Hurt (2009) - full transcript

Set in Arizona, HURT follows the Coltrane family as they grapple with the untimely death of the father, Robert. Forced to abandon their privileged lifestyle, Helen Coltrane and her teenage children Conrad and Lenore are given shelter by her husband's reclusive brother Darryl in his ramshackle home in the desert. As the family reluctantly settles in, a fresh challenge is presented by the arrival of Sarah, a lovely yet troubled foster child whom Robert had pledged to take in. The family's grief turns to dread as a series of tragic, inexplicable incidents befall them.

Don't be scared, Jefferson.

I'm right here.

Let's go.

I can't believe it's been--

How many years since
I was last out there
for a visit?

Nineteen and a half.

How far away
from the city
is this place?

Well, freeway'll get you in
fast enough, but the dirt road
it's a bit of a haul.

So where is
the nearest life-form?

Wolf pack moved in
a couple of months ago,

and there's a gas station
about 12 miles down
to the road.

Uh, "wolf pack"?
Like-- Like real wolves?

Yeah. Can't get rid of 'em.
I've tried everything.

I even sang 'em an aria,
but I don't think
they're music lovers,

'cause they're still there.

Place hasn't changed.

Lenore, give it a break.

I love this place.
It's where I met your father.

- It's a cool junkyard.
- It's an auto recycling unit.

It's a dump.

No, no, no. Please, don't--
It's-- Don't touch that.
It's brand-new.

I've got some other stuff
over there you--

That you can
knock around with.

Well, maybe your Uncle Darryl
can find some space...

for your own studio
in one of these sheds.


Sorry. Animal
has to stay outside.

He's two weeks old.
He'll die of heat

a barnyard animal.
He'll do fine, Lenore.

This is your mom and dad's.
Yep. Spent their
wedding night here,

and didn't leave
for 50 years.

I changed the sheets.


You've been so brave.

I'm sorry.

So how long, Mom?

It's temporary.
The settlement should
come in any day now.

The accident
was not your father's fault.

I'm sorry.


Mom, here's your coffee.


is on the table.


I'm not hungry.

There's nothin'
wrong with it.



Helen, wake up.
There's a man on the phone.
Says he needs to talk to you.

Uh, I'll be right there.

Oh, I'm sorry
to keep you waiting.

It's okay.

Uh, thank you for coming in.
It was important that we--
we talk in person.

Um, do you remember
a girl named Sarah Parsons?

Yeah, your-your husband--
He-He came to me to, uh--

um, to seek legal
guardianship for the girl.

I remember.
Right before he died.

Yes. Uh, I'm--
I'm sorry for your loss.

This girl is
in a-- a bad situation.

Her mother was killed
in a car crash,

and her father is, um,
also deceased,

leaving Sarah with no family.

And as trustee to her estate,
I was forced to place her
in a group home.

Th-This is her--
her case worker's report.

And you want me
to take her in?

Well, you've been
a foster parent in the past.

I thought--

Since Robert died,

my circumstances--

- Well, they've changed.
- Uh, of course. Um--

Sarah does have
a monthly stipend.

It's not much,
but it-it could help you
financially, Mrs. Coltrane.

Well, would you
do me one favor?

I'm just gonna be over here.

I'll meet her
and that's all.

No promises.
Of course.
That's understood.

- Quit it!
- Let her down. Now!

Stop it.

You know, I lived
in group homes
for five years myself.

One time there was
this group of girls.

They peed all over my stuff.
They thought it was
really funny.

So I went and I told
my supervisor, and she
made them wash it all up.

Then later that night,
after the lights were out,

I woke up, and there was
this terrible smell.

They had set my hair on fire.

Here. You can look.

Did you make them pay
for what they had done?

I didn't say a word.
My hair just grew back.

So Robert
was your husband?

My husband's name
was Robert, yes.

He told me about you.

He did?

He said your smile
was bigger than the sky
and brighter than the sun.

That sounds like him.

Do you like it?

