Hush Money (2017) - full transcript

An art teacher's plans fall apart when he kidnaps a ballplayer's daughter to repay a debt to a ruthless mob boss.

You got this
Doug you got this.

Son of a bitch.

Fucking Chuck.

Should be doing
this right now man.

Pick up the phone
pick it up Chuck.

If I know
you leave a message.

If I don't fuck off.

Chuck, what the fuck man,
you were supposed to leave

this door unlocked now fucking...

I ain't got time for
this shit right now.


You got something to say?

Don't you scream
you understand me?

This might hurt a little.


I have to go to the bathroom.

You what?

I have to pee.

Do you think I'm gonna
fall for that shit?

I let you out of here
so you can tinkle,

and you take off
running and screaming

and hollering bloody murder.

Do I look stupid to you?


Use the fucking bathroom yeah
'cause I got time for that.


Come on Chuck, pick
up the phone Chuck.

If I know
you leave a message.

Come on Chuck!

Come on Chuck.

If I know
you leave a message.

Come on man!

let me out of here!

What now.

You can't leave me back
here I can hardly breathe.

Shit happens, deal with it.

Please don't kill
me, I'll be quiet now,

it's just hot in here I'm sorry.

I'll do whatever you say.

Why would I kill you?

Because I've seen your face.

Killer, always, reveals himself

before he murders his victims.



Alright listen, I'm
not gonna hurt you

or anything just.

What is going on with you?

Asthma, it's hard to breathe.

Are you serious?

Okay what do you got like
an inhaler or something?

- In my bag.
- In the bag.

Okay, listen, being in here
is probably not helping.

Okay so, let me get
you out of here,

let me get you some air
to help this breathing.

Let's get you out of here
and get you breathing okay?

Help somebody help!

Please help me.

What is wrong with you huh?

Were you faking that shit?

No I'm really sorry, no
I really do have asthma.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm really sorry.

I just don't know,
I'm just scared.

I'm really sorry,
I'm really sorry.

Don't fuck with me.

You better have a good
fucking explanation man

I mean a good explanation.

You are hanging me
out to dry here.

Alright I
got your message man,

I thought we were
doing it tomorrow.

No man, not tomorrow, today.

This shit is going
down right now.

I am out here in
broad fucking daylight

with the package man.

15 thousand dollars

and all you had to do was leave
a fucking door unlocked man.

Where the hell are you.

Alright calm
down I'm in the middle

of another fucking
deal across town.

Once I finish up
here, I'll come over,

I'll open up and you can get in,

everything will be cool alright?

Okay, how long?

I don't know, do I?

Maybe once I get off
your mum I'll be there

when I get there won't I?


Getting any better yet?

Get down, down I
want you to get down.

All the way, all the way down.

Hey man, do the cops
roll through here often?

Yeah, fucking pigs
are here most days yeah.

Trying to keep the
crack heads out.

But look, change
of plans alright,

something's come up, can't
make it today alright?

Really sorry.

Forget the money,
forget my cut alright?

That is hilarious man,

I'm fucking dying
on the inside man.

The Mancini's are not playing.

You understand I
need this money.

Yeah I know,
I know mate alright.

I'm sorry, this deal just
got a lot more complicated

and I can't leave alright.

I'll tell you what,
I'm gonna call him,

see if I can get you an
extension or something alright?

Naw man they're not gonna
give me another extension,

dude they want
their money today.

Today before the sun
drops that's what he said.

Before the sun drops?

I mean that's what he
said, those exact words?

Yes, those exact words.

Yeah alright,
bring the girl to your house,

hold her there until
I'm done alright

and then I'll come meet you.

You want me?

Man fuck you Chuck!

Please I can't
breathe, I can't breathe.

Hey, hey you're
gonna get us killed.

Your name's Kennedy right?

My name is Doug.

Yeah, I couldn't tell.

I mean this when
I say this okay,

I want you to sleep in
your own bed tonight.

K, I want to sleep
in my own bed too.

Buy you have got to cooperate,

you cannot pull that
shit you pulled earlier,

you understand me?

There's a cop
that's following us.

I think he might pull me over.

Where do you normally
get your prescriptions,

your inhalers?


Scales, what is that?

Scales, it's a
pharmacy downtown.


Alright, whatever.

