Hustlers (2019) - full transcript

Inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.

by Janet Jackson playing]

♪ This is a story
About control ♪

♪ My control ♪

♪ Control of what I say
Control of what I do ♪

♪ And this time
I'm gonna do it my way ♪

Hey, do you have a safety pin?

- No. Sorry, I...
- Where's Mom?


[Mom] Right here, hon.

- Look, it broke.
- [Mom] What size you need?

- I want gold.
- All right. Come here.

[song rhythm begins]

[man on PA] All right, we got a bit of
entertainment for you folks tonight.

I'm about to introduce you to
the dream team!

[club patrons cheering]

We got a parade of beauties
comin' at you, folks.

Right now.

♪ When I was 17
I did what people told me ♪

[man on PA] Here at Moves, we're gonna
give you the opportunity to have fun

with any one
of our lovely ladies.

♪ Did what my father said
And let my mother mold me ♪

We got a couple ATMs
in the building

and we're now accepting
all major credit cards.

See our bartender,
he'll get you all signed up.

♪ To get what I want ♪

[man on PA] Come on, boys,
where's that energy?

Put a little pep in your step.

Make some noise
for the new girl.


New York, we got
a lot of beautiful girls.

Oh, we're about to get
this party cranked up a notch.

We got Justice getting ready
to join us on the main stage.

It's round one
of our three-song special.

Everybody, make some noise.

Justice is served.

[hip-hop music playing]


[male customer] Lucy Liu!

Hey, Lucy Liu!

Hey, Lucy Liu, come here.

This is my boy, Danny.

- You mind taking him for a good time?
- What? No.

- [Danny's friend 3] Don't be a pussy.
- No, I'm fine.

- [Danny's friend 3] Let's go.
- Go on, Danny.

- [Danny's friend 3] Danny, go. Come on.
- Come on.

- [Danny's friends] Danny! Danny! Danny!
- [man] Get it!

[Danny's friends]
Danny! Danny! Danny!

Who hurt you?

What did Daddy do to you?

Come on, you can tell me.


Uh-oh. Uh-oh.

Who wants to let me
give them a dance?

- You want a dance?
- [customer] No, thank you.

Hello. How you doing?


Back off, bitch.

So, minus 40% is $287.

Minus $160.

You said it was $130.

Well, you got here after five,
didn't you?

Bye, new girl.

Is he bothering you?

Listen, he bothers you,
you got my number, right?

You need anything,
you call me.

Someone to talk to.
Coke. Anything.

You wanna keep working
that VIP. All right?

All right.

[stripper 1]
I love the recently-divorced.

[women laughing]

I made everything I need to.

[stripper 2] Oh, my God.
That couple that I was dancing for,

they were generous,
but his breath was, like, hot.

[man] Hey there, sexy,
how you doing?

[man 1 on radio] Figure she loses a
husband, she's gotta get surgery...

[man 2 on radio] She got hit by a stick.
Does that count as surgery?

[man 1 on radio] She looks like
she was sucking on a lemon.

[alarm beeping]

[hair dryer blowing]

All right, Grandma.
I gotta go.

Did you get something to eat?

I'm gonna eat
at the diner, okay?

What happened
to your necklace?

It's fine, Dorothy.

- Here.
- No, you keep it.

What do I need it for?
Come on.

You take
such good care of me.

I'll see you later, okay?

[hip-hop music playing]

[man on PA] And now, let's
welcome to the main stage,

the one, the only... Ramona.

by Fiona Apple playing]

- [cheering]
- [man] Ramona, I love you!

[wolf whistle]

♪ I've been a bad, bad girl ♪

♪ I've been careless
With a delicate man ♪

♪ And it's a sad, sad world ♪

♪ When a girl will break a boy
Just because she can ♪

♪ Don't you tell me
To deny it ♪

♪ I've done wrong and
I wanna suffer for my sins ♪

♪ I've come to you 'Cause I
Need guidance to be true ♪

♪ And I just don't know
Where I can begin ♪

♪ Ooh, what I need
Is a good defense ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm feeling like
A criminal ♪

♪ And I need to be redeemed ♪

♪ To the one
I've sinned against ♪

♪ Because he's all
I ever knew of love ♪

♪ Oh, oh-oh-oh ♪


Doesn't money make you horny?

Hey, can I get a light?


Where's your coat?

I left it inside.

Yeah? Climb in my fur.

Come on.


- Freeze out here.
- I know.

So, is Justice,
like, really a model?


Yeah, she'd like to think so.

I mean, some of the girls have been
in, like, Playboy, Hustler.

I was a centerfold once.

No way.


- No fucking way.
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, my God.

Back when Stevie Wonder
came in.

What the fuck did Stevie
Wonder come to the club for?


Casey had him
in the Champagne Room.

Swears to God he isn't blind.


How come you're so good?

I see you with
every single kinda guy, and...

I don't know, it's like you
have 'em all figured out.

I guess
I'm just a people person.

You know? It's easier if you think of them
as, like, your rich friends, you know?

Some of them are not so bad.

Where else you dance?

I was at Sin City...

- for way too long.
- Mmm.

Then I heard some boiler room guys saying
how all the money was in the city, so...

So, you followed
the green brick road?

- Yup.
- So far so good?

I mean, it's okay.

Get out.

I mean,
you must be cleaning up.

You're new.

You're fucking gorgeous.

You're Asian.

It's like a triple threat.

But I'm not that good.

I mean, if I...

Maybe if you, like, I don't
know, showed me moves.

Maybe we could work together.

You know?

I could give you
a crash course in this place.

Introduce you
to some of my regulars.

It's just mostly Wall Street guys
looking to spend money on pretty girls.

What do you think of that?

- Yeah, that would be cool.
- Mm-hmm.

[woman] So, it was Ramona's
idea that you two work together?

Yes, that's right.

And at this point,
everything was aboveboard.

I mean,
I thought she was nice.

And when would you say that
things got out of control?

Ramona was always in control.

[Ramona] Front hook.

Ankle hook. Yup.

Knee hook.

Hold on with that knee.

[Destiny] Okay.

From here,
you could do the carousel.

Put your head back.

Come down.

You can do Peter Pan.

Knee hook.

Just spin.

Jesus Christ. [laughs]

Then you can go
into a fairy sit.



- [Destiny] That's pretty.
- Reverse stag.

That's pretty too.

Scissor sit.

Table top.

I can't do that.

You can do that.
You're gonna do that.

- [blows raspberry]
- A climb.

What if you don't have muscles
to do that?

- You have muscles to do this.
- I don't have any.

Every girl
has muscles to do this.

You could do this one,
this is a martini.

Fireman down.


- That's... pretty good.
- Ready?

Push it, baby.

You go.

- There you go. Just point your toes.
- Okay.

There you go.
Hold yourself up.

I'm trying.

Try laying flat across.
Do a tabletop.

They all love seeing that.
Makes you look strong.


- There you go. Yes. Okay.
- Yeah?

- This does hurt my vagina.
- Can you grab your foot?

There you go.

- This doesn't look sexy.
- You know what?

- Thumb up your butt, almost.
- Thumb up my butt?

- You know how to do that.
- How do I...

- Put your head back.
- I'm gonna fall.

You're not gonna fall.
Straighten your legs out.

- Both of them?
- Point your toes.

Yes! Yeah, point your toe.

[screams playfully]
Oh, my God.

We gotta get you outta those
training pumps into a good shoe.

I know.
It's hard for me to balance.

No. It's easier in these.

Hey, you know Diamond
from the Bronx, right?

What's up, baby-boogie-down-

[Ramona laughs]

Come on, she's gonna help you.

- You're gonna help me?
- You're gonna help us out right now.

- Get in the chair.
- Okay.

Get in the chair.

You're gonna help her learn
how to do a real dance.

- Oh, my gosh.
- Okay. I'm good with that.

- Okay.
- Come on. Show me what the fuck you got.


[Ramona] There, that's good.

I really just go like that.

- [Ramona] No, wait. Wait.
- Oh, my God. What are you doing?

- [Destiny] I'm trying to grind his dick.
- Arch your back more.

Oh, my. Move your hair,
look at me or something.

- Push your butt out.
- No. I know I'm hopeless.

No, look, that's it.

You don't have to be
the best dancer.

You just have to make their eyes
move just one inch. Come here.

- What do you mean?
- Let me tell you something.

- [Ramona] Show her.
- [Destiny] Okay.

Watch and learn.

- You fucking sit there.
- Sit, ma. Come on.

You drain the clock and not
the motherfucking cock,

you know what I'm saying?

And you just go slow.
Right there.

- Slow.
- And you look at them.

- Super slow.
- [Diamond] Uh-huh.

- Slower.
- A little slower.

- Slower.
- Sexier.

- Yes.
- And look back at it.

Oh, yeah. They love that.
The slower the better.

Like a motherfucking sloth.

- That's $20 right there.
- Slow.

Remember, drain the clock,
not the cock.

- Drain the clock, not the cock.
- [Ramona] That's it.

Come on, now you look
like you're taking a shit.

