
with insults and scorn.

And you let him.

He enjoys your misery.

I don't know how
you can take him.

I would have already told him
to go fuck himself.

His illness has not been easy.

Calm down! Fucking pussy!

Come, motherfucker!
What, dude?

-What are you doing?
-I saw another spot.

This is our spot!

I will not allow a bunch of
nasty losers to park in my spot!

Why spark them off, honey?

Either you send them off
or I will.

Hey, motherfucker,
you spilled the booze on me!

-Good evening.

Um, could you please
let me park here?

This is my spot.

-You live here?

This house was abandoned, buddy.

We've just moved in.

How cool's the diggings?

How much did you pay for it?

Two, three mill?

I'm talking to you.
Don't fuck around.


Move away
or I'll call the police!

Easy, ma'am.

I said move away, motherfucker!

Let's go with Chuki, bro,

that dude is on for heavy blows.


Away, my boys.

Get up, fucker! Let's go!

Let's go!

Bye! Bye!

What's up, buddy?


See you around, man.

Come, sweetheart.

Don't let those fools drain you.

Come. Relax.




What's wrong?

Not now.

Five thousand pesos
for ready-mix concrete?

We're 60 percent
above real cost.

-It's more than inflated.
-The boss has authorized it.

I won't sign this.

Listen to me, chief.

I've been working here
for many years.

But this is fraud.

As long as I'm here, I will not
allow this kind of irregularities.

Write the real numbers.

-Chief, remember we've got...
-I won't say it again.


I'm passing it this time,

but the next one,
I'll file a lawsuit.

It's important
to take folic acid,

and avoid vigorous
physical activity.

It's a tiny bean.

Can you hear that?

It's the heartbeat.

The key with gringos

is to give them a few tequilas
and when they're a little warmer

show them the numbers.

Welcome my friends! How are you?

-How do you do?
-Hey, Ramiro!


These are my friends forever,
Tim and Esteban.

-Steven, Steven.
-Nice to meet you.

Federico Anduaga.

Can I bring you
something to drink?

A round of tequilas, sweetie.

No, no, no,

just water for us.

Just water.

Thank you.

Thank you.

-Thank you.

These are chiles en nogada,

they're really good.

Yes, we already know
chiles en nogada,

we've been making deals

with Mexicans for many years.

Well then, cheers.


We find you project
really interesting, Mr. Anduaga.

-Thank you.
-You're very talented.

We hope the numbers

are as attractive as the design.

Teotihuacan means

"The land of Gods."

Oh, man, big pyramids.

Next time, I take you there.

Ramiro, can we get down
to business?

We want to see the numbers.

Well, then.

First of all,

I'd like to tell you that this
is quite an innovative design.

The architect here,

despite not having
so much experience,

has come up
with a first-class design.

The initial investment

might seem excessive,

but we're all taking risks here.

Ramiro, the numbers.

The numbers.

At last!


these have been
your best numbers.

It's a deal.

Monday you'll have

half the money in your account.

-Thank you very much.

No, no, no, no, no.

This is not the amount.


This is not the cost!

If you're not sure
about your numbers,

we rather invest
with another company.

No, no, no, no.

Give us a minute.


Two tequilas, please.

What did you do, fucker?

You changed the numbers!

You are a damned stupid animal!

You're an imbecile,
son of a fucking bitch!

Do you know how many people
are involved in this?

We're going to lose
this project!

Do you know how much time
we've invested in this shit?

Fucking shit!

I have to dish out 30 million!

So you better raise
this building with what's left

without those,
or I'll make sure nobody ever

hires you again!

I'll make sure you earn
no more fucking money

for the rest
of your miserable life!

Who is it?

Who's that?

Who's that?

Oh, damn it! Don't do that!

You scared me!

Say something when you arrive.


What's that?

There's somebody downstairs!

They've broken in!
Turn the light on!


It's an emergency,
somebody's broken into our house!

Open up or I'll give
you fucking hell!