Look I'm gonna get you
that inhaler alright,

get up off the floor.

Not too fast, alright
just keep your head down.


Now lay your head on
that seat right there.

Now if he pulls me over,

you don't do anything stupid
you understand alright?

You just let me do the talking,

and you just try to get your
breathing under control.

If you try anything I'm
pulling this trigger

and somebody's going to die.

And the cop, he
might have a family.

Now you have a family,
I've got a family.

I've got a family.

If you so much as
blink the wrong way,

somebody's not going to
see their family tonight

and that's on you,
you understand me?

Alright Doug you can do this.

Do you have my money?

You're not getting
shit you inbred bastard.

Let me talk to my
fucking daughter.


Get your
hands out of your pants

and put my daughter
on the damn phone.

No we talk money first.

Oh fuck you, I
ain't talking shit with you.

Okay, thank you for calling.

License please.


what's the problem.

You were
driving awful damn fast.

Yeah just trying to...

Douglas Shaw.

Didn't I just see
you at the warehouse?

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

A few
minutes ago I saw a car

that looks just like this.


It wasn't me.

Is she okay?

Yeah no it's fine
it's my daughter,

that's what I'm
trying to tell you.

I was on my way to
her school to take her

and then this started happening

just started having
trouble breathing you know.

You know I can give you
an escort to the hospital

you don't have to
drive like that.

No no no, I can't
afford an ER visit,

it's way too expensive.

If I just get her home,
we've got an inhaler.

Once we get that
it clears right up.

We just gotta get
home that's all.

Well I'm gonna
have to write you a citation.

Yeah I understand.

Anytime you're going
more than 10 over the limit

we're gonna pull you over.

Okay yeah I got it.

take care of her.

I will thank you.

Sorry about that, like
I said I'm in a hurry.

Just trying to get her home.

Thanks again officer.

What's your date of birth?

Come on you gotta
try and tell me.

One, four.

Okay, okay.

Okay hang in there alright,
I'll be right back.

- I
- can help who's next.


are you doing today?

I'm good thank you, I
just need to get an inhaler

for Kennedy Joseph.

Sure do you have
a Scales loyalty...

No I don't, I'm
really in a hurry.

I can save you five percent...

I really just need to
get the inhaler please.

Date of birth?

It's January 4th, 2003.

- Same insurance as before?
- Yeah.

Hold on.

It says you're early on
your refill Mr. Joseph.

You're not due
for another month.

Yeah she lost the
other one, you know kids.


The total is 21.58.

That's 20, it's all I got.

The total is 21.58.

Listen I got Kennedy
out in the car right now,

she's having an asthma attack,

I really just need to get this.

I'm sorry to hear that.

If you need to use the
phone to call an ambulance.

She'll be dead
before they get here.

Listen, I can come back
later okay, I'll come back,

I'll give you the dollar 58.

I just really need
to get this now.

You gotta be kidding
me, fuck this.


This is how you treat a
kid that's almost died?


I don't need your
attitude alright,

I just saved your life.

Oh, thank you
mister kidnapper.

Thanks for saving my life.

You really see nothing
wrong with that?


Hi I'm
just letting you know...

Help, help!

Hang on for
me one second just.

Somebody help!


What's that
screaming in the background?


Yeah it sounds
like somebody's yelling.

Um, oh yeah no no,
that's a customer you know,

complaining about their service.

It just seems like every car

in the city's having
problems today.

Anyways what's up?

So did you
figure anything out?

You mean for the house?

Yeah the house.

I'm doing everything that I can,

what are you doing?

I'm working, and I'm trying

to sell these
paintings and stuff.

Doug, you
make nine dollars an hour.

And we actually lost money
at that art show last month.

Okay, I mean what
do you want me to do,

I'm trying everything
here, you know.

- I
- don't know anymore.

I don't think you're
trying hard enough.

I talked to Chelsea today,

do you remember Chelsea?

Yeah, with freckles.


Well, her husband Paul
manages a large hedge fund

and he's actually
looking for an assistant.

They said you don't
need any experience.

They could get you in for an
interview, like right away.

What do you think?

Rebecca, we've
tried this before.

You know I don't
do good in a tie.

Okay but come on,

it could be different this time.

It's gotta be better than trying

to be the oil changing Picasso.

Yeah is there anything
else, 'cause I gotta go.

