Hush Little Baby (2017) - full transcript

Between working full-time, raising a young son, and trying to maintain a relationship with her detached husband, James, Lauren Bell desperately needs some help in watching her newborn, Riley. Thinking she's found the perfect solution, she hires her neighbor, Owen, to be their nanny. Owen is exactly what the Bells need and Lauren couldn't be happier. It isn't long, though, until Owen crosses the boundaries between hired help and man of the house. He begins spying on Lauren and drives a wedge between Lauren and James' already fragile marriage. As his unhealthy obsession with Riley and Lauren continues to grow, it's clear that he will stop at nothing to make sure his new family stays together forever.

♪ Hush little baby

♪ Don't say a word

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a mockingbird ♪

♪ If that mockingbird
won't sing ♪

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a diamond ring ♪

♪ And if that diamond ring
turns brass ♪

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a looking glass ♪

♪ And if that looking glass
gets broke ♪

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a billy goat ♪

♪ And if that billy goat
won't pull ♪

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a cart and bull ♪

♪ And if cart and bull
turn over ♪

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a dog named Rover ♪

♪ And if that dog
causes a racket ♪

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a bloody hatchet ♪



Carter, breakfast!


Take your fire,
take your fire.




You just got me
shot in the face.

Breakfast is ready.
You're gonna be late for school.

Round's almost over.
Can I just get a few more kills?

Sure, we could do that.

I could also hop on the headset
and tell your friends

what a wonderful, thoughtful,
handsome boy you are.

Don't be obscene.

Come on, little man.

- Have a nice day, boys.
- Bye.

- Mom.
- Bye, Mrs. Bell.


Almost made it through
a full load this time.

I thought dad fixed it.

So did I.


Hi, baby.

Oh, ho, come here.

Oh, ho, ho.

♪ Hush little baby

♪ Don't say a word

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a mockingbird ♪

♪ And if that mockingbird
don't sing ♪

Hey, mom!

It's 10:45, and dad isn't
gonna drive me to school.



Mom, have you seen my lunch?

- It's in the fridge.
- No, it's not.

Yes, it is.

Yeah, here we go.

Good morning.

Hey, you're late.

I know,
I'm sorry.

I still haven't gotten
used to the alarm.

- Really?
- Oh.

Hi, baby.

Turtle kiss.

Well, kiddo,
you ready for school?

It's okay,
I'll take him.

- No, it's okay, I'll do it.
- It's fine, James.

I already got Riley
in the car seat.

You're gonna be late
for your pitch.

So just go to work.

I'll be in the car.

Hey, I'm sorry.

You said you were
gonna fix the dryer.

I know. I will.

I can't be the
only one trying here.

And the latch on
the front door is broken.

I'll do it tonight, okay?
I promise.

If you say so.

No, no, no, stop.
How long are we gonna do this?

There's coffee in the pot.

Ha ha.

- Hey.
- You're late.

Meeting's not for
another 20 minutes.

And what about prep?

We've been
busting our ass

on this pitch for the
last six months. We're ready.

Besides, knowing you, you've
been here for the past two hours

color coding
our talking points.

Well, you have 20 minutes
to memorize.

Oh, wow.

I appreciate
the level of crafting

that went into
making these, but...

we're good.

Lauren, the logo
that you designed works fine.

I was just hoping for something
a little more

I don't know, creative?

Okay, well...

I can definitely
mock up some alternatives.



You there?

Whoa! Oh.

I'm-I'm-I'm right here.

I'm okay.

I am right here.

Yeah, Gina, sorry.

I am here.

Okay, so...

What were you looking for?
Maybe you have some

inspirational images
you could send me.

Yeah. Yeah. I'd love to
send you my Pinterest page.

I think it'll give you a better
sense of what I'm looking for.

I am emailing you the link now.


Lauren, are you sure that you're
ready to take on this project?

I mean, I know that
things are busy at home

with the baby
and everything.


I'm a 100 percent ready.

And I'm looking at your
Pinterest page right now.

It's beautiful.

Totally get what
you're goin' for.

Great, yeah.

Alright, so I definitely
want something

that has the feeling of movement

but is
captured in still image.

So, when people see it,
I want them to think...


Movement. Dancer.

Gina, you've given me
so much to work with

I'd love to just process it and
get back to you later, okay?

Yeah, sure.

Okay, bye.

