Hypersleep (2022) - full transcript

Near future. The old penitentiaries are a memory. Inmates now serve their sentence in a state of deep sleep. Until one day David Damiani, a prison psychologist, finds himself confronted with a prisoner over whom he has lost all co...

Look at me.

Try to stay concentrated,
Mr Corvi.


My name is Arturo Cervi.

See how your memory is coming back?

Good citizens always wear
dark shoes.

If I told you this
statement is false,

what could we say about good citizens?

Where is my husband?

May I speak to my husband?

Calm down,

I'm here to help you.

I want to hear him again,

please, let him talk.

You've already listened to him twice,

unfortunately, we have to proceed.

- When did it happen?
- Three months ago,

July 15th.

What year are we in?

Calm down, everything's fine,

I'm Dr. Levi, do you remember?

You're awakening from a long sleep,

do you know where you are?


You're too old for jogging, David!

The situation was unbearable,
90,000 prisoners locked up in 180 prisons,

which were constantly understaffed,

the 'Hypnos' program prevented
a total collapse of the system,

after an initial diffidence,
people understood,

only a handful of people continue
to protest, the usual troublemakers,

but this reform was necessary,

I don't want to be overly optimistic,

but my aim is to completely
eradicate crime.

What a shit situation!

Today is the anniversary,
at least for me.

I don't know when you'll
receive this message.

A whole year without mum.

Because you killed her.

You see?

I can finally say it out loud.

Let me speak to her, I beg you!
Let me speak to her!

- Calm down!
- I had written something to say, but...

- I beg you!
- Calm down,

breathe slowly.

Your daughter still hasn't forgiven you,

but the fact that she decided to
leave you a message is a good sign.

I didn't do anything!
You have to believe me!

Mr Jamal, I'm here to evaluate
your clinical condition, not your case.

We need to review what
happened together,

If you can't remember something
I'll help you,

it'll be quick, you'll see.

How much longer?

Twelve years,

- for the murder of your wife.
- I know the accusation, thank you.

I'm obliged to remind you,
it's the procedure.


This is fucking torture!

A crime of passion, murder?


You know, I only need to look at them
to figure out what they've done.

And you know I can't tell
you anything about the inmates.

Murder, in the heat of passion.

A normal person who suddenly
loses his mind and kills his wife.

Are you planning to steal my job?

Good Lord, no!

I only look after their bodies,
and that's perfectly fine with me.

I'll gladly leave you
all these poor devils' souls.

What souls, Valli?

- It's not like I'm a priest.
- Well, maybe you are in a way,

they confess their sins to you

and you send them to do penance.

I wish it was that simple.

This one said he was innocent,
and he even seemed sincere,

it's not easy to put them back to sleep
when they look you in the eye.

Like I said, you're getting too old,

too sentimental for this line of work.


Do you like it?

Beethoven is always Beethoven.


Come on, I wrote it!

- Genius!
- Idiot!


What are you doing?

Is that her?


forgive me,

really, I didn't want that.

I love you.

How could you not?

- Listen, you know that..
- I know that I shouldn't be here.


Okay, I'll be right there.

There he is.

- Dr. Damiani?
- Yes?

- Andrea Rinaldi.
- Pleased to meet you.

Sorry I had to send for you.

- No problem.
- I hope I didn't interrupt anything.

Actually, we've already met,
but I'm sure you won't remember.

Techniques and Models of Psychotherapy,
I took it with you.

A lifetime ago!

He was the rising star of the faculty,

when they told me you'd be here
I figured it had to be somebody else.

I doubt that you're here
to drag up the past,

in fact, judging by your luggage,
I'd say you'll soon be joining us.

Dr. Rinaldi will be taking
over your position, David.

I know it's still a month away,
but this is my first prison assignment,

so I came a bit earlier
to observe you in action.

A good idea,
you'll be learning from the best.

I'm sorry you found out like that,

I was going to tell you today,
but Rinaldi surprised us all.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting it,

I gave my soul to this place.

That's why I feel it's my duty
to protect you.

You've worked here
more than anybody,

nobody should face so much pain
for so long,

the consequences
could be unpredictable.

You're not renewing my
contract out of fear that I'll crack up?

Five years ago, I initially tried

to convince you
that you were over-qualified,

then I realised your decision was based

on personal considerations,
and I let it rest.

