Hwajang (2014) - full transcript

A middle-aged man who has recently lost his wife to cancer indulges in fantasies about a young woman at his work.


Leaving, leaving, I am leaving.

Leaving my family.

Leaving my home.


It is for eternity.

That I leave.


Goddess of Mercy.


Yeah, dad.

Mom passed away this morning.


I have prostatism... and my
urinal condition is a bit...

Lie down over there.

Oh my, you've got one full tank.

This is just a process of aging.

Your symptoms are just a bit
more severe.

Help this patient urinate!

It'll be a hefty amount.

Yes, sir.

You know the procedure, right?

There'll be discomfort
only during insertion.


This'll take a while, so relax.

Where are you, dad?
Were you able to urinate?

Yeah... I'm at a nearby clinic.

You better inform your company
and come to the hospital.

Guest No. 35.

Guest No. 35!

Guest No. 35! You got a call!

Bring it here, Bori.

Bring it to me, Bori.

Good boy.

Bring it to me.

Good boy.

Good boy.

Come here.

You got 2 calls from Samcheong.
You should call them back.


Did you both have breakfast?

Yeah, we had hot soup.

You both are so careless.

Did you think attaining a
working visa is that easy?

We had no clue. We thought
3 months would be it.

Besides, we got an offer for the
house, so we had to sell it.

And what about your belongings?

Are you planning to crash here
for 3 months?

Of course. Do you have
a better idea then?

We'll clean up the 2nd floor.
You can stay there.


About 130 kinds of tumors can
break out on the human brain.

We removed most of the tumor
with the previous surgery.

So this seems to be another
outbreak and not a relapse.

But why does it keep turning up
on my wife?

Like we cannot explain birth,

the same goes for a tumor.

I guess this calls for another surgery.

So, the operation's tomorrow?

What the hell is going on?

Dr. KANG is the attending surgeon,
so don't worry.

Have a seat, auntie.

Sis, are you in any pain?

Don't worry, I'm okay.

This all happened cause you're
always saying that!

- Ah...
- Oh, I'm sorry...

Dad, let's just ask the nurse
to do it.

What is it? Huh?

Wait a sec.

Are you okay? Huh?

- Please give her some pain killers!
- Just a moment.

Mom, hang in there. You'll be
fine after the surgery tomorrow.

Ahhh, it hurts...

Ah, my head hurts...

Honey... my head is killing me!

Do you have to tie her up
like this?

The patient will only suffer if
the line's pulled out again.

Good evening.

Good evening.

Her phlegm spitting went easy.
She was good today.

She can be discharged in
4 weeks, 2, the earliest.

I guess you'll have to be with us
a bit longer.

Check her temperature every hour.

And don't forget she has to
take her medicine at 3 am.

Then I'll be on my way.


Can you press the 4th floor?

I'll stop by with a veteran
we recently hired.

Uh! She's already here!

Over here.

Let me introduce you.

Our new Marketing Deputy,
CHOO Eunjoo.

Our Executive Director
Mr. OH Jeongseok.

At your service, sir.

Nice to meet you.

The pleasure is mine, sir.

Book a company dinner.
It'll be her welcome party.

Yes, sir.

Check out your desk first,

then we'll go for a company tour.

Attention everyone!

Filling in our Marketing Deputy

let me introduce,
Ms. CHOO Eunjoo.

My name is CHOO Eunjoo.
It's a pleasure to meet you.


She'll be handling broadcasting
and consumer group contacts.

She'll be the face of our company.

As you may know,

our company's face should be
treated how?

With seasonal pattern makeup!


From now on, you'll be wearing
our focus pattern make-up.

Welcome to the company!

- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.

Chief PARK, Chief JEONG,
Deputy KIM, Soeyeong.



Oh, I wasn't aware you were
in a meeting!

Don't worry. We're done here.
Please come in, Mr OH!

I just stopped by to say hello
with our new Marketing Deputy.

This is Ms. CHOO Eunjoo.

Nice to meet you,
I'm CHOO Eunjoo.

