Hurricane Streets (1997) - full transcript

Marcus is a kid on Manhattan's mean streets. He's turning 15, his father is dead, his mother is in prison for smuggling undocumented aliens. His grandmother is raising him. He has four close buddies who have a basement clubhouse; they shoplift and sell the wares to kids. One is moving toward selling drugs. Marcus wants to take a breather from the city and visit family in New Mexico. He also meets Melena, 14, a sweet kid who dreams of going to Alaska; her father is not just protective but angry and uncommunicative. The gang pressures Marcus to move up to burglary and car theft. He just wants to breathe open air. Can anything go right?

FRENTE: ♪ You Feel
Horrible ♪ Roll Into A Ball

♪ You're A Full Fool

♪ Borrowed By A Viewer
For an hour for a buck ♪

♪ Licking On A Lollipop
Left by your luck ♪

♪ Looking Like You're LyingFor your love ♪

♪ But Somebody's Bloody
HeartLying in a puddle in the mud

♪ About The One
You call the one ♪

♪ Hurry Past The Hole
That holds the whole ♪

♪ The Missing OutWhat might
have been♪The Meaning Of The Man

♪ Might May Rain Right

Hey, watch it, jerk.

I'm sorry, man. Excuse me.


Excuse me.

Hey, what the fuck. Get off my ass, man.

I don't see anything
on this guy.

♪ And I'm Listening
To the power ♪

♪ Hate To Do Anything

♪ Darling,
What a future it is ♪

♪ But I'll Ask Myself
A million times ♪

♪ Well, It's Too Soon
To tell ♪


♪ Surround Me

♪ And I'll Gasp In
A breath ♪

♪ At A Million Miles
An hour ♪

♪ 'Cause Fear Rises In

♪ Now I'm Thinking
Of something ♪

♪ Ain't No Way That I Can
Put it into words now ♪

♪ It's A Bright Night

♪ Am I Gonna Be
All right? ♪

♪ Till I Find Out
For myself ♪

Yeah, it was.

No doubt.

Oh, god, that was killing me.

Yo, check this out.Aww.

Get that shit away from me, yo.

Your dong been slapping
all around all sweaty and shit.

Nasty as hell.

So it looks like we all
scored except chipper.

Oh, yeah, yeah, you guys scored all right.


Man, how you get all these, man?

I got my ways.

What are you gonna do
with all these hammer disks?

Not like anyone listens
to that crap.

Freakin' miracle no one
started stuffing 'em.

We didn't get caught, man.

Yeah, lucky
we didn't get caught.

Oh, right. Wouldn't want to
end up in jail like your mama.

Very funny, Chip.
You know that?

Yeah, I'll never
get caught, man.

Damn straight. Yo, I gotta bounce,

I'll see you later.

Hammer's making a
comeback. You'll see.

Yeah, right.

Yo, that ticket
didn't come yet, did it?

No, not yet.

What ticket?

Marcus is going to New
Mexico. You didn't know?

Darn. Word?


Well, my uncle told me he was
sending a ticket for my birthday.

Your birthday's soon, huh?


Yo, that's my uncle, y'all.

I gotta bounce, all right?

Yeah, I gotta go, too,
man. See you later.

All right.

It's dinner time.

I'm out, man.

Go, go, go!

What's up, man? What's going on?

Chillin', man, chillin'.

Want to get a slice?

Nah, man. Can't leave
the store. My uncle's out,

and if I don't fix the
thingbefore he get back,

he gonna open a canof
whup-ass all over my face.

What is it?

It's a radio, man.

I knocked it off a counterand
busted it up real bad.

I could get him a radio,
man, real cheap.

Nah, man. He really
likesthis one, even though...

AÁll right.

Who da man?

Hook me up with
these peanuts, ok?

Yo, I'll check you
lateron today, all right?

Good morning, Marcus.

Been up for an hour
already, grandma.

GRANDMA: Birthday boy's
got pizza.

No ticket.


I don't think uncle Billywas really
seriousabout sending that ticket.

He talks a lot, you know.

I think it'll come.

So, uh...

How does it feel to be 15?

I think it feels the same as 14.

Can't really tell. No,
every dayis different.

Why don't you invite your
friends over tonight for pizza?

And Mack'll playhis guitar.

No, no, no, he won't.

Mack, it's his birthday.
Come on.

It's broken. Come on.

My hands are broken.

Oh, yeah.

He'll play. All right, grandma.

I'll see you tonight.
I gotta go.


He still believes that his
uncle's gonna send that ticket.

The kid should get out.

It's good for him
to take a trip.


Hey, mom.

Happy birthday.Thanks.

You holding in all right?

What about you? How's your summer?

It's going good.

We've only been out
of school for one week,

but it's been a good week.

How's your grandma? She's good.

She's having
a birthday party for me

tonight at the bar.

I wish I could be there, Marcus.

Me, too.

You'll be at my next
one, though, right?


There's a little problem.


I meant to tell you this
the last time.

It doesn't look like
they'regonna let me out this year.

Think they want me to
stickaround for another year.

But I thought you were
getting out in September.

I know I did. That's what
the publicdefender told me.

But you know these
lawyers. You know, it's all talk.

One thing today. Tomorrow
it's something else.

