Hush! (2001) - full transcript

Basics: 2 guys who are gay, one female who is lonely for someone to love. The woman approaches 1 of the guys and wants him to seed her would be child.Gay guy 1 moves through the movie with all the usual angst. Gay guy 2 loves him but is just this side of giving up on gay guy 1 because he is too ambivalent. The parent and families get involved and all heck breaks loose.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

Pretty empty, right?

Can I make you coffee?

No, I'm fine



Thanks for letting me stay

My cell phone number...




Good morning

- Late!
- Sorry

I know it's for your allergies
or whatever,

but will you cut that out?
Everything you touch gets sticky

Fujikura san

This one's next

And he says to hurry with
this afternoon's crown


There it goes


Here it comes

You did the numbers?

Yeah, they're fine

Let's see

- Height right?
- Yeah

Let's see, I'm not so sure...

Oh, oh

I'm not so sure,
I'm really not so sure

Who was checking this?

Oh, no, it sank

The thing is, in other words,
it sank

Indeed it sank

You get the scale wrong?

I've really had it

Oh, welcome

So that's a cut and shampoo

Yes, please do

Sure, thank you for your business

Thank you

Can't you do something
about this smell?

The boss is really
going at it, isn't he?

What's he up to?

Baking cookies


He's mashing pit viper
something and seal something,

for canine virility cookies

What is that?

Don't ask me

I'm sorry, welcome


Not another customer?

I thought this was our appointment

Oh, I'm sorry, there's no problem

Oh, good...

OK, Tess, into the cage

Love, dear, over here now

No, no, Love

Hi, Love

Good girl

- Hello
- Hello

Mai, say hello to the nice man

Hello, Mai


I'm sorry, we'll be finished in a minute

Love, sit, sit...

Tadokoro san!

What, I don't believe this

Wow, oh, hello, Mai

Hey, Love, I can't believe this

I was just, remember those...

- Oops, I'm sorry
- What?



The ones you were talking about?
Are they ready?

Hotter than hot

Oh, my gracious, and what does
hotter than hot mean?

Hear that Love?
He says they're hotter than hot

Love, come get your cookies

Cookie time already?

Clean up this place

My gracious my ass

I'm definitely quitting

There you go again

Any man who stuffs his cardigan
into his pants deserves to die

That woman's planning to make
a bundle on Love's puppies

The boss has the hots for her?

Whatever she wants, he gets

The guy's separated for cheating
on his wife, unbelievable

Hey, life's a slippery slope

Beats me...

Long day

Long day

I know it's last minute,

but I'm collecting for
Mayama san's wedding gift

Oh, I see

...we went looking
for engagement rings...

Sure, how much is it?

8,500 yen, including tonight's party

I've only got 5,000

I'm sorry it's so sudden

Take this

Pay me later
I'll cover for you

Later, then


What do you want, Mai dear?

A monkey

They don't sell monkeys here

Mommy's got to buy some milk

I've got enough for Love...

Mai, go find your Daddy's dinner

Thank you

No, I'm serious

Serious what?

No, you're just
the insensitive type

Oh, be like more...

You're just such a
damned perfectionist

But it's...

No, people hate that about you

They do?

Say there

Been a while

Why are you ignoring me?
I mean we even fucked

The thing is, I saw what you did
in there and it made me think

Brats are the worst, aren't they?

Their heavy heads throw
them off balance

They shouldn't run around like that

Makes me shudder to think
they represent Japan's future

Thing is

Keeps me awake nights


Oh, yes

You're still a brat yourself

Hey, now

My nose flared...

Otherwise, you get pissy

You'll be a mean old hag

Bring him, I'll check him out

So where'd you meet?


This one lives on cruise alley

Listen, I told him to come here

Sure, fine

- I'll introduce you
- Me, too

Just go home


I'll pay your tab

I gotta check him out

You're mean

I won't be

You ruined the other one

But he was ugly

I promise

Promise to behave?

Promise, OK?

Like he split up before

and make a big fuss right?

I did not make a fuss

- Yes you did
- Did not

Did too, right over there

Did not

Did too, I saw you
crying your eyes out

Come in!

He's here, Hiro

So cute, cute, cute!