♪ Hush little baby

♪ Don't say a word




- Yes.
- Ha ha ha.

To big brother.

You two, well done.

I have some very lucrative
paperwork to draw up.



- Yeah.
- Umm...

You, you, you seriously did a...
You did a great job.

You really did
a good job in there.

- Thank you.
- Tsk.


Ah, look, I...

I know that this contract is
gonna require a lot of work.

Lot of overtime,
late nights.

Yes, I'm-I'm...
I can do that.

Okay, good,
I just wanted to make sure.

Um, and...

and I know I've said this
a hundred times

but I'm so, so sorry for...


- I need to...
- Oh, yeah.




I got here as fast as I could.

Is everything okay?

Mr. Bell,
I'm Detective Schneider.

Did your wife fill you in
on what happened?

Umm, a little,
but I'm confused.

Did somebody try to
break into the house?

Well, no, there was
no sign of forced entry.

But are you aware that the latch
on your front door is broken?

Yeah, and the... glass door
won't shut, I...

I know.

A crawler and a door
that won't close?

But what about the woman?


There was a woman, singing.

I-I heard her
on the baby monitor.

When I went up to the nursery

no one was, was there.

I heard a voice,
I'm not crazy.

I believe you.

Right now, all evidence
is pointing to

you're being the victim of
a baby monitor hack.

With these older models,
it's pretty easy.

You can hop on the channel
with a walkie-talkie.

Why would somebody do that?

A prank?

Again, it wouldn't be
the first time.

And honestly, you were lucky
it got you to check on Riley

before she crawled
into the street.

And thankfully, Owen arrived
to grab her when he did.

Our old neighbor,
Owen Leary?

Yeah, he
stopped by just in time.

Hi, James.

Hi, Owen.

Thank you. I-I hear that
we owe you big time.

- I'm just glad I was here.
- Thank God you were here.

Yeah, it could have
been a lot worse.

Now, unfortunately,
there's no way to

track or prosecute
a hack like this.

I suggest upgrading
to a newer model

to keep it from happening again.

And it wouldn't hurt
to invest in

a password-protected
video monitor.

Keep an eye on
that little devil.

Make sure she doesn't
make a run for it.

We will.
Thank you, detective.

Is there
anything else you need?

No. But, Owen,
let's review that statement.

Yeah, yeah, okay.


- Again, thank you.
- Yeah.

No problem.

Give me a call
if there's another hack.

And, uh... fix these doors.

So, you think
it was just a hack?

I don't know.

Maybe, I guess?

I just can't believe Riley
could get out like that.

And I didn't even notice.

It's not your fault.

Yes, it is.

I have been treading
so much water lately.

Let me back ya.

We can make this work.

I'm sure they need you
back at the office.

I'm not the one who wanted this.

Neither did I.


What's goin' on?

Check it out.

You f,
you fixed our door?

Yeah, after I talked
to the detective

I hit up the...
hardware store, and...

Front door that doesn't
stay close, no good.

Uh, did Lauren
ask you to do that?

Ah, she didn't put me to work
or anything, but...

after what happened

I couldn't just leave it broken.


- Well...
- Oh.

Here you are, sir.

Thank you.

- Hey, dad.
- Hey, buddy.

So, uh, Owen's
back in town, huh?

Yeah, winter break.

That's great.

Umm, is your mom around?

She's out back,
doing laundry.

Oh, boy.

Feeling really bad about
that dryer right now.

Well, you can help,
if it makes you feel better.

Ran into Owen.

Looks like he's
got the door fixed.

Yeah, that was nice of him.

I was gonna fix it.

I know.

But now you don't have to.

He helped me pick out
a nanny cam today too.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

Set it up and everything.

He can install it
on your laptop

if you wanna keep
an eye on Riley.

Seems like he's been
quite the help today.

He has.

I wanted to talk
to you about that.

I'm... I wanna ask him
to help out around the house.


I know he needs the money,
and honestly...

ahem, we need the help.

So, you want him to
be our nanny.

- Manny.
- Manny?

He used to watch
Carter all the time.

Don't you remember
how good he was?

And Carter loves him.

I don't know.


I need someone around here.

And I've known Owen practically
his whole life.

I used to babysit him.

Okay, look, if that's what you
want, then let's ask him.

Thank you.

Actually, I was thinking about
asking him tonight over dinner.

I know it's kind of
a big decision, so...

maybe you wanna
come over and...

we can ask him together.