[all laughing]

You can't deny she got it.
We gonna make some money tonight.

- Come on, let's go.
- Let's go.

I said: "Are we gonna make
some fucking money tonight?"

[strippers] Yeah!

Tracey, have you met Destiny?

No. Hey.
You're from Queens, right?

Yeah, Kew Gardens.

- Okay, I'm from Briarwood.
- Cool. Yeah.


- [Star singing operatically]
- And this is Star.


And you've gotta meet Liz.

Liz. Liz!

She playin' a song
for Jackie's new titties.

- They're double-Ds!
- Jackie got new titties?

Yeah! New titties!

- It's this new gummy-bear technology.
- Yes! Who did these?

- Dr. Bobby.
- These are good.

Isn't he amazing?

Thank God for Dr. Bobby.

And this is Mercedes.
This my baby.

Hi. Nice to meet you.

Hi. Nice to meet you.


Your boyfriend's here.

- What? Girl, again?
- And he's crying.


- Oh, fuck.
- Yeah, hon.

What? Girl, what's going on
with Rodrigo?

Girl, I don't know. He's
just been so jealous lately.

- "Lately"?
- [Tracey] Yeah.

You can't let him drop
you off. You know that.

I know.
But, like, you know how it is.

- At first, he liked this shit.
- Of course he did.

'Cause you wanna know why?

These motherfuckers think that
it's so fun to date a stripper

'cause it's like, "We move, and we fuck.
And we fuck the best. It's the shit."

And then, when they realize
that we work six nights a week,

last shit we wanna see
is their damn dicks.


I just wanna chill on my couch
in some feetie pajamas

with my nigga, ice cream, no makeup,
and for damn sure not with these on.

Wait. I just make my boyfriend
masturbate beside me.

- [Ramona] What?
- Is that weird?

Shit. I haven't had sex
in two years.

- Oh, baby.
- [Diamond] Two years?

Well, I have a boyfriend.

[Ramona] Since when?

Since now.

[all laughing]

He don't bother me.
He don't get jealous.

The only time he complain is when I
don't change the batteries, bitch.


Too bad he ain't got no money.

Well, bitch, I can't
have everything, can I?


[Mom] Hey, ladies,
who wants cake?

[all] Aww.

Ma, what are you doing to us?

You can't keep doing
this to us.

It's a little motivation
for my babies.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Trying to make some extra tips.

- I wanna have a tiny, tiny little sliver.
- Teeny, teeny.

But only 'cause I know
you made it with love.

Go crazy. Get a big piece.

Everybody have a piece
of the fucking cake.

- [Tracey] Let me get my Tupperware.
- I don't want that cake.

[Ramona] Eat it.

Hey. You an investor
in this place?

[Destiny] No.

Then quit putting money
back into it.

Let the guys get fucked up.

First get 'em a single,
then a double, then a triple,

then go back to a double,
and then a single.

You want 'em drunk enough
to get their credit card,

but sober enough
to sign the check.

Lenny, give us a beat.

You got it, gorgeous.

["I Get Money"
by 50 Cent playing]

♪ I get money, money I got ♪

♪ I, I get it ♪

♪ I get money, money I got ♪

- ♪ Yeah ♪
- ♪ Money I got, money I got ♪

♪ I run New York ♪

♪ I get money, money I got ♪

♪ I, I get it ♪

According to Ramona,

there were three tiers
of Wall Street guys.

The guys at the bottom, they don't
do anything dirty to make money.

So, most of them
don't have any.

But if they do, you can
milk 'em for every penny.

[song continues]

♪ I, I get it ♪

[Ramona] You know,
maybe they're in a loveless marriage.

Or maybe they're single
and feeling dejected.

Either way, you can string 'em
along without getting physical.

Chuck here pays for my
apartment on the Upper East Side

and I've never even sniffed
his dick.

[hip-hop music playing]

The guys in the middle,
they'll get their hands a little dirty.

But they have their limits.

Don't tase me, bro.

They dabble in greed.
But they never cross a certain line.

Or maybe
they're not as good at it.

That's why they all share
a two-bedroom in Cobble Hill.

[Destiny chuckles]

But then there's
the motherfuckers on top.

[man] You're a dickwad,
fucking pussy.

investment bankers,

corporate raiders,
hedge funders, ax murderers.

Found footage.
You like it? Take a look.

Look familiar?
Too close to home, mama?

[Ramona] Coming straight from
the crime scene into the club.

But not through the front.
Oh, no.

These guys, they don't wanna
be written about on page six.

They come through the back.

They take the private elevator
to the one room without cameras.

How you feeling today?

- Oh. Feel a lot better now.
- [Ramona chuckles]

- [Ramona] Make some money?
- Oh, yeah.

And they don't leave till they
spend $10,000, $15,000 in one night.

They can be degrading,
possessive, aggressive, violent.

And they never get
in any trouble.

Because everyone's willing
to cover their tracks.

'Cause deep down
they all want what they got.

They all wanna be on top...
where there are no consequences.

["Mist of a Dream"
by Pauline Shivers playing]

♪ I saw you ♪

You're just another deal to them.
And that's all they are to you.

♪ In a mist of a dream ♪

♪ I wonder why, oh, why ♪

It's business.

And it's a more honest transaction
than anything else they did that day.

♪ You were not there ♪

♪ You looked so good to me ♪

♪ That I stopped
And I stared ♪

♪ This could happen to you ♪

♪ In a mist of a dream ♪

All you have to do is figure
out who you're dealing with.

And then play them
at their level.

[women chattering]

I'm gonna do that.

Let me help you.

I got it.

Hold on. Wait. You gotta
spread it out a little bit.

I did.

I gotta get a bigger boot.

Oh, my God. Wait.

- 'Kay, hold on.
- Wait, yeah, you got it.

[Ramona] I got it!

[Destiny] She wasn't in it
to make friends.

- Yay!
- [Destiny] It just happened.

- [Destiny] This is fucking hot.
- [Ramona] It's perfect.

- 'Cause it's classy. And I just wanna...
- No. I love it. It's perfect.

But do you think it's too big?

Are you kidding me?
A bag can never be too big.

Come on, let's ring you up.

[Ramona] What are you looking at?
Ring it up.

Thank you.

There you go, baby.

[Ramona] Okay.

Ta-da! I'm designing
my own swim-line.

- You made these?
- Uh-huh.

I like to use
a lot of mixed media.

So I, like,
find leather pieces,

and then I get little chains
and make belts out of them.

And this right here,
these are epaulets.

That's French for
"little shoulders."

You know, a lot of people are
afraid to wear denim in the ocean,

but I swear that these get more
comfortable when they're wet.

Specifically salt water.

Here. Try these on.

It's gonna take some time for me
to save up the money for my label,

but I do have a client
who's a graphic designer,

and he mocked-up
this logo for me.


It's catchy, right?

Did you go to school for this?

Yep. Thirteen credits
away from graduating.

Oh, my God.
Those look amazing on you.

- Yeah.
- So hot.

[door opens]

Bear Cub, is that you?

[girl] Mom?

- Oh, yes.
- [Destiny chuckles]

Hi, my gorgeous girl.

Hi. How's my little genius?

How's that big,
beautiful brain of yours?

Juliet, this is Mommy's
friend, Dorothy. Say hi.


- Oh, yeah. She's always so shy...
- Hi.

...unless it's a cute boy.

I'll take it from here,

Ay, gracias, señora.

Goodbye, Juju.
Te quiero mucho.

[Ramona] What do you want
for dinner, baby?

I don't wanna be dependent
on anybody.

Like, ever.

You know?

I just wanna be able to take care of
my grandma for the rest of her life.

Maybe go shopping
every once in a while.

Yeah. That's how I feel.

I just want my daughter to be able
to do whatever she wants, you know?

Go to whatever school
she wants, or not.

If that's what she wants.

I swear,
I'd do anything for this kid.

Motherhood is
a mental illness.

Well, that would explain
my mother.



[woman] Is that how
you would describe her?

My mother?

I mean Ramona.

How much of this
is going into the article?

- Oh, I...
- It's just, I really hope

it's not some story about all
strippers being thieves or whatever.

- Not at all.
- 'Cause they're not.

And it's things like this
that add to a stigma,

and I don't wanna
perpetuate anything.

- Of course.
- You gotta understand.

I was making
an honest living then.

Everything was good.

Everybody was happy.
Everybody was making money.

- Beautiful couch.
- I know.

- That's your window.
- [Destiny] I got my own place in the city.

That's your floor. Your living room.
That's your floor.

Yes. And, of course...

my vagina.


I helped my grandma
get out of debt.

And Ramona inspired me
to go back to school.

[man] Wow!

I'm sorry. It's just your
penmanship is really remarkable.

I'm Stephen.

You know, I just got
a vest just like that.

- Do you?
- Yeah. I think it's really chic.

I'm really blown away
by your penmanship.

You could be a font.


Did you know
that they do that?

- No.
- They do.

They take your handwriting
and they make it into a font.

And then put it into your computer so
you can type with your own handwriting.

