Hurdang (2022) - full transcript

Back in 1990s, an aspiring IAS starts a rebellion against the caste-based reservation.

-Mandal Commission…
-Down with it!

-Mandal Commission…
-Down with it!

This is All India Radio.

And now, the news by Hari Prasad Mishr.

Today, students called for a nationwide
strike against the Mandal Commission.

Its effects were clearly visible
in the northern states of India.

In cities like Chandigarh,
Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur, Bhopal,

Benares, Patna, and Allahabad,

students strongly protested
against the Mandal Commission.

Large crowds took to the streets,

buses and vehicles were also set ablaze.

Last month, the Prime Minister spoke
about the Mandal Commission in Parliament.

-One-two, one-two…
-Chuck the commission out of the window!

…demanded 50% reservation,

which is separate
from the previously allotted

22.5% reservation to backward classes.

The students are furious
due to this reservation.


Yes, sir.

You had to pick this room
out of all the rooms?!

There's only one bathroom
in the entire station,

and you had to detain them in here!

Couldn't you put them in the other room?

That room is packed
with SP sir's furniture.


Where am I supposed to take
a dump now? On your head?

Give me a minute, sir.

-Come with me.
-Let's go.

This way, sir. I'll handle it.

This way, sir.

-I said that--
-Out of the way!

Go on, sir.

-That way. Make way, come on.

Where do you think you're going?

To wipe his senior's ass!


-One-two, one-two…

-Chuck the commission out of the window!

Take your pants off, Inspector.


-One-two, one-two…
-Chuck the commission out of the window!

Don't let him out.

Daddu, now he'll get out
only when we get out.

Chuck the commission out of the window!

-One-two, one-two…
-Chuck the commission out of the window!

-One-two, one-two…
-Chuck the commission out of the window!

-One-two, one-two…
-Hey, move! Out of the way!

-One-two, one-two…

-Let me go! This is wrong! Don't do this!
-One-two, one-two…

-Chuck the commission out of the window!

Sir! Hey, stop it!

-Don't push me! Hey!
-Chuck the commission out of the window!


-Chuck the commission out of the window!

Stop. Hop in the back.

Namaste, sir.

Call Sunaina.

Okay, sir.

What are you doing here
in a police uniform?

Where's the wedding?

-Benares. She called you so many times--
-Do you know the venue?

Gopal Ganj, Shivmani Chowk, Laxmi Park.

Daddu, listen! What's the
point of going there now?

I'll shoot the guy…

who's marrying my Jhulan.

Enough, guys. Let's go.

Why did he stop?

There's a long queue ahead.

Break it then.
I wasn't born to wait in lines.

Go, break it.

-Why aren't you dancing?

Come on, leave!

Listen, break the line. Come on.

Out of the way!

-Make way!


-Where do you think you're going?

Everyone else waiting
in line is not stupid.

Go back!

Go back! Come on!

Maybe they are stupid. How would I know?

-I'm telling you, get back in line. Quick.
-Look, you'd better get out of the way.

-If Daddu finds out--
-Then what?

Are you trying to scare me? You--

Look, this isn't right.

Why did you slap him?

This isn't right, Daddu.
Let go of my hand.

Now you're talking.
Couldn't you talk earlier?

Why did you slap him?

Why did you break the line?

I'll break anything I want.

-This isn't right.

I'll break the line,
I'll break bones,

I'll break a neck,
I'll even break your bloody arm.

I'm going to tell Loha.
He'll set you straight.

Let go of my arm.


Look, man.

We're having this conversation
because you're Loha's brother.

That's why I only nudged you.

Otherwise, I would've shot your ass!

This is not right.

-This is not right, Daddu.
-Get lost!


Is this some kind of a show?

What are you looking at?

What is it?

-Out of the way, boy!
-I won't spare him.

Out of the way!

Man, you've beefed up.

What are you doing here?

What do you mean?

Did you invite someone else?

Why do you care?

What do you mean why do I care?

I'll break your face.

I am your girlfriend.

You were… but not anymore.

How can you forget?

Should I remind you?

Last week, you broke up with me.

It's been a week,
and you haven't even tried to patch up!

That's all I've been doing for ten years.

Break off-patch up…

You broke up with me
777 times in ten years.

How many times do I have
to keep patching up?

You have no choice but
to patch up with me.

You've been keeping count, I see!

Next time, if you don't show up…

I will kill you.

This means…

you're already planning
our next breakup.

It always comes between the two of us.


Don't you remember what date it is today?


Even last time,
you said that you're on your period.

It's been a month.

No wonder…

you're here to patch up with me.

You're getting pretty clever.

I ran away from home.


How many times do I have to tell you?

This is the boys' hostel, not your home.

Why did you run away?

We can't get married until
you become an IAS officer.

And you can forget about
passing the IAS exam.

Someday, I'll have to run away.

So, I thought why to waste time!

And I ran away.

We'll cross that bridge
when we come to it.

That day is the day after tomorrow.

Oh, really?

Dad knows about a guy.

He's cleared his IAS final exam.

He's just waiting for the interview.

He's coming to see me
the day after tomorrow.

He's just cleared the exam.
He's yet to give the interview, right?

Don't worry. I'll take care of it.

Because of your careless attitude,
I'll end up getting married someday.

Here's the thing, Daddu…

the day I clear the IAS exam, we'll elope.

Feel free to elope with me then.

For now…

let's go have your
favorite ice cream.

Don't carry it in the front like that.

If someday, it goes off,

you'll be of no use to me.

In fact, you'll be of no use to anyone.

And if it goes off there,
it will blow up your entire ass.

It'll be pretty painful in the morning.

Then you suggest me a place.

Give it back to whoever gave it to you.

It's for your own good.

-This Loha Singh--
-Come on, it's getting late.

Before you start again, let's go.

Loha has promised to get
me the UPSC exam paper,

so that we can get married.
And you have a problem with him.

He's only using you, Daddu.

Here you go.

Okay, bye.

Hey, give me a mouth freshener.

-When is the guy coming over to see you?
-The day after tomorrow.


-See you.
-Be careful.

I'll kill you!


Excuse me, mister.

Which way is 734 SP Yadav's house?

-SP Yadav? The bank manager?

Take the next right, okay?

