Hyde (2019) - full transcript

A journalist wakes up from a coma having lost ten years of her memory. Texas Rangers and a murderous gang of masked psychopaths, led by the criminal HYDE, hound her every step as she struggles to piece together who or what she has become.

[startling music]

[phone vibrating]

[ominous music]

- Look, you tell them whatever
you've got to tell them,

but I wrote it once and
I'm not changing it again.

Yes, yes, I'm changing it.

No, we can run the
package as it is.

We don't need.


I get it.

No, it's super important.

Okay, but if.

Guys, if.

[horn blowing]


- She's awake.

- Where, where?

- [Doctor] Central Municipal.

Let them know she's awake.

What do you remember?

- Why?
- We need her in here now!

- Why am I?

- It's gonna be okay, just
calm down, it's gonna be okay.

[suspenseful music]

No, sir, no, you
cannot be in here.

- Don't you worry about
it, I'll only be a minute.


I'll be goddamed.

Surprised to see me?

- I'm sorry, I don't understand.

- Sure you do.

I'm Jim Krueger.

And you, little lady,
are in a world of hurt.

- I'm sorry.

There was a truck-
- Was there?

- Officer, I don't
know what you think-

- Let's cut the formalities.

I thought we were more
familiar, you and I,

more personal terms.

- I don't understand.

- Let me be clear.

I mean to see you put down
like a damn rabid dog.

That clear enough?

I'm going to see you dead and
buried before this year's out

and that's a promise.

- I didn't do anything.

- Optimism.

Good, I like that.

Although them cops
saw you kill their own

might disagree with you.

Eye witnesses, ain't
that something?

There's enough to
fill a circus tent.

You are fucked, little lady.

- [Doctor] You
need to leave now.

- I'm just getting started.
- Now.

- Alright, take it easy, chief.

I'll see you soon.

- [Doctor] It's okay.

I need you to calm down,
need you come down.

Can you breathe for me?

Can you breathe for me?

Take a deep breath.

Here you go.

Now, tell me what you remember.

Go to your memory.

- There was an accident.

But I'm not in any pain.

What do those men want?

- Can you tell me your name?

- Cora Fisher.
- Okay, Cora.

And what year is it?

Do you remember what year it is?

- It's 2009.

- Okay.

Cora, I have some difficult
things to tell you.

I need you to stay calm.

Can you do that for me?

You've been in a coma,
the year is 2019.

- Oh my-

- [Doctor] It's okay,
stay calm, stay calm.

- I been in a coma for 10 years?

- Well, no.

An unknown doctor checked
you in about an hour ago

and placed you into a
medically induced coma.

- I don't understand.

- That's about all we know.

He left before the police
arrived and could question him.

- How did I not remember?

He was, I was in an
accident, it was an accident

and I don't remember
and it's been 10 years

and I don't remember.

- Now we've got that.

We got here, it's right
here in your file.

It says that you
came out of a coma

after a severe
automobile accident.

24 hours after the accident,
you woke with amnesia.

There was damage to your
hippocampus, it seems,

but it says here you went
missing two weeks later.

And that was 10 years ago.

These guys are here because
something's happened

and they need to ask
you some questions.

- No, it's impossible.

That's not possible.

- [Doctor] I'm not gonna let
them in until you're ready.

- That's not possible.

I need to see myself, please,

I need to see
myself in a mirror.

- You can leave now.

- Ma'am, out of all due respect.

- You can go stand
with the others.

[tense music]

- Doctor, I think you
should look at this.

[elevator beeping]

[suspenseful music]

[siren wailing]

[glass shattering]

- Surprise, look
what we have here.

[tense music]



[door creaking]

[engine revving]

[tense music]

[bat clanging]

[sword sliding]

[tense music]

- White rabbit?

Okay, enough of this horse shit.

[men shouting]

[sledgehammer smacking]

[door knocking]

- Can I help you?

- I sure hope so.

If its not too much to ask,
would I be able to come inside?

- You do you know what
time it is, right?

- And I'm terribly,
terribly, sorry for that.

It's just that I'm in
a little bit of trouble

and I used to live
here a long time ago.

