Hypnosis (2020) - full transcript

Teenage Misha receives hypnotic treatment for sleepwalking from psychotherapist Volkov. Eventually, Misha becomes so dependent on the hypnologist that he is no longer able to distinguish reality from illusion. After the mysterious death of one of Volkov's lady patients, Misha decides to investigate the case and find out the truth. But what can he do when dream and reality have become one and he himself is the chief suspect?

"Marmot-Film" Studio

with support from

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A Valery Todorovsky Film

Everything's fine.

Come to bed.


Yes, dear.

I don't know yet.

I'm with Misha now.

At what time?

Can I call you back?
In 15 or 20 minutes?

Okay... What have we here?

Building 18, hyphen...


Come on.

- Hello.
- Hello.

We're at 3 o'clock.
Misha Teryoshin.

Teryoshin, Misha. Right.
Put your coat over there.

- Me as well?
- No, you don't need to.

Sign here, please.

If you have a mobile phone...

a camera, a laptop,
a tablet...

or a voice recorder,
leave them with me.

Even if there's no charge?

Even so.

Thank you.

Wait a bit, Masha.

- Go in.
- Wait.

Should I wait here?

I mean, how long will it be?
An hour? Two?

I can't say just like that.
It's always different.

Go. I'll get back on my own.

- On your own?
- Go already!

Who knows what you'll be like?

He'll be perfectly fine.

That's it. Go.

Yes. Looks like I'm free now.

- Yes. Our place is fine.
- Well...

It's warm.

The whole body is relaxed.
The warmth is spreading.

Slowly spreading.

The warmth is spreading all over.

It feels good. Sleep.



Are you Misha?


You're 16 and you sleepwalk,
is that right?

"Right" would be
not to sleepwalk.

Who told you that?

Where do you want to go?

In what sense?

Where do you walk in your sleep?

Well... I don't know. Just walking
around the apartment.

Close your eyes.


Get comfortable.

Standing feels easy.

Very comfortable.

You could stand like
this for a long time.


Close your eyes.

Close your eyes and see
an ocean in front of you.

The ocean is so close.

Waves are splashing.

You aren't in the water,
you're on the sand.

You're hot.

Very hot.

The sand is hot.

It burns your feet.

They hurt a lot.

You'd love to get to the water.

Water is your salvation.

Standing feels unbearable.

It hurts very, very much.

You must get to the water.

Take a step to the water.

We take a step to the water.

Take a step.

One more.

One more step.

The water is closer now.
One more.


Be brave.
Step to the water.

Here it is.

Finally. Water.

That's it. You can swim.
Can you swim?

- Can you swim?
- Yes.

Then swim.


The water feels nice.

There are waves.

Go under.


Dive in. Hold your breath.

Hold it.

Hold your breath.

Up to the surface.

You can swim back to shore.

It's in the other direction.

Five meters to the shore.



Two meters.

It's so close now.

The shore is very close now.

You're back on the shore.

You regain your breath.

You're tired.

You sleep.

Once I count to three,
you'll wake up.


You are rested and feeling good.


You've slept well.

You feel strong.

Three. You wake up.

Open your eyes.
Open them.

Tell me what you remember.

- You said I should close my eyes.
- And then?

To open them.

You two can go.

And you get an appointment
for Friday.

4 PM.

Okay. Thanks.

Misha, stop pretending.
I don't like that.

This is it. You can go.


Get an appointment for Thursday.

2 PM.

Go! Go! Yes!


Come on! Just a little more!

Go, go, go, go!


Oh, Misha the bear!
Tell us, Misha, how was it?

- We're curious!
- Tell you what?

About the hypnosis.

What's it like to be hypnotized?

No clue. Didn't work on me.

Good on you, Misha, not falling
that stuff. I wouldn't either.

How'd he do it?

Like in the movies?

Swinging a watch like this?

Nah. It was different.


Told you it was bullcrap.

Let's drink to all our never-ending
bullcrap and craziness.

- Crazy is how we roll!
- Just a little.


What else could I do?

I never claimed it would work,
but we had to try.

Let's try some herbalist hag too.
And a witch doctor.

Fine. If you're rejecting it,
suggest something else.

That's what our boss says.


There were actual people there,
you know. In a trance.


What did it look like?

He helped Zavyalova. Sanya too.

Yes. And Masha quit smoking.

- Yes.
- Is that so?

- Maybe it only works on women?
- Oh, come on!


What was this, Misha?
It's okay, it's okay.

It wasn't on purpose.

I'm just hypnotized.

Hey, Misha. What
was that about?

He's going back this Thursday.

- Back where?
- The hypnosis.


