Hyena Road (2015) - full transcript

Hyena Road is centered around the Canadian Forces deployed in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. The Forces are encountering resistance from insurgents as they construct "Hyena Road" deep into Taliban territory. Warrant Officer Ryan Sanders, the leader of a rifle squad, finds himself under heavy fire while on sentry duty on the road. After their assigned evacuation vehicles are unable to reach their location, the squad moves on foot and reaches a Pashtun village. There are harbored by a tribal elder in his home, who also sends the Taliban away after they attack the village with rockets while searching for the Canadians. Sanders and his squad evacuate the area and return to base, where his secret lover Captain Jennifer Bowman, a communications officer, is also stationed. Meanwhile, Captain Pete Mitchell, an intelligence officer, carries out normal duties as the road is constructed, with little help from the Canadian's Afghani allies. When he hears Sanders' story of the Afghani elder, he decides to search for the man as a potential ally. He is helped in his search by a local asset assisting against the Taliban, called The Cleaner. While a search of the village yields nothing, Sanders' is able to remember that the elder has eyes of two different colors, with one being brown and the other blue. Mitchell is immediately able to identify the man as "the Ghost", formerly a fighter against the Soviets who gained his nickname for disappearing every-time he was injured, since his comrades would take him across the mountains into Pakistan, out of the range of the Soviets. Mitchell eventually arranges a meeting with the Ghost, but he refuses to accept money as a deal for his help, stating that he is now an old man and his days of combat are behind him. Meanwhile, the Canadians Afghani Allies, BDK and his son, Karim, are double-crossing them and receiving bribes from the Taliban. Sanders' squad sees this firsthand while observing the Ghost visit his son's home and granddaughters. The home was situated on land owned by BDK, while the crops had been destroyed by a Coalition airstrike some time in the past, leaving the Ghost's son with nothing to give BDK as his tithe for protection. Soon after the Ghost leaves, BDK arrives with Taliban protection and instructs the Ghost's son to pay up his money. When the son states that the entire opium crop was destroyed, BDK takes the Ghost's granddaughters and drive away. Sander's fireteam observe the whole seen and are desperate to prevent BDK from taking the children, but Mitchell repeatedly instructs them to hold their fire as they do not fully understand local politics. While everyone in the Canadian intelligence group knows their Afghani allies are crooked, there is no alternative in the province and they need all the help they can get. Meanwhile, Bowman reveals to Sanders that she is pregnant with his son, having conceived while both were on leave. Sanders rejoices in this, despite it being a serious problem regarding military rules prohibiting fraternization between officers and NCOs. The Canadians follow the Ghost, who has declared a personal war on BDK in revenge for the kidnapping of the girls. With assistance from his tribe, the Ghost abducts BDK's son Karim and beheads him when he is unable to reveal the location of the girls. Following this, the Ghost arranges a meeting with BDK in an isolated house, at the same time when BDK is supposed to be with the Canadians as they commemorate the opening of Hyena road. BDK agrees to exchange the girls for Karim. However, when BDK arrives with his bodyguards in a convoy, he demands to know the location of his son. The Ghost response by opening a sac he has brought and holding up Karim's severed head, at which point BDK pulls out his pistol and threatens to kill the Ghost. Sanders and his squad, who have been watching the whole action, fires on BDK as they have positive intent of violence. They do not, however, know that the Ghost desired to die having nothing else to live for, and only wanted to avenge his grandchildren who he assumed were lost forever.A firefight ensues after BDK is shot in the head by the Canadians, and the Canadians soon drive off BDK's bodyguards and begin moving out. As they move down to the house, dozens of Taliban insurgents arrive and they are trapped with the Ghost around the house. Although they fight off the insurgents, there is no support available and the Canadians are pinned down. After Travis, one of the members of Sanders' squad, is shot in the head by a sniper, the squad decides to relocate into the house under heavy enemy fire. As they move, they run into IEDs and the squad is incapacitated, with only Sander being able-bodied, along with the Ghost. Recognizing that there is no escape, Sanders calls in for artillery ordering to fire on his exact location to eliminate the insurgents, instructing them to fire for effect. After apologizing for the last time to Bowman, who heavily weeping tries to countermand the order, Sanders pulls off his helmet and tells the Ghost that he was going to be a father, something the Ghost appears to understand despite him not speaking English. Moments later, the artillery rounds hit the house obliterating Sanders, the Ghost, his squad, and many of the Taliban insurgents around them. The movie ends as Canadian troops rescue numerous Afghani children including the Ghost's granddaughters from one of BDK's safehouses, having acted on the Cleaner's information and other assets. Mitchell talks about how things will eventually get better, in the long term.

(indistinct radio

(man): Kandahar Province,
southern Afghanistan,

the birthplace of the Taliban.

It's 54,000 square kilometres
of brutal insurgency,

conflicting agendas,
tribal rivalry and blood feuds.

This is the Canadian Forces'
area of operation. We wear it.

And every day, we drive deeper

into the furnace
of enemy country.

It's one hell of a rough road.

(soft music, chanting)

- Three Niner Alpha, this is 66.

- 66, this is Three Niner Alpha.
Send. Over.

- 66. I have contact. Over.

- Three Niner Alpha, roger.

About 15 left to one.

- Wind gusts 15 to 20.
Left to right.

Old left-hand-sided target.

- On.

The buddy's got a shovel.

- Could be a farmer.
- On a road?

- Why not?

- 'Cause it's a road, man.

- Could be
a real shitty farmer

who's, like, constantly
puzzled, you know?

He's in the village asking,
"Why are my crops so lousy?"

And no one has the heart
to say, "Hey, buddy...

you can't grow, like...

anything on a road."

- Will you shut the fuck up?

Bad move. He's got a
shell casing shaped like a 122,

orange det cord
sticking out of the nose.

- Three Niner Alpha, this is 66.

I have PID, positive ID
on one times insurgent.

Time of contact 10:28 local.

- 66, this is Three Niner Alpha.

- Three Niner Alpha, 66. Sitrep.

One times insurgent,
grey man jams,

black head dress, holding
a 122 mm shell casing

with orange det cord
emanating from the top.

- Emanating?

- Coming out of the top.

- And now he's placing
the projectile into the hole.

- One Road Hyena. 650 meters
to the north-north-west

of grid Quebec Quebec 4176-8134.

- Three Niner Alpha,

- When he stands back up,

- Standby.

- Send it.

(soulful Arabic music)

Three Niner Alpha, 66.

- Three Niner Alpha, send.

- One times insurgent engaged
in centre mass. No motion.

At grid Quebec Quebec

Moving to RV extraction
at grid Quebec Quebec 4199-8226.

- Three Niner Alpha,
roger that, 66.

One times insurgent VSA.

We are pushing higher assets
to confirm.

- 66, roger. Exfiling now.

- Three Niner Alpha, roger.
Your ride's en route.

- Three One Charlie,
this is Three Niner.

Move new.
- Three One Charlie.

We're on the move.
Pick them up in 10 Mikes.

- Higher assets confirmation:

one times insurgent KIA
at grid Quebec Quebec 4176-8134.

- What's up?

- Take a look at that culvert.

Covers a stretch of road out
50 metres to the left.

Three One Charlie, this is 66.
What's your ETA?

- 66, Three One Charlie.
We're 3-4 Mikes the other side of the hill.

- Three One Charlie, this is 66.
Advise you hold your position.

Do not crest the hill. I say
again, do not crest the hill.

We've got something weird
on the road.

Gonna have a look.
Wait out.

- 66, Three One Charlie.
Good copy.

- Hickey, get the Coyote
on the patch just 10 meters

left of that culvert,
put a round in it.



What do you think?

- It's probably nothing.

- Hickey, put a round
in that patch next to it.



- Could be just
a bad patch of road.

- What if you're wrong?
- When have I ever been wrong?

- My sister.
- Yeah, that was bad.

- Hickey, just for fun,
chamber up a Raufuss.

Line up on that patch
dead ahead of us.

Let's see what
an incendiary does.

- Standby.

- Send it.



You okay?
- Yeah. Fuck!


- We're blown.

(shouting in Arabic)

(all shouting)

- Ambush!
- Go, go, go!

- Go! Get the fuck outta there!
- Covering!