Ah! Yes, please have a seat.

Ah, yes!

- Have a seat.
- Yes.

You're still pretty busy,
aren't you?

Like a true cosmetics company,
quite a beauty there you hired.

Anyway, welcome.

The feminine wash in development
has high cleansing effects.

But residual drugs in the vagina,
unexcretable through urination,

sets in here and generates
nasty smells.

Which will mean a rise in
production costs

and complications in
advertisement strategies.

Do you think we'll be able to
deal with that?

Mr. OH, what do you think?

Yes. Distribution management
costs will also go up.

Also, I believe that dividing
vaginal acidity levels

can offend the consumers.

Single or married women, product

identity positioning should be clear.

Because a change in target group
changes the launching strategy.


Off we go, sir.

You're here.

The 'Hurrah To Housewives' radio
show sponsorship I briefed you.

And the Daehan News
anniversary ad.

I was planning to call you.


Awe, come on...

- Awe, Deputy KIM.
- Get on the next one.

Sir, you're buying us a drink
when this is all over, right?

Just get it done and it won't
be just one drink.

How about a trip out of the city
for an all-night drink fest?

It's been ages since we visited
your Sohori villa.

I wonder if that chicken stew
place still tastes the same.

Sir, you think we should
make it happen?

Why not?



You're here.

Hospital administration called
us about the medical bill


Yeah, CHO.

I sent the obituary to
3 morning, 2 evening papers.

Regarding beauty-related press,
agencies and businesses,

I told your secretary's office
to contact them.


When your husband returns,
go home with him.

Since we won't be expecting
guests until the evening.

I want you to go through your
mom's clothes and shoes.

Get rid of things but send what's
good to the welfare center.

And feed the dog.

Dad, why are you in such a rush?

It's not like you can erase her
by getting rid of things!

Dad, you went through graduate
school thanks to mom.

Started out small but now own a
lush house and a country villa!

But what about mom?

What's she left with?


How could you leave Bori
behind like this...?

- We'll tend the registration, sir.
- Thanks a lot.

Yes, sir.

It's hard losing a wife
at your age.

I knew it was coming.

You've taken good care of
your wife,

I'm sure she'll have no regrets.

It's you I'm worried of.
I trust you with this company

I'm sorry.

This may sound insensitive, but

the summer marketing strategy,
we really need to wrap things up.

Right. We narrowed down the concept.

I'll get the report and
make a decision.

Thanks. I have an appointment
today, so I'll drop by tomorrow.


Good. See you tater then.

OH, do take care of yourself.

Okay. Go grab something to eat.

Say hello to my colleague,
Mr. AHN Sungtae...

Miyoung, every time, I notice
how you resemble your mother...

We met at your wedding, right?

Such a good-looking man.
I'm so jealous.


I heard you fell.

I got my butt all wet.

Want me to mix you a drink?

Thanks Ms. CHOO.

You're supposed to drink at a wake.

That's being respectful!

I know this isn't a good time,
but 2 weeks ago,

we shot 2 drafts: 'Go Light'
versus 'Inner Journey' concept.

We need your final decision
to proceed with the summer ads.

Our competitors are already
gearing up for their ad shoots.

The big boss won't let us start
without your decision.

OH Jeongseok.

He should thank me for
stepping up to Exec. Director.

Yeah, he's one quick-witted guy.
Real quick.

Yeah, he worked hard, too.

Anyway, I never beat him once.

Such a tight-ass.

Our concept is the transitional
aspect of a woman.

Every woman holds onto a desire
for things that are different.

Heavy makeup on Chief JEONG's
model is overshadowing

the moisturizing cream's

If we can create a moist look
quite successfully,

this direction will definitely work.

But natural-look ad concepts
have been overly exploited

and can feel redundant
to consumers.

Our woman is confident and sexy,

even to her backside
where she can't see,

with healthy, elastic skin

made possible
by our moisturizing cream

her thighs and calves are

We can do touch-ups
on photo works,

but for moving images,

we'll have to do separate video
work with parts models.