Blue is my favorite color.
Reminds me of sea foam.

I was thinking of the ocean
when I made it.

I've never been
to the ocean.
Neither have I.

How'd you make it?

Um, it's--
Here. Help me.

It's really not
that complicated.

You pick a stone,
and you put it in
the tumbler to be polished.

Kate-- I've been trying
to get in touch with you
for, like, a week.

I have no service here.

Still at my uncle's ranch.

I know.
Seems like
it's been forever.

No, I've been getting things
done. I've been working
on my campaign slogan.

For what?
For student council president.

It's July.
Yes, I know it's July.
I just-- I don't know.

I want to be
ahead of the game.

No, I-- I'm totally relaxing.

Yeah, I'm by the pool
right now, getting a tan.

My uncle has,
like, two Porches,
and a convertible.

Yeah, it's kinda like
a desert hideaway.

You're still gonna
pick me up next week,

For what?
For the S.A.T. class.

Hey. Careful where
you put that thing.

You could hurt somebody.

What's up,
mountain man?

So, Did-- Did you
find it okay?

This place is...

You've really landed.
It's just temporary.

We'll be out of here
in a few months.

There's one thing
I do like about it--
It has privacy.

I didn't see your mother
when I came in.

And I dressed up.
Well, don't worry
about her.

She's-- She's been having
trouble getting out
of bed.

So what's it going to be?

What does it look like?


A shoe?

It's an octopus.

Aren't they
all gross and slimy?

No. They-They're beautiful
and resilient.

I-If you cut off a tentacle,
it can grow back.

And they have
three hearts.

More to break.

Take it easy, cowboy.
I just got here.

Let's give you
the junkyard tour.
All right.


Now, on your left
you'll see a giant
metal whale.

On your right you'll see where
Uncle Darryl hides the bodies.

"Yesterday, Today
and Tomorrow."

this is Sarah.

Sarah Parsons.

Go ahead.
Put your suitcases
in the back of the truck.

You sure you're
okay with this?

Yeah. One more
won't make any difference.

Who was that?
Some local girl.

Looks like the lost
kingdom of cars.

I'll be
in the workshop.

Hey, I want you to meet Sarah.
She's gonna be staying
with us for a while.

Right, Sarah?

There's some more groceries
in the back of the truck.

Could you please
get them, Lenore?

Where should I put my stuff?

My room's a closet.
She'd have to sleep
on the floor.

She can have my room.
I'll sleep on the couch.

Thank you, Conrad.

Um, where's
the bathroom?

Oh, it's to the right,
and down the hall.

Your father met Sarah
when he was working
on a house in Scottsdale.

He said the mother
was unstable.

She was abusing the girl.

I don't know the details.

But he wanted to get her
out of there and thought
our family could help.

Well, there's no other
relatives? What about
the rest of her family?

There's no one.
She has nowhere else to go.

You know, every time you get
depressed, some abused orphan
shows up on our doorstep.

That's not true.

Mm-hmm. And then you
drape her in all
my favorite jewelry.

She needs our help,

Our help, or your help?

Your father asked me
to do this,

and I'm honoring
his wishes.

I'm sorry, honey.

Lenore doesn't deal
very well with change,
but she'll come around.

You remember Robert,
don't you?

You look happy.

We were.

Go put your stuff away.
Connie will help you.

I need to make dinner.

You always give in.
Remember that last kid, Bobby--
When he wrecked your gamer?

Mom gave you
major shit for it.
You never said anything.

Just... shut up, Lenore.

Don't tell me to shut up.
You know I'm right.

You're always right.

Hi, Uncle Darryl.

So, you gonna finish
that overhaul today?

- What's he doin'?
- He gave Sarah his room.

- He offered to sleep
on the couch.

No, no, no. Not there.
It blocks my view
of the TV.

You know what?
I'll do it. I just--

Oh, my God.


I knew this was gonna happen.


Ohh, that's disgusting.


It's gonna be okay.

- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- The door was open.

Do you want to go back
to that group home
we got you out of?

