Hyeon Hae-tan Knows (1961) - full transcript

A Korean man, forced into service in the Japanese army during WWII, marries his Japanese girlfriend despite everyone's objections. Later, he becomes the sole survivor when the Americans attack.

The Korean student soldiers
crossed the sea to Japan.


- Your name?
- Aro-un, sir.

you are a troublemaker.

Get the life belts ready.

All the units get armed
and ready.

Bring the bombs
to the storage area.

The captain's orders!
It's an emergency!

Are you going to lock the doors
and drown everyone?

You can't survive the icy waters.

I must have the students soldiers
under my wing otherwise I'll be relocated.

One hit and it's over for us.

The Sea Knows

Kong Midori Kim Un-ha

Kim Jin-gyu, Ju Jung-nyeo,
Kim Ji-mi

Lee Ye-chun Kim Seung-ho,
Park A

Planning: Choi Don-gwon,
Kim Yeong-cheol

Production: Lee Hak-jae,
Song Seon-geun

Management: Jeong Gyeong-seon

Assistant Producer: Oh Yeong-geun,
Cho Han-myeong, Kim Dae-hi, Park Yun-ho

Record Keeping: Kim Hae-myeong

Camera: Choi Ho-jin

Lighting: Yun Chang-hwa

Artwork: Park Seok-in

Special Camerawork: Gwon Jin-gyu,
Park Yeong-il

Recording: Lee Gyong-sun

Effects: Lee Sang-man

Film Development: Choi Gyu-sun

Director & Producer: Kim Ki-yeong

1944 (Nagoya, Japan)

That completes my mission.

General Koiso emphasized
the importance of

integrating the student soldiers
into our army.

This is just a test
but if we succeed,

Japan will have
2 million Koreans

to take the bullet
for the Emperor.

A boy named Aro-un
has been sent to our company.

Keep an eye on him.

What shall I do with him?

The Koreans always complain
about everything.

They like to talk about
fairness and justice.

If we make him
follow our ways,

he'll be useful to us eventually.

The Koreans are joining our troop.

Can the Koreans really
become a part of our army?

We also have dogs
and horses in our army.

Koreans have a habit of
complaining about things.

So break them in
with some good beatings.

That'll teach them
to keep their mouths shut.

Yes, sir!

The military abilities
and methods of the Koreans

seem to be the same as ours.

But... No, you are right.

But you have to watch out for
a boy named Aro-un.

Right face!

Our company is
in charge of automobiles.

Starting tomorrow,
you will learn your skills

from Officer Tanaka.

But you will learn
the spirit of the Japanese Army

from senior soldiers
living together in the barracks.

They will discipline you
with corporal punishment.

The Japanese Army
is full of mad dogs!

When the rookies learn
to become dogs themselves,

our army will become
the best in the world!

Which one is Aro-un?

Here, sir!

It's you.
You are like a cute puppy.

Stop by my room sometime.
I'll give you some biscuits.

Hey! You aren't going to eat it all,
are you?

- You can't have any!
- Hey, don't be like that!

That'll be all!

Right face!

Face forward!

Stand straight!

You think you are at the movies
having fun, huh?

Now Private Mori,
your senior will welcome

the newcomers.

Bite down hard!

How do you like it?

This is his right as a senior?

Do you know about the 50-year tradition
of the Japanese Army?

How do you like that?

What did you say your name was?

Aro-un, sir.


I've even been to China.

But I've never come across
a name as strange as yours.

Why did your parents
decide to make you

such a small one?


Do you work out?

I'm grade 2 at Judo.

I guess I can't push you around then.

You can't push around Judo
of the Great Japan.

The bastard's being sarcastic.

Lend me your hands!

You bastard!

Hey, no need to get violent!

Everyone, get up!
Get in line!

Chins up!
Bite down hard!

Do you know
why I'm slapping you?

I don't know, sir.


How about you?


We've only been here

for 4 hours now.

Please, at least tell us why!

Why are you beating us like dogs?

What did you say,
you lousy Korean?

Listen up!
Getting slapped before bedtime

is a 50-year tradition
of the Japanese Army.

We beat you up so that
you stop thinking about girls.

It's to help you fall asleep easily,
got it?

Yes, sir!

Hurts, huh?

It was my turn.
Last time it was yours.

Great buddies, aren't we?

What have we gotten ourselves into?

