Hustruer (1975) - full transcript

Hva vil skje dersom jenter begynte å oppføre seg som mannfolk? Hva om de gikk på rangel i stedet for å gå hjem? Denne filmen handler om tre kvinner som forlater arbeid, mann og barn for å dra på rangel en uke. Hustruer er kort og godt en feministisk film som snur litt på kjønnsrollene. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

As we are gathered here today,
when I look around at all of you...

Some of you have changed quite a lot,
others hardly at all.

Some are married or engaged,
but some of us...

..are still young and free.

I would like to thank
our dear schoolmistress...

..for putting some knowledge
and wisdom into our heads.

On behalf of the whole class I would
like to give you these flowers.

Thank you so much, everyone.
I'm deeply touched.

I will not make a speech. We'll
get a chance to talk later.

Then let's sing
our school anthem.

Upon the hill, so proud and free

Above the clamour of the city

Our school lies looking out
towards the fiord so pretty

And from the hill and this old bay
old tales are told even today

Here generations studied hard
reading, leaming, play and song

And if life took them wide and far

Memories of school were strong

And to our school some years after
their children brought new laughter


If you're finished, we can go and
take our coffee in the other room.

-It was lovely!
-Thank you.

“What's he like then?
-Quite ordinary.

Well, actually quite handsome. Blond.

-Mie, what does your hushand do?
-He's a client manager.

-At Fiat.

I met Per. Remember him?
Anna, you used to go out with him.

-No, I didn't!
-Yes, I remember.

Any of you who are not married?

-I'm not married.
-Are you engaged?

That's so old-fashioned.

Many couples now just live together.

He's kicking!

He always stops
when someone wants to feel it.

Do you get very hot
and tired and so on?

But you've also been pregnant?

Yes, I have alittle girl. Marte.

She's two.

-My girl is three.
-How many do you have?


He reminds me of Aslaksen.

Our music teacher.

Remember that ime
he was hung over in class?

And the whole class just went...

So nice to see all these faces
after all these years.

-I can't quite place you...
-Butits me.

-'m Mie.

-I'm the one who used to fart.
-Now I remember all of you.

It was Mie, Kaja and...


You were inseparable.
What do you do, Heidrun?

-I work at a chocolate factory.
-How interesting.

-I've packed these.
-Oh, did you really...

I was a student, took French and
Art History. Then I got married.

How about you, Kaja?
Did you study...?

-No, I trained as a secretary.
-Are you working now?

-Not since I had my first child.
“What does your hushand do?

-He has his own law firm.
-Have I seen you on television?

-I've been in a few things.
-Is it fun?

Yes, itis.
-Has anyone seen Synngve?

I saw her the other day
at Grenland...

“Weren't Eva supposed to come?
-She's just had another baby.


Listen up! Memory:

Kiss, but don't kiss asses
Love, but don't get blinded

Engage, but in conversation
Marry, but stay merry

Drink, but from the right cup

Dear Inger! Ywhen you are over twenty
you'll have silver plenty

With Toril you can walk a mile
she will always have a smile

Happiness knocks on your door
a happy heart brings you more

Imagine books with no stitches
Imagine woods with no witches

Imagine beaches with no sand
Imagine Kaja with no man!

What will Wenche one day be?
Who knows her destiny?

Perhaps a star one day
Or a housewife far away

Please don't take that.
It's Roars.

He got it for the 10th anniversary.
Take the other one.

-Shall I help you?
-No, just leave it.

[ll do it later.
Just sit, enjoy yourselves.

-Hello. Nice party?
-Yeah, great!

We should do something together.

-I'm babysitting.
“What a pity. See you then!



“Where's your husband from?

“What's he like?
-He's unfaithful.

I thought he was from Grimstad.
Could I have some more milk, please?

I have this urge for milk.

Are you splitting up?


It wasn't now.
It's some time ago.

-So it hasn't happened often?

-Solveig who?

You don't know who it is.

Do you know her?

-Have you seen her?
-I don't want to answer.