Then please, respect
other people's privacy.

You and Helen
grew up here?


She was a foster child,
like you.

Came here when
she was 14.

So Robert was her foster brother
and her Prince Charming?

My brother was no prince.

That's mean.

Brothers always fight.
That's what my dad said.

Did you hate Robert?

You're a cagey
piece of work, aren't you?

What's this for?
Hey, careful!

You're into everything.

It's brand-new.

I am gonna make movies
of my classic cars
and sell them on the Internet.

Where is your computer?

One thing at a time.
I'm gettin' that next.


Why do you have
a pet duck?

I found him one day
by the pond.

He was all alone.

It was like his family
just left him there
and forgot all about him.

Can I hold him?

Here. Just cup him.

Any time you pick him up
or put him down,
hold him like that.

He's so cute.


So I warned him not to,
but he decided...

he wanted to pick up
a custom three-quarter
race cam,

and put it in himself
to save a couple
hundred bucks.

But he lined up
the timing gear wrong.

It's just insulin, honey.

I'm a diabetic,
and Lenore hates needles,

even though I make her
carry a kit around.

Mom, I don't hate needles.

It's just, if I were given
a choice, I would prefer to
get my fingernails ripped out.

So, when he turned over
the engine, of course
he smashed the valves,

bent some rods
and cracked his new cam.

And now he's lookin'
at a $4,000 rebuild.

Could I be excused?
I need to study
for my S.A.T.'s.

Can you please
take out the garbage?

I'll do it in the morning.
I'll do it.

- Thank you, Sarah.
- Where do I dump it?

Um, I'll show you.

I'd have done it for him
for a hundred bucks.

What's that?

Pack of wolves.

Moved in here
a couple months ago.

They sound so close.

Uncle Darryl can't seem
to get rid of 'em.

Maybe for them,
we're the intruders,

and they've been here
for a thousand years.

I never thought
of it that way.
Few do.

Hi. I brought you this.

I thought
you might like it,

being in a new place.

What's the matter?
I'm cold.


Oh, my God.
What happened?

We were camping,
and I stumbled and fell
into the campfire.

It didn't heal very well.

- You fell?
- You can touch it.
It doesn't hurt anymore.

I know that your mother
had problems,

and it's okay
to talk about it.

I just want you to know
you'll be safe with me.

Here. Let's tuck you in.

- Did you just throw this?
- No.

They brought
a facilitator who worked
with him an entire week...

on the correct way to address--

At the end of the week--

one postal worker,
who was the head of the union--

This guy--
He raised his hand and said--

Uncle Darryl?

I think I need
to go to sleep now.


Do you mind
if I go to sleep now?


You are in my house,
and you're on
my schedule,

so don't do that again.

I thought you put
a lock on the cage.

I did.

Maybe you forgot
to lock it.

Maybe he slipped
through a crack.

Oh, he hated that duck.

Hey, what happened?

Lenore found her duck
with its neck broken.


I'm sure it was
an accident.

Doesn't look
like one to me.

I didn't kill
the damn duck.

The key's missing.
He stole it
to open the lock.

You're gonna have
to let this go, Len.

We can't prove
he killed the duck.

This is nuts.
My duck is dead,
and no one cares.

I'm sorry
about Jefferson.

The money'll be here
any day now, okay?

So let's just both
keep our cool till then.

No word to Mom
about the missing key.

She's hanging on
by a thread as it is.

I don't care.
She's gotta get
her act together.

Well, let's just
both keep an eye
out, okay?


what are you doing?

You're scaring everybody.
Just, it's, uh--

It's how I work off tension,
that's all.

Well, if you could
find another outlet,
I'd appreciate it.

Can I have that?

Good night, Uncle Darryl.


Yeah. Yeah, you got
his eyes.

Oh. Ow.

The glass was loose.

I dropped the torch.

The whole area could have
gone up in flames,
and me with it.

We need to tell Mom.
She won't believe us.

