Huo Yuanjia (2019) - full transcript


- Right.
- Yes, I heard.

- Yes.
- I heard about it too. My goodness.

What should we do?

Someone has to come forward.

- My goodness. There are many others.
- Right, there are many incredible ones.

I know, right?

What's going on?

There are more amazing ones.

Mr. Nong.

Chinese martial artists
aren't as good as you claim to be.

- What is he talking about?
- Not good?

We don't make judgments
with just one person's technique.

Master Huo is here.

- Master Huo.
- Master Huo.

- Master Huo.
- Master Huo.

- Master Huo.
- Master Huo.

- Master Huo.
- Master Huo.


you still came in the end.


didn't you say

that there are things
that one must not do,

but there are also things

that one must do?

All right.

Be careful then.

- Huo Yuanjia!
- Huo Yuanjia!

- Huo Yuanjia!
- Huo Yuanjia!

- Huo Yuanjia!
- Huo Yuanjia!

I am Huo Yuanjia

from Tianjin.



- Thank you.
- This way, please.

Master Chen.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Yuanying, congratulations.

Thank you.

- This way, please. Come in.
- Congratulations!

Thank you.

Sit wherever you like.

Yuanying, congratulations.

Thank you, Mr. Huang.

Come in.

Xiaoqi, where's Yuanjia?

Why isn't he helping me greet the guests?

I think Young Master Yuanjia
is in the kitchen. I'll find him.

- Go.
- Yes.

My father will be with us in a minute.

Come in.

- Here.
- All right.

Young Master Yuanjia.

What are you still doing here?

They're looking for you.

This is when the broth
is in a fierce battle with the heat.

It calls for intricate techniques,

so I can't take it lightly.

Young Master Yuanjia,
did you forget to put salt in the broth?


Today is my wedding day.

I wonder...



My son's getting married today.

I wonder

if we didn't entertain you well.

Huo Endi.

Do you remember me?

Back then,

you hurt my father badly.

Today, I will

avenge my Zhao family's humiliation!


Let him go.



come with me.

Enjoy the banquet.

Carry on.

- Hurry, clean up the mess.
- Carry on.

Who taught you martial arts?

Do you know

why I didn't teach you kung fu?

Because your mind is full of hostility!


at your brother's wedding reception,

- you acted so violently in front of me.
- He already came to our home for trouble!

He tried to ruin
Yuanying's wedding reception

and bring disgrace to our family.

Do you want me

to greet someone like that with a smile
and have drinks with him?

You unfilial son!

How dare you talk back to me?

Good virtue
is the foundation of martial arts.

Martial artists

must convince people with good virtue.

From now on,

reflect on your mistake in front
of the memorial tablets of our ancestors.

You can only go out

when you realize your mistake.

I will never realize it!

Yuanying isn't as talented as me,

yet you chose to teach him
Huo's Fist instead of me.

You say that good virtue
is the foundation of martial arts

and choked down insults all these years.

Convince people with good virtue?

If you really did that back then,

why did that man come to seek revenge

on Yuanying's wedding day today?



My dear!



General Yuan is requesting an audience.

I just got reliable information

that a Reformist rebel

will come to Beijing
to see His Majesty via Tianjin.

He will arrive there soon.

Tianjin is a good place

with beautiful scenery.

It's a good place to bury him.

Yes, Your Majesty.


When you come back,

tell them to dust the ashes.

We must keep

the imperial city pure and clean.

Yes, Your Majesty.

- Hey!
- Load them.

- Hurry.
- Be careful.

Be careful.

Be careful!

Folks, be careful at work.
Don't get yourselves hurt.

All right!

- Load them to the boat.
- Yes.

- Slowly.
- Come.

Take this.


We're almost ready.

Let the folks have lunch first.

- Big!
- Big!

- Small!
- Big!

- Big!
- Small!


Come on, folks.

Stop working and have lunch first.

You can work hard only when you are full.

We still have cargo to unload in a while.

Those on the boat, come down too!

Don't scramble, folks!

Mr. Nong said
that everyone will get their share today.

Eat your fill! Help yourselves, all right?

- All right!
- All right!

- Come!
- Here!

Don't scramble.

Everyone will get a share.

Don't scramble.

- Don't scramble.
- Step aside.


Out of the way!


Out of the way! Come on.


Step aside.

Do you hear me?

Step aside.


Mr. Nong.

You're quite generous.

Buns made with fine flour.

I think you have earned so much money

that you want to burn some.

