Hypnotic (2021) - full transcript

A young woman seeking self-improvement enlists the help of a renowned hypnotherapist. But after a handful of intense sessions, she discovers unexpected and deadly consequences.

Jane, go do your rounds.
I'll come down and cover the desk.

On my way.

This is Detective Wade Rollins
with the Portland PD.

Leave your name and number,
and I'll get back to you.

Detective, uh...
This is Andrea Bowen again.

Sorry. Uh...

I know it's late,
but could you call me back when you can?


I'd really appreciate it.

I'm just really scared,
and I just...

I feel like he's still watching me.


Andrea, this is how the world ends.




No, no, no!



No! No...


Help! Somebody! No!

No! Help!

Hi, sorry.

I had a bottle of wine, but I drank it,

so I brought you this plant,
which I'm now noticing is dead.

- I called you five times.
- What's wrong?

Jenn, Brian's here.

I know, I'm sorry. It's just...

Originally, you weren't coming,
and then Scott invited him,

and I had absolutely no idea. So...

Yeah, I could just...

tell everyone you're not feeling well,
you know?

I think I need a glass of wine.

Hey, Jenn!

Hey, Scotty.

Hey, I am so sorry.

Yes, yes, he is.

- You don't have to apologize.
- He does.

She told me a week ago
that you weren't coming.

- It's her fault.
- Okay. Stop.

You don't know what's happening,
so walk away.

- Okay, that's really cute.
- I love you.

Oh, it's Dr. Meade!

Hi. Dr. Meade.


This is Jenn. As in, "The Jenn."

- Yes. I'm "The Jenn," apparently.
- Ah!

- Collin Meade. Very nice to meet you.
- He's magical. Changed my life.

I got the promotion, like,
a month after working with you?

And this house.
You should totally go see him.


What? Everyone needs therapy.

- That's what you say, right?
- You know where the ice tongs are?

- It's by the ice bucket, Scott.
- They're not there.

Babe. Seriously, every time!
I put them beside the ice thing.

It's not every time.

Didn't know therapists
could hang out with their clients.

I mean,
I follow the rules 99% of the time.

Maybe 95?


It was nice meeting you.

- Cheers to your new house.
- My new house!

So, Brian, how's Foghorn?

What's Foghorn?

- It's a stupid name, is what it is.
- No, what is it?

Uh, the guys created a new software
for some big audio engineer.

I just helped write some of the code.

What about you, Jennifer?

Oh, sorry. What?

Oh, no. I was just, uh...

What do you do?

I'm just... Um, I'm sort of
in between jobs at the moment.

She's just being modest. Jenny is actually
a killer software engineer.

- Impressive.
- Mm-hmm.

- So, you two ever worked together?
- Brian!

Um... Is there sesame in that?

Oh my God! Brian, I'm so sorry.

It's okay. It's okay.

Wow, that would've sucked
if you died in our new house, dude.

You know what?
I think I'm gonna leave this right here.

Just in case.

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm good.

- Jennifer.
- Hm. Yes?

I'm headed out, but, uh,
I wanted to leave you this.

- In case you're interested.
- Okay.

Good night.

You too.


"Viola will be here in nine minutes."

Thanks for saving my life.

Don't mention it.

Good night, Jenny.

Good night.



I have tried really hard
not to bother you, but...

I think about you all the time,
and I just...

I miss you.

I didn't ask you to stay away
because you bother me.

Yeah. I know...

Then don't say things like that.

When you say things like that,
you make me sound like the bad guy,

and I'm not the bad guy. I'm...

You're not the bad guy.
I'm not saying you are.

I'm just... Oh God, what am I saying?
I don't know what I'm saying.

Can I give you a ride home?

- I don't think that's a good id...
- It's just a ride, Jenny.

You guys had sex?

- Do you plan on getting back together?
- No.

I'm stupid. Oh God, I'm the most stupid.

Oh my gosh, you're not. You're not stupid.
You're just... You're...

- You're unhappy.
- Yeah, everyone's unhappy.

No. I'm happy. Scott's happy.

And for the most part,
I hate to say this to you,

but Brian is happy.

What am I supposed to say to that?

I think you should see Dr. Meade.

- Who's Dr. Meade?
- My therapist.

- Gina, I'll never do that.
- You met him. He's tall, handsome.