Yeah, I'd-I'd like that.

Hey, Lauren,
the oven just went off.

Thanks, I'll be right in.


What are you doing for dinner?

Wow! Seriously, Lauren, this,
this is incredible.

Oh, it's really nothing special.

Are you kidding?
This is heaven.

I've been eating ramen off of
a hot plate for the last month.

College sounds terrible.

So, how's it goin'?
You still studying music?

Yeah, it's been good.
Pretty busy.

Tryin' to write my own stuff
between classes.

That's amazing.

Well, don't go gushing
until you've heard it.

So, Owen, are you
just passing through

or are you gonna stay
for a little while?

No, I'll-I'll be here. I'm
staying at my mom's in Blaine.

So, not too far away.

Oh, I miss Beth.
How is she doin'?

I've barely talked to her
since you guys moved.

Oh, she's been better.

She had an accident at work
a few weeks ago

so, been mostly in bed since.

But luckily, campus is
only half an hour away

so I've been able to
finish finals

and take care of her.

I'm so sorry, that's awful.

Maybe I'll give her a call.

Yeah, she, uh...

she'd like that.

I think I might take next
semester off

and help around the house.

'Cause I doubt she'll be going
back to work anytime soon.


you guys hear of anyone looking
to hire a struggling musician

without a degree

let me know.

Actually, we were thinking...

You really saved us today.

How would you feel about
helping out

around the house
like you used to?

- Really?
- Definitely.

We could use
an extra set of hands.

We could start up
guitar lessons again.

I suck.
Like, really bad.

Of course, I would love to.

Well, this is cause
for celebration.

I'll get the champagne.

None for you.

Well, looks like
we have our Manny.

Thank you for being
so supportive of this.

Of course, it's...

whatever's best for the family.
That's all I want.

And now you have
that nanny cam app

so you can
keep an eye on things.

Well, I better get to bed.

Things are gonna start revving
up at work.

We, um, we got that contract.

James, that's great.


Which means we're probably
gonna have a lotta

late nights again.

Kiss the kids goodnight
for me.

I got you, sweetie.


Guess it works.

Okay, honey.

♪ Hush little baby

♪ Don't say a word

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a mockingbird ♪

I'm sorry.
I-I knocked, but...

That's okay.

Just jumpy, I guess.

We can holster
that left hook.

I'm here now.

I see that freelancing
is going strong.


It has its ups and downs

but, goin' steady.

I'm not surprised,
that is really good.

I thought so too.

But my client isn't so enthused.

That's what happens when
art meets commerce, right?

But don't worry
about it too much

'cause you're
a real artist and

you'll come up with
something brilliant.

In the meantime, I'll get
started on cleaning the house.

You don't have to do that.

It's cool.

You hired me to help
so just let me help.

Besides, cleaning is like a
Zen practice for me.

Opens up the airways.

Gets creative juices flowin'.


Zen away.

♪ Coming up all over me

♪ Come on baby be my queen

♪ Take it to the
end of the line ♪

♪ Come on baby
be my queen ♪

♪ Take your time

♪ Yeah make a man out of me

♪ Baby make a man out of me

♪ Whoo ♪ Make a man out of me

♪ Baby make a man out of me


I can't remember the last time
somebody else cooked dinner.

I know it isn't
exactly cuisine, but...

hopefully it's edible.

It's great.
Thank you.

Well, it's a shame James
couldn't join us.

Sorry, I shoulda
told you earlier.

He's, um, not usually
here for dinner.

Oh. The work
keeps him pretty late?


May I be excused?

Oh, you don't want any more?

Not hungry.

I'm sorry,
did I say something?

No, it's,
it's not your fault.

We've all been going through
some adjustments lately

and we're still figuring it out.


Carter mentioned
something earlier.

Obviously, it's none
of my business

but I don't wanna say something
that'll make it worse.

He talked to you about it?

What did he say?

I don't know, Lauren, um...


I know he acts like
it doesn't bother him, but...

I'm worried.

He won't talk to me about it.

You got something to drink?

Carter didn't tell me a lot.

Just that you guys were...

y-you know...


- Yeah.
- It's okay, you can say it.

It's, it's weird,
'cause you guys...

You always seemed like the
happiest couple on the block.

We were.

And then...

he got distant.

He started working later
and later and...

There is a girl at his office.