But I don't have a computer.

- Oh! Right.
- I know.

I mean, I guess that's why my
handwriting's so good, right?


Right. Right. Yes. [laughing]

2007 was the fucking best.

Sup, bro? You good?

Yo. Come here.


[man] What's going on?
What's your name?

I'm Destiny.

- Destiny, I'm Johnny. Sup?
- Nice to meet you.

It's nice to meet you.

Fucking unbelievable.

- Where'd that necklace come from?
- Do you fucking hear yourself?

Hey! Come here.

Welcome to my family.

I'm Kim Kardashian.

The princess
is in the building!

[Destiny] I made more money that
year than a goddamn brain surgeon.

And, sure, some days sucked.
Like any other job.

But other days...

What do you think?

If I could fuck a car...

- I'd fuck this car.
- This is fucking it.

This is fucking it.

- Stick with me, baby.
- Yeah, let's do it.

- ["Gimme More" by Britney Spears playing]
- What? Yes!

Oh, shit.

That's my motherfucking song
right there.

- [Ramona laughs]
- [Destiny] Girl.

Get your singles ready.

We got a pocket full of ones.

♪ Every time
They turn the lights down ♪

♪ Just want to go
That extra mile For you ♪

♪ Your public display
Of affection ♪

♪ Feels like no one else
In the room ♪

♪ We can get down ♪

I just wanna make my money
and get outta here, you know?

I have bills. I wanna go
on vacation next month.

These guys
don't mean shit to me.

I'm telling you right now,

If I don't make
no motherfucking money today,

I'm gonna make your life a
fucking living hell, you hear me?

- ♪ Gimme, gimme ♪
- ♪ More ♪

- ♪ Gimme, gimme ♪
- ♪ More ♪

I have to go look
in the mirror.

Catches in the light...
I mean...

I'm gonna get you some food
when I get off.

I'm gonna rub your back,
give you some pussy, go to bed.

All right? I'll see you.

Everybody has a job in here.

The bouncers, the house mom,
everybody but you.

All you do is get your fucking dick sucked
by the new bitches, rude fucking idiots!

Get the fucking stage fixed!

- ♪ Gimme, gimme ♪
- ♪ More ♪

- ♪ Gimme, gimme ♪
- ♪ More ♪

♪ Gimme more ♪

♪ Oh, more ♪

[Destiny] The last great night
I remember...

[song ends]

Bitch! Bitch!
Motherfucking Usher is here.


Usher, bitch!

- [all screaming]
- Go, bitch!

["Love in This Club"
by Usher playing]

♪ Yeah, man ♪

♪ You say you're searching For somebody
that'll take you Out and do you right ♪

♪ Well, come here, baby And let
daddy show you What it feel like ♪

The DJ put Usher's music on.

♪ You know all you Got to do is
tell me What you sipping on ♪

♪ And I promise that I'm gonna
keep it Coming all night long ♪

[Destiny] And all the girls got
up on stage to dance for him.

♪ Looking in your eyes
While you on the other side ♪

♪ And I think miss shorty
I got a thing for you, yeah ♪

♪ Doin' it on purpose
Windin' and workin' it ♪

♪ I can tell by the way
You lookin' at me, girl ♪

♪ I wanna make love
In this club, in this club ♪

- ♪ Yeah ♪
- ♪ In this club ♪

♪ I wanna make love
In this club ♪

- ♪ Make love ♪
- ♪ In this club ♪

- ♪ In this club ♪
- ♪ In this club ♪

What's your name?

Usher, baby.


[song continues]

[Destiny] And for one last moment...
everything was so glamorous and cool.

[song ends]

We begin our coverage tonight
of what's been called

"the worst financial crisis
in modern times."

Certainly, the largest financial
disaster in decades in this country,

and, perhaps,
the end of an era in American business.

Some of the biggest names in
American business are, tonight, gone,

along with a lot of money
and a lot of jobs.

[Destiny] The crash put
everybody out of business.

But I had other things
on my mind.

How am I gonna make money?

[Brian Williams on TV] ...lost
504 points on the day's trading.

I'll take care of you.

Des, look at me. Look at me.

I promise.

I'll take care of you.

If he's a boy,
we'll name him Johnny.

I hope it's a boy.

[Destiny] After I stopped
working, I lost touch with Ramona.

That's just what happens
when you have a kid.

- Get out!
- Stick to it this time then.

- Stick to it this time.
- I will! Get the fuck away from me.

- Go. Leave. We don't need you.
- [baby crying]

- Remember you said this.
- Get the fuck out.

It's what you wanted.
This is what you wanted.

I don't give a shit!

This is the last fucking time
I'm doing this.

[baby wailing]

Hi, baby. It's okay. Shh.

[crying continues]


[phone ringing]


Hey, Stephen. It's Destiny.

D... Destiny. Wh... Uh...

- Wow.
- Yeah.

Time flies, right?

Uh... [clears throat]
Where are you?

Well, you know,
I just got back to the city.

Um, I moved to Arizona
a few years ago.

- But I've missed the seasons.
- I'm just gonna take this downstairs.

And I really missed you.

[baby babbling]

Are you still there?

Yes, uh, I'm still here.

Um, I'm ju... [sighs]

Do you, uh...

Do you need to get that?


Do you need to help the baby?

No, that's my friend's baby.
I'm just watching it.

Listen, I really didn't mean
to bother you.

I mean, if you're not happy
to hear from me,

- I can call somebody else.
- No, no. I'm happy.

I just wish that you
had called sooner.

Fatima came back.


My fiancée.

I mean... [stammers] my wife.

My fiancée became my wife.

Right. Yeah.
I know, that's how it happens.

- Okay. Bye, Stephen.
- If you...

So, your last job was in 2008?

Yes. But it's not like I was...

I mean, I had a baby.

So, I was busy doing that.

A year of waitressing.

Did you graduate high school?

Oh, I see here
you got your GED.

Five years
at Sin City Cabaret.

- What did you do there, exactly?
- Bartending, mostly.

And what about at Moves?

Bartending, mostly.

So you really don't have
any retail experience.

No, not yet.

But that's why I'd really like
to get retail experience

because then I would have it.

We're really looking for
someone with retail experience.


Well, how am I supposed to get retail
experience without retail experience?

I mean, I sold beer.
What's the difference?

[TV playing]

[baby crying]

Baby, come here.

Did Nana fall asleep?

There we go.

Are you okay?

[breathes shakily]


You're in my seat.

I'm so sorry.

[both speaking Russian]

You're so pretty.

[strippers speaking Russian]

[Mom] Another Red Bull?


Hey! Welcome back, sweetie.

- They have you up front now?
- Yup.

What the hell happened
to this place?

2008 happened.

The guys
don't wanna spend money.

The girls
don't wanna share tips.

Management has taken the cameras
out of the Champagne Room.

And I'm up front
in customer service.

Yes, I see you. Hello.

Another Red Bull?

Who are these girls?

Russians, mostly.

They look like models.

They're giving blow jobs
for $300 a pop.

[club music thumping]

Yeah? What else you got?

Come on. Don't be a tease.
Are you a tease?

Feel how hard you make me.

We're not supposed to do that.

Oh, come on. Just stroke it.

I'll give you $100.

A hundred. One hundred.



Three hundred.

Pretty please.

Just for a minute. Come on.

Hey. We'll make
each other feel good.



All right.

When I got off the floor,
I saw that he gave me three 20s.

You don't have to believe me.

I'm used to people
not believing me.

I just wanted to tell you so that you
know where my head was at when I saw her.

[Ramona laughs]


[Destiny sniffs]

- [laughs] Oh, my God.
- There's no way.

Oh, my God,
she's fucking gorgeous.

Of course.

How old is she now?

Two and a half.

There's nothing like it,
is there?


Juliet still lets me sleep
in her bed.

But I just know she's gonna
throw me out any day now.

I missed you, you know that?

I missed you, too.

Where'd you go, baby?


What happened with Johnny?

Why didn't you call me?

You know that you and Lily can
always stay with me and Juju.

You know that.
No, don't do that. Come on.

No. Don't do that thing.

Don't do that.

It's me.


You remember
what we were like back then?

- Remember?
- [both chuckle]

We were like
fucking hurricanes.

- [Destiny chuckles]
- Weren't we?


I just need to make money
right now, though, you know?

I just wanna, like, be independent.
Not need anybody.

Just me and Lily. That's it.

[Destiny] She told me
what happened after the crash.

With half of Wall Street unemployed,
the club wasn't far behind.

Mercedes got Ramona
a job in fashion.

I can't believe
he got arrested.

What am I supposed to do now?
I can't afford no lawyer.

I can barely afford
his half of the rent.

It's almost enough to make me
just call off the wedding.


I mean, come on, Sadie.
And you know I love Dragon.

But do you really wanna marry someone
who's probably going to prison?

I don't know.

Three to five
is a big commitment.

- Hey, Mark.
- Hey, what's up?

I was hoping you wouldn't mind
if I ducked out early on Fridays

to pick up my kid from school.