Hey, OH! I'm leaving

I'm coming' back tomorrow.

Sleep if you get drowsy... Hey!

A man's gotta get his sleep.
A chief mourner's no superman.

Ah, go get my shoes.

Ah, they're here, here

I'm leaving.

Take care. Yeah.

Did you find him?

He's not in the lounge.

Oh, really? Where did he go?

We should say goodbye
before leaving.


There are only few guests left,
so we'll be going now.

Uh, yes. I really appreciate it.

You too, Ms. CHOO...

Thank you, sir.

Good night then.

- No need to see us out.
- Take care.

Can you cut these up
into smaller pieces?

It's okay.

Just go back to your work.

My husband doesn't like
his shirts dry cleaned.

It's a hassle, but please wash
them in water and iron them.

Yes, ma'am.

You can look at it
after you're done eating.

If you can't take care of Bori,
I'm taking him with me, okay?

My Buddhist priest won't agree,

but he'll just have to follow
his master's fate.

You've got the vet's number,

When my time's up, I'm
taking him with me, okay?

Don't worry. I'll put him to
sleep as soon as you're gone.

Don't worry.

Here's to a great future for
Adeleide's new 'Waterbolic'!

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

It's USD 300 million in sales!
300 million!!

At a rate like this in the
Chinese market,

We'd definitely be in the
Guinness Book of Records!

Chief PARK, is this the result
of good business sales?

Of course not!
Who says it's sales?

It's the Marketing Team's victory
led by Mr. OH, right?

Mister OH!

Mister OH!! Cheers!

Great work, sir.

By the way,

did Mr. AHN really intercepted
our bonuses?

If that's true, it's not fair!
Don't you agree, Mr. OH?

Our Exec. Director is resting.

Sir, can we order more drinks?

And us, too!

Sir, can we order some more

Go ahead! Order away!

We should spend all our team
bonus. Wine, whisky, order away!


A bottle of 'Gigondas' please!

Ah, wonderful.

This wine has a rich

and dignified flavor to it.

It acquires full-bodied quality
and smoothness with time.

It may seem cold at first,

but by rolling it about in your mouth,

it becomes kinder.

Let's go, let's all dance.


Come on, let's dance.

Sir, we're going for just one more round.

- You're in charge now, CHO.
- Yes sir!



Your wine gift for dancing
well, I'm giving it back.

It suits you more.

- Have a safe trip.
- Good night, sir.

- Good night, sir!
- Off you go!

Mister, can you turn the cab?

Let's go back to that club.

I can't from here.

I'll make a U-turn at the
next intersection.

Uh, CHO. I'm back at the club.
Where are you?

Okay, then. I'll just go home.


I'll be home soon, so you can go
if you want.

I'm hanging up.

Mister, let's go back again.

I'm so sorry.

Are you kidding me?

Concept A is green,
concept B is blue.

- The green...
- Ah, Chairman KIM, hello.

We're always grateful for your...

Sorry? Uh... What do you mean?

That really happened?

My deepest apologies

I'll have a word with her
and have her apologize.

Yes, once again, my apologies.

Ms. CHOO, Mr. OH wants to
see you immediately.


You called for me, sir?


Yes, sir.

If the consumers are kings,

you should know the consumer
group heads are emperors!

What were you thinking talking
back to Chairman KIM like that?!

The consumer group was
talking nonsense, sir.

How could a bug possibly get
into our cleansing cream?

That's impossible in our
high-tech automated system.

- They're nothing but bullies...
- I know!

And the Chairman knows!

They know a bug can't get into
our product with our system!

But since they registered
a complaint,

it's her duty to confirm this
with us!

But this is about
how we respond to it!

- But still, sir..!
- Just listen!


Sir! You have an urgent call
from the hospital.

I want you to go
and apologize to her!


Her temperature is 38.5.

- Uh, dad.
- Yeah.

How's she doing?

She got antibiotics for the fever.
We have to wait and see.

Why are you here? I'm okay.