I know how hard it was
after your wife's death.

What's that got to do with it now?

David, you know it's connected.

It's taken you a while, but the
time has come to make a fresh start.

What should I do?

Open my own private practice?

I wasn't even able to prevent
my own wife from killing herself.

Your wife was suffering
from depression,

you did everything possible.

Do "everything possible",

is that what our job has been reduced to?

We give people the means
to understand themselves,

and lead better lives,
but we can't decide for them.

Are those images always the same at every
awakening, don't you ever change them?

They have to be the same,

they choose them
before entering hypersleep,

they are their central theme
over the years,

reminders of who they are,
they reassure them,

even though you'll
often see them panicking,

and in that case, the system automatically
lowers their brainwave frequencies.

Mrs Greco,

can you open your eyes?

Drive me to the newsroom today?

Anna, can you hear me?

You don't need to go to
the newsroom today,

look around you,

this isn't your home, right?

- I'm in prison...
- Exactly,

Anna Greco, you were sentenced
to 9 years of custodial sleep,

you are entitled
to quarterly reawakenings,

unless the medical staff
indicate otherwise,

do you remember why you are here?

I was...
gathering information,

an investigative report.

That was your job,

but that has nothing to do
with you being here.

That evening you were
having dinner with friends,

do you remember?

A dinner on the beach,

but then it started to rain,

and when the time came
to go back home,

you got behind the wheel of your car.

The asphalt was wet,

and you had had a few drinks.

There were...

two girls who...

who jumped into the
middle of the street.

They were two boys,

and they were on the sidewalk,

when you lost control of your car.

I didn't mean to!

Four weeks, and then what?

And then I don't know,
I need to get organised.

Maybe I could go home for a while.

Three hundred kilometres from here?

Or maybe I could,

sell my house,

and look for one here,

big enough to...

have a real piano, let's say.

Forget that, music's not your thing.

While you're looking,
why don't you come and stay with me?

- Are you sure it's not a problem?
- Sure? Not at all...

I think that the real problems
are about to begin.

Mummy, mummy there are fish!

Honey, are you lost?

let's go look for your mummy,

come with me!

We want the truth! We want the truth!

We want answers!
Minister Costa, answers!


- Do you work in there?
- Eh?

Do you get your kicks torturing prisoners?

Actually, I do all I can to
help them, believe it or not.

Then why not tell us exactly
what goes on in these places?

What do you think happens?
The prisoners sleep, and that's it.

That's the bullshit Minister Costa
tells us every day!

We want the truth!

Truth! Truth! Truth!

You store people underground like corpses,
you don't let us see them for years,

is that worthy of a civilised country?

I'm not the one who makes the rules,

I'm sorry.

I that what you tell yourself
to clear your conscience?

What is it?

What's going on?
Why isn't he shaved?

It's an emergency reawakening,
it wasn't programmed.

He doesn't seem in that bad shape.

No, his data is the problem.

What do you mean?

What did you do?

I didn't do anything,
his file opened like this,

no name, no crime,
no evaluation, nothing.

You really don't remember me?

I realise I'm only one of many,

but you and I
have many things in common.

If you're so clear-headed,
why don't you help me out?

What's your name?

The executioner who asks
the condemned to hold his axe.

A bit much, don't you think?

You don't want to collaborate?

Then I'll put you back to sleep
right away.

What about the test?

There's no need for the test,

the inmate is obviously in good condition.

- But David...
- Listen,

do you want me to file a report
to Dr. Levi and let her handle it?

You'll put me back to sleep again
without even knowing who I am?

Think it over, David,
don't make any rash decisions,

you want to screw it all up
now that you're about to leave?

I didn't tell him anything, I swear.

There was no need to, some things
are written all over people's faces,

a brilliant psychologist
like you should know that.

- Where are you going?
- Yes, where are you going David?

Now that we were just
beginning to get along.

Stay with him,

I'll go see if I can find some I.D.
among his personal belongings.

What are you doing here?

- You left him on his own?
- Her values are all over the place!

Fuck! Oh fuck!

The oxygen.

Do you think she's all right?

Why don't you tell me?

What's next in the plan?

- What plan?
- Stop fucking with me!

Is everything that happened
today a coincidence?

- What's going on here?
- We have to have him arrested.


The malfunctioning is part of his plan.