You'll have to walk on foot.

-It's a narrow street.

-Mr. Yadav?
-Yes. Please, come in.

Have a seat, Uncle.

Have a seat.



You cleared the IAS final exam!

That's amazing.

Where is Mr. Yadav, son?

You'll meet him pretty soon, Uncle.

But first, let me interview your son.


Being an IAS officer is not an easy job.

Soon, the entire district
will be your responsibility.

Are you ready for it?

Give me your hand.


-Come on, do it.

-Son, what are you--

What is this?

This is your interview.

You have to guess which one
is real and which one is fake.

I'll count to ten.

Real? Fake?

Don't be afraid.

Your touch won't trigger the gun.

One's touch merely spreads love!

One, two, three, four…

five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

They are both real. You failed.

So, put your finger on the lips and sit.

And Uncle, Auntie, don't worry.

You only have to do what you're told.

Look, son, you--

I think there's been
a big misunderstanding.

What do you want?

Don't be scared. We don't want anything.

We just want you to welcome
the guests with mouth fresheners.

Let's go, Batru.

Should I turn on the fan if it's too hot?

No, it's okay. I sweat too much.

Call your daughter.

Yes, call your daughter.

Yes. Jhulan.

Let's go.

-Oh, no.

-Let it be, son.
-It's okay.

We'll get it cleared.

Give it to them, dear.

What would you like to have?
Gold Spot or Limca?

A kiss.


-What did you say, brother?
-No, I don't want anything.

-I'd told you I can't do it. Move.

-Wait a second--
-Make way!

Listen, brother!

I am so sorry, Uncle.

Actually, my brother isn't
ready to get married.

We convinced him a lot to get him here.

I apologize. Forgive me.


Loha has called everyone. Let's go.


Let's go.

Jayesh! What are you guys talking about?
Let's go!

Don't you get it?

Let's go! Daddu's calling! Come on!

Where are you going all dressed up?

You got a hostel.

What about the other students?

-Bring him along.
-Where to, brother?

VC's chamber.

Loha Singh is going to talk to him.

Come on, guys! Let's go!

Let's go!

Gunjan's refusing to join us.

Normally, you make such tall claims.

Now when you have a chance
to help the students,

you're refusing to even come along.

First of all, Daddu, I'm studying.

Secondly, how can you forget?

We shared the same room for two years.

Didn't we?

Why can't we do it now?

Tell me.

This "one student, one room" slogan,

was floated by your beloved Loha.

So he could earn a fortune
in the new hostel contract.

Are you coming along or not?

What are you doing?

I'm not going, and nor are you.

This is not funny.
Come on. Open the door.

Your father's no more.
Your mom lives at your uncle's place.

She sent you here, so that you
can make something of yourself.

But all Daddu cares about
is raising a riot in college.

You're not going.

What are you doing? Give me the keys.

-Everyone's waiting for me.
-Let them wait.

I'm not going to open the door.

Standing there won't help.
I am not giving you the key.

I haven't forgotten it, bro,

but seems like you have…

that even I stayed in
this room for two years.

Hey! Hey, Daddu!

-Every student's dream…
-One student, one room!

-Every student's dream…
-One student, one room!

-Every student's dream…
-One student, one room!

-Every student's dream…
-One student, one room!

-It's business, not education…
-It's all love for the notes.

-It's business, not education…
-It's all love for the notes.

-It's business, not education…
-It's all love for the notes.

-It's business, not education…
-It's all love for the notes.

-VC, don't mess with us, dare you!
-We students won't spare you!

-Make way for Loha.
-Hey, move!

Make way for him.

What is all this?


I will not tolerate all this.

All this nonsense.

What goes your father?



he means to say, what is your problem?


I will call the police.


I'll switch to Hindi…

because my English is a little weak.

Students will get
a new hostel at any cost.

Now, who's supposed to sign
the permission letter…

you can figure that out.

You figure.

The new hostel will take
at least two years to build.

And I don't have any space
for the new students.

In that case…

the new students can
share rooms with us.

Change the rule.

I mean, allot one room to two students…

and a dormitory to four.

Wonderful idea!

And I guarantee you, the new
hostel will be complete in a year.


Just sign the permission letter.

Live long.

-Long live…
-Loha Bhaiya!

-Long live…
-Loha Bhaiya!

Will you two stop fighting?

You both are my brothers,
yet you're fighting among yourselves.

What are the people going to say?
What will the boys think?

-Come on, shake hands.
-Daddu hit me.

Hey… shake hands.


you took it to heart.

-I was just having some fun--


You'll never change.

Come on, brother.

I'll be getting hold of
the medical entrance exam papers.

Start collecting money from the students.

This time,
I've tied up with a coaching class.

-Believe me.

We're going to make a fortune.


Do you think I can't sell
the medical exam papers?

Give me a cigarette.

I can make a bigger fortune.

Question papers are never
leaked to earn money.

They're leaked to earn respect.

Even a goddamn peon can make money.

But respect is important.

I can earn that too.

You can't even light a cigarette.



Don't take the IAS exam this year.

Take it next year.

Why waste an attempt!

Waste an attempt?

What do you mean?

There's a new commission coming.

We'll all fall under reservation.

Even if you score low marks,

you'll definitely clear IAS.

So why waste an attempt?

Don't you trust me, Dad?

I've prepared really well.

I don't need any reservations.

I can clear IAS. I am sure.

Don't argue over everything.

Your father must have
a reason to say what he said.

I am not arguing.

I've studied in the best school,
I'm going to a coaching class.

Reservation is for those who
don't get these opportunities.

I have everything.

Why do I need any reservations?

I'll try this year.

Let me drop you off.

No, I'll manage.

-It's in the opposite direction for you.
-No, it's not.

I've been transferred
to the university branch.

Let's go.


Hello, Dhiraj.

-Mr. Yadav.
-Are you also in this branch?


What were you racing for?

What if Dad had found out?

Mr. Yadav is your
father, not a superman…

to see through this helmet.

Why was he dropping you off today?

-He's going to do it every day.

He's been transferred
to the university branch.

-Anyway, tell me.

You forgot, didn't you?

Forgot what?

Today is our tenth anniversary.


What anniversary?

Don't you remember how many
times you've broken up with me?

