Hwang Jin-yi (1986) - full transcript

Magistrate Hwang's daughter Jin-yi, is jilted before her wedding because a shoe maker was smitten with her and commits suicide. Jin-yi becomes a courtesan, and becomes famous for her wits and beauty. She falls for Byuk Kye-su, but he's chosen to be an envoy to a far off kingdom. When he leaves she feels so betrayed she takes to a life of wandering. She meets Lee Saeng, a destitute scholar, and stays with him until she discovers he's going to sell her to a group of itinerate clowns. Instead, she joins them willingly.

Hwang Jin-ie

Jang Mi-hee

Ahn Seong-ki

Shin Il-Ryong

Jun Moo-song

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Screenplay: Choi In-ho

Director of Photography: Jung Il-sung

Music: Lee Seong-jae

Editing: Kim Hyun

Production: Lee Woo-seok

Director: Bae Chang-ho


It's late, go to sleep.

We might get a message from
Jin Do-ryeong's house in a few days.

In the meantime make sure
you take care of yourself.


Who's there?

Hey Duk-bo!

Are you there Duk-bo?

The shoe thief came again.

He leaves everything else

and only takes Jin-ie's shoes.




What are you doing over there?

The shoe thief came again.

This time he took the shoes

that Jin-ie was going to
wear at her wedding.

Make sure to use the best leather
and be extra careful when making them.

Let us celebrate the year of the pig.

- Hey.
- Yes.

Let us show devotion to
the lord who gazes down.

May all your wishes come true.

You aren't where you're
supposed to be and

you didn't sleep where
you were supposed to.

Let us show devotion
to the lord who gazes down.

There was originally
no place for the body.

I hope you can find
a place for your heart.

What are you doing?

You should be getting
ready to go to the temple.

I'm not going.


This time you have to get married.

Just because I pray to Buddha

doesn't mean I'm going to
get married does it?

I don't want to get married yet.

That isn't something
a young lady should say!

Go and get ready to go out.

Save us, merciful Buddha.
Save us, merciful Buddha.

What is he doing here!

Catch him! He went over there!

Catch him!

Over there!

What a commotion.

Who is this man?

We caught him trying
to climb over the wall.

Lift his head up!

Oh my.

Oh my.

That's Baek-jeong.

He's hiding something
under his shirt!


Just breaking into a
nobleman's house is enough

to face execution!

But you have impure motives!

Someone like you should
have your limbs torn apart!

Take him to the authorities!

Just a minute.

Stop there.


I am solely to blame

for this incident.

If this embarrassing
incident gets out

it will only bring trouble
to our family.

There's no need to go to the
authorities and stir up trouble, is there?

I will give him a whipping

to make sure this never happens again.

This is unbelievable.

Are the preparations going well?

Yes don't worry.

I can't believe this.

The wedding is tomorrow
and it's pouring.

It's ok.

Before Jin-ie gets married

the rain has to come and
wash away any bad luck.

What's with

The depressing funeral chants?

Don't you know if you see a funeral
the day before a celebration, it's good luck?

Who's funeral is it?

It's the shoemaker who
lives on that hill over there.

Nobody knows what the reason is but

he set himself on fire
and killed himself.

Oh my! What kind of
horrific event is that?

It's probably the shoemaker's funeral.

Oh dear. That's so sad.

Push it back.

Try pushing it back.

Is it moving?

Giddy on up!

Giddy on up!

What can I get for you?

- The King doesn't know.
- I'll have a bottle of rice wine.

- The voice of the people is the voice of God.
- Appetizers?


Just let it go.
What can we do about it?

God will take care of it.

It makes me so sad I want to die.

I'd be willing to give my wife to...

That's enough.

Let's get us some girls.

Stop it.

Stop telling me to stop!

I can't believe it.
I don't understand.

Is everything going well?

I'm in shock. I can't believe it.

A hundred nyang will buy
a large tile-roofed house

but she said no to this.
I can't believe it.

Does Myeong-wol think
she's the only gisaeng

in Songdo?

I can't believe her.

One 100 nyang is nothing.
She'll turn down 10,000 nyang

if she doesn't like you.

Then what is the point
of being a gisaeng?

Are you talking about one of
the top three gisaeng's in Songdo?

If you go to her looking like this...

You're sure to get kicked out.

Are you saying that
Myeong-wol is a virgin?

A virgin gisaeng...

That's the first time
I've ever heard of that.

She may be a gisaeng now

but she was also the
daughter of a very wealthy family.

That's right.

She chose to become a gisaeng

because she fell
for the wrong guy.

- Miss!
- Yes.

Oh my.

Your visit to Songdo is
completely unexpected.