Ouch! That hurts!

You'll be fine

Where's the rubber?

- Let me do it in the raw, OK?
- We've got it, let's use it

No, it doesn't feel as good





You know, I...


Drank too much

What is it?


Onto karaoke...

Thank you

God, he was ugly
I've never seen one so ugly

You're so mean

Look at that whore strut

Why do you over-react to macho men?

But it pisses me off,
thinks he's got big nipples

One more bar?

Let's drink on Hiro's tab

Sorry, I went ahead

Thought I'd make coffee

Oh, right

Oh, I'll do that

It's cold in here
You get dressed



My socks

The other one

Found it


See this lump here?


A fibroid
The most common ovarian cyst

It'll grow unless
you take care of it

Your periods been heavy?


You're not pregnant

I see

It's a benign cyst,
just get rid of it

Do you know what caused it?

Don't know

Opinions vary,

but it's usually called
a "sex callus"

You sleep around,
you get lots of germs in you

What, two abortions already?

Planning on children?


If not, why don't you just
remove your ovaries

Get rid of what you don't need

You worry about pregnancy
every time you fuck, right?

I'll reserve a bed for you

You can't have sex for a couple
of months, but you'll manage

Excuse me


Is there a Fujikura here?

See that car there?

He's probably asleep behind it

Mind if I smoke?

Want one?

Oh, you quit...

I went to the doctor's today

I might have to have surgery...

You still seeing those doctors?

You keep taking those drugs,

you really will go nuts

Dad, your eyes,

they look just like drops


Fine, fine

I'm hungry, where shall we go?

...there's this lady
that comes into the shop

She's really weird

Wants to sell puppies to
buy a new car, the worst, no?

Her Golden's really ugly, too

She says it's pedigreed,
but there's no way it's pure

What, you like kids?

Huh? Not especially

It's just,

I think it'd be different
if I had kids

Different how?

I mean, can you even
do it with a woman?

Don't talk about that here

Who cares

If you're that pressed for time,

we could've met by your office

Not near my office

Why not?

No good restaurants

Don't want to see
anyone from work

You don't want
to be seen with me?

It's too complicated to explain

You think?
You could say I'm a friend

It's just complicated at work

What's with the attitude!

You were just sitting there
the whole time, not exactly busy

You must've seen who took it

Dunno, I was reading

That was my only umbrella

It was my favorite
And no, I don't want a different one

It was just a plastic cheapie

How do you know?
You were watching, you saw

Saw nothing
Will you shut up?

It'll cost you a measly 300 yen
Get a new one

How dare you!
What do you mean, "measly!"

It's measly

What's that mean?
Close that book

What the...

Thank you!

I'll get this

Gee thanks

That's 2,800 yen

Thank you



Go ahead, take this one

Lots more at the office

Throw it away when you're done


We have a car, we're fine


- What's with her?
- What?

That girl is definitely sick


Your landlord's an idiot
Said I was your brother, she let me in


It's me, me!

Me, it's me


Hey, stop, it's me

Ouch, ouch

Um, excuse me


Hello, can I help you?

They make you do that?

They're so mean

I saw them playing
in the rest area

Oh, really?

It's my job, after all

Shall I help you?

I'm fine

Can I ask you?


Are you in love with someone?

Kind of sudden

You seem like you'd
have unusual taste

Oh, yeah

Someone boyish, maybe


Floor's wet there

My left leg's just a little
shorter than my right

So I can't wear pumps with heels

If I do, I have to shave
down one heel or add inserts

and I just look ridiculous

That's why I always
wear these cheap, tacky flats

- Shoes?
- Shoes

Shoes are made to be worn


But you know those women
who seem to be so fearless

When I see a woman like that,

I can't help feeling
I'm worthless

But that's not true


I mean...

That makes me happy

I really wanted you to know

Oh, right

I have to make a call

Oh, no!

I'm so sorry

It's fine

I'm really sorry

It's nice to have a meal like this,
just two women

I don't have many women friends

Not surprising


What do you want?

Oh, I'm sorry

Here we've only just met
and I invite you out

But I don't have
anyone else to talk to

I'm just terribly confused
about what to do

When I met you today,

I knew you'd be fine

Like I could trust you

A sixth sense
I have that about people

You recruiting?