- What kind of trouble?

- Can I please just
come inside and explain?

- Yeah.

Whoa, just precaution,
when you say in trouble

I don't want you
bringing it in here.

Take a seat.

Explain, please.

- I woke up this morning
handcuffed to a hospital bed

after being hit by a semi
with 10 years of my life gone.

I managed to escape but while
I was trying to find help

a shitty truck full of
freaks in masks chased me

and this is the only place
I could think to come.

- Well, that, that
is a lot to take in.

- No kidding.

How do you think I feel?

- My apologies.

How about this, let me
get some water, okay?

Just sit here, relax.

So let me get this straight,

the cops handcuffed
you to the bed.

- Rangers.
- Rangers?

Wow, you must've done
something special.

- I just don't know what.

- [Man] When you say
you lost 10 years,

you just don't remember them?

And coming here might
jar something in there?

- That's my hope.

- I just don't know
what else I could do

to help you, honestly,
I mean, you hungry?

Something else to drink, maybe?

Some booze?


- Thank you but I think
that's the last thing

I need right now.

- Hot tea it is.

[kettle whistling]

- Can I use your bathroom?

- Huh?

Oh yeah, just in the
room to the right.


I hope you like mint tea.

[curtain pulling]

[door knocking]

- You okay in there?

Your tea is ready.

How about you come out, Cora?


[toilet lid smacking]

[door creaking]

- Hello, Cora.

[speaker voice muffled]

If you think I'm just
going to walk away,

you're sadly mistaking.

If you look around this
room you'll find clues.

You deserve this.

Pathetic excuse of life.

I don't care if you kill.

- You know, that's
not going to work.

- What the hell do
people want from me?

- You people?

It's not a short list, you'll
have to be more specific.

- You know damn
well what I mean?

- There's no going back,
Cora, there's only the end.

One of you must die.

In fact, one of you will die.

Any guesses on
which is as strong?

- Then why don't
you just kill me?

- Oh no, no.

Do you think it's
that simple, Cora?

I'm disappointed.

I mean, I won't pretend
to know how all this works

but you've got your
work cut out for you.

Besides she won't
let me, for now.

- So you're just
fucking with me.

[bat clanking]

- Tick, tock.

[man whistling]

[tense music]

[clock ticking]

[film flickering]

- So is it legit?

- Hell if I know.

Where they point
to is where we go.

So let's go.

- You believe it?

- That'll be the day.

[police radio chattering]

- So what exactly
is this all about?

- I think you forget
you weren't around.

Were you assigned to a
homicide before this?

- Yeah, six years.

- [Cop] You heard about Pope.

- Yeah, I heard about Pope.

You see, we have
reason to believe that-

- Down at the end gonna
curve to the left.

We got an anonymous tip
that some of these folks

are holed up in a
warehouse down here.

- [Cop] Why the hell
would they be down here?

- Yeah, probably ain't.

Probably a waste
of my goddamn time.

On the off chance Hyde is here,

I got a couple of
our boys waiting

for us to take a
little lookie-loo.

- Yeah, 12 years.

No thanks.

- Yeah, I don't know what it is.

Every time I cut the
jaw candy from my diet

only things that'll do is seeds.

- [Cop] No tobacco?

- Quit five years.

That's a hell of a thing.

Hang a left here.

I think I could get over.

Never get rid of
your addictions.

No, sir.

You just quiet 'em
for a little bit.

- I never got into
anything like that.

- Nope, damn, been doing
it most of my life.

Can't imagine
taking a long night

like I used to without a plug.

Funny thing is, reminds
me of the bad times too.

[lightning crashing]

That's why I quit.

It wasn't the surgeon general,

I God damn guarantee you that.

I got transferred up here,

I said time to leave
all that behind.

All of it.

- I hear ya.

- All right, over here.

- So hey, I gotta ask,
who the hell is Hyde?

- I thought you said
you knew about Pope.

- Well, yeah, I was
down in San Antonio

when I heard about
that mess, but no Hyde.

So who is he?

What's the connection?

- No one knows who he is.