-Do you get jealous?
-l don't.

Well...perhaps a bit.

I dream that I wake up and he's gone.
Did you ever dream that?

Only that I wake up
hoping he's not there.

Sometimes it's a hit tough.

Before I was the one
with all the initiative.

And atleast he noticed me. Now it's
like I'm part of the wallpaper.

-What's the wallpaper like?
-Full of flowers.

Thenit's the same plates
every single day.

Take them out, lay the table, take
them off, wash them, put them up...

Three times a day.
The same boring plates.

I have this plate I've had
since I was little...

It has a picture of a lady
feeding her chicken.

The picture is faded. When it's
totally gone, I'll be dead.

What's the time?

-Ten past seven.
-I have to get to work!

Oh, come on!
Heidrun, you're taking the day off!

-Should 1?
-Yes, doit!

I'l do it!

-Three pints, please!
-You can't buy beer before eight.

Could I have the personnel office?

My name is Kaja Quist. I'm calling on
behalf of my friend Heidrun Iversen.

She can't come in to work today.
She's taken ill.

Yes, she's in bed, with
severe menstrual pain.

Yes, we've called a doctor.

Amedical certificate? After
two days, right. Thank you!

You could have said anything but
menstruation. I'l get into trouble.

Next time you can call yourself!

-Can you take sauna?
-Just a while, to get warm.

-Does that give you bigger tits?
-l just leamed it at the course.

You press up like this...
Lower your shoulders.

-See how it tightens here?
-Right. Have you taken the course?


-I'm supposed to do fifty a day.

-It's awful to have small tits.
-But that's in fashion now.

Think of me,
with these flopping around.

-Come on, they're not floppy.
-That's not what Jens says.

And me then. Three kids and no hips.
I have such a terrible complex.

-I wish it was me.
-You have a complex?

Before it was okay to have shapes.
Think of Rubens. The painter.

-Did you see that woman in the sauna?
-She was great.

-Sagging a hit.
-But she looked great.

After 30, your market value
drops to the ground.

-No, it doesn't.
-Oh yes, time takes its toll.

-What should we do now then?
-I have to go, or they'll be worried.

-0h, come on!
-You made me skip work.

-And then you want to run off!
-But I can't just leave them?

-Jens has ameeting, and Pek...

Let Jens step in. When my kids were
small, Jon used to play with them.

Now they hardly know him, he works
all the time. And they cling to me.

Know how long time the average man
spends with his kids? 15 minutes!

-We also need a life!
-At least we have to call home.

We don't have a telephone.

-One for all, and all for one.
-Surely he has one at work?

We'll send a postcard!

Do we have any money?

Let's see how much we've got.



I thought it was Jens.

-That man over there.

Was it him?
Relax, Kaja.

The home front is sitting
watching the world go by.

Hello! I'm front the home front.

Could I buy some tomatoes?
'l save them for the winter.

-How much is the corn?
-One crown for the small ones.

Wake up, ladies.
You can't sleep here in the park.

Especially not on the benches.
You'll have to get a move on.

-Up now, come on!
-Piss off!

That's no way to talk to me.
What's your name?

-Mie Jacobsen.

-Marie Jacobsen!
-Your address?

-Do you have any right to this?
-Yes, we do. So off you go now.

Oh, it's you? Come in, my dear.
What a pleasant surprise.

Jens called. He didn't mention
you were coming.

Take of your coats. Do come in.

You are Mie, right?
How you've grown.

-I'm Kaja's mother. Welcome.
-Can't you see who it is? Heidrun.

Hello. Oh, yes of course.
Just like old times. How nice!

-I'll prepare some lunch for us.
-No, there's really no need.

It's no trouble at all,
Il be right back.

-Please don't make a fuss.
-Butit's a pleasure.

Can you lend me some money?
I left my purse at home.

I don't have so much, but dad's
back tomorrow. You look fired.

-Didn't you sleep last night?
-Yes, I slept well.

-Abit under the weather today?
-I'm all right, mum.