What do you mean?
Is the fever down?

They just checked it was 38.5.
But it can go up again.

Thanks for hanging around.
I'm here, so go home now.

- Mom, I'll be back tomorrow.
- Okay.

See you.

- CHO. What is it? What?
- I'm leaving.

The security guard told me.

Ms. CHOO's still in your office.

Call her and tell her to go home.

Mr. CHO will go and apologize.

I want you to take detailed
photos of our production system

and send them to
the consumer group.

It's not often we open our lab,

but there were special orders
from Mr OH to show you around.

Thank you.

Photographs will be restricted
to this area.

You are free to take photos
from here.

Make sure to look as
natural as you can, okay?


Thank you.

This way please.


Ms. CHOO, where are you?

I'm at the factory.
How about you, sir?

I'm also at the factory.

You're still here?

I thought the board meeting
ended this morning?

I was waiting to leave with you.

Where are you now?

At the main exhibition zone.

Okay, I'll be there in a minute.

Good job, Ms. CHOO.

I'm not sure you'll like this.

You skipped lunch, didn't you?

I got this at the factory store.
It's pretty good.

Thank you, sir.

How did the photo shoot go?

I think it went well.

Yes, I heard from the Manager.

He spoke well of you.
That you're sharp and efficient.

It's always nice to be commended
by another team.

Since we're a top spending team,

we shouldn't forget other teams
have a jaded view of us.

I'll keep that in mind.

Bring a well-edited version of
today's shoot to me first.

And then send it to Chairman KIM
after my confirmation.

Make sure you save the file

in case you need it for
another situation like this.

I will.

This is pretty good.

Why don't you have some, sir?

Dad! I brought you some snack.

I feel bad. Should we leave some for mom?

No, mom's fasting. You go ahead and eat.

- Miyoung.
- Yeah?

Grab me a diaper from
the cabinet.

It's in the drawer.

- Need any help, dad?
- No, it's okay.

Does this often happen to mom?

Miyoung, go to the lounge.

I don't believe this.

- Okay, let's go in this direction.
- Yes, sir.

Yes, yes,
I'll call you back later.


Sir, it's my wedding invitation.

I'm getting married.

A bit sudden, isn't it?

Something came up and
my fiance had to rush things.

Your fiance, what does he do?

He's a researcher at an
int'l pharmaceutical company.

Are you planning to work
after you have a child?

Yes, of course.

Ah, let's see, the 28th,
the 4th week of Saturday...

Oh, I'm booked for
a business trip that day.

Ah, I see...

I was really hoping you could come.

I'm really sorry.

I know this isn't proper,
but congratulations.

Oh, you don't have to...

Okay, then.

Thank you.

- Sir.
- Huh?

What's this?

I'm getting married.

- Married?
- You're getting married?

It's my wedding invitation.

Let's congratulate Ms. CHOO
for her wedding!

No, Friday and Saturday.

We're sponsoring a performance, right?

I can stop by to say hello.

I'll need to sleep over
to meet with local sole agents.

- Good morning.
- Thank you for coming.

How is she?

Uh, she's not holding up so well.

I'm so sorry when
you must be busy...

So you're back by 3 tomorrow?

I'll be back before 3. I'll try
to come as soon as possible.

Just hire the care worker for another day.


Ah, hello.

Thank you for coming again

when you already came to
the Chuncheon performance.

I enjoyed it so much I had to
come back since I was in town.

- This way.
- Ah, yes.

The dressing room's too crowded.

They're still not done with
makeup although it's been 2 hrs.


- Yes?
- Come over here.

Sir, this is HA Jeongeun,
the lead dancer of this program.

Say hello.

His word can get you into a
TV commercial for cosmetics.

Nice to meet you, sir.

I actually have a good complexion.

I can tell.

People like you can
make us lose business.

My friend works at Adelaide,
CHOO Eunjoo.

We trained at the same dancing
studio in high school.

I've begged the sales head
for a markup raise for years,

but he just won't listen.

It would be great if you could
give us a little leeway.