First, in January.

Before that, in May.
Then in March, then in January again.

This way, we'll be celebrating our
anniversary dozens of times a year.

Stop the bike.

-I want to get off. Stop the bike.

Are you breaking up with me again?

Yes. Stop the bike now.

We'll have to celebrate
another anniversary then.

Stop the bike!

Neither awake nor asleep

Don't know what world I'm lost in

Can't figure out anything

Every breath I take in your absence

Is hard to imagine

I'm drawn toward you

Can't control myself

Is this love?

Yes, this is love

Is this love?

Yes, this is love

A day without you is hard to imagine

Time stands still

Is this love?

Yes, this is love

I nod my head

To everything you say

I nod my head

To everything you say

Wherever you go

I go too

I go too

Can't control my heart

Every time I look at you

Is this love?

Yes, this is love

Is this love?

Yes, this is love

-Yes, brother!

Where have you been?

You've been missing for 10-15 days.

I was preparing for the IAS exam.

Like I said…

you'll get the paper.

Let's go.

I had a word with Tripathi.

You'll be taking
the exam in the DM's office.


Don't worry.

That's all fine, brother.

But I must clear IAS this year.

I know you'll get me the paper, but…

I should know which answer
is in what book, right?

You're completely floored in love.


Okay, fine. Study hard.

But be there on time.
The medical papers are arriving.

I am getting late.

Don't worry,
I'll make you an IAS officer.

I have no doubt about that, brother.

Getting late?

Getting late for what?

Now I understand…
why you have such a careless attitude.

That's all you heard!

Didn't you hear that Loha's
getting me the UPSC paper?

I also heard that you're being called
to distribute the medical papers.

Sorry, love.

I'll have to go for a while.

Let's have a quickie.


Don't worry.

You'll be on time.

-Nobody studies here

The entire world's a gambling house

Every criminal here is fearless

-Try your luck here

Everything's available without hard work

The entire world's a gambling house

-Get going.
-Every criminal here is fearless

Try your luck here

Everything's available without hard work

Nobody studies here

Nobody studies here

Nobody studies here

Nobody studies here

Nobody studies here



What is this?

It's sir's picture.

Where's the mustache?
Add the mustache.

Loha's here.

Couldn't you tell me Loha's here?

Do you know who he is?

-He's the student leader.

-Namaste, sir.
-Student leader now,

full-time leader tomorrow.
He'll show you what metal he's made of.


-Sorry, sir.
-Next time, don't make him wait.


Here's the money for the medical papers.

We've nearly made a fortune.


Is the chicken still raw?


Where did you get it?

Chopstick Corner, sir.

Don't eat it.

He got a beating a few days ago.

He put dog meat in the
food instead of chicken.

They both taste the same.

Bloody Dubey!

You made me eat dog meat!


Mr. Tripathi, this has 700,000 rupees.

Never settle for less.

Always think big.

Do you understand big?



I have plans for your career as well.

Have you heard about the commission?


The Center's going to pass
the reservation commission.

It will create a row
all over the country.

Students will be out on the streets,

protesting against the government.

This is a huge chance for you.

Do you understand, Loha?

This is your opportunity to be
the biggest student leader in Allahabad.

Even my party will oppose
the commission when the time is right.

But if you stir things up…

I guarantee you,
no one will lay a finger on you.

No one can lay a finger on me anyway.

I've earned a reputation.

As for the job…

I will heat things up in Allahabad.

Brother… are you angry?

I am not angry.

I am sorry.


Sorry for what?

I cannot make you an IAS officer.


Couldn't you get hold of the paper?

Paper isn't the problem.

Read this.


What is this, brother?

Mandal Commission.

The central government
will pass this bill.

And once this bill is passed…

students' life will become hell.

Because the government

will give reservation to backward
caste students everywhere.

Once the commission is in force…

even if you score 90%,

a backward caste student with a 45% score

will get your seat.

Its timing is all wrong.

Had it been implemented a year later,

I would've made you an IAS officer.

Forget all about IAS and Jhulan.

And inform Jhulan's family--

How can I forget all that?

And how can anyone just take my place?

My life's not some sweet
dish that anyone can devour.

This is not done, brother.

There must be an option.

Pappu, give me water.

-Yes, brother.
-Hurry up.

Pratik, how's your preparation
for engineering going?

All good, Daddu.

This time, I'll clear IIT.

You'll clear IIT,

but the reservation will clear you out.

Instead, start a garage.
At least, you'll make a few bucks.

What about you, Anurag?

I was preparing for IFS.

But now, I'm confused about what to do.

Start a travel agency instead.

Do you know what 27% reservation means?

Twenty-seven percent?!

They already have 22.5% reservations.

Fifty percent.

So, we lose out on half the seats.

Reservation is going to
screw us all, believe me.

What can we do?

There's nothing you can do.

Why don't you accompany
him on his first night too?

He'll need your help to unzip.

Stop laughing.

It's not funny.

I don't want to go for this
anti-commission agitation.

Here's a question.

Don't you have a girlfriend?

I do. Why?

So, tell me one thing.

You impressed her on your own, right?

You must have worked hard.

This is the same.

We'll have to make efforts
to cajole our future.

Got it?

Where are you going?

I am not interested in having
a girlfriend or calling a strike.

I came here to study,
so I'll just do that.

-Yes, brother.

We're picketing outside the CM's
house the day after tomorrow.

He's leaving for Delhi.
We won't let him out of the house.

This is a huge opportunity.

To send a message to Delhi.

We'll need a large number of students.

How are we going to do it?

Don't worry, brother.

Why did you walk off
in front of everyone?

Do you know anything
about the Mandal Commission?

Or are you following Loha Singh blindly?

-Do you know?

Do you know?

Do I know?

Caste-based reservations
will affect me the most.

I've been preparing
for UPSC for three years.

I've been saving money
to pay for coaching classes.

And you're asking me if I know?!


So you should be thanking me.

Thank you for what?

Because I'm fighting your battle.

Do you think this is fun?

This is not about you, me, or Loha.

It's about all the students.

Otherwise, you'll have
to sell these books for free.

Stop looking for excuses not to fight.

You're doing the right thing, Daddu.

We'll get 100-150 people from our college.

