Hurricane Polymar (2017) - full transcript

A police officier uses a specialized hemelt to fight others with specialized helmets

Somewhere South. In The Slums

Anybody else?

I'm Takeshi

Takeshi Yoroi


It's not Noroi, but Yoroi

Takeshi Yoroi

Wait a minute

What's up? Want your money back?

I'll show you the power of Hurricane Moves




Hurricane Polymar

The development of communication technology is currently an advantage for crime organizations

To promote radicalism

All perpetrators of extreme crimes follow each development

The weakness of the host makes new masters who exceed the military and police forces appear

So it was forced to develop a system with fighting power and high mobility

The system began to be developed in secret

This special system is called The Polymar System

I like it

We should get that... We need to get that...

It's time for me to show you the real power

Hey stop!

Catch me if you can...


Come on...

Don't run!


Watch out...

Report Sir! They have guns, and one of the officers was shot

We need medical support

Hang on, they will arrive soon.

This is really crazy

Let's go

Don't move!

There's nowhere to run

You should just turn yourself in

I don't think so

Who is he?


We're attacked by an unknown masked man

Is it a Polymar System?

Let's go

Hey stop!

Mr. Kato



Move back

Move back


Mr. Kato



You deserve it

This is your bad day

Hey Mr., why're you still passing this place while you knew that this place is very vulnerable

My bad

What if I treat you a drink?

I want money

What else if it's not money?

Don't you get it?

Sorry, I get what you mean now

By the way, I still have a question to ask

Mr. Sumitani

How do you know my name?

Well, it's a long story

Your wife suspects...

...That you've cheated her

This is...

You want to set me up?

You're wrong!

I'm a detective hired by your wife

That means...

It seems that you understand now

Let's find a place to talk about this.

Is he Takeshi Yoroi?


It's pretty hard to find him

We've tried to find him since 4 months ago after inter-prefectural match was held

Maybe he works or does something else

I know it's a bet, but..

I want you to bring him in

I heard that he lives in an old apartment

Are you listening, Kuruma?


What's in your mind?

It's not your fault

Mr. Kato's death is my fault

Detective Yoroi's Office

Takeshi Yoroi

I'm a cop

Please open the door

Why is it so hard to open

Why you...

Come on, hurry! Hurry, get up!

Get off of me

Get up and go to work, will you

So you think detectives can't have holiday?

Takeshi Yoroi

You're under arrest for obstructing police work procedures

Shut up!

Say what?

Well, you're quite handsome

Who are you?


I'm the owner of this building which is used as a detective office. I'm Teru Nanba

She's the owner of this cruel building

What is that suppose to mean?

Say it again!

Okay, I'm sorry

So, who are you?

I'm Joichi Kuruma

Joichi Kuruma? Wait a minute

That's it!

Your first name means "Car", right?

And your last name means "Lock", right?

That's totally wrong

My name means "Meet Up"

It's completely different

Why not just "Shar" and "Lock" then? "Sharlock" sounds cooler

What are you saying?

I've decided then, I'll call you "Sharlock"

I've told you, it's not Sharlock

Yes, you're Sharlock.. your name is Sharlock


Are you still going to arrest me?

Yes of course

If you're not, then just get out of here

Wait a minute, where are you going?

You're so stink

Back off

Where are you going?

Who is that?

What do you want?

Why don't we talk for a minute?

In my office

So, what do you want? I'm sure you're not going to have discussions here

We have something to tell you

Or you could say, we have something to ask you

What's your name?

May I know you?

Hey, why are you so rude?


Let me introduce you

She's one of the members in this division

Miss Rei Hieda

She smells like someone who often train hard

It's alright Joichi

It's absolutely alright Joichi

At present, criminals have begun to expand and our country is also one of their targets

Do you understand now?

What does it have to do with bringing me here?

This is a video when the crime happened

Impossible... It's just a normal kick

This was not made public, because the criminal movement continued to develop in our country

With the development of this suit by an armed group

Polymer System. Police Department and Self-Defense Forces have developed this

It's a Super Suit

When it's worn, the speed and power will increase twice of normal people

And the body will also become as strong as steel

Just by wearing this helmet, right?

Please listen first

You haven't answered me

What does it have to do with me?

Of course it has something to do with you

To get the stolen suit back


We need you

Because it's used to do a crime

By the criminal

At the scene

Wait a minute...

