Hurricane Smith (1992) - full transcript

An oil-field worker from Texas journeys to Australia to look for his missing sister, and his search winds up getting him involved with a violent drug-smuggling gang.

Yeah. This is
sheriff Wilson's office.

Billy Ray Smith, please.

Hey, yo, Billy!

Hey, hold up, man!
Hold up!

Hey, the sheriff's
on the phone.

Billy Ray here.

This is Earl.

The hospital called
about 20 minutes ago.

I'm afraid
the news ain't good.

It's about your mama.

She passed on about
a half an hour ago.

I'm sorry about that.

We'll need your sister
to sign some papers.

There's a few
legal complications

your mother's will.

As long as I'm here,

I'll take care
of everything.
You know that.

I know what
you're getting at.

What will you do
about your sister, then?

I'll be damned
if I know.

Any idea
where she's at?

Last we heard,
somewhere in Australia.

but couldn't reach her.

Now I got a reason
to find her.

Anything I can do
to help you,

you know I'm here.

You're a good man.

This one I've got to
take care of myself.

I understand.

Stay out of trouble,
you hear?

All right.

He's getting away!


I've got him!
I've got him!

Give over, mate!

Bloody beauty!

He's a big one.
Come on.

Come on, young mate.
What a little ripper.

Keep that rod up.

Hold on to him!
That's it.


How's about
a little skin diving?

Courtesy of your friends
Howard Fenton and Charlie Dowd.

Hey, you bastards!

The Gillespies will get you for this!

Help me!

Come back here!

The bastard will be

sleeping with
the fishes by now.

Don't worry.

It's being
taken care of...

As we speak.

It had better,

You had better get
that other bastard as well.

The authorities, Charlie,

will they
muck everything up?

Don't worry, Howard.

What can they prove?
Ha ha ha!

Head 'em up!


Place your bets,

O.K., guys.

the double-crossing rat now.

Uhh! Uhh!

Good day,
ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to Brisbane,

gateway to Queensland
and the magnificent gold coast.

Sir, welcome to
the gold coast.

Thank you.



Do you mind
if I sit up front?

No worries, mate.

But I'll do
the driving, o.K.?

Ha ha ha.

We drive on
the left side over here.

You're the American gentleman
looking for his sister?

The last post card we got
came from surfers.

Time before that she
sent us these pictures.

Nice-looking girl.

Yeah, well,

this is definitely
surfers, all right.

Probably the Southern end
towards broad beach, I'd say.

She didn't include
her return address?

No. She's been moving
around a lot this past year.

I see.

Excuse me, Peter.

Excuse me.

Mr. Smith, do you have
a passport on you?

Yes, sir.

Could I see it,

Is there a problem?

Well, there appears to be
no record of your sister

ever entering
or leaving the country,

which, on the strength
of your photographs,

means she's liable
to criminal prosecution

for being
an illegal alien.

Thank you.

Where to, mate?


How far south?

Sydney's south,
about 500 miles.

Just south.

It might help if I knew
what you were looking for.

I'm looking
for a house.

A house.

Any particular
kind of house?

Want a house on any
particular street, perchance?

You're doing real good.

Just keep heading

the way you're heading,

[RADIO] Another murder in the
continuing gang war

on the gold coast.

Police have no suspects
in the latest killing,

a hit-and-run,

and speculate that rival gangs
are in competition

for the distribution
of illegal drugs

southeast Queensland.

More news at 4:00
here on radio gold.

We head south,

we stay close
to the water,

and we look
for a house.

What is this,
candid camera?

Anything can happen day?

It just did.

This is it.

Here you go.
Keep the change.

thanks for nothing.


Come in, Mr. Nelson.


Anybody home?

Help yourself to a drink.

You're a little early.

Mr. Nelson.

I'm Billy Ray Smith.

O.K., Billy.

How about a drink?

No, thank you.

I'm here because
I'm looking for somebody.

Got a picture of her.

that's Sally.

Sally Mae Smith.
You know her?

What's going on here?
Who are you, mate?

I'm Billy Smith.

Looking for my sister.

And I'm Madonna.

