Hydra (2019) - full transcript

Hydra - a small bar in the middle of Tokyo. There's Takashi, standoffish guy working where he hides his another identity of a highly skilled hit man now has to face a brutal killing game that he has been pointed as a target.


Excuse me!

Got it. Yes?

- Great meal.
- Thank you.

Hey, Kenta,
do you prefer older or younger girls?

What? I can pretty much go for either.

Then, you've got a chance, Risako!

What? Come on.

Quit it!

Take care.

See you next time! Thanks for coming.

Welcome. Oh, Yukari. Please, sit down.

Yukari, back to drown your break-up blues?

I'm not that pathetic.

Of course, you're used to being dumped.

Come on, you can't say that!

You've gone too far.

Too early, you know.
Well, pick your poison.

Actually, I'm kind of hungry.

For what?



Takashi, one plate of anything
for Yukari, please.

Lots of boys like you.

Rina, you're just saying that.

Not at all.

Sorry, he's always so cold.


I wanted something spicy,
so this is perfect!

Is Takashi a psychic?

Ask him. Takashi, come here.

Why tandoori chicken?

Her face was a bit bloated,
so I thought she might be hungover.

He's right.

You really are hitting it heavy.

Tandoori helps with hangovers?

The curcumin in turmeric
helps with circulation,

counteracting hangovers.

Takashi, did you learn to cook somewhere?


Did you travel around the world
trying different dishes?


Takashi doesn't actually eat all that much.

What, really?

But he's got all the
recipes in his head, right?


Then what was the recipe for this?

Chicken thighs seasoned with yogurt,

crushed garlic, ginger,
cumin, coriander, turmeric,

chili and black pepper, garam masala,

egg yolk, vinegar, and salt.

Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces,

and poke holes in it to absorb the spices.



Thanks, Takashi. You can go now.

What is it?
Miki, did you have too much to drink?

Hasegawa, is everything okay?

Oh, my.



Miyuki. There we go.

Oh, sorry.

Takashi, help her out.


Be careful.

I'll be back soon.

Put it on my tab.



Thank you! Take care!

Once again with Hasegawa.

What's his job?
He's always wearing such sharp suits.

You can't pry into customers' lives.

I know.

And Takashi came out
at the perfect time again.

Because he's psychic!


- But it's strange.
- Why?

Whenever there's an
issue at the restaurant,

Takashi will always
take care of it, like just now.

Like with fights?

Before they start.

- Before?
- Yes.

Thanks to Takashi,

we've never had to call
the cops due to fights.

He's a good fighter?

I've never seen him fight.

I always thought of him
as just a quiet old fart!

An old fart?

What do you think?

Oh, Takashi. Sorry, it was a joke.

Are you mad?


No, you're mad.

Takashi, you look scary.

Yes. It was just a joke. Come on, smile.

Like this?

Takashi, no need to force it.

What does Takashi do in his off time?

Well, I wonder.

I don't ask him about his private life.

It's a little late to be asking now.

How do you two know each other?

He knows my dad.

It's been three years now.

So... you guys aren't like that?

Like what?

Be honest,

you two aren't...

No way!

Sorry. I mean, it's normal to wonder.

I've never thought about it!

He's like a big brother to me.

Like my father.

Your father?

They're similar.

I can't put it into words...

Their aura?

Why do you ask?

Oh, well... At any rate,
I'm glad he's here!

Me too.

- Here you are.
- Thank you.



Your drinks are always great, Rina!

Really? Glad to hear it.

Rina's cute, isn't she?

I wonder if she has a boyfriend.

Are you hungry? I still
haven't eaten dinner.

Whoa! What is it?

You're hungry, right?

Thank you.

It'll be three years, in May.

What were you doing before?

Studying art. I'm taking a break now.

Saving for tuition.

A starving student.

Well then, I guess I'll have to help.

Thank you.

But, I'm not starving.

My dad left me some money.

This place was his too.

When did he pass away?

He's still alive,

but he disappeared three years ago,

leaving his life's savings to me.

I see.

Can I hear more about you...

now that you know me?

What's to know?

We're not supposed to
inquire about customers,

but, like, what do you do?

Okay. I'll tell you one of my own...

Sorry, I've got to go.

We'll chat later.

Sure, I'll be here.

Look forward to it.

Keep the change.


Thank you.

What is it?


I tried contacting him several times.

We'll have to put the purge on hold
until we have him.



What has this guy been up to?

Sawada! What have you been doing?
I've called you several times now!

Sawada! Can you hear me?





It's me!


Hello? Sawada!

What happened to you?


Hey, maybe we should close.

What? Isn't it early?

It's a holiday. People are at home.

That's true.

Well, I know a nice new bistro nearby.

Why don't we go?

Oh? Sounds good.


I mean, these are the
only times I can go out.

All right!

Will you be joining us, Takashi?

Come on, Takashi. Let's all go together!

It'll be fun.

You two go first.

I'll join once I'm done.

Well then, let's go.

This way.

Sorry, we're... Oh.


No. Well, the kitchen is...

Okay. Just a drink before I go home.

- Please, sit.
- Thank you.

Well... what to drink...

I'll have the usual, Jameson on the rocks.

Got it.

Care to join me?

Thank you.

I hope we're not forcing you to join us.

Not at all.

I just thought maybe
you weren't fond of going out.

So if you don't feel up to it,
I'll let Rina know.

It can be nice occasionally.

Uh, oh. I left my phone back at Hydra.

Takashi, can you call Rina
and ask her if my phone's there?

Oh, yeah, you don't have a phone.

I'll be right back.
Can you go ahead without me?

I was actually planning
on going out with the staff.

Shouldn't you go then?

It's fine.

It's hard to chat with a girl around,

and I want them to get
to know each other, so...



Can I have another?

