Hustle Down (2021) - full transcript

Cully (Tom Sizemore), a two-bit hustler and the driver for a Baja drug cartel, finds himself relying on skilled-but-reluctant bounty hunter, Turk (Paul Sidhu), to stay out of the grasps of a merciless assassin (Kevin Gage), and vicious thugs led by a rival gang leader (Noel Gugliemi) after Cully has stolen a money car stuffed with cash meant for his boss (Raymond J. Barry). The duo crosses paths with Crystal (Bai Ling), a sultry dancer with too many secrets and a greater stake in all of this than they first realize. If Cully can convince Turk to go along with his crazy schemes, he might make it back to his estranged wife (Vanessa Angel) and daughter (Victorya Brandart) alive.


looks like
a little cocksucker, all right.

Always a pleasure, vin.

Worth every fuckin' penny, pal.

Shut the fuck up!

You want in on any of this?

I'll pass.

Oh, yeah.

Retrieval only. I forgot.

Your next gig?

Hey. Gotta dance.

Get somebody else.

He asked for you.

I don't want to leave.

You're not going anywhere.

Listen to me.

Your numbers are low.
You owe the house.

You need to get out there.

I always pay.

All right.

Coming up next to the stage,


You are a hard girl to find.


That was the idea.

What are you doing here?

Just business.

Thought I'd see my favorite
dancing girl on there.

You miss me?


I don't miss you.

You know,
the boss wants to see you.

Which one?

I only work for jefe,
you know that.


Whatever you say.

been talkin' about me.

They around?

Someone's been sayin'
I'm workin' for myself.

It ain't true,
and it's got to stop.

I heard it was you.

Rumors about me all the time.

But I'll make sure

to put out the word.

Angel is an honest man,


no more name calling.

Always good to see you again.

Me, too, but,

I don't do that anymore.

Only dancing.

Oh, just one more time,

like we used to.

No! I can't!


You get off...

Fuck off!

Come here, you little...


Hi, handsome!

Can give me a ride?

- Uh...
- Please?

Sure. Where we going?

Wherever you are.

- Please?
- Oh-okay.

Let's go.

- Let's go! Go! Go!
- Okay, okay! I'm drivin'!

Please leave
a message for, cully.

Cully. Where the fuck are you?

You missed the drop.
Check in. Now.

Message deleted.

His Patience
is wearing thin, my friend.

You know how this goes.

Either you come to us,
or we come to you.

Don't make us
come find you, cully.

Message deleted.

Daddy, pick up your phone.

I need to talk to you.

I really want you
to share in this with us,

so don't be mad, okay?

Love you, daddy. Call me.

Message saved.

Yo, cully. Come out.

Okay. Okay.

Get out of the car.

I can get you money.


Put these on.

Oh, come on.

Let me take the car south
and I can get you real money.

How am I supposed to
get my next job

if I sell out on this one?

Come on, man,
you don't have to do this.

I know.

I just love it so much.





I've been trippin'
over bounty hunters

all the way down the coast.


Somebody sent them.

The car.

Yeah, it's here.

The deal was for the driver.


The car'll cost him extra.

Change of plans.

Where we goin'?


Get in.

Hey, look,
I like your car better.

Yeah. Well, come on.

This car is empty, dog.

You got a gas card?

I said no.

Lot of trouble
for a piece of shit car.

Oh, man, that's not heavy.

I'm gonna have to
pay that shit back.

Hey, baby.
I wanna listen to music.

Can you leave
the keys in the car, please?

You're so cute.

Hey, okay. But after this,

can we go to
the hotel up the street.

I know a good one,
it's a hourly rate.

We can save money...

I know exactly what you want,
looking forward to it.

- Go, go!
- Okay.

Okay, okay, okay.

Hey! Come back soon!

Hey, baby. Get me a lemonade!

A lemonade? Okay!

Oh! What the fuck?
Get out my way!


Fuck. Fuck.


Where you goin'?


Hey, what are you
gonna do with me?

Take you back.


Right now.

They're gonna kill me
once they get their hands on me!

Jefe's a powerful man.

You should have
thought about that

before you stole his car.

Oh, really?

Thanks a lot, jackass.

Hindsight's twenty-twenty,
all right?


You know, I gotta make a stop.


You hear me?