- No.
- Come on.

Hear me out, okay?
You're isolating. You're unemployed.

Don't pretend like you're not.

And you slept
with your ex-fiancé last night.

- Your life is a vortex of crap right now.
- This is so much fun.

Can you just go for me, please?

- Ugh, fine. Once.
- Great!

I made you an appointment for Friday.

You should've seen me
when I started with him.

Oh, sorry?

I pull my hair.



Whatever you're here for,
Dr. Meade will fix it.


He's waiting for you.

Oh, okay. Um, yeah.

Wow, this is cozy.


Just feeding the little guy.

You know that having fish
reduces stress and lowers blood pressure?

No, I didn't.

At least that's what I've heard.
Who knows if it's true.

But I do find them calming.

I'm so glad you decided to come in.

And here I am!


I don't feel motivated
to do anything.

Or, like, I should probably stop drinking.
I should probably exercise more.

I should probably
get eight hours of sleep at night.

Jennifer, um,

bad habits come from deeper issues.

There's always a root cause.

What might that be for you?

I don't know?

Was that a question?


Tell me about you and Brian.

He's nice. He's sweet, he's funny,
he's smart. It's Brian. I don't know.

Okay. Fine. Um...

We met in college.

We lived together. We worked together.
It was like a whole thing.

I had a miscarriage.

Actually, I was six months along,
so it was a stillbirth.

His name was Daniel.

I got to spend 33 minutes with him.

Brian and I were engaged, and, uh,

you know, we just couldn't
really figure it out after that. So...

Do you have anything after this?


Have you ever tried hypnotherapy?

No. No, I have not.

Why the judgment?

I'm just not a giving-away-control person,

so it's a pass.

Sure. But here's the wonderful thing
about hypnotherapy. All right?

Only you can control your subconscious.

So, you're in control the whole time.

And it's an excellent tool
for people who have suffered...


Worst case scenario, it'll stop you
from further destroying your poor fingers.

I don't know.

I had a mentor,

and his name was, uh, Dr. Xavier Sullivan.

He was a brilliant mind. He would say,

"Prosaic methods are reserved
for the unimaginative."

"One in search of lasting results
dares to open the mind."



What do you want?

Just wanna be happy again, you know?

Then let me help you.

I want you to concentrate on the light.

Feel the weight of your body
as it melts into the couch,

muscle by muscle.

Starting at the toes,

the arches of the feet.

Calves. Thighs.

All the way up,

until you arrive at the top of your head.


I want you to find yourself

in a beautiful forest.

That was an hour?

It felt like three minutes.

How do you feel?

I don't know.
I don't really remember anything.

How'd I do?

I think you might be
more open to suggestibility

than you imagined.

That was bizarre.

They called me right after I left.
I start in two weeks.

Are you gonna do some yoga with me,
or you're just gonna lie there?

This is Shavasana. It is yoga.

How many sessions did you have
with Dr. Meade?

I don't know. Maybe, um, once a week
for about three months now.

I've asked him to do hypnosis twice.

It's not fair.
I wanna conquer all of my fears.

It's a compliment.
You've already conquered all your fears.

Hi, have you seen me and spiders?
Didn't think so.

I'm really proud of you.

You're perfect.


- Hi.
- Hi.

- You look fantastic as ever.
- Oh, thanks. You too.

Haven't seen you in a couple of weeks.
You're not, uh... you're not avoiding me?

Oh, no. I've been meaning to schedule.
It's just I've been busy...

- Sure.
- Oh...

I got the job.

- What? Really?
- Yeah, I did.

- I had no doubt.
- You didn't think I could do it?

No. I never doubted you.

May I buy you a celebratory coffee?

Yeah, okay.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

I did yoga with Gina,
and I meditated last night.


It was three minutes, and I thought
about my dead plants, but I did it.

- Progress. Not perfection.
- You can't say that.

You're one of those people
that wakes up at 5:00 a.m.

- and you're perfect at everything.
- Hardly.

And one of those who hangs out
with his clients but is very private.

All right.

I'll play.

I'm 46. Only child.

Uh, I was married once
to the love of my life, Amy.

We were happy, but she died.

I'm so sorry.

What do they say?

"Wanna make God laugh,
tell him your plans."