That doesn't make sense

How come cops like you can be cheated like that

What's so funny?

Yes indeed it sounds very embarrassing

But, we want you to lend us your power

If you're willing

To stop those criminal organizations

My power?

This is your helmet, gloves and shoes

You will transform into Polymar

Unfortunately I'm not the hero you expected, I'm sorry

Anyway, why don't you just wear it?

No one can wear it but you

Because Polymer System uses a voice recognition

Use your voice to transform

And your voice has been recorded in it.


But, why me?

It's because...

...No one else could

I've told you that I don't like being forced

So don't you bother me anymore

You think we forced you? We didn't force you

Good bye

Hey, wait a minute

Forget it. Let him go

But he left just like that

I forgot my wallet

Please give it back


We also had to do it

Nevermind Sharlock

Please stop calling me like that

I might be able to accept your offer


But in return, you should introduce me to that pretty girl, huh?

No you can't!

Why are you angry?

You like her, huh?

It's not like that. I'm just the junior

That's too bad

She's actually my type

Why do you look so disappointed

Come in!

There's a bank robbery near Doria street at 10.09

To the nearest unit, please immediately go to the scene

Isn't that near from here?

I'll go there

Please surrender, this place has been surrounded!

Hey, stop it

Let me go

Come on, let's go!

Open the safe if you don't want to be shot


Hurry up! Hurry...

Please wait in the car

Hey wait, don't come inside

It's okay

No, it's dangerous

I've told you, it's okay

Excuse me

Wait for me

I want to pass

What's the condition inside?

There's a group of robbers inside

They're holding employees and customers as hostage

That idiot! What is she doing there?

Hey wait!

Hurray, Detective Chief is coming

Hurry up, save me

Don't move!

Saving you is very easy

But it's not for free, you know

What? Not for free?

Fine then I'll pay you. Just hurry up and save me


Come on, hurry up

Beat them

I'll give you 2 months free rent

Okay then, free forever

Okay, that's a deal

Don't you dare interfere

Watch out!

Good job!

What are you doing here?

About our earlier deal, I was just kidding

Say what?

Everyone, go!


Anyone hurt?

Let's go, this way

Hey, let me go


That hurts

Detective Chief...

What kind of power is that?

Enough for today

Let's go

Detective Chief...

Hey wait...

Let's go

Let me go. That hurts

Back me up

Yes Sir


Are you okay?

I'm fine

Wait, you need this to fight him

Beat him up...

Kick him!

Get up

Throw him


That must be hurt

Let her go

What the hell?

Whoa, I'm scared...


What's so funny?

You all are under arrest

Detective Chief...

Mr. Yoroi...

You must be nervous, right?

That's too bad

Get yourself ready

Polymar Transformation!

You must be kidding...

That's awesome...

Get off



This suit doesn't work at all

That's not how to use Polymar power

To get the power, you need to give a voice commands

Tell me how it works?

You have to say the "Words" to activate it

"The Light of Justice is My Power"

You must be kidding, why would I say that?

Just do it

Could you repeat that again?

"The Light of Justice is My Power"

The Light of Justice is My Power!

Whoa, awesome!

Why did you just stand up


Let's get out of here

Let's go


Hurry up

Hey stop!

You're late, they've gone

I know

You don't have anymore power

You're done, because...

...I'll beat you!




Mr. Yoroi...

This is awesome

This thing is really great...

But, how could I take this suit off?

You just have to say "Polymar Reversal"

That's it?

"Polymar Reversal"

What move was that just now?

It's a Hurricane Move


By the way, where did the Polymar suit gone to?

Hey, stop!

It's stolen again, huh?

Yeah, by an unknown man

The man who wear that suit is a Karate martial artist

That's why he only uses kicks

This case hasn't been resolved yet

I'm sorry...

...Because I couldn't get the stolen Polymar suit back...

... For now...

Well, at least we defeated the man who wear that stolen suit

Yes Sir

How is it going?

It's still under investigation, Sir

You must get the Polymar System back immediately

And never fall into the hands of criminals anymore

Good luck

Yes Sir

Got it, Sir

That was close. Luckily we didn't say anything wrong

Commander is the man behind...

...Polymar suit development... the Project Head

...That's why, Miss...

You shouldn't refuse a date invitation from a handsome man

For example...

Hello, nice to meet you...