She has half days
for the rest of the year.

Rest of the year? No.

No, no. No, the rest
of the school year.



Well, what if I got somebody
to cover my shift?

- Mercedes said that she could probably...
- Oh, my God. Come on.

Took me forever to figure out
everyone's stupid schedules.

- I know, Mark. But...
- I mean, really?

Please. I wouldn't ask
if it wasn't for my kid. Okay?

She's going through
this difficult time at school.

She's at that difficult age.

Am I the father?

- What?
- Am I the father?


'Kay. Then why
should I give a shit? Right?

Don't she got a babysitter
or a nanny or something?

I can't afford that.

Well, you know, if you
were putting in more hours

instead of racing outta here
all the time...

Right? More hours, more money.

More money, a babysitter.
Problem solved.

Craig's got two kids.

You don't see him rushing home every
time someone's got a nosebleed.

He's here, he's doing his shifts.
I can't do it.

by Kelly Rowland playing]

♪ Oh lover
Don't you dare slow down ♪

♪ Go longer
You can last more rounds ♪

♪ Push harder ♪

Why don't you take a break?

No offense,
we're just not feeling ya.

♪ So go, lover
Make momma proud ♪

♪ And when we're done ♪

[song ends]

[Annabelle sighs]

[Annabelle sniffles]

What's wrong, baby?

[exhales deeply]

There you go.

Gonna have to dig this thing out
of there later, but... [chuckles]

Where'd you learn that?

Just some old... [chuckles]

What? Don't you have sisters?

[Annabelle sniffles]

No, my brothers
don't talk to me anymore.

I told my mom and dad that I worked here,
and they kicked me out of the house.


Wanna go fishing?

[woman] What's fishing?


Since the crash,
the club needs customers.

All we gotta do
is reel 'em in.

[Ramona] Look,
anyone can own one nice suit.

You wanna look at their shoes,
their watches, briefcases...

their wedding rings.

Always look for
a wedding ring.

[man] Jimmy,
another Glenmorangie.

[Ramona] Once you got 'em on the
hook, that's when we get the net.

Bring out the flavor.

these are my co-workers.

What are we cheersing today?

To life. Cheers. Whoo!

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

[Annabelle, Ramona sigh]

- Ho-ho. What do we got there?
- [Ramona] You want some of that?

[Spencer] A little
Colombian marching powder?

Let me show you how it's done.

- [snorts]
- [Ramona] There you go.

You know what we should do?
We should go to a club.

We should go
to the strip club.

I don't know.
I don't know.

- Come on.
- It's naughty.

Tomorrow we'll be
at our desks at 9 a.m.,

regretting the moment that we could've
gone to a strip club together.

- Let's do it.
- Let's do it.

I'm in.

[all laughing]

[Ramona] Then we
steer him to the club...

- [Ramona] Need a ride, baby?
- Oh, yes, I do.

[all chuckling]

[Annabelle] Get in.

[Ramona] ...where we've negotiated
ourselves a percentage of his spending.

And then we run up his credit
card as far as we can push it.

[elevator bell dings]

Easy breezy.

Another round.

- Yaas.
- Yaas. Yeah!

[Spencer] No problem.

[Annabelle] There we go.

- [Ramona] No problem.
- [Spencer] No problem.

Okay, you got this.

- Hey!
- [Ramona] Yeah, Spencer.

Tell the nice man
where you live.

New York!

Little more specific, baby.

Fifth Avenue.

[Ramona] Close enough.

[Spencer] Hey.

- Bye, Spencer!
- Goodbye!

- Bye!
- Bye!

But like Ramona said,

"Going fishing doesn't mean
you catch a marlin."

And some of the guys
didn't want to party.

Oh, no. No, thank you.

[Ramona] Come on. You don't...

- Are you sure? Come on.
- I'm very sure. Thank you.

You don't wanna see me
after a couple of those.

Oh, boy. [chuckles]

And some of them caught on.

- I can't, but this was fun.
- What? Wait.


What do we do now?

I'm supposed to get Dragon
a new lawyer.

But I can't
fucking afford it now.

I can't move back home.

I guess it's back to the pole.

[Mercedes] Sorry, Annabelle.
We'll get through it.

[Destiny] That's when Ramona
came up with her special recipe.

[Annabelle] Are you serious?

It's barely any different
than what we're doing now.

It's just a shortcut.

A sure thing.

- What if someone gets hurt?
- Nobody's gonna get hurt.

The worst is
they'll have a bad hangover.

- What if somebody calls the cops?
- [Ramona] And says what?

"I spent $5,000
at a strip club. Send help"?

No. They won't even know what happened
until they check their bank account.

I think I'm gonna throw up.

[Ramona] Look, we're not
the only ones doing this.

How do you think the club
stayed in business post-2008?

It's a side hustle.

Everybody's had to
get creative, baby.

[exhales deeply]

I know a girl in Queens
who did it.

Did she get caught?


She sent her two kids
to college.

And now she lives in Miami.
Opened up a nail salon.


What do you think?

What is it?

It's ketamine and MDMA.

The ketamine wipes their memory,
the MDMA makes 'em happy.

How many times
have you done it?

Three times.
Including tonight.

Works every time.

We made five grand tonight,
split three ways.

Could make it four.

Be like old times.

Look, baby, we gotta start thinking
like these Wall Street guys.

You see what they did
to this country?

They stole from everybody.

Hardworking people
lost everything.

And not one of
these douchebags went to jail.

Not one.

Is that fair?

You ever think about
when they come into the club?

That's stolen money.

That's what's paying for
their blow jobs.

The fucking firefighters'
retirement fund.

Fuck these guys.

Look, we can't dance forever.

What are you gonna do?
Go back to minimum wage?

No, baby, this game is rigged.

And it does not reward people
who play by the rules.

You either gotta stand in
the corner or get in the ring.

I don't wanna hurt anybody.

Me either.

All right?

They would do this anyway.

We're just helping them do it.

Nobody gets hurt.

Nobody gets hurt.


are you in?

Well, it's getting late.

Oh, it is? What a shame.

So, you gotta get up
early tomorrow, or...

Let's get another drink. Hmm?

Hey, these are my sisters.

- [Ramona] Hi, sweetie!
- [Mercedes] Hi!

- Hi.
- Hi, baby.

- Hi.
- Ramona.

- I'm Gary.
- Gary, nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.
- Annabelle.

- Hi, Annabelle.
- Isn't he so cute?


- I'm Destiny.
- Hi, Destiny.

Can I have three shots?

You know who he looks like,
don't you?

He looks like Tom Cruise.

- No, no. I'm thinking more smooth.
- Tom Cruise.

- [Destiny] It's the hair.
- Tom Cruise? I don't know about that.

[Mercedes] I know!

- [Annabelle] No.
- [Destiny] It's your smile.

[Mercedes] It is.

- It's really good.
- [Mercedes] A mini Bob Saget.

- Getting more Sonny.
- Yeah!

Sonny Bono?

[Destiny] He's got
the twinkle in his eye.

- [Mercedes] I know!
- Here we go, guys.

This wine yours?

- Yes, that's it. No, this is mine.
- Okay, cool.

- [Gary] All right, thanks.
- [Ramona] Shots, ladies?

- [Annabelle] Okay. Yes.
- Yes.

You guys are sisters?

Yeah. Same dad,
different moms.

To sisters!

To sisters.

To sisters.


[Gary, Ramona laugh]

Just put him here right now.

[Mercedes] He dead?

- Oh, shit. We going to jail. Damn.
- [vomits]

- [Destiny] Oh, my God.
- Help her.

- [Destiny] Oh, my God.
- [Mercedes] Does this always happen?


- [Destiny] Did we give him too much?
- I don't know.

- [Destiny grunts]
- [Ramona] Gary. Gary. Baby.

Gary, wake up. Wake up, Gary.

- Gary.
- [Mercedes] Oh, Gary.

- [Ramona] Open your eyes.
- We love you, Gary.

- [Ramona] Gary! Wake up, Gary.
- Fuck.

Open your eyes, baby.

- Wake up, Gary! Wake up!
- [Ramona] Open your eyes.

[breathes heavily]

There you go.

What was that, Gary?

- Another round, Gary?
- What are we gonna do?

[Ramona] What do you want?
Isn't this fun?

- [Destiny] Uh.
- [Ramona] That's it, baby.

That's it, Gary.

Come on. Yeah, Gary.

That's it, baby. Get it.

- There you go.
- [Annabelle] Come on.

[Ramona] This one right here?
There you go.

- You can do it.
- Come on. Come on.

What do you want, baby?

Which one is it? That one?

You need help?

This one? That pretty
gold one right here?

- That's the one?
- [Gary groans]

Wow. Oh, my...

[club music intensifies]

- [cork pops]
- [all cheering]

[Mercedes] To Gary!

[Ramona] Yes!

The worst are the guys who go to
the bathroom and put on a condom,

and then you know
you got to grind it out.

So disgusting.

We don't have to go back.
Do we?

- Do we have to go back?
- No, baby. Your dancing days are over.