No, I'll
just see you at home.


What the hell is wrong with
you screaming like that?

What am I supposed
to do, just sit here

and wait for you to
rape and kill me?


Why do you think?

What kind of person do
you think that I am?

Uh a kidnapper.

I'm not,

listen I don't,

I don't,

just shut up man!

Well what are you
gonna do when my mom

doesn't give into your demands?

That's your mother.

A mother will do anything
for their child right?

You've never
met Olivia Joseph.

I'm surprised she's not on
Baseball Wives or something.

She'd give me up in a second.

If it meant she could
continue to buy Prada.


We'll see.

It looks
absolute puke, no way.


Do you have my money?

You are
as dumb as you sound

using that bullshit accent.

Let me speak to my daughter.

There will be plenty of time

to speak to your daughter.

Once I get my money.

Fucking idiot, I
already told you I'm not pay...

That was good,
that was really good,

really believable I
mean the squirming,

everything it was really good.

Whatever it takes, I just
want this nightmare to end.

What did my mom say?

She's gonna
give me the money.


What are still doing
here, just take me to her.

You'll get the money.

It's not that simple okay?

I'm gonna need a minute, I
just need a minute to think,

okay I just gotta think.

So what are you gonna do?

Where'd you get those?

Don't worry about it.


Hey, I got a package
for a Douglas Shaw.

Who's it from?

I don't know I just
need you to sign for it.

It's Alfonzo Mancini.

If I can just get
you to sign for it.

Why were you looking
through my window?

I was just making
sure anybody wasn't home

before I take it back to base.

Open it.

Actually I can't open it,
you have to sign for it.

Just open the package.

If you sign for it, you
can do whatever you want to

with this package.

Open it.

No, I'm not gonna open it.

If I can just get
you to sign for the.

Yeah, it's that kind of day.

Look man, there's has got to
be something we can work out.

Just let me go man,
you don't need me.

I'm not even a part of this,

I don't even know
who Alfonzo is.

Just let me go,
you can trust me.

Look at me, look.

Shut up.

But bro, whatever
you're doing here.

You got me in these sheets man.

Look, Doug, it's
Doug, Doug, Doug,

look, I got a
brother named Doug.

I don't even know
this little girl.

I don't care about here.

I've never seen her in my life.

I won't even see her,

I won't even see you again
Doug, just let me go.

Look I never saw you man,

I don't even know who you are.

Just cut me, just let me loose,

and you'll never see me again.

I'll just say I
lost the package.

You there?

Look I don't even
want this job man.

I tried to quit last week.

You'll never see me
again I promise you.

I don't even
remember this house.

Doug just let me go,
yes, just cut me, let me,

and then I'll be gone I promise.

Promise, just cut,
just don't, don't.

I said shut up.


This is your fault.

What ever.

I just really have
to use the bathroom.

Are we seriously
on that shit again?

Naw, you go in your pants.


On your dining room
chair, your kitchen floor?

I didn't think you
were one of those.

No, I'm not okay, I'm gonna
turn around that's fine.

Would you just hurry up
and don't try anything.

So, what are
you gonna do with him,

and how are you
gonna get the money.

What do you care?

I care
because I want to go home.

And the sooner you
get what you want.

I'm gonna have her put
the money in a trash can

out in a public place, and
then I'm gonna go get it

when the coast is clear.

that's got to be

the dumbest plan ever.

How much money are
you asking for anyway?

Would you just hurry up,
I thought you had to go.

Um, this
is embarrassing,

I can't go with you in here.

You're gonna need to figure
it out, just let it flow.

But I
gotta number two.

Okay, I'm gonna
wait outside alright,

you've got five minutes.

Okay let's go, come
on let's go, times up.

Come on time's up.

Hey, let's go.

Oh shit.

No no no no.



I know
you got my gift.


just a reminder.

Tell me Doug, is this
gonna be a good day,

or a bad day.

Listen I'm working on
getting the money today okay?

I'm gonna get it today.

Today, that's good,
because that's all you got.

You know my number.

Call me when you get the money,

and I'll tell you
where the drop is.

Okay, I'll call you
as soon as I get it.

I know, because
if I have to call you again,

it's too late.

Before the sun drops Doug.

Help, is anybody
home, help me!

You've gotta help me please,

you've got to help me.

