Hyperland (2021) - full transcript

In a world in the near future, everyone's good reputation is measurable and visible. This "carma count" decides whether you belong or not.

I'm nearly there. And you?

Did you make a mistake?

I mean, a camouflage party
in the afternoon?

Yes! I'm only going as moral support
for Toast. He's DJing there.

- And who's my moral support?
- I am!

Let's go for some dongdongs later.
My treat.

With onions and sauce.

BELOW CC 60.00

Double dongdongs?

Double dongdongs
with onions and syrup.


It's open to everyone today.

WITH CC 79.804


A-OK. See you.

It's looking good.
It's nearly healed.

Everything is just like
it used to be.

We'll keep it deactivated for now,

but we'll have to activate it
at some point.

I've built in a pause function
that they don't know about.

You can activate it by using this,
whenever you want.

Just me?

But don't tell anyone,
or they'll get jealous.

Thank you!

Nice trainers!

My name is Albert.

I couldn't find the rest.

Is there any way
I can reactivate my Finder?

It's not that easy.
It switched itself off.

- Your CarmaCount is at 0.
- I know.

- "Not that easy?"
- You could try an emergency pillar.

You could reactivate your Finder
and get a temporary CarmaCount.

A two-digit one.

Then you'll have two hours
to voluntarily

check yourself into
a re-harmonisation facility.

- Voluntarily?
- Re-harmonisation takes two years.

That's out of the question.

Or you could join us.
In the Orbiter.

- Where?
- The library in the Ninth.

Who is "we"?

The 48 Zeros.

So you can steal
the rest of my stuff?

They don't belong to us.

And if I don't join you?

You could live on the street
and rob new Zeros.

The Security Forces won't care.

You could also try
to rob Carma Menials,

but the Security Forces
do care about that.

If they catch you, and they will,
you'll be cast out of the city.

You coming?

- Danny?
- Yes?

- Danny.
- Yes!

Yes. Effective immediately.


If you hear of anything.

Well, part-time, full-time,

No, I have nothing to do
with her any more.

I didn't know how crazy she was!

Let me know if you hear anything.

Thank you.

Hey! Don't touch me!

I'm calling the Security Forces!

So, we have two important rules
here in the Orbiter:

don't just use your brain stem,

and... let every Zero be
whatever they want to be.

Are you completely autonomous?

More or less. Our network is
connected to the city via a gateway.

We do clickwork. Small jobs.

Routine tasks that AI
are too stupid to perform,

and for that we get electricity,
heating, food and... medicine.

I always thought Zeros were taken
care of by the city or something.

That's what most think.

Why were you zeroed?

Short version: I lost a war.

And you?

Why were you zeroed?

I was never really
part of the system.

How is that even possible?

Short version:

I jumped out of CarmaCountry.

Then I want to hear
the long version.

Maybe I'll tell you someday.

Hi! You're new here.

- I'm Cosima.
- Hi.


You'll see.

Once you've been here long enough,
then love will grow inside you, too.

Cassandra will explain everything
to you.

Hello, Cee.

You can end the interview at
any time by going through that door.

It will lead you out of the Orbiter.

However, you will not be able
to return. Are you ready?

I have no idea.


Person A plays the flute,
person B plays football.

Who can stay? A or B?

What do you mean by "stay"?
Stay where?

Person A plays the flute,
person B plays football.

Who can stay? A or B?

I don't care. Both?

That answer is invalid.

You have 23 seconds left.

If you don't provide a valid answer,

the interview will end and you will
have to leave the Orbiter.

You have seven seconds left.

A! Person A can stay.

What now? Was that the right answer?

What will you miss the most here?

- Hey! Do you know the DJ?
- Yes, I'm his agent.

- He's out of this world.
- All my DJ's are out of this world.

I'm throwing a party next week.
Can I book the DJ?

Give me your contact details
and I'll be in touch.

But only if you come, too.

Persuade me.

With pleasure.

Who is he?

Hey! Who is he?

Get up.

- What's going on here?
- Guess.

- What happened?
- Ask her. She hit me in the head.

Cee! Are you okay?
Did something happen to you?

Come on. Let's get out of here.

Crazy! I know him from the Stream.

He's a Significant.
Marvin, he's on the Elite Channel.

Your great friend Marvin
just tried to rape me.


- I'd never do something like that.
- Don't lie!

All right, I was fooling around
a bit with that woman.

It was consensual.

We were in a room
doing exactly what she wanted.

Then, suddenly,
she hit me over the head.

- You filthy piece of s**t!
- Calm down.

