Hush Little Baby (1994) - full transcript

Eddie's baby girl, Susan, was taken from her arms when she was put into a mental hospital for attempted murder of her baby daughter! Thirty five years down the track Eddie is released and tracks her daughter down. She enters her daughters household and destroys her relationship with her adoptive parents. She is eventually found to be evil, in Susan's eyes and must face a harsh reality... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food




Good morning.

You're up early.

I've got an 8:30
meeting at the hospital.

Are you okay?
You're warm.

I had a bad dream,
that's all.

Same one?





MARTIN: Hon, my shirts
are all wrinkled.
What's going on?

Meg did
the laundry yesterday.

I guess she forgot
to press them.

The laundry's never done.
I mean...

What does Meg do
around here?

Come on.
She's terrific
with the kids.


You know, I can depend on
her when I'm in school.

I trust her.

Now, I know you'd like things
a little more organized
around here.

I promise
I'll talk to her.

Meg's a little out there,

but Dylan needs someone
he can relate to.

Well, he used to
relate to me.

Well, suddenly he's got
a new mom,

and a new baby brother.

I think that's a lot
to deal with.

It's a lot for me
to deal with.

You know, before I met you,
my life was so simple.

And now it's
so much better.


Our son calling.

Dylan, your dad will
hit the roof

if he sees you
eating cookies
for breakfast.

Let me have one.

Like pancakes and syrup
are good for you.

Food goes
in the mouth, Petey.

Good morning.

I thought we were gonna
start eating a little
healthier around here?

100% wholegrain,
no sugar.

High fiber.

Better than
your cereal.

Check out
the ingredients.

No fat,
no cholesterol.

I'll be darned.

Meg, Martin and I won't
be back until late tonight.

We won't?

Dinner with my parents,

Oh, right.

Come on, Dylan,
we're gonna be late.
I'm gonna miss the ferry.




May I ask
who's calling?

Oh, okay.
One moment.

It's for you.

Can I call back?
I'm late for school.

It sounds important.

Private investigator
calling long distance.


Is this Susan Nolan?


Your maiden name Owen?

Yes, who is this?

Your mother hired me
to find you.

My mother knows
where I am.

Not your adoptive mother,
your real mother.

You must have
the wrong person.

My natural mother's dead.

You sure of that, honey?

She looks pretty good
to me.


Are you sure it's her?

DETECTIVE: Same birth date,
same hospital.

There's no doubt
she's your daughter.

Um, the address is
36 Bay Street?

Ms. Landon, I've repeated
myself to you three times.

Now I've got other clients.
I've gotta go.


When you talked to her...

Well, did she seem happy?

Did she want to see me?

It didn't sound like it
to me.

I'm sorry, I've gotta go.


Young man,

could you come here
just a minute, please?

Can I see your toy,


Thank you.


So, when you get
your PhD,

we'll have two doctors
in the family.


I thought you were
studying Art History.

Well, Dad, that's
my field of study,

but the degree is
Doctor of Philosophy.


I never could
get these things

Darling, let me.

You know, I got the strangest
phone call this morning.

This guy said he was
a private investigator

and that he was
hired to find me.

Is there something in
your past I should
know about?

That's odd.
Must have been
a wrong number.

No, he knew all
about me.

My maiden name...

He even knew
I was adopted.


Did he say who was
trying to find you?

That's what's so

My biological mother.

I told him
she was dead.

Mom, what's wrong?

What's going on?

It's possible that
your mother is still alive.

You lied to me.

How can you tell a small child
that her mother gave her away?

It seemed easier to say
she had died.

Easier for whom?

Why didn't you tell me
when I was older?

Sweetheart, there just never
seemed to be a right time.

You've had my whole life.

Susan, please.

I don't feel very well.

Martin, I'd like
to go home now.

I'll look after her.




Hello, sweetheart.

Sorry to stop by

but we haven't heard
from you since
the other night.

Come on in.

What's, uh...
What's all this?

Your mother's been
baking again.

You know what she's like
when she gets upset.

Mom, you didn't
have to do all this.

You haven't called.


I just need a few days
to sort things out.

What can you tell me
about my biological parents?

Sweetheart, it was...
It was so long ago.

The agency didn't
tell us much.

Why did she
give me up?

We don't know.

We were only told that
she wasn't capable
of raising you.

This came this morning.

Is... Is it from her?

What does it say?

"Dear Susan,

"I've been trying to find you
all these years.

"I've prayed that I get to see
my beautiful baby
grown into womanhood.

"I hope that you will
spare me a short visit.

"A day, or even an hour
of your time.

"Your loving mother,
Edie Landon."

We're talking about a mother
who abandoned a child.

Are you sure you
wanna meet her?