Yes. Just what we have gotten
ourselves into?

Who knows when the 50-year tradition
of the Japanese Army

will kick into action again?

Their ideology is group madness.

Their ways of eradicating individuality

is a crime, a cruel one at that.

- Ino-wue! -Yes, sir!

Use your reflexes
when you drive the car!


release the clutch and
step on the accelerator

so that the engine stays running.

- Try again!
- Yes, sir!


- Anoki!
- Yes, sir!

Check out his damned ankle!

Lift your leg!
Move your foot!

One, two! One, two!

- Aro-un, you're next!
- Yes, sir!


Let me wrap up.

The student soldiers are quite skilled

but they are still slow.

They'll work on the small cars first.

For the seniors, fill the rice bowls

twice as much.

Is this another 50-year old tradition
of the Japanese Army?

Ino-wue, take my rice!

Thank you, sir. I'm always grateful.

Aro-un, take my rice.

No thank you, sir.

You'll be hungry later.

How can I eat to my fill

when I know that my parents can't?

You think my rice is dirty, don't you?

No, sir!

You are being disrespectful!

You don't want any either?

How will we cope at the battle front
if we get used to having full stomachs now?

You think we'll starve you
when you get to the battle front?

Eat! Eating a square meal is

all a part of your training!

Aro-un! I can't have you mess up the discipline

among the rookies!

Rookies must eat the leftovers
from the seniors!

Take that, you bastard!

Let's all be friends.

I'm also a university graduate

and I went to the same high school
as Aro-un.

So you were his senior at high school?


Do you want to know how
I feel about you getting beat up?

Did you feel sorry for me?

Not at all.

I thought it was a comedy.

The one who's doing the beating
and the one who's getting hit...

It's like a baseball game.
You take it so serious.

What choice do we have?

That's why Mori gets so excited.

The secret is to take the fun out of it for him.


Think of a beautiful girl.

And in your mind, take off a piece of
her clothing every time he beats you.

It'll irritate him and he'll stop soon enough.

Ha ha ha!

Now that's what I'm talking about!
Let's all make fun of the seniors!

Listen up!

As usual, Private First Class Mori will

carry out the bedtime inspection!

Not the 50-year tradition of

the Japanese Army again.

Get up, you lousy Korean!

Bite down hard!

Damn, it's like beating up a dead body.

Beating up Aro-un is so much more fun!

Private First Class Mori!

I'm taking Aro-un
to a whorehouse tomorrow.

I'll check you afterwards

and if I see that you still
have gasoline left in your groin,

you are in big trouble!

Why, these punks...

Women are like cars.

So that's why you are

such a good driver.

I'm the one who taught them everything.

Shall we peek?

No, don't...

This is how I get my engine started.

Are you just going to sit quietly like that

even when you go to the battlefield?

Ha ha ha!

Fuzanbei, what are you doing?

I hate Koreans!

How dare you look down on me, girl!

How dare you!

Not out here. Let's go to my room.



Aro-un, this is my aunt.

Nice to meet you.

Thank you for coming by.

Where is Hideko?

She went next door.
There's been a robbery.

Please come in.

Thank you.

Do you mind if I take a look at these books?


Sure. But they're not mine.

Oh! Hello.


Who's the lady?

My sister. The owner of the books.

I didn't know they belong to a woman.

I'm sorry.

You should say something.

There's been a robbery next door.

I'm so scared that I'm at a loss for words.

Got away, huh?

I'm sure it was a Korean.


What makes you say that?

The Koreans have no jobs.

What else could they do besides rob people?

Hideko, this man here is a Korean.

We went to the same school.

Please excuse me.

They say they are going to be

very brief today.

Private First Class Mori, sir!
Private Second Class Aro-un, sir!

Aro-un, have you ever rebelled against

General Koiso?

- Yes!
- Why?

I don't think it's right to feed us porridge.

Do you think that fighting for your country

is some kind of a deal?

The Japanese soldiers get

rice to eat.

The Koreans soldiers should be grateful

for even bean gruel.

Bean gruel is used as fertilizer.

Private Mori is from a farm.

So he would know.

- Private Mori!
- Yes, sir!

Can you eat bean gruel?

I haven't tried it, sir.

Why not? Try it and report to me.

I'll try the bean gruel
and report it to you, sir.


Yes, sir!

Private Aro-un will leave now!