-How many?
-Around 100-150.

Are you joking?

Two hundred girls are coming
from the girls' college.

-Leave it, it's not your cup of tea.
-Are you serious, Daddu?

Girls are coming too?!

I'll bring 300.

Let's go.

I can get 50 girls guaranteed.


I'll try my best to get more.

Please try, Neetu,

because we have to form a human
chain outside the CM's house.

I'll try my best.

-Please try.
-Yes, sure.

-Okay, thank you.

Where were you?

I looked all over for you.

Computer classes, hostel. I was even
planning to go to your house today.

And you're hanging out with these people?!

Even that day, you disappeared.

Do you remember your UPSC exam,
or did that slip your mind as well?

Leave it.

Now it's of no use even
if I take the exam.

I don't have any option until
I make them cancel this commission.

When were you going to tell me that
you're getting involved in all this?

And have you lost your mind?

Few protests and riots won't
cancel this commission.

This is not our battle, Daddu.


Sorry, I couldn't tell
you about it the other day.

I guess it slipped my mind.

But I have to go now.

Daddu, I--

I'll pick you up from your
home, okay? Bye.

-Daddu, I'm telling you. Daddu--

-I'll see you in two days.

-Go back!

-Down with it!

-Go back!

Sir, we'll have to push them back.
The CM is about to leave.

Down with it!

-Push everyone back!
-Okay, sir.

Just push them back!

-Those who mess with us…
-Will get beaten black and blue!

-Down with it!

-Down with it!

-Those who mess with us…
-Will get beaten black and blue!

-Those who mess with us…
-Will get beaten black and blue!

-Those who mess with us…
-Will get beaten black and blue!

-Those who mess with us…
-Will get beaten black and blue!

-Those who mess with us…
-Will get beaten black and blue!

Beat them up!

Will get beaten black and blue!

-Those who mess with us…
-Will get beaten black and blue!

Hey… no one will move from here!

-Down with it!

-Go back!
-Go back!

-Go back!
-Go back!

-Go back!
-Go back!

This is All India Radio.

The news by Omprakash Sharma.

A riot broke out between
the protesting students and the police

outside the CM's residence in Allahabad.

The students picketed
outside the CM residence…

and didn't allow the CM to leave.

Students are protesting against
the Mandal Commission…

If you play with fire

We'll burn everything down

Justice will never spare you

You're unaware that we're fire

Don't teach us how to burn bright

We give what we get

We give what we get

You'll get twofold back

We give what we get

You'll get twofold back

How are you?


What's with all the secrets?


-You look great!
-I feel great!

Eat some food as well.

Mr. Tripathi…

he is Daddu.


Very good.

If you keep protesting like that,

the commission will definitely go back.

Daddu's the guy you spoke to DM about.

For the UPSC.



Go, have fun.

The guy's like a bullet.


You're a good leader,

but why are you not in the limelight?

Why are you making him the hero?

I've passed the age of becoming the hero.

So, I gave this chance to young blood.

I am working behind the scene.


I'll call the shots,

and he'll do the bidding.

I see.

You'll break a shoulder.

Open it.

Have a drink.

Sir, I'm on duty.

He's an IAS officer.

Think about it once.

Do you want to be a bottle
opener for the rest of your life?



Oh, God!


I've brought ice cream for you.

Come and eat it.

Hurry up, or else,
the ice cream will melt.

You should've been there yesterday.

The agitation was awesome. It was unreal.

What happened?

My exams are over.

Every day,
I receive a new marriage proposal.

I'm worried sick,

and you're worried about the commission.

This is caste politics, Daddu.

Everyone's in it for personal gains.

Why don't you focus on
your IAS exam instead?


this commission will never
let me become an IAS officer.

So I'll become an MLA instead.

Even your father won't
have a problem with this.


Can you be an MLA in a couple of months?

Are you joking?

How can anyone become
an MLA in a couple of months?


Let's elope and get married first,
then you do anything you want.

Why are you always hellbent
on running away and getting married?

How will we get married?
Where will we live?

We aren't settled either.


I mean--

Meaning what?

-Don't you even want to get married?
-I do. Of course, I do.

I am doing all this because
I want to get married.

But things will take time, Jhulan.

Time is what we don't have, Daddu.

I'll have to get married as
soon as the guy says yes.

Don't you get it?


You want to be a leader, right? Fine.

Forget everything.

Focus on being a leader.

-Okay? I am going.
-What are you saying, Jhulan? Hey!

Jhulan, where are you going?

Hey! Hey, Jhulan! Hey, wait!

Why don't you understand?

I'm doing this for both of us.

Where am I in this "us"?

You are making all the decisions.

First, you wanted to become an IAS
officer! Now, you want to become an MLA!

Tomorrow, you'll want to be a movie star.

Come on!

You be what you want to be, Daddu.

I'm getting late. I'm going home. Okay?

Don't walk away like this.

-Come inside.
-Let go of my hand!

Please come inside.

Are you breaking up with me again?

Whatever suits you.

You decide.

If you think we're breaking up,

then so be it.





He's called several times.
Why aren't you speaking to him?

Why should I?

Enough with your drama! I know!

This attitude of yours
won't last too long.

Soon, you'll be back with him again.

You two can't live without each other.

This time, I'm not going back.

Once he gets over becoming a leader,
he'll come crawling back!

Get up.

Just do what I called you here for.

Come here.

Give me a hickey here on the nape.

What's a hickey?

You don't know what a hickey is?!

Quit fasting, and start living.

Let me show you what a hickey is.

Oh, God! That hurts!
Let go of my hand!

That hurt?!

It's going to hurt a lot more.

Come on, give me a hickey.

Wait. Let me close the door first,
or people will think we're lesbians.

Try these fritters.
They're pretty popular.

Well, if you two want to talk,
you can go to the terrace.

What is your favorite hobby?



I like everything about computers.

Its size, shape, body, and buttons.

And you?

The entire city's shaken
up, Mr. Tripathi.

Shaking up one city alone won't help.

We'll have to jostle Delhi as well.

Keep trying until you two feature…

on the evening news.

Make it so hot that Delhi feels the heat.

When will you openly
support us, Mr. Tripathi?

Daddu is smart.

My party cannot stop
supporting the Center yet.