- What plan?
- An escape plan!

He and 517 are accomplices,

in the reawakening room, there's an inmate

that he woke up on his own,
without informing me,

he canceled all his data, so we
couldn't put him back to sleep,

then he sabotaged this capsule
to create a diversion,

517 is probably already escaping.

Why don't we talk about you instead,

He wanted to put the inmate back to sleep
without even knowing who he was,

but there's more,

will you tell him about your lady friend
hidden in your room or should I?

What's that got to do with anything?

You've lost your mind.

- Valli, what are you doing?
- Now we'll all go and check on the inmate,

then we'll figure out
how to sort out this mess.

We've known each other for years
and you trust this asshole?

I don't want to get into any trouble.



Did you do this?

- What are you doing here?
- Don't move!

Why did you hurt him?

I didn't do anything to him!

Tell her, tell her!
I didn't do anything!

What the fuck's gotten into you, David?

Go call Dr. Levi.

Are you alright?

Don't move, David,
don't even think about it.

Handcuff yourself.


- Viola!
- Over there.

- Okay, now let her go!
- Handcuff yourself!

- Let her go! Please!
- Three... two...

- There! I've done it!
- Well done!

Now leave!
Run away, while you still have a chance!

Not so fast.

A man has his needs,

especially after years of abstinence.

Let her go!

Don't touch her, you bastard!

Let go of her!




Let her go!

Don't touch her, you bastard!

I'll kill you!


- David?
- Viola?

I'm not Viola, Mr Damiani,

take a closer look at me.

Mr Damiani?


Are you with me?

You're awakening from a long sleep,
and I'm here to help you.

Do you understand where you are?

In prison...

Very good.

And do you also know why?

I killed 517.



I stabbed his throat with a spike.

No, David, that's not what happened,

but don't worry, that's normal,

you're awakening from
hypersleep and in this phase,

dreams and memories
tend to blend into each other

Let's take it step by step, all right?

Can you talk to me about her?

Do you remember how you met?

- Mummy there are fish!
- Yes, honey, very nice,

but let's give it back to the man,
it's not ours.

- He can keep it, if he wants.
- No, thank you.


May I call you Leo?

Okay Leo, now you go and sit
on that chair over there,

and talk to me as if I was your dad,

that way I'll record your message
and show it to him.


Are you ready?


Would you like to stand close by him?

- Perhaps it could help him.
- To say what?

You know what my husband did,
don't you?

I'm sorry.

I'm only here because he asked me to come.

Leo, this is what we'll do,

now you'll leave a message for your dad,

then come to me and I'll give you
the ball with the fish, in secret,

but don't tell your mum, otherwise
she'll get angry with me, okay?

Do we have a deal?

That was the first time you saw her,

did you know then what her
husband had been condemned for?

I went to find out that same evening,

he was a neurologist,

he had murdered a woman
he was having an affair with,

his assistant, I think.

Why did you go to find out?

Were you already
interested in Viola Conforti?

She no longer went by that name.

She had already filed for a divorce.

And a short while later,
you went looking for her.

Good evening.

I wanted to pay my compliments,
you were all truly sensational.

Thank you.

I'm Dr. Damiani,

you brought your son to
record a video message.

- Of course, excuse me, I'm a bit tired.
- I can imagine.

- So you're into classical music?
- Yes, yes,

I'm not much of an expert, but,

- but, I like it, yes.
- Who do you like in particular?

Well, just about everybody,

the classics let's say.

Well, you can't go wrong
with the classics.

It was kind of you to come,

- good night.
- How's Leonardo doing?

He's doing fairly well,

I don't know why, but he adores you.

Listen, the theatre bar is still open,

may I offer you a drink?

I haven't been going out much lately.

Anyway, I'm late for the babysitter,
so, really, I can't.

Of course.



If you like, I can offer you a drink,

I live nearby.

- Is red all right for you?
- Yes, it's perfect.

A beautiful home, my compliments.

It's the museum of my previous life.

I can understand you.

My life also changed
from one day to the next.

Well, tell me about it.

Are you being all mysterious?

I'll keep the rest for our second date.

I doubt there will be a second date.

It's a complicated period.

Mr Damiani?

Do you remember how long
your relationship lasted?

Four years.


from the day you met Viola
until the day you killed her husband,

only eleven months went by.

Viola had met somebody.