They're opening the door!
Help us!

-We've called the police!
-It's Niño de Jesús, number 29.

In San Pedro Martir.

Let's go, man! Get away! Run!

Okay. They're gone.

There are quite a lot of home
break-ins in that area, madam.

It's difficult to proceed
in these cases.

If there was proof...

They broke into our house!
What more proof do you need?

Well, who was it?
Who should I arrest?

-You tell me.
-I saw one of them.

-Can you describe him, sir?

Dark skin, about 14 years old.

He was about 5 foot 2
or 5 foot 4.

Any defining features?

Yes, he was limping.

I'm going to draw up a record,

and we'll be sending
a police car to patrol the area

so you may feel at ease.
All right?


Give me your phone.

You'll receive the image
with this App.

Do you think that's enough?

I hope so.

Otherwise, we get a handgun.

One of ours had his eyes
ripped off and was skinned,

because when they took him,
he spat on his face.

After hearing all this,

don't you feel like going out
to the streets

and figure a way
to end with all this violence?

We are experiencing the worst violence
crisis yet in the history of this country.

Barbarity and savagery are the appropriate
nouns for what's happening

and the government
doesn't seem to care.

What we see is the horror
they'd been trying to conceal...

Why didn't you tell me the numbers
were already approved?

Of course I told you, chief.

But you insisted
on changing them.

Why then didn't you warn me!

I'm sorry.

We need to adjust costs.

There are certain things
in which we can retrench, chief.

I have a buddy
in a construction firm

who undersells
their surplus materials.

I can't work like this.

Hey! Hey! Pussy.

Hey, fucker!

They're going to see you.

Look at them,
they're like beasts.


get away from there.

The police.

What are they doing?

Right, fucker!
Bring it on!

Let's see.

We're going to change
the column frame.

Instead of using number 8 rebar,

we'll be using number 6.

And we're placing
the stirrups every 12 inches.

We will not insulate the walls,

and the finishing works
are going to be changed.

Listen, architect,

no engineer, as stupid
as he might be,

would make himself
responsible for this.

If I called
Civil Protection System,

your building permits
would be canceled,

and you'd end up in jail.

But if you're interested, I can get
the signature from another engineer.

You'd just have to arrive
to a nice agreement.

Ready, sir.

So with these
they can no longer break in?

If I were you,
I wouldn't be so sure.

Look who's been locked in now.

You know?

I think they should grab
all the miserable burglars,

put them against the wall

and shoot the hell out
of those motherfuckers.

You know why
there are no burglars in Arabia?

Because they cut
their hands off there.

That's why I always

bring my cutie with me,

in case some dickhead
wanted to play smart on me.

I fuck him up!

It's ready.

Come in!

Did you call me, sir?

Take a sit, Anduaga.

I went over the advances.

And I must confess...

You've understood
the hell out of it!

That's it, architect!

You see how easy it was?


we're going to begin
the construction now.

You'll have to go to Toluca
to supervise it, huh?

But for now,


and go celebrate.

Hell yes, chief!

Let's go for some drinks!

-I can't.
-Don't tell me she scolds you?



Come on!

Some other day.

You need to relax, chief.

You're very tense.

Don't be afraid of your lady,

you'll be back soon.

There was this motherfucker
in high school

that delighted
in fucking around with me.

He always came with his guys

and beat the hell out of me.

They burnt my books.

He once even...

peed on my schoolbag.

One day, I found him alone.

I took a tube, and slam!

I fucking blew it on his face.

And I fled.

After a while, this dude
still didn't come to school.

I thought I'd killed him.

Weeks later...

he arrived with an eye patch.

Nobody ever
messed with me again.

You're fucking great, chief.

Don't let anyone
come telling you what to do.

Have you seen what time it is?

Why did you turn off your phone?

Do you think it's not evident?

Where were you?

Hey! I'm talking to you!

You're overbearing.


I'm sick of your limiting me
and of your need to control me!