Some kind of fucking monster
who wears a skeleton mask.

- [Cop] What?

- And he ain't just connected
with what happened down there

but a ton of other shit
all over South Texas.

He's the kind of sum-bitch
you tag on site, you hear me?

Then you leave him
for God damn buzzards.

Otherwise you gonna find
yourself bleeding to death

on some dirty fucking floor.

Guys, y'all ready to do this?

Let's go earn our paycheck.

[tense music]

[door shutting]

- What else?

- That's it, we went in.

- Yeah?

- Yeah, we went in,
you know the rest.

- How the hell did
you let this happen?

[gun shooting]


[woman screaming]

[man screaming]

You get it, right?

You gotta know what a God
damn mess this is, Wheatley.

You and your partner both
displayed poor judgment

and you're gonna have a lot
of questions to answer for it.

- What the hell took so long?

- They had questions.

- Yeah, well, fuck 'em.

I got a call from
hospital security.

They got Hyde.

- What the fuck,
at the hospital?

- Checked in about an
hour ago, going nowhere.

Let's go.

[ominous music]

[tense music]

- [Girl] You should remember.

- [Cora] What?

- Phone books are damn
worthless, you know.

I'm not sure why they
still get passed out.

Old people, I guess.

- I'm looking for an address.

Wait, did you say
I should remember?

- Shouldn't you?

- That they're worthless?

I'm sorry.

Do you know me?

- Of course, I've seen
you around is all,

nothing formal like.

I'd be careful at this hour,

dangerous people out tonight.

- Wait, have you seen
me in this neighborhood?

- Some.

- I need your help.

I was in this accident
and look, I'm in trouble.

- Where are you trying to go?

You want to go there?

- You know where it is?

- I know where everything is.

That's near the Pearl Creek.


You hear?

They're coming.

We better run, come
on, come on, this way.

[ominous music]
[engine revving]

Come on!

[heavy breathing]

- Where does this lead?

- Not much further now.

- Do you know
where you're going?

- Of course, don't you?

- Away from those crazy fuckers.

- Why are they after you?

- I don't know, some
kind of sick game.

- One hell of a game.

What are the rules?

- I don't know.

[tense music]

- [Girl] You gotta
find out then.

- Yeah, hey, thanks
for your help.

- Whatever, I didn't really
think about it too much.

- We better split up before
they see you with me.

It's dangerous, be careful.

- Speak for yourself.

- All the same.

- Good luck.
- Yeah, you too.

- Come on, this way.

- They're still out there.

- Just follow me, be quick.

[fire crackling]

[dramatic music]

- [Doctor] Do you
remember your name?

- No.

- [Doctor] Does Cora
spark anything at all?

Does it bring back
any kind of memory?

- No.

- [Doctor] When you hear
Cora, what feeling do you get?

- Nothing, literally nothing.

- I can imagine that's
really frustrating.

- Can you?

Have you ever been in a coma
and lost all your memory?

I know how to
piss, shit and eat.

I know that the
shampoo in my room

isn't actually good for my hair.

I know that the food here sucks.

And I also know that if I
have to answer these questions

one more God time I'm really
going to lose my shit.

- Cora, I empathize with
your situation, I really do,

but you need to
try to remain calm.

Okay, I'm merely trying to help.

Do you know what
empathize means?

- Oh, don't
patronize me, Doctor.

I lost my memory,
not my intelligence.

- I apologize.

I do feel compelled to remind
you that we cannot release you

until you've begun to
regain your memory because-

- Because it could
be traumatizing

to pick up a life
you're unfamiliar with.

Yes, I remember,

it's everything before
the accident I forgot.

Stay with me, Doctor.

- I think we should put
a bookmark in it for now.

If you could just-

- Physical therapy, yes, I know.

- No, go to your room please.

I don't want you upsetting
the other patients.

That'll be all, thank you.

[desk clearing]

- Hey!

No, no, no, no!


- Don't.

- Hey, hey, somebody stop her!


[tense music]

- Cora?

My God, it is you.

You don't look so good.

- Sorry I-

- Hey, hey, it's me,
Steve, Steven Marks.