Who is this guy exactly?

He didn't want to tell me, but he
definitely knows my husband well.

Ah, that's what you call him now!

I shouldn't have told you, just forget it!

- What exactly are you looking for?
- My hairband.

Can't you stop for a moment?
Sit down and we can talk!


In the beginning, I...

I couldn't believe that Carlo
had done those things.

He always swore to me
that he was innocent.

But then during the trial,
he closed himself off totally,

he stopped talking to me,

and with all the evidence
mounting up, I...

I told myself I had to look at the facts,

and the facts told me he was guilty.


Yes, but that man told me
that all the evidence had been planted,

and he knew Carlo and the case well,

- I understood from how he talked to me...
- You don't even know who he is.

So you think I should
pretend everything's fine?

So what should I do then?

- Wake him up and let him escape?
- No!

No, but...

you have access
to all the files,

and you're the only one who
can speak to him directly.

Maybe something can still be done.

You still love him.

You always say you wish you could
do more for the people you reawaken,

and now that you can, you turn the
other way because he's my husband?

A few days later,
you detached Conforti's oxygen supply,

do you remember now?

First of all, you deleted all his data,

so that his capsule
would appear to be empty,

otherwise your tampering
would have set off an alarm,

then you went and cut off his oxygen,

Conforti would have died in silence,
without anybody knowing.

His corpse would have been
found months later,

and at long last, Viola would have
stopped thinking about him.

Conforti wasn't the person
Viola thought he was,

he was dangerous, a violent man.

But things didn't go as planned.

Another person died as well.

Anna Greco.

I only wanted to cut off
Conforti's oxygen,

but the capsule
was connected to another.

I didn't mean to...

I know it's very painful
to live through all this again,

but it's the procedure, I'm sorry.

Put me back to sleep.

I'm tired.

This time, I'm afraid
I can't satisfy your desires.

This is your final reawakening,
Mr Damiani.

Your sentence still lasts
another 10 years,

but you can serve them on parole.

You admitted your crimes and have managed
to elaborate them in a balanced manner.

Your level of social toxicity is low,

and your profile fully entitles you
to enrol in the reintegration program.

You should consider yourself lucky,

it's not something that
happens to everyone.

Naturally, we expect full
collaboration from you,

either you follow the program
to the letter,

or these benefits will be revoked.

- How long was I asleep?
- Ten years,

you recently turned 55.



You take me for a hooker?

I've been waiting 20 minutes
for you on the street.

Sorry, I got lost,
I couldn't find the building.

Sure, let's go,
stairway A, apartment 18.

Shortly, you'll be assigned a job,

nothing complicated, don't worry.

The reintegration program
entails a meeting with a support group

every two weeks.

- I don't think I'll need it.
- It's mandatory.

You have to sign in every day,

and you're not allowed
to leave the city.

Pretty, isn't it?

Practically a five star hotel, Damiani!

This is your home now,

but I can come in whenever I see fit,

I can perform inspections, searches,

I can also summon you to the precinct,
just because... because I miss you.

Everything I just told you
is written here,

that way you can't blame it
on your fried brain.

And remember that you're
not a free man yet,

zombies like you,

who steal houses and jobs from
honest citizens, are a dime a dozen,

so just give me an excuse
to put you back to beddy-byes,

I couldn't ask for anything better.

Come here.

175 please.

Here you are.

The thing that makes me feel the most...


is that it can happen
at any moment, anywhere,

when I'm at work,
when I'm shopping,

they are real waking nightmares.

It happens to me too,

when I walk down the street, It feels
like everyone is staring at me,

that they all know
who I am and what I did.

They are the side effects
of hypersleep, it's normal,

you're realigning with reality, but you
have to give yourselves some time,

for years, your brains did
nothing but produce dreams,

to make up for the lack
of outside stimuli,

and now it's like an over-trained muscle,

that functions even when
it doesn't need to.

I can't sleep anymore,

or even stay concentrated.

My brain is just one big mess,

but I don't want to take
all those pills any more.

I was slowly fading away, David.

How long could you have resisted?

It was better this way.

You know it too.

All right, that's enough for today.

See you all in two weeks,
same place, same time.

Damiani, Fabbri, Fiorillo, come here.

StudioLab 78, Via del Macello, 10.