Martin, I have to
do this.

She might not be
what you expect.

I'm doing this for me.

We're running late.

Oh, relax. You got plenty
of time to make your flight.

You look good.

You don't think this is
too casual?

It's fine.

What do you wear
to meet your mother
for the first time?




Hello, Susan.

Come in.


You're so beautiful.

I don't know what
to say.

I don't even know
what to call you.

Well, uh...

Just, uh, call me Edie.


Sit down, please.

I... I made some
tea for us.

Or if you prefer coffee,
I can make some.

No, tea's fine.

I just take it with
a little milk.

That's how I like
my tea.

SUSAN: That's my husband
and my stepson, Dylan.

That's Meg and
that's Petey.

That's my grandson?


He looks just like you did
when you were a child.

Last year I was able to
go back to school

for my graduate degree
in Art History.

You're kidding.

In Art History?

That's my passion,
too, art.

Did you do those?

Those? yeah.
I did.

May I?

These are good.

How long have you
been painting?

Oh, just a couple of years
on and off.

Have you ever
shown your work?

Oh, no. I...

I just find it

You have real talent.

Thank you.

Now I know where I get
my love of art from.

I have an idea.


What do you think
of that?

interesting composition.


You know, I think it's
a piece of junk.

Me, too.




I wanted to see the world,
to taste it.

And then my parents died,

and I was totally
on my own.

Until you came along.

Why did you put me
up for adoption?

Susan, I was so
very young.

And I was alone.

You don't know
what it is like

to be that alone.

No family, no husband,

and I was sick.

I never fully recovered
from your birth.

I was in and out
of the hospital.

What about my father?

He never knew
you existed.

He was young, too.

We were gonna
get married.

And he was one of
the first ones called.

Your father was
a soldier in Vietnam.

The very first letter that
I sent to him

was returned to me

He was killed before
it reached him.


It's okay.

It isn't him,

it's you.

I don't think I ever got
over losing my little Pearl.

That was your name.

You don't know
what it's like

to lose a child.

It's all right, Edie.

You found me.


I shouldn't have
let you do this.

It's too expensive.

It was a bargain.


I love it.

And I have something
to give you.

I do.

My grandmother brought this
over with her when she
immigrated from Europe.

I can't take that, Edie.

You must.

My mother gave it to me,

and Grandmother gave
it to my mother.

Now you're the rightful

Thank you, Edie.


What shall we do

I'm afraid I have to
fly back home
in the morning.



Maybe you can come
visit us.

I could do that.

Visit you sometime.

Yeah, maybe, uh...

Maybe I could do that.

Edie, are you all right?

I just have
a little headache.

Why don't you come
lie down on the bed,

and I'll call you later
from the hotel?

It's, uh...
It's nothing.

She's great, Martin.

She's charming,
she's intelligent.

She's even an artist.
A good one.

She sounds wonderful.

I can't wait to
meet her.

I feel bad about
leaving her now.

She seemed so sad
when I said goodbye.

Well, we miss you, but,

I guess if you
have to stay...

No, I miss you, too.

And I don't wanna stay away
from Petey too long.

Martin, how would you feel
if I brought her home
with me?

Just for a week or so.

Why not?

Thank you, Martin.

I love you.

Give everyone a big
kiss from me.

Okay, I will.

Bye, honey.

Well, looks like we're
going to have some company.

Does that mean I have
to share my bathroom?

Dylan, cut it out.

This is so great
for Susan.


meeting your real mother
after all these years.






Edie, you sound tired.

I didn't wake you,
did I?


No, I'm fine.

I'm, uh...
I'm having a cup of tea.

I've been thinking...

Why don't you fly home
with me for a visit?

Yes! Yes.


At 9:00 A.M.
I'll pick you up.

I realize
it's short notice.

Never mind short notice.

Wild horses couldn't keep
me off that plane.

I'll, uh, see you in
the morning, darling, okay?


Bye bye.



EDIE: Petey, you're
the sweetest little boy
I ever saw.

Yes, you are.

You want some
more milk?

Here, I'll give you some.

SUSAN: Let me take over.
You haven't touched
your dinner.

Oh, never mind that.

You don't know what pleasure
this gives me.

That was delicious,

You're such a bundle
of joy.

Did you know you're
a bundle of joy?


It's been such a long time
since I was part
of a family.

Well, don't be fooled.

You haven't got to
know us yet.

Tonight we're on
our best behavior.

So am I.

Susan tells me
you're a nurse.

I was.
I'm presently retired.

All right, where did
you work?

I was at St. Julian's.

No kidding.

Do you know I had
an old med school buddy
who works at St. Julian's.

His name is
Howie Kelner.

Do you know him?

Howie Kelner...