That lousy Korean!

He's like a razor blade, that one.

But the Japanese Army is like a big rock.

We can wear him down until he's blunt.

Private Mori!
I've finished shining your shoes!

Sir, here are your shoes!

Do you know what this is?

It's shit.

Do you want my shoes to stink of shit?

No, sir!

Ino-wue, why do you squirm

when Aro-un gets yelled at?


Do you what our 50-year tradition
is all about?

What, sir?

Keep your mouth shut!

I tried the bean gruel
and it gave me diarrhea.

Now, lick it clean!

Lick it up like a dog licks its bowl.

We are all sons of the Empire.

How can you make him lick shit?

You, bastard!

Mori! If you can't make him do it,

then we'll slice you open.

Lick it up!

If you don't, then we both have to die!

You heard him!

Go on!


Watch where you spit.

Lick it again and swallow the shit.

Yes. Ha ha ha!

This is just disgusting.

Mori! Make him lick something else now!

Don't worry! I'll get to that!

Ha ha ha!

What they are making us do,

it's just barbaric.

Shut your mouth!

Private Aro-un reporting, sir!

Do you think you are contributing

to the Japanese Army?

The Army values cars more than

the lives of the soldiers.


I think that my driving skill is more valuable

than the cars.

Hup! Ha ha ha!

I'll let you go just this time.

Do you know a girl named Gyeong-hui?

You have a letter.

You may have 10 lives,

but we will take them all.

Go now. On the way back,

there is a movie I want you to see.

You'll learn the power of the Japanese sword.

I'll get going, sir!

Hup! Ha ha ha!


Please excuse me for last time.

How come you are out and about?
It's not your day off.

I had to see the Military Police.
I was on my way back to the barracks.

Taking a rest from your duties?


They told me to see this movie

so that I can learn
how sharp the Japanese sword is.

They're just trying to scare you.

So many lives are taken
by the Japanese sword.

Would you like to have tea with me?


Let's go.

Is there something strange about my face?

No, I was just worried about

how bad your punishments might have been.

Nakamura told me

to ask you.

He said you'd tell me the truth.

About what?

You'll be astounded.

I can't believe it actually happened.

Please tell me.

I had to lick the shit off Private Mori's shoes

for not shining them properly.

So I licked them and spat it out.

But he said I had to swallow.

I am an educated man.

And the first taste of Japan I get,

is shit.

Hideko cried for me.

Until then, it was my mother

who had cried for me.

A woman's tears can soothe
a man's pain.

Ino-wue must be worried about me

going to see the Military Police.

It's amazing how her tears
can ease my suffering.

Hideko is a Japanese woman.

But all tears are
the same regardless of nationality.

Right face!

You have turned out to be fine soldiers.

General Koiso will be pleased.

Private Aro-un,

Tell me what you found the most difficult

until now.

I'll keep it in mind for the future recruits.

Thank you for the opportunity, sir.


I had to lick the shit from a senior's shoes.

All because of the 50-year tradition
of the Japanese Army.

I couldn't help but resent you then, sir.

I asked how they could do that

when we are all sons of the Empire.

And I got beaten for complaining.

Who was it? Who?

It was me, sir!

I didn't think that a Korean

could become a son of the Empire!

I don't want to hear it!

But it's true!

Please stop!

Had enough?

Yes, sir!

Student soldiers!

I will do my best to stop such things

from happening again.

It brings tears to my eyes

that you would go through this
and offer your lives

for our Imperial Japan.

Forgive me for what happened.

That'll be all.


It looks like they are finally hearing us.

Hey! Give me my proper serving.

I may be Korean

but I don't eat other people's leftovers.
That won't fill me up!

Hey, it's no use.

I already put your rice
in the senior's rice bowl.

Get me my rice!

Get mine too!

This is no way to treat student soldiers!


Do you want to start a fight?

Let us have respect for the seniors
the proper way.

Eat the leftovers from the seniors
and in return we'll treat you like pets.

It's unhygienic, sir.


Are you going to beat us again?

Say what?

You lousy Koreans!

Take that!

You bastard!

Why, you!

Kill that bastard! Kill that bastard!

Take Aro-un and Ino-wue to my room.

I said train them not kill them!

But we have to keep the 50-year tradition

of the Japanese Army alive.

Why, you punks!

Are you looking to get court-martialed?


You are mocking me!