I gotta make one stop.


Said I gotta make a...

One stop.

- This ain't a taxi, man.
- I got a kid.

- You got a kid?
- Yeah.

Good for you.

Hey, look. Come on.

She's young,
I haven't seen her in years.

She's gettin' married tomorrow.

That ain't my problem.

Oh, come on, man!
I'm beggin' you, man!


- Come on, man!
- Do you ever shut up?

One more word out of you
and you're goin' in the trunk.


Is that a word?


Come on. Please!

Where is he?

I don't know.

Please don't kill me.
I won't say anything.

I know.

Oi, turk. Fancy seeing you here.

Five million ride, man.

Go! Go! Go!

I'm goin'! Jesus!

Maybe we find some place
to ditch the car.

Can't ditch the car.
We can't ditch the car.

We're standin' out, cully!
We've been made.

No! We can't lose the car!
All right?

Oh, man, there's nothing
wrong with this car.

This car is fine, dude.


Oh, you can trust me, you know?


Oh, shit.

It's a money car.

Oh. Yeah.

From over the border.


- Originally, yeah.
- Why?

Why would they smuggle
so much drug money at once

and take the risk?

They bought on an inspector,
they had an in...

Who knows?
Shit happens. You know?

Explains why everyone
in Baja has been after us.

That's like 500,000 dollars,

and you just decided

to take a joyride to
your daughter's wedding, today.


Kill me, man.

See it like
an opportunity, all right?

But, I know they're gonna
wanna have it back, so...

- I get it.
- Yeah? Yeah.



we make a run with it, or...

You make a run with it.

You know what it's like

to have guys
like this after you?

I do.

Too well. But...

Just change cars.

That'll take time.

And then we'll actually
be in a stolen car,

that was reported.

So what's the idea, then, champ?

Drive the car down the coast
and take it straight to jefe.

And give the money back?

It's the shortest distance

between here
and not getting killed.

I get it. Let's go.


Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.


You wanna ride in the front,
or in the trunk?

I'll ride wherever
you want me to

as long as you don't kill me.

Get in the front.


- What happened?
- Lalo!

They got away.

- Where's paco?
- They...

Where's my brother?

They shot him
on the street, ese.


They shot Emma and got away.

They still have the money car.

Call the boys.

Call everyone!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Hey. What luck.

What, you got
a little car trouble?


Actually, my, uh...

My friend's
gonna be here soon, he...

He knows exactly where I am.

And right now, he, uh...

- He should be here...-
- Relax.

I'm sorry about that back there.

No hard feelings, huh?

No. No hard feelings.
No hard feelings.

Been lookin' for this car.

We weren't sure if maybe
you had somethin' to do with it.

A car?

Money car.
Loaded down with eight bills.

I, uh...

Guy named culpeper stole it.

You know him?


Why don't you just hop in?

Come on.

Well, I should
wait for my friend.

- He's gonna be here.
- Oh, that could be hours.

Come on.


I'm not in a hurry
to go anywhere, so I...-

don't be stupid, crystal!

Come on.

Tell you what.
Why don't you and I

take out this culpeper guy,

I'll take you back to jefe,
we'll clear the air.

It'll be fine.

Come on.



Good girl.

What the hell?

Goddamn traffic.

Must be a accident.


Where am I gonna go?


That's the point.

Aren't we a little exposed here?

- Huh?
- Yep.

You should take
the three-oh-seven.

One-eighty is safer.

It feels sort of faster.

If there's no traffic.

But they're
gonna be expecting us

to take the three-oh-seven.

with two-ninety-five.


Back to three-oh-seven.

Dude, that adds an hour!

We stay out of view,

and nobody gets hurt.

Hey, gimme two hot dogs.

Hey, homie. Check it, man.

Blue car, two cars back.

Oh, I know a place where
we can stop to eat in rosarito,

if we take the three-oh-seven,

just gotta turn...
Turned off right here.

Is that where
your daughter's mother lives?

What? Oh, no. Of course not.

- Get down.
- What?

Don't turn around.
We got company.


Cut me out of these right now

before they kill me.

Come on.


Just. Stay. Cool.


Put it down.

Get in.

Get out of the car!

I didn't do nothing. Hey!

What the fuck, man!


I'm not gonna hurt you.


What's your name?