So you're saying you didn't hit her?

I did hit her.

But only because she wanted me to.

She said she liked it rough.

I'll show you...

Hey. Calm down. Both of you.

Yes, okay. We...

We went to the room together.

Then he choked me and put a
Counter Shield on my Finder.

You wanted to rape me!

Okay, that's a pretty serious

What's your problem?


With pleasure.

I don't see any evidence
of an attempted rape.

What do you mean?

There's no evidence on the video.

He shielded my Finder,
so the recording stopped!

- He said "with pleasure".
- What?

He said it would be
his pleasure to hit you.

Yes. That's what she wanted.

If he'd put a Counter Shield on you,
you'd have been unconscious.

So, how did you hit him?

- You don't believe me.
- No one said that.

Hey, what's the deal here?

You all saw
how he hit her in the face.

Her story doesn't add up.

You should've been unconscious.

Cee, please, don't do it.

Happy now?


Who's filming that?

An old wolf.

A camera's been implanted
inside him.

Now we can see
what the wolf does all day.

Why are we watching this?

Because we're researchers.

What was the question again?

Person A likes baking fruit flans,
person B speaks 3 foreign languages.

Who can stay? A or B?

You can change or keep
the answer you have chosen.

The last answer applies.


Is this being streamed live

Answering that question
could compromise the test results.

Would you like to end the interview?

Keep going.


She might not be lying.

I heard some people can disconnect
their Finder from the Stream

without fainting.

Isn't that just a myth?

I think yesterday's stunt was
some kind of guerilla advertising.

It's not guerilla advertising,
or a myth.

The ability isn't subject to report,
nor is it illegal. It's harmless.


Isn't it more like a disability?

It doesn't debilitate me.

Is it true you didn't have
a Finder as a child?

Okay, thanks. Question time is over.

I must've pinged you 100 times.

- I know.
- A lot of the Stream are with you.

In the end, it was inconclusive,
but Marvin got away with it.

He was still hit where it hurts.

He's down to 53,000.

Still a Significant,
but no longer on the Elite Channel.

- Know what matters most?
- What?

- I owe you dongdongs.
- Double dongdongs.

- See you tomorrow?
- Definitely.

Cee! I have some questions
about the camouflage party.


I can't stand such unannounced
recording attacks. That's just mean.

- Oh, come on now.
- No comment.

Hey! I see Toast will be DJing at
the Clockenflap Festival. Congrats!

Thank you.

Are you okay?

- About what happened at the party?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

I've almost forgotten about it.

Here's to Clockenflap.

I did a great job there, right?


That's Amber. She says she can't
look at me because I look so s**t.

I'll drill both her eyes out.

That's Freddy.
He always kicks me in the back...

Switch that off.

He won't be able to
without his knees.

That's Markus.
He pretends he can't hear me.

- I'll drill his ears open!
- Switch off that d*mn video!

What was that about?

Nothing. I'm fine.

It's just my nerves.

- Really?
- Yep.

You can go back inside.

- Can we watch other animals, too?
- No, we can't.

But we can watch people.

People? Really?

I'll show you.

- Is that happening right now?
- Yes. Just like with the wolf.

People also just run around and eat.

Does he know we're watching him?

No, he doesn't. And we're not going
to tell him, either.

Not everyone is able to do that.

Look. He's done eating.

Will he order a coffee or dessert?

What do you think?

Can I order something?

Bring me an ice cream.


What are the most shameful things
you have ever done in your life?

Excuse me?

What are the most shameful things
you have ever done in your life?

I'm not sure we've known
each other long enough

to have such conversations.

Would you rather not
answer the question?

No, I don't want to answer that.

What are you thinking of?

Whether a long conversation
with a stupid object

might turn me into
a stupid object myself.

What makes you think that?

What mode are you currently on?

"Young child mode?"

The mode is called "researcher".

I ordered dongdongs.
They should be here soon.

- Oh, cr*p! I completely forgot.
- My treat.

- It was meant to be my treat.
- It's okay.

- Yellow Sky called.
- Really?

- Yes.
- And?

- I got the job.
- No way!

Yes! I'll be on probation first,
but, yes.

- You'll be the King of IT Security?
- Junior IT Security Administrator.

No! You're the King of IT Security!

Oh! Dongdongs.

They have a gigantic security device
to keep all the files safe.

I'll be practically steering
a spaceship.

No dongdongs?

- What is that?
- What?

Here. Tell me who this is.

it looks a bit like him, but...

It's the same
underground station. Look.