But, Jennifer,
the important thing to remember

is that being a victim is a choice,

and we can let our hardships define us,

consume us, or we can accept

the extraordinary abilities
that we have in this life

to create the outcome we choose.

- For ourselves. May I?
- Mm.


Thank you.

All right, well, enough about me. Um...

So, last we spoke,
you were struggling a bit with Brian.

How's it going there?

I don't know. I have been avoiding him.

When you see Brian, uh,

is it hard for you?


Have you considered telling him this?

And if you did?

He may be hurt because we still care
about each other a lot.

Let me suggest something,
and you can take it or leave it,

but I think you'd be wise to take it.


Invite Brian to your place
for dinner tonight.

- No.
- Why not?

I can think of infinite reasons why not.

Trust me. You'll be on your turf.
You can cook a good meal.

Tell him you got
some matters you need to discuss.

I think it'd be very good for you.

But not easy.
I mean, I'm not saying that. But...

But good.

'Cause, Jennifer,

you don't have to be a victim anymore.

Hey, it's Brian.
I got your message.

Yeah, uh, I'll be there.

Let me know if you want me
to bring anything. See you soon.


Hey, hey, hey!

Where's your pen?

Where's your...


It was an accident, Jenn.

I mean, I almost killed him
at our housewarming party.

You're the one who caught it.

I can't remember anything.

- You're probably just in shock.
- No, I'm not in shock.

I'm serious. I...

I remember being at the store.

And then I'm at home sitting at the table.

Come on. I'm gonna...
I'm gonna take you home.

How's Brian?


Brian. How is he?

He's the same.

- How long has it been now?
- Eight days.

Do you remember
anything else from that night?

Is there any way
that I could be responsible

for what happened that night?

Why do you ask?

Because I can't stop thinking about it.

The way it felt,

and the missing time.

It's like what we do here.


Do you remember what I told you
the first time we discussed hypnosis?

That only you have the power,
control over your subconscious.

- Yeah, but...
- Jennifer, listen to me.

We all have these wounds,

and every time we let the world run us,
those wounds fester.

But that's a choice
based on some preconceived notion

that the world
can even run us in the first place.

It's ego.

Ego derived from fear.

You follow?

So, the work we're doing
is designed to eliminate that fear,

but the moment
you start to doubt our work,

fear wins.

Is that what you want?

To let fear win?


So you need to trust me...

and keep doing the work.



carry the fire.

This is a terrible turn of events,

as the family is reeling
after losing their daughter,

and they still have no information
from police.

...and in Portland,
there's an investigation

into the death of their daughter.

She'd recently taken out
a restraining order on her psychiatrist.

Of course, it's been
a game-changer to the entire case

as the police are now looking towards
finding out further information as what...

The study into crimes while under hypnosis

is new to the state criminal court.

There are currently board psychiatrists...

I don't know, Jenn. It's just...
I get why you'd be concerned.

I mean, it's not exactly comforting news,
but I just... I don't see it.

No, look. It says here in the article,

"Bowen told her family
she was experiencing missing time."

That is what happened to me.
It was after I had lunch with Dr. Meade,

where he suggested
I had Brian over for dinner.

- It just feels like a big leap.
- Look at the background check.

You ran a background check?

Yes. Look,
the only address listed is his office.

There's no private residence,
employers, or unpaid parking tickets.

The man is basically a ghost
until six months ago

when someone takes out
a restraining order. This is his patient,

and he is torturing her. Stalking.

Psychological abuse, emotional abuse.

Maybe she was crazy.

This woman was afraid for her life,

and then three days
after she files a restraining order,

she's dead.

She had a heart attack.

What if there is something else going on?

- What if he did something to her?
- Okay. This is where you lose me.

Therapists use hypnotherapy
to help their patients quit smoking.

Not to hack into their brains
and stop their heart.

- This is not a thing.
- Yes, it... Look, I thought that too.

In Sweden, a group of teenagers
are hypnotized to deal drugs,

and they experienced blackouts.

In Germany, Zebediah Cantor is hypnotized
to rob banks, and he has missing time...

Okay, I get it.

And this is from that night with Brian.

He called me, Gina.

Right before I blacked out.

Dr. Meade?

I remember everything now.

I did it on purpose, Gina.