Who was that guy?



The bald guy with the beretta.

You mean angel.

He, uh...

He's a hit man,
work for a mob boss. Jefe.


I know jefe.

Who were the other dudes?

Just locals.

Must know about the money.

You know this guy cully?

He used to work for, jefe.

He was a...


Driver, like smuggler.

Like bodyguard?

Like a guy, with a funny hat.


He just decided to steal
a car full of money one day.

He saw the chance, I guess.

Where do you think he's goin'?

His daughter.

Somethin' about
his daughter gettin' married.

What do you mean,
they got the car?

He took it.


That cully guy.
He took it and headed south.

Fuck them!

There were others.

- Who else?
- A crazy dude.


Shot the whole place up.

There's a gringo
and a woman, too.

All right.

I think I know
where they are going.


Get my cousin on a clean phone.



Gracias, mamacita!


Don't worry.

Are you okay?

- Where's Emma?
- She's fine.

Um, we don't have her?

Now won't you shut up, man?


I'm sure you know
my cousin Marcos.

- Huh?
- Marcos.


Yeah, well, he sent us out to
go look for your daughter, but...

Your wife will do.


Well, you're gonna do
a little job for us, man.

We got a proposition for you.

Like what?

You're gonna whack jefe.
You gonna kill him by tomorrow.


You want me to kill
the biggest drug lord in Baja?


- Hilarious, right?
- Yeah, I think so.

Yeah. That's exactly
what you gonna do.

And then you gonna deliver
the car with the money in it.

Either that...

Or you never see her again.




Are you a sick man?

You telling me that
you would orphan your daughter?

Why, hang on, no.

Oh, I mean...
Yeah, I know. I know.

No-i mean, of course.

Huh? You would
make your daughter motherless,

- is that what you're sayin'?
- Maybe.

I mean, have you
spent any time with her?

Fuck you, cully, you prick!
Get me out of here!

I'm workin' on it, okay?
But I gotta like you, okay?

Help me, okay?
You gotta help me out here.

Hey, shut up, man!

Where's the car?

What car?

The car with the money in it!

Um, I don't believe I know
what you're talking about, sir.

Just give them the car already.

I can't give them, I don't

I don't have the car, Maria!
I can't give it to 'em!


Because you steal everything!

Of course he has it!

He stole my mother's earrings
and sold them.

One time-you burned my clothes!

You screwed that
cheap waitress at the bar!

She wasn't, she was
a thousand dollars an hour!

- And we were separated!
- Shut the hell up!

Enough already, man.
I get it, man.

The both of you guys
don't like each other, right?

Look, man, what...

Where's-where's your daughter?

- Out.
- Out where?

I don't know.
She's out with friends.

Wait, wait, wait, back up, man.
You guys mean to tell me

you don't even know
where your own daughter's at?

- Huh?
- She's a grown woman!

She's 18, man!

You know what, man?

The both of you guys
are terrible parents.

Check yourself.
Terrible parents, my ass!

I gave that girl everything!

I mean... I mean,
we gave her everything.

- I mean...
- What?

- I mean, more Maria.
- What?

More Maria, gave her everything.

Why don't you give me
my damn child support?

Oh, god. Child support!

I'm so tired of child support!

I'm workin' on it, all right!

Oh, you've been
working on it for years!

Shut up!

All right. Listen, man.

May-maybe this was
a mistake. You know what?

I tell you what.

The boys are gonna
go looking for your daughter.

You're gonna whack jefe,

and then you're gonna
hand over the money in the car.

And the girls,
oh, let's just say,

they're gonna walk free,
all right?

But before that, Lewis,
dumb shit here,

he's gonna take you to the car,

and you know
where the keys are at.

Oh. What keys?

I remember something.

I'm sorry. You mean the...

You must mean the...
These keys right here.

Yeah. All of a sudden
your memory's back, huh?

Well, the shotgun helped me out.
It jogged my memory.

Yeah, it does that sometimes.
Man, shut him the hell up!


- Shut him up!
- I'm sorry.

You work for jefe, too?


Just a freelance contract.


The guy cully?

More his car, it seems.

But yeah.


I can help you.

I don't need the liability.

The daughter's
getting married tomorrow.


You know what brides go,
before their weddings?