It's just one more year.

I know, but...

One more yearand then we're
gonna goto New Mexico like I said, ok?

It'll be great.




Look out for big papa.

LOUIS: Check 'em out.
Street value $25.

Let me get some of those.

Ooh, hot damn.

A bunch of littlerockefellers.

They'll sell better than
your hammer collection.

Man, I'm sick of stealing
this little shit.

We gotta, you know, lengthen our horizons.

Come on, hot chilies? Give me a break, man.

You gotta move over.

Yo, what do you saywe
hit your uncle's bodega?

You're always sayinghow he
keeps mad cashin that register.

What, are you stupid, man?

That store is gonna
be mine someday,

and I'm not fucking that up.

Yo, what is that?

What, are you stupid?

What is that?

It's a tattoo, you moron.

I mean of what?

The fuckin' "fuck you"
Finger, dumb shit.

Did that hurt?


It don't look like
the middle finger.

Did you do it yourself?

Why don't you stick some more
of that chewy shit in your mouth

and shut the fuck up already?

Tattoos are stupid, man.

It's like wearingthe same pair
of underwearfor your whole life.

You're just jealous.

What else you got in that bag?

LOUIS: Got some
smokes and velcro wallets.

Oh, yo, let me get one of those.

Velcro wallets are out,
man. Where you been?

No, velcro walletsare coming back, man.

They're too legit to quit.

Too legit to quit.

All right, man, you got it?

Oh, yeah, of course I got it, man.

Got the money? Yeah.

Low top black converse.

What size you wear? 8.

8. Size 8.

All right, dude, no problem.
Yo, 20 bucks tomorrow.

All right, see you. All right?

I like your tastein music.

Did you get it?

Oh, yeah.

Hootie and the blowfish.


Oh, what's up with the change?

It's all there.

It's all here?

All right, then.

Yo, no change next time.

BOY: Ok.

What you selling?

You know, a little
of this, a little of that.

You look a little oldto
be attending school here.

I don't.

This school's got
a super-smooth playground.

Me and my friend
like to skate on it.

I go to I.s. 27
for summer school.

That's cool.


Uh-oh, come on.

Come on, grab on!

That was close.


Who was that guy?

His name's Kramer.

He's a cop.

You weren't selling
drugs, were you?

No, I wasn't selling drugs.

Just sell music.

But they don't like us hanging
around the schools anyway.

So your name's Marcus?

I'm Melena.

Hello, Melena.

How do you do?

So, you want to come to
a birthday party tonight?

No, my dad doesn't
let me out at night.

It's your birthday?


Happy birthday.


How old are you?


You? 14,

but I'll be 15 in December.

I'm a Sagittarius.

That's cool.

You should come,
though. It's gonna be fun.

It's at 8:00 at Lucy's
on avenue "A."

I can't get into a bar.

You can get into this one.

How come?

'Cause Lucy's my grandma.

Your grandma owns a bar?

Yeah. So what do
your grandmas do?

My dad's mom diedwhen I was 10,

and my mom's mom...

She lives in Alaska.

Alaska's cool.

You ever been?

Nah, but it sounds
like it's a chill place.

There's 70, 80, 90.$5.00.

Here you go. 1...

Wait, wait.
Let me get a fiver.

You want a what?

A $5.00 bill, Duane.

Here you go.
I got you, Marcus.

Thanks, Duane.Yeah.

What's up?

What's up, man? Yo, did he catch you?

Man, that fool
will never catch me.

Oh, she is bangin', man.
HAROLD: Oh, yes, she is.

MARCUS: She's all right. Who
was that chickyou took off with?

Oh, her name's Melena.

I just met her today.

CHIP: You don't even know
what to do with a chick.

Give her to me.

Oh, you're just getting it
all the time, Chip.

Shit. I'm getting it
left and right.

Yeah. First with your
left, then with your right.

Oh, ha ha.

Ha ha ha.

First the left, then the right.

What the fuck are you
laughing at, Chubs?

You probably jerk off every day.

I do not. Yeah, you're not
old enoughto jerk off yet.

Yo, let me play.
I need to practice.

Look, Chubs, you can't
even hit the board.

BENNY: Yo, man,
let him practice.

All right,

I'll bet you a dollaryou
can't even hit the board.


BENNY: Man, you just want
to give your money away?

Shit, man.

Fork it over, fat boy.

Come on. Nice
doingbusiness with you, Chubs.

Yo, Chip, man.

I bet you a dollar
I hit a bull's-eye.

One shot?

One shot, man.
That's all it takes.

All right.

Give him his money back.

Harold, man.

Stop making these stupid bets.

You suck at darts, all right?

You suck.

Hey. Hey, wherehave you been?

I've been waiting an hour. I
thought we were going skating today.

I know. See...

You know I'm going to
Olympia tomorrow, don't you?

Yeah, I know, but...

But what?

I met this guy.


Wow. Where? Who?

He was at the playgroundwhile
I was waiting for you.

Is he a fox?

Yeah, kind of.

Did you guys, you know?

Oh, no.

Melena, time for dinner!

Ok, coming.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, man.

LUCY: Yeah.

One more for me.

There you go.

Come on, man.

Yo, you got that.

Oh, yeah, that's right.