Mr. Yuan, you must be joking.

These are some poor folks

who never had any fancy food.

It's the least I could do for them.

The least?

This is far from "the least."

No wonder people call you
a loaded philanthropist.


what's "the least"

you can do for me?

I've already prepared it for you.

Liu Sheng.

Mr. Nong, you're indeed generous.

What's on your boat this time?

The same as usual.

Some medicinal herbs.

- Medicinal herbs?
- Sir.

Ms. Yu.

It's rare to see you.

Who is this gentleman?

Mr. Yuan.

This is a traveling physician
I just hired.

He's from the countryside.
Please excuse him.

A physician?


That's great.

I've been suffering
from backache for days.

Let him go home with me

to give me some treatment.

- Mr. Yuan!
- Piss off!

Who are you?

Just exercise to cure your backache.

You have a death wish.

Do you know who I am?

I know that you have a bad back indeed.

But you must feel better now.

Just wait.

- Bravo!
- Great!

- Nice!
- Splendid!

After you.

My master told me
to give you this letter in person.

- Take a seat.
- All right.

Jinsun, I hope this letter finds you well.

I'm on the trip all the time in the region
of Guangdong and Guangxi.

I suddenly heard an order from that madam

to assassinate us in our journey.

But hostile forces are still present.

I don't dare to stay put
for fear of danger.

That madam is usurping power.

She tries to please other nations

while putting
400 million citizens in agony.

At this time
of internal and external troubles,

we can't hide and live in peace alone.

We should assist the monarch

and save the citizens from grave peril.

I hear that you often
give treatments and medicines

to save citizens from illness.

Your nationalistic spirit

is far better
than the kind Duke of Donggao.

So I wrote to ask you

to help me enter Beijing

to gather patriots of the same mind

and carry out reforms

to realize political integrity.

I'm willing to sacrifice myself

and not fear death in going to Beijing.

Sincerely yours, Fusheng.

Judging from what happened today,

Tianjin is also being watched closely.

My master

is really struggling.

But you don't have to worry too much.

Tianjin is different from other places

with the many schools of martial arts
and righteous men.

That gentleman who helped us
on the dock today is an example.

I shall do my very best

to complete your master's request.

Mr. Huo,

thank you for your help earlier today.


- Here's a toast to you.
- All right.

- Here.
- Drink up.

Good wine.

Sorry to keep you waiting, sirs.

Sweet and Sour Carp.


We're in a period of political turmoil.

Mr. Huo,

why don't you serve the country?

You'll surely make a difference

with your extraordinary skills.

State affairs are beyond

a martial artist like me.

I'll be glad enough

if I can get a toehold in Tianjin
with my skill.

I beg to differ.

Strong citizens
are the foundation of a nation's peace.

Enemies are threatening our nation.
Citizens must strengthen themselves.

If every citizen is as strong as you,

our nation will be revitalized.

There will be hope for our citizens.

You have a point.

But someone must be willing to teach them

if they want to practice martial arts.

Master Huo, you can teach us.

Think about it.

With your martial arts skills,

if you open a school and accept students,
you'll be known throughout Tianjin.

Open a school and accept students?

It's just that Huo's Fist

can't be taught to outsiders.

We open martial arts schools

to invigorate the people

and strengthen their bodies and souls

and promote
Chinese traditional martial arts.


old feudal traditions are deep-rooted,

like how our nation
isolates itself from the outside world.

It's hard to change.

All right. Let's drop this matter.

Come on, let's drink.

Take him back.

It's not a big deal.

If my father won't teach them, I'll do it.

As long as someone wants to learn it,
forget about not teaching outsiders.

Let's open the largest
martial arts school in Tianjin.

I'll teach whoever comes.

That would be great.

Master Huo,

can I be your first student?



Mr. Huo.

If you want to open a school,

you can count on me

to choose a venue and purchase it.

However, there are many rules in Tianjin

even though it's a small place.

What rules?

If you want to open
a martial arts school in Tianjin,

you must fight with the representatives
of seven other schools.

If you win, you can open one of your own.


That's right up my alley.

Open it and let me see.

Is it him?


Keep an eye on Huaiqing Pharmacy.

I told you

that I'll only donate money,
but not get involved directly.

But you had to use my boat.

Now, this is great.

He had his head cut off in your pharmacy.

And the Yu family is involved in trouble.

I'm just a businessman.

I don't want to get involved
with national affairs

nor am I capable of that.