- Yeah?
- [Destiny] You guys,

- I can pay off my grandma's house.
- Yeah!

- I'm getting myself a new engagement ring.
- [Annabelle] That's so sweet.

And Dragon's ass can stay in
jail for a few more weeks.

- Or a month. Or a year.
- [Ramona laughing]

- To Gary.
- To Gary!

- [Ramona] To Gary.
- I love Gary.

- God bless Gary.
- To Gary.

- [Ramona] I love you, Gary!
- To Gary.

- I love you, Gary.
- Mom?

Hi, baby.

Hi, what happened?
Who woke you up?

Who was it?
Some crazy lady woke you up?

What happened?

You guys are my real sisters.

- I love you like you're my sisters.
- Yeah. Sisters.

- [Destiny] I love you.
- [Mercedes] I love you.

Love you.

- You know I love you though.
- Yes.

We are a family now.


A family with money!


What are we gonna do? We're gonna
go shopping tomorrow? Yes, we are!

[all cheering]

Hit the Electric Slide.

[Destiny] Okay. I know it sounds bad
to say that we were drugging people.

But you gotta understand,
in our world, this was normal.

I mean, half these guys are
mainlining coke on their way to work.

But we still wanted to make it
as safe as possible.

So, I suggested
that we tweak the recipe.

So, what do you think?
Sixty MDMA, forty ketamine?

That sounds good.

Do we turn the liquid into a powder?
Or do we turn the powder into a liquid?

It's hot.

- [Ramona] Eh, eh, eh.
- [laughs]


[Ramona grunts]

Let's try it in the oven.

[Ramona] Mm-hmm.


How much?

Just a sprinkle.

You know, I'm still not sure
about strangers.

Well, that's the beauty of it,
baby, they're strangers.

Yeah, but I don't wanna slip it to
anybody who's not already on something.

We gotta know that
these guys like to party.

And that they've got money.

Enough not to care
if some of it's missing.

With strangers,
it's unpredictable.

No guarantees.

[Destiny] So, we called up
some old friends.


David, is that you?

It's Ramona.

- [Destiny giggles] Get some.
- [Mercedes chuckles]

Well, I can send you
a picture to jog your memory.

Okay, I'll send it right now.

Come on.
Come on, give it to me.

No. Turn around.
You know what they want.

- [Mercedes] You're into that good time.
- [Ramona] It's a sure thing.

[Destiny] That's good.
That's a good angle.

- My baby.
- Now we wait.

[Mercedes] You killed it.


- [phone vibrates]
- Uh...

This was too fucking easy.

- Hi, David.
- [Mercedes giggles]

Yeah, I can bring
some of my friends.

[Annabelle laughs]

David, these are my sisters.

["It's Your Voodoo Working"
by Charles Sheffield playing]

[all] Hi.


- David. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

- [Destiny] David.
- David. Nice to meet you.

Mercedes. Like the car.

- [Ramona laughs]
- Mercedes, how are you?

- We should get some drinks.
- [Mercedes] Ooh, yes.

Shots, please.

♪ I just can't sleep
It's your voodoo working ♪

♪ It's your voodoo working ♪

♪ Round and round
Same old thing ♪

♪ Heartache, misery,
Trouble and pain ♪

♪ It's your voodoo working ♪

♪ It's your voodoo working ♪

♪ It's your voodoo working ♪

Come on. You can do it.


[Ramona] You okay?

Don't fall down now.

♪ Slow down, baby
You're going too fast ♪

[all cheering]

- Yes!
- One more time!

[Ramona] Whoop Whoop! Whoop!

- [Destiny laughs]
- Too much, bitch.


Let me see,
let's do number four.

It says, "The brain evaluates
data collected from weather..."


So good to see you.

Dragon's gonna be okay.

[Destiny] Maybe one of 'em would call
and complain, but we could handle it.

What are you talking about?
You had an amazing time.

You were so happy.

You kept tipping everybody,

Ramona could always handle it.

What are you gonna do?
Call the police?

You really gonna tell your wife
and the police what you did?

You think that's worth
whatever amount you're missing?

No, you went out.
You had an epic night.

It costs money.

Why should it cost you
any more than that?

Too cute.

We treated it like a business.

So, we'll have Annabelle meet J.P.
Morgan and Mercedes meet Wells Fargo.

Mercedes met Wells Fargo
last time.

How much did we
charge last time?

$5,000 on his American Express
and $2,000 on his corporate card.

Does he have
any airline miles?

- Let's check.
- Worth a look.

We invested in ourselves.

- Yes.
- [Annabelle] Ooh.

The dolls are here!

Do I look expensive?

You look very expensive.
And baby got back.

That dress is hugging you
in all the right places.

We expanded our clientele.

[Annabelle] What did you say
that you did again?

I am an architect.


- No wonder your hands are so... nice.
- Strong hands.

[Destiny] But the bigger the bank
account, the greater the expectations.

- Let's go fuck in the bathroom.
- [Annabelle chuckles]

Uh, my sisters are gonna
be here in a couple minutes.

Let's just wait
for them, okay?

All right. Tick tock.

[Destiny] The guys were getting
more and more aggressive,

and the four of us
could only take on so much.

So, that's when I said...

We need to be outsourcing.

Let's put an ad in Craigslist.

So, we put an ad
in Craigslist.

Does anybody have
any allergies?

And by this, I mean
really serious allergies.

Like, life-threatening
allergies. Yeah?

I have asthma.

- [Mom] All right.
- I don't like feet.

You have a foot allergy?

No. I'm just saying if a foot
goes near my face, I'll shut down.

- [woman] I don't mind feet.
- [Mom] Okay.

Now, we're gonna work on our fake
sniffing and our fake drinking.

- Where were you?
- They had an Orange Julius.

[Mom] All right. That's good.
That's better with the nail.

What's Coco doing here?

We said no junkies
and no criminals.


So, she's a junkie
and a criminal.

- People change.
- [Mom] I'm not entirely convinced.

Hon, you're not...

Fine. But I promised
I'd buy her lunch.

Oh! [inhales]

Who is this? What are you
doing at the mall?

This is Mr. Bruce.

Mr. Brucey!

I take him everywhere with me.
I hope that's not a problem.

Not at all. Not at all.

Oh, my God! Hi!

- Look at these fucking bags, bitch.
- Let me see!

- Take this bag in, bitch.
- Yes!

No drinking, no drugs.

And after you get the signature,
then you can party your asses off.

by Scott Walker playing]

♪ Naked as sin An army
towel Covering my belly ♪

♪ Some of us blush Somehow
knees Turning to jelly ♪

♪ Next, next ♪

♪ I was still just a kid
There were a hundred like me ♪

♪ I followed a naked body
A naked body followed me ♪

♪ Next, next ♪

♪ I was still just a kid
When my innocence was lost ♪

♪ In a mobile army whorehouse
Gift from the army Free of cost ♪

♪ Next, you're next ♪

♪ Me, I really Would have liked
A little touch of tenderness ♪

♪ Maybe a word, just a smile
Some instant happiness ♪

♪ But no, no
Next, next ♪

What's your
social security number?

Sexy numbers. Sexy numbers.

What's your mother's
maiden name?

- My mother's middle name?
- [Mercedes] Maiden.

♪ I swear on the wet head of
My first case of gonorrhea ♪

♪ It's his ugly voice
That I forever hear ♪

♪ Next, next ♪

♪ That voice That stinks of
corpses Of whiskey and of mud ♪

♪ It is the voice of nations
That thick voice of blood ♪

♪ Next, next ♪

♪ And since then each woman
I've taken to bed ♪

♪ Seems to laugh in my arms
And whisper through my head ♪

♪ Next, next ♪

[song ends]

[Annabelle] Flyest dog
in the neighborhood.

Yes! Yes!

- Check it! Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh.
- [woman humming]

[woman] Here we go.

Chicken wings.

This is gonna be spicy?

Just chicken wings. You can't
ever go wrong with chicken wings.

On the bone. It's good.

I get 'em extra crispy.
We can make 'em wet.

Sauce on the side?


And what's my balance?

[Destiny] I could've worked
on Wall Street.

["Birthday Cake"
by Rihanna playing]

There were nights and weekends when
we brought 100 grand into the club,

and everybody
got in on the action.

♪ Come and put your name on it
Put your name on it ♪

♪ Come and put your name on it
Your name ♪

The hosts, the managers, the DJ.
They all got their cut.

- ♪ It's not even my birthday ♪
- ♪ My birthday ♪

- ♪ But he wanna lick The icing off ♪
- ♪ The icing off ♪

- ♪ I know you want it In the worst way ♪
- ♪ The worst way ♪

[Destiny] Without us making the
effort to go out and promote,

the club wouldn't have had
a business.

♪ Cake, cake, cake, cake ♪

[Destiny] We weren't just some
disposable dancers anymore.

I was CFO
of my own fucking corporation.