- Move it!
- Covering!

- Covering!

- Leaving!
- Leaving!


- Three Niner Alpha,
this is 66. Sitrep.

We are being effectively
engaged. Exfiling now. Over.

- Three Niner Alpha, roger. Out.
- We got a TIC,

we got troops in contact.

- Three One Charlie,
Three Niner Alpha.

Did you acknowledge last
from 66?

- Three One Charlie, roger that.
Moving out now.

- 66. Negative.
Do not crest the hill.

The road is filled with lEDs.
You're the target.

Can you circle the ridge,
get us on the back side?

- Three one Charlie, roger.

But it's two zero,
two five Mikes at best.

- Break Break. 66, Three Niner
Alpha. What's the force size?

- 66. Two zero
to two five hostiles.

Am seeking strong point.
Wait out.

- Fuck!

- They're still on us!
- Fuck!

- Motherfucker!
- They got us cut off!

- We need to find
a strong point!

- I got a village!

- 66, we're moving
at the grape field.

We'll strong-point from there.
Wait out.

(gunfire, shouting)

" moving!

- Covering!

- Fuck!
We're blocked, we're blocked!

Go that way!

- Over the wall! Come on!

- Cover!
- Go, Tank!

- Let's g0!
' Go, 90. go!

' On my 6!
' Go, 90. go!


- We got a door!
- Move, move!

_ Qhanging mags!

(all shouting)
(insurgents yelling)

- Check your back!
- Check your back!

- Covering!

- Covering!
- Covering!

- Tank, Hickey, go!

- Go, go, go!

- Go, go! Argh!
- Covering! Go!

- We got a door straight ahead!
- Go!

- Fuck! It's blocked!


- 66, Three Niner Alpha.
Send sitrep. Over.

- 66.
- Covering!

- We still have contact.
We're moving into village,

will strong-point from there,
Send grid, over.

- Get Lavigne on Zero, ASAP.
- You're with Zero, ma'am.

- Zero, this is
Three Niner Alpha.

I've got troops in contact.
Force size: two five insurgents.

Request fast air.

- Three Niner Alpha,
this is Zero. Roger that.

We'll see what we got
in the air.

TAC-P, what lines
are we flying right now?

- A 2-ship, not in range.
- Get 'em there. Push 'em hard.

Fires, get me a PSS-SOF grid.
- Roger that.


- 66, this is
Three Niner Alpha.

Convoy's en route
and Zero's pushing fast air,

but you're gonna have to hang in there.
- 66, acknowledged, over.

We gotta find another
point of entrance!

- RPG!

- There's an opening!
(all shouting)

- Thank you, Mister Taliban!

(villagers shouting
in foreign language)


- Clear!

Hank, Hick!

(door creaking)

Clear! Clear!

- Clear!
- Let's go!

It's all clear!

- Alright, Ryan, we got
a compound, dead up there.

(Ryan, indistinct)
- Roger that. Go!

" moving!

- Contact grid!

- Moving!
- Covering!

- Covering!

- Covering!
- Moving!

(villagers shouting)

- Clear!
- Clear!

- Clear!

- Clear!
- Clear!


(foreign language)

(all): Grenade!


- They're surrounding us!
- Three Niner Alpha.

Send sitrep. Over.

- Inviting us in?
- I think he wants to help.

- 66. Three NinerA/pha.
Sitrep, please.

66, send sitrep. Over.

- Three Niner Alpha, 66.

- Three Niner Alpha, send.

- 66, we're hold up inside
compound at grid... Travis!

- Quebec, Quebec, 4133...

- Quebec, Quebec, 4133-8921.

We have a section plus of
insurgents encircling compound.

We need QRF extraction
for 4 PAX, ASA-fucking-P.

We got an elder with crazy eyes,
he's uh...

he's asking us inside.
I'm moving in.

We'll strong-point from here.

- Did he say crazy eyes?
- Yeah.

- Can I get a description
of the elder?

- 66, this is Zero.

Describe the friendly.
- 66, (Md you not hear me'?

We need QRF extraction now!

- It's important.

- 66, I say again,
describe the friendly.Over.

- 66, elder is about, uh...

I don't know, he's Afghan old.
Weird eyes, different colours.

- Break, break.
Zero, they're jammed here,

we gotta get them out!

- Three Niner Alpha,
we're pushing. Will advise.

- Fuck!

(shouting in foreign language)

- Let's move in! Come on!
Let's move in!

- Clear!
- Clear!

Everybody take a quarter.

Three Niner Alpha, 66 looking
for status on that ride home.

- 66, Three Niner Alpha,
QRF is two zero Mikes out

and you are danger close
for artillery.

You'll have to hunker down.
We'll get you out of there ASAP.

- 66, roger, out.
We're on our own.

- They can't get anything to us?
- Not for a while. Okay, guys, let's arm up.

- What the fuck?

(foreign language)

- Grenade.
We need a grenade.

- I got one. Here.

(foreign language)

- What do you think
they're doing?

- Same as us, getting ready.

(foreign language)

You see anything?
- They got an 82 recoilless!

- Oh, great.




- Everybody okay?
- Good!

- I'm good.
- You?

- What's he doing?
- I don't know.

(elder shouting
in foreign language)

(gunfire in the distance)

- They killed him!

- Gents, it's been a privilege.
- Likewise.

- Kill every fucker
that comes through those doors!

- Roger that.

(cocking rifles)

(rhythmic music)

- Hold your fire!

- No Taliban.

(foreign language)

- We're safe?

(foreign language)

- You trust him?

- Let's gear up!

Let's gm!

(foreign language)

Thank you.

- Clear!
- Clear!

- Clear!

- Clear!

- Where the hell'd they go?

- Three Niner Alpha, 66,
we're clear in the village.

Moving to rendezvous point
at grid 4012-8883.

- Three Niner Alpha,

RV Quebec Quebec 4012-8883.

Zero, this is Three Niner Alpha.
66 coming home. Over.

- Zero, acknowledged.


(soulful music)

(man); KAF.

You might as well be
on Mars as in Afghanistan.

We're out in the middle
of the desert,

surrounded by a force
of razor wire.

It's a coalition force
from over 45 different nations.

Two thirds of the soldiers
deployed here

never even see the country.

They just see blast walls,
DFACs, Tim Hortons.

Nobody even knows how many
people are on this base.

35, 45, 60,000?

It's here, inside the wire,

that we organize everything
that goes on outside the wire.

Half the time, we got it wrong,

but that means half the time,
we got it right.

It's a vast organism
that consumes

14 metric tons of food a day
and shits into a lake

that fills the air
with 30% fecal matter.

you breathe your own shit.

- I'm building a road,

I'm building a big fucking road
and it's going like a dagger

into the heart of the enemy
and it is fucking him up.

Every morning he wakes up,
I'm standing there

and I'm punching him
in his fucking face.

Now, we've never been this deep
into the Horn of Panjwai,

but Hyena Road is in there
and she's in there to stay.

And they don't like it,
'cause we're fucking

with their freedom of movement.
So they're going after

our dump trucks and our
gravel trucks and our workers.

- What are you saying?

- I'm saying I've lost 36
civilians in the last 4 months

and this bullshit
has got to stop.

And I'm gonna need
a little help from you.

- General, I am just one man.
- You're Bashir Daoud Khan, BDK.

You're one man with a militia.

- And I am your partner
in peace.

- So I need your eyes and ears
and I need you and your son

to be at our little
dedication ceremony,

how many clicks, there, Shorty?

- 15, sir.
- 15 clicks of hardtop

into the Horn.

Your presence there
would be... very meaningful.

(foreign language)

- Hyena Road is a gift
to all Afghans.

It would be an honour
for my father and I

to attend your ceremony.

- Out-fucking-standing.

- Thank you, general.
- Thank you, sir.

- Look at the little prick.
He's like Caligula.

It'd be a fuck of a lot easier
to get Hyena built

if that prick
would stop breathing.

- Right there, you're right.
I'm gonna hop a flight.

I wanna get to Sper,
run down a lead on an elder.

Tell Armstrong I'll call in
from the FOB.

- You don't want
to hang out with me?

- Oh, you know there is nothing
I'd rather do

but the future
of Western civilization

depends on my ass
getting out to Sper.