He could get rid of us
out here, and no one
would ever know.

Do you think we were
ever a regular,

run-of-the-mill family?

What do you mean?

You know, like,
a dad who can't make it
to your soccer games...

'cause there's construction
on the other side of town.

A new foster child
every now and then.

A mom who doesn't know
how to balance
a checkbook.

Sometimes I feel like
everything that happened
before Dad died...

was all an illusion.

And this--
This is what life
is actually like.

Everything here
reminds me of him.

Not just that
he grew up here.

Every single car wreck.

What are you looking at?

Just wanted to see
what you were doing.

This thing's way too beautiful
to drive.

Might scratch it
or something.
You got that right.

Looks like a piece of art--
Like Helen's jewelry.

She, uh,
still doin' that?

She did the craft fair
circuit years ago.

Robert must have
made her quit.

He'd pull stuff like that--
especially with her.

Bet you she'd like
to start again.

Uh, don't--
uh, touch the car, please.

I'm real careful
with it.

There are whole-grain
pancakes on the stove.
Help yourself.

- What you readin'?
- Nothing.

Okay. I'll go get some.

Why aren't you using
the blue one?

These are fast-acting ones
for breakfast.

For nighttime
I use the blue ones.

slow-acting shots.

They're time-released.

Mom, I need
to talk to you.

In private.


I, uh-- I have something
to show you.

Can it wait?

Got the distinct impression
we're not invited.

They're yours.
I found them packed away
in your boxes in the shed.

And I had these
tucked away.

Figured you could
use 'em someday.

These aren't stones
you tuck away.
Where'd you get 'em?

Just around.

Well, then, you must be
incredibly lucky.

I've never seen
stones like this...
just around.

You can start right now
if you want.

Yeah, but we're leaving soon,
you told me.

When the estate was settled,
we'd move out.

So you know,
this whole thing,
even though it's really nice,

is completely
beside the point.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

This is beautiful.

Mom, this is gonna
sound odd, but--

I think you should
lock your door at night.
My bedroom door?

It doesn't lock.

Okay, well, I woke up
in the middle of the night,
and he was in your room.

Uncle Darryl.

Well, maybe he was
looking for something.
This is his house.

Mom, he was, like,
sitting next to your bed
in the dark.

Why does Connie always
leave his dishes here?
I hate it.

Hello. What are you doing
to do about it?
What do you want me to do?

Get the hell out of here.
With what?
Tell me. With what?

The estate. The settlement.
There is no estate.

The bank has everything.

Your father
left us nothing.

What about the houses
that he fixed up?

They're in foreclosure.
It says it right here.

So until I can find a job,
get used to it around here.

I'm scared.

- Can I sleep in your bed?
- You need to sleep
in your own room.

You'll be safe
there too.

It's okay.

You're gonna be okay.

Come on.
We gotta get a move on.

Guess what.


Shane got me a six-pack
for a party at Leroy's tonight.

Wanna ditch and go?
Who's Leroy?

Some jock at Coronado High.
His parents are out of town.

You go.
I'll walk to class.

Okay, there's, like, two things
that can get me out
of Armpit, U.S.A.

That's a really fast car
and a strong S.A.T. score,

and the car is not
a viable option, so--

Get in.

# You gotta let it ride
Let it ride #

# Let it ride
Let it ride #

I know I don't have
that much experience
in apartment managing,

but my husband
was a contractor,

and he worked with guys
all over town, so I know
all the best.

How soon can you start?
How soon do you need me?

Oh. There's only
one bedroom?

Yes. What did you expect?

Well, I need
three at least.
I have three children.

Well, technically, two.

You have kids?
Yes. Is that a problem?

Well, there are restrictions.

But tell you what.
You can have a cat.

Come here. Here.

- Come here, wolf.
- Hey. Hey!

Yeah. Come here.
You want it? Here.

Come here.
Get outta here!

Come here.

Why'd you do that?

We're just playing.
He's my friend.

A wolf is not your friend.

And you're throwing away dinner.
That's perfectly good steak.