I said stop!

You rascals!

Sir, I would like to quit!


I don't want to be a soldier anymore.
I can't take any more of this.

I want to quit too, sir!

What did you say?

And you call yourself soldiers...

Tanaka! Mori! Lock them up!

Let's go, you bastards!

I said I want to quit.
Why are you locking me up?

Send me back home
so that I eat bean gruel and Kimchi.

Please listen to me!

I'm no longer a part of the army!

Let me speak to General Koiso!

He'll set things straight.

You are going to quit?
That was so funny.

The expression on the commander's face!
That was funny!

I'm sure they'll get in trouble too.

Nakamura, how come you never
became an officer?

Being an officer is a job.

You don't have to be an officer

to love your country.

Well said.

I have a lot of respect for you, Nakamura.

He would have received a lot more respect

if he had become an officer.


The bath water is ready.


I'll get going.

She and I have some things to talk about.

Yes, excuse me.

Wash off the stink from the military prison.


- Did he get locked up?
- Yes.

He smashed a Private First Class.

That's incredible.


Where did he get the idea
to do such a thing?

Well, it sure wasn't me.

Ha ha ha!

I'll scrub your back for you.

It's my responsibility.

This kind of thing

would never happen in Korea.

Oh, you don't have baths in Korea?

Scrubbing the back for an important guest

is a Japanese tradition.

It goes back a long time.

How do you like it?
Feel better?

I like this Japanese tradition.


You are tickling me!


I'm appalled!

Scrubbing the back of a guest?

I've never heard of such a tradition.

I just wanted to see if Koreans are

different from Japanese.


Nakamura! Nakamura!


He's gone.

Send him home at once!

Let me make this clear.

I hate Koreans!

Where is Nakamura?

He's got business to attend to.

Where are my clothes?

I washed them.
Please have some food.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Dressed like that,

you look no different from a Japanese.

That can't be right.

We speak different languages.

Japanese and Korean all originated
from the Mongol language.

What about social customs?

Customs are being globalized.

What about ideology?

Ideology changes with time.

What about ancestry?

We come from monkeys.
And who's ever seen them?

If it goes against the cosmic law,

no babies would be produced

when a man and a woman consummate.

Wouldn't you agree?

I don't know what to say.

More, please.

Do you know what these are?

Such beautiful dolls.

It's modeled on a royal wedding.

It's so that young girls

can dream of having beautiful weddings
and happy marriages.

Is this another Japanese tradition?

It goes back a thousand years.

My poor aching heart.

Perhaps, just may be.

This is a gift from the Company Commander.

Why did you give up today?

I didn't want to become a leader.

If I did, I would have to beat people.

Don't get smart with me!
You are on your own now!

I'm going but I'll return as a petty officer.
You wait and see!

He'll be all worn out
before that ever happens.

Aro-un, this is from me.

This is for my slaps and kicks.

- Private First Class Mori!
- Yes.

May I say something before I sober up?

Let's hear it!

I would like to lick your face with my tongue

like I licked your boots, sir!

Say that again?

Ha ha ha!

Shut your mouth! All of you!

I'll have you locked up!



Private Aro-un is driving car no. 46?

Don't you know that this mission
is a secret one?


Yes, sir!

Find car no. 46!

What brings you here?

Is your mother home?

She went to town
because we have to move.

Please come in.

You have to go soon, right?

Do you have to leave this area?

They're telling us to vacate the premises.

I have an idea.

Move to Jidabando
which is on my driving route.

I'll have to talk my mother into it.


Did you come to tell me
about your life at the barracks?

Mori told me to

beat a newcomer named Suzuki.

You couldn't do it.

So I got beat up instead

for being disobedient.

I even had to howl and bark like a dog.

Like a dog?

Do you want me to show you?

The Japanese Empire has robbed me

of my humanity.

And in return I get pity
from a Japanese woman.

Why do you think it's pity?

We can't call it love, can we?

Why not?

Because I hate Japan.

I'm not Japan.
I'm a woman named Hideko.

A woman changes her family name

and even her nationality

for her man.

You don't marry relatives.

A woman always tries to marry

a man that is distant and from far away?


It's the law of genetics.

You pass down healthier genes that way.

Women are like biologists.

Please sit down.

Hideko, open the door!


You told them the secret
about Kosako's house!

Is the Korean spy in there?