I have a handicap

So how someone sees me
is very important

Are they condescending,
are they respectful

I have to be especially
careful choosing people

I'm in love with someone

With someone who accepts me
just the way I am


But I'm anxious

He can be timid, you know

And even if he cares about me,
if someone aggressively seduces him,

he might just be tempted

And I really couldn't bear that...

I don't know who you're talking
about so I really don't know...

I'm talking about Katsuhiro
Don't be so thick


We're getting married


Hospitalization Form

Wow, so this is where you work


I'll come over there

Kind of like a monster movie set


The umbrella

Thanks for the new one

Well, I broke the other one

I'm sorry to bother you at work

Had to talk to you

About what?

But first I need
to know something

That woman, Nagata san,
who works here

Are you going to marry her?


No, I am not

She's just someone I work with

That's what I thought

What is this?

That's exactly what I thought

One more thing

Your lover is that man you were
with at the noodle shop, right?

Am I wrong?

Is it that...

I'm sorry, I don't really know
that much about gay people

No, it's OK

Is it a secret?


Is it that obvious to strangers?

It's just I've tried to live
my life very carefully

I'm sorry if I've offended you


I always manage,

to fudge things...

Any more questions?

No, that's all

Listen, I don't like beating around
the bush, so I'll just say it

I want a baby


Not to marry you or go out
with you or anything

I just... want a child

Kind of sudden, isn't it?

It's just...

Your eyes

When I saw your eyes


I thought you have a father's eyes

You say, a father's eyes, but...

I mean, I wouldn't be
a burden or anything,

I know you have a lover...

Don't look so troubled

But it's a child, after all

Besides, these days there are
lots of ways to do it without sex

That's not the...

What do you say?

A child...


Hold me tight!

Hold me, hold me

Hey, are you OK?

Listen, think it over, OK?

Just 3 minutes of exercise a day

can result in well-toned,
sexy abdominals

Abs, huh...


Listen, listen,

you know those ab machines

they have at the gym
How much you think they cost?

Use 'em at the gym

But do you think
they're expensive?


So go to the gym

No, I'm asking if they're expensive

Do you or don't you know?

I don't know

Then just tell me
I was just asking you

You're mad

I'm not

You always eat ice cream
when you're mad

Says who?

I was distracted, I'm sorry

Forget it


It's just today...


Someone said
I have a father's eyes

What? Who?

The woman I loaned
the umbrella to

What's that about?
Why'd you see her?

She came to give it back

You know, I lost my dad
when I was little

So I've never really
had a father image

I never imagined myself as one

Of course not
You're gay

I know, but...

You love men, right?

I always figured it was
out of the question

What is?


You know, having a family
or whatever

I mean, in our world,

relationships rarely last

You have to be prepared
to go it alone

You're so tough

No I'm not

I'm sorry

I'm with you...

because I don't like being alone

Yeah, sorry

It's OK

I can't breathe...

Beats being Ionely


I'll go tell her

Tell her what?

She asked me to make a baby

The thing is,

I over-plucked my eyebrows

Think they'll grow back?


You really think

I bet it'll take at least 2 or 3 weeks
You really think they're OK?

You were moaning, Fujikura san

Yeah, it still hurts a little

Of course it does
You got chopped up inside

Thing is, I over-plucked them
Think they'll be OK?

Fujikura, Fujikura

I don't see it

Are you sure it's this ward?

Just that she's in

I see
I wonder

I see

Oh, I've got her, thanks


Oh, no

I can't believe how hard
this place is to find

I kept going in circles

It is so awfully hot

You keep a clean toilet

Why did you come here?
I told you not to

How else can I see you?

You always say you're so busy,

but you don't look so busy to me

I'm just on my way to work

Don't you have a clay pot?

What for?

For one-pot tofu

First thing in the morning?

I'm famous for loving tofu

Famous where?

Wow, do you live with him?
He's so handsome

You got your mother's taste in men
I must meet him

Don't bother
Hey, hey

We've got lots to talk about

Like what, for instance?