But that was 20 years ago. Think
he's just been getting on and off?

He's almost 20 years older now.

The underground has been closed
for four weeks for renovation.

Cee, please...
Is it happening again?

It's not him. I guarantee it.

Cee, please!

What's a CarmaCount?

It's a number that tells you
how much a person is worth.

How much is a person worth?

How much is a person worth?


One. Just one. Always one.

At least here, where we are.
In Hyperland.


That thing you do with your Finder
is rather interesting.

Did you train yourself to do that
or is it physical?

- Is it hereditary?
- What do you want?

The photo is interesting, isn't it?

You sent it?


I admired the way you showed that
Marvin who's boss on the Stream.

- So?
- So...

I wanted to meet you in private.

What does that have to do
with the photo?

I thought the photo
might interest you.

Where did you find it?

Let's talk about your Finder.

You can shield the signal,
disconnect from the Stream,

yet, you don't lose consciousness.


I remain conscious.

Just my perception changes.
Reality looks different.

And are you still able to act?

How did you get hold of that photo?

A friend gave it to me.
He found it on the Stream.

Sadly, we couldn't trace its origin,
but that's not the real question.

Try again.

Is the photo real?

When you shield your Finder,
are you still able to act?

Yes, in a way.

Good. And is it harmful?
Does it harm your health?

Is the photo real?

The photo was taken in this
station about six months ago.

An analysis algorithm was able to
determine that based on the details.

Is that so?

The man in the photo is your father.

but you already know that.

Now, tell me...

What do you want?

I want you to work for me.

Yeah, right. I'm a music agent!

You're more than that, and I could
help you become even more.

Oh, yeah?

I don't even know who you are
or what your plan is.

This has been pretty interesting
so far.

Thanks, but I don't need any...

any spiritual guide or a new job.


Someone's planning a war
against you.

Against me?
I'll have to gather my army, then.

You don't have an army.

But if you want one,
come and find me.

It's about to start.

- Do you know the DJ?
- Quit the small talk and f**k me.

- What are you into?
- I like it rough.

I can do rough.

You want it rough? With pleasure.

If I can switch you off.

If you're into that.

I knew she wasn't that innocent.

That Counter Shield thing...
She's a lost cause.

First, she lures him,

lets him slap her around
and then says she was raped?

I thought only masculinists
came up with such things.

I have no idea where that video
came from. It's all fake.

We never had that conversation.

Well, someone sent me that video.
No idea who.

But the MyLipRead Pro app got that
dialogue from reading your lips.

The MyLipRead Pro app
is used by the Security Agency.

It's the best lip reading app
on the market.

I don't care who uses what app!

Then surely you can prove
the dialogue was faked.

Okay, let me get this straight...

Someone streamed a manipulated video
of me on the Stream,

and you expect me
to immediately concern myself

with a lip reading app and facial
movement manipulation software?

You didn't get the order right.
You accused Marvin first.

The lip reading app proves
your accusations are false.

So, if you claim
that this evidence is fake,

then it's up to you to prove that.

Are you serious?

I even tried to get a statement
from you, but you said...

No comment.

Go delete yourself!

In psychology, there is a phenomenon

known as the aggressive
overcompensation of shame.

Please explain.

When a person possesses
an unusual sexual tendency,

then it's possible that,
after the sexual act,

they may display aggression
against their sexual partner

as they project
their feelings of shame onto them.

So, let's assume
a woman likes to be hit.

She seeks out a man who beats her,
and then, after sex,

uses physical violence
against that same man

and claims she was raped.
Something along those lines?

Yes, exactly.
That's a typical pattern.


I want you to know I don't believe
a word of the filth they're saying.

- Thank you.
- Let me know if you need anything.

But remember your lease agreement
requires a minimum of 50,000.

And yours looks pretty bad.
But I'm sure it'll all be fixed.

Don't worry. I'm sure it'll all be
sorted out soon.

We could come up with
another solution, of course.

What solution would that be, then?

Well, if you ever feel the urge
for something rough, for example...

I'd be happy to oblige.

It's a pattern. A typical pattern.

You have to show more teeth
and put your head further back.

- Who are you?
- I'm a researcher.

- I don't see you in the Finder.
- Because I'm not. I'm in your head.

And nobody knows about this.
I'm your secret.

- Do you go everywhere I go?
- Of course!

What if I no longer
want you to be in my head?

Then just say the code word.
It's "serigala".

- Seri...
- Don't say it, or I'll disappear.

And that works?

Try it out.

Not yet. Stay a while longer.