No, Private Nakamura's relatives

are in the house.

You bastard! We're going in.

Hello, sir.

Has this man stopped by your house?

No, he hasn't.

I asked him to stop by.

He's a long way from home
and he works so hard.

You came to spend time with a girl

- and neglected your duties?
- Yes, sir.

You bastard!

Do you know that man well?


Did you know that he is a Korean spy?


That can't be!

Will you vouch for him then?

I will.

No, don't...

Who else if not me?

Everyone to the Military Police office!

What's your relationship with Aro-un?

He's my brother's friend.

You've held her hand before, right?

No, sir.

Huh? Don't lie to us!

Sir, Aro-un has done nothing wrong.

I'm the one who held his hand.

Did you kiss him too?


And anything else?

That's to come in the future.


What have you done to this girl
to make her like this?

Let's see how well you kiss a girl.

Come on!

I'll do it.

Please turn the lights out.

Lights out!

I've never seen a man get slapped.

I can't bear to watch it.

Show me your cheek.

Lights on!

Why does she have to go for a Korean

when there are so many foreigners
out there!

Aren't you ashamed

that your daughter is

in love with a Korean?

It's not nationality
you should be ashamed of

but your lack of character.

I will let Aro-un go.

Perhaps it's time
I think about building my character.

If I had met a woman like her,

I wouldn't have become
a military policeman like this.

Put me through to the 13th Company!

I'll get going, sir!


You never cried

even when father passed away.

I'm not going to cry.

Not until Japan wins the war.

Japan is going to lose.

No, Japan will win.

Even if we win, father can't
come back from the dead.

It's not fair.



I'll go.

Who is it?

It's Private Aro-un.

How did you find out where we moved to?

Private Nakamura wanted to know

if you are all right after the bombing?

Tell the others that
the master of the house died

from the attack.

They say a Korean spy

gave the signal for the bombing.


Aro-un is here out of kindness.

I don't want to hear it!

I don't want kindness!


Yes, sir!

Come here.

It says here that the spy

who signaled to the B-29 has been caught.

Is that right, sir?

That is right! You know what else?

The spy is a Korean!

What do you think of this?

If we got rid of all the Koreans in Japan,

then there wouldn't be
any more spies, right?

What do you think?

You don't know?
Then act like a horse for me.

Yes, sir!


Turn around.

Charge forward!

Air raid! Air raid! Take shelter!

The Japanese Army made sure that

I never forget my Korean nationality.

But Hideko didn't care about such things.

She didn't care that I was a Korean.

She saw me for the man I was.

I will try to find my own answers

as I test my fate in the air raid.

Altitude 3,000.

Altitude 4,000.

Altitude 5,000.

Mother! That's Aro-un's car.

Don't run out all eager. You'll look cheap.

Go and powder your face.


I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

I bought this at the train station.

Could you see if it tastes all right?

It's delicious.

It's from Aro-un.

We were worried that
you might not like it. Ha ha ha!

Peaches... Why isn't Aro-un here?

He said that your mother
is displeased with him.

Mother, please invite him in.

He can't buy me off with some peaches.

Ha ha ha!

Next time, we'll bring some sweet delights.

More treats to whet your appetite!

I'll be going now.

Hideko! Go back in!

I won't stop you from eating the peaches.

- Did they accept it?
- Yes.

Hideko's mother really like the peaches.

You should go in next time.

It worked then.

She said not to come empty-handed though.

Ha, ha, ha!

Hideko! Are you going to eat nothing else

but the peaches?

He is so sweet and so are the peaches.

I'm going to the Military Police.

I have to report to them

that he drove passed our house.

But he hasn't done anything wrong.

Whenever I hear his car,

I feel like a Korean is coming to kill my daughter.

Whenever I hear that sound,

I feel so happy.

I don't want to hear it!

Mother, do you have to go?

It's my duty to our country.


You go ahead and
fulfill your duty to the country.

I'm going to fulfill my duty to myself.

I'm leaving the house.

The house is by the main road
the soldiers drive by.

Why did you relocate to that house?

It was Hideko who arranged it.


So it was planned.

I don't want Private Aro-un

driving by our house.

What's the use now?
Your daughter has left.

What's going on?

The car broke down.

Private Aro-un.

Please get the spare parts.



Please turn the ignition on.


She doesn't know he's here.

Hideko! Hideko! Hideko!