Lauren, I'm, I'm sorry.

Yeah, me too.

When we had Riley, I thought
things'll get back to normal.

But... Maybe maybe they still
will, who knows?

Seems like he's trying harder.

I am sorry to unload
all this on you.


It's, it's okay, really.

If you wanna talk,
I'm always happy to listen.

I don't think Carter's
the only one

acting like it
doesn't bother him.

And if you ignore it

it's just gonna make
things worse.

When did you grow up so much?

You are not the boy
I used to babysit.

No, I'm not.



Evening, James.

Oh, I should go check on her.

- You need help?
- Oh, no, I got it.

What's that?

Aw. Crying baby.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

- Excuse me! Hey!
- What?

Keep it down, please.

There's baby inside
trying to sleep.

Give me a break, kid.

What the hell!

What? Oh, come on.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just dealing with Gina.

I've been killing myself
with these designs for her

and she doesn't like
any of them.

What you need is a break,
some fresh air.

Yeah, maybe I'll take the yacht
out for a spin.

I'm serious. Go get outta here.
Grab lunch with a friend.

- I can't.
- Why not?

Carter's at school,
I can watch Riley.

Work's gonna be here
when you get back.

You'll be gone, what, two hours?
We'll be fine.

You do deserve it.


Megan. Hi, this is Lauren.

What are you doing for lunch?

Can you get away
from your patients?

See you soon, mommy.

What do you think, Riley?
Should we keep an eye on him?


I think we should.

I'm not kidding. Do you know
what I would give

to have a man
at my house at my beck and call?

- He's a Manny.
- Hmm.

Not a... whatever inappropriate
thing you're imagining.


So, do you have a picture?

What? I'm-I'm curious.

I mean, I did take time out
of my very busy day.

- Fine.
- Mm-hmm.

I think I have a picture of him
with Riley.

Good, 'cause I need to see
that baby girl.

Let me see her.

Oh, my God! She's beautiful,
look at that.

And, yeah, that's definitely
the model that I would want.

- What?
- Mm.

I just... I swear
I've seen him before.

Maybe he winked at you online,
and you internet-stalked him.

Sadly, that's entirely possible.

Oh, I missed you.

I went from seeing you
every week to almost never.

Who would've thought
I'd miss the clinic?

Yeah. Well, so...
How are things?

With James.

Honestly... I don't know.

Mm, was it crazy to think that,
that things would magically

go back to normal
once we had Riley?

No, it's a difficult process.

And even when IVF
is successful, it's...

Plenty of people still go
through depression and anxiety.

What am I supposed to do?

You know, I tried to include him
in everything

but he was never there.

It's like, all of his focus
was at work...

or with her.

But I do know that I want James
to be a part of Riley's life

and Carter's.

What about yours?

No way.

I can't believe
you fixed it.

I have been on James for a week
to fix this thing.

How did you even know
how to do it?

I'm a struggling musician.

You learn to take whatever job
comes your way.

I've done IT,
sales... handyman.

You name it, there's
a good chance I've done it.

Have I told you
how amazing you are?

I'll never get tired
of hearing it.

Now, this load is almost done.

Don't even think about folding,
I am on top of it.

Strum, nice and slow.

Yeah. I'm telling you, man,
you're getting good.

You sure you didn't practice
while I was away at school?

Don't patronize me.
I know how bad I am.

Just help me become a rock God.

Carter, you're shredding.

Thanks, dad.
I appreciate the support.

Listen, buddy, I know it's been
crazy at the office lately

but what do you say I blow off
work early tonight

we go out,
just the two of us?

Sorry, dad, I can't. Owen's
taking me to a show tonight.

I promise you have
nothing to worry about.

It's a clean band.

Well, mostly.

Ha ha. Yeah.
I'm not worried about it.

Mom said it was okay.
I can go, right?

Yeah. Of course.

- Thanks.
- Sure, okay.

Let's do it again.


I don't know.
Am I, am I overreacting?


Well, I can't help it.

I mean, I've been doing
everything I can to make

Lauren happy, and this, this kid
gets to stay in my house

be with my wife, and then,
and then he's taking my son

to his very first concert.

So, yeah, yeah. I'm pissed.
I'm kinda pissed.

Damn it.


You know, a couple of us
are going to McFaren's later.

If you wanna come.

Yes. Sink those claws in.

That won't be a good idea.


Well, this got boring.