I'm a good man...

Please stop...

What's wrong?

She and I...



We were...


Oh, I get it

You must be her secret admirer, right?

No, it's not like that

Then what?



I'm very sorry...

What's so funny?

Cut it out, both of you!

So, tell me...

What do you think about that suit?

Okay, fine

Still don't know the reason...

...Why you're the only one who deserve wearing that suit?

Don't beat around the bush, just tell me why old man...

There's so many changes over the past 6 years

Nevermind then

So, will you pay me?

You won't, right?

You may go if you don't want to cooperate

Okay fine, I'll accept it

Great! It's nice to work with you

That's impossible

Looks like from now on you need a partner

It's nice to work with you


Why should I be his partner, Sir

It's been decided that you will work with him


There's a saying, "There's always a solution for any kind of problem"

Could you tell me what that means, Sir?

Just find out the meaning yourself

Why should I be his partner anyway

Good morning, partner

It's still morning. Cheer up a little, Sharlock

Please stop calling me Sharlock, okay

Hey, do you know where those bad guys base is?

No one knows, that man also didn't remember anything

Really, huh?

Who gave him that Polymar suit then?

His suit is just a copy


The red one is the original

And no one knows about it

This is so confusing

Even Sharlock looks confused

I'm not Sharlock

Let's go then

That man dropped it when we fight

Pika Dale

That place is a double district, which is near the city center

So it would be easy to find that place

Hey, Sharlock

I'm the one who found that match, you know

"Why did you just stand up"

"Let's get out of here"

"You're late, they've gone"

That's why I'm coming with you guys

Let's go! Go, go, go!

I had to tell her about this

I can't hide it from her

- You lie!
- I'm Sorry

Why'd she has to come with us anyway?

Go, go!

It's dangerous

Go, go, go, go!

Go, go!

I don't believe this


Double district is really interesting place

Stay alert, look around and search carefully

Excuse me, what is to be aware of?

Seems difficult to find that place here

So that's the place.. Pika Dale

But why is it closed?

Alright then, you go inside and get some information


...Detective Chief

Will this be okay?

Leave everything to her to get some information?

You shouldn't underestimate her

She's good at strategy

What's this?

It's a gift for that pretty girl...

But why?

You want to ask her out, right?

Then you have to give her some gift

Anyway, I've given up.
It would be better if she's with you

About that... I think it's impossible

Really, huh?

In that case...

No! Let me do it!

It's only 20 Yen then

20 Yen?

I bought it at an antique shop

So it's not just a gift?

Of course not


Okay... Got it...

Was that Teru?

Come closer

What's that all about?

Are you out of your mind?

Mr. Detektif, Sharlock

Come here.. Hurry...

- Did you get something?
- Let's Go!

That's too bad..

Gin has been arrested

We can do nothing

It's his own fault anyway

It's nothing to do with us all

We've ever lost the suit

But why is she still giving it back to us?

Doesn't she mind it at all?

Who do they mean by "She"?

It seems that there's another helmet, gloves and shoes

What are you doing?


We found their base

Who's that?

What the hell are you doing?

Let me handle this

My hand feels wanna punch someone...

Oh, it's you again

Go get them Detective Chief...

This is bad... Mr. Yoroi...

Take this

Let's get out of here

Hey, stop!

What are you doing?

No need to do that

Hey, who gave you that helmet, gloves and shoes?

Stop it Mr. Yoroi

Just leave the rest to the police...

You think someone's life is a toy, huh?

That wound...

That move... I think I've seen it before

Fine then, I'll find out who you really are




Mr. Yoroi

Your move just now...

...I guess...

...You must be...

Polymar Reversal...

Damn it!!!

What's wrong?

About last night...

You must've known it will happen, don't you?

Nothing can change only by knowing it

That's why I'm looking for you

I want to quit


I don't think I can do this

Two guys lost their lives because of me

About that...

I don't think it's your fault

Yes Sir... Understood...

There's no problem here ...

Thank you very much

Director Tokita was in a meeting, so he sent us home early

I see...

Director must have persuaded him

I'm sure he's gonna be just fine

He must have felt guilty for not being able to save those guys live

He might be want to quit


...No one can wear Polymar Suit but him


You must be tired so that you fell asleep, and now you shocked when I wake you up

Let's go out and find something to eat then

You don't have to feel guilty for that incident

Feeling better?