Oh, yeah.

That is right.

Hurricane out there.

Hey, Macky.

The pizza goes on the table.


Sorry I'm late, man.

No, it's cool. I had to help
my uncle close up.

Happy birthday. Oh, no.

It's from my uncle, too.

Oh, yeah.

Butters, kid. Good lookin' out. No problem.

By the way, Chip said
he can't make it.

He's gotta meet
some friends from Miami.

Figures. He's an asshole.

He said it was really important.

PACO: Where are you going?

To skate around with Ashley.

She's leaving tomorrow
for the summer.

No, it's too late. You're staying
in. You can see her tomorrow.

But she's leaving.

I don't want to hear about it.

Since when do
13-year-oldgirls go roller skating

around New York cityat
night? I'm 14, daddy.

Same difference.
You are not going out.

You treat me
like I'm a little kid.

That's becauseyou are a little kid.

When you grow up enoughto
make your own decisions,

when you pay your own way.

Till then I make the
decisions. I make the rules.

Here comes another present.

That's from grandma.

I hope you like it.

It's very special.

I was cleaning some stuff out,

and I found that in storage.

It was your grandpa's. They
used to hang it here in the bar.

Thank you, grandma.

So, where'd you learn
all those songs?

Ripped 'em off the highway.

I used to be a truck driver. Drive
coast to coast, border to border.

18 wheelers.

That's cool. Ever been
around New Mexico?

Shit, yes.

Tell you a story. One night
I got kicked out of a corvette

by a really hot rich girl.

Middle of nowhere.

Wander into the desert,

onto a reservation. I
went up to a trading post.

I go,
"where the fuck am I?"

And they go,
"that's where you are."

This place is called
"where the fuck am I?"

Took care of me.

They did.

When you get out there,

you listen.

♪ Matthew, Mark

♪ Luke And John

♪ Hold This Horse

♪ While I Get On


Sorry I'm so late.

No, it's all right.

Kind of a boring partyanyway.


I can't stay long. I just
came to give you this.


The "M" is for Marcus.

Or it's for Melena.

Anyway, my dad will kill
melf he finds out that I left,

so I gotta go.

You want to hang outtomorrow?


I'll meet you at
the school at 3:00, ok?

All right.Bye.

PACO: Where were you?

I just went skating.

You don't have to lie
to me, you know.

Ven aco:.

Now you tell mewhere you went.

I went to a party to bring
a present to my friend.

A friend?

A boy, right?


I told you to stay in, right?


You're just likeyour mother.

Running around all night long.

Just trying todrive me crazylike she did.

♪ If Money
Makes a man strange ♪

♪ We Gots To Be Crazy

♪ So What Makes
The world go round? ♪

♪ Got Hype The Way
It's going down ♪

♪ Fell In Love
With this fish ♪

♪ Who Got Caught
In my mesh ♪

♪ But Yo, She burned my
scene up Like David Koresh ♪

♪ I Guess A DiamondAin't
nothing ♪♪But A Rock With A Name

♪ I Guess Love Ain't
nothing But Emotional Game ♪

♪ It's A Lesson
Well learned... ♪


Good morning.

I'm makingyour special eggs.


You still mad at me?

I'm sorry if I was a little
rough with you last night, but...

How else am Igoing to
get youto listen to me?

I don't know.

Melena, you're all I have.

It's just you and me.

We're a family.

We have to protect that.

Come on. Eat something.

Como', nina.


Ha ha ha.

He really sent it.Yup. Told you so.

You leave in 3 days.

That is right.

Definitely correct.

Anyway, I gotta go, grandma.

Yeah, ok.

See you later.

Hey, Macky.
How ya doin', babe?

Marky. All right.


What's up with the kid?

He's going to New Mexico.

That's a lucky move.

That's what you think.

♪ It's So Nice

♪ I Wanna Hear
The same song twice ♪

♪ It's So Nice

♪ I Wanna Hear
The same song twice ♪

♪ Want To Spread It
All over my town ♪

♪ It's Like Stones
And sticks... ♪

It was you?


Macky, did you
send him that ticket?

New Mexico's the land of dreams.

What's the problem with that?

I've never been in an airplane.

I have once...

When I was 5.

I wish I was going, too.

When I go there for good,
you can definitely come visit me.

Yeah, man.
That'll be cool.

Do you know what you wanna be?

Like, are you gonna be
like a farmer or something?


I just want to goto New Mexico.

I guess I could be a
farmer, but I don't know.

I used to want to be a cop,

but now that we steal so
much, it's probably not right.


Fuckin' derelicts.

Can I help you guys
with something?

No. We're just looking.

Um, actually, can I see that
leather jacket right there?

Oh, hey, man, look out!

Yo, give me a sec. All right.

CHIP: Good shit.

Yo, what's up, boys?

Pass that.

JUSTIN: Smoke? No, I'm all right.

Yo, this is the kind shit.

Yo, this isJustin and
Shane, my bros from Miami.

They in town, shopping
aroundtheir new shit.

This is Marcus
and Benny and Louis.

What's up?

What's up, fellas?

Yo, ain't you burnin'
in that jacket, man?

It may be hot upstairs,
but I am mad cool.

Ha ha.

Yo, you checkin' outmy piece, yo?