["Dance (A$$)"
by Big Sean playing]

♪ Ass, ass, ass, ass
Ass, ass, ass, ass ♪

♪ Ass, ass, ass, ass
Ass, ass, ass, ass ♪

♪ Stop ♪

♪ Now make that motherfucker
Hammer time like ♪

♪ Go stupid
Go stupid, go stupid ♪

♪ I do it, boy
I do it, boy ♪

♪ I do it, boy
I do it ♪

♪ Wobble-dy wobble-dy wa
Wobble, wobble ♪

♪ I'm stacking my paper
My wallet look like a Bible ♪

♪ I got girlies half-naked ♪

Be careful with that.
Do not fuck up my door.

Look at this.

Welcome to my apartment.

My God! The penthouse, bitch.

How crazy is this?

- [chattering]
- [Destiny] Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

I'll teach you how to use it.

[Ramona laughs]

[Nana gasps]
Dorothy, what have you done?

Well, you always said
you wanted real pearls.

Did you go to the bottom
of the ocean for this?

Yeah. Something like that.

[Ramona] What is it?

Oh, my goodness.

Mommy, it's the one I wanted.

[Destiny] Thank you
to your Aunt Ramona.

- [Ramona laughs]
- Thank you, Aunt Ramona.

You're welcome,
my little baby girl!

- Thank you.
- Of course.



I got the red-bottoms. I got
the red-bottoms. Yes, girl!

- [Destiny] Ooh.
- These are nice.

Thank you.

You're welcome, my love.

- Okay, okay.
- [woman] Right here.

This one's for you.

For me?

Oh, yes. Here we go.


What do we got?

[gasps] Oh, my God.
It's gorgeous.

- So classy.
- You like it?


I love it! I love it.

I'm gonna carry all my other bags in it.
It's so amazing.

Oh, my God. Thank you, baby.

I have something for you.

- Do I get the big one?
- Yes, I chose this just for you.

- Okay.
- [Ramona grunts]

- Wow, it's heavy.
- Yeah.

Okay. What do we got?

- [Ramona] Open it up.
- [Mercedes] It's a big one.

[all gasp]

[Mercedes] Oh, my Lord.

What was it?

- Chinchilla.
- Oh, my God.

[all cheer]

Oh, my God!


You're the best.

I'm so proud of you.

- We don't need anybody else, do we?
- Mm-mm.

- Nobody.
- No.

We're the untouchables.

Like Kobe and Shaq.

Who gets to be Kobe?

- I'm Kobe. You're Shaq.
- I'm the Kobe.

- No. I don't wanna be Shaq.
- No.

How are you Kobe when there can
only be one Kobe? And I'm the Kobe!

- Double Kobe!
- I'm the Kobe!

Okay, everybody.

Come on. Get on top of
each other. Get together.

- Come on.
- [chattering]

Get close. Get cozy.

- [Ramona] I wanna get in the middle.
- [Mom] In, in.

Now say money!


[all cheering, laughing]

[Mercedes] And, God, thank you for
everything that you've given us.

This delicious food.

- My new Louboutins.
- [all laugh]

And... for this family.

My sisters.

We are so blessed.


- Amen.
- Amen.

[chattering, laughing]

Try some of this pork, baby.

[Ramona] I don't usually get
nervous around these types.

[Destiny] No, you're good.

[Ramona] No, they come
into the club all the time.

But I had a crush on this guy
since I was 15.

So, I was like, "Oh, my God."
And suddenly, he's there.

Nan, do you know who he is?

You know. You must've
seen him in Us Weekly.

She knows who he is.
Nan, you know who he is.

The guy from the movies.

I've seen him.

He's very good-looking.

[Ramona] Yeah!

Well, let me tell you something: he's
even more good-looking in person.

I am telling you.

Anyway, so he picks me up
in this white Porsche.

- [woman] No way.
- [Destiny] Yeah.

[laughs] And all he tells me
is to wear a hat.

- Fucking Kentucky Derby.
- Yes! That's what I thought!

- That's what it was, right?
- That's what I thought.

That's what I thought.

But then, all of a sudden,
we're at the airport.

We're boarding
this private jet

- to Monaco.
- [Mercedes] Oh, my God.

There was champagne,
lobster, a butler.

And I just didn't have the heart
to tell him, like, I hate flying.

So, there I am in this gorgeous marble
bathroom, 10,000 feet in the air,

vomiting lobster
and champagne.


Sit here, baby. You know,
Annabelle can vomit on cue.

- It's one of her many gifts.
- It's not intentional.

- [laughing]
- [Destiny] You're so good though, baby.

So, thank God,
finally, this plane lands.

And we proceed to have three of the most
amazing hours I have ever had in my life.

Until the paparazzi shows up,
ruins everything.

And I have to say:

That's the end of the PG-13
version of this story.

- [all] Ooh!
- Oh, no. You gotta give us more. Come on.

Details, please. Tease, baby.

I once danced
with Frankie Valli.

What? Nana.

- Did... Did you know this?
- No. What?

It was before he got married.

The second time.

[Ramona] I don't know, Nan.

I don't know about that.
Are you sure?

Pretty sure.

You're not really sure.

My God, this woman
is my spirit animal!

["Rag Doll"
by The Four Seasons playing]

♪ Rag doll, ooh ♪

Okay, Nan.

All right. Tell the truth.

Frankie Valli shows up on your
doorstep on your wedding day.

And he says,
"Me or your husband."

What do you say?

"Which car do you drive?"

[both laughing]

How have we not met sooner?

How have we not met sooner?

How have we not met sooner?

Oh, my God.

[song continues]

[woman] So, getting back
to the drugging.

Is that
what you're hung up on?

It's hard not to be.

What'd you say
your name was again?


And did you grow up
with money, Elizabeth?

We were... comfortable.

So, what did your parents do?

My dad was a journalist.

My mom's a psychiatrist.

And where'd you go to school?

Brown. For undergrad.

What would you do for $1,000?

Of course, the answer is gonna depend on
what you already have and what you need.

- So, the...
- Yeah, I'm sorry.

I don't think I should
even talk to you anymore.

It's just, I don't know you.

And I'm sorry, these girls are
just like my sisters, so...

That's okay. I understand.

Ramona said the same thing.

You talked to Ramona?





I went to her work.



Oh, nothing. It's just...

the idea of Ramona Vega
trying to go straight.

That's like...

Well, I mean, if you talked to her,
what do you need to talk to me for?

I was just hoping that you could
fill in some of the blanks.



Where was I?


[scoffs] Fucking copycats.

Look, I don't think
we need 'em anymore.

Need who?

The club.

Why should we split anything
when we can have it all?

[Destiny] After she cut out the club,
we had to meet our clients in hotel rooms.

- Or in their homes upstate.
- [Ramona] Where the fuck are they?

Annabelle's feeling
grossed-out lately.

[Destiny] A lot of the girls
stopped showing up.

And what about Mercedes?
Is she feeling "grossed-out"?

We can't keep giving them their cut if
they're not showing up for weeks on end.

We need a bigger crew.
I'm gonna call Coco.

No! She's a junkie.

[scoffs] Fine.
What about Georgia?

She just got out of jail.


She's still in jail.

quit bringing home strays.

We're breaking the law here.
We don't wanna work with criminals.

[Ramona] I didn't know how much I love
red hair until I saw you standing there.

- [girl] Oh, my God. Thank you.
- So amazing.

- [girl] I wish it was natural.
- I might dye my hair.

Hey, Dorothy. This is Dawn.


["Dawn (Go Away)"
by The Four Seasons playing]

♪ Pretty as
A midsummer's morn ♪

♪ They call her Dawn ♪

As soon as I saw her, I said,

"Oh, my God. You're gorgeous.
You have to join us."

- And she said... Tell 'em what you said.
- [laughs]

I said, "What is it?
Like, a cult?"

[both laughing]

[Ramona] It kinda is
a cult. A little bit.

[Destiny] It's like, if we're a
team, and we're making money,

and we're winning games,

do you suddenly start trading
players and bringing in new people?

No, right?

Think I'm gonna buy these.

Where the fuck is she?

Relax. She's a pro.





[elevator bell dings]


We can meet at five or six.

No, six is good.
Six is good.

You want five?

- Make a decision.
- Two-four...

You've got three seconds.
One, two...

[Ramona] Yeah,
I'm gonna fucking get these!

Size 8, please, ho.

- [grumbles] Two-four-three-seven.
- Six o' clock or seven?


- Two-four-three-seven.
- [Destiny] Hurry the fuck up.

- [Dawn] Two-four-three-seven.
- Jesus fucking Christ. Come on!

Um, two-four-three-seven.

[whispers] Good girl.

- I got you.
- [Ramona laughs]

Told you she was a pro.

[Destiny] Dawn was no pro.

She was a cokehead. A felon.

- She was reckless and sloppy. And stupid.
- With the blue tie?

- She was out of control.
- I don't know. I've never seen him.

Ramona didn't care, as long as
she was making money.

What's my credit limit, again?


Let's do it for the full 50.

We're never gonna
see him again.

[whispers] Who cares?

Yes. Thank you.