You must exercise, get out a bit.
Are you eating properly?

-Not so loud, Kaja!

-You must eat, girls.
-I'm full, thank you.

In two months now, Kaja will have
her second child. Do you have any?


Life really changes when
awoman has her first child.

I still remember when Kaja was bom.
Have you seen this?

This is Kaja,
and there's her hoy, Peik.

Pretty christening robe.

Heidrun just lost her job.

Has she, poor thing.
What are you, Heidrun?

I'm... at a chocolate factory.

I also worked at a factory, in the
office. Before I met Kaja's father.

We met on a tram.
That's where we spotted each other.

Luckily we were getting off at the
same stop. He wasn't chasing me!

We were going to the same shop.
Just by chance! To the baker's.

Dad was buying his brewer's bread
without raisins.

We started talking, and that was it.

-We have to go now.
-So soon?

-But you haven't eaten anything.
-It was lovely, thank you.

I guess you have things to do.
The money, Kaja...

It doesn't matter.
We can manage somehow.

-Thanks. Do you have anything left?
-Dad will be back tomorrow.

-Here. Take this also.

-Bye, sweetheart.
-Take care, mum.

These long skirts are
actually quite pretty.

Everything comes back.

My mother dressed like that,
when I was little.

-Take uncle Fritz' clock.
-But we're not going straight home!

He wanted you to have it.
The others will be disappointed-

-if you haven't picked it up.
It's worth a small fortune.

Bye then!

-Bye, girls.
-Say hello to dad!

“Why did you say that about my job?
-It just blurted out.

-Leave that clock somewhere.
-It's worth almost one thousand!

-Sorry, full house.

-Now we really want our drinks!
-Our Tiger Milk!

They've been served,
even they came after us.

This looks really good.

-Cheers, girls!

You couldn't tell me
the time, please?

Perhaps we could buy you a drink?


-What are you having, then?
-Tiger Milk.

I mean, your next drink,
what will it he?

Should I try
a Gin and It, perhaps?

I'l have a Prairie Oyster.

I'l have a White Lady.

-She'll rather have a Gin and Pep.

And two whisky on ice.

Cheers then!

So, you're out walking the clock?

Like the man who brought his clock up
in a plane to see time fly?

We didn't introduce ourselves. Per.


Kaja Quist.

You don't prefer a cigarette?

Anyone else want one?

-Having a night on the town?
We thought of going to a club.

They don't come cheap!

They're getting very expensive.
Several hundred each, I think.

-Several hundred?
-That'sa lot.

What are you talking about?
-Night clubs. They're expensive.

-All of them?
-You have to be loaded.

There has to be somewhere...
We wanted to have some fun.

We have a little place just up
the road. Could make our own party.

Have a drink, listen to some music.

You only get the fun
you make yourself.

Yes, let's doit!

Here we are, come onin.
This is where we work.

-I didn't touch it.
-Take it easy, it's broken.

Here's one that's working.

If you go over there...
Give me your purse.

Not you...
If you lie down...

You look in here.
Open this...

Couldn't we photograph you?
-That's silly. We'll do the shooting.

No! We'll take pictures of you.

Now it's your tum!

Do like the models do!


Loosen up a bit.

Keep it!

Then some help from the stylist.

Pull up your trousers, up...

Just be natural!

Give us all you've got!

-We use it for the photo shoots.

Careful, these cost 1250 crowns.

Come on then!
Are you leaving already?

Why do you have
to leave now?

It was disgusting.

-They just wanted one thing.
-And didn't you?

-I'm sure they were married.
-Just like us, then.

-You're so fucking childish.
- We are? And you're not?

-I'm off.
-You're staying here!

-Did you really intend to go?
-There's no point...

-I'm ruining your fun.
-You simply can't enjoy yourself.

-You just wanted a number.
-All we wanted, was a laugh.

-Fuck we can do at home.
-You're only jealous!

-If you're married, that's it.
-So then it's all over?

It's my choice. I'm only
as liberated as I choose tobe.