(rhythmic Arabic music)

(man): Alexander the Great
marched into this graveyard

about 2,500 years ago.

Easy to march in,
hard to march out. His words.

He and his mother wrote
to each other all the time.

One day, he got a letter from
her saying,

"What the hell? You conquered most
of the known world in a day and a half,

what are you doing
bogged down in Afghanistan?"

- He grabbed a bag
and shoveled it full of dirt

and had it sent back to Greece
with a message to his mother,

"Take this dirt and
dump it around the palace,

see what happens."

- 6-1, taking fire,
left, 1O o'clock.

300 metres, breaking right.

(indistinct radio


- Clear to engage.

Target is neutralized.
- Roger.

(man): So Alexander's mother

spread the dirt
all around the palace.

Later that night, a couple
of attendants showed up

to make sure she was alright.

One says, "Go ahead, after you."

And the other says,
"No, after you."

And the first one says,
"No, I insist."

And the second one says,
"Don't you tell me what to do."

They pull their swords
and go at it

till they kill each other.

Alexander's mother
watched all this

and wrote a note to him saying,
"Okay, okay, now I get it."

And he wrote back saying,
"Even the dirt is hostile."

In Afghanistan, dogs fight dogs,

birds fight birds, men kill men.

- Fire!

(mixed chatter)

- Oh, man, come on,
show me their picture.

- Mind if I join you?
- Not at all, Warrant. Please.

Hey, I got an update
from the engineer

on that stretch of Hyena
from yesterday.

They cleared 8 lEDs in all.

Something went wrong
with the last one.

The guy lost his leg above the knee.
They airlifted him to Landstuhl.

I think we need to talk.
- Hey, uh...

Hi, Jen.
Sorry to interrupt here.

Ryan, I'm Pete Mitchell,

one of the effects guys
with Brigade.

I don't mean to wreck
your meal, but you mind

if I have a word with you?
- Sure.

Catch up to you later.

- I was in the TOC
where you guys

had that engagement
in Haji Babe.

You were fucking lucky.

- You come all the way
out here to tell me that?

- Nope.

No, I came out here because -
and I could be

way out of line here but... -
you know, manifestly,

you and Jen got
a little something going.

On behalf
of the entire battle group,

I'd just like to express
our collective fucking jealousy!


- You got a girl?

- Yeah. Woman of my dreams,
back home.

- Does she know what you do?
- My wife? No.

She thinks I work
inside the wire

and I'm gonna leave it that way.
Let her sleep easy at night.

Tell me something.

How much you do you know
about Pashtunwali?

- Whatever's in the handbook,
you know.

It's a tribal code. It's old.
- Oh yeah.

It's so old they look upon Islam
as a kind of recent add-on.

- What are those?
- They're dates.

They're local.
They help you shit.

(Ryan laughs)

The code has got
a bunch of, uh...

Well, they call them pillars.

And one of them is Panah,

which means... protection,
more or less. So when that elder

invited you into his home,
he gave you Panah:

no harm could come to you.

- Uh... so I owe him, you mean?

- Well, he did it for Allah,
didn't do it for you.

But you're still breathing,
so that'd be your call.

This elder...

He speak any English?

- No. Just a couple words.

- Any marks about him,
any scars?

- No, but he had weird eyes.
- Weird how?

- His left eye was brown
and his right eye was deep blue.

- Hmm.

- So who is this guy?
Why do you...

Why did he give me this Panah?

- That's what I wanna know.

I got a patrol going back
into the village in the morning.

I'd really like if you'd come
along with me,

help me ID the guy.

- Yeah, sure, I'll be there.
- 0900.

- Alright.
- Alright.

- I'll see you in the morning.
- Yeah.

(soft music)

(chatter in the distance)

(Jen): What are you thinking?
(Ryan): Hmm...

I'm thinking
about our hotel room in Cyprus.

- Urn...

Okay, I'm gonna say something,

and I say it for both of us
and it's going to be shitty.

It's gotta be said.

- Fuck me.
- You know that I am

completely crazy about you,
and Cyprus was...

Cyprus was perfect.

We're perfect.

But we can't keep doing this,
we both know that.

If we get caught,
I'm gonna get cashiered.

This is my career.
- It's mine too.

- I know,
this is what I'm saying.

When we... rotate home,
we'll see.

But right now, while we're here,
it's got to stop.

(Ryan sighs)
- So this is it?


- I think it has to be.

- This is like
fucking Armageddon.

- I know.

You know there's nothing
that I would rather do right now

than climb over there and
fraternize the shit out of you.

- Hmm...

You can't dump me
in one sentence

then say something like that
in the next.



(soft Arabic music)

(orders in foreign language,

(man): Now, when we get
to the grape fields, if you see wire,

you see metal, you see plastic,

newly turned dirt,
don't step on 'em.

You didn't drop it,
don't pick it up.

Try to stay
at least five body lengths

between the next man
in the patrol.

When we get in the village,

you're gonna see women
dressed in bags.

Please don't stare at them.

I know you've probably seen that
in Toronto or Paris,

but you haven't seen it here.

Here, those bags are like
magnets for your eyes.

If you get caught staring at
them, it'll fuck shit up for us.

Quick clot, tourniquet, bandage.

- I don't know how to use
any of that.

- Ma'am, if it has to be used,
it won't be you using it.

(rhythmic music)

(indistinct chatter)


(man): Hey! Eyes!


- In my job,
it is a great honour

to meet elders such as yourself.

Today, I meet you,
so it's a good day.

But I was hoping to meet
another elder in this village.


(foreign language)

- He says that, "I'm the only
elder, and there is no other."

- Strange. Someone told me
there was another important man

that lived in this village,
but I forget his name.

But this person said you
couldn't forget him

because he had two different
coloured eyes.



- Hey, hey, hey!
What's in your head?

You're too high.

You can see the women
without their bags.

Get down! Get down!
- Sorry, sir.

- I think you know who I mean.

(foreign language)

- He says he's a ghost.

- Even ghosts
have to live somewhere.


(foreign language)

- He says most of them
live in Kandahar City.


- Haji, what the fuck
are you doing?

- The carpets, they are dusty!

- The entire country is dusty.
(Cleaner laughing)

Come on, let's have some tea.
Step into my office.

- How are you doing, Pete?
How's your family?

How's your time?
- It's good.

And how's yours?

You heard from Kabul?
When will you see 'em?

- Soon.

(Pete clears throat)

- You're frowning.

(Cleaner sighing)
- I thought you were crazy,

but I was wrong,
and I don't like to be wrong.

My cousin says maybe he is here.

- In K-City?
- He thinks so.

Why is he back?

- If it's even him.
- But the eyes!

- If it is him, do you think you
can get me to see him?

- My uncle has arranged it
for tomorrow.

- Tell them I'm gonna
bring along another guy,

the master sniper
with the battle group.

- One other thing.
It's not relational.

- Related.
- Related, yes.

I'm hearing something
about an attack.

- In K-City?
- Soon.

That's all I know.
As soon as I

find out more,
I will tell you.

_ Qkay-

How are you?
Do you need anything?

- No, I'm good.

- You always say you're good.

- I'm Afghan!
(foreign language)


- Oh, listen, I got you...

I got you some of that shampoo,

some of that... hand cream
you guys are so crazy about.


- Thank you. This is great.
- You're welcome, my friend.

- It's my favourite.


- Guys, listen up, this is
straight from the brass.

Guys! Listen! Alright.

No more fraternizing with goats,
you bunch of goat fuckers!

(knocking on door)
- Okay, listen up.

All four DETs are out tonight,

all ops are observe and report,
except for you, Travis.

You guys are on that bend
in Hyena

where that fucking tree is,
so keep your eyes peeled.

I've been seconded to intel
for the day,

so I'm heading into K-City.

Wilf here is going to step up.

(applause, cheering)

Alright. I got some bad news.

They grabbed a couple of guys

from 10th Mountain
Dog Company.

- What?
- Yeah.

I don't know the details, but
there was an IED of some sort

and the Talis grabbed
two of them.

- Are they alive?

- Yeah.

(long hiss)

- Fuck!

You can blow me up
with an IED...

shoot me with an AK,
fucking run me over with a LAV!

I'm... I'm fucking fine
with that.