It... But it wasn't me. It was, it was...

But I did do it.

And then I just sat there and watched.

I didn't do anything.

I didn't get help.

I didn't even move until I came out of it.

I'm not crazy.

So, what do we do?


Thank you so much for meeting with us,
detective, on such short notice.

- We really appreciate it.
- What can I do for you?

We wanted to ask you some questions
about a woman named Andrea Bowen.


Six months ago, she filed
a restraining order against Collin Meade.

I know the case. What's your question?

Her family said
that she died of a heart attack,

but then they wanted
a broader investigation.

Did that investigation ever happen?

Why are you asking?

Because Dr. Meade is our therapist.

Something strange is happening.

Strange how?

I've been having

weird dreams.

But they don't feel like dreams.

You've been practicing hypnosis
with Dr. Meade, Miss Thompson?


Collin Meade
was brought in for questioning

a week after Bowen's death.

Got us nowhere.

I wanted to keep digging.

I got a warrant,
obtained his patient records.

Didn't matter.

Got shut down that day.

Told I couldn't even
finish going through what we had.


Meade was also
practicing hypnosis with Andrea.

It's funny.
Cops using old witnesses sometimes.

Try and get them to remember things
they may have seen.

If it works,

it becomes evidence in court,

but if you're a victim,
claiming someone used hypnosis

with ill intent, that kinda thing,
they'll laugh you out of the room.

You don't think
she died of a heart attack?

Oh my God!

And then there's this.

Incoming call came from a blocked number.

- Her behavior changed when she answered.
- That happened to me.

What is she doing?

You ever heard of "quiescence"?


It's the body's reaction to extreme fear.

The body enters paralysis,
heart rate increases,

breathing intensifies.

But if it goes on too long, you die.

Maybe, technically,
she died of a heart attack,

but whatever she was seeing
in the elevator is what caused it.

So, what do I think?

I think you should find yourselves
a new therapist.

I'll talk to you later, okay?



He hypnotized me.



This week.

We talked about you, I...

It's just... You were so worried
that something happened with Brian,

and then he just...

He said he was wrong before,
and then he thought that it might help me.

It's okay, it's okay.

We'll do what Det. Rollins said.
We'll stay away.

We'll figure this out, okay?

Hey, Dr. Meade, it's Jennifer Thompson.
We just saw each other,

but I was wondering if you had
any last-minute appointments available.

Call me back when you can. Bye.

Jennifer. Please, come in.

- I was thrilled to get your call.
- Yeah, thanks for squeezing me in.

Was there something in particular
you wanted to talk about?

No. Not... Nothing really, actually.
It's just, um,

a general anxiety.


Brian's not awake yet, and so that's hard.


I thought just a bit
of hypnosis might help?

Of course.


Lillian Dorsey.

Date of death, 11/27/2019.

I'm looking for Adrienne Dorsey.

This is Detective Wade Rollins
with the Portland PD.

I was hoping I could ask you
some questions regarding your sister.

Date of death, June 15, 2018. Hypnosis.

Andrea Bowen. Hypnosis.

Was there something in particular

you wanted to talk about?

I thought just a bit
of hypnosis might help?

Of course.


- Yes?
- Are you under?

- Yes.
- Good.

I'm going to ask you some questions,
and you're gonna tell me the truth.

Why did you really come see me today?

To record you.

Are you recording me now?


And why are you recording me?

Because I want to hear
what happens during our sessions.

- Do you not trust me?
- No.


Why not?

Because I know about Andrea Bowen.

Is this why you were
at the police station this morning?


You were with Gina.

I assume she knows everything you know.

- Yes.
- Yes.

Thank you for being honest, my love.

- Dude, what quarter is it?
- Tell him to not...

No, they are not up
by seven, bro!

- I'm serious. Hang up.
- I gotta go before she kills me.

- See?
- No, it's Jenn!

Tell him I told him wassup!
Keep me informed. Yeah, okay, peace.

Girl, I gotta call you back.
I have buyers calling any minute.

- Gina. Gina, where are you?
- I'm just in the car with Scott.

- Hey, Jenny.
- Where are you?

We just left the house.

Turn around and go back to the house.

- I'm coming to you.
- What? Why?

Could you go back to the house?
You need to go back, listen to me.