How did you know I was here?

Suzuki said you would go to a place

where I would be sure to find you.

He's a smart man.

Why did you leave the house?

I didn't want to fight with my mother.

But you shouldn't be here.

Don't you want to tell me
about your punishments?

That's your present for me.

This time I got beaten

because the spy who signaled

the Tokyo plane bombing

was a Korean.

That's crazy.

But Nakamura taught me

how to endure the beating.


I think of a girl and take off
a piece of her clothing

every time someone beats me.

Did you think of me?

They beat me so badly

in the end, there was nothing
left to undress.

So I was naked then.

I couldn't help it.
They beat me up badly.

But how could you make me get

all naked like that?

Oh, no!

We have to get out of here!

I'm not scared.

If we die now, we'd die together.

But the bombs!

People will die.
We can die out here.

Let's go to a bomb shelter.


I feel safer in your arms

than in a bomb shelter.

Private Aro-un! Private Aro-un!

Private Aro-un! Private Aro-un!

The military police will find out!

We have to go!

The arms were given to us by the Emperor.

I told you to guard them with your life!

The car is damaged

but we got badly injured as well.

You think that will get you off the hook?

Even the lowest ranking soldier
is more valuable

than an expensive car.

As you can see, he's a troublemaker.

Aro-un, if we get locked up
for getting bombed

then our commanders should get

the death sentence for letting it happen.

Suzuki, what you said back
there was a real winner!

I was just following your example.

But if you get reassigned,

you won't be able to see
Hideko anymore.

Hideko said

that she felt safer in my arms

than in a bomb shelter.

We had trust,

and it overcame

the fear of bombs.

War is about manipulating
the present world.

But love is about

creating the future generations.

Lieutenant Saruwatari?

When a girl arrives from Korea

to visit Private Aro-un

be sure to give him an overnight pass.

Ha ha ha!

It's time for some chemical reactions.

Hideko will howl these words
with tears in her eyes.

Never trust a man!

No, never trust a Korean!



Someone has come to save you.

You even have an overnight pass.

The Commander is always so nice to girls.

Who could it be?

You have so many girls

that you don't even know which one?

What about me, sir? Do I get to go?

Ask Aro-un!

He'll be the guard for the military prison.

I'll be guarding the military prison?

You'll feel right at home
since you spent so much time here.

No Sound

All rise!

The two American prisoners are hereby

sentenced to death

for bombing the industrial city of Nagoya

and causing irreparable damage!

The American prisoners are to be guarded
by the 13th Company.


The prisoners are to become an example.

It is to raise

the morale of the soldiers.

Yes, I understand and
accept the responsibilities.

Orderly! I'll get going, sir!

Yes, sir!

- Mori!
- Yes?

- Have you tried eating the bean gruel?
- Yes.

It gave me a really bad stomachache.

What is Aro-un doing these days?

He's guarding the military prison.


Then he'll get to be with the prisoners.

Is that bad?

Not really.

I'll be interested to see
how he treats the prisoners.

I see. I'll get going, sir.

Take a good look!

These are the men that you have to kill
when you are out on the battlefield.

Who will challenge him in an arm wrestle?

Who's the strongest?

Mori, you!

- Me?
- Yes!

Fine then! I can take you on!

Come on! Let's do it!

Starve the bastard for a few days!

He's got too much energy!

Take off his blindfold
and lock him up!

Let's go!

Get in there, you bastard!

He wants food.


Don't give him any for a few days!

That's his punishment
for winning the arm wrestle.

Your English sounds quite fluent.

I learned it at school.

What? So you are saying

Aro-un can communicate with the prisoners?

Koreans have a way with foreign languages.


We must report it to the military police.

Place another guard
who can speak English at the prison.

Yes, sir!


Put me through to the Military Police.

What are they saying?

They want food.

The way they talk,
it sounds like they're having a stroke.

I can't understand them

the way they roll their tongues all funny.

That's how they talk in Arizona.

What are they saying now?

They are really hungry

since we haven't given them food
for 2 days.

This is too cruel.

Give them something to eat.

I don't want to go near them.

Eat up, you Yankees!

Private Mori!

Did you hear Aro-un
talking to the prisoners?

I couldn't understand them

because they talk so funny.

You idiot!

You said you could speak English!

I didn't say I could understand Americans.

What? You bastard!