Well, it's a big place.

Okay, who wants coffee?

I'd like a nice hot cup
over here, please.

Me, too.

Mom, you wanna help me
in the kitchen?

Oh, great.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Can I have
a bigger piece?



Aren't you having
any cake?

No, I'm diabetic.

Do you have to give yourself
those awful shots?

I hate needles.

That's an odd phobia
for a nurse.

It is, isn't it?

Well, I can give
my patients shots,

but I can't imagine

sticking a needle
in my own arm.

Same with my wife.

I give Verna
her injections.

I don't know what
I'd do without him.

Mom, you've really
outdone yourself.

This is really incredible.


EDIE: This has been
the most wonderful day.

You know what?

The three of us should
have lunch together.

Just you and me
and Dewey.

That'd be very nice.

Oh, please.
May I?

I'd like to get
better acquainted.

After all,
we're family now.

You and Dewey...

You were such good
parents to Susan.

I can see it.

You're so close.

It almost makes
me jealous.

Oh, there now.

SUSAN: Thank you.

Thank you.
I love you.



Mm! What's that?

I don't know,
but it sure smells good.


Good morning.
I hope I didn't wake you?

What's all this?


Oh, Edie,
you're our guest.

You didn't have to
make breakfast.

It makes me feel
at home.

Did I wake up in
the wrong house?

The only way
to start the day...

The smell of coffee,
a big breakfast,

a big hug.


Come on, guys.
Come dig in.

I hope you don't mind.

I cut some flowers
from your garden.

I'm surprised you found
anything alive out there.


Someone's been
neglecting their chores.

I'm sorry. I'll do it
this weekend.

Would you mind if I
tended the garden?

There aren't many gardens
where I live.

I don't mind.

It's all yours.



You must be Edie.

I'm Meg. Hi.

Hello, Meg.
Pleased to meet you.

Did you do
all this?


Well, I can see I'm not
needed around here anymore.

Well, don't get any ideas
about leaving.

Hi, Susan.

Look who's here, Petey.

Come to Grandma.

He's been asking for you
all morning.


He misses you so much
on your days off.

There's my buddy.

Do I get
a kiss today?

Now, why didn't I get
one of those?


Thank you.

Well, he gets a little shy
around strangers sometimes.

Don't you?

He'll get to know you,


Hi, it's the Nolans.

Leave a message.

VERNA: Hi, sweetheart.
It's your mother.

Just returning your call.

Call me back when
you get the chance.

Love you.


Did you write it down?

I didn't know that...

I thought you were
still at the store.

If you erase the message,
you should write it down,

so Susan knows
she called.

Don't worry, I'll remember
to tell Susan.

What happened?

Meg, I had
this accident.

I'd appreciate if
you'd clean it up.


This is a very high dosage,
very fast acting.

I'm sure you've been
warned about
insulin shots.

If you have any
adverse reactions,

contact your doctor

Of course.
Thank you.

Will you be needing
anything else today?

No, this should do it.

I must admit,
this whole thing
has been...

Well, a bit awkward.

For all of us.

We love Susan
very much.

And you are afraid
of losing her.

I realize that you
have a bond with Susan.

And that can never be
taken away from you.

That bond can never
be broken

until the day you die.

It's a relief to know you
understand how you feel.

Well, I understand exactly
how you feel.

A mother's love is
a very pure love.

And it's very hard to
share such a pure love.

May I, uh, use your
bathroom, please?

Excuse me,
I'll be right back.



Verna, you are going to have
to give me the recipe for
this dressing.

Oh, he's gonna
miss you so much.

Oh, he is gonna see
a lot of Grandma.

Yes, you will.

We should get going.

Oh, aren't we going
out to dinner?

Oh, I forgot.
It's open house at
Dylan's school tonight.

Martin and I
can't miss it.

Oh, you're only gonna
be here one more night.

Well, I don't mind
tagging along.

I don't mind
tagging along.

It's probably better if
Susan and I go alone.

Dylan's grades are slipping
and we need to talk to
his teachers.

Oh. Uh...

Come on, you two can spend
one night apart, can't you?

We'll plan something special
for tomorrow night.

Oh, hey, listen.
We're gonna have
a good time.

You guys hurry up
so you won't be late.

Okay? Yeah.

You want another one?
Do you?

Oh, you want a bite?

Yeah? Well, you just
sit right here

and eat all of 'em,
okay? Yeah...

You little pig.

Or it could be
the teachers.

Oh, come on.
He's skipping classes.

I got half a mind to
wake him up right now.

Oh, we can wait till
morning, Martin.

You're right.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

I can't believe Mom
still hasn't called.

I left her two messages
this week.

Well, maybe she's giving you
some time alone with Edie.