Lauren, where are you?

Hey. What's going on?

I felt bad bailing on dad today.

We haven't really hung out
in a while.

It got me thinking.

What's going on
with you and dad?

I don't want him to leave.

I promise...

no matter what happens
he will be in your life.

Do you understand me?

Dad's not going anywhere.

Hey, rock star.

Show's already over?

Um, no. Owen had to cancel.

Said he had to help out his mom.

Oh. I'm sorry, buddy.

I know you were looking
forward to that.

It's fine.

Hey, uh, what's the awful title
to that horror movie

you've been tryin'
to get to us watch?

- "Blood Shower?"
- "Blood Shower."

How about we order some
pizza, make some s'mores

and watch a bunch of people
get hacked to pieces?


I mean, if it's okay
with your mother.

- I'll order the pizza now.
- Yes.

I'm sorry you guys
didn't get the Grubber deal.

Yeah. It's okay,
we'll get the next one.


- Um, I'm gonna grab another.
- Sure. Yeah.

- Can I have a shot of fireball?
- Sure.



This one's on me, alright?


Wow. Striking out, huh?

Sorry, it's just...

It's not really a good night
for me.

You waiting on somebody?

I guess not.



- I can't believe you.
- Lauren, listen to me.

I had nothing to do with this.

"Lauren, I'm sorry,
it wasn't my fault.

She was drunk,
she kissed me."

Are-are we gonna have
the same fight

over and over again?
Is that...

Are you gonna keep sleeping
with your coworkers?

I saw the photo, James.

A woman doesn't just send
a photo like this.

Well, she did.

Oh, really?

We never had sex!
Do you understand that?

You expect me to believe that?

Get out. I want you out
of the guest house

by tomorrow morning.

- Lauren...
- I don't wanna hear it.

Just shut up and leave.

I'm gonna go talk to her,
and then I'm gonna prove to you

that this was a mistake.

Get out of my house.

It's okay. He's finally gone.

I'm gonna fix it.

I'm gonna fix everything.

Hey, Jamesy!


Lauren, I'm, I'm so sorry.

You wanna talk?

I don't know why I thought
things would change.

- God, I feel so stupid.
- Oh, don't say that.

You're brilliant.

You're creative...



If James can't see
how amazing you are

he's the stupid one.

Oh, my God.


Detective Schneider.

This is Detective Klein
from Homicide.

We need to talk.

Creative block?

Something like that.

Well, it's a curse
of being an artist.

Our muses can be very fickle.

Believe me, I know.


You're still thinkin'
about it too.



That was a mistake.

I was hurt and confused...

and I just wanted...

I just wanted to feel
appreciated again.

It never should have happened.

And it can't happen again.

Her roommate found her
this morning.

Hanging from the rafters with an
extension cord around her neck.

Medical examiner hasn't
published a report yet

but, seems pretty
cut and dry suicide.

Last contact she had while alive
was the text she sent to you.

So, any information
you can give us

will be helpful.

For the both of us.

Because honestly, if this isn't
a suicide then...

you're the only lead we've got.

I'm gonna go for a walk
and clear my head.

Don't worry about Riley,
I'll take her with me.

I'm sorry it happened.

So, anything you want to say?

Well, if anything comes to mind

or you just wanna grab a coffee
and chat, give me a call.

- Lauren.
- Just leave me alone.

- Summer's dead.
- What?

Can I please come inside?

Owen, I-it's fine,
I invited him in.

Actually, why don't you
take Carter out back?

James and I need to talk.

Come on, let's go check
on your sister and practice.

I don't...

- How'd it happen?
- Suicide.

At least that's what
the police think.

"What the police think?"
I mean...

You don't agree?

Lauren, I knew Summer,
and I don't think that she'd

send those pictures, and I know

that she would not kill herself

especially over something
that's not even there.

What are you saying?

Things were gettin' better.

I feel like we're starting
to get everything back on track

and then... he shows up.

- Owen?
- He disappeared last night.

He was supposed to take Carter
to the concert. Right?

Yeah, and then he cancels
last second.

You're not suggesting
what I think you're suggesting?

Why not?

Do you know how insane
you sound?

They don't even know each other.

- It doesn't...
- And what evidence do you have?

Why, James? Why?

What possible reason would he
have to do something that...

that's even
remotely plausible...

Because I see the way
that he looks at you.

I see what he is doing
to this family.