Here. Gimme that.
Let's, uh--

Let's get you cleaned up.

Here. It's for, uh--

How do you use these?

I don't know.

Well, uh, sort of.

But can't you just
read the instructions
on the packet?

Look, Elise will
be here any minute now.
I'm sure she can help you.

I can handle it.

- Conrad?


Good to see you.
You goin' to
the party like that?

Change of plans.
Um, I have to babysit.

Babysit who?

Elise, this is Sarah.

Sarah, Elise.

Is she okay?

I'm fine.

Wanna watch a movie?


Okay, uh,
why don't you...

watch this.

We're gonna be
right outside.

So if anybody calls,
just say I'm in bed
or something, okay?

Who's gonna miss you
at the party?

Besides, there's something
I left out of the grand tour
last time.

All right.

Hey, are you sure
you're gonna be okay?

- Fine.
- All right.

It's gorgeous.
Is this yours?

It's my uncle's.

I love it.

Oh, my God.
Check out the backseat.

It's as big
as my bed.

These things
are legendary.
For what?


My mom claims that
she was conceived
in the back of a Fairlane.

I noticed I left
the workshop door open, so--

This is awful.
How can you watch
this stuff?

Conrad put it on for me.

Where is he?

Get out of the car.

Out of the car!
There better not
be a mark--

The sealant
isn't even dry.

Oh, my God.

What do you have
to say for yourself?

- I-I didn't know. I'm sorry.
- If you're so sorry, clean the car!

- It looks fine to me.
- Clean the goddamn car, Conrad.

What's going on?
Is this your idea
of babysitting?

Look, I didn't come here
to cause any trouble
for Conrad.

What did you come here for?

Okay, you know what?
I think I should leave.
It's just--

Darryl, can you take Sarah
back to the house?
Now. Please.

Let's go.

Nice job, Conrad.
This is exactly
what I needed from you.

Why is it always my job
to take care of everyone else?

You could at least
recognize the delicacy
of the situation.

- I have tried with him!
- Then try again!

This isn't about
Uncle Darryl, okay?

I'm not the one
who put us into exile.

Okay. Maybe I've relied
on other people too much.

I loved your father,
and we had a good
life together.

But I want more for you.
Don't throw it away on
some girl you met in a bar.

What do the two of you
have in common?
Your art?



Who is that?
Hey, um, Conrad, is that you?

Can I use your phone?

It's not funny.
I can't see.

Please, just stop that.

Help. Help.

Help. Help.




Uh, I'm looking
for Helen Coltrane.

You must be
her daughter Lenore.

I'm, uh--
I am Franklin Goodell,

uh, trustee for Sarah Parsons
and her mother's estate.

Is your mother here?

Yeah. She's inside.
This way.

Oh. Mrs. Coltrane,
sorry I'm early. Hi.

Will you like
some coffee?
No, no. I'm fine. Please.

You're here about Sarah.

As I mentioned
on the phone, I wanted to see
if you've made any decisions.

I brought
all the paperwork
for you to sign.

She's a really
sweet little girl.

So brave. Really terrific.

But I just don't think
I can give her what she needs.

Oh. Oh, so you will
not be applying
for guardianship?

You see, I've raised
my children to be self-reliant,

but I realize that...

I don't know
how to take care of myself.

And maybe I never did
when Robert was alive.

And I have to learn how.
I'm really sorry.

No, no, no.
I understand. I see.

It's-- It's fine.

You know, I might be able
to arrange for Sarah
to attend boarding school.

Could you keep her
until the end of the month?


I'll go talk to her.
Give me a call if you
have any-- any questions.

I'm so sorry, Sarah.

It's not about you.

It never is.

I understand.

No, you don't.

Honey, I lived
in five homes
before I found the right one.

You know nothing
about my life.

I'm so sorry.

But you see how it is.

We're barely
hanging on ourselves.

When do I have to go?
In about a week.


Because I'm not done yet.

Packing so soon?