I could use some time alone
with you myself.







I'm sorry. I didn't know
you were home.

Well, what's wrong?

Um... Nothing.
Excuse me.

Go back to sleep.


What's wrong, Edie?

I have this
terrible headache

and I ran out
of aspirins.

I thought maybe you had
some in your cabinet.

Okay, I'll get them
for you.

Pearl, I hate to be
such a bother.

Oh, no, don't be silly.







Friends of yours?

Nice kids.

Come here, Dylan.

Lend a helping hand,

I've run out
of muscle.

Get some of those.

Your parents know
you smoke?

I imagine they wouldn't
be very happy.


They don't have to
know, do they?

You got a light?


It'll just be
our little secret.


Go ahead.
Your parents aren't home.



Shoot! Susan!


What are you guys
up to?

Dylan's helping me pile
the kindling on the logs.

Forgot something, sport.

You must be working
him hard.

Dylan, you're sweating.

I feel terrible
saying it,

but there's
something about her
I don't entirely trust.


What's not to trust?

Can't put my
finger on it.

Just a bad feeling I have.

Ah, you're just a little
bit jealous.

That's natural.

I suppose you're right.

I'm turning into
a suspicious,
silly old woman.

My silly old woman.

How about Dewey's
Meatloaf Supreme

for dinner tonight?

Okay. Meatloaf.

Let's see.

Green pepper, onions,

and a salad, and...






Darling, how are you
holding up?

I'm okay.

It's Dad
I'm worried about.

Sweetheart, I am here
for as long as you
need me.

I have canceled
my flight back home.

Dewey, why don't you
spend the night with us?

No, I... I'd...

like to be here by myself,
thank you.

We'll come back
in the morning
and help you pack.


Oh, I canceled
the newspaper,

but maybe you could swing
by once in a while and
pick up my mail, all right?

Daddy, don't worry.
We'll take care of it.

And don't forget to water
Verna's flowers.

We won't, Dewey.

Better hurry
or you'll miss your flight.

I hope he's gonna
be all right.

He will. It'll do him good
to get away for a while.

Too many memories.

His sister will take
good care of him.

I guess you're right.


I made some tea
for us.

No, really.
Thanks, Edie,
I've had enough.

EDIE: Piece of toast?

That's not a decent

Uh... I'm just not
hungry this morning.

EDIE: You have a long day
ahead of you.

You could use a little

Hurry up and
get your stuff.

Wait for me
at the car.

Can I have
my allowance?

Boy, do we go through
money fast in this house.

MEG: Out you come.


Petey, you need
cleaning up.

Come to Grandma.
Yes, darling.

Yes, yes.

Meg, you can start
straightening up
the kitchen now.

Yes. Yes.

Is Susan still
cramming for her test?

Yeah, she's out back
with a pile of books,

trying to find some quiet.

Well, I'm off.

Martin, you forgot



There. That's better.

Thanks, Edie.
You're welcome.

Say, "Bye bye, Daddy."

Bye bye.


You're leaving.
I'd better get going, too.

What's wrong?

Edie's been here
almost six weeks now,


Maybe it's time
she went home.

I know.

But with Mom gone...

I kinda like
having her around.

She makes it
easy for you.

Just a little while

I know she has to
go back soon.

All right.
Whenever you're ready.


There you go.



Have a good nap, kiddo.


Susan home
from school?

Uh, no. She should be
home any minute.

Can I help with
the cooking?

Thanks, but I got it
under control.

Edie, Susan's trying to
cut down on salt.

I'm just trying to
add a little flavor.


Much better.


Meg, tell me...

Do you really enjoy taking
care of other people's


Put some tarragon
on that chicken.

You should consider
going to college.

I really haven't
thought about it, Edie.

Well, not that it's
any of my business,

but you need
an education.

You can hardly get
a decent job these days
without one.

Well, I like this job.

You really shouldn't work
with such a little knife.

Excuse me.




Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!



What? What's wrong?

Why weren't you
watching Petey?

He was sleeping.

Meg, he was downstairs.
He was playing
in the garage.

I put him down for a nap.
I don't know how he
got out.

You didn't latch
the crib!

I thought I did.

You thought?

It won't happen again.
I'm so sorry, Susan.

It's okay, Pearl.
He's okay.

He's okay.

Meg, you have to
pay more attention.

Petey could have--

Been killed.

Yes... Yes...

Yes, darling.





For you.

I thought you
might be hungry.

You didn't eat
very much.


I know...

I know how upset
you must be.


It was a close call
with Petey.

But it could have
happened to anybody.


Of course...

If I were you,

I'd want to disappear.






Go away!


Go on. Go on.

Go! Shoo, shoo, shoo!


Come on, go away.