You're just too weak

Be a tough man

You're the only one who can get rid of your own anxiety

Now, wait a minute...

I think this is also your fault, old man

Yeah, you're right

You have so many chances compared to me


A good partner? Me and him?

Sounds great, right?

Both of you look good after all...

No, that's not gonna happen

By the way...

I have something to give you...

...Because we've been partners for a long time

Will you... I mean, would you...

...Like to...

...Answer my question earlier ..

For that one, let me think about it first.


...Will take it as a gift...

...From a good partner...

I'm sorry for not being able to accept you...


...I will wait for you no matter how long...

My plan seems successful, She took the gift

Cheer up!

Why are you still look so down?

Come on Joichi, what wrong ?

Aren't you also feel down about the incident?

I don't want to remember about it anymore

Let me tell you something...
...very important...

I don't wanna talk about it..

Don't you want to know...

...The man who wear that green Polymar suit?

Damn you!

I've found him! Take a look at this

Real name is Wong Yu Kun

He's a Chinese-American

I knew it... It's him...

Bullet Wong...

His fighting style relied on speed

Why would he became a Polymar?

I've been hit by him

Arw you sure that this is his training ground?

Not really...

But he's a man who likes to take up challenges

I met him once

"Hey, wait"

"What do you want?"

"Wanna fight?"

That's the first time we met

He helped me with my training...

...Develop Hurricane moves

He was my partner during the training

Until I managed to develop that moves

Hurricane, huh?

It's not an easy move to defeat


...He succeeded in developing his own moves...

"Powerfull, isn't it?"

You mean that Polymar moves?

That move...

There's only one man in the world who uses that move

Such a quick and powerfull movements

Watch out!

Everyone, get out of here...

Hurry up!

Mr. Yoroi, quickly transform into Polymar

That movement is the typical style of Bullet Wong

It's me, Takeshi...

It's useless Mr. Yoroi

How can we know if we don't try it first

Polymar Transformation

To defeat the darkness...

...The Light of Justice is My Power!

Mr. Yoroi...

I will stop you no matter what...

And for that, I must defeat you


...Dragon Kick!





There's no way you can master my move

Hey, Wong... what's wrong?


Polymar Reversal...

Hey, Wong.. hang on!

What is happening?

Hang on..






Excuse me

Ah, Sharlock...

Bullet Wong's death cause has been found out...

Amphetamine Drugs is the cause

It destroys...

...his internal organ...

...Causes heart attack

So drug it's the cause?

Stupid guy...

Use such thing like drugs...

If he didn't use it, maybe I'll lost


...He's a great man

He managed to master your move..

You're right...

...And perfect also...

Even I feel lost, but...

I'm glad he managed to master that move

Must be difficult to master it, huh?

Not really...

About that...

Come here for a while


Oh, good luck Sharlock...

I can't do it, so don't force me ...

The moves is just like this...

Your body movement is like this...

And like this...

I'll show you one more time

Move like this...

And then like this

Leg is the center of his power...

Wong is also make that movement


His movements are perfect and there's nothing wrong

That's it!

Polymar Suit that allows him to do that

It's not because of the suit

That suit relies on ability of the man who wears it

It's not depend on the fighting style


I know!

Polymar Suit must have a recording system

There's no such thing in the suit

What did you just say?

Yoroi thought so?

He suspects that the Polymar System a recording program in it...

Because nobody knows that move before

Well then, further investigation seems to be needed

How could the suit do that?

It seems impossible if the suit could do that


...If there's something hidden inside the helmet

We need to figure that out


I'll try to find out about that

By the way, can you find a data about...

...People who involved in Polymar suits development?

The member list...

Yes Sir

The red marked name is the one who had died in that project, right?

Kitou Gouzou

Saburo Horiuma

Is Mr. Hori a former police officer?


Kitou Gouzou was on the Fund Development

Both of them should be the key planners

But what's the relationship between them?
I'll have to figure this out

Are you going by your self?

Yeah, I won't be long...

The data which you hold is just a small part...

Try to get more information about it

Yes Sir

By the way, I forgot to ask you something

Are you two engaged?


Um, why suddenly...

Must be Mr. Yoroi...

Well, it's not like that ...

Don't be shy

It doesn't matter if it's right or wrong

That's too bad

I'm just kidding...

Don't mention it...