Yes, how can I help you?

Please, ma'am please help.

No that's fine,
my daughter and I

are having a bit of
a family dispute.

You had me so
worried, don't ever...

This man is not my father.

He's kidnapped me.

Why would you say
something like that, listen.

You know kids these days right,

I'm sorry that we brought our
family drama to your doorstep.

Do you know that
you're bleeding?

Please, you've got to help me.

That doesn't look
good, you should come in

I can help you, I
used to be a nurse.

No, no no, it's fine,
I was working I slipped.

Or the delivery guy
just kicked your ass.

What did I tell you
about talking like that.

Listen, no I'm
sorry, we need to go.

No, no, wait.

You two seem pretty rattled.

I think maybe you should
stay with me for awhile,

you could take a
walk, calm down,

and when you get back, the two
of you could work through it.

That sounds like a great idea.

No, with all due
respect, I don't know you.

I'm not very comfortable leaving
my daughter alone with you.

Okay but I could
call the police.

This does look
rather concerning,

or the two of you could come in

and discuss it over tea
like civilized people.

Plus I will get a chance
to practice my stitching.

Now don't be rude, I insist.

Yeah, Dad don't be rude.

Come on in, it's fine.

Ma'am I really need
to use the phone.

Now don't mind my
son, he works nights.

Catches naps when he can.

This man...

Just sit down and shut up.

Oh I'll just be right there.

Okay, alright here we go now.

Now I'll see if I can
get that closed up.

Seriously I need
to use your phone.

Now where did I
leave that sewing kit.

Boy you two look like
you've had a rough day.

Ma'am listen, we'd
really rather just take

our little disagreement
somewhere else.

No no, you
go ahead and drink up.

Calm down, work through it.

But ma'am please.

Would you stop it.

Listen you gotta trust me okay?

I need this.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

But I need this.

Understand me?

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Just sit down.

Drink your tea and we'll
get out of here okay.

I promised you that
you're gonna sleep

in your own bed tonight
and I meant that.


Your Dad makes millions,
he's not gonna miss it,

but I need this.

I need this.

You and your little
girl having some trouble?

Ma always gets the iced tea
out when there's trouble.

I'm Ray by the way.

Little bit of trouble
yeah, but we'll be okay.

That's good.

I have a little girl too.

She's sick though.

You gotta cherish
the moments you got.

And just...

Well I found the
sewing kit, there we are.

Let's get you over on the sofa
so we can get you stitched up

yes that's it, right
there's good, oh perfect.

Alrighty then, let's see.

Let me get you a
little lump here.

Now when I get the needle out

I need you to hold really still.

Now when I get this
needle up near your eye

I need you to hold really still.

I haven't done this
too much lately,

so my hands aren't quite as
steady as they used to be

but we'll get you
all stitched up.


There we go.

All better.



You gotta be kidding me.

Did you take
care of the other one?

Just gonna
do it tonight.

I want you
to take this bag down

and put it in the icebox.

In a minute Mom.

Think this is gonna work?

I sure hope so, we
can't keep doing this.

Hurry up Ma, get the stuff.

What are you doing, let me go.

Let me go.

What is this.

Calm down little
one, just calm down.

It's alright, just
calm down, stay still.

Calm down, now calm down.

Whatever the hell
you think you're doing,

you're gonna stop it right now.

Untie her let her go.

Calm down this
will only take a minute.

No shut the fuck
up and untie her now.

Listen I
have a little girl.

I don't give a shit!

You guys are fucking sick.

Untie her now!

Hurry up.

What am I supposed to do?


You think you're
better than me?

You don't think I heard about
you kidnapping her and shit?

You ain't no better than me,
you ain't no better than me!

Get down!

At least someone's
day's getting better.

Not again.

This being tied down to a chair

is a little much right now.

It's bad enough that
I'm wearing this.

One or two?


So, are you gonna go after him?

I don't have
time to roam the streets

looking for a delivery guy.

Last time I took a
drink from a stranger.

Just drink it.

Look you look weak, I
don't know how much blood

they took from you.

Exactly why I think
this being tied down thing

is a little much right now.

Those people were crazy.

You don't know the half of it.

It's a hell of a
day we're having.

They're just trying to
save their little girl.

You really need
that money, don't you?