I saw you.

- In the nursery.
- You were watching us?

I was using the nanny cam,
the one that you installed

and I saw you kissing him.

You don't get to be angry
about that.

That was a mistake, and I did it
because I was shattered, James.

Shattered after everything
you have done to me.

Everything you have done
to this family.

- How dare you!
- No. Owen, leave!

No. James, you leave.



Man, you take one more step
closer to me

I will put you in the hospital.

Stop it.

She told you to leave.

Get out of our house.


No, James! Get out!


- Stop!
- Dad!

What's the nature of your emergency?

H-hello, there's an intruder
at my house.

Send someone as fast as you can.

Police are on their way, James.

Go get some ice.

Don't move, don't move.

I'm so sorry.

It's okay.

I've had worse.

Thank you.

You could've just
as easily let them arrest James.

And then that would just
make you upset.

Let me...


It's not your fault.

I cannot believe James did this.

I can.


Based on what
I've seen lately.

Plus, some women are
just worth fighting for.

Whatever you doing?



A guy stands up for you...

and this is how he gets treated?

I didn't, I didn't ask you
to fight my husband.

That was the two of you
acting like children.

Why are we dancing
around this, Lauren?

We both know that we want this.

You need to go home.

Right now.

Okay, I'm sorry.

I'm woozy from the concussion
James gave me

just let me-let me stay.

Get out.

We can talk when your head's
back on straight.



We'll talk tomorrow.

The Manny?

Okay, look, I know
I sound crazy

but ever since he came
to our house...

Do you have any proof?


Okay, that's a great start.

So, what am I supposed to do
with this information?

I don't know, investigate?

- Why would I be making this up?
- Well, I can think of a reason.

You're worried the medical
examiner's gonna come back

and say "Summer didn't kill

That the text she sent you,
doesn't make you look so good.

Are you accusing me
of something?

Not as long as
we leave this as a suicide.

See, I like to have
some shred of evidence

before jumping to conclusions.

Then again, between the picture
Summer texted you

and the squad car that was sent
to your house last night...

Don't look so surprised.

A 911 call was placed to a house

that's part of
an open investigation.

You're lucky that kid
isn't pressing charges.

He's lucky
that I didn't kill him.

You should keep your mouth shut.

You want my advice?

Unless you've got
something to go on

don't be so eager
to cry wolf.

And you better pray
that examiner's report

comes back clean.

'Cause if there's even a hint
that there was a struggle

well, our, our next talk...

won't be so pleasant.

Okay, that was a good one.

One more?


Good job.


Hey, sweetheart.

You okay?


Your dad...

Honestly, I don't know
what he was thinkin'.

It's not that.

I don't care about Owen.

I care about dad.

I care about us...

being a normal family again.

And, and I know

it's not very likely.

But, it's...

it's less likely
with Owen still here.

You don't need him, right?

I could do more chores

help with Riley.

Just whatever you need.


You know
that you and your sister

are the most important things
in the world to me, right?

And we are a family.

And nothing is gonna come
between us.

So, if you want me

to fire Owen

I will kick him out
on his butt.

I don't think it's gonna
work with him, anyway.

Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh.

Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh.

It's okay.
It's okay.

It's okay.
This'll only take a moment.


There we go.

There you go.

Shh. I know you didn't mean
what you said.

I know we both feel
the same way about each other.

There're just
too many complications.

Now I realize you're always
gonna put Carter before me.

But deep down...

Hey, can you move?
Stay with me.

Deep down
I think we both know

he doesn't really belong
in this family.


You tried for eight years

to have another baby.

That's how badly
you wanted to replace him.

That's how much you wanted
to make it work.

So, now I'm gonna do
what you can't...

for the sake of this family.

Goodbye, Carter.

Oh, what am I doing?

Oh, my God.

it's Lauren, leave a message.


Lauren, please call me back.

I need to know
that you're okay.

Okay? I'm at Owen's house.

And, just...

Please, call me back.



I know you're in my house,

Sorry, I'm not there.

Can you guess
where I am, James?

Why don't you come inside

and see for yourself?

♪ Hush little baby

♪ Don't say a word

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a mockingbird ♪

♪ If that mockingbird
don't sing ♪

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a diamond ring ♪

Shut up, you psycho!
Get out of my house!