I'm just kidding...

Still searching for it? Need a hand?

Thank you, but...

...No need to bother...

Okay then...

See you tomorrow

Good luck



I'm so lucky

Saburo Horiuma, 58 years old

His wife is Hori Midori

And his son is Hori Akahiko

There must be a picture of them

This is...

Oh, it's Kuruma, what's wrong?

No, I'm not busy

I'll be there at 6 p.m.

Okay then

Ouch... that hurts.. you pinched me so hard...

Uncle, I have something to tell you... come here...

What's that?

I'm shocked...

Gotcha! We fooled you again

Why you...

There's more I need to tell you

Really? You must be lying right?

This time is for real

Are you sure?

I like you

Good girl...

Mr. Hori


- Are you the one who will pay for Mizuki Ikeuchi treatment?
- Yes

Thank you very much

My sister's daughter has been sick for a long time...

She has heart disease ever since she was born...

Three years ago, my sister and her husband passed away...

So I'm taking care of her daughter now

That's why you entered an illegal fight, to pay for her treatment

Surely your life is hard all this time...

After being left by your father, who was a former cop

Mr. Saburo Horiuma...

Isn't that right, Mr. Hori Akahiko?

So you already knew

I looked into it, and I confirmed...

...That your father was the former direct supervisor of Director Tokita


That old man who took care of me since I was a kid

Did you know that...

...Your father participated in the Polymar development project?

No, I dont

I fought with my father until I left home...


I don't remember much about it...

My father...

Taught me Hurricane martial arts since I was a kid

His hard training...

...Makes me become stronger just like now..

I can see that

I'll keep doing it...

...Until I see my father again...

You've missed a chance that I gave you

A chance?

I believe that you can do this job properly

Why should I do that?

It was Mr. Hori's last will before he died

Your father really loved you

That's why he gave this chance to you

You should appreciate that

Those words...

...Are the words of a man who values justice more than anything

I feel kind of weird after hearing those words


I'm a man who still believes that

You're really an interesting person

The Polymar suit development...

...Is to be used to uphold justice

It was designed using a voice recognition system to activate it

By the way, I've already checked Kitou Gouzou's file

He's an extreme philosopher who believes that he must have that suit to gain power

My father didn't want if the project to be misused

That's why he developed the Polymar suit using voice locking system

So it can't be misused

So that's the story, huh?

That's what I heard


It doesn't make sense

Believe it...

Mr. Yoroi...

No one can defeat the power of justice

I'm afraid it will betray my feelings

That's not true...

The man who betrays Mr. Hori's trust is...

...Commander Yashiro. He used the system for his interests...

...By copying the data of the suit

He sold it to a crime organizations

It seems like that old man knew about it for a long time

I think so

Sorry, I forgot to call someone

That old man, huh?

Onigahara School?

I don't think I've made an appointment with him to meet there

How come you forgot if you've made an appointment?


Old man!


Old man!

Old man!


Why did all this happen?

He must've been killed...

...Because he knew too many secrets...

Did you know that...

...That old man wasn't good at shooting guns...

Also, senior of his partner has been the culprit all this time...

It must be hard to believe, right?

At that time...

...He came to see my father, to tell him who the real culprit was

...And that was when I met him...

...For the first time...

"Hey, take a look at this..."

"As long as there's evil in this world, The Light of Justice is My Power!"

That's why he chose that word...

I used to really wanna be a hero

That's the source of his hope

"And you said to me, "Everything will be okay""

"Everything will be okay"

"Uncle, you're a nice man, I will definitely protect you..."

"Are you sure I said that?"

"That's right... You were a good boy in the past"

"And I'm still a good man until now"

"Your words give me power..."

I always remember what he said

But it's all too late...

No, it's not too late at all

I finally understand...

...Why Director Tokita...

...Trust in you, Mr. Yoroi...

This is so bad, there are two men here and no one can do this

Okay, that should be working...

By the way, what film is in the video tape?

It must be a romantic drama movie, huh?

Let's see then...

What video is this?

It looks like Police Department and the Self-Defense Forces friendly match

No one can defeat my father for 20 years

What did that man eat?

An apple?

It's Mr. Kitou

"Are you ready?"


"Get set!"



It's hard to believe that this was a recorded TV broadcast of that time...

I'm confused about what secrets are stored in this video...

Hey, isn't Kitou dead?