But do not let me get
taken alive by these...

fucking medievalists.

- You good?

- What exactly
do they do to you?

- It's unspeakable.
- New comm logs!

Fill them out.
- What do you mean?

- Hey... Unspeakable means
we don't fucking speak about it.

(muffled gunshots)

(whispering): Targets down.
Let's back up.

First time, well...
how do you feel?

- Good.

- Ready to go?
- No, not quite.

I gotta take a shit.
- What?! Why?

- Why? I don't know.
Maybe because my...

long intestine's full of shit?
Give me the bag.


(Hickey sighs)
- What a beautiful night.

You know, if they get this place
together, I'd come back.

Bring Joey camping-
- Camping?

- Yeah.
- In Kandahar?

- Why the fuck not?

- Number 2's fully offloaded.
Good to go.

- Three Niner Alpha.

This is 66 Bravo ready
for extraction. Over.

- Let's go, Wilf.

- It's a beautiful morning.
- Yeah, it's been for two hours.

How long until the convoy?

- Should be on the move,
five to ten Mikes maybe.

- These A&A dudes,
you trust these guys?

- With my life.

It's their war.
We're just along for the ride.

(music playing from radio)
Hey, Walid.

- Huh?

- What's he got going
on the tunes?

- Leif Garrett.

- You're shitting me.
- Yeah.

- Come on, put it out,
for all to hear!

# I never had no problems yeah #

# Burnin' down
one night stands #

# And everything around me
yeah #

# Got to stop
to fee/in' so low #

# And I decided quickly
yes I did #

# To disco down
and check out the show #

# Yeah they was dancin'
and singin' #

# And movin' to the groovin' #

# And just when it hit me #

# Somebody turned around
and shouted #

# Play that funky music
white boy #

# Play that funky music right #

(indistinct radio communication)

Okay, convoy's on the move.
Mount up!

# Till you die
till you die #

(soulful Arabic music)

Golf Niner Whisky,
we're pulling in. Over.

- Roger that,
Golf Niner Whisky. Join in.

(indistinct prayer,
foreign language)

(traffic sounds)


(people chattering)

- Take this right.

- This is Golf Niner Whisky.
We're breaking off.

Thanks for the tow.

- Pete, anywhere here.

(Ryan): Who is that guy?
(Pete): He's called the Cleaner.

He's the bravest man I've ever
known and my greatest ally.

He works for us
but can't be seen with us,

if you know what I mean.
His family's up in Kabul

and he hasn't seen them
or slept in the same bed

for more than three nights
running in the last two years.

- Why's he doing it?

- Love of country?
I honestly don't know.

Can't just be for the money
we pay him.

(foreign language)

in foreign language)

(foreign language)

(Walid): He says his name
is Mohammed.

- Yeah, of course it is.
This bread looks very good.

(Walid translates.)

(Pete sighing)

My friend Ryan,
we've been friends,

we've known each other
and loved each other

for many, many years.

And you helped my friend
in the village of Haji Baba.

(Walid translates.)

And I would like to repay you
for that kindness.

You must need something,

perhaps new prayer rugs
for your mosque.

I would like to help with that.
(Walid translates.)

- How much is that?
- I have no idea.

This is for your village.

(Walid translates.)

(foreign language)

- He says, "Only a fool
accepts a gift

without knowing
what it's for."


- There is a legendary warrior,

a mujahideen in the Jihad
against the Soviets.

He was called
the Lion of the Desert.

(Walid translates.)

(foreign language)

- He says
he's heard of this man.

- The word is that he's back.
He's once again mujahid.

Have you heard anything
about these rumours?

(Walid translates.)

May I ask where you're from?

(Walid translates.)

(foreign language)

- He says his village is called
Abdullah Jan.

- Ah. So you're Pakistani.

(Walid translates.)

(foreign language)

- I have been Pakistani
for many years,

a Muslim for 1,400
and a Pashtun for 5,000.

- I understand.
(Walid translates.)

If you hear anything
about the Lion...

I would greatly appreciate it.

(Walid translates.)

(foreign language)

- So he's Pakistani?

- No.

No, that was just
a kind of test.

Abdullah Jan is just the ruins
of some village

across the border
from Spin Boldak.

Nobody's really lived there

for a couple hundred years,
least of all him.

- So he's not just some guy
from a village.

- No, he's not.

He's the Lion of the Desert.
That's what his people call him.

But the Russians,
they called him the Ghost

'cause they couldn't kill him.

They shot him four times,
they blew him up twice.

And each time, his guys would
get him up over the mountains

and into the Red Cross tents
in Pakistan.

And they'd get him stitched up

and he'd be back out there
blowing Russians out of the sky.

We just met a very big gun,

like a Rommel or a Patton.

This guy beat the Red Army
and he was a kid when he did it.

When the Russians pulled out,
he cut a deal with the Talibans,

"I'm going back to my grape
fields, I don't want any part

of your stupid civil war.
Just leave me alone."

Which they did,
which was kind of weird,

'cause generally speaking,

the Talis went after anybody
who stood against them.

But him, for some reason,
they just left him alone.

(Ryan): But now he's back.
- He's back,

and I gotta figure out why.
A guy like him,

with his influence,
he could prob--

(deafening noise)

(people shouting, crying)

(men moaning)

- We got multiple bombers,
vehicle-borne and coordinated.

- Reporting civilian casualties,

multiple civ KIA, city centre...

- Got a VBIED
southwest Kandahar City.

Multiple casualties.

- A&A reports taking fire,
I-route 1 and Alpha 7-5.


- Must have hit
the engine block.

- Goddamn“.
- Peter, wheres the convoy'?

- We lost the convoy.
- Alright...

Zero, Golf Niner Whisky, uh...

I have contact. Over.
- Zero, acknowledged.

- Yeah, Golf Niner Whisky,
we have contact

at grid Quebec Romeo 232-129.
We have no mil casualties.

I have mobility kill. Over.

- Zero, roger. Be advised
we have reports

of multiple SBVIED
in vicinity

of police headquarters.
More to follow.

- Golf Niner Whisky, send.
- Yeah, it looks like

the Talis are at it again.
It's a shit storm out there.

I advise you try and exit city,

move to Camp Nathan Smith,
ride this one out.

- Golf Niner Whisky.
Wilco. Out.

(Ryan): There's another
explosion! Let's go!

- We're gonna have to move.
Heading north.

Goddamnit, can't get the radio.

- Forget the radio,
we'll use my MBITR.

Let's go! We gotta move!

- I'm gonna have to blow it.
- Walid?

- Yeah.
- Come! Behind the car.

- Frag out!

(siren blaring)

- Mitchell, grab Walid.
Punch up to that corner.

Cover my 6.
- Roger. Stay with me.


(boy whistling)

- Let's go.
(distant shouting)

(Pete): They're moving
on the fucking rooftops.


- Clear, let's go.

(shot fired)

- RPG!

' YOU good?

- Yeah, good.

(foreign mnguage)

- Can you shoot?
- Me? Fuck no, I'm intel.

- Zero, Golf Niner Whisky.
I have PID on multiple hostiles,

40 metres east of last position.
Engaging. Wait out.

- Zero, roger.

- Moving!
- Covering.

(distant shouting)

- Tali at one o'clock!

- Ah!
- Target down!

Mitchell, come up to me!

_ MOVG 9Q' g0'

(insurgent moaning)

Hold up.

- I need you to punch left,

down that alleyway.
I'll cover you.

You good?
- Yeah, good to go.

- Standby.
(Walid panting)



- Clear.

This is bad.

- You piss
with the dick you got.


(insurgents shouting
in foreign language)

- Changing mags, cover me.
- Alright.


- Rooftop, 9 o'clock!

- Clear.
(chickens cackling)

- Shoot him.
- I don't shoot kids.

(foreign language)

- Clear.


- Bomber! Ah!
(pan clanging)

- It's my guy, it's my guy,
it's the Cleaner!

Go, go, go, go!
(tires screeching)


Haji, where did you get
this truck?

' My uncle!

- Of course!

- I hung around,
you never know in this city!

I heard the gunfire, came
looking for you! We got lucky!

- Fuck, yeah!

Zero, this is Golf Niner
Whisky, we're heading out.

- Zero, acknowledged.