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a cart and bull ♪

♪ And if that
cart and bull... ♪



♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a dog named Rover ♪

♪ And if that dog
causes a racket ♪

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a bloody hatchet ♪



Are you watching, James?

Well, pay attention,
'cause this is very important.

This is my home

and this is my family.

And you are no longer
welcome here.

If you go to the police

if you try and stop me

if you ever hurt
this family again...

Why, you've seen
what I'm capable of.

Goodbye, James.

And don't worry

I promise I'll take
really good care of 'em.


No, no.
No, no, no, no, no.

- This is Schneider.
- Detective.

- This is James.
- Where the hell are you?

I'm at Owen Leary's house.

You said
you needed evidence, right?

The bastard killed his mother!

James, stop.

Summer was strangled
before she was hanged.

The examiner's report
came back in.

I knew he did it.

This will be a lot easier
if you turned yourself in, the longer...

Like I said,
I'm at Owen Leary's house.

- Come and get me!
- What? James?

It's okay, I've got you.

Mommy will be awake soon.


Owen, give me Riley.

We need to talk first.


Let's talk.

Please, give me my baby.

Our baby.

She's our baby now.


our baby.

Give me our baby.


We-we can talk downstairs.

What a good idea.

Hey, Carter.

Wake up!

Carter, wake up!


Let's have a family meeting.

[tires screech


In the living room.


I told you...

what will happen
if you interfere.

Owen, I didn't call
the police, it's just me.

I just wanna talk.


Please join us then.

Come on.

You know, I think
it's very important

that, uh, we all...

the family dynamic now.

This is what I propose, James.

You leave, and get out
of our lives forever

so Lauren and me
can start our family now.

You're insane.

That's what my mother said.

She didn't think
we belonged together either.

But I'm not insane.

I'm just committed,
unlike some people.

Lauren, I will never leave you.


You stay!

I'll always love you like I have
for the last 20 years.

You don't love me.

Oh, yes, I do,
and you love me.

Now, don't pretend
like you don't.

And I know
how much you love our baby.

What the hell's the matter
with you?

What's the matter
with you, James?

You had everything.
You had the perfect wife.

You had the perfect house

perfect children,
and you threw it all away

because it got hard.

Because of some girl?

- What...
- Shut up!

Shut up!

I'm gonna fix what you broke.

And I'm gonna give you
a chance

to make it right.


You're gonna get down
on your knees

and you're gonna beg
for forgiveness, for mercy

before I kill you.


And if you don't

I may have to turn my attention
to someone else here.

You wouldn't hurt them.

Maybe, you're right.

I would never hurt
Lauren or Riley.

But, uh,
if I'm being honest, James

I never cared for Carter.

- Mom...
- No, Owen...

No! No!

Owen, please.
Owen, please.

So, what's it gonna be, James?

Will you actually do something
to help this family?

- Dad...
- Okay.

James, no.

Owen, Owen, let them go.

I-I'm the one you want.

He's done hurting you,
this ends now.

Do it!

Lauren, I love you

and I'm sorry.

Carter, I want you
to watch out

for your mom
and your little sister, okay?

I guess that'll do.

Goodbye, James.

I'm really not gonna
miss you.

Carter. Go, run!


Lauren, get out of here.






Where's Riley?

Where's our baby?

She's in our room.

"Our room?"

Are you sure this is right?

Kiddo, I'm an engineer,
I'm pretty sure I know

how to put some
Swedish furniture together.

Now, is this piece A
or piece G?

Dad, it's backwards.

I knew that.

I'm gettin'
the instruction manual.

Thanks. Dad's staying
for dinner, right?


Think it'll get done today?

I told you I'd build it.

So, you have nothin'
to worry about.

Let me see that.


Hey, Megan.

- How are you?
- Hey, Lauren.

I just saw the story
on the news.

- Is everything okay?
- Everyone's fine.

We've just been readjusting
the last couple days.

Everything's looking good.

Remember at
lunch the other day?

Now I know where I recognized
Owen from.

Lauren, he-he used to work
at the clinic.


Yeah, he was
a medical assistant.

But he got fired
after he tampered

with some of the records.

I know whose files he accessed.

I'm, I'm not certain, but...

I think he might have
switched out James' sample.

♪ Hush little baby

♪ Don't say a word

♪ Daddy's gonna buy you
a mockingbird ♪

♪ And if that mockingbird
don't sing ♪

♪ Daddy's gonna buy you
a diamond ring ♪