Thank you, sir!

Hey, did Aro-un give them the food?

I did, sir!

Who told you to feed them? You idiot!

Hey, here's your food! You, too!

Buy your way out.

The guard is a Korean.

It's not fair.

Even though I went to university,

I can't understand some country dialect

they speak in Arizona.

They say there's a reward
for someone who can.

They wanted me to spy on that Korean

to see if he's secretly
talking to the prisoners.

Talking to the prisoners?

That Korean.


Of course.

Private Nakamura.

I think I know why
Mori is looking for a soldier

that can speak English.

It's the death penalty for Aro-un

if he makes a wrong move this time.

Huh? I'll go the military prison.

Private Mori, please pour me a glass.

Hey, what's going on?

What's the big deal?
It's just some wine.

I'll get you when we go back
to the barracks later.

You're all talk.

How about you take me here, right now?

What did you say, you bastard?

That's strange.

This guy hit Mori again.

Have him locked up in his usual cell.

Friends are good for nothing.

I was getting beat up by Mori

but nobody stopped him.

Suzuki, sober up!

You should be the one sobering up, not me!

The Military Police is setting up a trap

to take you down.

Let's see.

Which one of you will drag
Aro-un to the death chair?

Aro-un, open the door.

I want to stay with these guys for a while.

I'm Suzuki!

I'm sure you want to kill me,

but I'm an expert at Judo. Ha ha ha!

Let's be buddies!

Tell him to get out.

Japan broke the Geneva Agreement

and killed the prisoners.

But the Americans were angry at me

for not opening the prison door.

People are like that.

Wars are caused by historical events.

But on the frontline, you only see

the enemy right in front your eyes.


Hey! Let's swap this.


Let's swap this soap for that can.


I won't look out for you

when we're on the field later! So swap!

Come on, swap!

Hey, swap!

Mori is swapping everything

for canned food.

It's just canned food.

On an island, you can save yourself

by offering them to your enemy.

With all these sardine cans,

I can stay alive

even when everyone else around me dies.

The most fun part of being on the battlefront

is meeting the comfort women.

They have a little shack
set up under a palm tree.

And the soldiers all line up

like you do at a public toilet.

But you have to be strict with time.

You get 5 minutes.

Do you know where Aro-un is?

That voice sounds familiar.

Don't get cocky with me.

Do you think this insignia is a joke?

Huh? What about it?


All you do is imitate us Japanese.

What did you say?

You little punk!

Hey, Aro-un!

Officer Ino-wue!

Let me see that ugly face of yours.

I keep looking at it,

but it's still ugly.

And your rank...
You couldn't get any higher?

Hey, you watch out too!

I just threw Mori like a baseball

all thanks to this insignia.

Ha ha ha!

Something bad must have happened
at the training camp,

It's always a girl that gets me into trouble.

A Japanese girl?

I hate Japanese fellows,

Japanese girls, I like!

Ha ha ha! I have a favor,
now that you are an officer.


Turn around for a minute.

I can't just leave

without seeing Hideko one more time.

Hey, I don't want to get into trouble again,

especially over a girl.

Tomorrow we'll head for the capital.

If there are other troops that arrive,

please team up and fight together.

There may be troops
that don't even make it that far.

Give this letter to Aro-un.

What's this?

Some girl left it for Aro-un

since he's not allowed any visits.

It's from Hideko.

In a game of chess,
there is always a way to win

if you think hard enough.

But in the real world,
sometimes you just can't find one.

It would be good to see

one of our guys make it to the end, huh?

Is Suzuki there?

Private Mori wants you to come

to the toilet right now.

Excuse me.

He probably wants some toilet paper.

That jerk! Acting like a spoiled child.

Come here, you bastard!

Don't move and don't make a sound!

When we get on that ship tomorrow,

we are all dead men.

So you are going to stab me
just a little with this knife.

I'm going to the hospital

and you are going to jail.

You might get 10 years,

but at least the war will be over
when you get out.

Lieutenant Ichiwara, drink up!

They say the enemy

always goes for the officers first.

Then I'll have to take you

as my shield.

How about you take Mori instead?

Mori! Come have a drink with me.

Hey, you!

You look like you just hatched from an egg.

Your mouth is still yellow from the yolk.

Hey! You want to get locked up?

Tomorrow we'll be out on the battlefield.