Holy shit, you
don't remember me?

- Listen, not your fault,

I just don't really
remember anything.

- That's right, yeah, I
read about it, the accident.

So you don't remember me at all?

We were practically
high school sweethearts.

I can't even imagine what
this is like for you.

Can I do something for you?

Can I get you a
coffee, dinner maybe?

Must not have fed you
in the clinic, huh?

So you just walked away?

- Mm-hmm.

- And you don't remember
anything about your past at all?

- Nope.

- Aren't you afraid that
they're going to come get you?

- You're not going to
say anything, are you?

- No, no, of course not.

I'm just saying, I don't
think they're going to forget

about a missing patient.

- What do you think I should do?

And don't say check back in,

'cause it's not
fucking happening.

- Hey, easy.

I was just going to
suggest that you might want

to lay low for a little bit.

See if your memory comes back.

- Well, it's not
like I can go back

to wherever my place is.

I'm kinda fucked.

- Well, you could
stay at my place.

I mean, at least
until you figure out

what the hell's going on.

- You wouldn't mind?

- No, I live alone, it's fine.

I promise.

Well, it's not much,
but she's home.

You can just sleep on the couch.

I'll get you some fresh sheets.

Need a hand with that?

- What are you doing?

- You don't remember, do you?

High school sweethearts.

- Practically.

You said practically,
practically high
school sweethearts.

- Sharp as a knife still.

- I'm gonna go.

- No you're not,
you just got here.

Ah, bitch!

[woman struggling]

Now, you listen to me
or I'll call the cops.

I'll tell 'em some
crazy lady came, ow!



- [Man] Can I help you?

- I wanna learn how to fight.

- What discipline
were you thinking?

Jesus, mixed martial
arts, I take it?

- No names.

- Well I can't train you then.

I'm sorry, it's a liability.

I'm not gonna risk
shutting down.

- This shithole?

I'm surprised
you're not already.

- Excuse me?

Miss, I don't think you know-

- I can help with that.

I can help keep the place
clean, keep my mouth shut.

You keep yours shut

and teach a woman how
to kick someone's ass.

- What exactly-
- No questions.

[slow music]

♪ I am searching

♪ Under water

♪ In the mirror

♪ I am changing

♪ I am breathing

♪ Rearranging

♪ Rearranging

♪ I am the fire

♪ I can feel the
water through me ♪

[lyrics muffled]

- What the fuck, Cora?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

[voices echoing]

[bells ringing]

- Coming, just hold
your fucking horses.




Just take whatever you want.

No, please!


- No,

it's Hyde.

- [Reporter] Levels of
gang violence in the city

has increased more than
60% in the last few months

according to officials.

- [Reporter] These dangerous
psychos want anarchy and chaos.

You wear a mask 'cause you want

to scare the hell out of
someone, not sell them heroin.

- [Reporter] In a statement,
every measure is being taken

to see that those
responsible for recent deaths

were found and
brought to justice.

- [Reporter] If you have reason
to suspect that these deaths

are related to a recent
wave of gang activity

originating in South Texas,

we fully expect these
criminals to be found

and prosecuted under the
full extent of the law

in a matter of weeks.

[sticks banging]

[sword sliding]

- You had so much potential.

Disappointment isn't
quite the right word.

Face me!

No, betrayal seems a little
bit more appropriate.

Wouldn't you agree?

I'm glad you think so.

Oh, are you nervous?

I can't imagine why.

Yet each man kills
the thing he loves,

by each let this be heard.

Some do it with a bitter look,

some with a flattering word.

Coward does it with a kiss.

A brave man with a sword.

- So now you'll have
your lap dog kill me?

- Are you familiar
with Emperor Commodus?

A man after my own heart.

Fought many battles
in the great arena,

won them all.

- He also fought wounded
soldiers and amputees.

A coward's fight.


[voices echoing]

[woman screaming]

- Hello?

- [Cora] I need your help.

- Cora Fisher?

God, I was wondering if
this day would ever come.

Here you are.

I have to ask why now?

- I quite like how I am and
I prefer not to change it.

