Hurt (2021) - full transcript

A peaceful sky, wind in the trees, a ladybug sitting on a blade of wheat. Nothing happens in New Caney, Texas. On Halloween night, the picture-perfect Americana of this farming town is quiet, and remains undisturbed. Time moves painfully slowly. Rose sits by herself, smoking a cigarette, scaring the kids away. She wears a mask, like so many others that night. With her husband, freshly back from the war, Rose is off to the village's annual horror show and things take a dark turn.

Oh, Lord,
the God who avenges.

Oh, God,
who avenges shine forth.

It's true.

Rise up,
oh, judge of the Earth,

pay back to the proud
what they deserve.

God give me
the strength to carry on.

How long will
the wicked, oh Lord,

how long will
the wicked be jubilant?

They pour out arrogant words

and the evildoers
are full of boasting,

They crush your people,
oh Lord.

They oppress
your inheritance.



You guys there?

Give it up!

Y'all want me
to kill her quick?

And painless?

No. No. No. No.

Let me know when you're ready.

You're home.

I'm home.

Trick or treat?

You can take another one.

If you dare.

If you want more candy,

my sister lives on
the other side of the woods,

but I wouldn't go there.

She's a witch.

- A real witch.
- Bullshit.

You shouldn't smoke.

What's your name?


Can I see underneath
your mask, Rose?

I think you're pretty.

No, I'm not.

Not anymore.

How did it happen?

I made my daddy mad,

I always made him mad,
I guess.

This one time,
he had a knife.

He said he was sorry.

He said it was just a reflex.

Is he inside?

He's gone.

I made sure Daddy didn't
have any more reflexes.

Where was your mother?

I don't want to talk about it.

That's not a real scar.

- What?
- I...

said your scar isn't real.

Touch it.

See for yourself.

Go on.

Aren't you cold?


Here, take my jacket.

No, it's fine,
I like it cold.


It's the killer's, anyway.

How did it go?

Scared the shit out of them.


'Atta girl.

There's a six pack right there.

I know, I like sharing yours.

It's nice, huh?

It's quiet.


Trick or treat,


I got nothing.

We haven't hung out
like this since your wedding.

Oh, we were so drunk
that night, especially Mark.

This house is our house.

Good week?

It's alright.
Got to admit, though,

it's more of a headache
owning that fucking farm

than just working on it.

Yeah, I bet.

You, uh,

you done any hunting
since you've been back?

We should, uh,
we should go out one time

before the season ends.


Stop being
so fucking scary.

They never make it
to our house.

because you don't do anything

except wear
that stupid witch's hat.

Can we put
the place up for rent

before next Halloween?

You mean,
to someone a little less scary?

- Sure.
- Don't make me use this.

You did the scar bit?

you gotta commit to it.

would have been so proud.

Yeah, Dad too.
Wherever the fuck he is.

So you guys going
into town for Halloween?

we don't do that anymore.

We've matured.

Yeah, right.

Fuck you.

Ow. Lily!

You guys should go.

You used to love that stuff.

It's your tradition.

Oh, god.

I'm horribly disfigured.

Fucking normal. Fuck.

Tommy, you okay?



I'll go.
I will make dinner.

Sounds good.

Just be normal,

just be fucking normal, Tommy.

Fucking can't.

Jesus. Tommy.

You changed your shirt.

I, uh,
I know you miss my cooking.

No one hits buttons
on a microwave like my baby.

God damn straight.

Thought you said you quit.

I know, I did,

but the killer
just can't beat it.

Who was texting you?

Um, Mark.

He was just apologizing
if he said anything stupid.

You like
having me around, right?


Of course.

Don't ask me
questions like that.

You want to go?


Into town.

- You sure?
- Mm-Hmm.

Yeah. Let's go.

Let's go to town.

Yeah, let's go down.

- OK.
- OK.


Go put your face on.

Kiss me?

Kiss me again.

Everything OK?

Right now?


Let's go to the hay ride.

We don't have to go.

Let's go.

God, we're so old.

You look like you needed that.



You want to go?

What do you want to do then?


Somebody help!

Help me! Somebody, please!

Help me!

This is new.