Go! You miserable beast!

Shoo! Shoo!
What are you doing?

This dog tried to
bite me.

Oh, sure he did, Edie.

You don't believe me?

And I don't think I left
the crib unlatched either.

Are you accusing me

of purposely endangering
my own grandchild's life?

Look, I don't know
what you're up to,

but I won't let you
hurt this family.


* Hush little baby
Don't say a word *

* Mama's gonna buy you
A mockingbird *

* If that mockingbird
Don't sing *

* Mama's gonna buy you
A diamond ring *

* And if that diamond ring
Turns brass *

* Mama's gonna buy you
A looking glass *

* And if that looking glass
Gets broke *

* Grandma's gonna buy you
A billy goat *


That's so pretty.

I used to sing that to you
when you were a baby.

Susan, do you need
anything else?

Uh, no thanks.

And Meg, you can take
tomorrow off.

Edie said she'll
watch Petey.

Oh, that's okay.
There's a few things I wanna
do around the house.

* Grandma's gonna buy you
Everything *

* Just like she did
Her baby Pearl *

* 'Cause she is
My little girl *


EDIE: Meg?

Could you come down here
for a moment?

I need your help
with something.

Can it wait?
I've got something
on the stove.

This will only
take a moment.





* My pigeon house
I open wide *

* And set my pigeons free

* They fly o'er the hills
On every side *

* And light on
The tallest tree *


* When I come home
From my merry, merry flight *

* I open the door
And I say *

Good night.

* Coo-a-roo, coo-a-roo
Coo-a-roo, coo-a-roo *

* Coo-a-roo, coo-a-roo
Coo-a-roo *

* Coo-a-roo, coo-a-roo

* Coo-a-roo, coo-a-roo

* Coo-a-roo, coo-a-roo

* Coo-a-roo


I just can't believe
Meg would leave without
saying anything.

Nor can I.

It was most unusual,
but I didn't know her
very well.

Or it looks like
neither did we.

Well, it's a lot
of responsibility,

this job,
for such a young girl.

She was devastated about
what happened with Petey.

Maybe I was
too hard on her.

She was negligent.

Petey could
have been killed.

Yeah. We'll have to
be a lot more careful

about who we bring into
the house from now on.

In this day and age,
we just never know.

Look, I'm willing to stay
until you find a new girl.



I'll get it.

I hope I didn't catch you
at a bad time, Ma'am?

Good day, Officer.

I just have
a couple of questions

about a young woman who
worked for the Nolans.

Is she okay?

Well, that's what we're
trying to find out.

Would you like
a cookie?

Fresh from the oven.

Thank you.


Oh! I'm afraid they're
still hot.

Let me.

They're delicious,
I hope.

Her family hasn't heard
from her in over two weeks.

Well, neither have we.

Of course, I didn't
expect that we would.

She was a little

She was not.

This job was a lot for
a young girl to handle.

She just left without
any warning,

and didn't say goodbye,

Any idea where she
might have gone?

I don't think so.



She used to talk
about saving money

to visit some boyfriend.

Mexico, I think
she said.

She never mentioned
Mexico to me.

She didn't tell you
everything, Dylan.

OFFICER: Mm, Mexico.

Well, if she contacts you,

or if you can think
of anything else that
might be pertinent,

give me a call.


Would you like
another cookie?

No, thank you.
This is fine.

EDIE: You can take one
with you.

I... Thank you, Ma'am.
Good day.



Don't you have some
homework to do?


Oh! You scared me.

I didn't know
you were here.

I was just putting
the laundry away.

It's okay.
I can put those away.



Thank you.

It's unbelievable.

Dylan, you're gonna be
late for school.

Hi, Petey.

Hon, did you take money
out of my wallet?


But that reminds me.

Could you leave me a little?
I'm low on cash.

Yeah, so am I.
It doesn't make any sense.

I just took $200 out
of the bank machine

You probably just forgot
and spent it.

Honey, I know Edie's
a bit tight financially

and I was just wondering

SUSAN: If what?

If maybe Edie borrowed some
money without asking.

Look, I don't mind
helping Edie out.

I just think it's
a little inappropriate

for her to assume she can
take money out of
my wallet.

She might hear you.

That's okay.
She's upstairs.

Martin, Edie is not
stealing money from you.


Then how do you
explain this?


I hate to do this.

Past couple of days

I noticed that somebody's
been taking money out
of my purse.

I was upstairs,
putting away laundry

in Dylan's room.

I found this in
his dresser.

I know he doesn't have
this kind of money.

There's over $200 here.

And I know it's
none of my business,

but I thought
you should know.

Martin, what are we
gonna do?

I... I really don't wanna
get Dylan in trouble.

I'm so very
fond of him.