Owe money to the wrong people.

Wrong people?

There's a rumor about the
guy that I owe money to.

The rumor is that he once
cut a guys thumbs off

because that guy
owed him 50 bucks.

I owe him a lot
more than 50 bucks.

You know its easy
to borrow money.

And some people make
it easier than others,

but it is never that
easy to pay it back.

I just lost my job.

I was an art teacher at Metro.

Teachers don't make
shit but it was a job.

At least I still got
to be involved in art.

And then they cut the program.

One thing led to another and
things just started piling up.

We got behind,

and things just start
to get so heavy that,

just feels like you're drowning.

That asshole I was
talking to earlier,

he introduced me to some people.

I borrowed some money.

And I thought I could improve
my situation by gambling it.

God I was stupid.

The winning, winning
felt like hope.

I lost more than I won though.

But it always felt
like that next win

was right around the corner.

In fact if,

if your dad hadn't have
missed that fly ball

in the divisional series we
wouldn't even be here right now.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul

is never a good
situation to be in.

Anyways I wouldn't expect
a spoiled little rich girl

like you to understand.


you blame my dad for everything?

No, it just kind
of happened this way.

Hell of a coincidence though.

Is it hard for you?

Your dad gone so much?

It's not about how much
time I get with him,

it's about the type of
time I get with him,

the quality, quantity thing.

About fucking time.

I was just getting
ready to call the cops

on your kid snatching ass.

What took you so long.

Your patience has saved
your daughter from much harm.

I am ready to make exchange.

I give you a dime

of my husband's money, I
want to know she's okay.


Are you hurt?

I hope to got he
hasn't touched you.

No it's not like that.

What the hell,
do you have any idea

how shitty my day's been?

City park, put the
money in a black duffle bag

and hid it discreetly in
one of the trash cans there.

If anything fishy goes
down, you can explain

to your husband why you'll
never see your daughter again.

You've got one hour.

How am
I supposed to get

that much cash in an hour.

You've had all day,

I'm sure you'll
figure something out.

I'm surprised she's actually
going through with it.

Seems like the prime
opportunity to get rid of me

and not have it be her fault.

Why would your mom
want to get rid of you?

She's not my real mom.

Where's your real mom?

Never really met her, perks
of being spoiled rich kid.

It's a beautiful
painting, your daughter?


That's how I still see her.

She's a little
younger than you are.

I remember every brush stroke.

I remember every
detail, every mistake.

I remember every day I spent
trying to get it just right.

What's her name.

she's the best thing

that ever happened to me.

I paint to, it's nothing
as good as this though.

My style's more abstract,
kind of like Guston meets


You know Guston?

Yeah, my favorite of his
is Smoking, Painting, Eating.

It's a little out
there but I like it.

Yeah I like that
one, I like that one.

Do you know Couple in Bed?

What, Couple in Bed, no I
don't think if seen that one.

You don't know Couple
in Bed, oh my god.

It's a statement, a
statement about the strains

he put on his marriage
as he was trying

to balance his career as
an artist with dealing

with financial hardships.

Wow I get it,
the paint brushes,

wearing his shoes in bed.

He probably made a
fortune on that one.

I doubt it.

You sell your work?

I try.

There's just not
many people lining up

to but art from an
unknown painter.

You know my wife says that
if I put half the energy

that I do into my
art, into a real job,

I could actually make
something out of myself.

She just, she just
doesn't get it you know,

she just doesn't understand.

Sounds like my mom.

Your wife and her should
get an apartment together?


Meaning that they're similar,

they have a knack for
tearing people down.

Nevermind, can you move me
closer to your painting?


Your wife may not understand
it but I do, I get it.

You should work harder
to sell your paintings.

You're kind of a genius.

I bet people would pay a
lot for something like this.

People don't pay
for art anymore.

Everybody expects it free on
the internet or something.

Music, movies, beautiful
abstract desktop wallpaper,

nobody pays for that shit.

Besides I don't think
my wife would be okay

with me sitting around
painting all day

while she works at a
quote unquote real job.

What does she do?

She's a nurse.

Ugh I hate nurses.

Hey hey man I
think you got my bag.

I don't think so.

No no no did you find it
in that trashcan over there?

Listen a friend of mine
left it for me over there.

What kind of
friends you got dude?