I just picked her up
last monday.

No, no, no, I'm all right.

Yo, this piece is the shit, yo.

You gots to protect
yourself, you know?

Keep the peace.

Whoa. Let me check it out.

No, man. Chill,
Harold. No need for that.

Who's this guy? Think
he the boss or something?

Yeah, he thinkshe's the
boss'cause he found the place.

But he's moving off to his ranch

in New Mexico real soon, right, cowboy?

Yeah, that's right, asshole.

Chip, let's cruise, bro.

I gotta unloadsome of this
shitat my brother's pad, man.

Yeah, right. Yo, marcus,

wanna hook me up
with some dough, bro?

I want to get me a bag
of this wacky shit.

Yo, you got your own cash, man.

Yo, but I spent it all.

That's the brakes, dude.
Yo, come on, Marcus.

Just hook me upwith a couple of doughnuts.

I ain't giving you no cash, man.

Yo, what? You want
something? Huh? Huh?

JUSTIN: Yo, what's up? He
wants something? Come on.

Just mellow out, man.

Yeah, that'swhat I thought.

We're out of here. SHANE: Later, boys.

MELENA: So what is there
to do in New Mexico?

I don't know.

My uncle's got, like,
a hundred horses,

and, like, miles of land,

like them old country westerns.

It's all brown and clear.

And the air...

It don't smell like this shit.

How do you know?

I was born there.

When did you move here?

When I was 5.Ha.


You remember what it smelt
like from when you were 5?

No, but...

I've seen pictures.

You can't smell
pictures, Marcus.

I know, but...

It don't smell like this shit.

In New Mexico,
I won't be needing this.

Gonna go there,
see where I was born,

check out the scene, see
where my parents lived.

My parents?


Going by myself.

Wow. You must have
really cool parents.

My mom's in prison
and my dad's dead.

But they were good people.

They used their ranch to

Help mexicans into
the country and shit.

You know, they'd
give them shelter,

give them clothing, feed them.

My dad died in a car
accident when I was 5.

He just...

Fell asleep
at the wheel one night.

And my mom, she got caught
smuggling people into the country,

so she got 10 years.


When my mom gets out,

we'll be goingfor good.

You should come along.

My dad would kill me first.

I could never get up enough
money to buy a ticket anyway.

We'll find a way.

I mean...

You gotta get outof the city sometime.

I like the city sometimes.

Yeah, I do, too, sometimes.


Not enough to live heremy whole life.

My mom used to say

that if you lived in the
city for 7 years straight,

you're technically insane.

Yeah. You see?

I'm totally nuts!

Me, too.


If I make this rock in
that can, can I kiss you?

What, you don'tthink I can do it?


He's back, he aims...

He shoots. Oh! He scores!

Oh, shit.

Yo, check it out.

Chip pierced his nose.

MELENA: That's disgusting.

Yeah, youmust be Melena.

What'd you do that for?

Justin and Shane bet him a
bag of weed he wouldn't do it.

Shut up, Chubs. Damn.

You do that yourself?

Yeah, he did.

Yo, you should go and
get that checked out, man.

It doesn't look too proper.

It's fucking awesome,
man, awesome.

Yo, and I scored a bag
of the kind shit.

Yo, let's bounce. All right, man.

Peace, kid.


Where are they going?

To the clubhouse.

You got a clubhouse?

Yeah. Want to go
check it out?

No, I can't.

Dad'll get mad.

All right.

So, what are you doing tomorrow?

Ditching schooland hanging out with you.

All right, cool.

Pier 16 at noon, ok?

All right.

Looks like we're losing juice.

Louis, kid, what's up
with that new battery?

Oh, word, yo, I was
thinkingabout that, but, um...

But what?

I think we should lift more
than just the battery.

MARCUS: What are yougetting at, man?

He means he wants to lift
the whole fucking car.

All right, get this, yo.

My uncle is, like,
house-sitting for this guy

who lives
in our building, right?

So he has to move the car for
street sweepers and stuff every day.

I have total access
to the keys, man.

Shut the fuck up, man.

We ain't stealing no car.

What are we gonna do with it?

I think I gotta go home.

Go piss in the bushes, Chubs.

I'll try, but it never works.

LOUIS: Do you know how much
money we can get for a car, man?

MARCUS: You knowhow much
trouble we canget in if we get caught?

Oh. Oh.


Oh, come on, man.

Shit, man.

Damn it!

Man, with this cash, I could
finally get that fat-ass diamondback.

Then go steal a car yourselves.

Don't bring her
back here, though.

Oh, come on, Marcus.
We don't know how to drive.

And you're the only one
who knows how to drive.

Yeah, and I ain't stealin'no fuckin' car.

CHIP: You're a pussy.

Why, 'cause I don't
want to get arrested?

What, you don't want to go
live with your mama again?

Funny, Chip, funny.

Go fuckin' pierceyour brain or something.

Guys, I gotta go home. There's
too many people out here.

CHIP: All right.
See you later, Chubby.

Hey, kid.


You know a girl named Melena?


You see her around here?


I seen her, but she left.

I gotta go.

Are you hungry?

No, I'm all right.

You sure?

There's a sandwich in back. You want it?

No, no, I ate something.