What the hell for?

I'll pay with my money,
don't worry.

Are you, like, totally out of it?

He's sleeping, Yura.

Isn't that enough for you?

So what if he's sleeping?
Big deal.

It happens normally too.

No, really...

what's the point in quitting?

Remember what happened
after the shrinks?

Both were no good.

Only made it worse.

And all those stupid pills.


Margarita lvanovna from
the "Chuchelo" novella.

She puts her own interests
above those of her students.

She doesn't take their
problems seriously.

So they react accordingly.

As a rule, a teacher
losing authority...

In the literary works of the
Soviet and Post-Soviet periods...

In German:
Sleep, baby, sleep.

I'll give you a sheep.

With one fine golden bell.

A playmate for all your games.

Sleep, baby, sleep.

And don't bleat like a sheep.

Or the shepherd dog will come...

and bite my naughty...


Are you really a sleepwalker?
Or just...

pretending again?

It's curious if it's true.

Never seen a sleepwalker before?

Seen plenty.

But ones that can't
be hypnotized...

Never once.

Is it a nuisance at all?

So, you walk around
at night. Big deal.

Whose problem is it?

Your parents?

- It's mine too.
- Yours? Why?

- I want to be normal.
- You are.

I want to know what I'm doing.
At all times.

It's pissing me off.

Now we're talking.


It's okay.
Everything's fine.

Easy now.

Easy. It's alright.

Misha! Your phone!


Hey, pal.

You've been snitched on,
you know?

They're saying you're
a cybercriminal now.

Why did you steal all of
Makar's virtual money?

I didn't steal it. I bought
armor with it.

- By accident.
- Right. By accident.

His mother is all mad now.

In that parents' chat room
of theirs.

You think I love that, Misha?

Reading the spam
those hens type?

Sherbakova's mom pitched in too.

Your Misha is so and so,
he curses in public.

I was about to reply to her.

But held back.

That it?


"You should reprimand
your son", she said.

So here I am. Just done it.

Are we going to the Zorins?

- Hi.
- Yes. What time is it?

- Half past nine.
- Oh! Gotta hurry!

How was the hypnosis, Misha?

It was okay. There's a PTA
meeting at school tomorrow.

One of you should go.

Look. Look at him.

A true boyscout.

Riding roughshod over his
irresponsible parents.

Seriously, Misha, what
are we to do there?

They think I'm hiding something.

Can't believe you really
don't give a shit.

Listen, how about we give you a note
that we really don't give a shit?

Date, signature, and all that.
Will that work?

Put Vasya to bed, okay?

We should buy wine
or something sweet.


- Let me help.
- I'll manage.

Wait. Stop.

Quiet. Be quiet.




Come here.

Come here!


Your hypnosis doesn't seem
to help one damn bit.

Maybe he wasn't asleep.

He was sleeping in his bed.

It's all messed up.

Maybe he just had a bad dream.

Got scared.

Ran over.

Missed us.

I'd run to my mom too
when I was little.

At 167

Okay, Yura.

What options are there?

I've tried everything.

- Want some eggs?
- I do.

Where did you sleep, Misha?

- The parents' room.
- How come?

Thought it's time to
claim it for myself.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I got freed up earlier.

It's alright. Have a seat
and wait over there.

Excuse me...

Is this place, like, a lab
or something?

Why "something"?

It's a laboratory of the Clinical
Psychology Department.

Doing some research?


That's what labs are for.

What are you researching?

Consciousness, subconsciousness,
limits of personality...

and many other
interesting things.

Me as well?


You he's just helping.

I see.

I'm sorry. I have
to step out.

Wait here.

Okay, I will.

I'm scared!

I'm ordering you to go.

I don't want to die.

I won't! I won't! Please!

I don't want to.

Have you ever tried drugs?

You can tell me. Don't be afraid.


And you didn't like it, right?

Want me to tell you
why you didn't like it?

It was like this.

Did you smoke it or eat it?


You smoked it.

And felt like you were losing
control over yourself.

Couldn't think the thought
that you wanted.

Couldn't know how much time
had passed. A minute or a second.

You thought it would stay
like this for good.

Like going insane or dying.

Dying would actually be better...

than losing all control.

How do you know this?

And this is why, Misha,
you are afraid...

of going into trance.

- I'm not afraid.
- Sure you are.

More than anything
else you fear...

losing control over yourself.

You only say this because
you failed.

Failed what?

You can't bend me to your will.
My will is just too big.

Yes. One giant will.

My self-control is 100%

I can't be influenced, my
alertness is never dulled.

I always see things clearly,
as they are. In reality.