Are you by chance here
because the King or

one of his inspectors
issued private orders?

You've gained quite a bit of weight.

That must mean you've been dealing
with a number of issues.

I'm just frustrated with life.

I thought I would stop by Songdo

And get some fresh air.

There's a lot to see in Songdo.

I'm seeing a lot here already.

The women here are beautiful.

Let me show you
something truly beautiful.

There is a beautiful gisaeng here
by the name of Myeong-wol.

I wanted to introduce her to you so

I've already sent word asking
for her to be brought over.

It seems she is quite the arrogant girl.

She didn't even show up to the banquet
honoring my appointment to this new position.

In truth I haven't even had the pleasure
of holding her hand yet.

Her beauty is worth every penny.

I'm sure she'll come out today.

Do I have something on my face?

You've been rejected too.

This is a message saying that Myeong-wol
isn't feeling well and can't come out.

What an impudent girl!

Let's go.

So did you have a good time today?

When will you be coming back?

I'll be back in a few days.

That's what they say but they never
come back. Have a safe journey.

Let's go inside.

Should I put dinner on the table?

I'm not hungry.

The full moon is as big as
an empty mountain

And the flowing clear stream

wonders if it can come to rest.

The stream wants to come to rest,

can't fill the full moon.

Only the ocean that stays

can fill the full moon.

Shut the door.

Who's there?

I've brought a message
asking Myeong-wol to take part

In Vice Minister Kim's
birthday celebration.

She's not feeling well.

She's not taking part in
any activities.

What's that all about. Does she
think she's the only gisaeng in Songdo?

Would you like to have a drink?

Then would you like some fruit salad?

Excuse me.

I'm not hungry.

You've been here too
long haven't you?

It seems that way...

Just because I'm leaving

you think it's forever?

Before winter ends,

I promise I'll be back.


Excuse me.

Please give this to Byuk Gae-soo.


This is his handwriting.

Who are you and
where are you from?

Tell him it's someone from Songdo.

He's not here right now.

He left as part of a Chinese envoy.


If you came from Songdo,

Didn't you see him there?

He was at an inn in
Songdo for awhile

But it's already been two months
since he's left for China.

We just got a message

that he arrived safely.

Have a safe trip.


Bring some kebabs to this table.

Hello and welcome.

Please enjoy your meal.

Please come again.

Hello and welcome.

Do you have a room
available for the evening?

Of course!

Please come in. Come.

Please come here.
Please come here.

Hey clean that room.

- Miss! Hurry and bring us our appetizers.
- Coming right away.

Yes, it's coming out.

Hurry up and bring
the alcohol over here.

Bring some alcohol here.

Sir, would you like me to
call a young lady for you?

No thank you.

There's nothing like
a working girl to

help get rid of any discomfort
you may have.

We have a girl here who not only
sings well but is very beautiful.

Please close the door.

Ok I'll get her ready for you.

Hey Sam-weol!

Get a table ready for this room.

My name is Jin-ie.

Thank you.

You're here early today.

Bring them some pine
needle wine.

I don't want this cheap
pine needle wine.

Hey lady! Where's Jin-ie?

Oh she's with another customer.


Listen lady,

do I have to slap some sense
into you? Bring her here!

Hurry up and bring her to me!

Ok ok.

My apologies.


Go ahead.

I'm sorry.

I'll be back in a minute with
your food and alcohol.

This is the first time I've

ever liked a girl like you.

Your looks have been
enough so far.

Isn't it time you gave
me your heart?

If you do as I say,

I'll make you a concubine.

I can change your destiny.

Why you! You!

Why you!

Excuse me.

You look like you're from
a well to do family

but you seem to have
had a lot to drink.


So is this your pimp?

You're being a bit excessive.

Who do you think you are!


you're not...

Wearing a gat doesn't
make you a nobleman.

You look much better without it.

Listen! If you don't do
as I say tomorrow

I'll shut this whole place down!

Got it?

Yes yes.
I'll be sure to remember.

Your looks will only get you
so far! Hey grab the money!

Please get home safely.

Please take the table away.

He thinks he can get away with
anything because of who is father is.

How long will I have to
put up with it.

- I know.
- Oh dear.

This sucks.

Oh my.

Listen Jin-ie, you're going to have to
come up with something by tomorrow.

Bring us more alcohol!


When do you think the
water will recede?

Who knows.

It will probably take about five days.

Hey! What do you think?

I suspect so.

You're going to have to
take a different route.

Come on. Let's go back.

Let's go.

Are you saying that the
boat has been cancelled?

It's not going anywhere.

The monsoon rains have
made the river dangerous.

Then how am I supposed to
get to the Kangkyung marketplace.

- Kangkyung...
- Yes.