- Oh, wow, after what is
it, like 10 years now,

you're starting to see
flashes of your old life?

- Is this amusing to you?

- No, I'm impressed.

I mean, this is a medical
crapshoot at best.

Quite frankly, it's
a medical anomaly.

- Well, I'm glad I
could make your day.

How do I prevent
it from happening?

- There's not like a
magic button I can push

and give you what you want.

This is new territory.

It's not like resetting a joint.

Like we're talking about
diving deep into the mind.

There's no precedence for that.

- Then what do I do?

- There's nothing I
can do for you here.

[bat knocking]

If we were to find
another location,

there's nothing to say that I
can't play in my spare time.

- I will not hesitate to kill
you if you call the police.

- Oh, you misunderstand me.

I mean, by even practicing
this, I could lose my license,

go to prison, I'm just
as implicated as you are.

- Why do it for me?

- Well, if we're being
transparent I'm not
doing it for you.

I'm doing it for me.

These are uncharted waters.

I want to see where they go.

- Good answer.

Memorize this.

- Got it.

- You are to come alone
and without a tail,

because if you don't I will
make you watch as they suffer.

And then when you beg
for me to kill you,

I will do it slowly
and painfully.


- You're really not
helping the stereotype now.

It's good to see your
levity's not gone.

This isn't going to work
unless you let me in.

You have to give in
willingly to the process.

You need to want it and I need
to be able to put you under

without bashing
you over the head.

- You'd like that, wouldn't you?

- Honestly?
- No.

- I want to try
something different.

- Are you giving me fucking LSD?

Or are you trying
some funny shit?

Because I must
remind you, Doctor,

it wouldn't end well for you.

Fuck it.

- Okay, now let's start on
your breathing patterns.

I'm going to begin snapping,
focus on the tempo.

Now focus on the space
between the snaps.

Breathe in for four snaps
and out for four snaps.

Now, it'll be fine.

Look deeply at this person,
recognize who she is.

Know what she's done,
what she will do.

She will try and take you over.

She will fight and try to win,

try and bring you
back to the mundane

and pointless existence
you had before.

10 years of an unfinished
masterpiece, she will erase.

She will erase you, erase
all that you've built.

- But you're far more
brilliant than that

because you've created me.

I'm the white rabbit.

You will give me a
home in the darkness.

I will show you the way back.

Trust in me and you
will live here forever

and reign supreme.

Doubt me and the price you pay
would be that of your demise.

Destruction, your pointless
existence wiped away to nothing.

- Destroy her, kill
her if you must.

She is nothing.

Do all of it.

Follow the white rabbit.

Follow the white rabbit.

Follow the white rabbit.

[fire crackling]

[ominous music]

[door knocking]

- [Bishop] Who is
it, what do you want?

- Dr. Bishop?

Doctor, I know it's late but
I could really use your help.

- Faster, do this thing faster.

- Come on, inside.

You can never be too safe.

- How do you know me?

- [Bishop] I don't, not really.

- You were the doctor who
checked me into the hospital.

- I did, at your directions
and those of your psychiatrist.

And yes, I induced
a medical coma

but I can assure you that
it was all quite legal.

- And you had never
met me before?

- [Bishop] No.

I spoke with both you and
Dr. Cameron over the phone.

- Dr. Cameron?

- [Bishop] Yes,
your psychiatrist.

I've worked with her before.

- Psychiatrist?
- Yes, of course.

- Why would you
induce a medical coma?

Why would you need to?

- Okay. I think that Dr. Cameron

is really the best
person to ask that.

- I'm asking you,
what did you do to me?

- Look Cora, it's rather late
and it's rather complicated.

I'm not sure-
- Dr. Bishop,

I need your help and I'm not
leaving until I have answers.

- Okay, I'll tell
you what I can.

- Thank you.

- You know your
accident 10 years ago,

well the resulting amnesia
that followed is not common.

From what I understand, you
started building new memories

and a new life, but your
personality was gone.

There was too much
damage to the amygdala,

the cerebellum and
the hippocampus.

You had a whole new life
and a new personality.

But something started to change.