Help me! Help!

Help me! Help.

I wouldn't do anything.

Help me!

Somebody help me!

No, please!


- Help me!
- Does anyone here think

- her life should be spared?
- No!

Hang the bitch.


Please, somebody help me!


You can
totally see the harness.

No! No!

No! Help!

Help! Help me!

- Don't worry.
- Somebody help me!


Here's the Love Shack,

where all sweet lovers go...

- I can't, I can't.
- Don't stop, Tommy.

What happened?

Please shut up,
shut up, shut up.

Shut up, just shut up.
Just shut up.

Fuck off!

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

And here's the Love Shack,

where all sweet lovers go
or they die.

You can push me
all you want, but I'm not...

I'm not gonna go anywhere.



Did you hear that?

- Tommy.
- Sh.

Tommy, There's nobody here.

Shut up,
shut up, shut up.

Look, look, look. Tommy.

The fuck you following us?

Tommy, there's nobody there.

Look at me.

Shut up.


It's just you and me,
it's just you and me.

Don't follow me.

The Hayride Park
is now closed,

the Hayride Park
is now closed,

but will be open
one more night

to get your final scare in
until next year.

Happy Halloween.

The Hayride Park
is now closed.

the Hayride Park
is now closed.


The Hayride Park
is now closed.

The Hayride Park
is now closed.

but will be open
one more night

to get your final scare in
until next year.

Happy Halloween.

Hmm, hmm.

You've called Tom,
leave a message.

- Hey.
- Hey.

It's late,
you guys back yet?

- How'd it go?
- No. Um...

- Can you do me a favor?
- Sure.

Can you just check
and see if Tommy's home?

What? Why? What happened?

We had a fight.

About what?


please Lilybug,
will you just check.

Yeah. I'll call you back.

Thank you.

- Hey.
- He's not home.

Mark's still out looking.

I've been texting.

you seriously
have no idea where he went?

I don't know where he could be.

Tell me what happened.

We had a fight.

You guys always fight.

Just tell me this was about,
Rosie. So I can help.

You don't need to know.

God, it's really time

you guys started
acting like adults.

We are adults.

This is definitely not
acting like adults.

Just tell me where you are
and we'll fetch you.


You know what?
No, you don't need to come,

I'll just...
I'll figure out a way home.

- How?
- I don't know.

You guys were drinking,
weren't you?


He was drinking,
we were all drinking.

You were drinking with us,

He's different, you know,

since he's been back.

No, Tommy's fine.

Rose, you know better.

No, he's fine.
He just needs some time.

He just got back.

You've got to start
growing up. He's not fine.

There's something
seriously wrong.

Why don't you just worry
about your own fucking husband?

Fuck you.
You really have no idea

how to ask for help.

Yeah. Well, fuck you too, then.



Did you find him?





Thank you.

You're welcome.

Good luck.

Come on, Lily.

Hey. You've
called Tom, leave a message.

Tommy, I'm here, I'm at home.


Just please come home, okay?
We can talk.

What the fuck?


Are you here?




Please tell me
you're not hiding

behind this fucking curtain.

this isn't fucking funny!

Tommy, I have a knife.

So don't...
don't try to scare me.


Does anyone think
her life should be spared?

God give me the strength
to carry on.


Tommy, where are you?



Tommy, you're scaring me.


Just talk to me.


What are you doing?






I'm not Tommy.



Lily! Lily!

Lily, Lily, help, Lily!




Lily, Lily, Lily, you OK?

Let me get you out.



I'm not leaving you.

Help! Help! Help!

Help! Help!

I'm going now, I'm going now!

Lily, Lily.

I will
fucking kill you!

Did you have fun?


Hang the bitch.

It looked like you
were having fun.


Help me, help me,
help me!

Help me! He's going to kill me!

He's gonna kill me!

Help me! No!

He's going to kill me!
He's going to kill me!

Help me!
He's going to kill me!

No! Help! Help!

Help! No! No!

Does anyone here think
her life should be spared?


Please help!
He's going to kill me!

Help me, help me!
Help me, help me!

- It's not real.
- Yes it is.

It's not real, it's not real!

It's not real, it's not real.