If you want to get to Kangkyung you need
to go all the way back to Yesan

and go through the mountains.

What a shame.

The boat isn't going
anywhere, go back!

Turn back! The boat
has been cancelled!

- It's not leaving?
- No it's not.

Excuse me.


It's my fault you were
humiliated last night.

No. Rather it's my fault
you have to leave.

But where are you going?

I thought I would see the world

And wander to

Wherever my feet take me...

I'm glad to hear it.

It looks like I'll have some
company for the time being.

Go ahead.

How far are you going?

I'm going to the market.

Why are you going there?

I'm going to do some
business there.

- Go ahead.
- Ok

Go ahead.

Go ahead.

Hey you!

Where are you headed?


I'm going to Kangkyung market.

Are you two married?


Go ahead.

Thank you.

Where are you headed?

To Kangkyung.

Thank you.

You don't look well.

Since when...

Why aren't you going to Songdo?

Indeed, I may be a teacher who
spent all my time reading books

But don't you think I've heard
of the famous Hwang Jin-ie

from Songdo?

Here, lie down.


you get to Kangkyung
what will happen...

I'm just

Going to meet my wife
and children.

It's already been a year
since I've seen them.

They say you can't
predict the future but

Who would have thought
that someone like me,

Who spent his life studying
and reading books, would get

Caught up in a revolution
and have to go into hiding.

In some ways it's a good thing.

Education and government
posts are

disappearing so
there's nothing left.


When I find my family

I'm going to hide in a secluded
village in the mountains,

Plow fields, build a farm and

Live a quiet life.

That's my final wish.

Chickens. Chickens for sale.

Rice cakes for sale.

Take this money...

Use it for your travels.

I've enjoyed myself.

Are you going to Songdo?

I'm going to Hanyang.

One of the government ministers
has secretly sent someone for me

so I expect to hear
good news soon.

But they say my wife isn't well.

I'll send someone to see
her when I get to Hanyang.

Please take care of yourself.

They're gone.

My wife is gone.

She was sold into slavery.

So were my children.

You're suffering needlessly

Because of me.

You've already been
with me too long.

Where are you going?

Is there anybody here?

Is the landlord here?

Who's there?

I'm looking for some work.

I don't have any skills

But I can sing

And I know how to dance.

I'm not asking for much

Just a place for two people

to sleep and some food.

This place has been closed
for business for some time.

This year's harvest has been bad

so nobody is drinking.

Then is it possible

to give us anything just
to curb our hunger...

I could give you some
hot soup and rice.

Thank you.

I'm a widower.

It's been a few months since
I've been with a woman.

I could also help out with travel
expenses but it depends on you.

Isn't that what generosity
is all about?

Why don't you come on in?

I've already had some.

If you're not wearing a hat
you'll draw more suspicion.

Your face and hands are not those

Of a commoner.


Where did you get it?

Where did you get the money?

Get out of here!

We're barely surviving this year. You're
going to give someone your sickness

wandering around begging like that!

Get away. You! You dirty girl!

You should go your own way.



What are you doing!

My shoe...

it fell off.

Why can't you hurry up!

How much food is left?


There is about three
or four days worth.

- We need to eat less!
- Ok.

That's barely enough to sustain us.

Shut up!

We have to wait until Cham-bong's
60th birthday party in Yesan.

If we can hold out until then,
things will get better.

You got it?

- Yes. We got it.
- Be quiet.

Excuse me. Would it be possible
to stay for the night?

Hurry and spoon out the rice.

Go and sleep up there.

Oh, ok.

Where are we?

Shut the door!

Oh, of course.

What song should we
sing at the birthday party?

- Sing the song of a prostitute.
- Be quiet.

Since when have we traveling
actors ever made money singing?

I don't care what the song sounds like.

When we get to Yesan...

What are you looking at!
I told you to go upstairs.


Oh dear.

Hey girls.

If you want to earn your keep
when we get to Yesan,

say yes no matter what,
even if he's deformed!

Got it?

Even if he's paralyzed?

Shut up!

Keep your wits about you

unless you want to starve to death!

Hey Choon-shim!

Will you be able to work?

Don't be ridiculous. Look!

Her stomach is too huge
to be with any man!

What a time to be pregnant!

I'm sorry but...

Could you spare something to eat...


We barely have anything to eat.

Excuse me...

By any chance

Do you need a girl who can sing?

The girl I came with

Knows how to sing and dance.

- That girl is attractive...
- I know.


Don't we need more girls anyway?

What about you?

I don't have any useful skills.

I just need some money
to cover travel expenses.

Just a bit?

No way!

The girl looks weak!

Do you think she can keep up
with us in her condition?

No way!