- Gina, get...
- I'm sorry, you're cutting out. I can't...

This is them. I'll call you back.

No, Gina! He knows we were
at the police station. He knows!


Fucking shit!

This is Gina.

Gina, it's Dr. Meade.

Sorry to bother you,
but do you have a moment to chat?

I'm just in the car with Scott.

Even better.
Gina, this is how the world ends.

What was that?

Get it off of me.




- Get what off?
- Get it off. Please!

What? There's nothing there. Get what off?

- Get it off of me! Please!
- Gina, relax. Gina!

Get it off!

Gina, stop!

Get it off! Get it off!


Detective Rollins.
What a pleasant surprise.

Care for a scotch?

Gina Kaleman died
in a car accident tonight.


- Her husband too.
- You're kidding me.

Oh my God.

How long was she a patient?

I don't know. Maybe...

...eight months?

- What were you treating her for?
- She came to me with some, uh...

...generalized anxiety initially.


You ever perform hypnosis on Gina?

Yes. Uh, we performed
our first session last week.

Started small, you know?

- Explored her common phobia.
- Claustrophobia?


The last claustrophobic patient
I dealt with was, uh...

Well, it was Andrea Bowen, actually.


You know what I always loved as a kid?


I'm sure it has something to do
with why I became a detective.

Putting the pieces together,
finding the patterns.

That was always the key.


I looked through
some of your patient files today.

The ones we obtained after Andrea's death.

I got to chat with family members,
and I noticed something.

A pattern.

You don't use hypnotherapy
on all of your patients.

Just a few, actually.

Andrea Bowen.

Lillian Dorsey.

Mona Szohr.

They share some physical characteristics,

and they also all happen to be dead.

You ever noticed that?

That pattern?

Gina Kaleman doesn't match your MO.

I think you had something else in mind
when it came to her.

Is there something specific
you wanted to talk about tonight, Wade?

Because if not, I should be going.
It's getting late.

It's Detective Rollins.

- Thanks for the booze.
- Oh, Wade.

Hypnotherapy works wonders for insomnia.

You wanna try it?
I'll give you a free session.

Thought you only took female patients.

I'll make an exception.

My phone died, or I would have called.

Um, I heard about your friend.

I just thought I could catch him
saying something or doing something.

He was at the station.
He's been following us.

He's smart.

Always a step ahead.

There's a reason he never hypnotized Gina
until you started asking questions.

He knew you would go to her.
She got in the way.

You can't blame yourself, Jenn.

And just why me?

Well, I don't know.

But not long after Andrea
started asking questions,

she was dead.

He's not done with you yet,
or you would be too.

I got his prints. I'm gonna run 'em,
see if we're missing anything.

I should know more tomorrow.

For now,

lay low.


Thank you.

Try and get some rest.

I'll call you in the morning.

Did you forget something?

Hello, Jennifer.

Jennifer, stop!

You don't need to be afraid of me.
I just wanna talk.

What did I do to you
to make you not trust me?


Think about it.

I invited you in. I listened.

Really, you should be thanking me.

I asked you what you wanted,
and I'm working so hard to give you that.

And Brian and Gina were just gonna
get in the way of your dreams.

And now Rollins.

Don't worry. He'll be taken care of.

Everything I'm doing is for you, Jennifer.

And I know there's been a lot of

build-up and anticipation, but...

that's just the romantic in me.

It's almost over.

You're so close.


I'll see you soon, okay?

Oh, Jennifer...


Pick up. Pick up.

This is Detective Wade Rollins...

Come on, come on.

When the police ran his prints,

they discovered his real identity.
He had changed his name.

And who was he, really?

A killer.
Wanted for murder in three states.

Tonight, on The Crime Files.

In the fall of 2014,

seventeen-year-old Victoria Wilson
disappeared from her suburban home

in Metuchen, New Jersey,

leaving her parents
and four younger siblings

heartbroken and terrified.

Three days later, her body was found
in a forest 300 miles from home.

So, what happened to Victoria Wilson?

Billy Adler came home from school

to find his mom dead
at the dining room table,

shot in the head.

The police ruled it a suicide.
But Billy knew his mom would nev...

I can't tell them
I think Meade was involved.

They don't know
I've been digging into this.

I'm so sorry, Rollins.

You read 'em?