Do you know a lot of background

in bachelorette
hangouts, do you?

What do you want?

A cut.


A small cut.

Couple of.


What you gonna tell jefe?

When you come up dry.

Is he gonna believe you,

or he's gonna think,
maybe, you took the money?

Let's call it, sub-contract.

A kickback.


I know the town.

I know how to find the daughter.

And then we can
trace her back to cully.

Sounds good?

All right.

- Let's go!
- Shup up, already.

Hey, man.
Aren't you gonna flood it?

Oh, no, it's fine.
Fine, it's all right.


Maybe you're right.
I gotta have a look. Yeah.

Real quick.

Hey, pop...
Pop the trunk, will you?

Yeah, right there.


Come here, gimme a hand, man.

Come on.
You want the car or not?

Come on. Give me a hand.

Right there,
right there, right there.

Oh, shit.

Put your hand right there.


Yeah, both hands, man.
You want the car or not?

- Here?
- Yeah, right.

- Now, don't move.
- Okay.

Don't move.


I flooded it, man.
You were right.

I would have
loved to take you out...

You still can!

I can't. You're already taken.

I'm still single
for a few more hours, you know?

Honey, guess who?


It's me! Let's go.
We gotta go. Time to go.

Hey, dude.

Take your hand off me
or I'll cut your arm off!

- Daddy!
- No-honey, I'm just joking.

How are you?
It's so good to see you.


You are entirely too young to be
drinking at a place like this.

- I am a grown woman!
- You are a little girl.

- I'm getting married tomorrow.
- And who's that guy?

I don't know, some guy.

Okay, where's the other guy,
the fiancé?

I don't know.

Okay, how long ago
did you meet him?

Three years.

How old is he?


Okay. You were 15 years old?

What kinda guy
dates a fifteen-year old girl?

We didn't-i just liked him.

We dated later.

Come here.

It's okay, too.
Whatever the answer is.

- Are you pregnant?
- No!


When this is over...

- I wanna meet him, okay?
- Okay?

Let's... let's go.
We gotta go, really fast, okay.

- When what is over?
- Don't worry about it.


Go! Go! Go!


I'm with your father,
you'll see. Come!

Come with me!


Oh my god, he's shooting at us!

What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?

- Put it down.
- Hey, turk.

It-it's empty.




- Don't...
- My daughter!

- Don't do it.
- My daughter, man. I gotta...-

- don't do it.
- I gotta go, man.


Okay. Okay.

Oh, shit.

Come on.

Daddy! Daddy!

It's okay, honey.

It's okay. It's okay.

No, it's not okay.
Where's the car!

Um, I don't know, man.
Where'd you park it, dude?

Cully, just tell them.

- What?
- Just tell them!

You know what,
you're never on my side!

Never on my side. Ever!

Why are you never on my team?

What are you talking about?

Like when
we were to get married,

your father said
I'd never amount to anything

but like a punk and a...

You know,
hoodlum and a crook, you know?

So, you're not.

That's true. It's a bad example.

Daddy, just give them the car!

Um-how could you
let her marry this guy?

What, like it's
not her decision?

Uh-he's not good enough for her!

You don't even know him!

I know him. I know the type.

God, I know him.

He's always hustlin',

looking for the angle,

- Oh. Well, you mean like you.
- No, like him.

- Damn.
- Where's the goddamn car, man?

Enough of this bullshit
already, all right?

I'm done playing
with your ass, man!

Where's the car?

And she's too young!

She's the same age we were!

Exactly! Look at you,
you're a wreck!

- You've proved my point!
- Daddy, stop!

Just give them the car.

Young lady,
listen to your father.


For your mother and father
are trying to have a talk.

What's she
supposed to do, cully?

You're never around.

You've never been
here to support her.

Here's the deal.

No more playin', all right?

You tell me
where the car is, man,

or it's your last day today.

Um, hang on.



She goes first, you get it?

She goes first!

Where's the car?

You gotta listen to me, man.


that I value, and have,
in the world, is in this room.

Now you pull that trigger,

and I ain't got
nothin' to lose, brother.


And you, and no one, ever,
see that money.

You a funny guy, huh?

- I ain't funny at all.
- Huh, you're crackin' jokes.

You actually do
got a valid point, though, man.

I never gave anything, Maria,

until now.