And what is reality like?
Do you mind telling me?

What do you mean?

Like, what is happening
right now?

- We're talking.
- Okay.

There's a girl sleeping there.

Is she pretty?

You like her?

She's good.

Your complete opposite.

Highly hypnotizable.

And lacking any control
over her psyche.

You are afraid.

Sorry, unable to let go.

And she to hold on.

- What's worse?
- Did you ever fall in love?

Madly fallen in love?


Didn't like it either, huh?

Why? It was okay.


Not madly enough then.

If it's just okay.

When you're madly in love, you have
zero control over yourself.

For her it's happiness.

And for you...


You been coming here long?

Since October.

And it worked right away?


The hypnosis.


That's cool.


Polina, come back please.
I totally forgot.

The February contract
isn't signed.




- You for 6 too?
- No, I'm finished.

Oh, you and him were
alone in there?

- Yep.
- Therapy?

- Something like that.
- Cool.

Volkov is a top dude.

Number one in Russia for sure.

And in Europe, like,
in the top 5.

You know, once I started
visiting him...

my head got all cleared up.
Like on some vitamins.

I'm, like, fully alert non-stop.

- Much respect to Volkov.
- You addicted or something?


I'm thinking about writing
my thesis on hypnosis.

Like “Methodological analysis of
the hypnotic state...

- "...of altered consciousness."
- I'm late. Gotta go.

- See ya. Bye. Sorry.
- Oh, okay.

- See you around.
- Yes.

Winter will be over soon.


Too bad.

I like it when it's like now.

The snow.

Do you like it?

Are you okay?

Feeling dizzy.

From the hypnosis?

No. It'll pass in a moment.

Maybe I should take you home?

Thank you. No need. It's far.

Where is that?

We may be going in
the same direction.

My subway stop is "Maryino".

What's yours?

You know what?

Take me home.

Ammonia liquid

I don't want to die.

Let me go!
Let go.

You'll be fine.

Let go...

I don't want to die.

Everything's alright.

Did I scare you?

This happens sometimes,
in the subway.

In the elevator too.

Should I take the
elevator with you?

Thanks. No need for that.


Are you on social media?

No. What for?

Human memory...

Is very flexible.

And very unreliable.

Each one of us has imaginary friends.

Imaginary enemies.

Imaginary love.

The subject must trust the one...

who creates the deception.

That is, the source
for the subject...

has to be extremely

So, tell me...

my self-confident little ones.

What is the most
authoritative source?

- TV.
- More.

Doctors. Mothers! Loved Ones!

- More.
- The person himself.

Quiet! Who said "the person"?

I did.

Elaborate what you mean by that.

I mean a person's own self.

Mine for me.

Yours for you.

This is the correct answer.

Applause, please.

Of course. Most regularly
and most effectively...

we deceive ourselves.

You just don't expect a
lie from yourself. Right?

I don't get it. When did
she find out?

Honey, you're scaring me.

Her dad told her everything
in the last episode.

That one sleepwalks.

You have memory gaps.

Only Vasya and I are normal.

What is this?

The hypnosis money.

- You didn't go?
- Good call. About time.

No. He said there's
no need to pay.

Why the generosity?

What's the catch?

Seriously, Misha. Why is that?

He says I'm interesting.
Wants to work with me.

Good night.


how old are you?

- Five.
- Five.

And who do you like to
play with the most, Oleg?

Little Anya.

We play hospital.

Where is Anya?

Anya isn't playing
with us today.

And what are you making, Denis?

A house.

A house.

Who lives in your house?

No one.

Why doesn't anyone...

live in your house?

Everyone is dead.

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

Yulia. My dear.

Why did you break Denis's house?

So only I would have one.

So that only you would
have a house, right?

Only one house.


Denis's house is bad.

Were they really like
this as kids?

When I hear the word "really"
or "objectively"...

I find that funny.

May 17

Wonderful. Good.

- Well, anyone else?
- Does it hurt her?

Does your hypnotist do the same?

Not "hypnotist".

He's a hypnologist.
That's one.

And two: no one does
this anymore.

It's an obsolete technique
from last century.

Modern hypnologists are a lot
more democratic and subtle.

They strive not for

but for cooperation.

Like you know anything about stuff
they do to you under hypnosis.

I'm not susceptible to hypnosis.

And I'm not Victor
Petrovich's patient.

I'm his student.

Hypnotize me.

Come on. It'll be cool.

I see no sense in it.

Please. Just once.
Let's try.

Aren't you a student?



Sit comfortably.

Close your eyes.

Breathe slowly and deeply.

Breathe in.





Very good.

Your body is fully relaxed.