First, build a firm ground,

and then watch the fun.

The government's supporting Mandal.

Soon, we'll make them tremble!

Let's go.

Tell me something, brother.

Why didn't Tripathi's party
oppose the bill in Parliament?

Daddu, this is only politics for him…
not for us.

And he will never openly
oppose the commission.

he'll lose his entire vote bank.

If he says one word
against the backward,

his vote bank will be gone.

The commission doesn't
make a difference to him.

But students' lives will
be completely ruined.

Start opposing the backward.


Only those people who don't want to see
our progress are against reservation.


-What is it?
-is our right!

Hey, what are you doing?

-What is this?
-Look, they are not anti-backward.

You don't need to feel so insecure.

Read them carefully and then talk.

Get them out of here. Get out.

-Tear the pamphlets.

-In fact, I even got married in Benares.
-Oh, okay.

My first posting was in Benares.

Sunaina, go get Jhulan quickly.

Where were you?

The groom and his family
have been waiting for so long.

Come and give me a hickey quickly.

Currently, I stay in Benares.

I will stay there for a couple of years.


-Have something, son.
-Yes, please.

-Try some samosas. Jhulan has made them.

She's a really good cook.

Try it, son.

In fact, if you two want to talk,

then go to the veranda.

You can talk at leisure there.


Your father said you're
preparing for IAS as well.

Yes… I am.

What was your major?



Is that a bite mark on your neck?


Does it itch?

Even my sister-in-law often
has a bite mark on her neck.

She says it's itchy.

So, I got her some antiseptic.

Now it's all better.

You should try it too.

It will heal quickly.



Yes, of course. Goodbye.

Pravin has agreed to marry Jhulan.

Let's celebrate.

Goddess has heard my prayers.

Glory to Goddess!

Tell me, what should I do?

Where are you going?

I have extra classes.

Sushant's dropping me off.

I'll drop you off.

I am also heading that way.

Give me the keys.




Bablu Yadav?

Yes, talk to him.

Yes, hello?


MLA Sushil?

Yes, of course. I will come over.

Watch how MLA Sushil welcomes me!

-Why did you stop here?
-Get out! Come on!

-Who are you? What are you doing?
-Come out!


-Daddu, I'm warning you. Let go of me.

What are you doing?
Did I tell you to shoot him?

Loha told me.

-We won't spare you--
-Loha didn't tell me anything.

Get lost.

Get lost.

-I am telling you, this isn't right.
-Shut up!

Keep walking.

He deserves this.

He's the one who slapped
you the other day, right?


Slap him back.


Forward or backward…

if you slap a girl,
then be prepared to be slapped back.

Oh, no!

She's already slapped me once,
and now she's getting in line again.

-Give him a big one!
-That was awesome.

Brother… did you ask for me?

Bravo, Daddu!

He got him slapped by females.

I have a foreign treat for you.

Foreign treat?

A girl is waiting upstairs.

She'll take you on a tour
of Russia right here in Allahabad.

I have to go.

What? Jhulan?

Did you two break up again?

Well, it's common between us.

Love, Coca-Cola…

I have zero experience in this field.

Girls only love me…

they don't look at me.


you should leave then.

There's no stopping you.

Okay, brother. See you later.

Couldn't you think of
a better way to embarrass me?

You decided to elope with that gangster!

You have no respect for
your father's reputation.

I'm still going to elope with him.

-Keep an eye on me.
-Jhulan! You have no shame at all!

How dare you argue with your father!

We're going to stay in
Benares until the wedding.

Which one is Daddu Thakur's room?

Find it yourself. I am busy.

-Handle them.
-Okay, sir.

Do you have a matchstick?

Daddu, wake up.

It's a raid.
The police are coming to arrest you.

-Get lost.

They can arrest you under any charge.

You'd better run.

Where is Daddu Thakur?

Don't know him!

What? You don't know him?

Do you think it's funny? Get lost!

Hey, what's your name?

-I was--
-You're Daddu, aren't you?

Son, I'm as old as your uncle.

Get in!

We've searched the whole hostel!
I wonder where he is hiding!

-Let's look--


-Sir, Daddu just ran downstairs.
-This way?

-Come on, let's go!

-Where are you going, Daddu?
-I'll thank you later.

-But where will you go?
-Daddu, stop!

-Come on, jump!

It's too high! Oh my God!

What if I fall?

I won't jump.




-What are you doing?

Stop, Daddu! Stop, I said!

-He's making us go round in circles.
-Catch him.

-Daddu, no.
-I will kill you.

-Catch him!

Hey, stop!

Catch him!







-Hey, Daddu!

Catch him!

-Don't come closer, I'll kill you!
-Catch him!

Daddu, no! Daddu, stop!

-No, Daddu!

I am warning you, Daddu!


Uncle, want some?

-I'll hit you, I swear!
-Give me that stick, Daddu!

Who let you in?

-Sorry, sir.
-Who gave you permission?



I got orders from above to arrest him.

-He's not some goon you can arrest.

-I had orders--

-He's my brother.
-Sorry, sir. Okay.

-Before I beat you up, get lost.

-Let's go!
-Get lost!

-Let's go!
-Sorry, sir!


What have you done to the place!

Can I get a cigarette, brother?

I was fast asleep when
these guys came for me.


They were planning this for a long time.

When you were picketing
outside the CM's residence,

they didn't arrest you for my sake.

Now they must have felt
the pressure from above.

Move in with me.

You can't stay in the hostel anymore.

The government has
implemented Section 144.

What is Section 144?


The students are planning a strike against
the commission on the 20th of September.

So, the government has
implemented Section 144.

If they see more than four people together
on the streets, they'll arrest them.

No agitation either.

I wonder how we'll do it.


Listen, child.

The priest has said…

that there are no dates available for
three months after 20th September.

So, your father and I have
fixed your wedding for the 20th.



My exams are on the 16th…

and you've fixed my wedding for the 20th?!

Complete your studies after the wedding.

Thank your uncle.

We found a place in Benares
because of his contacts.

Otherwise, you had left no stone unturned.

No one can stop me from taking the exam.

Sit over there.

Thank you for yesterday.

How come the police aren't
looking for you anymore?

Now, even they are on our side.