A salary man like myself
has no power.

Awe, but I heard you'll be
promoted to VP.

Uh? Who said I'd be promoted
to Vice President?

The news is all over the place.

Anyway, assuming your trip
this time

means a 5% markup raise for us,

I'd like to make a toast to that.

Now, cheers to a 5% markup
raise, cheers!


Thank you, sir.

We wanted to treat you to a
full course service. I'm hurt.

Consider it done.

I haven't been
feeling well and I'm tired.

I'll be heading for the hotel.

Hey, PARK!

- Escort Mr. OH back to the hotel.
- Got it!

I'm really sorry.

I'll put the car in the parking lot

and leave the key at the counter.


You're Mr. OH, right?

Mr. CHO sent me here to give you
a full course service.

No thank you.

How come?

No need for that.

But Mr. CHO told me to
take good care of you.

- I'm not your type?
- That's not it.

But... You'll tell him I
was great, won't you?

I will.

But I shouldn't...



Uh, it's me. How's Jinkyung?

She seems much better.


She seems to gets worse
when I'm around.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear she's
feeling better.

Jinkyung wants to talk to you.


Hello? Where are you?

I'm at a motel in Gimjae.

Gimjae, Gimjae where?

It's a motel at a large mud flat.

I heard the flock of migratory
birds used to be magnificent,

but not anymore.

I'll be back tomorrow, so don't worry.

Yeah, okay.

What was your dream about?

Something on your mind?

I'm just tired.

How come you're awake?

Where did you get this wine?
You don't drink wine.

An employee gave it to me.

To drink instead of hard liquor.


Then pour me a glass.

Come on, you're a patient.

Just go to sleep.

You want me dead, don't you?

Say it... Okay?

Say it...

Say it.

Are you planning to spend
the entire night like this?

Say it!

No! Say it!

It's cold.

Good to see you.

It must have been a long drive.

I turned on the heat in case
you might find the house humid.

Yes, thank you.

Uh, sir.

Will there be people from
your company visiting?

No. Why do you ask?

Then, I'd like to go home
for like two months.

I'll drop by to check each month.

Don't worry, and just do
what you have to do.

No need for you to drop by.

Okay. Then I'll see you later.

Uh, wait.

These are cosmetics.
Give them to your wife.

They're useless to me now.
If you need more,

I'll send them by post.

Awe, you didn't have to.
I appreciate it, ma'am.

Take care.

- Get some rest.
- Thanks for everything.

You're covered in dust, Bori.


Does it hurt?


Should I stop?

No, it's okay.

She's not answering her phone.

Has anyone seen Ms. CHOO?

Where's Deputy CHOO?

She's healing herself.


She's been like that since
she called off her wedding.

She did it right in front of the

guests when his ex showed up.

So I don't get why she's acting like that.

I should return what you gave me last time

I'm so sorry for causing
such inconvenience.

Even if the Wedding's been
called off...

I already gave it to you.
No need to return it.

But it doesn't feel right.

Don't pay any attention to
what people say.

Calling off a wedding is
not a crime.

Sir, I'm sorry but I've applied
for the 'Linkay' China branch.

How come?

Is it hard for you to be here?

It's not that.

I just want a fresh new start.

Their conditions are reasonable.

Nothing's been set yet, but
I wanted to ask for your advice.

I heard Linkay's domestic
setbacks are

pushing them towards
the Chinese market.

Since you speak Chinese,

I guess it'll give you a chance
to be more aggressive.

But we'll be losing an excellent

You're too generous

when in fact I'm always
messing up!

Nothing's been confirmed
on their side.

I have to be interviewed.

And their demand for experienced
people has me facing competition.

Do you need a recommendation from me?

- Would that help?
- Oh no!

I already feel bad about
quitting, I couldn't possibly...

Really, it's okay I can handle it.

They said they'll contact me...

So I'll be receiving notice soon.

What? You should answer it.

It's okay.

He keeps calling me after a few drinks.

I really should leave this country soon.

Letter of Recommendation.