Yeah, hold on a minute

3 years ago, after his involvement in the development of Polymar suits for radical movements was revealed...

...He slipped and died on the spot...

Mr. Yoroi...

He looked so sad...

...And the funny thing is, he cried like a baby at the police cemetery

That sounds funny

I've told you that you two will be a good partners

No, that's impossible

You must have worked really hard...

But, both of you can help each other

That's absolutely not gonna happen

About the necklace that you gave me...

...The chain is broken...

I'm really sorry

Never mind, it's just a small gift from me

Just a moment...

Joichi... Get here quickly... This is really bad!

What's so bad? Hello?

This place is so quiet, and a bit suspicious

Who are you?

Miss Rei...

Useless... You can't let it go

So you're the one who did it all this time?

Reality is really hurts, right?

You like my body, don't you?


...Why did you do all this?

"Joichi... Get here quickly... This is really bad!"

I have successfully hacked and recorded the voice from the original Polymar system

What a pity...

You're very easy to be tricked...

Isn't your wish to be with me?

Why don't you look so happy?

Why are you doing this?

Don't tell me that the man's move has been...

...No way!

The moves in that Polymar suit...

...All that man's movements have been recorded

Into Polymar helmet that I made...

Helmet that you made?

All that data...

...The movements and everything...

That is...

...In order to get all the data...

...And created perfect Polymar suit for me...

First is the kick movements...

...And then the punch movements...

Is that so?

That time...

Yes, it was me who took it back

You didn't expect it, right?

You tricked by using us...

...And kill those two guys...

That's right

And even to make Takeshi Yoroi became a Polymar...

...That was my goal...

I also hired Bullet Wong...

...And told you the man behind that Polymar suit

Everything is according to my plan

kau pasti merasa kecewa dan sangat sedih bukan saat ini

What the heck all of this...

You must be very disappointed now, right?

And now I will also put this on you too

So the helmet which is lost at that time...

Of course...

I'm the one who took it back...

Now I'm just waiting for another set of Polymar suits until it's finished

...With all the data from previous fight...

...And also the data that is on Takeshi Yoroi...

Unlocking a voice recognition password is not a difficult thing to do...

...To get the strongest Polymar suit...

Don't tell me that...

...Your purpose for doing all this is...

That's right!

To get revenge!

And also for my goal...

"And never fall into the hands of criminals anymore"

Why did you do all this?

See... Joichi must have been shocked...

My plan was successful, right?

Yes, you're really smart...

Wow, looks like we have a guest...

...Your savior...

Be careful...

...This place seems dangerous...

Instead, a dangerous place makes me even more excited

Just as a thought, it's Kitou's men

Teru, are you okay?

Behind you!

What the heck!

Get away from me! Don't come close!

Hey Detective Chief, look there's a camera

I see...

Hey, do you hear me?

Is this the best you can do?

Show me your face!

Do you hear me?

Transform and show to the buyers around the world...

...The power of the Polymar suit...

Please, stop all this

Tell me Miss Rei...

...Why did you take side with evil?

"Take side with evil" you said?

Are you stupid?

Sorry, but the Polymar suit's power is more valuable

You're such a pityful

Preparation is complete for the last data

No way...

Okay, let's go



So you're behind all of this, Rei Hieda...

I mean...

...Rei Kitou...

So you knew already


...And also you're the one who killed that old man...


In that old man's video tape ...

At first I didn't know...

What secrets are stored in it

But after watching it carefully...


You are Kitou's daughter

That old man had learned it all...

...From the scars on your neck...

And the last one is...

You disguised Joichi's voice and called that old man...

"No way you..."

Teru already solved it...

She also implanted a device inside your necklace...

...A small video camera...


The camera records everything that happened...

...Even your computer's password too...

I know everything

Your father is a criminal

You're just a puppet controlled by him

I don't trust you...

Children are very easy to be fooled...

Your father also used that little heart

That's impossible...

That's impossible...

That's impossible...

That's impossible...

That's impossible... Daddy...

Daddy couldn't possibly do it all...

Polymar Transformation!

Take back your words

Shut up!

Hurry up transform!

So that's what you wanted

To show the fighting abilities that Polymar suits have to your buyers who are criminals

That's right

Fighting data is the most important thing, so transform now!

Mr. Yoroi!

Detective Chief, hurry up transform!