Yeah? What'd you have?

Hi. Police.

Have any of you people
seen this guy?

We have someonewho
sayshe was in here last week.


Well, it's
a very blurry picture.

Hey, Luce.

What's up with that?

Boo! Oh, don't do that. You scared me.




It's all right.

What you wanna do?

I don't know.

Let's just ride for a while.

All right.

What you think of this?

It's big.

Well, that'show I like them.

Get some room to breathe.

Then get it.

All right.

How much for this?$30.

30 beans.

I don't know.
It's kind of steep.

All right.
Check you later.

Thanks, man. All right.

You were afraid tosteal that
in front of me, weren't you?

I was not.

That's what it looked like.

What are you talking about?

Wasn't going to steal anything.

Then I dare you to buy it.

You're daring me
to buy the jacket?


I'm daring you to
actually pay for that jacket.

Word? Yeah.

Ha ha ha.

So, what's up?
You wanna grab a slice?

When I was little, I
wanted to be an astronaut,

but I don't really
want to be that now.


I still dream about what it would
be like on the moon, though.

Ever think
about that. Like...

What it would be like
on the moon?

Pretty cold.

Yeah, but...

The earth must look
real cool, you know?

Like, you don't see any of
the bad stuff. You just see...

The clouds and the sky...

The land and the water and shit.

What about you?
A thief?


That ain't me, man.

I don't know.

I just want to have
some space, man.

I don't know what
I want to do with it.

I guess grow something
or make something.

All I know is I just want space.


Space is cool.

All right.

Space is cool.

I couldn't find
no fat laces, though.

Oh, it's all right.

All right, cool.

All right. I'll see youlater on.Yeah.

Whoo! Whoo!

Let's go. We're
going for a ride.

Where we going? Get your bag, man.

What about my bike?

Yo, Benny!
Get my bike, man!

Benny, grab my bike!

Smooth move, Cowboy.

Yo, keep on riding, Chip!

He'll get his. Don't worry.

Marcus Frederick.

Come on, Marcus.
Have a seat.

Sit up straight.
I told you. Come on.

Officer Kramer here tells me
you've been pushing hot merchandise

at the elementary schools.

This true?

Yeah. I might have solda thing or two.

Not like killing people
or selling drugs.

Oh. It's okay, then.

I feel really good about that.

Let's see here.

"Black converse
low top, size 8...

"With fat laces...

Am/fm wrist radio."

and the blowfish?"

Marcus, this notebook
has your ass

in a lot more trouble
than you think.

It proves intent to
steal before entering.

You understand that?

Commercial burglary, Marcus.

It's a felony.

Check this out.

I got your file right here.

It says last year,
you're pushing candy,

and all of a sudden,
you got walkmans,

you got headphones,
you got shoes,

and what's next, man?

You got cars?
You got guns for me?

You got drugs? Is that it?

No, nothing.

I'm getting out of here.

Yeah? I tell you, running
away won't solve anything.

You understand?

We don't want you to
end up like your mother.

Come on, Hank, man.

My mom was doing a good thing.

She don't even belong in prison.

Since when is murder
a good thing?

What's he talking about, murder?

My mom's no murderer.

She was caught
smugglingimmigrants into the country.

He doesn't know.

Know what?

Who told you this?

She did. She...

Well, what are you
talking about?

Your mother was
convicted of murder, Marcus.

No, this can't be right.
What is this?

That's the truth.

We thought you knew.

Look, Marcus, I'm gonna
call your grandmother.

What are you gonna...

No, she's just gonna
pick you up.

LUCY: So...

What do you have
to say for yourself?

You haven't said a word.

Did my mom kill somebody?

Ha. She did.

Who told you that?

It's true, isn't it?

Marcus, she was gonna
tell you. She was...

But she didn't know how.

She wanted to be
honest with you,

but she was afraid
you'd hate her,

but I swear to you, Marcus...

She was gonna tell you.

Who'd she kill?



You all right?

You don't look so hot.
What's up?

I met a girl.

You did? What's her name?

Her name's Melena.


That's a nice name.

Yeah, she's nice.

We were thinking about
going on a trip together.

Where you gonna go?

New Mexico.

What are you talking about?

Oh, you can come meet us
when you get out, right?

It's only one more year,
right, mom?

What are you talking about?

I know why you're in here.

Cops told me all about it.

I was gonna tell you.

When? When were you
gonna tell me, mom?

When I was, like, 20?

25? 30? 60?
I mean...

How long can you let me keep
such a great story in my head?

I was gonna tell you, Marcus.

So tell me now, mom.

I want to hear it from you.

He hurt me, Marcus. He hurt me...

So bad.

But nobody believed me.

I... I tried very hard
to make it work,

but he beat me, Marcus,

and he beat you beforeyou could even walk.

I wanted you to grow up

with a good father
in your heart.

I just didn't know what good it would do

for youto know the truth.

I don't wanna live
in a lie, mom.

I know you don't, honey.

So when are you getting out?

You're not getting out
next year, are you?

No. I'm not up for parole
for another 4 years.

But then, Marcus, I promise you,
we're gonna go to New Mexico.

Ok? I promise.

Oh, shit, Mack. You scared me.

Hey, Marcus.

What happened?

I didn't do nothing.