And I have an idea.

When Gina and I came to see you,
you said something about

how police sometimes use hypnosis.


What did you mean?

A drive-by shooter
speeds away from the scene.

An eyewitness saw the car
but can't remember the license plate.

Well, maybe they do remember it.

Just not consciously.

So, we send them to a hypnotist
who tries to help them recall.

And that will hold up as evidence?

- Sometimes.
- What if we did that?

What if you sent me
to whoever you use for that sort of thing?

And they put me under

and try to make me recall
my sessions with Meade.

- It still may not be enough.
- You just said...

I said, "Sometimes."

Do you know how hard it is
to charge someone with murder

and get them convicted?

But he all but confessed to me
that he's responsible for Brian and Gina.

- You recorded it?
- He said he was coming after...


With everything else we have,
the other victims, the pattern...

He's planning something. I know he is.

I don't know what,
but the way he was talking last night...


I just wanna try.

Please wake up.

You were with Gina.

I assume she knows everything you know.

- Yes.
- Yes.

Well, thank you for being honest, my love.

I'll take all of your concerns
into consideration.

And then he cuts it short.


How much do you really know
about hypnotherapy?

Not much.

Well, it's an incredibly powerful tool.

When handled with care and integrity,

it can be a force for good.

But in the wrong hands,
hypnosis can be dangerous.

What are you feeling?

I am having, um,

some trust issues
with your profession right now.

Jenn, I understand
that this may not be worth much,

but you can trust me.

I'm one of the good ones.

And I'm only gonna have a look around.

Just see what the subconscious retained
from those sessions with Dr. Meade.


Focus on the sound
of the metronome,

keeping time.

And as you feel the weight of your body

sinking into the couch,

I want you to let everything go.

Let the world around you slow down.

Jenn, can you hear me?


Now, I want you to tell me
everything you remember

from your sessions with Dr. Collin Meade.


Wake up, Jenn.


I need you to listen
to the sound of my voice

and come back to this room right now!

My mentor was a psychiatrist.

Dr. Xavier Sullivan.

Wake up, Jennifer!

What happened?

Dr. Graham, what happened?

I've never seen anything like that.

He must have planted some sort of

fail-safe or...

What's a fail-safe?

In case anybody
ever tried to do what we're doing.

And I have no way of knowing

how many sustained
post-hypnotic suggestions he placed.

And these can be triggered
at any given moment.

I remember something.

There was a house.

What's today's date?

It's the sixth.

- I have to go.
- No, wait.

There's one more thing I could try.

Look, I can't remove
all of his suggestions,

but maybe I could plant
something of my own.

Like a counter trigger?


I swear to God,
this is the last time I'm doing this.

Rollins, it didn't work.

But I found out that Meade
has a mentor named Xavier Sullivan.


Have you heard
of "Project MKUltra"?

Yeah, it was a CIA project
in the '60s.

Well, Sullivan is a hypnotist.
And the CIA had recruited him

to use hypnosis
to plant false memories in people.

I'm on my way to see him.

No, Jenn, that's not a good idea.

He might know something
about Meade that can help us.

- Just wait for me.
- We don't have time.

Jenn. Jenn!

Mr. Sullivan?


Anybody home?

Mr. Sullivan?

Oh my God.

It's uncanny, isn't it?

My wife was such a beautiful woman,

but then so are you, Jennifer.

- I don't understand.
- Xavier was my father.

He left me this place when he died.


- No, just wait.
- Sleep.

It's Rollins.

Hey, Rollins.
I ran the prints from that spoon.

They belonged to a man
named Julian Sullivan.

Info's in your inbox.

You reached Jenn Thompson.
Leave a message.

Son of a bitch!

- Jenn, where are you?
- Rollins, it was Meade.

- His real name is Sullivan.
- Jenn, tell me where you are.

He brought me back to his office.

- But where is he?
- Door is locked. I don't know!

I'm sending units now. Hey, taxi!

Move! Drive!

How are you feeling?

Jennifer, take a seat.

You know...

I'll never forget
that first time I saw you.

- Give me something.
- We've entered the building.

You look like her,

walk like her,

you even smell like her.

There's nothing
quite like a woman's scent.

The moment you catch it, it's just...

Just like that.


Come on.

On the floor. Approaching suite.