You can't feel the weight
of your body.

As if it's in water.

You can hear me, understand
what I'm saying...

and obey all my commands.

You can answer me.

Open your eyes.

You see me.

- Do you understand?
- Yes.

Your left arm slowly
starts to rise.

The arm is light, soft.

It's totally relaxed.


Now, just as slowly
and smoothly...

It begins to fall.

The arm is relaxed.

The breathing is deep.


Very good.

Alright, that's it, Vasya.
The hypnosis session is over.


Misha! Vasya!

Dinner is on the table!
It'll get cold!

We're almost done playing!


Vasya! Vasya!

Wake up. Wake up!




You hear my voice...

and obey all the commands
I'm giving you.

Your mind and your body...

are completely under
control of my will.

Now I will count to three.

And you will regain

I'm starting the countdown.


You feel rested.


You feel good.

Three! You wake up!


Did you feel anything?

Well, no, but it felt
like something...

Maybe you should be
hypnotizing longer?

Alright. It will work next time.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Get some good rest. And don't
think about it at all.

- Oh, hi.
- Hello.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I'll be going then.


Wait, are we scheduled
for today?

No, not today.

- Tomorrow, right?
- Yes, yes.

- Tomorrow.
- My mistake.

- Tomorrow?
- Bye!

I had a dream that you and I
were standing and smoking.

Really? You and 1?

A-ha. In my building.


Such a strange dream.

You don't smoke, right?

Still, 1 woke up...


Gasping for air.

Crazy stuff.

Please don't think that...

that I have those fits
all the time.

I don't.

I'm a normal person.

Well, almost.

You're normal.

But you aren't ordinary.

In a good sense.

Well, at least to me.

- What?
- Nothing.

What would you like?

I'd like a lager beer, please.

This one.

What will you have?

I don't drink, so a
green tea, I guess.

Can I see an ID, please?

Yes. Sure.

Dammit. I forgot
it at home.

But I'm 18. Honestly.
Turning 19 soon.

You know what, I'll have
that beer.

With the tea.


How old are you really?


Okay, sixteen.

You're a lousy liar.

That's awesome.

Probably that's because
you're 16.

And you?

I'm 21.

Can't lie either though.

Old, huh?


Listen, are you...

a part of an experiment...

or getting treatment?

I don't understand.

Why do you go to Volkov?

We're just talking.

Under hypnosis?

No. Like you and I right now.

And you're not afraid at all?

What's to be afraid of?

He's a regular dude.
Not scary at all.

I just...

feel uneasy not knowing...

not remembering what
happens to me... in a trance.

Like, what do they do to me?

Listen, he and I, we have a slightly
different relationship.

More independent,
I guess. See?

He shares knowledge with me.
And I'm interested in it.

So, you're a wizard's apprentice.

An heir. Right?

You don't have to believe me.


- Katya!
- Yes, dear?

- Have you seen my pants?
- What pants?

The regular ones, with the pockets.

Ah, those.

I washed them.

They're drying.

- Did you wash them at night?
- I did.

You mean, you came into my room...

In the middle of the night...

nicked the pants...

and decided to wash them?


Don't you ever touch my things.

Misha, maybe you shouldn't go to
school today?

- Maybe you'd rather stay home?
- What?


Hello, Misha.

- He in?
- Yes.

Oh, an individual session.

Not exactly.

Will it take long?

I don't know.


your father is in
the office now.

He wanted to talk, so Victor
Petrovich let him in.

Drags himself over here
every day.

You don't charge him.

Misha always was a complicated
kid, but now it's just too much.

Something is happening to him.
Because of you.

He's going off his rockers,
can't you understand?

I can. It really does
look rather...


Listen, don't fool around with
me. I'm not big on jokes.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

And your son's sense of humor
is perfectly fine.

He is perfectly fine
In every sense.

You have a great son.

Mentally healthy.


Very honest.

I know.

Then why don't you trust him?
And why doesn't he trust you?

What are you doing here?

Go home!

Okay now...

Misha is 16 years old.

Which means he's a minor.

My wife gave a written consent
for therapy...

and I'm withdrawing
this consent now.

So, if my son comes to this
office even once more...

I will sue you.

And that will be the end
of your scientific career.

Misha, you've almost...

put an end to my
scientific career.

That's it.

- Come, Misha.
- Don't listen to him!

Don't listen to what he's saying!
Forget it!

Misha, I suspect...

that your dad wants to
speak not with me...

but with you.

And I suggest you do it
in some other place.

While I do some work here.



Do you realize that you
are the reason...

he sleepwalks?


When he's walking at night,
he's looking for his parents.