You know I've been
thinking about your future

Don't bother

Oops, sorry

But you've got to, 'cause eventually
you're having that operation

It's OK, I've adjusted to it

I'm not the type to be shaken
by that sort of thing

What operation?

You'll get breasts,

like this, right?

No I will not

You've always been like that

Never known how to open up

What a shock!
Why are you crying?

You do as you please for now
Once you're older, you'll see

Finally, it comes down to blood
About family, relatives

Everyone else is a stranger,
even that man there

Don't say "that man"

What will a stranger ever do for you
What's going to happen to you!

Oh, whatever

But excuse me,
I'm not having any operation

You're not?

That's it, right there

Oh, Love, Love

You're so lucky, Love

How is it?

Not quite there

Right there, right there

Oh, lucky, lucky Love

Mai, let's go play outside

Don't worry about her

Mai wants to see Love hard at work

Look Mai, encourage Love

But doesn't...

Go, go, Love

C'mon, hang in there

Are you OK?
Isn't it hot in here?

Let's go over there,
look how cute

Are you OK? Sit down

What happened?

Go clean up the mess in there

It's scary in there

Oh, I'll do it

Sorry, you do it

No, not me!

Just do it!

Hey, this is Katsuhiro's phone

Fujikura Asako




how long now?

I first met him a long time ago
We work together

We started dating recently

Oh, the same job

He didn't tell me

It must be really rough
on your hands

But I really wonder about all that

It's fine to be affectionate

But the ones who dress
them in little wool outfits

I think a natural coat's the best

Excuse me,
what are you talking about?



Do you like tofu?
One-pot tofu, silken


Oh, good

It's no fun eating one-pot alone

When it's hot out, best to eat
hot food and sweat it all out

They're out of lemon soy sauce

Oh, no

And gently tighten

And once more

And tighten,

gently, like you're trying not to pee

Nice and tight now

Close the birth canal

And open it

And once more

OK, now for a new exercise

Your hands on the base
of your breasts

And be careful not to
touch your nipples

That could put you into labor

OK, now the other side
Gently push

Just what is this?


That's not what I mean

I've been researching
into giving birth

No, how long has
this been going on?

What's been going on?

I thought he turned you down,

that nonsense about
having a kid

But I decided not to give up
Thought I'd persuade him

The worst
What's he doing behind my back?

Hey, could you help me?


He's always evading me

If I raise a baby with him,

we should share child-rearing

Which means you'll be involved
since you live with him

It'd be best if you two...

Really, won't you
talk to him about it?

You really are crazy

Hear that all the time

Used to, that is

Can't you take it somewhere else?

There's got to be lots of men

There are sperm banks

Couldn't you just leave us alone?
We finally...

Don't get me wrong

I have no intention of
coming between you two

What do you want then?

Just to have a baby with him

Why him?

And you? Why him yourself?

Nice to meet you, I'm Yuji


And what is her name?

Asako san


Asa as in morning?

What a dumb name!

Wow, cute, amazing!

Eat up now,
food here's great

This is really fabulous, drink up

Hey, bar boy

Bring some more ice over

You're so attentive

Now she's praising me, wow

Naoya had warned me
you're a real pain

What was it again?
Your name?

- Your name
- Asako

She's so wonderful

We don't usually let
women into these places

Oh, really?

But today's an exception
'cause we're with you

Then I should be grateful

Oh, I adore gratitude

Oh, yes, let's be nice!


When I came here
before they let women in


You have?

Sure I have

When I was in a theatre group

Don't tell me you're an actress

Gave it up years ago

Why 'cause you're ugly?

Oh, stupid me,
I'm so very sorry

Listen, Yuji, how was work?


All done

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't notice
So sorry

Do it myself

So ugly,

no I meant clumsy

You sure you can have a kid?

Dumb or clumsy,
guess you can make a baby

I heard from Naoya,

you're going to be a mother


OK, everyone, let's have a toast!

This girl is

getting semen from Naoya's
boyfriend to make a baby

Hey, Yuji, shut up

You're so brave

Or maybe you have
a semen fetish?

Oh, no

Do your ovaries dream
up these schemes?

Think with your ovaries?


I don't think with my ovaries
I've got a brain

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.