(Pete laughing)

- That was balls out, flat out,
fucking insanity!

Five suicide bombers,
a rack of RPGs,

17 dead and 37 wounded.
I gotta get a coffee.

- Do we know
what they were after?

- Yeah. Police headquarters.
We just got caught up in it.

That is Kandahar karma,
baby, that's what that is.

But I gotta say,
you handle your rifle

like you got ice in your veins.

- Well, those Talis
were using AKs,

which is great weapons
if you're in a phone booth.

(Pete laughing)

You work the city a lot?
- A fair bit, yeah.

- You got a weird job.
- Oh, yeah...

And you... and you don't?

- Me? No!

No, everybody knows the rules.
You pick up an AK, an RPG,

you're gonna hear about it.
There's no gray area.

- Well, except back home,
where they think what you do

is a little too... I don't
know... premeditated.

But my shit? Hearts and Minds?
They lap that stuff up

'cause it's got
a moral ring to it,

even if it's mostlyjust PR.

- You believe that?

- These people here...

they got no use
for what we have on offer.

They don't want Justin Bieber
and Tom Jefferson

and our fucking pornography.

They just want our money
and a little bit of stability.

- So how do we win?
- There is no winning.

There's just an end state
and that's gonna get laid down

by foreign policy, not by us.

- You're a cynical man.

- Not about this country,
I'm not.

Not about these people.

- Me neither.
And I gotta believe

that if I put a $6 round,

just one bullet
in the right place,

I could change everything.

- You may be right.

- You gonna stick around Sper?
- No.

I'm gonna hop a flight.
Should grab my gear.

I'll be in touch.
- I'll be around.

(dogs barking,
helicopter hovering)

Don't say anything,
just listen.

I know our situation,
I know it doesn't make sense,

but you need to hear this
from me.

I love you.

Right down to the bone,
right down to the goddamned

fucking marrow.
You need to know that.

- Ditto. All of it.

- Haji, what are you doing?
- Cleaning the chairs.

- It's not your job.
- Whose job is it?

- Well, it's nobody's.

- This is why you have
dirty chairs!

- I need some tea. Come on.

Why would he even agree
to a meeting

if he has absolutely nothing
to say?

- Maybe he just wants the
Coalition to know he's back.

- Maybe, but for what?

We need to know
who's in that village.

Can you get
into the Tazkera Registry,

find out who lives there?

- I have an uncle, he works
in the Governor's palace.

- God, how many uncles
do you have?

- Pff. Many.
(Pete laughs)

Tell me...

What do you think of my hair?
I've been using the shampoo.

- It looks silky smooth
and very manageable.

- Ah! And my hands?
- Hmm...

Soft, like a baby's bum.


- You're the best.

(Arabic music)

- Hey there, Chewey,
I need a favour.

I'm looking at a village
at this grid marker.

Any events in the last,
I don't know,

say the last six months?
- Come on, Pete--

- I know I should go through Armstrong,
but I don't know what I'm looking for.

I don't feel like doing a whole
work up just on a hunch.

- You want a visual, I assume.
- Anything with eyes, yeah.

- I'll let you know.

- Thank you.

- Anything useful?

- Maybe.

What do I owe you?
- I'll take your beer allotment

at the end of the month.
- I only get two, same as you.

- And I'll take them both.
- Alright, they're yours.

And you can clear all this
shit off. Thanks, Chewey.

Oh yeah, and, uh...
one of these days,

I'm gonna split up
a fire mission,

turn my chair
on the backside.

_ Qkay...

- Hey, Haji,
what do you got for me?

- Oh, it's bad.
It's Bashir's.

- You're kidding me.
BDK owns that land?

You're sure'?
- It's in the record.

- Alright, listen, can you get
out to Sper tomorrow?

- Yes, no problem.
- When you're at the gate, if anyone asks,

you're just a contractor,
you're working on a school,

or... I don't know, a fucking
kite factory or something.

(chuckling): Okay.

- Take care, my friend.

- Have you had any tenderness
in your breasts,

or nausea or just the spotting?
- No, just the spotting.

I'm really managing my cycle.

I haven't had my period
in six months, but...

I don't know,
maybe I missed a pill or...

maybe I'm just being paranoid!

- No...

If we find something...

what do we do? You know
I'm supposed to report it.

- Well, I'm... asking you
not to. As a friend, okay?

_Qh my---

- Ugh...

Oh, my God.


(soft music)

(muffled cocking)

- How's Joey?
(Mary): He's good, you know.

Report card's off the charts.

But he misses the shit
out of you.

- Oh, come on, honestly.

He really misses me?
- Of course he misses you!

Fuck, I miss you.


- I miss you too, baby.
- How much do you miss me?

- Wide-open prairie miss you.

(Mary sighing)

- What about these?
You miss them?

- Oh, Jesus, you have no idea
how much I miss them.

Hang on...

- I had to go back because
this op

was pretty early in the roto.
But yeah, the DETs observed

between 15 and 20 Talis
moving across the field.

Because of the force size,
they didn't engage.

Company command requested
the grid.

They called it in, artillery
beat the shit out of them.

- There was some fast air
in there as well, right?

- Yeah, I believe so.
Two A10s.

- And they destroyed the field?
- That's what Warthogs do.

- Well, see, this matters
because, as it turns out,

the field is owned
by Bashir Daoud Khan.

- BDK?

- See, BDK leases the field to
the farmer, who's basically...

He's like a slave, right?

The farmer works the field,

then at the end
of the poppy season,

he's gotta hand over 5,000 USD.

Whatever he gets
on top of that, he gets to keep,

which is probably like
800 bucks,

somewhere around
the national average.

Now in this particular case,

the Talis go running around
the field,

ISAF blows the shit out of it

and the crop is ruined.
And now, well, the farmer,

he's got less than Adam
before the apple.

Well, BDK shows up and goes,
"Hello, where's my 5,000 USD?"

And the farmer says, "Well...
the crop was ruined, you know?

No fault of my own."

BDK says, "I don't give a shit,
I'm evil. I will have my $5,000.

And you have X amount
of time to come up with it."

- Wow, this guy sounds like
Tony Soprano.

- Yeah, but without
the therapist.

- We Afghans,
we're not very big on therapy.

- Alright, so why are we looking

at this farmer?
- His name is Abdul Malik.

His father's name is Haji Malik,
Lion of the Desert.

- His father is the Ghost?
Holy shit!

- We think this is why
the Ghost has returned,

to protect
the honour of his family.

- There's some bad history
between BDK and the Ghost.

I don't want things to go
haywire 'cause I want the Ghost,

I want him to work with us,
'cause he can be a powerful ally

for what we're trying
to achieve down here,

maybe we'll actually
get Hyena built.

- So where do I fit in?

- Well, we think the date
for payment is close, yeah?

Two-three days kinda thing.
So I need eyes on that village,

I need to know
about the comings and goings,

the who, the what,
all that kind of thing.

- I got my snipers spread
all over the area of operation,

but I can redeploy,
rotate the DETs,

two days on, two days off
sort of thing, starting tonight.

- Outstanding!

- You ever try a date?
- No, thank you.

# Baby please don't go #


# Baby please don't go #


# You got dimples in your jaw #


# You got dimples in your jaw #


# You got dimples in your jaw #

# And that ain't all
baby please don't go #

- Comm check.
- Check.

- Right.

- Comm check to Wilf.

- Check! Roger you.

- AKA training magnet?
- Check.

(music continuing,
indistinct chatter)

- AKA I smell a shit.
- Check.

(indistinct chatter)

- AKA douchebag.

# Hey hey little girl #

# Hey little girl #

# Hey hey little girl #

# Hey little girl #

# Ooh#

# Hey hey little girl #

# Hey hey little girl #

# Hey little girl #

# Hey hey little girl #

# Hey little girl #

# Baby please don't go #

# Don't go baby #

(music continuing)

# Baby please don't go
baby please don't go #

# Baby please don't go
baby please don't go #

# Baby please don't go
baby please don't go... #

(foreign language)

_ " Brr!
(Qlrls laughing)

(foreign language)

- You seen anything, Tank?

- Negative.
- Alright, take a break.

- Roger that.

- Hey, buds.

- Is there something
you wanna tell me?