I'll handle it.


Hi. How was school?

Dylan, what's the matter?

Don't pretend like
you don't know.

I didn't steal any money
and you know it.

Dylan, whether
you know it or not,

I have been protecting you.

I cannot keep
doing it.

Protecting me?

By lying?

Dad grounded me.
I'm screwed thanks to you.

Someday you're going to
have to learn to
take responsibility.

Maybe now it's time
you learned that.

You bitch!

SUSAN: Edie...

I'm so sorry.



I'm gonna make us
a pot of tea.

Susan said you wanted
to see me?


You wanna tell me
what's going on, buddy?

I'm grounded, remember?

You know what
I'm talking about.

Look, what's got into you?


Your grades are going down,
you're stealing money,

you're using foul language
to your grandmother--

She's not
my grandmother.

Yeah, well, she's
a guest in our house.

Aw, look...

I don't like the fact that
Edie's here any more
than you do.

But until she leaves,

you gotta behave, yeah?

Just treat her with
a little bit more respect.

Yeah? Hmm?

All right.

Go on, get out of here.

Go on.




Dylan, could you please
stop that?


I'm talking to you,
young man.

You need to learn a thing
or two about manners.

Leave me alone.

Don't you like me, Dylan?

No. And my dad
doesn't either.

Is that so?

Well, maybe
you and your dad

would be happier
living some place else.


Edie, are you all right?

What happened?

I don't know, I...

I found her like this.

I guess somebody
accidentally knocked her
off the shelf.


Don't bother him
about this.

He's already cross
with me.

I didn't do anything
to her stupid doll.

She's lying!

It had been in my family
for generations.

It was priceless.

Susan, I didn't
touch it!

Did it just jump
off the mantel, Dylan?

Answer me!

Why don't you ask Edie?

Come on, guys,
calm down.

We'll replace it.

That's not the issue!

Would it kill him to
learn some respect?



Come in.

Edie, I hope I'm not
bothering you.

Martin, you could never
be a bother.

Come on in.
Come on.

Uh, I just wanted
to apologize
for Dylan's behavior.

I don't know what's
got into him lately.

No apology necessary.

Dylan's just at that age.

He's got all this energy
bundled up inside him.

That's all.

Don't you remember
what puberty was like?

I do. [LAUGHS]

Yeah. Well, we'll make sure
he replaces the doll.

Do you think I should
cut my hair?

I don't know.

Well, it's a little long.

Especially for a woman
my age, don't you think?

No, not at all.
I think it looks
good on you.


Thank you.

But you're very kind,

It's the kind of
man you are.

You always know the right
thing to say to a woman,
don't you?

Well, good night, Edie.

Good night, Martin.

Susan, I think it's time
Edie went home.

Oh, you've decided?

I thought you said
whenever I was ready?

Look, this family's
been through a lot.

We need some time alone.

I feel as if we're all at odds
with one another lately.

Even you and Dylan.

Is that Edie's fault?

You know, it's awfully
convenient to blame
everything on Edie,

but we were having
troubles with Dylan
before she even arrived.

Susan, Edie came for
a two week visit.

It's been over
two months now.

Look, I can't send her
back to that slum.


I'll set her up in
a new apartment.

I'll buy her some
new furniture.

I'll give her money.
I do not mind
doing that.


Okay, I'll talk
to her tomorrow.


What are you doing?

Just something to
help me sleep.

I'm having that
nightmare again.

Who prescribed
sleeping pills for you?

They're Edie's.

She gave me a couple
after the funeral.


Good night.

Mr. Teddy Bear, we throw
the ball to Mommy,

and then to Petey.

And then to Petey.


It's been such a blessing
having you here.

Especially since
Mom died.

You know, you really
helped me through
a hard time.

Pearl, you and I are
here for each other.

Martin and I, we wanna
help you, too.


We wanna find you
a new apartment

in a better neighborhood.

You want me
to leave?

Not right away.

Why don't I come
visit you in a few weeks,

and we could look for
a new apartment together?

And we could shop for
a whole new bunch
of furniture.

That's... That's our
gift to you.

You... You need my room
for Dewey?

No, no. Uh...

Martin and I...

We just need some
time alone.

You understand?

Yes. I do.


Thank you.

Mommy, somebody's hungry.

Come on, sweetheart.

Okay, you.
Bath before bed.

Bye bye, Petey.

Susan, have you seen
my razor?

Edie borrowed it.

I was out of blades.


What next?


You looking for

Is this yours?

Did you get
your razor?

Edie's still using it.

I'm sorry Edie's using
your razor.

We need to talk.

Martin, let's not make
a big deal out of this.

Susan, this is serious.

I think
Edie's a little off.

What do you mean?