I will arrive whenever I want

and do what
my fucking balls wish!

Stop bugging the crap out of me!

I said no!

I will not allow a cheap bricklayer
telling me what to do!

- Federico?

-What is it?
-Your dad had a cardiac arrest.

Thank you.

Do you want something to eat?

No, thanks.

Are you okay?

We were talking about the trip.

I hadn't seen him
so thrilled in a long time.

I don't want to compare myself
to your mother, but...

Your father is
what's most important to me.

You have to eat, dad.

Okay then. I'll bring you clothes.
I won't take long.

Sit down.

Your mother was
too condescending with you.

You were always too nice.

That's why everybody
takes advantage of you.

You've got to be stronger.

Don't be such a moron!

Please forgive me

for having spoken to you
in that way.

I don't want us
to be angry at each other.

But you've been
behaving strangely.

Is there anything
you want to say?

Don't do it again.

Let us praise our Lord's grace

and pray for him

to have mercy on this soul,
forgive all his sins,

open a path for him

onto the heavens,

and share his eternal light
with him.

May he rest in peace.

In the name of the Father,
the Son,

and the Holy Ghost.

Hey, motherfucker!

Quit it, man! Faggot.

What! Motherfucker!
You're an idiot, kiddo!

What happened?

What happened?


Beat it, sons
of your fucking bitches!

You beat it to damn hell if you don't
want me beating the hell out of you!

Careful, brother.

No problem, man.


Let's go.

Take the bricks off!
Take them off! Hurry!

-What happened?

The wall came down.

I told you it was not plumb!

-Bring it up! Bring it up!
-He's out!

No, architect, the slab warped.

This material is not holding up,
we need to change it.


It will be done
as you were told!

And whoever doesn't like it,
can just go to hell!


for the architect who brought this
project to a successful conclusion!


Cheers, chief.

Look at those babes.

They sure ride it every day.

Hell yes.

Look at those
sucking little mouths.


sucking their coochies.

What are you doing, Anduaga?

Have your drink, man.

She has him marching
to her tune.



What is it?

I'm afraid of sleeping alone.

I just have
to finish this, okay?

And if you go somewhere else?

Where to?

I don't know. A hotel.

I'd like you to be here with me.

By the way,

it's a baby girl.


Yes, here I am.

Sorry for my interruption.

I hear you're a stud, huh?

You fucked two whores
in one night!

Who would have guessed?

So quiet and so enterprising.

All right then,

let us go for some whores.

I'm going back to the hotel.

No body´s shipping out!

Or, what?

Don't you like ladies?

Don't be a faggot!

I said no!


You scared me.

What time is it?

I'm sorry.

I don't know what came into me.

Open it.

For the baby.

"There was once a lady
who was the worst lady on Earth.

She was as fat as a hippo,

she smoked cigars,

and had two sharp
and shiny canines.

Besides, she wore
sharp end boots,

and had long and spiky nails

with which she liked
to scratch people.

She would hit her five children

when they got bad grades
in school,

and also when they got
good grades.

It's an earthquake.

It's an earthquake!


Yes, one second.

From the office, It's urgent.



-I'm on my way, where are you?

Oh, no, don't come around here.

Don't come near here. It's a
fucking mess, fucking bad!

-Okay, where do I meet you?
-Hold on!

At the parking lot, next to our offices.
I'll see you there.


I'm already here. Where are you?

It's bad. It's fucking bad.

-What did Ramiro say?
-You can imagine.

He's now with the lawyers.

Did they say anything
about the materials?

No, not yet.

What should we do?

They're investigating everyone.

No, It can't be!
Damn it! It can't be!

I advise you, chief,

to go home and stay there
for a while,

until things have settled a bit.

But it was not my fault.
I was just doing my work.

I know, I know, I know, chief.

But they'll try to find
someone to blame.

The recently inaugurated apartment
building in the State of Mexico

suffered a collapse due to
the earthquake this morning.