A protest.

And in some way...

a cry for help.

Alright, fine!

Fine! Volkov, Schmolkoff,

I won't say another word to you!




You're all attention.

You're tense.

You see before you a big,
fat rat. Here it is.

It's gross.

It's wet, slippery.

It's got sharp teeth.

It's slowly walking towards you.

It stinks.

It stinks so much!

You hate the rat.

You can't stand the rat.

The rat is an enemy.

You're stronger than the rat.

It's coming closer.

It's not afraid of you.

You hate the rat.

It's coming closer.

And closer.

Scare it.


It can't hear you.

You're ready to tear it apart.

You're ready.

Now grab and kill it!

Enough. Stop.

Stop. Stop it.

Don't you feel sorry for it?


It was alive, and you killed it.

Is killing easy, Yulia?

- Yes.
- No!


Killing is hard, Yulia.

Killing someone, you Kill

You've been killing yourself
just now, Yulia.

This time you survived.

But if you ever...

want to harm a living being,
you'll kill yourself.

You'll die.

Do you understand?

You won't ever kill anyone, Yulia.

That's it.

That's it.

Calm down.

Get up. Calm down.

You should rest.


You'll sit in the chair and relax.





You see before you...

a big rat.

Here it is.

Look at it.

A big rat.


The big rat is right at your feet!
Right there!

Its teeth are sharp.


It's ready to jump!
No! You can't run away.

The rat is faster.

- You must kill it!
- No!

It's either you or the rat.

I can't!

If you don't kill it, it'll
rip your throat open.

Yes. It has jumped
on your lap, Oleg.

Tear it apart.

Grab it and tear it apart.
It's you or the rat.

- No!
- It's just a rat.

It's on your chest!

It's on your chest!
It will bite you!

It will devour you! Kill it!

- Kill it!
- I can't!

I can't!

- Kill!
- I can't!

There is no rat.
No rat.

No rat!

Sit comfortably.

Calm down. There is no rat.

There is no threat, Oleg.

Breath calmly.

The danger has passed.

The rat is gone, there
IS no danger.

Breath in deep.


So, Yulia won't be able
to kill now?

Why not?

She will be. Easily.

But you forbade her to.

Can't solve this problem
in a single session.

Not in two either.

You know how many rats
she's killed already?

And not just rats.

The dynamics is what matters.

She is deriving less and
less pleasure...

from aggression.

So, she still kills, but doesn't
get the kick out of it. Right?

- Yes. You want sugar?
- No.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Is she a killer in real life?

Not really. She...
Give me the spoon.

She's a pre-school teacher.
Has a husband.

And two cats. Everyone
is alive.

Then what's all this for?

I want it to stay the same.

See? Yulia has a
natural affinity.

To aggression.

And I really want to
minimize it.

And Oleg?

- Oleg what?
- Why were you teaching him to kill?

Misha, this isn't a school.

I don't teach anything.

I research the boundaries of
influence on personality.

I look for balance.

I help people.

I mean...

find ways to fix them.

I look for these ways, you see?

Does Polina need fixing too?

Does she still come,
or not anymore?

Haven't seen her in a while.

Will she be back?

No. Polina won't be back, Misha.

Then can I...

Can I have her number, please?


Polina doesn't exist.

I made Polina up just for you.

Made her up.

And planted in your head.
Do you understand?

You don't.

Polina isn't real.

Your relationship with her...

Your feelings to her...

are all...

a part of treatment.

Of my work with you.

You get it?

What do you mean?

You mean... under hypnosis?

Like the rats...

like the ocean, like...

No way. Hypnosis doesn't
work on me.

I was never hypnotized.

What made you think it
didn't work on you?

I'd remember being hypnotized.

Do they remember?

Yulia, Oleg, and Denis?

- Probably...
- What?


they remember not
remembering something.

Like a memory gap. A hole.

It's different for everyone. I
don't know how it is for you.

A hole...

or no hole.

I just want you to understand
that Polina is an illusion.

She is not a living person.

An illusion?

Alright. Okay.

An illusion.

But why now?


Why did you remove her now?

Not a week earlier?

Or some other time?
I don't know.


I understand that it's
hard for you.

It's as it should be,
believe me.

You aren't a psycho. The
world didn't collapse.

The world is just fine.

There is no Polina in it.

And you don't sleepwalk.

Come on.

What does Polina look
like for you?

Her face?

Hair? Clothes?

Did you program her looks?

No. I don't know what
she looks like.

It was you who gave her
appealing features.

For yourself.



Don't look at me like this.
I'm not asleep.

I'm normal.

All normal people
are fast asleep.