Jesus, Julie!
What are you doing?

Letting anybody in here?

Are you a narc,

No, and I don't give
a rat's ass what you're doing.

I'm just looking
for answers.

Here's your answer.

Give him a chance.

Shut up.
We've got clients.

Put that thing away.

He's Sally's brother.

I'll handle it!


I rang earlier.

Get out.

All right, all right.

We're trying to run
a business here.

Get out.

Make an appointment next time.


Ask for Julie.

don't you worry.

I'll be back.

Hello, Mr. Nelson.
Julie's expecting you.

Just go in.
She's ironing her school dress.


It's like this,

We don't know
your sister.

Never seen her.

We don't want to
see you again.

So, Nick off.


Cousin, you got
poor communication skills.


Go inside and tell
that lady I'll be back,

just like I said, o.K.?



And stay out!

Don't worry
about it, mate.

It happens to us all.

Family troubles,
stress at home.

Drop back later.
I've got a great girl.

She does it
without a condom.

It's filthy.
You'll love it.

I'm flying back
to Sydney tonight.

Give our Sydney office
a call, mate.

Free time, double time,
champagne, the works.

Bubble baths, condoms...
Cheer, Matey, bye.

Look, I'm sorry,
all right?

I don't know
what happened.

I couldn't
go through with it.

You'd better get
your act together.

If Mr. Dowd finds out
you're knocking back clients,

we'll both wish
we'd never been born.

I don't
understand you, love.

You're a pro.

What happened?
Was it that black guy, eh?

Was it that black bastard,

the one who said he was
Sally Mae's brother?

I haven't heard from Sally Mae
since she cleared out.

You don't know if he was
Sally Mae's brother.

He could be working
for the Gillespies.

They gunned down
arkie Davis.

I was there.

You will be
in traction

unless you get
your act together.

You'd tell me if
something happened to her.

We went through
a lot together.

She was my best friend.

Julie, nothing
happened to her.

Nothing happened
to her.

She went back
to the states,

like she said.


Why is her brother
looking for her?


Jesus, Julie.

You don't know
he was her brother.

He could have been
her ex-lover,

her father, anybody...
I don't know.


Hi, Charlie.

She's not in.

She was sick,
so I sent her home.

She looked like death.
Not good for business.

Yeah, of course.

I'm sorry. Yeah.

Uh...Sorry, mate.

Yeah, sure.

I'll check with you
next time.

Bye, Charlie.


The things
we do for love.



Girls, in you go.

Help yourself.
You know where everything is.


You do what I say
when I say.

Got that, sunshine?


One of the girls
wants to knock off early,

you call
and check with me.

Yeah, o.K.

That's just to make sure
you get the message.

No hard feelings?

no hard feelings.

Glad to hear it.

It's supposed
to be a party.

Shut up.
You stay out of it, bitch.

You come with me.

I'll teach you a lesson
about keeping regular hours.

you're hurting me.

The trouble, my love,
is you're just bone lazy.

Charlie, please.

That's a liability
in this business.


Time to teach you
bedroom etiquette.



That's better,
you lazy slut.


You o.K.?


Your boyfriend's
got a nasty way

of showing
his affection.

Look, I appreciate
the helping hand...

But you better
get the hell out of here

before he wakes up.

I want to talk to you.

This isn't
the time or the place.

He'll kill us both.

I'll count to 10,
then I'll start screaming.

You know something about
my sister, don't you?

For Christ's sake,
not now.


Where can I reach you?

I'm staying at a hotel
called the Apollo.

You're really
Sally's brother?




Well, get the hell
out of here.

Get out.

All right.
You call me, now.


I want him.


"Police believe
the severed arm belonged to

Melbourne underworld boss

"frank the fat man Davis.

"Davis was rumored to have been
recruited for the war

"for control of
drug distribution

along the eastern seaboard."

Could we change
the subject, ro?

How would you be?

Out surfing, and a severed arm
grabs your ankle.

Never mind the ankle.

The g-spot
would never be the same.

Time for me
to split.

Jules has lost
her sense of humor.

You worried
about the ruckus?

Nothing to do
with me.