-So if you're married, it's all over?
-Don't forget you have a child.

So only / have a child?
What about Jon?

-You're the mother.
-So I can just sit there!

-Always thinking about yourself.
-I'm the one living my life!

-You're so fucking egoistic!
-And you're a bloody saint!

-Lawyer bitch!

-Go hack to your mother's!

-Three pints, please.
-I believe you've had enough.

-e've only just started!
-Then I'l have to ask you to leave.

What a prick!

The waiter actually seemed
a hit scared.

-Not so surprising.
We shouldn't have left.

-Bloody hell, that doll...
-What did you say?

That doll...

It reminded me of something.

Profit ...

-This girl l used to know.
-Think about the people making them!

What about them?
-They're cashing in.

"I'm 12 and I fuck around,"
it says here. 12 years old!

-Who writes these things?
-Must feel an urge to get things out.

In more ways than one.

When I was a girl, I used to wonder
if God could see me in the loo.

When you were sitting on the loo?

There was quite a lot of sitting.

Either someone come
and pick you up, or they don't.

And if they do pick you,
you still get stuck sitting there.

-Where's Heidrun?
-Heidrun, get ready, will you!



Heidrun, hello...

Come on, wake up.

-Did you feel sick?
-No, no.

Shall we try to pick up
one of those biker boys?

Great bike you have.
Really nice.

So you just drive around on these?
Are you Hells Angels or something?

And do you take any babes
with you? Biker babes?

Oh, you do! I guess there's no point
in asking for a rice then.

-Excuse me. Do you have the time?
-It's 10.25.

-Nice jacket.
-Qut for a walk?

-Just a little stroll.
-You look good.


-You're not bad yourself.

You... wouldn't like to go have
a beer or something?

With three girls? I don't think so.

“Wouldn't that been nice?
-Wiith one of you, yes! See you.


-You look really cool.
Wanna come for heer with us?

-Hi! Haven't I seen you somewhere?
No, I...

-Wanna have dinner with us?
-Go out for a drink...?

-I'm on my way back to Stockholm.
-Not right this minute?

“Well, [have some time, but...
-You have such beautiful brown eyes.

-You're quite sexy.
-You think so?

Couldn't you come with us?
-I have quite a few things to do...

At least you have a lovely smile!

Nice shirt.

-Ogling the ladies?
-She's great. I just saw the movie.

-You're not bad yourself.
-Nice beard, too.

-It's pure cotton.
-What, the beard?

No, the shirt.

That's Jens' car!

No, it wasn't him.

-Come on, relax a hit.
- Itjust looked like it.

Come, let's go.

Honestly - what a pain
it must be to be a man.

I'm glad it's not me!

Oh, finally...


-Don't throw our money about!
-The little we have left!

Heidrun, don't do it!

Cut it out!

Stop, stop, or I'l jump!

-It's dangerous!
-Come down from there!

-Come down!
-You can't just think about yourself!

“What about your family!
-And your child!

-I don't have any children.
-But you said that...

I made it up.
I didn't want to be different.

-So aren't your married then?
-Sure I am.

-Think about your job!
-My job?

Inthe last few years I've had
atleast five different jobs.

-I know a place where we can go.
-Not home?

No, not home.

What is this place?



Just go in, make yourself at home.


Here, I found some beers.

So, I have a lover.
Isn't that what they call it?

-Its his place.
-Where's he now?

He's away a lot.
He works on an ail rig.

He's a deep sea welder. Diver.

He's got a great body.

You know, I was just so happy
when I methim...

You don't seem very happy now?

I have to make a choice. Not so easy
when you have kids.

You just sit there, inside all day.
Have never been on a holiday.

It's not exactly a holiday for me
when we go to the country.

I had my first kid when I was 19.
I just couldn't cope.

I never really have.

You have to take care of them.
And when you can't get day care...

And have no one to help you, then...

I love both Fredrik and Jon.

But with Jon everything
becomes a routine.

Which destroys the intimate bit also.

But I do admire him.

With Fredrik it's almost too intense,
which also makes me worry.