Tomorrow, 6 PM, all three of you,

and remember, on time
and well-dressed,

- it's part of the program.
- And it's mandatory.

- David Damiani?
- That's me.

It says you've just been just released,

you seem in in great shape,

so David, the recording
lasts just a few minutes,

so remember, short and direct.

Let's try this one.

Just a few words about your
hypersleep experience,

and then straight to your
present-day life, which is the focus,

so, your new house, your new job,

the support groups, let's try it on.

There, much better!

If you don't know what to say,
don't worry,

here are some sentences
that can help you,

short phrases that are easy to remember,
and that work, trust me!

Let's do a rehearsal.

Not everybody gets
a second chance, but I did,

- I have a new house, new job, a new life.
- Okay, David,

let's try, perhaps,
to give it a little more...

Excuse me, a second.

And if instead I described how
I can't eat solid foods any more?

That's interesting, don't you think?

Or about my constant hallucinations?

Thank you, David, you can go.

No, wait, I'll do it, I'll do it.

I'll do it!

Be positive, natural,

a big smile.

You can do it!

We're ready to shoot!

What can I get you?

A beer.


You're already out after what you did?

- I shouldn't have entered.
- No, you shouldn't.

Do you have any idea what I've been
through these past ten years?

With the press calling me a whore?

The whore who was banging
her husband's murderer!


I don't know how I could
have done such a thing.

Don't ever show your face again!

Do you hear me?

"But you land elsewhere,
in that recess"

"of the heart that deals not with words,"

"that cares not about time, and doesn't
lose itself in the flow"

"of dreams."

You're into love poetry?


I personally prefer a good fuck,
but it's a matter of taste, right?

People say that you zombies can't
get it up anymore, is that true?

Damiani, I asked you a question.

Is it true or not?

Does it make you feel stronger,

to treat people like me like that?

I won't kill you because
I'd only be doing you a favour.

What the fuck is this?

Where's my list?

Clean up this mess, fucking zombie!

These aren't suitable jobs for you,
Dr. Damiani.


It's good to see you,

- I dreamt you were dead.
- Ah, thanks.

Look at where they sent you.

That symbol out there,

you know they use it to mark the places
where ex-inmates are, don't you?


Because it's full of whack jobs out there,
desperate people,

who say you steal houses and jobs
from those in need.

Never lower your guard,

it's a shit world.

Somebody left a photo in my house.

A photo?


a photo of a fountain.

That's not good.

- What are you doing?
- Relax,

I have a permit, it's all above board,

I might be retired,
but they left me my gun.

Put it away!

You put it away,

they would never give one
to someone like you,

- do you know how to use it?
- No, of course not!

Well, make the effort to learn then,

you have to defend yourself!

Mr Greco?

Do we know each other?

No, no, I...

I am...

I was a colleague of your wife.

It's a lot more
than things not adding up,

the truth is that Anna was innocent,

they framed her to shut her up,

because she was opening a Pandora's Box
that had to remain shut.

I feared for her life, you know?
But they...

were even more devious,

they slandered her name,

they portrayed her as an alcoholic,

reckless, a killer!

And they managed to discredit
a whole lifetime's work.

Who are they?

Who's pulling the strings?

Who decides how we should dress,
what we should eat?

The lodges!

The oligarchies of high finance.

They get into our heads,

and the one behind it all
is that snake Costa!

Costa, the minister?

The Prime Minister!

Anna's investigations always riled him.

Mr Greco, thank you for your time,

I have to go now, goodbye.

You know what the
irony of fate is?

She was working on the prison system,

when they put her into hypersleep.

She was investigating Hypnos?

The police took away everything,

computers, cell phones, hard disks,

but they didn't find these things here.

These are all articles about Anna,

her arrest, the charges, the trial,

I kept them all.

May I?



I thought I had seen you
some place before,

now I recognise you!

- You killed her, you filthy bastard!
- Mr Greco...


Go, get out of my house right now!

- David, you shouldn't be here!
- Viola!

I'm calling the police!

No, wait, give me five minutes,
just five minutes!

What do you want?

Do you remember Anna Greco?

In theory she died because her capsule
was connected to your husband's, right?

An accidental victim,

but the truth is, they knew each other!

Anna Greco was a journalist and
she was investigating hypersleep.

Here, she wrote that...

where is it?
Look, here, here!