Go ahead!

Okay, just like I promised,
let's continue our chat.

You were asking what I did, right?

Wow, you remembered our conversation?

Of course!


You okay? Rina?

I forgot my phone...

What the...



Who the hell are you?

Spare me... Please...

You don't deserve to live.

But I won't kill you.

What do you want me to do?

Don't come near her again.


Don't ever come near Rina again.



my daughter.

Look after her...

You okay?



Thank you.

You have some time?



Try to choke me.


It's okay.

Try to choke me from behind.

What? This is so sudden.

Like this?

Elbow the stomach, face,

bring up the arm and throw.

Wait, wait!

That hurts. And you're too fast!


You'll have to teach me
a little more slowly!


You're similar.


To my dad.

Okay, once more, please.

It's kind of fun.

Takashi, a customer has a strange order.

French toast topped with
lots of condensed milk.


Long time no see. You seem well.

Masa came to the restaurant yesterday.

He came to tell you that
he finished the job.

Was someone purged again?

Hasegawa. You took him
out for us last night.

I didn't kill him.

We were supposed to take care of him.

He's the Assistant Police Commissioner.

But secretly,

he uses confiscated drugs
to date-rape women.

On top of that, he listed a woman
who OD'd as a missing person.

The police can't let
a scandal of this scale go public.

The big wigs are quite upset.

That's where we come in.

We were surprised to see you
when we were following him.

Well, I didn't kill him.

That's Yosuke.

Yosuke's an orphan too.
He trained at the same place as us.

Your successor.

Not bad.

We had Yosuke take care of the cop
overseeing distribution the other day.


There's a place for...

I don't...

want to be involved
with the organization anymore.

I know.

We kill people.

But some people deserve to die.

While you've been living small,
bad guys are destroying people.

You have him...

Yosuke's not enough!

With all the murder cases
news shows are showcasing,

idiots are out there getting ideas.

Those cases have been
sapping our budget each year.

But the people who really
need to be dealt with...

are those the police can't talk about!

I know that.

But I made a promise to Jun.

Jun's case shocked me, too.

But that doesn't mean we can just stop.

You wouldn't understand.

You spend your time at that restaurant.

That was Jun's place.

Now his daughter owns it.

By the way, you know about its name?

Hydra, a beast from Greek mythology.

It has eight heads
that can grow back. Immortal.

Don't you think it's similar
to what we're fighting?

As promised,
we have put the police purge on hold.

The division won't function
without the cop in question.

But there's an issue.

The division cop was
actually a pretty bad guy.

We weren't the only ones after him.

Have you heard of the Tokyo Life Group?

Yes, they're in the way.

Like gum under our shoes.

I'll take care of them.

You reek. Change your clothes.

Say something.

What is it?

Thin them out.

Just one?

I have a plan.

I don't need a plan.

Listen. We need insurance.


Pick off the first one.

And then they'll make their move.



all things have a threshold.

If you can understand the threshold,
you'll get the first move.

BORN MAY 26, 1986, AGE 32


I'll be providing backup.

You can do this, Takashi.

Don't be so nervous.


You remember everything?

Yoichi Kouzuma, 32.

Former Inspector,
Metro Police Public Security.

Presently working in trade.

Monitored and oversaw the crackdown
on the Chinese mafia as a detective.

Exposed smuggling of
amphetamines and weapons.

Promoted to Inspector at age 29.

He tricked us.

You. Me.

It was...

Paid assassins. You heard of these guys?


It's ridiculous.

They'll kill anyone you ask.

Just pay them and they'll take care
of yakuza or even regular citizens.

They killed Yosuke this morning.

Must be the guys who killed Hasegawa.

What kind of guy could just kill Yosuke?
Must be pretty strong.

I'm not getting involved.

This isn't like Rina.

She's usually here
with plenty of time to spare.

Who are you?

Why am...

I here?

Takashi Sato...


What's happening?

I don't know. This is just the plan.


I'll be waiting here
for the next five hours, Takashi.

Why am I here?

Takashi Sato...




I'll be waiting here
for the next five hours, Takashi.

OTA-KU, TOKYO 144-0033

Should we go to the police?

Not for this.

I'm coming with you.

You'll die.

I won't.

I used to be a hoodlum.

I can tell you're no regular guy.


I'm willing to die for Rina.

I really like Rina...

If you really care about her...

then, don't follow me.




She's great insurance.

Stay right here.


You're alive?

No. I'm already dead. You guys...

No, Tokyo Life Group got rid of me.

Didn't leave a trace behind.




We've always been back behind the scenes.

But behind the back, is the front.

You tricked us, and you tricked Jun.

Yes. That was some time ago.

He was a good guy.

But he found out about us.

About my side business.

You've come quite a
ways just on conviction.

Didn't you ever think
you were undervaluing yourselves?

I respect that.

I told you, I'm already dead.


Are you okay?

Oh, yes.

Thank you.

No problem. Take care.

Okay. Well then...

Hey Kenta.

Did something happen?

You seem calmer.

Yes, I thought so too. What is it?


I'm trying to be more like Takashi.

Didn't you call him a quiet old fart?

Well, he is!

But he's, like, strong-hearted.

Isn't that cool?

Something happen?

Nothing in particular.

Hey Takashi,
Kenta says he wants to be like you!

You can't tell him!

Like, awkward! This is why guys dump you.


So much for strong-hearted!

Takashi, Kenta says you're strong-hearted.

You too, Rina. Stop embarrassing me.

Did Takashi just smile?

He was smiling.

I didn't realize he could do that.

A first.

First time I've seen that.

In your three years together?

Why does everyone say that?

It's the kind of thing you'd notice.

But I get it. They aren't together.

Rina's not that wild, I guess.

Why are you making fun of me?

I'm not. I just think it's cute.