We haven't even
had breakfast together.

I'm also entitled to have some fun.

Please don't mention the kids,
then I go crazy.

Why do things never tum out
the way we dream?

Perhaps it has to do with the money?


-You despise us for staying at home.
-No! I just mean that...

You have to decide
over your own life.

Easy for you to say. I mean, you have
your own money and no kids.

Atleast you have experience.
I have only been with Jens.

Jens is the only man
I've ever been with.

My husband, he beats me.

-And what do you do?
-I just pinch him back.

Here's the bedroom.

Finally a bed!

-Oh, my back...
-Shall I give you some massage?

That would be great.

At my work place being pregnant
can get you fired.

Agirl got pregnant just after
she started. They sacked her.

We have 3 months trial period.

During the first month they can
fire you without notice.

They used that against her,
to avoid paying maternity benefit.

She was Spanish, so she
was afraid to make a fuss about it.

-We tried to help her, but...
-But is that right?

“What do you mean, right?
-Isit legal?

No, it was the factory's decision.

I'm so looking forward tot.
You don't know how wonderful it is.

Especially at first.
When they totally depend on you.

-Is that so good?
-I wish they didn't have to grow up.

-Do you depend on Jens?
-Of course. I'm very fond of him.

But how is it between you?

Well, I don't know.
Before of course it was...

But now... Every time there's like
a problem, he just goes quiet.

Then he starts working. Of course,
he has a very important position.

That's what men are trained for.
Working and keeping quiet.

“Why don't you have children?
-I haven't wanted to.

-Not yet, anyway.
What does your husband say?

Things are fine. But right now
we're not together.

-Are you getting separated?
-No, no. We're just taking a break.

-Are you sorry?

Breakfast is ready!

Can you send me the salt?

-So where's your diver friend?
-He's away.

-Wouldn't mind to learn welding.
-Sign up for a course, then!

This girl I know took a course,
but she wasn't hired.

They didn't have
changing rooms for women.

-So did you talk about me last night?

-Yes. You snore.
-I snore?

At least you did last night.

-You're conspiring against me.
-So what's our next step?

“We must travel.

-Get on a train.
-No, we should go by boat.

-I have to get home.
-All right. We'll go without you.

-But do we have any money?
-I have money.

I'l stop by my job
and pick up the money.

Well, there you are.
Good moming.

-Please, take a seat.
-I prefer to stand.

This is the fourth time you use
menstrual pain as an excuse-

for several days sick leave.
This is, however, incorrect.

-I'm sorry?
~The dates don't comespond.

-So you've heen checking up...
-Your workmates have complained.

It affects the whole production line.
You're negligent.

Stability is clearly not your strong
point. We've had enough of this.

First it was this business
with Mrs Hemandez, and then...

And then, however... You
had noright to fire her!

-No legal right!

I'm not making the regulations
the factory is run by.

-You got the union involved.
-It's just as rotten as all the rest.

-It was because she was Spanish!
-You took part in the protest rally.

-To ask for better ventilation!
-That's not the issue here.

We're tired of troublemakers,
left-wingers and extremist nonsense!

It must be convenient then,
that I menstruate...

-Have you picked up your wages?

Ask them to give you your salary
for the rest of this week.

-Are you firing me?
-Yes. You can go empty your locker.

Do it yourself! Don't give me orders!
Bloody sergeant-general!

-Dear, oh dear.
-I want two week's resignation!

No, I'm leaving right now.
Fucking confectionery-asshole!

You couldn't spare some money?

-We don't have any money...
-Just a little bit.

Take this, it's worth
almost one thousand.

I can't give you the clock,
I'm afraid. I inherited it!

-Are you married?

My daughter is married.
A great husband, several kids.

Summer house and a hig, fancy car.
Ablue Volvo. I've been there often.

-I have to take it back.
-They would just think we stole it.

-So you're out having fun?
-Yeah, just enjoying ourselves.

We've been partying for two days.

Luxury tarts! "Enjoying yourselves"!
The pair of you! Brandy bitches!