It's my new thing.


Who is Misha?

You. Who else?

Are you sure?

What's going on with you?

Should I be worried or what?

Up to you.

Can't say I want to.

But I'm still worried.

What next? A kiss?

That friend of yours...
Victor Petrovich...

says I'm a bad father.

- That I don't pay enough...
- Oh.

I see now.

It's a doctor's prescription.

To pay attention, to give love.

I get it. Thanks, Yura.

I'm feeling so damn warm now.

Go already.

You have school in the morning.

You feel good. You want to sleep.

Close your eyes.

Your arms are so heavy.

They are asleep.
Close them.


Your entire will belongs to me.

You don't have any left. You're
a person without will.

You obey me completely.
I am your master.

You're asleep, but don't
want to lie down.

You're asleep, you feel good.

You sleep, you feel good.

You want to sleep. You sleep
and feel very, very good.

You sleep... and sleep...

What the hell are you doing?

I see you do this again,
you're dead.

When you're snitching
to the parents...

make sure you tell them
about smoking too.

Like a one-two punch.

You stupid or what?

Listen, can you explain
why you did that?

Explain it to me normally.

Did what?

What are you talking about?

Why did you hit me?

Wanted to check if
you were real.


For hypnotizing, right?

What does hypnotizing
mean, Vasya?

It's when you can't control
yourself, right?

Are you in control of yourself
right now?

Are you sure that you are you,
and me is me...

sitting here in front of you.

May not be a fact at all, Vasya.

Could be...

you made me up.

Maybe I'm your imaginary
brother, Vasya.

Complicated, huh?

It is.

Of course. But what
did you expect?

It's life.

Hit me, Vasya.


- Come on, give me a whack.
- I'm not gonna!

- Come on!
- No!

It's important to me, see?

I want to check if
I'm real or not.

Are you real? Come on!

I won't.


I'll help you.

I hate you, you little bitch!
You fuck face, you scum.

Dipshit! You piss me off,
you damn rugrat!

Come on!



Vasya, is it you?

Vasya, is it me?

What's this?

What happened?

Let Vasya tell you.

What is this, Vasya?

We had a fight.

Why so secretive?

Can you explain like
normal people?

Why you fought, who
you fought with?

It's the usual thing.

A guy hit me.

Misha stood up for me
and got some too.

Come here.

It's alright.

The kitty's hurting.

The doggy's hurting.

And Vasya isn't hurting.


You want a painkilling song too?

I won't fit on your lap.

You sure are a big boy,
but you never know.

No, Katya.

It's you who are little.

Did Volkov order you too?
To play mommy?

Or else you'll lose the boy?
That it?

You can't play the part though.
Because you're a kid yourself.

And so is Yura.

Both of you.

You'll be old soon, but you're
acting like little kids.

What's Volkov got
to do with this?

Learn to close the damn cabinet!

To wash the dishes!

To be on fucking time
when you promise to!

Is that so hard?

Is it like some super-skill?

- Misha, I don't understand.
- Katya!

So, you're, like, a mom.
A mother.

Why do you even want all this?!

Why have kids, Katya?

More dishes to wash. More
pain in the ass! Less time!

Harder to hang out!

Having kids just sucks!

So you live like it's just
the two of you here!

Like you're gonna die tomorrow!
Like you're little kids!

Like you're animals!

Wait, no...

Animals are awesome.

For their young ones they'll
tear anyone to pieces.

- Misha...
- Fuck you.

Hey! What's going on?

- Don't hurt him.
- I'm not. Just asking politely.

What the hell are you doing?

Did your hypnosis buddies
put you up to this?

No, answer me. What's
happening here?

What do you need?
More freedom?

Compassion? What?
What are we doing wrong?

- Misha, do you love me?
- Yeah, sure. You wish.

He loves hypnosis now.
That zombie cult of his.



I'm sorry...

I have a situation...

Can I spend the night
at your place.

Spend the night where?
I don't get it.



I'm waiting.


Hello? I'm at Victor Petrovich's.

I'll spend the night here.
In his lab.

I'm alright. Don't worry.


Yes. Good night, Katya.

Is Katya your mom?



Nina will come at nine.
I'll give her a heads up.


Throughout the world.

Come on Tuesday, if you want.

Come on. Get a hold of yourself.

I keep trying, but...

things just go haywire.
You see?

Don't be silly. You have an
outstanding psyche.

What if it isn't?

It is.

If it wasn't, you wouldn't be
sitting here now.

And not just now.

I wouldn't take you in.

I'm off. Good night.

Thank you.


Hurry up, pal.

- Before we gobble up the food.
- And the drinks.