I wanna be ready.

What's this for?

My teeth were
knocked out of my jaw
in a car accident.

The car accident
with your mother?

It must've hurt.

I didn't feel anything.

My dad died
in a car accident too.


Just saying.
I know how you must feel.

Here. It's
your favorite, isn't it?

You can have it.
I don't want it.

I've been calling Elise,
but she's not answering.

You think our lunatic family
scared her off?

Maybe you just
weren't that good.


Okay, think about it.
What do we really know
about Sarah?

Come on, Len,
she's a little girl.
It was probably him.

Why would Darryl
rip up my Jack London?

Because Dad gave it to you.
See, I thought so too.

But then I found
the exact same book in her room
with her old address in it.

Okay, so what
do you wanna do?

I don't know.
I guess I could call Kate.

I have her address.
I could swing by.

If it makes you feel better.

You sure you're
not taking this too far?

No. I think I could use
a little support.

Okay. Okay.
I'll stay here
and watch Mom.

Okay, we need to stop
watching after Mom.

She's supposed
to watch after us.

Oh. Well,
why don't you figure out
what the hell's going on,

and I'll stay here
and cover for you.
Okay, bye.



Uh, I noticed
you haven't used
the workshop yet.

- What workshop?
- Uh, the workshop
that I built for you.

I didn't put it there
to gather dust.

- Hey, are you okay?
- I think
my blood sugar dropped.

- Well, do you want me
to get you something?
- No. No, no, no.


Okay, I got
to meet Shane
in, like, 10 minutes.

Well, that's cool.
Just go.
I'll meet up with you later.

You sure?
Yeah. I'm fine.

Okay. Bye.

Oh! I'm actually
just closing up.

Um, do you know
if the Parsons family
lived here?

Till about
four months ago.

Is this their furniture?

We're selling
the house furnished.

It's too bad
about the woman
dying in a car crash.

It's worse than that.
The wife and husband died.

Wait. Both parents?
Didn't you know?

She ran into him
with her car.
Like really rammed him.

As far as I'm concerned,
she did it on purpose.

And I'm not the only one
who thinks so.

And that poor little girl
in the backseat.

It's tragic really.

Oh. Excuse me.
Yes, Jason.

Uh-huh. The condo
is still on the market.

No. Lower. Lower.

What do
we really know about Sarah?

He said the mother was unstable.
She was abusing the girl.

The wife and husband died.

My dad
died in a car accident too.

She ran into him
with her car.

He wanted
to get her out of there and
thought our family could help.

I didn't feel anything.


Mommy, wake up. Mommy!
Mommy, I need you, please.

Mommy, please wake--

Now that you're back,
you like it here?

Did you miss it?

You know what, Darryl?

I appreciate all your help.
I really do.

But we're gonna move back
to the city after the summer.

Oh. Well, we don't have
to stay here.

I've got money saved.

You know? It'll buy us
a house in the city.

I mean, nothing fancy.
But if that's
what you want.

You know what I want?

I want Robert back.


That's not what
I was hoping you'd say.

He's my husband.

And he got
everything he wanted.

The only thing I asked him
not to take from me--

He took it anyway.

What are you saying?

I used to, uh,
wake up early...

just so I could pass you
in that little hallway.

You always smelled
like strawberries.

And I--

I had to hear you
and Robert every time you...

two were together.

And don't tell me--
You need to stop.

that you
didn't know, Helen.

You need to stop.

But that was
a long time ago.

But now-- now--
No. No.

There is no now.

After all these years,
coming back here was crazy.

I trusted you.
What are you
talking about? Wha--

You're fucking
watching me, Darryl.

You're-- You're
fucking watching me.

Helen, I would--
I would never
do that to you.

Just stop.
I would never--

Helen, please--
Don't touch me.

Helen, I would--
Go away.

Mom? Sarah and I
heated up dinner.

Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.

All right. Well, Lenore
went out for the night
with Kate.


Have you
seen Darryl?

No. His truck's gone.