Something to do with

our noble and brave protector,


Well, well...

We still have some
unfinished business

to discuss
from last night.

Hello, Charlie.

Haven't found your
heavy-handed friend.

But we will...

With a suntan like that,
it shouldn't be hard.

He's not my friend.
I never saw him before.

Shanks tells me
he's a relative

of miss
long tall Sally.

She was your friend.

I'm sorry about yesterday.
I'll make up the time.

I'll do
a Sunday night.

She'll do
a Sunday night.

I've got to go.

Maybe you know more
than you're letting on.

No, I don't.

Like where
the bastard's staying.

Maybe you two have
something going.


don't answer back.

Just listen to me.

Hello, Mr. Fenton.

If I find that you're
holding out on me,

I'm liable to get
very cross with you.

You know that,
don't you?

Very, very cross.


that's enough.

I said,
"that's enough."

Do I make my point?

I want to talk to you
about some details...

In my office...Now.

I've put word out.

We're ready
to make a deal

with our rivals,
the Gillespies.

Should make their day.

How long before
you're ready to move?

Relax. That can wait.

I've got another matter
to deal with first.

What's that?

Someone getting
a little possessive

about one of the girls.


An American.

Don't worry.

It's being
taken care of...

As we speak.

He's being
picked up now.

I hope so, Charlie.

Hi, sweetheart.

Any trouble?

Quiet as a lamb.



Let's see what
he's really made of.

Hey, Charlie.

Hey, boy.

A bit of fun?

Yeah, Charlie.

This the place where somebody
gets his ass kicked?

Yeah. Just you and him.

Mind you,
I could take you.

I just don't want to
get my hands dirty.

Didn't mind touching
his sister, though.


You'll upset him.

Well, go on then.

There's no rules.

Ha ha ha!

Yeah. This is
going to be fun.

First you, right?




This fun enough
for you?


You awake?


You left me with quite
a headache last night.

All for nothing.

You see,
your sister's gone, Billy.


Don't get me wrong.

We liked your sister.

Most of us knew her
intimately, in fact.


She was a big hit
for a while.


Not many black girls
on the coast,

but the novelty
wore off.

You know how it is.

The money stopped coming in.
The rest is history.

She left town, Billy,
and so should you.

Jesus, Charlie!
Her brother?

No sweat, Howard.

I took care of it.

That's what you pay
me all the lolly for.

Fine. I just don't want
any screw-ups.

We scared him
pretty good.

He was some backwoods
nigger from the farm.

Nothing's changed.

I hear you, Charlie.
I hear you.

But so help me,
if anything goes wrong--

Charlie knows what
he's doing.

You worry too much.

It's my dick on the chopping
block, not Charlie's!

In a few days' time,

your worries will be
all over.

Trust me, o.K.?


Who is it?

Sylvester Stallone,

Come on!
Open the door!

I haven't got
all day!

Come on, mate!
Hurry up!

Yeah, yeah.
Just hold on.

It's already open.
Come on in.

What took you
so long?

What are you doing?


That was
a nice hello.

Do you treat
everybody like that?

What do you want?

Julie sent me,

She wants to
see you.




It's not far.

I'll take you.

And pack some socks
and undies.

You better not be screwing me
around, my little Aussie friend.

I just hear things.

Where is she?

She's in there,


It's not
a big place.

You'll find her.

She doesn't tell me
everything she does.

Have you got my gun?

Yeah, shanks.
I got it right here.

You want it,
come with me.


Get out of here!

Back off, you!

You stupid dog!

No doubt about
your old dog, Griffo.

He doesn't take
to everyone.

He can pick a nasty
piece of work.

Stupid black Yankee!
You're not in Texas now!

Stand around too long,

you might be mistaken
for a piece of shit!

Well, hi.


Is it o.K.
If I sit down?

Yeah. Sorry.


Are you all right?

Yeah. I'm all right.

Well, I'm here.

You said you want to
talk, so let's talk.

We'll talk,
but are you o.K.?

What happened
last night?

I had a meeting
with Charlie.

I'll be back.

Where are you going?

I'll be back.