(music from earphones)

Perry Como? In a combat zone?

- It was on shuffle.
- Unacceptable.

Completely inappropriate.

(soft Arabic music)

- You know,
I've been thinking about...

what you said about changing
everything with one bullet.

You really believe that?

- Yeah, I believe that.

I'm here, aren't I?

- Yeah, yeah.

- Look at this.

- Okay, what the fuck is this?

- I'm a terrible dancer.

- You're an unbelievably bad dancer.

- But I'm a great shot,
and I've always been,

ever since I was a kid.

It might've been irresponsible
to put a weapon in my hand,

but people would get
hunting licences,

they didn't even have a gun,

just so that I could hunt
on their behalf.

I used to shoot
hard-to-shoot game,

put food on people's tables
when times were hard.

- Sir? Captain Bowman
wants to see you both.

- We're on.

- Three Niner Alpha,
this is 66 Bravo.

- 66 Bravo, Three Niner Alpha

- 66 Bravo. We got a convoy
heading our way, over.

- Three Niner Alpha,
describe the convoy.

- 66 Bravo, three white
Suburbans coming in fast.

Looks like they're up-armoured.

- Three Niner Alpha,
what's happening in the village?

- 66 Bravo, all is quiet, over.

- They're not ready,
they got no... Goddamn it!

- Okay, what's going on here?
- I don't know yet.

Get everyone up.
- Roger.

- Holy shit. 66 Bravo, we got
two VIPs exiting the vehicle.

First 40s, black hair,
bad dye job, beady little eyes.

- Can he confirm VIP is BDK?

- 66 Bravo, Three Niner Alpha,
is VIP BDK? Can you confirm?

- 66 Bravo confirming.

VIP call sign Bravo Delta Kilo.

Second civ Hamid Walid Khan,

call sign Hotel Whisky Kilo.

Three Niner Alpha,
this is 66 Bravo.

We've got Taliban,
counting four.

- He's got Talis with him?

- A guy like BDK plays
both sides of the fence.

- 66 Bravo, Three Niner Alpha,
do you have clearance?

Are they carrying weapons?

- Wednesdays-Fridays
he's with us,

he's with the Talis,

and on days off,
they're both running narcotics.

- 66 Bravo,

negative, no weapons,
but they're in costume.

Black turbans, black man jams.

These guys are not even trying
to hide who they are. Over.

(chicken cackling)

(girl screaming)

(rhythmic music)

66 Bravo, we have hostile action
against civilians.

- Three Niner Alpha,
clarify "hostile action".

- They're taking kids.
Little girls.

- Three Niner Alpha, do you have
imminent threat, over?

- 66 Bravo, negative,

but they are grabbing
little girls

and dragging them
to their trucks.

(girl screaming)
(BDK shouting)

(man groaning)

(foreign language)
(girl crying)

Authorized to engage? I am
getting ready to take the shot.

- No, I'm stepping in.

66 Bravo, this is Golf Niner
Whisky. Sit tight, over.

- The fuck?! Take them down!

- Unless they pull out weapons,
we can't get involved.

- 66 Bravo, I can intervene.
- Golf Niner Whisky, negative.

Unless you see a weapon,
do not intervene.

- 66 Bravo, they are taking
little kids.

- Golf Niner Whisky, sit tight.

- 66 Bravo, clarify.
Are you fucking kidding me?

- Golf Niner Whisky, unless you
see a weapon, do not engage.

- We gotta do something!
- Your guys will stand down.

- Jesus Christ!
- Settle down, Warrant! Fuck.

- F...uck.

- You're out of line, here!
- Why didn't you override?

- 'Cause it's an intel op,
it's their call!

Rules of engagement.
You know that!

- It's a fucking crime!
- We need to talk.

- No, you know what?
We're good, we're good. Hey, Mitchell!

Mitchell, what are those girls,
like 8, 10 years old, huh?

And we just stand there? What's
gonna happen to them, huh?

- They're gonna be sold,
that's what's gonna happen.

BDK will hand them over
to the Talis,

the Talis will put them
on the market.

Whatever they get above
5, they're gonna keep,

but BDK will get his $5,000.
And then I don't know,

they're gonna end up in...

some shitty marriage
in Dubai, or worse,

they're gonna end up sucking
dick in some brothel

outside of Fort McMurray.

- You know this
and we don't intervene?

- We didn't intervene because
we didn't have imminent threat.

Those are the rules
of engagement!

I had to make that call!

We didn't intervene because
BDK is protected by a roof

on top of which is a great
big fucking sign that reads CIA!

He's their asset. Now, you wanna
bring down our general

and fuck up
the entire battle group?

Be my guest, go ahead,
shoot him.

- What kind of fucking war
are we fighting here?!

- Oh, come on, it's not one war!

It's a whole bunch
of different wars.

And mine,
it's like a 3D chess game.

Half the time, I don't even know

who the fuck
I'm playing against.

- We're not playing games here!

- No, we're not.

But we're not here
so kids can fly kites either.

- Then what the fuck
are we doing here?

- We are rolling back the clock

and we are stacking the deck
so this time,

the complete fucking
crazies don't win.

Haji, did you get all of that?
- Yes, the relay was clear.

He's going to have to react.
He will make badal.

- Okay, bada/ is another
one of those tribal pillars.

Come on, sit down.

Sit down.

Bada/ basically means, like...
revenge, or...

It's like an eye for an eye
kinda thing.

- It's more about honour.

If the leader of the family
cannot restore honour to them,

then he must leave, forever.

So the Ghost has no choice.
He must act.

- Here's the thing.

BDK served under the Ghost
in the war against the Russians.

Story goes that a Russian
chopper went down

and BDK ass-raped one of the pilots.
And as punishment,

the Ghost embarrassed him
in front of the rest of the muj.

- So you see, badal continues.
- BDK is a bad guy

and he needs
to be brought down.

Now we can't do it,
but the Ghost can. To do that,

we gotta boost the stature
of the Ghost,

and we're gonna start
by inviting the Ghost

to the ceremony
for Hyena Road.

- Put them together.
Badal is possible.

- I'm also gonna offer up
the safe house.

If they meet on Hyena Road,

it's political. If they meet
at the safe house, it's personal.

Either way,
there's gonna be fireworks.

Okay, there's a flight heading back to KAF
in about 10-11 Mikes, I'm gonna hop on it.

I need you to set up
a meeting with the Ghost,

we'll do it at the safe house.

And I need your team
to scope out security

at the ceremony site
and at the safe house.



Don't think I don't feel
for those girls, 'cause I do.

And we'll do what we can
to find them.

But right now, in the bigger
picture, we need the Ghost.

(buzzing sound)

(foreign language)

(rhythmic Oriental music)

(tires screeching)

(foreign language)

(foreign language)


- Travis said
you were looking for me.

- Yeah...

- Alright, look, I'm sorry,
I lost my shit.

(Ryan sighing)

But you know me. And
you know that most of the time,

I'm proud about
what we do here

and I'm proud about
how we go about doing it,

but... those were kids.

If we can't help them, what's
the point of doing all this?

- I don't... have an answer for
that, and for what it's worth,

I agree with you,
but that's not, um...

what I wanted to see you about.

Uh, do you mind just...
closing the door?


Have a seat, I just have
to show you something.

(Jennifer sighs)

- What's this?

- Uh, that's our baby.

It was... Cyprus, I guess.

- It's one of the most beautiful
things I've ever seen.

The most beautiful thing.

- This kind of changes things...
doesn't it?

- Yeah, yeah,
it changes everything.

- I think that... you know,
in terms of the brass,

we're gonna be okay because it
happened while we were on leave,

but we gotta figure out
what we're... gonna do.

- Figure out
what we're gonna do?

We're gonna have a baby.

- Is that what you want?

- Yeah, of course it's what
I want, more than anything.

- Okay, good, I'm glad.

- You know,
you're making me crazy.

- I know, I'm making myself crazy.

- What did you think I'd think?
- I don't know, I just was...

I was nervous. We didn't...

...leave things very well.

- Come here, come here,
come here. Hey...

We're gonna have a baby.

(both moaning)

Oh! Oh!
You sure it's mine?


(man): Niner Niner Tac on base.

- Cocks! Another IED hit
out on Hyena.