He didn't show up
for breakfast.

He's been gone
all night.

I'm sure
he'll turn up.


Where'd you get that?
Come here!


Where did you
get this? Huh?
Elise gave it to me.


So you've seen her?
You've talked to her.


She gave you her I.D.?

Right before she left.

No. She forgot it.
I found it. That's all.

You're so full of shit.

What are you doing?

Where's Elise?
I found her car.
Where is she?

What did you do?


Your stupid girlfriend
did it all to herself.

What did you do?


How does it feel?

How does it feel to have
something you care about
simply disappear?

Just like that.

- Wait.


Could you please
explain this to me?

It was your father's idea
to bring her
into your family.

What, you knew this,
and you still helped him?

You don't understand.
Chris was manic-depressive.

As her condition worsened,
she refused to take
her medication,

and she started
to abuse Sarah.

Your father was--
He didn't know
what to do.

He could have told us.
He planned to.

And then he was killed.
Yeah, by Sarah's
demented mother.

Don't blame the girl.
She's your half sister.

Did Sarah know?

About us, I mean,
before my dad died.

She's a confused
and lonely girl.

She's trying
to understand. Losing--
You don't understand.

Before my dad died,
he sent an armed missile into
our family, and you helped him.

Kate, it's me.
Call me back when you get this.
I need a ride back to Mom's.

Whatever. I'm just gonna go
to the bus stop right now.

Come on, Mom.
Answer the phone.

- What did you
do today, Sarah?
- I played.

With what?

Some junk out there.

- Be careful. Always wash
your hands afterwards.
- I did.

Tell Conrad I need him.

I need something.
I feel weak.

Why isn't there any food?

Darryl, I'm looking for--

- You have to leave.
- What?

I want you out.
Please get out of here
by tomorrow.

Is that why there
isn't any food?

I don't want you
around me anymore.

- I understand. But why?
- I want it to be over.

Just-- I want it
to be over.

Sarah, get Conrad.
Tell him I need my
glucagon shot now. Please.



I'm gonna tell you
a story...

about a girl who lived
with her mother and father
in a beautiful house.

They had everything
they ever wanted,

except one thing.

The father would go away
on many long trips,

for days at a time.

This made the mother
very unhappy.

She did terrible things
to her daughter
when her father was away.

The girl
would wait by the window
for her father to come home.

And then one day
the mother found...

that his many trips
were made to another family.

He had a whole other family
to replace us with.

Then the mother
got angrier.

Until one day
the father came home...

and wanted to take
his girl away...

to a new home--
to his other family.

"No," said
the mother. "You'll never,
ever take my girl away from me."

She refused
to give her up.

And when he went to leave,
she smashed into him
with her car.

They both died
a horrible death.

After, the girl vowed
that whoever did this
to her family would pay.

Do you like the story?

Son of a bitch.

Do you wanna hear
the ending?

It's happy...

and sad.

They're all gone.

Your family's all gone!

How does that feel?




Shit! Connie!


Connie! Connie!


Connie! Conrad!


Oh! Oh!

Conrad, are you okay?
Just wait, okay?
I'm gonna go get Mom.

I'm gonna go get--

Mom? Mom?

Oh, my God. Mom?

Mom! Mom!

Okay, okay, okay.

Mom? Mom?

Mom. Mom?

Okay, okay.

Come on.

Okay. Good.

Please stop her.

You can't hurt me.

You don't know how.


Mom. Mom. Mom! Mom!


Mom! Mom!


Mom! Mom! Mom!

I can't hold you.

Hang on.
I'm gonna get some rope.

I'll be right back.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can. Don't be scared.
I'm right here.

Mom! Mom!

Mom! Mom!

- Let her go.
- Please let me bring her up.

Drop her!

Mom. Mom.

I'm gonna get the keys.

# 'Cause you've been
nighttiming, baby #

# It's starting to show #

# 'Cause you've been
nighttiming, baby #

# It's out of control #

# 'Cause you've been
nighttiming-- #