A bullet that is shot from behind

is more dangerous
than the one shot from the front.

You, bastard! How dare you!

He's dead.

Suzuki has committed murder.

Lock him up!

I killed Private Mori.

If you killed a superior,
you'll get the death sentence.

I just stabbed him

like he asked me to.

He was thinking of a way

to get out of going to the front.
That's how it happened.

Aro-un, Hideko left this letter for you.

She was here today.

Hideko is pregnant with my child.

But the child's father might as well be dead.

The ship leaves tomorrow
and there is no way out.

I should have been the one to stab Mori.

But Suzuki took the honor.

No Sound

Damn, I wish I could see his face.

Excuse me.

Aro-un is here, right?

No, he went back.

He was supposed to wait here.

He didn't.

Mr. Ino-wue?

This letter is for you.

This isn't a joke.
Go to jail?

It's safer there than anywhere else.

Aro-un will get the death penalty
if he's caught.

Isn't there a way

to just disappear from this world?

You wouldn't happen to have

Aro-un's uniform, would you?


I saw a dead body on the way here,
killed by bombing.

I'll put his uniform on that dead body.

That sounds like a good idea.

It's probably not, you know!

Aro-un, take off your uniform.

He's going to put it on a dead body
and take it in.

We have this.

Aro-un, you have to play this one right!

It's going to be the death penalty,
not a slap on the face.

Aro-un, if you are going to run for it,

then do a hell of a good job!

It's Aro-un's for sure.

Hmm. He was a troublemaker
but a great fellow.

The Military Police won't accept

that this is Aro-un from just this one leg.

Out on the battlefield,

you can't even find this much sometimes.

The bombing killed him

but he was a great soldier.

He'll have to wait a while
before I see him again.

Are you saying that this is Aro-un's leg?

Who's would it be,

if not his?

Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup!

Why are Koreans such cowards?

What's Aro-un's blood type?

Aro-un's blood type!

It's blood type O.

Ha ha ha!

If the blood from that leg is not type O,

then you are going to be shot!

Let's go.

I want to show that leg to Hideko.

- Nakamura!
- Yes, sir!

- Take that leg with you!
- Yes, sir!

Did you see that?

That was the Military Police.

They'll turn around and come after us.
Giddy up!

Aro-un is bound to get caught.

Then we'll be in for it too.


Actually we should probably thank Aro-un.

Even if we get 10 years,

the war will be over when we get out.

That's the least of our worries!

We have to stay alive first.

Yes, staying alive is everything.

Hideko, in 40 years time,

we will live in a nice big house.

I hope you can put up with this place.

- A nice big house

I'm happy thinking about the future.


I'm worried about food.

We'll be seen if we go out.

Give me your word

That you won't kill Aro-un.

If you don't,

I'll bite my tongue and kill myself.


You will do anything to please me then?

What do you want me to?

Hold this sword in your mouth.

I have a baby.

Please don't do anything horrible.

Shut your mouth!

We don't allow Korean babies into the world.

I have to keep our race pure.

I will get rid of that baby!

Pregnant women lose their babies

if they see something terrible.

I'll show you the most horrible thing
in the world.

Aro-un's head!



What are you doing here?

You are awake.

The Military Police have come.

To find food!

I'll go.

It's too dangerous to go outside.

This isn't rain. It's petrol.

They are going to pour petrol from the plane
and set this place on fire.


Aro-un, I came in this rain

to have your head.

Hideko's life depends on that head of yours.

Please forgive him.

Take pity on Hideko's baby.


Japan will lose.
I don't want to see it happen.

Don't shoot!
I want to kill him with my sword!



Citizens of Japan! The tragic event

is to be kept a secret for the good
of our Imperial Japan.

Hold off your grief

until the day of our victory

and you are not allowed

to see the dead bodies until then.

Please let me see him one last time!

The corpses are badly damaged.

Let this tragic event be a reminder

of the comradeship of the Japanese Army!

I can't believe

that he is dead.

He might be alive!

My father has got to be alive!

Citizens of Japan!
This tragic event is to be kept confidential.

Anyone who exposes it
is in breach of national security

and will be severely punished.


I'm still alive.

A human life is resilient.

Life is a miracle

and it cannot be terminated so easily.

Yes, even the Almighty God has no right

to take away human life.

Aro-un! Aro-un!

Look! Someone's alive!

Someone's alive!



The End

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