[Destiny] It wasn't long before
she burned through our regulars,

which left us with
unpredictable strangers.

- Where is he?
- [breathing heavily] Out back.

- [Destiny sighs]
- [Mercedes whimpers]

What the fuck happened?

[Mercedes] He said
he could dive off the roof.

And I said he couldn't.

[Destiny] Well, you were right.
Where's Georgia?

[Mercedes] She took off.

Where the fuck is Ramona?
This is her client!

I couldn't get in contact
with her.

[Destiny] My God.

All right. Come on.
Help me get his legs.

I... Is he dead?

Not yet.

We're not gonna kill him,
are we?

No, we're gonna take him to the hospital.
Come on. Help me.

- Okay.
- Help me get him. Lift.

[Mercedes] What the fuck?

- [Mercedes] You can do it. Come on.
- No, no, no.

Get the door!

[Mercedes] I got him.
I got him. [grunts]

Okay. You gotta help me with his torso.
Come on. Careful. Careful.

- Ready?
- [Mercedes] Don't scratch his booty.

[Mercedes grunts] Watch his head.
Watch his head.


[coughs, vomits]

God, I'm sorry.

Okay. Call Ramona and don't
stop calling till you get her.

- Okay. [sighs]
- I'm gonna fucking kill her.

Has she texted back yet?


[Destiny] Can't believe her.

Hey, slow down. Five-O.


Oh, shit!


Guys. You guys!

- [Mercedes] I'm sorry.
- Just chill.

- [Destiny] Stay cool.
- [Mercedes] I am.

[siren warbles]

[Mercedes] Oh, my God.


[siren blaring]



- Fuck. I'm sorry.
- No, that's fine.

[Annabelle] I don't know
why that happens.

Mercedes, come on. Help me.

[Mercedes] I'm coming.
I'm coming.

- [man grunts]
- Jesus Christ.

- Help me get him out.
- Where are you taking him?

We're gonna take him inside.

I thought we was
just gonna leave him here.

We can't just leave him.

I'm not going inside.

Mercedes, this is a business.



Oh, fuck!

Help, please!

Help! Help!

- Help!
- [EMT 1] Here they are.

Please, help my husband.


Help my husband!

- [EMT 2] All right...
- [EMT 1] I'm gonna flip on three.

[Destiny] Please hurry!

[crying hysterically]

I'll be right back. Come on.

[Destiny] Lily!


Are you still here? [pants]




Come on.

- [doorbell rings]
- [knocks]

- [door opens]
- Oh, my God.

- [woman] There's Mommy.
- I'm so sorry.

- Hi, baby.
- [Lily] Hi!

[Lily chatters] were stealing money.

[Destiny] That's funny.

- Hey. The babysitter had to go home.
- Funny.

But we had ourselves
a fun sleepover, didn't we?

- [Destiny] Oh, yeah? I'm so sorry.
- Yeah.

Come on, Lily. Here we go.

[Destiny grunts]

- Do you want me to take her?
- No, I got her, Amy. Thanks.

Sweetie, we're almost there.

[Lily humming]

Why are we walking
so fast, Mommy?

- [women chattering]
- [children shouting]

[Lily humming]

[children shouting]

- Bye, Mommy.
- Bye. Be good.

[Destiny] So where was Ramona
when I needed her?

Bailing out Dawn again.

Are you kidding me?
Let me buy you lunch, baby.

- [Dawn] Yeah? You're so good to me.
- [Ramona] Yes, of course.

[breathes heavily]

[cell phone ringing]

- Don't ever fucking call me again.
- [Ramona] Baby.

Come Friday, we're looking at sunny
skies with a high of 78 degrees.

On the weekend,
we got scattered showers...


I'm sorry
I wasn't there, baby.


I know.

I don't wanna go home.

Do you and Lily
wanna stay with us?



You know, I'm supposed to meet
someone tonight if you wanna join me.

I mean,
take your mind off things.

Ain't no pressure,
just, you know...

If you need the money.

Could be a big one.

I knew it had to stop.

I kept thinking that there
was, like, this magic number.

You know,
if I could save enough money,

I could start clean.

Just me and Lily.

Maybe a score so big that
we would never need anybody.

Is that what happened
with Doug ####?


I don't really remember
a Doug ####.

- Ramona said...
- Well, Ramona's a liar.

She'll say anything
to make herself look better.

I mean,
what did she say about me?

I'm sure she had a lot to say.

What'd she say?

She said you had
a tough time growing up

and that you spent
a lot of time alone.

You got into fights and...

had some bad boyfriends.

Okay. What else?

That your parents were immigrants,
and that when your father left,

your mother dropped you off
at your grandparents' house.

And never came back.

Is that true?

I mean, I thought that she was
just taking a break, you know?

I thought that, you know,
sometimes moms need a break.

[Destiny sniffles]

Why would she tell you all that?
[exhales sharply]

I think she just wanted me
to understand that, for you,

this wasn't about revenge.

You were just trying
to make friends.


I know I'm supposed to think
that what you did was terrible

and that these guys
didn't deserve it.

But to tell you the truth,
I don't feel sorry for them.

[inhales sharply]
Well, I feel sorry for them.

[Destiny sniffles, grunts]

You know,
I keep having this nightmare.

Right? Where, like, I'm in
the back seat of this car.

This moving car.

And I realize that nobody
is driving the car.

And I have to get to the front seat
to try to stop it, and I go there,

and no matter what I do,
I can't get a grip on it.

And I can't, like, stop it.

[sniffs] And then I wake up.

[sniffles, sighs]

What happened
between you and Ramona?

Why aren't you
talking anymore?




[phone vibrating]


So Ramona met Doug years ago.

Doug's friend took him to the
club to blow off some steam

after a few
devastating events.

I don't know
that it is gonna be okay.

How could it get worse?

[Destiny] Which included his
house being destroyed by a fire.

- [firefighters chattering]
- [sirens blaring]

And separating from
the mother of his young son.

She never really wanted
to have kids, you know?

So, I think when we found out
he was autistic,

I think she just
couldn't handle it, you know?

[Destiny] He was nice.

We talked about our kids.
We talked about our exes.

- We had a heart-to-heart.
- [Ramona] Drinks!

Here we go.
That one's for you.

- [Doug] Thank you.
- You're welcome.

So, what happened to Doug?

[Ramona] So, what I miss?
What are we doing tonight?

[Destiny] Um...

[Doug] Uh...

The room was round.

There was a table.

They maxed out
my corporate card...

so my company launched
an internal investigation,

and I was fired.

[Doug] Can you please just
credit back my debit card?

My mortgage payment's
on there.

What are you talking about?
You were having a great time.

Why are you doing this to me?

Please, I have nothing.
I can't...

I can't afford to not pay
my mortgage.

[Doug sighs]

My s...

My son...

[Doug exhales sharply]

I'm really sorry.

Put the phone down, Destiny.

- Put it away.
- Just give me a second.

Don't. What the...

- Gimme the phone.
- Get off of me!

- [Ramona] Hey!
- Stop!

- If we don't do it, someone else will.
- Get off of me.

- Gimme that fucking phone.
- [Destiny grunts]

[breathes heavily]

Ungrateful little bitch.





[phone ringing]

[phone continues ringing]


[Doug] Yes, hello. I...

I went to a strip club
and I was drugged.

[phone ringing]


[Doug] I was drugged,
and I have proof.

It was weird.

It was real weird.

If it hadn't been
for the tape,

I would've been like, "Dude,
you're fucking full of shit."

[Doug] Please.
I just wanna know what happened to me.

- [Doug sighs]
- [Dawn] Um...

You were fleeced, that's all.

[Doug exhales] By who?

[Dawn] Um... [chuckles] Well,
we're, like, a little gang.

You were just a target.

We just gave you
a little sprinkle.

I'll tell you everything.

I'll tell you everything
I know, I promise.

I know a lot. I really...

I'll tell you everything.
I just don't wanna go back.

So, was there a sting?

- [Dawn taps on microphone]
- One, two. One, two.

Hello, police.
Can you hear me?

I'm about to open the door.

- Hey, did you bring the drugs?
- [Ramona] Shh.

- [Destiny] Where is he?
- He's in the bathroom.

[Dawn breathes
into microphone]

[Dawn] Look, like,
I don't think that he likes me.

So, I don't know,
I think one of you is gonna have to do it.

Are you high?

- [Dawn] What?
- Give her a break.

No. Me? [chuckles]

No, no. No. No. I don't do
that kind of stuff anymore.

That's just... it's not me.

- Hey, hey, ladies.
- [Destiny] Hey.

- Christmas come early.
- [giggling]

Hey, these are my friends
that I told you about.

- Hi, friends.
- This is Ramona.

- Ramona. Hi.
- Ramona. Hi.

- This is...
- And I'm Rhonda.

- Rhonda. You are both very attractive.
- Rhonda. Yeah.

Thank you.

Okay. Why don't you
take a seat right here.

We're gonna fix you a drink.

- So, you stay there, okay?
- You get one too. Shots? I don't know.

[Dawn] We'll see about that.