The National
Seismological Service...


Informed that the earthquake reached
7.2 degrees in the Richter scale.

What's going on?

And it lasted approximately
one minute.

Material losses are estimated
in 130 million pesos,

plus the damages
to nearby estate.

At his press conference, the Mayor
gave the following statement.

We will proceed
with the full rigor of law.

The Attorney General's Office

will use all the research tools
at their disposal.

The legal representatives
from this corporation

have already had contact
with the Attorney General...

to ensure the entire

provision of compensation.

This entails all the victims

and property damage.

We'll dig deep on the building's
security protocols...

This investigation
is a preemptive approach

to prosecute all potential
parties liable.

The expects are already
working on site.

What happened?


These investigations
take a long time.

They're going to take
witness statements,

make an endless number
of experts' reports.

The basic thing here is that
nothing gets connected with you,

that your name
simply does not appear.

Thank you, Aaron.

The only thing we can do
is waiting.

I would recommend you

not to leave home
for a good while.

I understand.

So 50 percent prior
to the surgery,

and the rest at discharge.


I'll talk it over
with my husband.

Thank you.



Open the door!

Open the door!

Open it, damn it!


Open it! It's not fair!


What are you doing?


No! What's wrong with you?

Where are you going?

To get some money.

We owe the mortgage,

we have to pay the advance
to the hospital.

And for all I know,
you don't give a shit!

-No, wait!
-May I?

-It's not my fault.
-Let go of me.


You don't know how I feel.

Do you know how I feel?

I've been here for a month,
locked in, waiting,

bearing all of this.

I don't know
who you are anymore.

It's been enough.

No, Sonia!


This morning, engineer
Leonardo Guerrero

appeared before the prosecutor and declared
against architect Federico Anduaga.

He is blamed
for siphoning off money,

and for the irregularities
found in the materials

used for building the residential
condos in the State of Mexico.

Architect Anduaga began
unlawfully siphoning off money

since the beginning
of the construction.

Is there a precise sum?

Some 20 to 30 million.

How come did no one
realize it until now?

The architect forged signatures,

bought invoices,

blackmailed several people
to get the permits,

and committed all kinds
of unlawful actions

to cover his fraud.

So what's to be done
in this case?

Well, we've already presented
proof to the Attorney,

and the Public Ministry
has issued the arrest warrant,

we're waiting
for the judge's resolution.

-Thank you very much.

Listen, you can't come in.

Security! Security!

Son of a bitch!

I'm going to kill you,

motherfucking shitty thief!

Son of your fucking bitch!

You don't know who you messed
up with, son of a bitch.

I'll see that you get locked in
for life, motherfucker!

If you ever
come near here again,

I'll cut your balls off,

and open you up
as a miserable pig!

Take him out!

Fuck you, son of a bitch!

You are a moron.

A useless piece of shit.

Motherfuckers, I'm sick of you!

You fucking scum!

I wish you were dead, you dogs!

Fuck! You are a dickhead.

Toño! Toño!

Come here, motherfucker!

Let go of me, motherfucker!

That's it, you son of a bitch!

Let go of me!

Help me! Rana!

Let go of me, motherfucker!
Let go!

-Let me go!
-Fuck you!

-Let go of me!
-Nasty dumb ass!

You wanted to fuck me,

-You fuck yourself!
-Stop! Stop! Stop!


No! No! No!

You smell like shit!

You think you're too clever?

Fucking people up?


You think you're a big dick?

You're just an animal!

People like you make
this country a piece of shit!

You make me sick!

All of you!

I can't stand your eyes.

Your laughter...

Your teeth.

Your smell.

You make me sick!

You and all of your family
should be dead!

I hate you!



It's Graciela.

We're at the hospital.

The baby's just been born!

Hold on, I'll put Sonia
on the phone.


she's an angel,

you've got to see her.

How are you doing?

We are waiting for you.

Come as soon as you can.

It's all going to be all right.