She wrote that she needed to analyse
certain clinical cases with your husband,

they were collaborating.

It can't be a coincidence.

I checked all the names on the list,

they all served hypersleep sentences,

they are all ex-inmates.

Yes, Carlo had several of them
in his care,

they were suffering from
depression, hallucinations.

Anna Greco and your husband had
dug up something about Hypersleep.

I found something.

It's an old report by Anna Greco,

Italy's first "Hypnos" penitentiary.

Yes, it doesn't say much,
but look at this photo,

It's Costa.

Yes, and this one close to him
"Elia Treves",

he's the man who came
to see me ten years ago,

to tell me that my husband
was innocent, I'm certain.

There he is!

It's him!

Where are you going?

Trust me!

Mr Treves?

It took me a while,
but I found you again.

That wasn't a good idea, believe me,

go back home, forget about me.

- Don't move!
- David, what are you doing?

Don't move!

After Conforti was sentenced,
you contacted Viola,

isn't that so?

You said you knew my husband well,
do you remember?

And that I shouldn't
believe that he was guilty.

Why would someone from the Ministry
expose himself like that?

I'm talking to you!

I always thought that
Hypnos was corrupt as hell,

and since I was aware of her
husband's studies on hypersleep,

I slipped him some reserved files
from the Ministry.

I couldn't have imagined
it would end like this.

So Conforti was innocent?

Anna Greco was too.

And am I too?

Am I innocent too?

You don't remember, do you?


They really fry your brains in there!

Even those like you who are
paid to fry the brains of others.

Get out!

You too, out!


No bullets?

You see?

You're not a killer!

Never come looking for me again!

Let me see.


I'm not much of an action hero.

I'm sorry, David.

It's all my fault.


Yes, I asked you to help me.

It wasn't your fault.

In fact,

you made me open my eyes.

You reawakened me.

I have to go, I have the night shift.

Take my car, I don't need it.



See you tomorrow.

Tomorrow, yes.

This is an unauthorised reawakening,

I am interrogating inmate 517,

Carlo Conforti,

accused of murdering
his assistant, Miriam Zorri.

I didn't mean to kill her,

she wanted to tell my wife, so I...

Mr Conforti, please, concentrate on...

what you were telling me before,
do you remember?

We were talking about Hypnos,

you were saying that during
the reawakenings,

the inmates' brain waves are slowed down.

Of course,

that's how you keep them calm, right?

Too bad that this also means

lowering all their defence mechanisms,

opening wide the doors
of their subconscious,

and right in that moment, all you do is

remind them of the dynamics
of their crime.

Are you saying that the
inmates are fed false memories?

Without a real life
working as a counterweight,

the reawakened project everything
that is told to them into their dreams,

infinite dreams,

that last years,

and over time their memories...

It wasn't me,

was it?

I wasn't the one who killed my assistant.

I'm afraid I was the one
who made you believe it.

How long have I been in hypersleep?

Almost two years.

Two years,

and I was already
confessing to everything.

I'm sorry, but I have to
put you back to sleep.

Why are you doing this?

Don't say anything if you want
to avoid putting her in danger!

Do you understand,
don't tell her anything.

Let me go!


- Thank you.
- Welcome.

- Welcome, good evening.
- Good evening.

- Good evening.
- Good evening, your name?


- Perfect, thank you. Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Good evening, your name, please?
- Alessandro D'Elia.

Here I have an Alessandra D'Elia...

There must be a mistake, right?

- Yes, I imagine so.
- Thank you!

You here too, doctor?


- You were released!
- Come with me!

Don't even think about it!

I have a gun, come with me!

What elegance, Rinaldi,
you've moved up in the world!

Where is she?


Viola, where have you taken her?

That Viola?

I haven't seen her in at least ten years!

Where the fuck did you take her?

Do you want to put her to sleep too?



You work for Costa?

You were working for him from day one!

You're delusional, David, you're not
clear-headed yet, you just got out.

It was you!

You cut off the oxygen
from Conforti and Greco!

But you're the one who
condemned them to death!

You started to reopen old files,

and interrogate in your own way,

one way or another,
they had to stop you!

And you pitched in to help the cause.

I count for little or nothing, David,

there's an organisation behind this
that you can't even imagine!

You'd better disappear fast!