[breathes shakily]

[Dawn chuckles]
Just a second. Hmm.

Hope you're thirsty.

- Do it.
- No, just go ahead.

Go on.

You found him. Go ahead.

Hi. [chuckles]

Here you go.

Yum, yum, yummers. Slàinte.

[Dawn chuckles]

So, who's excited?

I'm telling you,
it's the same fucking car.

You're being paranoid.

No, I saw the same fucking Buick
parked outside the Gansevoort.

It's not a Buick.

Well, whatever the fuck it is,
it's been following us for 20 minutes.

- Dawn was setting us up back there.
- Dawn?

Now I know you're paranoid.

You really think that she wouldn't
sell you out to save herself?

So, there was a sting?

We cannot comment on that
at this time.

But what we can tell you

is the amount of people that were willing
to talk to us was so small it was absurd.


I guess men don't wanna admit
what happened to them, you know?

Being victimized by a woman.

[detective 1]
So, we did some investigating,

and we found
the Connecticut architect

who Moves said
failed to pay a $135,000 bill

he racked up during
four visits to the club.

"For a night of pleasure
he can't even remember."

What a boob.

"And went back
three more times"?


I guess he must've liked it.

[all laughing]

[detective 1] You know,
when you look at it out of context,

it seems like
he's making it up.

You're a family girl?

You look like my brother.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- You like that?
- No.

Why I'm here. I mean,
it's not about the money.

It's about the next guy
this happens to,

and, like, I gotta
do something to stop that.

[detective 1] But when you put it
together with Doug, it all added up.

Peter, these are my sisters.

[Ramona, Destiny laughing]

[chuckles] Oh, yes!

[detective 1] Scary, isn't it?

I mean, we got so spooked,
none of us went back to the club anymore.

["Royals" by Lorde playing]

♪ I've never seen a diamond
In the flesh ♪

♪ I cut my teeth On wedding
rings In the movies ♪

[woman] Hey, Ramona.

[Ramona] How you doin', girl?

♪ In the torn up town ♪

♪ No post code envy ♪

♪ But every song's Like gold teeth
Grey Goose, Trippin' in the bathroom ♪

♪ Bloodstains, ball gowns
Trashin' the hotel room ♪

♪ We don't care ♪

♪ We're driving Cadillacs
In our dreams ♪

♪ But everybody's like Cristal,
Maybach Diamonds on your timepiece ♪

♪ Jet planes, islands
Tigers on a gold leash ♪

♪ We don't care ♪

♪ We are caught up
In your love affair ♪

- ♪ And we'll never be royals ♪
- [siren wails]

Put your hands up.

[police officer 1] Don't move.

[detective 2]
Hands where we can see 'em.

[police officer 1] Did you hear him?
Put your hands up.

[police officer 2]
Hands up! Let's go!

[detective 2]
Let go of the money.

[detective 1] Give it up, Ramona.
It's over. Let go of the money.

♪ You can call me queen bee ♪

- ♪ And, baby, I'll rule ♪
- ♪ I'll rule, I'll rule I'll rule ♪

Yeah, I like that.

Keep that right here.

[Mercedes] I tried to get
one that you would like.

You did.

You know, I'm not usually
happy to see your kind.

But when I see you,
I know I'm gonna see my man.


Just a little bit... longer.

♪ And everyone
Who knows us knows ♪

♪ That we're fine with this ♪

♪ We didn't come from money ♪

♪ But every song's Like gold teeth
Grey Goose, Trippin' in the bathroom ♪

♪ Bloodstains, ball gowns
Trashin' the hotel room ♪

♪ We don't care ♪

♪ We're driving Cadillacs
In our dreams ♪

♪ But everybody's like Cristal,
Maybach Diamonds on your timepiece ♪

[Annabelle grunting]

♪ Jet planes, islands
Tigers on a gold leash ♪

♪ We don't care ♪

[vomits, coughs]

I'm sorry.

- ♪ And we'll never be royals ♪
- ♪ Royals ♪

♪ It don't run in our blood ♪

♪ That kind of lux
Just ain't for us ♪

♪ We crave
A different kind of buzz ♪

- ♪ Let me be your ruler ♪
- ♪ Ruler ♪

♪ You can call me queen bee ♪

- ♪ And, baby, I'll rule ♪
- ♪ I'll rule, I'll rule I'll rule ♪

♪ Let me live that fantasy ♪

[siren blaring]

♪ Oh ♪

- ♪ Oh ♪
- ♪ We're bigger Than we ever dreamed ♪

Come on.

♪ And I'm in love
With being queen ♪

[Ramona] Hey.

- Hey, girl.
- Hey.

[detective 1] Which one
of you is the ringleader?

This is unbelievable.

You guys are really something,
you know that?

Does Tony know about this?

Take a seat, Miss Vega.

This is crazy.

We didn't do anything wrong.

You know, Tony wouldn't let this happen.
I'm gonna text him.

[detective 2]
Who gave her her phone back?

Think about your daughter.

You're facing
felony charges here.

You really wanna go down
for someone else?

Come on. You want Lily
to grow up without her mother?

[detective 1] You think
these girls are your friends?

You don't think
they're gonna rat you out?

[detective 2]
Think about your daughter.

Mercedes is probably gonna use
Dragon's lawyer.

So, you, me and Annabelle
should probably lawyer up.

Do we know any lawyers from the club?
That guy, Jeremy? Or maybe Anton?

I took the deal.

You did?

Have I taught you
fucking nothing?

You fucking idiot!
What the fuck is wrong with you?

Why would you do that?

For Lily.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

[inhales sharply]

Motherhood is
a mental illness.

[both crying]

[Destiny] I'm sorry.

- [Ramona inhales deeply]
- [Destiny cries]

We were fucking hurricanes,
weren't we?

[chuckles] Yeah.

[crying continues]


[phone ringing]

- [Elizabeth] Hello?
- Hi. Um...

Hi, Elizabeth. It's Destiny.

Hey, Destiny. How are you?

I'm good. I'm really good.

Lily's great. Um...

Oh, I put the house up for sale.
We're moving back to Queens.

You know, I've been making
a ton of new friends.

And, oh, I met this guy who...

He's gonna help me get
a job in pharmaceuticals.

So I'm really excited
about that.

- Are you still there?
- I'm here.

So, I was just reading
the article again,

and maybe the reason
why we did what we did

is because hurt people
hurt people, you know?

Yeah. No, I understand.

So, have you talked
to Ramona lately?

No, just that one time.

- Have you?
- No.


Can I just ask you...

Like, what else
did she say about me?

So, I used to live
in the Bronx back then.

But I was seeing this guy who had a
walk-up right next to where I stripped.

So, I was staying at his
place, like, every night.

But one morning, I go back to my
place, and the door's wide open.

And I was freaked out, you know?
I was like, "Oh, my God. All my stuff.

All my valuable stuff is in this
place that I'm not even sleeping in."

So, now I just carry everything
with me everywhere I go.

Let me show you.

Let's see.


This is a patch from my grandpa's uniform.
He was in the navy.


This is my...
my grandma's wedding ring.

Isn't that pretty?
And this one was my mother's.

It's the three birthstones
of me and my sisters.

The ruby's me.
I was a July baby.

I have two sisters. One lives in
Arizona, the other one lives in Texas.

We try to get together once a year,
but with the kids, it's impossible.

Do you have kids?

Not yet.

Well, don't worry.
You're young.

And you have amazing skin.


Is that you?

That's me. [chuckles]
I was 15.

A senior
had asked me to the prom.

I look terrified.

I like the dress, though.

And this here,
this is Dorothy.

Wasn't she the cutest?

Who could leave that baby?

You know, we used to say,

"If only we had known
each other back then."

You know?

Maybe we could've...
looked out for one another.

Maybe our lives
would've been different.

You know?

Or maybe it would've
just been the same.

Who knows?

But I like to keep her
with me.

What else you wanna know?


[no audible dialogue]

[Elizabeth] You should
give her a call, Destiny.

[sniffles] Yeah.

[camera shutter clicking]

[camera shutter clicking]

[Ramona] Look, there's nothing
I can really say

to make sense
of what went down.

But everybody's hustling.

This city...

Fuck, this whole country
is a strip club.

You got people tossing the money...
and people doing the dance.

[club music playing]

[Lenny] One last time, everybody,
let's hear it for our girls!

- [Mercedes] Hit it!
- [Ramona] Okay?


[all] Whoo!

[Mercedes] Oh!


[Mercedes] One, two, three, four!
Go. Go. Go.

[club music continues]

[Lenny] That's it, folks.

It was fun while it lasted.

See me on your way out,

I'll be selling excuses for why
there's glitter on your pants.

We got a lot of ladies
in the house tonight.

Must be a bachelorette party
going on.

There is no flash photography
here at Moves.

In fact
no flashing of any kind.

It's time to go home

The girls are not coming
back out.

On behalf of Moves, make sure
you tip your waitresses,

and get home safe.

Good night everybody.

I'm sure I will see you again.

Real soon.

[music ends]