That's right! How long can you endure?

Okay, I'll do it if that's what you wanted...

...Because I really like fighting too...

Detective Chief!

Polymar Transformation!

As long as there's evil in this world, The Light of Justice is My Power!

My daddy loves me so much! And I would do anything to make him happy

That's enough! Please stop it!

Stop it!

Get off Joichi!

Is this what you wanted Miss Rei?

She has fallen into darkness...

Please... Please come back like you used to

Don't interfere me...


Miss Rei...


Why did you do this Miss Rei?


I did it all for daddy's sake...


Are you okay?


Daddy, I've got the data... Wait for me...

What... What are you going to do?

Once Polymar data is complete, we are no longer needed

Are you going to blow yourself up?

Please stop it, Miss Rei!



Don't do it, this has nothing to do with you

You can't bear it all by yourself, Miss Rei!

Miss Rei!

It's all has something to do with me...


I just don't want you to get involved with them...

I'm sure she already knows how you feel for her

Is that so?

Yes, definitely

Teru, please take care of Joichi

There's still something I must do...

I'm going to face her father...


Kitou is still alive...

All data from the suit has been secured and ready to be sold en masse

So you are Yashiro

You like apple, huh?

It tastes so sweet

Kitou Gouzou...

You throw away your old face and change it with a new one...

At first I couldn't guess that you were him...

Your goal is to get Polymar suit for your own sake...

You do plastic surgery and change your identity...

My goals have all been achieved completely...

...By making Polymar as a weapon and sell them worldwide

My father had guessed it

For the sake of revenge, you willingly sell your soul to the devil

Hori's son was indeed great

I will do anything to get my revenge

Indeed you will do anything for the sake of your revenge

Even your own daughter has become a victim of your hatred

It was her duty as a daughter...

Duty as a daughter you said?

No one forced her...

She did all that sincerely...

She was...

...A bearer of hope...

And also...

For me, her power is something...


That's the meaning of her existence, which I'm proud of...

Don't be foolish! Is that what you call parent?

For the sake of revenge you sacrifice your own daughter...

What kind of parent is that?

You're unforgivable!

Let's finish this!

If that's what you want...

Polymar Transformation!

Polymar Transformation!

As long as there's evil in this world, The Light of Justice is My Power!

Hurricane Polymar is here!




I have learned all hurricane movements

Tornado kick!

Triple Dragon Kick!




You must be shocked, right?

Let me tell you something

Your father's death is not because of accident...
...But because of being murdered


You must be curious, right?

Yes... Saburo Horiuma's killer, was me!

Yup, it's me...

Come here son...

Why you...

You wouldn't understand the true meaning of justice...

I'll show you the true power of justice...

And for that...

I'll defeat evil like you...


Your kick...

...Doesn't have a light power

But my light will definitely defeat evil...




Are you stupid? That move won't work on me...




Phantom Hurricane!

What move was that?

It's a special move for you

This evil...



I won't let you live!

You've killed...

Mr. Kato...


...And Miss Rei...

You're unforgivable!

Calm down... You have to be strong...

He's already got...

...What he deserve... Therefore...

I won't let you guys just leave...

I will take you all with me to hell!

Watch out!

Awesome, the suit even can fly...

I also didn't know if this suit can do that...

However, the strongest Polymar...

...Only a human who wear Polymar suit

I hope you can rest in peace now...


So many things that I didn't get to say...

Still many things that I can't fulfill...

...All your hopes for me...

It's been a while...

...You didn't see my training progress...

Gotcha Sharlock!

So stupid! How could you be fooled by kids?

Ah Uncle...

Where are you going? Don't rush...

Don't worry...

Let's go there

Finally you come

Until now, the case...

...Still leaves a mystery about who the real culprit is

I will definitely reveal everything

Are you sure?

I've told you that I'm a detective...

There's no case that I can't solve...

So confident...

Yeah, but I don't think it's enough only with Teru's help

She didn't help me much. Instead she only bother me

That's her nature...

I think it would be enough only with her help

You also have Mizuki

Yeah, I'm counting on you

Are you planning to quit wearing the suit?

I'm not sure...

...As long as everything still involves Polymar...

Maybe we still need a power to defeat evil

But, even now...


You should also fight

Got it!

Mr. Takeshi...

I'll return the Polymar helmet

Keep it safe

I'm counting on you

See you...