You want Champagne?

I don't drink.

Come on. Like we don't know.

I don't drink today.

But there is a toast.

What's the problem?
He can toast with juice.



Your mom has undertaken a
culinary feat.

She actually used the stove.
Like in her youth, right?

Screw you.

Is today some sort of holiday?

A family one.

We decided to celebrate
a happy occasion.

Are you pregnant?

God forbid.

Then what is it?
A silver anniversary?

I don't get it. What's with the
ageist jokes today?

Do I look bad?

Alright. To the point. Misha...

Today is our Victory day.
Victory over sleepwalking.

We haven't had any for
one full month.

I mean, you haven'.

There. So...

Let's drink to it, so it
would remain like this.

Your whole life.


Well... To healthy sleep.

It's been two months without it,
actually. If not more.

Oh, no, pal. One month exactly.

You keep a calendar
or something?

You're pretty bad at it, then.

Of course I remember you
trying to copy.

Hid your phone in the
pencil case...

And the teacher's like,
"What's that?"

And he goes,
"That's a spare one."

It really was a spare one.

- You're the only one with an A.
- Should have studied better.

- Right.
- Or do a better job copying.

- Here.
- I have my own.

She said that last week.
And this week too.

- She didn't say anything.
- Fine. Whatever.

- Will Dasha come today?
- I think so.

And Nasty a?

If Dasha comes, so will Nasty a.
They travel in pairs.


Misha, what is this?


Ammonia liquid


Getting plastered today, huh?

That's it. Looks like Misha's gone.


You okay there?

What is this?


I was in the subway with her.
She dropped it, and I took it.

I've found it in my jacket.

It happened for real.

Polina was real.

Wow. In the subway?

Come on, tell me that I just
bought it in a pharmacy.


It's nothing, really.
Just thinking.

About the nature of coincidence.

Does Polina know?

Did you put her up to this?

Where is she?

Where is she?!


killed herself.

Jumped from the 20-th floor.

I don't get it.

Are you trying to
trick me again?


It's true.

How could she kill herself?!
She wanted to live!

She was afraid of dying!

Listen to me. Polina had a
very serious mental condition.

Constant panic attacks.
Illusions of heart attacks.

15 years ago a freak accident
happened in the subway.

She was seven back then.
She was stuck underground.

The trains stopped. The
evacuation took ages.

She was in shock.

She got badly traumatized.
And that's how it started.


dying scared her.

Well, sometimes people
kill themselves...

10 finally get rid of
their fear of death.

It happens.

I don't believe you anymore.

You have the right not to.

Of course.

- Did you sleep with her?!
- Misha...

How did you do it? Under
hypnosis or normally?

At first she didn't know...

but then realized what you
did to her in a trance?

She got dangerous, so you
got rid of her, right?

Get out of here.

Get out of here!

Oh. Nervous, huh,
Victor Petrovich.

I see now.

I see everything.

Hi, Misha. What's up with you?

Leave before it's too late.

Leave where?

He turns us into zombies.
You. Me. Everyone.

- So?
- Are you feeling okay?

I am. Doesn't look like
you are, though.

Remember the rat?

What goddamn rat?

The one you killed!

Oh. You mean, when
I was a zombie?

Yes! Volkov ordered you!
You tore its head off!

Holy crap.


- Screw you!
- Misha...

Come on, Misha!

- Get lost.
- Nope.

I'm asking nicely. Go away.

Hypnotize me.


Then show me how.

I said no.

What's wrong?

A person died.

Which floor?

The 20th.

Do you know the apartment?

Don't care about the apartment.

She used the hallway.

The balcony there.

Did he order her to?


Did he hypnotize her
for suicide?

The self-preservation instinct
still works under hypnosis.

Must have ordered
someone else then.

I don't know. Must have
said, 'Go kill Polina.'

I don't know. Denis maybe?

He obeys everything he says,
so he's the most likely killer.

Or the rat-killing lady.

We should check her alibi.
Denis's too.

Vasya, are you Sherlock
Holmes now?


Then tell me how to check
everyone's alibi.

Hypnotize them.

They'll tell you everything.

What else? Hypnotize Volkov?

That'd be awesome, but...

What if it was you who pushed
her off under hypnosis, Misha?

Vasya, you stupid or something?


- Katya!
- What's with you?

When was the last time
I sleepwalked?


Remember how you said...

it's been a month without

So, it was the night
of the 10th?

Morning of February 117

- Was it?
- Yes.


Then why didn't you tell me?

You always told me,
but not that time.


We didn't tell you...

because we got very scared.

I was at home, right?
I didn't go out?

Tell me!