I'll fix you
a room here.

This is not the bloody
dew drop inn, you know?

Apart from that,
he's a bloody septic!

He's a what?

A septic tank.
A yank.

He means
a black American.

I don't give a rat's ass whether
you're black, white, or blue.

You're a yank.

You got something
against Americans?

Apart from they're a bunch of
loud-mouthed, self-opinionated bastards

who robbed the country
blind during the last world war,

not a thing.

Now that you
know each other,

let's get you
settled in.

I don't make this a habit,
so it's pretty basic.

Tourists are nothing
but a pain in the ass!

But the dog seems
to like you.

He's not a tourist.

Just don't wear out
the welcome.

I don't take messages
or give out keys.

If you're not back
by closing,

your best bet
is a park bench!

Damn silly old fart.

It's nothing

He's like that
with everyone...

Till he gets to
know them.

Yeah, especially
the septics, right?

Are you sure
about this?

Griffo reckons
it's about the best thing

to take
the swelling down.

He was a professional pug
in his younger days.

So you're Sally's
big brother.


Hurricane Smith.

Did you really drag
Sally out of a barn

in the middle
of a hurricane

and save her life
when you were 14?

Yeah. People started
calling me hurricane,

and the name stuck.

Sally Mae had some pretty
wild stories about home.

We never knew if she was
telling the truth.

She got pretty
out of it sometimes.

Julie, do you know
where my sister is?

She's not here, Billy.

She left surfers
to go back to the states

around Christmas time.

She wanted to get back
to see her mum.

She's a little late.

I'm sorry.

Last letter we got
was postmarked surfers.

She said she was
having a good time,

met a lot of nice
people, had a nice job.

Like me.


Sally was my friend, o.K.?

We shared an apartment.

And no, she didn't
work at the house,

if that's
what you're thinking.

She just picked me up
after my shifts.

What you do is
none of my business.

I ain't got nothing
against whores.

But you wouldn't want
your sister to be one.


Don't patronize me,
all right?

I'll stand for a lot of
things, but not that.

Look, I didn't mean
anything by it, o.K.?

I'm sorry.

You know something?
That feels a whole lot better.

You been
to the cops yet?


No record of her coming
into the country.

I can't
promise anything,

but I'll ask around and
see what I can find out.

Don't have to go to
all that trouble.

I'm doing it for Sally.

Where are you going?

My apartment to change.
I'm late for work.

I'll see you home.

Thanks, but that
isn't necessary.

It is
where I come from.

Good looks and manners
to boot, eh?

That's the thing
about us septics.

The ones from Texas

I'd ask you up,
but I have--

but you have to
go to work.

That's right.
It's party time.

Thanks for
seeing me home.

I'll call you
if I hear anything.



double-crossing bitch!

You slut!

I'll rip you apart!



Go after her!


There she is!

Stop! Stop the bus!


Let's go! Let's go!


What the hell's
going on?







Oh, Jesus!

Call an ambulance!

Anyone alive in there?



Can I help you?

Are you o.K.?



get some help!


Not again!


What's going on?

I've got nowhere
else to go, Billy.

Charlie Dowd, right?

Just hold me.

What's on your mind?

This is more complex
than it seems.

There's nothing you can
do about it till morning.

Get some rest.

I'm worried about you,


Don't you worry.

I'm going with you

No, you're not.

I thought you said
we're a team.

I guess I did
say that, didn't I?



Come on! Come on!

Sit down, mung.
Come behind.

Come behind, I said!

You're lucky he didn't
take your leg off.

He's a good-looking

He's a killer... If he's in the
right frame of mind.

Go on.

Been doing
a little fishing?

No. I've been chasing the
fruit bats off the avocados.

Good-looking car.
Who's it belong to?

My car. My boat.

I wouldn't be taking
all this trouble

over somebody
else's stuff. Why?

The way you feel
about us septics,

you and this Pontiac
make an odd couple.

You lot aren't
hot socially,

but you can put
a decent car together...

Or you did once.

What's the problem?

What do you know
about Julie?

I know she spent
the night in your room.

She's in trouble, Griffo.

What? After just
one bloody night?