Your brain seems to be
trying to repair itself.

Old memories are
resurfacing, coming back,

to the detriment of
the other personality.

- What do you mean by detriment?

- Well, the neurological
phenomena is called

[speaker voice muffled]

a bubble personality.

The disorder is usually
temporary and the host's mind

often absorbs the temporary
personality after a short time,

maybe hours after a trauma.

10 years is unheard of.

You were coming back, Cora,

and whoever you were
was disappearing.

And as I understand
it, this other you

soon learned that
she was disappearing,

dying, I guess you could say,

so she started working
with Dr. Cameron

to ensure a smooth
transition to,

well, who you are now.

And part of that Tran,


part of that transition required

putting you back into a coma

like resetting at a computer.

- Who is she, who
is this person?

- I'm not sure it really
matters as much at this point.

- Who was she?

- She was someone bad.

Someone capable of
extraordinary acts of evil.

- How do you even know this?

How could you even know?

- It was made clear to me

that my participation
was compulsory.

- Jesus.

- I heard the rumors
and I read the papers.

I knew who you were.

I'm sorry.

[dog barking]

- I need to use your restroom.

- [Bishop] Of course,
just down the hall.

[soft music]

You okay, do you need something?

- Yeah, no, I'm okay.

- After everything settles
down, I can testify.

- I'm sorry to interrupt

but there's people standing
out in front of the house.

- What, there's people?

- Where, what do you mean?

- Shit.

They're here.

- Who?

- These people, you
need to call the cops.

- Yeah, yeah, of
course I'm calling.

Okay, no, you need to leave.

The cops are looking for you.

They think you've
killed some of them.

It's all over the news.

- Let's go, we need
to fucking run.

- Okay, out the back, hurry.

Wait, wait, I've got
something that could help.

This is your file,
it's everything I have.

I don't know how much it'll
actually help you though.

[hatchet chopping]

- Come on!

- What's your hurry, Cora?

Stick around.

- Let's go.

I know how to find the
psychiatrist Dr. Cameron.

Her office is on the
other side of town.

And I know where she lives.

That has her address.

I just need to
prove my innocence.

Maybe there's something this
Cameron lady can tell me.

- She can tell you
how fast the doctor

can call the cops maybe.

At 3:00 AM, I don't think so.

If you're Hyde and she's you

then there ain't gonna
be anyone at her house.

Maybe you could drop by
and take a look around

and wait for morning.

Beat the hell out of
staying on these streets

even a second longer.

- I don't know,
maybe you're right.

- Of course I'm right.

- Hey, you should
get away from me

and this whole situation
as soon as possible.

It's serious, a man was just
murdered in front of us.

You should call the police.

They're not looking for you.

- The police?

No, I don't think so.

That's not a good idea.

Plus, I want to see where
this goes, you know,

I'm invested now.

- We're gonna need a car.

- Well, there's one right there.

[tense music]

[window shattering]

- What now?

- We need to hot wire the car.

Find something to
pop up in that panel

under the steering wheel.

Yes, use that.

Remove the ignition wire,
that's the green one

and the battery wire,
no, the red one.

Yes, now you're going
to need to strip them.

That means taking
the covering off.

- How?

- Use the end of
the screwdriver.

Focus, we need to start the car.

- What do I do?

- [Girl] Twist them together.

[ominous music]
[alarm sounding]

Now take the ignition wire
and spark the blue one.

No, the other one.

[engine revving]

Yes, like that, do it again.

- Really?

- What did you think
it was gonna be?

Murderer, gang leader,
feared psychopath?

She'd be living in a condo,

maybe something with a jacuzzi?

- No.

Shit, really?

- If you're trying to
hide something or someone

do it someplace no
one wants to go.

- Yeah, well they
knocked it out park.

Okay, I need to
get this over with.

- [Hyde] Cora, Cora

- What the hell do
you want from me now?

- I hope you're not
talking to the television

as no one can hear you.

- Fuck off.

- Cora, you've made it this far,

but it's long past time for
you to die, wouldn't you say?

And anyway, it shouldn't matter.

The body isn't
yours to begin with.