See that wound? From hard drinking.
I'm sure you go partying-

-and then creep back to your
bloody husbands for comfort.

I bet you get a hundred-bill
every time you fart!

-Don't be cross.
-I'm not.

It wasn't our fault.

But do you know what you're doing?

I got fired. They had been
waiting for the right occasion.

We'll wait here.
-Remember to bring some clothes.

Where have you heen?
What's happened?

Qut partying. Now we're
going on a trip.

I see.

The kids are out playing.
Mum couldn't come, she's ll.

-Is that a new top?

Did you hear about the girl who put
shaving cream in the diaphragm?

She got pregnant!


-Solveig Engerud!
-Have you still not forgotten that?

Apparently not.

Since when are you
interested in ice hockey?

-Last summer!
-So then we have full equality!

I can't look after the kids
all the time. I must earn money!

If you can make
54000 a year, then fine!

First I get one flat,
but it's not good enough.

-Thenit's the next one.
We don't get day care!

-I can lose my job!
-But I never see you any more!

I had to put a hand over my nose
when I called work.

Had I told them I would be away for
an indefinite period, I could have...

There's so much to do!

-You preferred the blue collar...
-But my salary! And the mortgage.

The mortgage on our flat!

-I need you.
I need you too.

Was it so fun, that job?

Your job, was it such great fun?

No, that's not really
what it's about.

Just a minute, ma'am.

I love you.

I love you too.

-Where are you going?
-I have to get to work.

Hi! Come on, let's go.

Did you bring any clothes?

-You stayed in there so long.
-I know.

We'll be ready for departure
in 10 minutes...

Inthe brochure it was all sunny.

Can Mrs. Kaja Quist please come
to the information desk...

I'm Kaja Quist.
They called my name...

~The captain wants to see you.
-Do you know what it's about?

If you go two flights up and then
right, you'll find his office.

-Hello, come in.
-I'm Kaja Quist.

Your husband has...

Wouldn't you like to
call your husband?

-I don't think that's necessary.
“What shall I tell the police?

Tell them I'm safe and sound
and that I'l be home soon.

Then I guess everything is in order.



We looked all over for you!
-We were so frightened!

What did you get me into? 've never
had to deal with the police before!

Jens reported me missing
and called the police!

-No. What will people think?

I haven't left Peik
a single day before.

-Perhaps it was about time!
-He must be so scared!

-What do you want to go up for?
-To meet some people!

Go on, I can just sit here
with my big belly.

It's all right for you, you with your
lover. And you have a ‘hreak.

-You've taken off the ring!
-"I have only been with Jens."

I got sacked, and you've spent
my money on rubbish!

“What do you want this for?
-It was cheap.

-And this?
-It's Jon's!

-It's for Jens!
-For Jens!

-Go on, eat.

Don't doit!
We'll pay you back!

-We must be careful with the money.
-I'm not going home.

-We'll pay you back!
“Where will you take the money from?

-Do you have any money?
-I have shitloads.

We can afford what we want.
-Are they yours?

-They belong to both of us!
-Do you have it on paper?

We share everything. The main thing
is to love each other.

You are not a real woman...

I've stopped accepting everything.

-You get everything you need.
-But I have to say thank you.

Who's fault is that?
Is uncle Fritz to blame?

I'm not even using me own name.

-You also got something.
-I got sacked.

Soisit Jon's fault
that we're hard up?

Should I suffer only to
provide for my children?

Because kids and women are exploited.
They use them against us.

I'm not exploited.

Of course we are exploited.

-But isn't this fun?
-Yes, really fun.

-Let's open Jens' bottle.
-Well celebrate.

-Cheer up, Heidrun!

I want you to have this.
You can sell it.

See you then!

-Look after yourself.
-Take care then.

Take it to the pawnbroker!


Heidrun! How did you get here?

By plane!

-And why did you come hack?
“We must meet. We can't stop now!



Subtitles: Martin Bjorlo
Scandinavian Text Service, 2009