I think
she needs counseling.

Oh, don't be ridiculous.

Edie may be
a little eccentric.

she is disturbed.

What's going on
with you?

Why are you attacking
my mother like this?

No, I'm not
attacking her.

I'm just saying,
we should get
her some help.

What makes you think
that my mother needs help?

Did you know she was
taking lithium?


And a couple of times

Well, her behavior's been
a little suggestive.

Sexually suggestive.

Sexually suggestive
to you?

Yeah, well, at first
I thought it was
my imagination.

But she just
did it again.

Martin, that is sick!
How could you
even say it?

I'm telling you, Susan,
there is something
wrong with her.

You must have

I did mot misunderstand.

What are you saying, Martin,
that my mother's trying
to seduce you?

No, I'm saying I do not feel
comfortable in my own
home anymore.

Hell, I think Dylan
was telling the truth.

What has gotten into
you and Dylan lately?

I mean, first you accuse
Edie of stealing money
and now this!

Edie's leaving
next week, right?

I'll take Dylan with me
for the weekend.

We'll stay at the Bay Club.

That'll give you all
the time alone
with her you need.


Come on, Dylan,
let's hurry up.



Dad, are you sure
it's a good idea

to leave Susan and Petey
alone with her?

No, no. Look...

Edie might be a little strange,
but I don't think
she's dangerous.

That's because she's always
real sweet to you and Susan.

She was nice to me, too,
at first.

But then she changed,
like that.

She's probably the reason
Meg left.

I mean,
when you think about it,

we don't know anything
about her.

That's C-L-A-Y-T-O-N.

Thank you.

Who are you calling?

Doctor who prescribed
Edie's pills.

What's he gonna tell you?

We'll see.

Yeah, Dr. Gordon Clayton,

Dr. Martin Nolan.

Dr. Clayton...

Yes, I'm calling on a matter
concerning one of
your patients.

An Edie Landon.

I've been trying to
reach her
for several weeks.

What's she doing?

She flew up
to visit her family.

She's clearly violating
her probation.

She knows that.

Edie was in jail?

She was released from
Sutton last year.

The psychiatric facility?


She's continuing her
therapy with me

as a condition of
her probation.

Why was she

Dr. Nolan...

Can you tell me why
Edie's under your care?

Uh, well, I'm not exactly
treating her.

She's visiting my wife.

I see.

In that case, I'm afraid
I can't discuss
my patient with you.

Doctor, my family's safety
may be at stake.

I'm serious.

Dr. Nolan...

Suffice to say that

Edie has a long history
of paranoia and psychosis.

Well, why was she released?

She served her time.

Edie's made substantial
progress in therapy.

So you're telling me Edie's
psychosis is completely
under control?

No. No.

There have been some
recent anti-social episodes,

and she's still prone to
violent behavior.

But she's on medication.

All right. What exactly
did Edie do

to be institutionalized
in the first place?

Look, that was over
25 years ago.

Doctor, please!

Well, Edie was accused
of child endangerment and...

attempted murder.

Of her own child?

Her daughter survived and
she was taken away from Edie

and put up for adoption.

EDIE: Hello?

Edie, could I speak to
Susan, please?

She doesn't wanna
talk to you.


I said no.

Don't you understand

Give the phone to Susan.

I'm sorry.
We're just not interested.


Some people just will not
take "no" for an answer.

Salespeople, huh?

They can be so persistent.

Oh, ho.
This guy was desperate.

In fact, he was beginning
to irritate me.


Still busy. Damn.

Try the police.

EDIE: Why the sad face?

Everything's gonna
be okay.

Pearl, you'll see.

You don't understand.
Martin and I never
fight like this.

I shouldn't have
let him go.

I don't know what
I was thinking.

Oh, stop.

It's not like you
forced him out of
the house.

And he's just gone away
for a weekend, that's all.

Anyway, it was
his decision.

He's acting like
a baby.

It's just so typical.

Please, Edie. Don't blame
everything on Martin.

You know, he's been working
really long hours

and I've been really hard
on him lately.

It's just as much
my fault.


I should call him.

Not yet.

You both need
more time.


Why don't I
fix you a drink?

I bet you could
use one.

I know I could.

I don't really
feel like one.

Come on,
it'll do you good.

You know what?

I can make us,
from those strawberries,

a strawberry daiquiri.


I haven't had a martini
in over a year.

I love martinis.



Your mother makes
good drinks.




Well, what should we
toast to?


Down the hatch.




Come here, you.

What shall we
do tonight?

I could fix dinner
for us.

We could have a fire,
play checkers, talk...

Or... da-dum!



We could go out.

We could take the ferry,
go into town.

Have dinner.

There's just the two
of us now.