In fact, everyone's on
my side except for you.

What are you saying?

I am saying…

that if we're both
against the reservation,

then why are you hesitating
to join hands with me?

Speak softly.

I'm not against the reservation.

Hey. The other day,
you were making such tall claims.

"Reservation will affect me the most.

I've been preparing
for three years," etc.

You never listen, do you?

Reservation based on
the caste system is wrong.

Reservation should be based
on economic conditions.

Secondly, the reservation
doesn't guarantee opportunities.

But education definitely
guarantees great opportunities.

You mean you are against it, aren't you?

Even I am against it, then why do you--


I'm trying to teach here.

Take your conversation
outside if you like.

They think it's a joke!

Let me just…

Sorry, sir.


he's got some sort of an emergency.

So, we'll just go out.

Sorry for disturbing you.


Wait, buddy. Why are you so furious?

This is what I am against.

Someone says a word,
and you point a gun at him.

If you continue your
agitation without violence…

then I can join you.

But I won't criticize the other caste.


What else?

Will Loha Singh agree to these terms?

Don't worry about that.

I will convince him.

Shall we go?

Even Jhulan throws
fewer tantrums than you.

Will you be my girlfriend?

Why? Haven't you patched
up with Jhulan yet?

I would even patch up with her father,

but she isn't picking up the phone.

Why do you get so furious over everything?

Pravin asked me
about the exams, so I told him.

Pravin said I must take the exam.

He's my future husband.

I'll do as he says.

He's your future husband.

Don't address him by his name.

It's rude.

He's my future husband.
He isn't my husband yet.

When he becomes my husband,
I won't call him Pravin anymore.

Alright? Can I go now?

It's rude, she says!


Did Jhulan come here?

No, brother. She didn't.

Fine. Tell me if she does.

Okay, brother. I will.


-No, please! Don't hit me!
-Loha, don't! It will hurt!


-Brother, don't!

-Did it hurt?


Your timing is completely off, Mahto.

Sir… we have a great opportunity today.

Daddu Thakur is giving
a speech in the college.

Should I arrest him?

I'd given you a chance
that day in the hostel,

but you missed it.

If you lay a finger on him now,

the students will beat you first…

and then I will.

Got it?

Sir, you're unbelievable.

That day, you planned a raid on
the hostel to get him arrested.

Now, you're saying,
"Don't lay a finger on him."

I just don't get it.



I've found your twin brother.

Say hello.

Hello, brother.

Have you ever flown a kite?

-Of course, I have, brother. Why?
-I see.

-When the kite's soaring in the skies,

-it has a different kind of attitude.

It flies as if it's on its own.

But you've got to yank the
thread and remind the kite

that someone else is in control.

If they let go,
it will have nowhere to go.

Now, do you understand?

Yes, sir. I do.

Great, sir.

-You're awesome. I'll get going now.
-See you.


Thank you, sir.


Jhulan's brother, Sushant,
had called asking for Daddu.

Jhulan's parents have fixed her wedding.

-I'll go tell Daddu right now.
-Who called?


-Jhulan's brother Sushant.



Come on, go.


why didn't you get Daddu arrested?

Even I can shut down colleges.

I guess it'll take me an entire
lifetime to explain to you.

Let's go and see what's
happening in the college.


Everyone should get it equally.

Backward and forward are filled with
people who have neither money nor jobs.

A Brahman's son can be poor…

as well as a Yadav's son.

Opportunities should
be given to the poor.

So, the problem is not the reservation.

The problem is
the caste-based reservation.

The commission's approach
is totally wrong.

Girls in Maharashtra have been
getting free education since 1985.

So, if students all over
India get free education…

then we'll never need any reservations.

And if you still want
to give the reservation,

then give it to the poor.
We're not stopping you.

Now, this is every student's battle.

Those who are here,
and also, those who aren't.

Backward and forward, both.

All colleges will remain
closed on 20th September.

Allahabad comes into our territory.

So, let's spread the word to every
student and light this commission on fire.

Section 144 is implemented outside…

not inside the college.

You couldn't think of this?

Daddu found a solution.

If you screw with the students…

then you'll get a beating of your life.

He's convinced Ranjan as well.

All the smart guys
joined in because of him.

Could you have convinced anyone?

If he finds out that
Jhulan's getting married,

then he'll forget all
about the commission.

-Down with it!

Do you see it now?
Even after your constant coaxing,

Daddu isn't saying a word
against the backward class.

Now he's even joining hands with them.

What does that matter?

What matters is how many
people are turning up!

I don't care if the
commission is a hit or not.

Allahabad should be under lockdown,

so that I can become popular in the party.

-Mandal Commission…
-Down with it!

-Mandal Commission…
-Down with it!

-Government dictatorship…
-Down with it!

Listen, tell everyone to join us.

If a student is financially weak,

does it mean he's an orphan?

-Is this right?

-Is this right?

Only education can bring
forward and backward together.

Everyone has an equal right to it.

That's why education is
important for both classes.

We'll study on the streets.

The entire class will be on
the streets on 20th September.

If that's where we're going to be…

-Mandal Commission…
-Down with it!

-Abolish reservation…
-Save the nation.


-Hurry up!
-Hurry up! Come on!

What happened, brother?

-Get them all!

Get them.

Move the tempo, dude!
What are you waiting for?



Let's go!

-Let's go!
-Come on, man, move!

"Students' protests show effect,
Prime Minister will meet 50 students."

You'll represent Allahabad
in this delegation.

What will I do?

You're currently the star of Allahabad.

You're going.

Sir, I am just a government employee.

What can I tell you about
government policies?


If you wanted to shatter my dreams

If you wanted to leave me

Then why did you pretend to love me?

If you wanted to shatter my dreams

If you wanted to leave me

Then why did you pretend to love me?

I'm upset with you

I feel aloof from myself

I'm completely broken

I'm upset with you

I feel aloof from myself

I'm completely broken


One that separates you from me

That world is a lie

They don't understand lovers

I'd rather set them ablaze

We must show them.

We'll all speak in one voice.

Right, Daddu?

…praises just as it taunts

This world is full of sorrow

It only gives you pain

I'm upset with you

I feel aloof from myself

I'm completely broken

I'm upset with you

I feel aloof from myself

I'm completely broken

Your message should be strong.