These guys over in Jersey
was trying to hurt Lucy,

there was a gun...

Maybe it was my gun.

Maybe it was...


Why didn't you just tell them?

Marcus, this is the
United States of America.

Everybody's born with a gun.

Your job is to learn
how to shoot it...

Who to shoot it at...

When not to shoot it.

There's 187 ways
out of this city.

Don't worry about it.


This help you out?

This is yours.

This is your dream.

Your dream.

The ranch ain'twhat I thought it was.

What are you gonna do?

I guess I'll just chill,

think for a while.

You should take the ticket, though.

Go to your reservationand
visit your friends.

That way, you couldstay low and be safe.

Here you are.

I thought we were
gonna go hang out.

I can't.

You could have at least
met me and told me.

I've been looking for you
for, like, an hour.

Now you found me.


What are you doing?

You don't smoke.

Yeah, I do now.

Come on, chill.

What's going on with you?


I thought we were gonna
go get your suitcase.

Yeah, well, there'sno need for that now.

Why? What happened?

Nothing. I just don'twant to talk about it.

You know, my dad
didn'treally die in a car crash.

What do you mean?

I mean my mom killed him.

She shot him.

But he was an asshole. He beat her up.

Yeah, that's why
my mom left my dad.

Your dad hit your mom?

He drove her crazy.

I don't evenunderstand that stuff.

Me either.


If I hit that tire with
this rock, can I kiss you?

All right.


Does this meanyou ain't leavin' tomorrow?

Yeah. I guess so.

♪ I Can See My Own

What'd you do?

Dyed my hair.
It's the shit, man.

Yeah, you look
like a freak, kid.

What happened to... Your little nose ring?

It got all infected
and started hurting.

Shut up, chubs.

Yo, what are you doing?

There's no need
for that shit, man.

Don't look at me.

It's not my fault.
He likes it.

What did they do to you anyway?

Nothing. They just
triedto scare me and shit.

I've got the power.

HAROLD: Juice.

Now that's more like it.


We're doing it tonight.


Gonna make some real cash.

Some crisp lettuce.

Tsk. I ain't stealing
no car, man.

I just got arrested, fool.

Yo, Benny, you in on that?

It's a lot of cash, Marcus.

I'm in.

Come on, Marcus. You're
just chickenshit, man.

Think about it. A car.

A fuckin' car, man.

No moreof this little shit, no.

This is the big time.

Justin and Shane, man, those
guys steal cars all the time in Miami.

We're talking, like, 200
bucks each in one night.

Without me, you got, like, 250.

Come on, Marcus. We
need youto drive the fucker.

Um, guys,

th-there's a problem.


I stole the battery
from the car.

I thought he wasn't gonna do it.

Shit. Fucking Einstein.

I don't see what's so funny
about losing a thousand big ones.

Just bring
the battery back, man.

But, uh, I've got another idea.

To get to the keys, you have
to get into the apartment, right?

I bet you they gotmad shit in there.

Now you're talking about
breaking and entering, man.

No, now we're justtalking about
robbingthis motherfucker's apartment.

You know that breaking
and entering is a crime.

So is shoplifting.

Yeah, but breaking
and entering...

That's premeditated,
man. That's, like, a felony.

Man, fuck all that.
Stealin' is stealin'.

Come on, man, it'll be phat.

No way, man.
I'm out.

We'll meet here tonight
at midnight,

if you decide
to take off your tutu.


Hey. This guy's good.

Stay the fuck awayfrom our store!



Male computer VOICE:

This is the computer-operatedmessage system

from the east village
middle school.

I'm calling to report
that your daughter

was absent from school today.

We believe that
telephone notification

will help discourage
our students

from skipping classes.

If you have any questions,

please call us at 555-43...

That's disgusting.

Was it worth the sneakers?

Probably not.

You know, he kicked your ass.

Oh, thanks. Just rub it in.

Well, crime doesn't pay.


You soundlike my grandma.

I'm just kidding.

Good afternoon.

This is really beautiful.

You know,

If I had a girl,

I'd probably want to
take her here, too.

It's so romantic, huh?

Come on, let's go.

Ow, dad, that hurts!

Ow, dad. Stop. It hurts.

You're sitting here
groping with this kid.

Aw, you disgrace me.

Just lay off her, man.
What are you doing?

You mindyour own business, kid.

If you ever lay your
handson my daughter again,

I'll kill you!


You cool off!

SUPPLE: ♪Well, You Can
TellBy the way I use my walk ♪

♪ I'm A Woman's Man,
No time to talk ♪

♪ Music Loud
And women warm ♪

♪ I've Been Kicked Around
Since I was born ♪

♪ And Now It's All Right,
And it's ok ♪

♪ And You May Look
The other way ♪

♪ We Can Try
To understand ♪

♪ The New York Times'
Effect on man ♪

♪ Whether You're A BrotherOr
whether you're a mother ♪

♪ You're Stayin' Alive,
Stayin' alive ♪

♪ Feel The City Breakin'
And everybody shakin' ♪

♪ You're Stayin' Alive,
Stayin' alive ♪

♪ Oh Oh Oh Oh

♪ Stayin' Alive,
Stayin' alive ♪

♪ Oh Oh Oh Oh

♪ Stayin' Alive

You just don't learn, do you?