We don't know where you went.

We slept through it.

But once we realized you're gone,
we searched the whole neighborhood.

Ran back and forth.

Called the police too.

How did you find me?
Where? What was I doing?

We didn't.

You returned on your own
in the morning.

Undressed and went to bed,
as if nothing happened.

That's it.

- Misha!
- Misha!

The pants!

Remember how you
washed my pants?!

In the middle of the night?!

What was wrong with them?!
Was there blood?!

What blood? Are you nuts?

Then what was it?


There wasn't anything serious.

They were just wet. And dirty.
That's it.

Why say this? I asked you not to.

- We didn't want you...
- Misha.

10 know you went outside.
Didn't want to scare you.

Let's consider those
pants evidence.

And we kinda cleaned
up the scene.

Misha, don't be mad. You know
we love you.

No matter what pants
you're wearing.

I love you too.

Don't interrupt.
I'll do the talking.

You have half an hour to come.


Bakinskikh komissarov 12.
Floor 20.

You hear me?

You hear me?

Volkov Victor Petrovich...

under hypnosis ordered me...

to kill Polina, his patient.

Everyone thinks she committed
suicide. But it isn't true.

It was an assassination.

Put Volkov in jail. For life.

Please. I'm begging you.
Volkov must be in jail.

So that no one else would die.

This is my last request.

Stay there!

Stand still!

I know everything.

I've recorded a video where
I told everything about you.

The whole truth!

If I die, they will see it.

And you'll be fucked,
Victor Petrovich!


I'll certainly be very sorry, if you die.

But why will I be fucked?

Cut the act!

You ordered me to kill Polina!

Ordered you? How?

You influenced me under
hypnosis. Made me kill her.

Certainly, I'm flattered that you made
me so powerful in your fantasy.

Sure is beautiful.

Controlling people remotely.

Murdering with someone
else's hands.

You want an advice, Misha?

One can kill himself whenever
one wants, do you agree?

So don't do it just yet.
Put it on hold for a day.

Go to the cops, have
a word with them.

Give them your witness testimony.

Or did I hypnotize the
cops as well?

Remember how you told me...

your self-control was 100% and
you couldn't be influenced?

I took the liberty to doubt
it and check.

Farewell. I have no time for you.

The test subjects were
made to believe...

that in their childhood they
had ice-cream poisoning.

As a result, all of them
refused to have ice-cream...

with their meals.

- Victor Petrovich, a question.
- Yes.

- Yes.
- How is this done?

How do you plant false memories?

Keeping the line between the
internal and the external...

Is what Ego does.

If the Ego isn't strong enough...

It will believe anything
we want it to.

Without putting the person
in a trance.

Kids and teenagers are great for this.

Perfect targets.


we can subject the Ego
to an attack.

By hypnotizing the subject...


By putting it in a
stressful situation.

Patient U...

Is a working mother
of many children.

For a long time, she
couldn't make peace...

with her domestic problems.

Would you rather tell us
the case of patient P?

Do you think it's okay?

What's okay?

To dig in another
person's memories.

A living person's.

If it's a living person's,
I do think it's okay.

Can't dig in a dead mind,
for obvious reasons.

Okay, are there any more
questions for me?

Relevant to the lecture?

The life and death ones
you should keep...

for your therapist. Or a priest.

Up to you.

- A relevant question.
- Yes.

If you erase someone's memories,
will they still be the same person?

Or become someone else?

A part of them will be
lost, after all.

A part of them?

What the hell is this?

Are you sure you're

Are you? Or is this
a philosophy class?!

But there were casualties.

So? You expected
something else?

I'd rather avoid casualties.

Congratulations. You'll never
be a major scientist.

Of course I won't. Ruining lives
isn't something I do.

It's what you do,
Victor Petrovich.

God dammit.

Damn! Damn! Damn!

Tell me, what are you
thinking?! Huh?!

Answer me! What are
you thinking?!

Should we let a tumor grow
inside a cancer patient?!

It is a part of him, is it not?!

Have you ever wondered why
a surgeon cuts people open...

without any self-reflection?!

Tell me, do you believe
the world has an author?


The Good Lord, the
Grand Architect?

The higher power?

I do!

There is an author! But every
author needs an editor!

Because every creation,
however genius...

Is imperfect!

It needs corrections!

Anything! Anything created by
God requires corrections!

- I don't.
- Everyone does!

Without exception!
Is that clear?!

So who'll be correcting
you, you tell me...

If everyone is a damn pussy?

He's asleep.

It isn't normal to
sleep so long.

It's been more than 24 hours.

Hey, pal.


There's pasta and cutlets.