Daddu will tell you what time and where.

What happened?

I just don't know where
to look for Jhulan.

What if she's visiting some relative?
Did you check?

Her relatives are all over.

Patna, Delhi, etc.

Where will I look?

Am I angry with myself

Or am I upset with the world?

I want to ask myself when I find God

What were you thinking?

Tell me, why did you create love?

Make this pain everyone's destiny

Why are you coming out the back door?

I… climbed down, and I…

-I got confused.

You're right,
all the galleries look alike.


-But you…
-I'd gone to get some ice cream.

-Your mother mentioned that you love it.
-If you wanted to shatter my dreams

This is for you.

If you wanted to leave me

Then why did you pretend to love me?

Your eyes can't hide

-What happened? Was the paper tough?
-Your love

Why did you make me

-If you wanted to break me?
-Let me see.

It's alright.
You can try again next year.

I'll coach you. Please don't--

Don't… worry.



Come on, show me your aim.

Bravo. Angry young man.

What's the matter?

There's no trace of Jhulan.

We've broken up several times,

but for the first time, I have
a feeling that something is totally off.

My mind is exploding like a volcano.

Haven't you two patched up yet?

I'll help you two patch up.

Patch up with whom, brother?

She's disappeared with her entire family.

I want to quit this
agitation and find her--

And find Jhulan first, right?

You're absolutely right.

After all, you're doing all this for her.

Without her,
the agitation can go to hell.

These students are not our responsibility.

I started all this for you, bro. Remember?

So, we'll look for Jhulan.
Everything else comes later.

Come on, let's find out.

That's the problem, brother.

These students are
supporting me on my call.

For the first time, I feel like
I'm doing something awesome in life.

Everyone's future depends on it.
I cannot just quit.

That's amazing, bro.


You'll get twofold back

You'll get twofold back

-Mandal Commission…
-Down with it!

This started the French Revolution,

which led to the birth
of the first French republic.

Daddu, the girls' college is still open.

-And there are police outside their gate.
-I have an idea. Let's go.


You'll get twofold back

You'll get twofold back

One who rules without a plan

Is like a double-edged sword

Seems like a ruckus to them

What we call our right

What we call our right

You're trying to save
Your seat in this game

We're trying to save
Our present and future

You follow your own path

While we make one

We rise of our own will

And fall of our own will

We give what we get

You'll get twofold back

Come on!


Get in!

Every student should fight,
education should be our fundamental right!



Daddu! Somebody call him!


-Jhulan is getting married.

-What? What are you saying?

-Jhulan is getting married.



the wedding…

The wedding is over, sir.

Do you know where they went?

Yes, sir.

Everyone's staying at the guesthouse.

For strength.





I am married now.

Do you know what that means?


-I'm here for you now.
-Oh, really?

You should've waited
until I had a few kids!

How would I know that
you're getting married?

I tried to contact you--

You would have known if you had time.

You wanted to fight for the students!

You wanted to send the commission back!

You wanted to become
an MLA, reach new heights!

Is it all done?

Are you an MLA now?

Where were you?

Why are you crying now?

Where were you? Why--

-Okay, I am here now.

I am here. Calm down.

I was telling you we should
elope, but you never listened.

Now we had to elope anyway.

That too, after my marriage.

-Please, Jhulan.
-Of all the places…

Couldn't you find a better place?

-There is no other place.
-Please, Daddu, I don't want to stay here.

Try to understand--

-I don't want to stay here!
-I can't take you to my uncle's place.

-Why don't you understand?


Did you get married?

-No, brother--
-I got married.

He got left out.

He would have been married too…

had he not been busy building
your political career.

-It's alright.

She's like a daughter-in-law to me.
It's my fault, I made you too busy.

-Shall we?
-Are you two going somewhere?

The police are after us.

First, they were after him.
Now, they are after me too.

That's what I was trying to tell you.
The police never come to Loha's place.

Yes, they don't.

My husband is the Collector,
and he's not even a politician.

He's just a small-time leader.

-No offense.
-None taken.

When the Collector comes for us,
we'll have to leave Allahabad.

And if we get arrested,
we'll be taken to the court.

And there's nothing he can do.

Calm down.

No, she is absolutely right.

He's the Collector.

Better to be safe, not sorry.

You cannot stay here anymore.

We'll have to send her to a safe place.

Agra. Agra is good.
Let's send her to Agra.

Munilal is there.
He'll arrange everything.

I'll arrange everything.

-Okay, brother.
-I'll arrange everything.

I won't stay here.


we'll look for her together.

Well… Pravin is the Collector.

If he alerts the police,

they can set up checkpoints
and look for them.

Haven't we been embarrassed enough?

What are we going to say?

"The Collector's wife eloped"?

How are we going to find her?

I don't want to find her.

I won't register this marriage.

It's your fault, Mr. Yadav.

She's a female,
not some cattle you can herd.

This wedding shouldn't have happened.

-Come on!
-Throw the ball, Chintu!

Daddu, don't tell anyone about
the wedding or about going to Agra yet.

If students find out
you're quitting the agitation,

who knows how they will react!

We share a different rapport,

but the students will feel cheated.

Get over with tomorrow's agitation.

After that, I'll send you to Agra.

Jhulan was right.

He's the Collector. He'll do something.

His wife ran away from the wedding.

This is the matter, sir.

What happened? Any problem?


We have to send Daddu to Delhi
tomorrow for the PM's delegation.

Daddu cannot go to Delhi, sir.
He's marrying a backward himself.

-I'm telling you, sir.

We're making him the hero,

-and he's screwing with us.
-Hey, you…

-How dare you say that!
-Don't slap him, Loha.

What are you doing? Let go of him.

-If you weren't my brother--
-Don't do this.

It doesn't matter. Let him go, brother.

-Where are you going?

-He didn't say anything that bad!

-Come back!

-How dare he…

Stop, Gopal!


-Where do you think you're going?
-Stop, brother.

I'll come to your house and kill you!

Why are you getting so furious?
What's wrong with you?

-Give me the gun.
-Pointing a gun at your own brother?!

I apologize to you on his behalf.

You know how he is, brother. Leave it.

It's just a matter of one day.

It's okay.