MELENA: Oh, my god.
What did you do?

Is he ok?


Come on, let's go.

That was my dadyou hit back there.

I know.

But you got to do something.

It ain't right.

I know.

This is my special place.

My clubhouse.

I always come herewhen I want to be alone.

You want me to leave?


But I always think
aboutleaving when I come here.

Sometimes I think if
Ijumped off, I could fly.

Like to Alaska.

You wanna?


Nah. Go to Alaska.

PACO: Hello?

Who was that?

My dad. He's ok.

Maybe this isn't
such a good idea.

Maybe I should go home.

Why? So your dad canbeat you up again?

Come on. I thoughtwe were leaving.

I don't know.

I mean, what if he follows us?

He's not gonna follow us.

No one knowswhere we're going.

What is that?

It's a tent.

MELENA: You know,
when I was younger,

I used to think Alaska
was closer to the moon

because it was
higher on the map.

How much family
you got out there?

Um, my aunt, my uncle, and my grandma.

So, how muchare the tickets?

Like, 200 each.

I don't havethat much money.

How much you got?


It's all right.
I'll take care of that.


I have to pick up some things

from the clubhouse.

All right.

Let's meet at, uh, Penn
station at 10 of noon.


Yo, you got to keepyour cool, fat boy.

I'm cool.

Ooh. Yee-haw.

What happened? Did you buy
some hairand paste it to your balls?

Yeah. How'd you guess?

Holy shit.
He's a cop?


So what if he's a cop?

We can't steal froma cop's house, can we?

Sure we can,
man. We are.

Could you allquiet down, please?

All right, you guys
check this room.

Me and chubs will
take the back one.

I got to find a bathroom.

We're robbing a house,
and Harold's taking a leak.

How much you think
we can get for that?

Nothing. There's no way
we get that out of here.

Yeah, yo. You got to gofor the small stuff,

Like this watch.

Hu-hurry up and check
those drawers over there.

All right.


Crisp lettuce.

Good job, fat boy.



LOUIS: Way to go, man.
That was phat.

Hey, that's right.

Oh, yeah, how much
did we get, son?

Yeah! How much is it?

I know I seen somehundreds up in there.

CHIP: 150...

Man, there's like
220-something dollars here.

I need more for my diamondback.

Oh, yeah, well,
we can hock this, man.

CHIP: Let me see that.

You idiot.
It's a fucking timex.

It's not real gold.

You're lucky to get, like,
5 bucks for this shit.

Yeah, well, it's got indiglo.

Oh, yeah.

Yo, well, all I know is, I found the cash.

Yeah, you did
a good job, Harold.

CHIP: I told youto look there, fat boy.

So? I still found it.


So you still can't even
hit the dartboard.

And you still can't
pisswhen somebody's lookin'.


Shut up.

Gotta have hair onyour
pecker to play darts.

HAROLD: You know what?

I'll show you the hairon my pecker.


MARCUS: Holy shit.

HAROLD: Uh-oh.

Is he dead?

Holy shit.

He's dead, all right.

You shot him straight through.

Who is that?

That's Melena's dad.

Holy shit.

Holy shit. What the fuckwas
he doing in the closet?

pass me that sheet.

I'll cover him up.

Y-y-you smell that?


I... I think he pissedon himself.

They do that when
they die, right?

It was Harold.

He pissed in his pants.


He's a fuckin' big guy.

They weigh morewhen they're dead.

They do not.

Fuck! The fucker must
weigh like 3,000 pounds.

Yo, what are we gonna do?

I'll be back.

Gonna need help with this.

Where's Chip?

He just took off.


MARCUS: I might need youto rig
somethingwith that rope over there.

MARCUS: Watch!

All right, now lower it.

Comin' down!

All right, keep on going.

Ok, man.

Hope this shit holds.

All right.

1, 2...

Yo, man,

I think you need to
go talk to Harold.

He's trippin'.

I killed him.

I killed him.

You didn't knowhe was there, Harold.

It's not your fault. It was an accident.

He's dead.

I just wanted to
hit a bull's-eye.

Now I'm going to jail.

You ain't goingto jail, Harold.

We took care of it.

We dumped him.

Nah. What about when
they find the body?

They ain't goingto find the body.

We took care of it.

It's all good.


Make sure Harolddon't rat us out, man.

You're not still going, are you?


I thought you didn't want
to go To New Mexico.

I changed my mind.

Well, when are you coming back?

I don't know.
2 weeks.

What about us, man?

I mean, you're not gonna
be here. What about us?

You can't just leave.

We didn't do anything, man. We...


Harold just killed that man.

It was an accident, and we took care of it.

It's all good.

Oh, snap, man.

Isn't that phat?

How much that cost, bro?

It's all right. All right. See you later.

All right, man.
See you around later.

That's a phat bike.

What the fuck, man?

Yo, how'd you get that?

Man, I got cash.

Yeah, right. You tookthe
loot from last night,

and you stole my stash.

Yeah, whatever.

Come on, Chip!

JUSTIN: What the fuckyou doing, man?

This motherfuckertook my greens, man!

Yo, yo, listen to me.

He didn't steal
your shit, yo. I did.