There were a few others,

and they seemed right at first,

but ultimately,

they just weren't meant to be.

We're at the door.

What are you waiting for? Get in!

I mean, I see why now, though.

They were close.

But you're perfect.

Move, move!

And now I have you all to myself.

On my count.


You can wake up now.

Where am I?

You're home.

- Sir, there's no one here.
- What do you mean there's no one there?

The office is empty, sir.

He wanted her to call me.

Detective Wade Rollins to dispatch.

I need a residential address
to one Xavier Sullivan.

Copy that.

I can't move.

I know.

I'm not thrilled
you started biting your nails again.

We'll have to work on that.

I know this room.

I was hoping you'd recognize it.

They weren't dreams.

Oh, they were your memories with her.

Some of my favorites.

You put them in my head

because you're trying to replace her.

The power of hypnosis.

The memory, planted in the mind,

given the right amount
of care and attention,

will blossom into a whole new reality.

A whole new life.

Make someone believe
they're somewhere they're not or,

you know, paralyze from head to toe,

all with a simple suggestion.

My mentor taught me at...

- Oh my gosh, a very young age.
- Your father?

Father, mentor. Interchangeable
for a young boy.

You're insane.

I am not insane.

We want the same thing.

We share wounds.

Your loss of Brian and your son Daniel.

My loss of Amy

and the life I thought we'd have together.

We will be that for each other.

Go like this.

And now, for the grand finale.

Don't move.

You don't happen
to know today's date, do you?

Now you know why I waited.

Our anniversary.

I told you,

I'm a romantic.

And there she is.

My beautiful bride.

You're perfect.

- No.
- Jennifer, don't let go.



Rollins! Rollins, I'm in here.

- Where is he?
- He went out the back.

- I'm trapped. You have to help me.
- The door is locked.

Jenn, listen to me.

I have to go find him.
You're gonna be okay.

What? No, no, no! Rollins, no!

Please don't go!
You can't go! Please don't go!

Okay. Come on.
Just focus. Focus.

I'm okay. I'm okay.


Jenn, the gun!

Jennifer, sleep!

Jenn? Jenn?

It's Rollins. Wake up, Jenn.

That's it, wake up. That's it. No.

- You're okay.
- No.

- Where is he? Where is he?
- He's gone.

It's over. You're okay.

I called in for backup.
They'll be here shortly.

You're okay.


You're a good shot.

- Oh, sorry.
- It's okay.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Here. Here.

You're gonna be fine.

I promise, my love.


In the recording you played me,

Dr. Meade called you "my love."

Thank you for being honest, my love.

If you are ever
under a post-hypnotic suggestion

by Dr. Collin Meade,
and he refers to you as "my love,"

you will ignore

every single trigger
he put into your head.

And you will see the world around you

for what it truly is.


I'm not your love.

- No!
- No, no, no.


Oh my God! Oh God.

Hey, hey! Wake up. Please wake up.

- Come on.
- Ankle.




Come here!


No, no, no! Hey, hey, hey! Hi.

Right here. Look at me, look at me.

Look at me, look at me. Yes.

Hi, hi! You're okay, you're okay.

- You shot me.
- I'm sorry.

Stay... Yeah. Stay with me. Hi.
You're okay. You're gonna be okay.

Stay with me, okay?

I can hear them. I hear sirens.
They are coming. It's okay.

You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.

I think it's great. We present it
to the team at Monday's meeting.

But I'm a huge fan.

Uh-huh. Great work, Tiff.

Yeah, I'll see you then.

I'm definitely moving.

You'll like the new place.
You don't have to. I understand.

I know you're very particular
about your things.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I left.

I'm sorry
I didn't share my grief with you.

I'm sorry that I thought losing Daniel

was harder for me than it was for you.

And I know it's not my fault
what happened to him.

No matter how much I wanna blame myself.

But it is my fault what happened to us.

And for that, I'm really, truly sorry.

The doctors say your tests are promising.

That's really good news.

And when you wake up,
I'll be sitting right here.

My condolences on your promotion.

I'm regretting it already.

I left you alone,
but I did wanna say thank you

for everything.

I wasn't sure when I'd see you again, but...

I figured you'd come around eventually.

A token of my appreciation.

Take care of yourself, yeah?

Well played.