You didn't tell me
you're getting married.


Brother, Jhulan…

I'll see you later.

My brother is crazy.

-I keep telling him--
-No, he's right.

It won't be right
to send Daddu to Delhi now.

It will set a wrong example.

Get him out of this agitation first.

And find someone else to send to Delhi.

What you're saying is right, Mr. Tripathi,

but if I take Daddu
out of the agitation,

the students will be scattered.

They'll revolt.

Until then,
I'll decide whom to send to Delhi.

Gopal, have you lost your mind?
Are you mad?

Yes, I have lost my mind.

First, you told me to mention
Daddu's marriage in front of Tripathi.

-Then, you slapped me.

I have had enough. I will kill you.

Calm down, Gopal.

Lower the gun. I did it all for you.

You never did anything for me. Never.

I'm your elder brother,
you're my little brother.

Listen to me. Give me the gun.


I said, give me the gun.

You want to shoot me?

Shoot me.

Shoot me.


What if you had shot me?

If I hadn't done what I did,

you wouldn't have got
the chance to go to Delhi.




Gopal, you ask too many questions.

You'll go to Delhi…

and I'll become the local MLA.

Like that.

I'll deal with the police
and meet you on the highway.


Why can't we go together?

Someone might recognize you.

This can be a problem.

Fine, finish your work
and come back here. We'll leave together.

Why are you so worried?

Batru is with you.

Are you hiding something from me, Daddu?

Why-- What would I hide from you?

What do I have to hide?


I am not hiding anything from you.

I'll see you soon, okay?

See you.

Shall we?


I don't like lying to Jhulan.

It's only for a day.

I've made arrangements
for Jhulan and you.

-Down with it!

-Down with it!

-Mandal Commission…
-Down with it!

-Mandal Commission…
-Down with it!

-Mandal Commission…
-Down with it!

-Mandal Commission…
-Down with it!

-Down with it!

-Down with it!

-Down with it!

Doesn't that road lead to the bypass?

I think you took a wrong turn.


We'll take the next one.


You eloped with Jhulan?!

This calls for a party.

I will throw a party,
but I must tell you something important.


Meet me after the agitation.
I'll tell you.

Don't forget.

-Mandal Commission…
-Down with it!

Daddu, here is a torch.

-Long live…
-Daddu Bhaiya!

I forgot something at the hotel.
Can you turn the car around?

Not now. It's getting late.

Please turn around.
It's very urgent. Please.

Please, turn the car around.

Hey, sit quietly!

This is no way to talk.

-Stop the car. I said, stop the car!

I said, I won't stop the car.

We don't have time.
We have to meet Daddu at twelve o'clock.

Stop the car, or I will scream.
I am warning you.

-Long live…
-Daddu Bhaiya!

-Down with it!

-Down with it!

Daddu will not spare you.

Daddu must have been taken care of.

You kill Batru, and I'll kill her.

-Down with it!
-Down with it!

-Down with it!
-Down with it!

But we were only ordered to kill the girl.

Are you out of your mind?

Brother said, "Kill them both."

No. That's not what he told me.



-Let go!


Let go! It will go off!

-Let go of me!

-Long live…
-Daddu Thakur!

-Long live…
-Daddu Thakur!

-Long live…
-Daddu Thakur!

It will go off. Let go.

I will shoot you!
Believe me, I will shoot you!

Batru! Stop, or else, I will shoot you!

Take your pants off,
and stand over there! Batru!

Take it off!

Batru, let's go!

Turn around! Keep walking!

Take me to Daddu right now!

Don't look back!

-Long live…
-Daddu Thakur!

-Long live…
-Daddu Thakur!

-Long live…
-Daddu Thakur!

-Long live…
-Daddu Thakur!



Someone get water!

What are you looking at?

What are you guys looking at?

Call the ambulance!


Lift him!

Ranjan, open your eyes!

Ranjan! Open the ambulance doors!

Ranjan, you'll be okay. I promise you.

Ranjan. Hey.

Why isn't the ambulance moving?

Hey! Start the ambulance!

Where is the driver?


-Daddu, are you okay?

What happened?

What happened?

What happened, Daddu?

Daddu, no! Daddu!

Sorry, Daddu.

Ranjan had to die.

But you just wait and watch.

Five hundred students will burn.

This will become a trend. Boys in
every corner will immolate themselves.

We'll set the commission on fire.

Someone had to sacrifice.

You've done a great job.

What are you doing?

Hey! Who are you to hit me?

-How dare you touch me!

Who are you?


Give me the gun!

You called me your brother!

You called me your brother--

Why are you getting so sentimental?
I just called you my younger brother…

I didn't adopt you!

If you had died instead of him,
I would have become an MLA.

What was the harm if you had died?

Hey, don't!

No! Don't shoot!

Give me the gun!

Give me the gun!

-Brother, he shot me.





Daddu! I'm begging you!

Daddu, no!


Hey, listen!

I must go.

Where is Ranjan?

Where is Ranjan?



He died because of me.

I killed Ranjan.

If only I had studied…

He ruined my life.

You were right.

Ranjan was right.

All this is just politics.

Dirty politics.

I don't want this.

I lost Ranjan to it.

I don't want this.

I wasn't right, Daddu.

Ranjan was right.

You didn't play any politics.
It was all Loha's doing.

What's happening now isn't politics.

Come with me.


-Long live…
-Daddu Thakur!

-Long live…
-Daddu Thakur!

Ranjan's life shouldn't go to waste.

-Long live…
-Daddu Thakur!

-The government will have to bow down!
-The government will have to bow down!

Go to the PM's office, Daddu.

-The government will have to bow down!
-The government will have to bow down!

This reservation politics has heated
things up in the entire country.

There's no stopping it.

This fire will burn for many years.

Many generations will be immolated.

This reservation has divided the country
into backward and forward classes.

And the country has never
benefited from any division.

Reservation is important.

But who's getting it
is much more important.

The backward classes have been
suppressed for thousands of years.

Now, it's time to bring them ahead.

But we need to make sure
that no one else is burning

or suffering while we do that.

When a student
has to attach his caste certificate

along with his academic certificate,

it means that importance
is being given to his caste…

not his grades.

Students should have a right to education…

not reservation.