Finders keepers, losers weepers.

You better start weeping buddy.

Don't play games with me man
I'm having a really bad day.

I'm having a really bad
day too mother fucker,

but you're gonna a lot worse
day if your fucking with me.

Okay wait wait, do you
even know what's in this bag?

Do you even know
what's in this bag?

I don't give a fuck.

Listen I'm gonna take this
motherfucker over to Garbles,

I'm gonna sell this motherfucker,
sell the shit in it,

for 50 bucks.

Okay, okay okay,
I get it, 50 bucks.

I'll give you a hundred bucks.

I'll give you a hundred
bucks right now,

just give me the bag.

Alright a hundred bucks
right now mother fucker,

man up, man up, man up.

Okay, no no no,
you give me the bag

and then I'll pay you.

You think I was
born yesterday?

Just give me the fucking
bag and I'll pay you!

Okay look look, just look.

Look in the bag.

Look in the bag okay.

Look in the bag and
I'll pay you okay?

Holy shit.

No listen to me I
need this fucking money!


So when were
you gonna tell me Doug?

Tell you what?

I've been
trying to call you,

why haven't you been
answering your phone?

I'm busy, I'm at work.

Work, stop
fucking lying to me.

I tried your cell,
then I called your work

and they told me you
were fired a month ago.

I just don't even care
any more to be honest.

Look, Sophie's not at
school, is she with you?

No, Sophia's not with me.

was there earlier,

I dropped her off
like I always do.

Look so, they haven't
called you at all?


So you have no
idea where my fucking child is.

You are such a fuck up I
am going to the school.

Come on come on.

We're sorry,
this mailbox is full.


We're sorry,
this mailbox is full

and cannot take new messages.


I guess the plan worked?

You didn't kill anyone did you?

You think I killed somebody?

I don't know, you
carry that gun around,

you come back covered in blood.

It's been a crazy day,

I don't know what...

Take it.

Pull the trigger.

Stop it what are you doing?

Pull the trigger.


You think I'm some kind of
pedophile kidnapping murderer,

then you can end this okay.

Pull the fucking trigger!

No stop it.

I said pull the
fucking trigger!

Do it again.

You see?

It's fake.

It's all fake.

We're sorry,
this mailbox is full.

I didn't kill
anybody, okay alright?

I hurt him, alright,
I hurt him really bad.

But he had something
that could make

my piece of shit life
just a little bit better.

You see this, I don't
give a fuck about this!

I don't give a shit about,

all I want is for my
daughter to be safe,

and for my wife not to
have to worry about money,

and bills and shit.

I don't give a fuck about this!

Pick up the god damn phone.

Hello, Doug?


Hey man listen, I've
been trying to call you,

I got your money.

Did you take my daughter?

man I hate to do it

but it was for
insurance purposes.

You know how that goes, but
you got the money, that's good.

Bring it down to Astorians,
down on Broadway.

And I'll have one of my guys
drop your little girl off.

No no no Alfonzo listen
to me, I got your money.

I did, I got it, but I can't
get it to you right now.

I need you to come and get it.

It's here, it's at my house,

it is on my living
room floor okay?

that's not the deal,

you got to bring it to me.

You still got to get
it before the deadline.

I suggest you hurry though.

Yeah no no...


Douglas Shaw, open up!

Douglas Shaw, come out
or we're coming in.

Did you actually
think that would work?

Destroying the tracker?

Just a heads up, we got snipers.

Listen, I've had a rough
week and I don't want

the amount of paperwork
that comes along

with a dead suspect.

Douglas Shaw!

Are you
gonna answer the door?

Boy you've been busy today.

Kidnapped the daughter
of Francisco Joseph,

abduct an assault a
career delivery driver,

not to mention beat a man
half to death in city park?

- Oh there are...
- Who is this?

Oh, I apologize
let me introduce myself.

Agent Shawn Wallace, FBI.


You've got 15
seconds to surrender!

Just let me go Doug.

If you come in here, I
will slit this girl's throat!

You will not fuck with me!

I'm gonna
let this one slide.

You know, you're
stressed, I get it.

No, you don't get it.

This is how this is gonna work.

I have this girl, and as
long as I have this girl,

you assholes aren't
gonna do shit.

Do you understand?

If you try anything,
I will shoot her.