Stay here.

Person A is called Torsten,
person B is called Cosima.

Who can stay? A or B?

You can change or keep
the answer you have chosen.

The last answer applies.

Cosima? The girl with the pink hair?

Who can stay? A or B?

Wait... What we're doing here is a
test, right? It's just hypothetical.

You have eight seconds left.

Who can stay? A or B?

Wait! Wait!

Stop! Stop! Pause!

The programme is paused
for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

What do you mean by "stay"?

The person you choose
can remain in the Orbiter.

The other person
will have to leave the Orbiter.


The Orbiter can only accommodate
and feed a limited number of Zeros.

When a new resident comes along,
someone else has to go.

I'm meant to choose
who will be leaving because of me?

You've already chosen someone.

You last chose Person B. Cosima.

You can change or keep
the answer you have chosen.

- You last chose...
- Stop!

No! Stop! Stop!

Pause mode will end in five seconds.

I refuse to pick anyone.

You passed. Welcome to the Orbiter.

If you'd chosen one of the
candidates, you'd have to leave.

But you refused,
so now no one has to leave.

What kind of sick game
are you playing?

- Everyone has to take the test.
- Everyone?

Including you?

- Don't tell anyone.
- I won't.

The others are all so... senseless.

They are always together
and vote for each other.

- That's why their Count is so high.
- I don't care about that.

- Really? How high is yours then?
- I'm telling you. One.

What do you mean, "one"?
No one has a CarmaCount of one.

Everyone's CarmaCount is one.
Yours, too.

That's nonsense.


That's just the amount
everyone sees.

That's not important.
It always changes.

The real CarmaCount isn't displayed.

It's a secret.

And now you're in
on the secret, too.

The real amount is one.
That goes for everyone.

One, one, one, one.

Stay here.

Cee, I'm sorry if that
was all a bit strange for you.

Is there a way for Zeros
to communicate with non-Zeros?

Everything that's connected to the
CarmaCount system blocks Zeros out.

But there is a way.

Old technology. It doesn't matter
whether you're a Zero or not.


You can record a message
and anyone will be able to hear it.

Danny, please listen. I...

I feel really ashamed. Please...
Let me explain why I had to do it...

Here I am. What do you want?

May I record our conversation?

Tell us...
You were raised by your father.

Isn't this meant to be about Marvin?

It is.

Yes, I grew up with my father
in a small house outside the city.

Should people pity
or envy you for that?

Everyone should be raised by their
father. You don't need mothers.

That would make the world
a better place.

Something like that?
Was that okay for you?

This is pointless.

What do you actually want from me?

Cee, a lot of people out there
don't know you or understand you,

so they're speculating
and saying bad things about you.

Tell them who you really are.

I'll help you.

You can tell me anything.

You didn't have
an active Finder as a child.

That's true.

What was it like
when it was activated?

It was like...

arriving in a new country,
in a foreign culture.

I had to relearn everything.

About CarmaCounts, voting,
the Stream.

The rituals...

I had to find out
what the world wanted from me.

Is that why you like
the feeling of being dominated?


You've all gone crazy.

What do they do?

They stop talking when I join them.
Block me from their conversations.

They don't tell me
when there's a meeting.

Why are they like that?

I told them they were stupid.

But they are!

- What now?
- I wish they were all...

Yes? Tell me.

You can tell me anything.

- What's so urgent?
- Promise me something.

Of course.

Don't tell anyone
what I'm about to show you.

- Never ever.
- What is it?

Yellow Sky is the largest
cloud storage service.

Almost everyone has an account.


I received an anonymous message
to look at a video file.

There was a security issue.

It was stored in a private account.

Our friend Marvin's.

- What was it?
- Wait...

I thought, "Okay, I'm on probation.
This must be a test or something.

If I open this private video file,
I'll be out of a job.

"Unless they want me
to follow it up.

Even if it's obscure
and anonymous...

- So if I don't open it, I'm done".
- So? What did you do?

So I decontaminated
and copied the file.

- Show me.
- Wait!

I'll only show it to you.

Never ask me to show it
to anyone else. Promise me.


Have you ever done any role-playing?

Yes. In a studio.

It was okay, I guess.

Tell me about it.

A woman approaches me in a club,

we go next door and
then I force myself onto her.

I give it to her rough.

And how do you deal with
sexual tension?

I travel a lot.

Countries where things can be sorted
out, with the father or the husband.

Even if the woman has been injured.
It's a fair deal for all parties.

And when you don't travel?

It's always
a bit more complicated here.