What the fuckare you talking about?

Yo, hold this faggot
up for me, boys. Yeah.

What's up? You want to
ride me, cowboy?

Huh? You fuck!

SHANE: Kick that piece's
ass, motherfucker.

CHIP: Fucker!

Don't you got a planeto catch, cowboy?

Good morning, ma'am.

Do you have a minute?

Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure. What's up?

Hey, Benny.
Is this the place?

Yeah, that's the place.

Come on.

Take it easy.

KRAMER: Harold, come on.

KRAMER: Come on, you guys. Let's go.

Trevor Wilson?

Yeah. Chip.

Chip? Well, get up.
You're under arrest.

Come on, get up.


Whoa. What up, Marcus?

How much I get for this?

What the fuck? Get that away from me.

What you doin' with a
gun? And what happened

you got mad cash.
Just buy it.

Take that gun and
getthe hell out of my store!

You can't help me out?


Yo, why you got to
act like that, man?

Let's go. Run that cash
right now, Duane!

Oh, so now you're robbing me?

That's right.
Come on, let me see it!

Let's go! Run it now!

I need it! Come on,
I'm not playing!

All right, all right, all right.

Yo, I-I'll get you back, Duane.

I promise.


SUPPLE: ♪Well, You Can
TellBy the way I use my walk ♪

♪ I'm A Woman's Man,
No time to talk ♪

♪ Music Loud
And women warm ♪

♪ I've Been Kicked Around
Since I was born ♪

♪ And Now It's All Right,
And it's ok ♪

♪ And You May Look
The other way ♪

♪ We Can Try
To understand ♪

♪ The New York Times'
Effect on man ♪

♪ Whether You're A BrotherOr
whether you're a mother ♪

♪ You're Stayin' Alive,
Stayin' alive ♪

♪ Feel The City Breakin'
And everybody shakin' ♪

♪ You're Stayin' Alive,
Stayin' alive ♪

♪ Oh Oh Oh Oh

♪ Stayin' Alive,
Stayin' alive ♪

♪ Oh Oh Oh Oh

♪ Stayin' Alive

♪ Well, Now, I Get Low,
And I get high ♪

♪ And If I Can't Get Either, I really try ♪

♪ Got The Wings Of Heaven
On my shoes ♪

♪ I'm A Dancin' Man,
And I just can't lose ♪

♪ It's All Right,
And it's ok ♪

♪ I'll Live To See
Another day ♪

♪ We Can Try
To understand ♪

♪ The New York Times'
Effect on man ♪

♪ Whether You're A BrotherOr
whether you're a mother ♪

♪ You're Stayin' Alive,
Stayin' alive ♪

♪ Feel The City Breakin'
And everybody shakin' ♪

♪ You're Stayin' Alive,
Stayin' alive ♪

♪ Oh Oh Oh Oh

♪ Stayin' Alive,
Stayin' alive ♪

♪ Oh Oh Oh Oh

♪ Stayin' Alive

♪ Life Goin' Nowhere

♪ Somebody Help Me

♪ Somebody Help Me,
Yeah ♪

What happened?

Come on.
I'll tell you later.

♪ Somebody Help Me

♪ Somebody Help Me,
Yeah ♪

My dad's gonna kill me.

Theodore shapiro &
peterSALETT: ♪First, There Comes

♪ Staring At The Gates

♪ And Wishing On A Train

♪ Just Trying To Feel
The same ♪

♪ The Memory Of

♪ ...Mory Of

♪ I Loved

♪ Has Stayed

♪ With Me

♪ Through This Walking Dream

♪ ...King Dream

♪ She Didn't Come
To save ♪

♪ But Looked Inside
And gave ♪

♪ Me This Tiny Sound

♪ Now I'm Wishing Her Around

♪ The Memory Of

♪ ...Mory Of

♪ With Me

♪ Through This Walking Dream

♪ ...King Dream

Elliott SMITH:
♪ I'm In Love

♪ With The World

♪ Through The Eyes

♪ Of A Girl

♪ Who's Still Around

♪ The Morning After

♪ We Broke Up

♪ A Month Ago

♪ And I Grew Up

♪ I Didn't Know

♪ I'd Be Around

♪ The Morning After

♪ It's Always Been

♪ Wait And See

♪ A Happy Day

♪ And Then You Pay

♪ And Feel Like Shit

♪ The Morning After

♪ But Now I Feel

♪ Changed Around

♪ And Instead

♪ Of Falling Down

♪ I'm Standing Up

♪ The Morning After

♪ Situations Get Fucked Up

♪ And Turned Around

♪ Sooner Or Later

♪ I Could Be

♪ Another Fool

♪ Or An Exception

♪ To The Rule

♪ You Tell Me

♪ The Morning After

♪ Crooked Spin,
Can't come to rest ♪

♪ I'm Damaged Bad
At best ♪

♪ She'll Decide
What she wants ♪

♪ I'll Probably Be
The last to know ♪

♪ No One Says
Until it shows ♪

♪ See How It

♪ I-i-i-i-is

♪ They Want You

♪ Or They Don't

♪ Say Yes

♪ I'm In Love

♪ With The World

♪ Through The Eyes

♪ Of A Girl

♪ Who's Still Around

♪ The Morning After