Ain't got nothing
to do with me.

It's with the people
she works for.

She sings in a club.

How can you get in trouble
singing in a club?

What's going on?

Texas is concerned
about your health.

My health has
never been better.

I was in the area--

you don't have to

so long as he pays
for the room.

I'm trying to
help him find--

I've heard enough
on that subject!

I've fish to clean.

All I said was--

I heard what you said.
It was too bloody much.

What happens to me
is my business.

That wasn't exactly
how it was last night.

Main beach.

At least we got
an address to go to.

Just do like
the lady says.

Been in the country
three days

and they think
they own it.

Here you go.
Keep the change.

Hey, hey. I been
just trying to help.

Yeah, well, don't.

What's going on
with you and Griffo?

He happens to be
my grandfather, o.K.?

Nice move,
Billy Ray.

When you pull your own
foot out your mouth,

maybe you can fit
Kareem Abdul-jabbar's in there.

Hey, Julie, look, I apologized
to you before.

I've been wrong and I don't
mind saying so.

Come on now.

I want to say
I'm sorry.

Will you accept
my apology?

I'm sorry,
all right?


And then I met Damien.

Who's Damien?

That's shanks' real name.

Ha ha ha!

Little Damien?

He hates it though.

Oh, my. Wait
until I see him.

Damien, huh?

Like it.


You know, you look great
when you smile.

Where did you meet
my sister, anyway?

We met at a party.

We were both smashed.

We instantly
became friends.

She said she always
wanted a sister...

And ended up with
a dumb big brother.

I apologized to you.
What is this, payback?

She thinks you're the
best thing since sliced bread.

She's a smart lady.

This way.

Hey, careful.

Jesus Christ!


Hey, what's fucking
going on?

Charlie. Charlie.

All right, you big dork,
you can butt out now!

This doesn't
fucking concern you!

You want to make
yourself useful?


Clean up this mess.

And start
with your mouth.

What are you
looking for?

There's a video
of Sally and me.

We were at
this party together.

All right, freeze, you tall
streak of duck shit,

or I'll blow you from here
to kingdom come.

Don't put your hands
near your gun!

what are you doing?

I'm protecting you, babe.

This bastard's the cause
of all our troubles.

Put the gun away.

No way, sweetheart.

This bastard's going
to get what he deserves.

Your safety's on.

Ha ha ha!

He'll be o.K.

He means well.

Just watches too many
late-night movies.

Come on, Shanksie.

Come on.
Wake up, cowboy.

Wake up.


Who's the guy Sally Mae's
hanging all over?

That's Howard Fenton
on Fenton's boat.

He's Charlie Dowd's boss.

They'd just sailed down
from southeast Asia together.

What does
this Fenton do?

This and that.

Right now, he's trying
to take over the local drug trade.

So that's how she
got in the country

with no entry visa.

She loved to party.

She came in
on his boat, Julie.

10 to 1, he's the guy
who can tell me more.

I need to see
this Fenton.

Lots of luck.

He's got wall-to-wall

Julie, I just
need an address.

You'll never get him
at the club.

But according to

he still enjoys
the two-up.

What's two-up?

It's another quaint
little Aussie custom

where you gamble
a week's wage

at the toss of a coin.

Come in, spinner!

Headed them!

All right, gentlemen.
There's 100 in the center.

I'm in! I'm in!

100 on tails.

What are you doing?

I'm placing a bet, man.

The spinner's hot!
He's on a roll!

Are you crazy?

I'm real crazy!

He's hot,
and he's on a run!

You're about to wave
bye-bye to 100 bucks!

We'll see about that.

Come in, spinner.

Make it right.
Make it right.

A crazy man, Shanks!
I'm a crazy man!

The tide goes in,
the tide goes out.



Looks like the tide
just came in.

Do you want to spin?

He's just looking.
He's a tourist.

I want to spin!

All right.

Everything rides
on tails, right?

Tails, here we go!



One more time!
Let it all ride!

This game's gone
sour. I'm leaving.

What about Fenton?

Fenton wouldn't
show up here.

I said that to get
Julie off me back!