Not anymore.

You haven't earned it.

Wasn't like you were using it.

When it was yours
you gave it up.

Tossed it away
like so much trash.

What a waste.

I did more in my
time with your body,

than you did in
your entire life.

Imagine if the accident
hadn't happened,

imagine if you'd
still been in control,

what would have happened then?

You'd be the same
person in the same job

worrying about the same shit.

In my short time, I
did amazing things.

And then I learned you
were coming back, Cora,

and that I would
be devoured whole.

And you wouldn't even know,
you wouldn't even remember me

and what I've accomplished.

Well, you know, I
couldn't let that happen.

So if you want this body,

you'd better be prepared
to fight for it.

- [Woman] Cora, where are you?

[spooky voices muffled]

- What are you doing?

They're coming in.

They're going to kill you.

- What do I do, what do I do?

- Fight.


- Look at you, Cora.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to run.

You really didn't
do too bad though.

Made it all the way here,

played the game
the best you could.

All by your lonesome.

[man screaming]

But it was rigged
from the beginning.

Texas Hold 'Em
with a funny card.

You weren't meant to win.

- Who are you?

- Former colleagues,
I guess you say.

Given a very special
mandate from her

before she checked out.

[tense music]

[woman screaming]

You know what they
say about the pen?

- I know who you are.

- Do you?

- You're her, what's left
of her inside my head.

- You need me, Cora,
you're not done yet.

There's more.

One more big thing.

- Go away.

- Cora.
- I don't need you!

- [Cop] You seem
calm considering.

- Assured, as in not worried.

We'll pick her up.

See if we don't.

Still plenty of time.

There's this episode on
Rawhide where Rowdy Yates-

- Who?

- Clint Eastwood, he
played this tough cowhand

named Rowdy Yates.
- I gotcha.

- Ain't that a hell of a name?

Anyway, Rowdy Yates goes in
to stop this murderer, right?

Just grabs him and
tosses him backwards

and that's all it took.

Thing is everyone's
walking around in that show

packing these big colts, but
they almost never use 'em.

Just kind of wave them around

and pointed them at each other.

Always thought that
was kind of stupid.

Hell, it couldn't have been
like that, not back then.

I like to think that shooting
someone was the last resort,

if all else fails and all that.

It probably was like
that, same as today.

There are circumstances,

extenuating circumstances.

Reasons, good reasons.

This is one.

[phone ringing]



Okay, we're on our way.

[engine revving]

When we find her, you know
what needs doing, right?

You put her down.

Don't think, just act.

It's better, faster and
cleaner for everyone involved.

You don't want the dragged
in front of a circus.

You get a chance to be a hero.

Take it.

- All right.

- Sooner we get this
behind us, the better.

Better for us, better
for our careers.

- You've run into Hyde
before, haven't you?

- Hell, I don't know.

Things get complicated
down in South Texas.

I can't tell you there's
a whole lot of people

that want to see
you walking around.

What I can tell you is that her
and her folks killed police,

alright, that's a one way road.

Ain't no coming back from that.

- Dr. Cameron's office.

- Third floor, 307.

[door opening]

- We need to have a chat.

- Who are you?

- Funny question,
apparently you know who I am

while I've never met you.

- It's Cora then.

Cora, it's nice to
finally meet you.

- I have a lot of questions.

- I'll answer what I can.

- What's happening to me?

- Mm, there are two
personalities warring
inside your head

and by all rights you
should be the victor,

but she-
- She's Hyde.

- She's playing a game

to make sure she
doesn't go away,

doesn't disappear
like a bad memory.

- A game, you said,
she's playing a game?

- Yes, as a result of what
you've been subjected to,

danger, violence, stress,

all of these factors
were carefully chosen

to create an environment
in which she would thrive.

Experiences that she
would find familiar

and would drive her
back to the surface.

As a result of which,

I'm sure you've experienced
horrible things, Cora.

But these are the things in
short that made her Hyde.

- In doing this, how did
she know it would work?

- Hm, well, because I told her.

- And why the hell
would you do that?

- Well, as you
probably gathered,

she can be quite persuasive.