And now I'm
doin' somethin' for you.

Where would they go?

I don't know. I don't know.

A safe house,
maybe a drop point.

They're not exactly
in the fuckin' phone book.

Come on. Think.

I'll kill jefe for you
like you want.

All right?

You get all his shit.

All his trafficking rounds,
infrastructure, everything,

it's all yours.

Yeah, you take his spot,

and you step up,
and you're a major player.

All right?

All I want,
is you let my girls go.

Jefe has some properties
in this area.

Real estate,


and garages.

Could be anywhere.

Oh, shit.

Road block.


What I don't get is,

why are you so into all this?

You know some of these guys.

Don't you wanna stay out of it?

Yes, I do.

I wish I could.

But it's not what you think.

It's not that simple.


You're a dancer.

You can make that
kind of money in a weekend.

And you won't have to
deal with all this shit.

You'd be free.

You don't know me. We just met.

You don't know my story.

You don't know
what I'm running from.

Don't call me dancer!

Let's put this way.

It's better than being, alone.

I will make sure,

that nothin',

nothin' at all,

will ever touch you.

No idea, no one got an idea,

that I whacked jefe, for you.


Now you kill me,

no one's gettin' nothin'.


So, take the deal.

'Cause most likely
I'm not gonna make it out alive.

Either way...

Your next birthday,
you're really rich.

Really rich.

You got my attention.

He's a dead man walkin',
he just doesn't know it yet.

He's a dead man.

Hang tight.

I'm gonna move the pins.


We're workin' together.

Too many Cubans.

They give you these tanks
to keep you alive.

But all they really mean is

you're dying
a slow, painful death.

Thank you for coming.

I lost the car.

But I can get it back.

I need some information,

on your driver cully.


She must have been screwing him.

Hell, she was probably
fucking half my men.

I saw how he looked at her.

And I saw how
she looked at all of them.

But, I understand

what it must be like

to be married
to someone half dead,

twice your age.


I've reason to believe

her life is in danger
from a madman.


I think we met.

- Why did you send him?
- I didn't.

Angel was my best wet worker.

Twenty years,
and now he's gone off the map.

It's not your problem any more.

I'll take it from here.

You want me off the job?

He has her.

And there's only one place

that sick bastard
works someone over.


Get off of me!

That goddamn fetishist,

it's not Christian.

I'm done being delicate.

I'm sending my own people.

They'll bring her back
where she belongs,

with me.

What about the money car?

She'll tell me where it is.

She's just not thinking clearly.

She really

does love me.

I bet.

Don't judge me, turk.

When you're counting down
your final hours,

you realize
how all you really have

is your family and your legacy.

Do not judge.

You'll get paid on your way out.


Don't judge.

- Oh, shit.
- Come here often?



Missed me?

Where's the money?

What do you mean?
Where's the dancer, man?


One of two things has happened.

Either jefe's operators
got to her in time

and she's back at the casino,


they knocked on the door
and found her cut to pieces.

Angel likes to take his time,

the sick bastard that he is.

He's a goddamn fetishist
or some shit, you know?


I've heard.

You're going back for the girl.


We gotta get movin'. Let's go.

There's no 'we.'

I need your help, man.

Why? Because
I can't do it alone.

It's the only way
to keep my family safe.

Because I owe her.

And because that asthmatic
motherfucker stiffed you.

And I can get you
your cut of the money back,

okay? So what do you
think about that, huh?

What do you say?


Oh, come on.
Standard cut, we're not...

- Fifty percent.
- Fine. Good.

And I'm drivin'.

No, no, but...

I'm drivin'.

Okay, asshole. There you go.

So, uh, you don't strike me

as someone who has
gone out of the way

that often to help many people.

So tell me, uh...

Which part of
my speech was it that,

- you know, convinced you?
- Get in the car.

It's okay.

You're home.

I'm done with you.

I'm done.


I don't want your fucking ring!


I fell in love with you
for your passion.

But you've never known
what's best for you.


What are you doin'?

What are you doin' now?

Just tryin' to
remember where I am.



I thought you said
you knew this place.

I've only been here once.
Cut me some slack.



Oh, shit.

You got your hands full,
don't you?



Come on.

Oh. Yeah.

Come on.

They're coming for you.

He's coming for both of us.