Are you pissed
at me or what?

Nah, Shanks. The thing
you got to understand

about us septics is

it's all forgive
and forget.

It's just beginner's luck,
you tinny bastard.

You deserve some of this.
You helped me.

You won it fair
and square.

1000 bucks here.

Tell me where my
sister is and it's yours.

1000 bucks, Damien.

Hey... Put your 1000 bucks
back in your pocket.

I don't know
where your sister is.

And don't call me

My mother's
bigger than you,

and I've decked her
for calling me Damien--

you little shit!

I want to know
where my sister is!

I want the whole
truth, Damien!

You're going to punch
the shit out of me.

Damn right I am.

All right,
let's hear it.

Fenton met Sally
in Bangkok.

He was doing
some business.

She was smacked
out of her head.

My sister was
a junkie?

It happens in the best
of families, mate.

When she got back
to surfers,

she moved in
with Julie.

She straightened up

and booked a ticket
for the states.

She never made it
back to the states!

Maybe she's dead?

Is my sister dead,

Listen, Billy, I don't
like any of this.

For your own sake,
just drop it.

All right,
enough bullshit.

Sally was Fenton's girl,
wasn't she?

Annabel is
Fenton's girl.

Sally is just
Sally's girl.

But she went
with Fenton!

You'd have to
ask her that.

God damn it,
I'm asking you!

Yes. All right.
She was on with Fenton.

Would you two mind
holding it down

to a dull roar?

Julie, I don't
give a damn

how much muscle
Fenton got.

I want to
get to him now.

Howard Fenton,
the big-time punter?


Stay out of this, Griffo.

You don't know

Is that so?

My friend Scully
trains horses

for a fella called
Howard Fenton.

They happen to be
very close.

How close, Griffo?

I could always
give him a ring,

see what the score is
on the track work sessions.

You two probably have
another brilliant idea.

Give him that call.

Yeah. You make
the call, Griffo.

You're a proper
little Bobby-Dazzler.

Don't know what we'd do
without you, Griffo.

It's been
a long night, mate.

I'm not in the mood
to play games.

Shanks, tell the man
what he wants to know.

What did you tell
the nigger?

I haven't seen him.

Come on, Shanksie.

You took the nigger
to the two-up,

had a big win.


You're spoiling
my big day, mate,

you know that?


Mmm. He's back
in good form again, Howard.

Good. About time he
started to show some form.

You expecting company?

No, I'm not.


I'll see to
the horses.

see who it is.

Do you remember
when you called me

a silly old fart?

Yeah, I remember.

what would you say

if this silly old fart
told you

he was packing a heater?

I'd say that makes
two of us.

Good morning, Mr. Fenton.

My name is Griffith.

I'm a friend of your
trainer, Mr. Scully.

This is Mr. Smith.

Hurricane Smith from Texas.
He's in construction.

I'm his business

Welcome, gentlemen.
What can I do for you?

Mr. Fenton,
I understand we have

a common interest in
horses among other things.


You're in construction?

Yes, ma'am. Construction is
my prime concern,

but horses...Now
that's my passion.

What do you think
of the Colt then, Mr. Smith?

My trainer thinks
he'll make

a pretty handy
derby prospect.

It's a little
early to tell,

but looking at
those hindquarters,

he won't last
more than a mile.

We race in meters

We do things
the European way.

So my sister tells me.

She's also interested
in horses.

You probably met her
here at the track.

Her name's Sally Mae.

Indeed, we have.

Sally Mae's an old friend
of ours, isn't she, Howard?

Yes, an old friend.

Mr. Fenton,
I'd really appreciate it

if you could put me
in contact with her.

I'd love to hook up
with her.

We may be able to.

Howard's throwing
a party to celebrate

a small killing
in the market.

Why don't you join
us on our yacht?

Thank you.
We'd be honored, sir.

Good. 12:00 sharp.
My Marina.

It'll be like a surprise
family reunion for you.

It certainly will.

Now, if you'll
excuse me, Mr. Smith.

I have a rather busy

Yes, sir.

Oh, Mr. Smith...

Don't be late.

I don't like to be
kept waiting.