If I'm being completely
honest, I was intrigued.

No one had experienced
anything like this before.

This was a once
in a opportunity.

So yeah, I helped her
develop a strategy.

- A strategy?

Are you fucking
kidding me, a strategy?

There are people
trying to kill me.

I've had, I have had
to do things, things
to protect myself.

- Well of course you have,

it wouldn't have
worked any other way.

- Yeah, well, it didn't
work because I'm still me.

- Are you?

Still 100% Cora?

I wonder.

- What the hell does that mean?

- You sure she's not in there?

Scraping at the sides,
trying to get out.

- What the fuck?

- See, I think she is.

- Go to hell.

- Oh wait, do you have a phone?

One that you woke up with?

Have you been getting messages?

- Yeah.

- They're all from you,
you sent them to yourself.

[elevator ringing]
[door shutting]

[tense music]

[phone beeping]

- Fuck you!

- They're probably already out
there waiting for you, Cora.

She planned this
from the beginning.

All you had to do is
rely on her and survive.

And then soon there
would be no Cora left.

I guess you'd be the
same person, right?

- What do I do?

- Turn yourself in, of course.

- And you would help me?

You would testify and tell
them that it was not me-

- No, no, I'm sorry, no, Cora.

I can't expose my own
culpability in this.

Let's be honest, like if
she were to come out again,

we'd all be better off if
she were quite locked up.

Wouldn't you agree?

- Please.

No, wait, great,
I'll turn you in

And I'll tell them
that you helped her.

- Her or you?

Come on, Cora, no one's going
to believe a word you say.

You know, she asked me
if it got to this point

to tell the police that
you're not a threat.

I can still do that for you.

I mean, it's so far along.

There's no sense in
you getting killed.

Okay, if I'm going to
do that I better hurry.

Just wait five minutes and then
come out with your hands up,

okay, so that they know
you're not a threat.

You're not a threat,
are you, Cora?

[guns cocking]

- Mercy protocols are in place.

Building has been
evacuated, won't hold out.

- Roger that.

Who the fuck are these guys?

- [Cop] What guys?

- Are you an officer?
- Yes, ma'am.

- I'm on her doctor and
I gotta tell you that

'cause she's armed, she's
threatening to kill people.

- Remember what I told
you, take the shot.

[tense music]

- I'm turning myself in.

[gun shooting]

- I've got her, bottom floor,
east hallway, I'm in pursuit.

- Roger that.

- I need you.
- Of course you do.

Not that way.

[knife stabbing]

We don't have time for this.

Take his radio but turn it down.

Not that way either.

Take the M-four, leave the
body, take both the radios,

key the mics and tape
them facing each other.

[ominous music]

[suspenseful music]

He was wearing a
vest, three shots.

Aim for his legs.

[gun shooting]

[man groaning]

- What the hell's
going on there?

[feedback blaring]

Now it's time for
the rest of them.

[film flickering]

- God damn it.

[man choking]

[gun shooting]


- You shouldn't have done that.

You know, you're some
kind of fucking monster.

How a thing like you
can exist is beyond me.

If I was born to do
one thing in this world

it's to put a bullet
between your God damn eyes.

[neck cracking]

[tense music]

♪ I've been running
for so long ♪

♪ Searching for something

♪ I've been waiting
in the dark ♪

♪ I've been hiding for so long

♪ Sleeping in shadows

♪ I've been waiting
all this time ♪

♪ To let it out

♪ To take it down

♪ To hit the pipe

♪ To lay around

♪ I might be a mother

♪ I am complete

♪ I don't feel anything

♪ I must be a mother

♪ I'm everything

♪ And I feel everything

♪ I'm up for

♪ I am complete

♪ And I feel everything

♪ I feel everything

♪ And I feel everything

♪ I've been running
for so long ♪

♪ Searching for something

♪ I've been waiting
in the dark ♪

♪ I am searching

♪ Under water

♪ In the mirror

♪ I am changing

♪ I am reeling

♪ Break the right chain

♪ Bring the right drain

♪ I am afraid of the fire

♪ I can feel the water