But it's still possible.
Everything is possible.

What do you mean exactly?

Did you change the mode?
Are you still recording?

We have to show it to the
Security Forces. And the Stream.

What? No, we can't do that.

He confessed to being
a serial rapist

and you want to keep it a secret?

The video contains
a watermark with my ID.

If it goes on the Stream,
I'm out of a job.

My CarmaCount will end up
worse than yours.

He's dangerous
and roaming the streets.

You can't ask me to do that.
You promised.


Thanks for showing it to me, anyway.

- I'm sorry I can't do more.
- It's fine.

But I have to head off now.
I'm meeting Toast.

Toast? Someone just told me
you're DJing at NotMySelf tomorrow.


Well, how can that be?
I didn't book you for that.


We'll talk later, okay?
I've gotta go.

See you later.

- What's up with him?
- Give me a sec, okay?

Feel free to bring your friends.

I'm looking forward to it.

Cee! Nice to see you.

Don't take
the whole Toast thing personally.

- What thing?
- He didn't tell you?

No, he didn't tell me anything.

Toast asked me to be his agent.


We're all worried about you.

- Worried?
- Yeah. You know.

No, I don't know.

You need to start taking care
of yourself. Your reputation.

Now I get it.

My CarmaCount
is too small for you now.

Too small for fancy Patty.

And for fancy Mr. DJ, too!

It's great to know I have friends!

Thank you! Thank you so much!

- You have two options.
- Which are?

Let it go, or leave.

I'm just chatting with my friends.

Actually... with my best friends!

Leave, now.

Don't come back. You're blacklisted.

You can't do that.

I crowdfunded for this bar.
As a founder, I'm protected.

Not if your CarmaCount
is under 40,000.

- Oh, yeah?
- Check the statutes.



In order for someone to become an
aggressive liar who blames others,

what needs to have occurred?

Often, it's triggered by the feeling
that you don't belong.

That you're a foreign body
in a society.

- Wait...
- ...like arriving in a new country.

In a foreign culture.
I had to relearn everything.

About CarmaCounts, voting,
the Stream.

The rituals...

I had to find out
what the world wanted from me.

- Like that?
- Exactly.

Deep down she knows she doesn't
belong. That she's not one of us.

- She will always be a stranger.
- I see.

And then there's also the shame
due to her sexual inclination.

This is how dangerous, anti-social,
malicious people come into being.

People like her are...
like a ticking time bomb.

She should be locked up.

I have no idea how you stay awake
with a shielded Finder.

But it's rather convenient.

You're unable to record
and forced to listen to me.

You've caused me a lot of trouble.

Even my father was mad at me, but
there are always buttons to push.

If your CarmaCount stops going down,
you can work as a toilet cleaner!

You'll reek of urine.

No one will ever want to go
near you. Not a single man.

You'll always think back
to this moment.

To the last time a man touched you.

Here. I drew it.

That's Amber. She says she can't
look at me because I look so s**t.

I'll drill both her eyes out.

That's Freddy. He always kicks me
in my back from behind.

He won't be able to do that any more
without his knees.

That's Markus.
He pretends he can't hear me.

I'll drill his ears open.

Stop that! If you ever have
thoughts like that again,

I'll switch off your brain!


You and those savages?

You set one of them on me?

OK, you've had your fun.
But playtime is over now.

Any news on the photo of my father?

No, not yet. But that's not why
you're here, is it?

You were right.

I'm at war and I need your help.

Come. I'll show you the army.

It's called RIO.

Reputation and Image Optimisation.

Originally, RIOs made sure nothing
happened to clients' CarmaCounts.

Nowadays, most clients want to
sabotage their opponents' CC's.

You'd be surprised who uses RIO.

Politicians, artists, businessmen,

private citizens who seek revenge
on their colleagues or exes.

How many of you are there?

RIO agencies?
Around two dozen serious ones.

This is Tamara, our navigator.

She can sense rumours
before they circulate.

She can distinguish between
a real wave of opinion

and an artificial flood
of defamation.

She works her way through
every indignation spiral

and she's weatherproof, she can
withstand any type of s**tstorm.

You have heavy clouds hanging
over you. I'm glad you came.

Scripting a campaign
is best left to artists.

- Pavel's our man for that.
- Meret's downplaying it.

It's best left to geniuses.

Scripters must anticipate every
possible reaction on the Stream.

Every twist of the story,

as your audience is playing along,
without even knowing.

Kim is our producer.

He makes sure
Pavel's ideas become reality.