The statesman who more than any other,
has worked towards the ideals of progress,

security, and justice in our country.


he will illustrate the new priorities
of his political agenda,

always at the forefront,

and always dedicated to improving
the lives of our citizens,

regardless of useless ideologies.

Too kind, too kind, thank you!

For me, this is a special night...

Very, very special, President!

Don't move, nobody move!
Don't move!

- Keep calm, don't panic, keep calm!
- Don't move!

You, drop the gun, drop it!

Drop the gun!

Calm down, keep calm!

Don't panic, just keep calm!

Do you know who I am, President?

- Should I?
- Mr Damiani is an ex-inmate, President.

What can I do for you?

- I want Viola!
- Viola?

Viola Conforti,
I know you brought her here!

Don't move! Don't move!

Keep calm, you're the one who
asked me to find Mrs Conforti, right?

Yes, but don't try anything!

Calm down, you can trust me.

Trust you?

You made me believe I was a killer

when in fact I'm innocent!

Mr Damiani, I don't know
the details of your case,

if you were unjustly condemned, I'm sorry,

but my focus is on security, not justice,

my mission

is to make sure that every single street
in this country is safe,

that every shopkeeper can roll up
his shutters without fearing robberies.

And those who disagree,
go straight to prison?

What you or I think doesn't matter
Mr Damiani, all that matters is the data!

Do you know how much criminal recidivism
has diminished since Hypnos?

Previously, 80% of those released
from prison would return to crime,

today that percentage has fallen to 4%!

And do you know why?

Because hypersleep destroys
a person's identity!

And you think that before
the inmates had it better?

Crammed into overcrowded penitentiaries,

and in perennial states of violence?

Do you think that before, in prison,
they'd be re-educated?

I gave you a house, a job,

I gave you a second life!

A second life?

Hypnos is a system that works,

it's clean, efficient, and economical,

but if you want to suggest
that it's a criminal system,

then I proudly declare myself,
its leader!


Viola, are you all right?

- Did they hurt you?
- There, you see?

We are still in time to resolve
this matter like gentlemen,

put away that gun,

forget everything and
go back home with your companion,

we'll pretend that none of this
ever happened.


okay, but let her go.

Viola, are you all right, are you okay?

Go in peace, Mr Damiani,

and enjoy your new life.


That's enough.

Take me home.

Let's go home, okay?

Well done,

you're making the right choice.

Go home and never turn back
for any reason.


It's better this way,

and you know it too.

Mr Damiani?

Can you hear me?

Mr Damiani.

Calm down, everything's okay,

I'm Dr. Levi, remember?

You're waking up from
a long sleep.

Do you know where you are?

Why am I here?

- You put me back to sleep?
- Don't get worked up again,

look at me and keep breathing.

I wasn't here,
you were the one who released me.

You never set foot outside of here.

You're confusing things with
what you have just dreamed about,

but that's perfectly normal,

being released from prison is the
most recurring dream among inmates.


I'm innocent... I'm... I'm innocent.

Mr Damiani, I've been
working here for four years,

and at every reawakening,
you always repeat the same thing.


You must realise that your sentence
is final,

the evidence against you
is overwhelming.

I have the evidence!

I gathered it when I understood
that they had framed Conforti.

- You killed Conforti.
- No!

- Remember?
- I didn't kill him!

I woke him up and he told me
how hypersleep works.

It's this system that fries our brain,
and makes us remember

whatever they want us to!

But I recorded everything,

and I hid the video here in my...

where is it, where is it?

Where is it, where's my cap?

Where's my cap, where is it?

- Doctor, is everything all right?
- Yes, everything's fine, thank you.

You're welcome.

You're getting confused,

let go of these fantasies,

and focus on me.

Look at me.

Listen to me,

now I'm going to show you something,

but prepare yourself,
a lot of time has passed.

A lot of time since what?

You've had to serve a long sentence.

How long?

You have served 35
years of hypersleep.



Today, you're 80 years old.

It's difficult, I know.

But in a year you will have
served out your sentence,

and you'll be a free man again.

Try to focus on that right now.

Now do you remember your crime?


I had a wife, you know, a long time ago,

but I wasn't able to...

protect her.

At least with Viola I had to succeed.

I did what...

was necessary.


- 111 you said?
- Yes, that's right.

- Here you are, take your time.
- Perfect, thanks a lot.


It took you a lifetime!

But now I'm here.