One KIA. A guy out of Kabul,
father of how many, Shorty?

- Five, sir.
- Five. Fuck.


Finding these pricks is like
nailing Jell-O to the wall.

I cannot keep losing civilians
if we're gonna get Hyena built.

And if we're gonna prevail
down there...

Hyena's gotta go through.


I gotta get out there,
on the ground,

gotta get
my Leopard 2s rolling,

and blow them fuckers
out of their beds.

I gotta find
their weapons caches,

I gotta fuck with
their command and control

and I cannot do that bouncing
around in goddamn helicopters.

That's a kinetic imperative,

I'm gonna need a little
help from you non-kinetic types.

I need you effects guys going
there and work your magic.

- Understood, sir.
We are working on it.

My Afghan guys tell me that
BDK's behind all of this shit.

The more the security situation

the more money he's making out
of all the gravel trucks,

all the other stuff
he's into us for.

- Fucking horrible little man.
- If he was out of the picture,

getting Hyena through
would be a hell of a lot easier.

- He gets knocked of his perch,
I would not weep.

- Understood, sir.

- I hear the Ghost's back.

- Yes, sir.
- See a threat?

- Just the opposite. I think
he could be a powerful ally.

- I don't care how you do it,

just make sure my civilians
aren't getting hit

every time they drive
a fucking truck down there.

- Understood, sir.
- Thanks, Pete.



- Haji, what the fuck
are you doing?

- What? You can't see
out of these things!

- There's nothing to see.

- No, not the way they are, no!

- Okay... Get in touch with
the Ghost, the meeting's on.

- You have approval?

- It's always better to ask for
forgiveness than permission,

you know that.

(Cleaner chuckles)
We'll meet him at the safe house.

(Ryan): This house has
a key feature.

It's our asset, a safe house.

We'll set up our OP here, at the
summit of the saddle back ridge.

That'll give us clear line of
sight to both sides of the hill:

here, at the safe house,

and here, where the ceremony's
gonna take place.

- What's the range?
- It's comfortable,

1,150, 750 metres
both sides of the hill.

- And what about extraction?

- We'll exfil down the back
side, through the grape fields

and get picked up
en route Hyena.

- How's this house gonna play?

- That's unknown.

There's an offer out
to the Ghost and BDK to show.

Intel thinks they'll show up
either at the safe house

or at the ceremony,

so we need eyes on both.

This is a tricky op,
so I'll take lead.

Wilf, you'll stand this one

Alright, let's gear up.

- I would like to thank you
for meeting with me.

(Walid translates)

(foreign language)

- He says, "The honour is mine."

(foreign language)

- He says, "I'm surprised
to be here.

I used to come
to this house many times."

He's asking, "Do you know
who used to own this house?"

- Mullah Omar.

(foreign language)

- He saved his ears,
but he lost his eye.

- What does that mean?
- Same same.

- Same same what?
- Same same, same same.

- If you ever need to use this
house for whatever reason,

it's yours.
(Walid translates)

There was an event in Panjaway
the other day,

the village of Haji Baba.

Two little girls were taking
out of the arms or their father.

(Walid translates)

(foreign language)
- He says, "Why have you come to me?"

- Because the little girls were
taken by Bashir Daoud Khan.

(Walid translates)

My general is
a compassionate man.

He's a student of Pashtunwali.

And he would like to help you,
to help all Afghans,

to help the village
of Haji Babe.

(Walid translates)



And he would be very honoured
if you would accept this gift:

5,000 US dollars.

(Walid translates)

He will also be honoured
if you would attend

the ceremony for Hyena Road.

(Walid translates)

(foreign language)

(Walid): He's saying, "Why me?
I'm a simple grape farmer."

- He understands this,
but your presence would do him

a great honour
as an elder of the region.

(Walid translates)

(foreign language)
- "Who else will be there?"

- Bashir Daoud Khan.

(foreign language)

(Walid): "I have known this man
Bashir since he was a boy."

(foreign language)

- "He brought great dishonour
to our cause,

and he was punished
by my own hands."

(foreign language)

- "Thank your general
for his kindness,

and it will be my honour
to attend."

(chicken cackling)

(foreign language)

(Walid): He says,
"The chicken hates you."

- Yeah, Haj, 'R's me.


I'm watching him walk up
the side of a mountain.

Yeah, he says
he's gonna show up,

but I got the feeling he's got
something up his sleeve,

so I'm gonna need you to get
your eyes and ears out there,

see what you can learn, okay?

(foreign language)

Okay, let's get our gear,
we're going.


- Whoa! Local meat?

- Heavenly Father...

Please protect
those little girls.

Watch over them
and bring them home.

(gasping, laughing)

(both sighing)

- Hi...

- Hi, listen, I'm not sure I was
entirely clear about all this,

so I want to spell it out.

I'd like it very much if, um...

you'd marry me, Captain Bowman.

- I would also like that very
much, Warrant Officer Sanders.

- Okay, I gotta go. We're
heading out. I gotta kit up.

- Oh, why don't I...
help you with that kit.

(Bowman laughing)

Oh... we're crazy.
(both laughing)

- Fucking certifiable.

- Be careful.

- I promise.

(Jen laughing)

You're driving me crazy!

(Jen sighing)

My God...

Oh, fucking...

- Hey, Jen.

- Hey, hey. So how do you think
this is gonna play out?

- Oh, hard to say,
a lot of variables.

If the plan holds,
we're golden.

Anything shifts, who knows.

- We got Niner Niner Tac
en route, ma'am.

- Okay, buddy. Here we go,
general's on his way.

You were down
at the ceremony site?

- Yeah, on my way here.
Usual motley crew.

Goats everywhere, shit
all over the goddamn place.

You know what I'd like to see?

I'd like to see this country
host the Olympics,

that would be awesome.

- 66, Three Niner Alpha, sitrep.

- Three Niner Alpha, 66,
good visual,

clear line of sight
both sides, over.

- Three Niner Alpha, roger.

- 66, Niner Niner Tac in sight,
1 click out.

(man): I confirm Niner Niner Tac
in sight.

(Rilmen): I bet you
not one VIP's gonna be there.

They're not gonna show.

- Oh, I think they'll be there,
sir. It's important to them.

- 25 bucks says
they're a no show.

- You're on, sir.

- I love your enthusiasm,
Shorty. Fuck!

- Go, g0, 90, 9°!

- Move your ass out!

- Come on gentlemen, let's go!
- Move!

- 66, Niner Niner Tac
has landed, over.

- You're gonna owe me 25 bucks.
You realize that, don't you?

- I'm an optimist, sir.

- You're a fucking idiot,

- Roger that, sir.

- Three Niner Alpha, 66,

I have convoy in sight
on approach road, over.

- Three Niner Alpha, white SUVs?

- 66, confirming, three white
SUVs, up-armoured, over.

66, convoy has turned north
off approach road,

heading in direction
of safe house, over.

- Three Niner Alpha,

- Okay, everybody, we're on.
BDK's going for it.

The Ghost and BDK will meet
at the safe house,

not at the ceremony site,

so this is probably gonna get

You got that relay for me
at ASIC?

- You're hooked up now, sir,
go ahead.

- Ah, One One Zulu, this is
Golf Niner Whisky requesting

cellphone trap at grid
Quebec Quebec 3669-8537, over.

- Golf Niner Whisky,
this is One One Zulu.

You're in luck,
we got a high asset

sitting on top of your grid
marker. Running traps... now.

- Three Niner Alpha, 66,
convoy has stopped, over.

- Three Niner Alpha, roger.

- Golf Niner Whisky,
One One Zulu. We have a trap.

Three signals.
You want them all up?

- One One Zulu,
Golf Niner Whisky, negative.

Can you just feed them to us
one by one, over?

- What are you doing?

- He's turning their cellphones
into listening devices,

but don't ask me how,
I have no idea.


- One One Zulu,
first trap coming at ya.


(foreign language)

- One One Zulu,
Golf Niner Whisky, negative,

you can drop that trap, over.

- One One Zulu, good copy.
Number two coming at ya.

(foreign language)

- Yeah.

- One One Zulu, Golf Niner
Whisky, that's our guy,

call sign Bravo Delta Kilo,
that's BDK.

Thanks for your help. Out.