Leave him.

He'll go back
to sleep.

I think I better
check on him.



Could you just send
an officer to my house?

Listen, I can't get
through to my wife.

She might be
in trouble.

Well, the woman with her
is very dangerous,

and my wife
doesn't know it.

Now you listen to me.

I'm calling from
the city.

It's gonna take me over
an hour to get home
on the ferry.

Why don't you just send
someone to check
on my wife and child!

Please, now!

Thank you.

Come on.




It's only natural
for a child to cry.

Come on back downstairs.

He'll be okay.

He's upset.
Something's bothering him.

I cam't just ignore him.

Put him back in
the bed, Pearl.

He'll cry himself
to sleep.

Edie, stop telling me
what to do!

I'm only
trying to help...

and I'm doing
everything wrong,
aren't I?

I'm sorry.

Just when
you're going through
everything that you are.

How stupid of me.


Pearl, can you
forgive me?

It's okay, Edie.

I'm... I'm just
so tired.

I know.

Here, let me.

Hello, darling.

Come to Grandma.

I'm gonna give you
a nice, warm bath.

Yes, whoo!

Oh, here we go.


Aw, yes.

Aw, that'll
quiet him down.

And you go lay down,

Yes, yes, yes!

Yes. And after I give
you a warm bath,

you're gonna help me
make some dinner

and that way Mommy
can get some rest.

Yes, oh, yes!


I could use a nap
before dinner.

Well, you go on now.
I'll take care
of everything.

Yes, I will.

Oh, don't you...

Look, hot.

Now, be quiet.

Be quiet...

Yes, Petey.



Let's go see
who that is.

Let's go see.

Officer Andrews.

Back again.

Evening, Ma'am. I just came
by to check to see if
everything was okay here.

Dr. Nolan's been trying to

reach you,
but he can't get through.

Well, Martin, he's such
a worry wart.

We've had a little problem
with the phone,

but they'll send somebody
out to fix it.

No reason for concern.

If Martin calls back,
please tell him
that we're fine.

Uh... you think I could
speak to his wife?

Well, she's sleeping
right now.

Do you mind
waking her?

Officer Andrews, she's
very tired.

I, uh...

I need to
speak to her.


Yeah, yeah.

So, Officer...

Yes, good.

Have you had any news
about Meg lately?

No, I'm afraid not.

Let's go in here.
Wow! Look at this.

[GASPS] Wow!

Oh, hey, would you
give me just a moment?

I'll be right back.

Hey, little man.

Here you go.
Here you go.

Here you go.





Maybe he could
help us.

Hey, guys. Could you take us
over to the island, please?


Who was that
at the door?

Pearl, what's wrong?

It's time for
Petey's bath.

He's tired.

He... He doesn't really
need a bath.

Well, uh...

Are you going to
put him to bed now?

I'll just give him
a bottle first.

I'll get it.

That's okay.

I'll get it.




All right. Come on.
Here you go.

In you go. In you go.

For a car ride.

I know. I know.
I know.

Where are you going,

Where are you going?


You can't leave me!

You can't leave me!





I got you.

I got you.


I got you.
Mama's got you, okay?




EDIE: Pearl?







What are you doing?




Thanks, sir.

Come on.


Okay. Come on.


[SOBBING] Petey!




You don't have to
run anymore, Pearl.

Edie, please don't
do this.

I won't hurt you, Pearl.

I love you.

I don't want you to
leave me again.

Pearl, because...

because I couldn't
bear it, see.

I couldn't
bear it, see.

I was so young when
they took you from me.

But you know, they're still
the same way.
They wanna keep us apart.

They're jealous of us.

Martin, Dewey,
and Verna.

Even this
selfish little thing.


I can't let them take
you away from me.

I won't permit it, Pearl.

I won't permit it.

Edie, listen.
You don't wanna
hurt him.

He's part of me.

And if you hurt him,
you hurt me.

And you don't
wanna do that.

But I can't go back
again, Pearl.

I can't go back again.

I can't go back.

I can't go back.

Mommy, please don't
do this.


MARTIN: Susan!

It's okay.

It's okay, Petey.

Dylan, you're gonna be--

You're gonna be late
for school.

Bye, Petey. Muah!

I love you.

So long, Petey.

Come on, come on.
You're gonna be late.
Let's go.


WOMAN: Hello,
is this Susan Nolan?


Mrs. Nolan, I'm calling from
the Allegra Society...

What's the Allegra Society?

We're a non-profit

that reunites
parents and children
separated by adoption.

We have an inquiry
from a man

who has reason to think
he's your biological father.

Hello? Mrs. Nolan?


Mrs. Nolan?

Thanks, but...

No thanks.


Oh, come here
my little Petey.