He books the people involved

and makes sure they deliver
what's on the script.

He also provides
all sorts of evidence.

Documents, faked videos,
historical photos.

Eyewitnesses for shoplifting
and military coups,

to alien landings.

- Everything's on offer.
- What if a fake is exposed?

People are hyperactive monkeys.

Short attention spans, always
looking at the next provocateur.

Don't people notice
what you're doing?

It's all immediately commented on
and shared by hundreds.

- If it's important, by thousands.
- All coming from you?

Bot packs
take care of the responses.

There's a loophole
in the CarmaCount protocol

through which you can smuggle bots.

Are the bots programmed by you?

There are farms that breed
and care for the bot packs.

You've got some, too.

I was able to identify
these two as bots. 100%.

There are probably more of them.

How can I be sure
that you didn't cause all this s**t?

You can't.

- What do you want me to do?
- RIO takes place on the Stream.

But sometimes, we have to do things
undetected in the Object World.

We can cover our faces
to avoid being recognised,

but the Finder still sends an ID.

But you have superpowers.
You can't be located.


I'll work with you.

But first,
we have to destroy Marvin.

Welcome on board.

The situation could become critical

when such disturbed individuals
try to change the entire world.

But why? Changing the world
can be a good thing.

Cee doesn't feel accepted
by the world.

She'd try to transform
the entire world

into a type of mirror image
of her own personal story,

which isn't a happy one.

I know what you mean.

Everyone should be raised by their
father. You don't need mothers.

That's exactly what I mean.

Such ideas may sound absurd
to the rest of us,

but such dysfunctional individuals

might even resort to violence in
order to enforce their crazy ideas.

Do you mean she may be capable of
killing someone? A mother, perhaps?

It can't be ruled out.

I've been listening to you
for a while now. It sounds awful.

How can we stop her?

Downvote her. Everyone.

Tell the whole Stream! Downvote her.

Marvin is a rapist

who manipulates public opinion,
but we can't prove that.

Even if we could, the story would be
so fragmented and lengthy

that public attention would switch
to some new provocateur.

- So?
- So, we make everyone believe it.

But for a different reason.

Some video statements
made by young women will appear.

They will praise Marvin as being
a friendly and courteous person.

And they'll each retract
an earlier statement

where they accused Marvin
of sexual assault.

They'll claim that it was all
just a misunderstanding.

Where are those
evidence videos meant to be?

The women have deleted them,
of course.

What those women are saying is not
punishable by law. On the contrary.

Then a clever combiner
will make their appearance

and track down all of the statements
and recognise their similarities.

And he'll sense a scandal.

"Is this a coincidence? Could Marvin
have bribed these women?

Or even blackmailed them?"

Also not punishable by law.
They are just asking questions.

That's when an army
of opinionated people

will pounce on these videos,
share them,

comment the daylights out of them
and connect them to your story.

- The bots.
- Exactly.

Marvin's RIO agency
will advise him not to react

since those allegations aren't real,

and every reaction
increases the attention.

We'll need proof here.

Or at least, a type of proof,
or it will all die away again.

A "type" of proof?

What convinces people
of authenticity the most?

The attempt to suppress it.
It's a seal of authenticity.

Marvin will then ask our combiner
to delete the posts immediately,

threatening legal action.

Of course, the combiner
will publish the letter

and they'll all shout in unison:

"Censorship, censorship,

Then the whistle-blowing platform
CryptoLeaks will publish

the original, allegedly deleted
statements of the women,

in which they accuse Marvin.

That's far better than a confession.

From the public's point of view,
it will all have been proven.

The fact that Marvin
violently molested, raped

and then, somehow, silenced women.

That all sounds great.

But how will we get Marvin

to threaten the combiner
with legal action?

That will be your job.

Her name is Amber.

- The one you want to drill...
- Yes! No...

She spoke to me yesterday.

What will you do with her?

Nothing! Just meet up.

- Where?
- In South Park.

- Just the two of you?
- Yes.

Good. I'll stay here. In your head.

- No!
- Yes!

"My allegations
against this honourable man

are based on a misunderstanding.

I'd like to ask for forgiveness,

and a cup of paint."

The bot comments against you
have now stabilised to a low level.

Marvin's RIO agency
might be pausing the campaign.

So, what's the plan
for the warning letter?

Every Finder gives a letter
a digital signature.

So, the letter has to go
through Marvin's Finder: his head.

We can't hack that,
but we can hack his fridge.

His fridge?

His fridge sends order letters
to the grocery delivery service.