That cruise is
asking for trouble, son.

Put one foot
on that boat,

and you're gone
a million.

Do you hear me?

Yeah, I hear you.


Hey, boy.



Bloody bastards!

What time is it?

3 minutes to 12:00.

Where's the bastard?



Here he is.

Hey, wait!
Wait for me!

Yo, Fenton!

Hey, Fenton!

He's seen her.

I'll take her below.

Wait for me!



20 bucks!
What are you, a Nazi?

Where's Billy?

The boat.

Dowd's put a bomb
on the boat!

Why don't you
sit down, Mr. Smith?



Get off the boat!

There's a bomb
in it!

Jump! There's a bomb!


Three for
the price of one.

And they'll think
it's the Gillespie mob.

Nothing I could do,

They worked me over.

Go easy
on the whiskey.

That's all
you're getting.

It hurts!

Of course it hurts.

It serves you
bloody well right.

You told them
where she was.

There was nothing
I could do!

You're weak as piss.

The blokes that worked
at the Burma railroad

would leave you lot
for dead.

Bloody lot of pansies
in earrings.

Here. Give us that.

What are you doing?

What are we doing?

We're going to get
my granddaughter back.

they'll kill us.

We'll die with our
boots on, like Billy did.

He ain't dead yet,

Holy bloody hell!

What are we going to do
about Julie?

Bait for the sharks.

She knows too much.


Like Sally.

Fenton was a fool.

He had no class...

Like his girls...

Like this house.

Time for a change.

Right! Let's go!

It's my bloody boat!

Sorry, mate.
He knows the way.

Go build a railroad,
you silly old creep!

Here, Billy.

You might need
this one, too.

Thanks, Griffo.

The visitors.

Let Charlie know.

Get going!

Shit! We got company.

You sure you know
how to drive this?

Just like driving
a dune buggy on water.

I'll ride shotgun.


Come on! Get going!

Great going!

Faster, mate!
Gun it, will you?

I'm giving it
everything I've got!

Shit! Shit! Shit!

Hang a right!

Hang on!

Here we go again!

Shit! Can't you
get away from them?


Go right!
No, go left!

What is this,

Do you get the feeling
they don't like us?

Holy shit!


I'm too young
for this shit!

So am I.

Let's go get Julie.


What is it?

It's that
black bastard.

Stay here.

I'll take care
of Julie.

What's going on?

What about me?

I'll cover you.

Yo, Damien!






You dirty rat!

Where is she?

you check down here?

Not yet.

cover the door.

I'll find Julie.





Shanks, are you o.K.?

I've had
better days.

Get...Get Julie.

Billy, look out!

It's her!
It's Julie!

Hold your fire!

Hold your fire!

This is the police!
You are surrounded!

Throw down your gun,
and release the girl!

You are surrounded!

Let the chopper down!

Throw down your gun
and release the girl!

Get that chopper down,
or I'll kill her!

Get it down!

police mobile unit.

Offender's taken
female hostage.

He's currently armed and
requires you to land. Over.

Please advise.

Heli-one. We're down.
Request further instructions.

Hold your positions,

Heli-one, stand-by.

Get this damn thing
out of here!







Your sister's dead,
you fucking lunatic!

She was nothing but a
but a bloody harlot anyway!



I'm slipping!

a little longer!

Hold on!

Go to hell!






Billy, be careful!

I can't hang on!

Hold on, Julie!

I'm slipping!

Grab my arm!

Come on!


Hey, you o.K.?

Yeah, I'm O.K.
I'll get us down all right.

Where did you
come from?



He's a little
tiger, all right.

What are you
going to call him?

I'll think of something.
I'm pretty good with names.

Yeah, you are.

They're boarding.

It's full of septics
over there, love.

It's their home base.

You're going to miss this yank,
aren't you, Griffo?

Me? Don't be silly.

You know what?

I'm going to
miss you,

you silly old fart.

Go on,
get out of here

before you get me
into more trouble.

I love you, Griffo.

I love you, too.


There you are, fella.

There, there.
That's it.

Good boy, Shanks.

Ha ha ha!