Or I will cut her so so bad,
do you understand me Wallace?

Proof of life.

I need to know that you
haven't hurt her already.


Are you hurt?

No I'm okay.

She's good, and if you
want her to stay good,

you will do exactly what I say.

do you want Doug?

Safe passage.

I'm taking the girl out of here.

And when I get to my
destination, I will call you

and I will give you my wear
abouts so you can pick her up.

So I'm just
supposed to let you go.

What other choice do you have.

Well I could
send a few of my best men

in through the front
door, guns blazing

and when the smoke clears we
can see who's left standing.

Yeah, you gonna put the
girl in that kind of risk?

not my first choice.

But if you're going
to force my hand.

I'm leaving Wallace, and
I'm taking the girl with me

and there ain't shit
you can do about it.

The last thing you want
is Kennedy Joseph's face

splattered all over
the evening news dead

because you got a
little too prideful.

Come on, let's go.

Where, where are we going?

We have to get the
money to these guys okay?

Just don't do anything stupid?

You think I'm stupid,
is that what you think?

You think I'm dumb?

I have a plan okay.

I had a better fucking
plan than this one,

but you're right, it's stupid.

All of it, but
what am I gonna do?


What am I supposed to do,
they got my little girl!

They have her, and they
are gonna kill her,

do you understand.

They are gonna kill her
and I can't let that.

Let her go!

Back up!

Let her go!

Back the fuck up!

you're making a mistake!

let the girl go.

Back off!

Let go of the girl.

I'm not letting her go!

Get out of my fucking way!

I said move!

alright there Doug.

Sorry about the fuck
up there earlier mate.

I managed to get
everything sorted out.

So if you want to meet up now,

I can let you in
the spot alright?

making it worse for yourself,

let the girl go and
step out of the car.

This isn't going to end well.

Doug let the girl go.

Stop please, they aren't
just gonna let us leave.

No no no no listen to me.

I got the money.

the sun is down.

I'm a business man, and
I gotta do things right.

Don't worry about the money,
your debt is paid now.

No, no Alfonzo listen to me,
I got the fucking money okay.

I just need a little more time.

I'm sorry Doug, I really
am, but you're not here.

I gotta be a man of my word.

A deals a deal.

But Doug, I want you to know
that I made sure it was quick,

she didn't feel nothing.

I'm sorry.

No, no Alfonzo
you listen to me!

I got your fucking money okay!

I got the money I just
need more time please!

Please, please Alfonzo,
you can't fucking do this!

No no no!

The number
you have reached,

has been disconnected.

we will shoot you

if you do not surrender.

I'm in a car.

Outside the house I can see you.

What the fuck is going on?

You didn't hurt that
little girl did you?

You know where
Sophie is don't you?

I called everybody and.

This isn't going to end well.

Doug, let the girl go.

Doug listen
they will kill you.


Say something.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry, I fucked up.

I fucked up so bad.

I'm sorry.

It's peaceful.

I suppose, those wings
when I look at it.

Yes, that's what makes it
art, that's the beauty of it.

What do you feel
when you look at it?

Just freedom.

It's amazing.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for all the trouble
that I caused you today.

Doug, just turn yourself in.

I'll tell them that
your aren't a bad guy.

I'll tell them how you
saved me from those people.

Just stop okay, just stop.

Doug this
is your last warning.

Let the girl go and
get out of the car.

I've been trying
to sell this painting

and I've never been able to.

Now I'm not at all
spiritual or superstitious,

but I believe that I
painted this for a reason.

That it was meant to be here,

it was meant to
be here right now.

I want you to have it.


Just take it.

When you get out of the car,
you run back to the police,

and you don't look back.


You're free okay, just go.

What are you gonna...

I said just go, please!


She safe?

safe, now step out slowly.

Put your gun down Doug,
put your hands in the air!

It's been an
incredible run for the Rockies

of late and a lot of
that is contributed

to the way Francisco
Joseph has been playing.

Last night he was three
for four at the plate,

one home run and two RBI's.

You know
ever since the horrifying

event a few weeks ago,
with the kidnapping

of his daughter Kennedy,
he has been playing

like a man possessed.

What a remarkable story.

The police were able
to rescue his daughter,

after a violent shootout
with the perpetrator.

She's now safely secure

and her father is
on a phenomenal run.