(foreign language)

- Three Niner Alpha, 66,
front door is opening,

call sign Ghost is stepping out.

Call sign Ghost is alone.

- He shouldn't be alone.
He should have guys with him.

- So what does that mean?

(foreign language)

- The Ghost says that Bash“
has 'msuhed

the honour of his family.

For a young man, a former
student, this is a great sin.

(foreign language)

Bashir says that his son Abdul
owed him 5,000 US dollars.

The Ghost says he has just
given him 5,000 US dollars.

(foreign language)
(Walid): Bashir thanks him

and says this will satisfy
the question of the money.

(foreign language)

The Ghost says yes,

but the debt
is not yet resolved.

He wants his grandchildren,
the little girls

that were taken.
He wants them returned.

(foreign language)

(Walid): Bashir says
this is impossible.

The girls are gone, and
the Ghost should know this.

- This is so fucked up.
- Copy that.

(foreign language)

(Walid): Bashir says that
his son Hamid is missing.

- "His son"? How the fuck
did I not have this intel?

(foreign language)

- Alright, Bashir is angry.

He says he wants his son
returned to him.

He says that
he wants to see his son.

(foreign language)

- The Ghost says,
"And so you shall."

(foreign language)

- Jesus. Three Niner Alpha, 66,
I have a head,

a human fucking head
lying on the ground.

- Fuck.

(Ryan): It's the son,
call sign Hotel Whisky Kilo.

- Shit, shit, shit,
BDK is gonna react.

Okay, look,
they must not engage.

- 66, Three Niner Alpha,
what is BDK doing?

Do you have hostile intent?

(foreign language)

(Travis): We got a weapon.

- 66, call sign Bravo Delta Kilo
has a weapon.

Hostile intent towards civ
call sign Ghost.

- Fucking light him up.
(clearing throat)

- 66, Golf Niner Whisky,
do not take that shot.

- He has clearance.
- I'm overriding.

66, Gold Niner Whisky,
you don't understand.

- 66, I understand
imminent threat.

- Hit him, for fuck's sakes.
- Am engaging. Wait out.

- Confirm. Up 23.

Right 2.
- Roger.

- 66, Golf Niner Whisky, Ryan,
please, do not take that shot!

- He has intent.
He doesn't need your okay.

- Standby.

(Pete): Ryan,
please don't do this.

This is how badal works.
This is what the Ghost wants.

- Send it.

(Pete): Ryan, please!


(Travis): Good hit.

(Puts down phone)

(foreign language)

- Alright, guys, let's pack up.

(Shorty): General,
we have to go.

- Niner Niner Tao,
this is Zero advising exfil.

- Nmer Nmer Tao on the move.

- Niner Niner Tac exfiling now,
all birds in escort.

- 66, Golf Niner Whisky.

You have any idea
what you just done?!

- 66, yeah, I think I do.

I had imminent threat towards
a civilian, I intervened.

- Yeah, you did intervene, 66,

in something
you know nothing about!

- Back off, Mitchell.

66, Three Niner Alpha,
continue to rendezvous.

- You just fucked up!

- You fight your war, Captain,
I'll fight mine.

- 66, Golf Niner Whisky,
call sign Ghost was seeking

an honourable death,
and you just...

you took it away from him!

- We saved his life.
- It wasn't yours to save!

Now, he's got nothing! You
understand that? He has nothing!

- That's enough, Captain. This
is my CF'. You will back off.

(throws phone)

- Salaam Alaikum.

- What's he doing?
- I don't know.

- Think he knows
we just saved his bacon?

- I think it might be
more complicated than that.

- How? What can possibly--

- Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
- Down, down!

(foreign mnguage)

- Where the fuck
did they come from?

- The guys from the safe house
must've called for backup.

- I got five to ten
on the right!

- Covering!

- Oh, Travis, fuck!

- Hickey, strip the classifieds!

Three Niner Alpha, 66,
contact, multiple insurgents.

One times VSA,
vital signs absent.

(man): Troop's in contact.


- We're taking effective fire
both flanks!

- Three Niner Alpha, roger.
How many insurgents, over?

- Fuck...

66, two zero
to three zero hostiles.

The fuck they come from?

- How far away are the birds?

- They're at least 30 minutes
out. Moved back

to ex?“ Nmer Nmer Tao.
- Sh“. Okay, get on to the TOG,

get a QRF rolling
out of Massum Ghar.

- They're trying to break
contact! Move in the grape hunt,

we'll strong-point from there,

- Three Niner Alpha, roger.
We're pushing for air and QRF,

but you're gonna have
to hang in there.

- Covering!
- Covering! Changing mags!

- 66, be advised, we have a
civilian under our protection.

Call sign Ghost.

- What the fuck?

- We gotta leave him.
- Never! Let's go!

- Covering!

(shouting, gunfire)
- Go, go, go!

- Covering!
(all shouting)


- Drop him, drop him.
(both): Covering!

- Go, go, go!

(all shouting)

- Take him!
(indistinct reply)




Changing mags!
- Covering!

_ Qhanging mags!

- Take Hickey! Go!
Get to the door!

Go, go, go!



Come on! Go, go!
(all shouting)

- Ah!

(foreign language)


(shouting in foreign language)

- Three Niner Alpha, this is 66.
- I'm sorry...

- We're strong-pointing
from a grape hut.

We're running low on ammo.
We're being surrounded.

What's your QRF status?

- Uh... Three Niner Alpha,
QRF is one five Mikes out,

you gotta hang in there.

- Don't let them take us,
Lord, please, Jesus, not alive,

they're gonna fucking skin us.

- Badal?

- We've got a UAV above them
now, ma'am.

- Okay, put it up.
- On screen.

(Pete): Oh, my God,
there's dozens of them.

- 66, Three Niner Alpha,
sitrep please.

- Three Niner Alpha, 66...

Multiple insurgents in force
on all points.

Am requesting fire mission
at grid Quebec Quebec


- No, Ryan, no,
you are danger close.

- Golf Four Romeo, this is 66.

- No, Ryan,
it's right on top of you.

- Gonna take out everybody
including himself.

- 66, Golf Four Romeo, send.

- Golf Four Romeo, Three Niner
Alpha, override fire mission.

- 66, authorize, danger close.

Fire for effect at grid
Quebec Quebec 3312-8976.

- Golf Four Romeo, acknowledged.
Fire mission up.

- Three Niner Alpha,
rescind fire order!

Cancel fire order grid Quebec
Quebec! Three Niner Alpha!

Please, Jesus, Ryan, don't
do this. Please don't do...


- 66 authorizes.

- Fire for effect at grid
Quebec Quebec 3312-8976.


- I'm gonna be a father.

You understand?

You understand
what I'm trying to say?


(foreign language)

- Fire!

- Fire!

- Fire!

- 66, Golf Four Romeo.
Shot over. You got 9 seconds.


- Three Niner Alpha, this is 66.

- Three Niner Alpha,

- 66, I'm sorry, baby.


(distant chatter)

(soldier shouting)

- Go! Go, go!

- I got two to my left!
(indistinct chatter)

(children crying)

(soft music)

(foreign language)

(Pete): So who is it
that gave you this tip?

(Cleaner): My uncle.
- Really?

Is every single adult male
in Afghanistan your uncle?

- Yes.
- Amazing.

- I'm going to Kabul
for a while.

- To see your family?

- Kandahar is a bit crazy
right now.

- Yeah. Be safe.

Call me when you're back.

Fuck, I'm gonna be late.

- This man Ryan,
he was your friend.

- Yeah... Yeah, he was.

I don't have too many friends

- You have me. I'm your friend.

- Yeah, you are.

(bagpipe playing)

(indistinct orders)

(man): Turn!

Prepare to lower...



(Pete): Alexander the Great
fought a counter-insurgency

in Afghanistan that lasted
almost three years.

And by the end of those years,

he was drinking heavily
and completely paranoid.

One night, he got into a row

with a guy named Cleitus
the Black, a loyal friend.

Cleitus accused him
of certain things

and Alexander threw a spear
into his heart.

As he watched his friend die,
he lost his mind.

Five years later,
Alexander was dead.

As the Afghans say:

you might have the clocks,

but we've got the time.

(soft music)

(rhythmic music)

(soft music)