- Huh? Go, go, go.
- Hey!

Right there.

- Over there.
- Get to cover!

- What?
- There!

- What?
- Move!


Oh my god. How...

What's he sayin'?

Oh, it's not good.
Not good at all.

Follow me. Over my head.


Now that...
Was a giant pain in the neck.


- Really?
- Yeah.

Let's get 'em.



Come on.

I forgive you

for leaving.

I did not ask.

I gave you everything.


You tried to buy me,
like a trick.

Like a goddamn.

And I let you believe you could.

You can't buy me.

You're a bitter, sad, sad man.

You used me.

Because you know
I was afraid to be alone.

What you gonna do?

I'm not gonna
let anybody hurt you.

Or me.

We are gonna be
together for ever.

Is this really the only way up?

Jefe's a paranoid man.


On my Mark.

Go, go.

Put it down.

I'm dead anyway.

And I'm takin' her with me.


No, you're not.

Don't do it.

Go, clear!

You bastard!

That's what you deserve.

You okay?



We gotta go.

We gotta go, guys. Now!

- He's right.
- Come on.



Oh. Hey.

Hey, wait. Wait.
I have to hit the car.


Give me the keys. I'll do it.

Hey, turk, man.
Come on, come on, man.

It's my thing, you know?

It's my thing. Yeah.

But angel's out there.

I'll do the car.

You just stay here.

All right. You're right.
Sorry, sorry, I-here you go.

Let's go.

Stay here.

I mean it.

We will.

You-be careful, okay?

Wait here.

Hey, white boy!

What you think you're doing
with your hands on our car, huh?

Drop it.


Let's go. Open it up.



You look lovely.

So, where's the kid?

Calm down, daddy.

I wanna meet him, come on.

Okay. Okay.

Just stop.

Be nice.

I'm calm.

You have to promise me,
you'll stay calm.

I'm calm. If I were
any more calm, I'd be asleep.

All right?





The boy.


Real quick.

Are you gonna
treat this perfect angel,

like the Princess
and queen that she his?

- Yes, sir.
- Yeah?

I mean,
everything she says is right?


Yes, ma'am. No, ma'am.

How much money
can I get you, ma'am?

All that.


- Really?
- Yes.

- Okay.
- Okay?

Okay. You got my blessing. Yeah.

Okay, honey. Congratulations.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Emma. What are you doing?

You can't see the groom
before the wedding!

Mama, don't be so superstitious.

I am not being superstitious.

Now come on, go get ready.

Did he hit you?

- Not yet.
- Good.

Do me a favor
and go get the groceries for me?

Yes, ma'am.

So how are you?


How are you?


You know-

I'm fine. I'm fine. Why?

Mom, should I put the dress on
now or at the church?

Hey. Maria?



You're a really good child

but this family...
You're a good family.

Really good.

We're all right.

Come here.

Listen to me. Um...

I am so sorry.

Honey, I...
I missed your whole life,

and I'm your dad
and I shouldn't have missed it,

but I did, and I'm sorry.

It's okay, daddy.

You did the best you could.

- I love you.
- You do?

I love you, too.

Oh, shit.


- Dad?
- Yeah?

You stink.


You need to get cleaned up

if you're gonna
walk me down the aisle.

I'll walk you down the aisle?



I got somethin' for you.

Is this dirty money?

It was.

But now that
it's in your pristine hands,

it's not.

- Hey.
- They'll be looking for this.

We won't be safe.

They're not gonna
do anything anymore, you know.

Looking, not looking,
sleeping, you know.

We're free and clear, finally.

Hey, look. I should go.

Um, I have to find a...
Suit, somewhere.

You have a suit.



Upstairs. In the closet.

Sure it's mine?

I thought
you've burned everything.

I guess I missed one.

Maria, really,
in all seriousness,

do you want me to stay?

Do you?

I haven't asked you to leave.



You could have
just asked for these.

- Is this your money?
- No.

I already have mine.

I went shopping.

Do you like my new dress?


That's all your money.

You comin'?

Which way you heading next?

I don't know.

Maybe south.


I was hoping you would say that.

Let's go!


Hey! What the fuck?


Bad boy.

Doesn't feel so good, does it?

I've never felt this good,

my entire life.

Just drive, will you?

Yeah! Come on!