The letters first go to his Finder,
where he signs them.

His Finder does this automatically.

So, if his fridge were to send
a different letter...

Exactly. He wouldn't even notice.

His Finder would send out the
letter with his signature on it.

How will we get his fridge
to send our letter?

This transmitter has to be placed
as close as possible to his flat.

- Go away!
- What's in the case?

- Nothing!
- What are you going to do to her?

- Nothing!
- Do you want to drill her open?

- Serigala!
- I'm staying here. In your head.

Serigala! Serigala!

You can't get rid of me.

- Stay then. See if I care.
- I will.

Place the transmitter
above Marvin's door

so it can then send
a signal to his fridge.

The building will try to
identify you through your Finder.

It will fail, so it'll try
to scan your face, and also fail.

Each process lasts 3 minutes. Then,
it will alert the Security Forces.

You'll have to be out by this point.

Got it.

I'll do whatever I want to Amber.
All you can do is watch anyway.

- Stop it!
- You can't do a thing!

- Yes, I can.
- Oh, yeah? What?

I can make sure everyone finds out
how crazy you are.

- No, you can't.
- Yes, I can.

No! What have you done?
You can't do that!

Liar! Liar!

Liar! Liar!


Liar! Liar!

Liar! Liar!

You can't believe a word...

You can't believe a word
that liar says.

You can't believe a word
that liar says.

If he said, "2+2 = 4",
I'd still double-check it.

You can't believe a word
that liar says.

Still rough around the edges,
but it will be fixed.

May I?

I doubt even he believes
what he says.

He's a pathological liar,
so he can't help it.

Liar! Liar!

Liar! Liar!

Come outside with me.

Clickwork my a**e!
Those are bot packs!

The Orbiter is nothing but
a breeding farm for hate software.

They're just tasks.

The Zeros here are making smear
campaign machines for Carma Menials!

The Orbiter... A sanctuary
for outsiders and outcasts?

- You're wrong.
- Yeah?

It's a place for people
who are undesirable.

But it doesn't work on its own.

Electricity, data lines, groceries,
medical care. We have to cooperate.

How can I be sure that...

all the programmed slander bots
I had to deal with

weren't bred here by you?

You can't.

I just had a déjà vu.
You RIOs are all the same.

- We're not RIOs.
- What are you, then?

The bots didn't come from here.

- I even tried to help you.
- When?






- I don't see you in the Finder.
- Because I'm not. I'm in your head.

You invented CarmaCount?

As I said,
I was part of the development team.

So, you didn't invent CarmaCount.

Didn't you study history at school?
CarmaCount was a game.

Open source.

Your logs show you're hooking up
with other Finders.

The CarmaCount protocol
contains some bugs.

A minor's Finder
was accessed from here.

- Personal files were made public.
- That's impossible.

Check the Stream.
The video is everywhere.

The boy doesn't dare go to school
or leave his house.

He refuses to talk to anyone.

What about your daughter?
Does she go to school?

Can it be that her Finder is off?

You're watching live.
Look at this woman!

She just won't give up!

- We're evaluating the situation.
- What shall I do?

Stay calm.

BELOW CC 6.000

There's one more thing.

Kim left the office just after
you did. He deleted all his files.

What? Why?

We assume he was bought off.
The Stream is on fire.

It's the woman who says
our children don't need mothers.

Well, I'm a mother.
Shall I go hang myself?

- She's an extremist.
- She's a terrorist!

She wanted to manipulate
Marvin's Finder!

She is dangerous!
She's going against our culture!

And she despises the family unit.
Family is the most important thing.

What else does she despise?

The truth? Love? Life?

We know why Kim disappeared now.

These strange women with their
strange statements against me,

they just appeared out of nowhere!

No wonder. They were hired.
They were all bought off.

F**k! How did that happen?

We were set up.
Someone greased Kim's palm.

Cee, you have precisely three hours
to clear out your flat,

or you'll be evicted.

I've left the door
wide open for you.

Will they bring the stuff back?

Yes. At some point.


I have to go out again.

I need to tell you something.
I did something bad.

Well, it will still be bad
later, then.

It wasn't you who...

I know.

Hold the fort, my little wolf.

In Hyperland.

Stay here.

And always tell the truth, okay?

Stay here.

You all need to hear the truth
about Marvin.

I've got someone here

whose credibility
even Marvin can't question.

What are you doing?

- I have to do it.
- Cee, please, don't...

You promised me.

And now...

Marvin on Marvin:

I travel a lot.

Countries where things can be sorted
out, with the father or the husband.