Recommender: OH Jeongseok
Marketing Executive Director.

Recommendee: CHOO Eunjoo
Marketing Deputy.

I hereby recommend the above
exemplary person...

Have a lot of work to do?

Uh? Yeah.

Something urgent came up.
Did I wake you?

Not at all.

Go on with your work.
So I can watch.

I'm awake now.

Could you play the Buddhist chant for me?

Uh, okay.

SONG, how did you find out?

I almost missed the chance
to pay my last respects.

Sorry, I wasn't intending to
contact many people.

I was about to leave anyway.

So, how are things going?

So, so. I'm heading the Chinese
market and it's breaking my back.

You sent someone over to us.
What's her name?

- CHOO...
- Yeah, it's what she wanted.

I'm sure she'll be of great help.

I don't doubt that with your

The one who landed the
market's top hit of the year.

And what a looker she is!

The door is closing.

A smiling face...

isn't good for a portrait scroll.

Cause she looks so full of life.

It doesn't feel like she's gone.

Get your surgery after
the funeral.

You should be healthy, Dad.


Was mom in a lot of pain
this morning?


She looked peaceful.

I wasn't even aware she passed.

I thought she was asleep.

After all the pain she
went through for so long.

When was it worst for you, dad?


I mean, while you were taking care of mom.


It's the sick who suffers the most.


Have you ever loved mom?

You never fancied her that much.

Take off your underwear.

No... no. Let the care worker do it. No.

But you smell...

Let me.


Now, bend over a bit.

My head hurts.

It hurts...

Lean on me.

Go down a bit more.

Lean on me.

You got some on the front, right?

I'll do it

I'll do it.


Now, stand up.

- Honey.
- Yeah?

I'm leaking again

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

- I'm sorry, honey.
- It's okay.

I'm sorry, honey.

Now we will be taking her to
the casketing room.

Oh, Jinkyung, my sister...

Mom, mom...


Family members of the deceased
may now pay their last respects.

I got the job, sir. Thanks
to your recommendation.

Can I C U before I leave
For China?

Who's it from?

It's nothing. It's just from
a friend.

Our crematorium is equipped
with high-tech facilities

that are free of smoke and


Use land wisely?

This is not about a lush funeral.
Cremation's just too cruel!

This is like killing her twice!

Cremation rate now in the metro
area is more than 80%.

What kind of funeral
did you have for grandfather?

It was a lavish funeral

with a bier flowing with 30 ode
streamers and singers.

It was the talk of the town.




Leaving, leaving, I am leaving.

Leaving my family.

Leaving my home.


It is for eternity.

That I leave.


Goddess of Mercy.

You must have been through
a lot, sir.

You did a good job cleaning up.

Well, they're your wife's stuff.

She called right before
she passed away.

Telling me to get rid of
all her things.

But I just couldn't do that
with the photos.

She asked you to get rid of
her things?


Saying, "You have to go
when your time's up".

And that I should get rid of

Where did this parcel box
come from?

I don't really know.


I think it might be from
your wife.

She always used this company

to send us cosmetics and things.

- Then I'll be off, sir.
- Yes, thank you.


I got the job, sir.
All thanks to you.

I'd like to C U before I leave
for China.


I'd like to see U.


I can't reach U by phone.


I really want to see U.


CHOO Eunjoo

I'm on my way to the Sohori villa.
I'm leaving in 2 days.


Are you there?



You are being redirected
to voice mail.

You will be charged
after the beep.

Anyone there?

He's a good breed.
Why don't you just keep him?

I'm in no position to raise him.
And there's no one to feed him.

You want me to arrange an adoption?

What's his name?

Bori, it's Bori.

Like in 'ssal (rice)' and
'bori (barley)'?

My wife named him after 'Bodhi'
so he'd be born again as a human.

Yeah CHO, it's me.

We don't have time to
fight over this.

Let's just go with the
'Go Light' concept.

The 'Inner Journey' is just too hazy.

I'll report this to the boss.

Green-light the budget and
start working from tomorrow.