Even if the woman has been injured.
It's a fair deal for all parties.

It's always
a bit more complicated here.

But it's still possible.
Everything is possible.

I have no idea what criminal method
this woman used to get hold of that,

but it clearly shows
what makes her tick.

She takes pictures and statements
from a completely harmless context

and turns them into slander.

What you just saw is a short clip
taken from a feature film project

some friends and I
are currently working on.

They found it in the underground,
under a seat.

He'll turn up, I'm sure of it.

The cameras filmed him
getting on the underground.

He seemed fine.

And where did he get off?

There are no recordings
of him getting off.

Why not?

In the meantime,
you can't stay here all alone.

We're taking you to a nice big house
where there are other kids.

They'll activate your Finder there.

You'll no longer
have to roam around like a savage.

You're awake.

What is this place?

It's the South Hospital.

You fell from the viewing platform
in the Eleventh District.

The cause of your fall is unclear.

The doctors
are relatively optimistic

that your leg will heal
almost completely.

Who are you?

I don't have a name yet.
You can choose one for me.

Why are you here?

I will be teaching you
in the future.

You don't have to go
to school any more.

I also have a "therapy mode"
in case you ever have any worries.

You can tell me anything.



I tried to imagine
how you must feel about me.

You must really hate me.

You've been watching me for years.

During that time, you could have
just shot me or killed me.

But you decided to wait
until you could get me.

Such patience.

I don't know
what you had in store for me.

I was a coward then,
and I still am today.

I've even scr*wed up
your revenge for you.



- Danny!
- No! I don't want an explanation.

No bulls**t.
I don't want to hear it. Stay away.

- Please!
- No!

In an hour and a half I have to be
at the re-harmonisation facility.

Well, good luck to you.

You'll be stuck there, right?

For two years.

Get in touch
when you're out again, then.

I have to tell you something.

I found something out.

How long has it been going on?

You and Meret. How long?

Was it all just a set-up?
The hate? The baiting?

The RIOS? Meret? Kim?

Is it all just coincidence,
or is there a grand plan?

Does free will exist?

Cee, you're after
the big philosophical questions.

I really like it
when women fight back.

And I like to switch them off.

Especially when it's for real.

Sometimes, it's hard to remove
all the traces.

The confession your friend found
on the Yellow Sky cloud

was made and placed there
especially for you.

But, it more or less
contains the truth.


I'll tell you.

Nothing is safer than a truth
that's been exposed as a lie.

No one will ever believe such
allegations against me from now on.

They'll be re-narrations of your
lie, which is actually the truth.



Don't take it personally. I was just
after some fun at the party.

But you just had to cause trouble.
So, I reacted.

But it was worth it.

I can do as I please now.

You did great.

And you just admit it?
Here? Publicly?

How many people are watching you?

Cee, come on!
You have a CarmaCount of 17!

No one cares
about your live streams,

and if someone happens to
accidentally click in,

they won't believe a word.

You can't touch me. You're out.

You'll get what you deserve one day,

and your CarmaCount
will come crashing down.

You still don't get it.

My father has the CarmaCount
of a god,

as do his friends
and his friends' friends.

I'm untouchable.

High Counts lead to higher Counts,
just like in nature.

We are the suns,
and you are the planets.


you're nothing but a little moon.

Nice to look at,
but you don't emit any light.

The crazy woman is back again.
Look at her.

She wants to cause me harm again.

Isn't it best if you just leave?

This place will be full of people
and Security Forces soon.

If I'm not mistaken,
you're on probation, right?

So that your people
have something to watch.


It's true.

I'd been watching you for years.

I always thought about ways...
of getting my revenge.

I kept thinking of new scenarios.

You know how good I am
at thinking up such things.

Once I thought that I could just
pop up in your head.

And you couldn't do anything
about it. Sound familiar?

That was my hobby, for years on end.

Coming up with
a new plan of revenge every day.

But at some point...

I could no longer come up
with anything.

And the hate just disappeared.

It just melted away.


Then I just kept watching you.

Like a researcher.

I was just waiting for you
to do something...

that would make me hate you again.

But that never happened.

I was hoping you'd never find out.

That you'd just stay here.


I'll stay here. In your head.


Stay here.

Cee, stay here.

Stay here.

Stay here.



Stay here.


Stay here.

Cee, stay here.

Cee, stay here.

Cee, stay here.

Stay here. Cee...

How much is a person worth?


Always one.

The real amount is one.

That goes for everyone.

One, one, one, one.




















Stay here.

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