I am telling you, Nong Jinsun.

If anything happens to my daughter,

I will hunt you down
even in the netherworld!

I will leave Tianjin with Jianjia
as soon as possible.

You're on your own now.


I don't want to tell you

that every man is responsible
for the fate of his nation.


when a bird's nest is overturned,

no egg can remain intact.

The dock is not safe anymore.

I want to ask you

to help me one last time.

Let me transfer my goods
with your fishing boat.

Sir, we don't accept students anymore.

Try your luck elsewhere.

I'm here to challenge your school.


You don't have a visiting letter

or a letter of reference.

You're not a local, right?

That's too troublesome.

Let's just fight.

You are here to cause trouble, aren't you?

Whoever visits us is our guest.

Go and fight with him.

Know your limits.

Don't disable him.

Yes, Master.

You didn't learn martial arts right,
and you're so snobbish.

I'm giving you a lesson with that kick.

Is there anyone else who can fight

in Shengwu School?

- Say that again!
- How dare you!


You're breaking the martial arts
circle's rules in Tianjin.

It's good for those pedantic
and annoying rules

to be broken.

Young man, don't speak so arrogantly.

It depends

on how good you really are.

Sit tight.

- Master!
- Master!

Master, are you all right?

- Master!
- Master!

My name is Huo Yuanjia.

I want to open the largest
martial arts school in Tianjin.

I will accept anyone who wants to learn.

Everyone is welcome

to go and have a duel with me.



Jinsun, he won!

He won, Jinsun!

My master won!

Jinsun, I wish you were there.

With a few punches and kicks,

my master destroyed
that school owner's chair.

It seems like you won your first battle.

Congratulations, Yuanjia.

This is just the beginning.

You're such a good martial artist.

If the result of that duel spreads out,

your name will be well known.

I'm afraid that there will be no place

in Tianjin for Shengwu School.

But there's nothing they can do about it.

There is no place for a martial artist

who can't defend himself.


how may I help you?

Mr. Nong, right?

My master is experiencing heart problems.

We heard that Huaiqing Pharmacy

hired an experienced physician.

We want to invite him for a consultation.

I'm sorry.

That countryside physician
travels around to heal people.

He already left.

All right.

But I was wondering

when your next physician will arrive.

As the saying goes,

"Find the root of your troubles
to set your heart at ease."

Even if I get a physician for your master,

he might not be able
to provide a prescription for him.

In my opinion,

it's better for your master to relax

and to live and let live.

This way,

his heart illness will heal on its own.

My master said

that at the early stage of heart illness,

just find the right physician,

and he'll be healed.

So Mr. Nong,

please give way.

My master is generous

to those who are willing to cooperate.

I'm really sorry.

It seems like I can't help you.

Damn it!

Do it while we're still asking nicely!

Since the physician is away,

we'll come back another day.

Yuanjia, did you provide a visiting letter
at the martial arts school?

We would end up fighting anyway.

Why bother with the pointless formality?

It was that guy, Huo,

who got in our way on the dock that day.

Should we...

No rush.

He's a good martial artist.

If such a talent could work for us,

the Qing Empire would be very lucky.



This is Huo's Fist, right?

Who said that Huo's Fist
is the only form I know?

You're so amazing.

When can I be as good as you?

With good kung fu skills,

not only can I help the weak,

but I also can protect Xiaoyi.

Who is Xiaoyi?


What are you doing here?

Is Mr. Nong home?

He just came back.

Please come in.

She's so pretty.

Indeed, she is.

They're both pretty.

So your itinerary has been set?


My father seems to be in a hurry saying
that we must leave the day after tomorrow.

Help me tell Deming

that what he is doing now

will surely be meaningful.


Take care.

Liu Sheng.

- See Ms. Yu out.
- All right.

This way, please.

Mr. Huo,

these are some snacks my lady made

to thank you for your help
at the dock last time.

Master said that we're moving to Shanghai,

and we'll never return to Tianjin.

You'll never return?

Take good care of yourself.


How can she just leave like that?

I have a gift
that I haven't given her yet.

Then what are you waiting for?

You're a big girl now.

Don't cry.

My lady,

why must we go to Shanghai?

Tianjin is such a nice place.

I don't think it's Tianjin that's nice.

Liu Sheng's nice, right?

I don't like that chubby guy.

You don't like him?

I was thinking just now

that I should tell Father

to let you get married.

It seems like I was overthinking.

My lady!

Look at you.

You two obviously like each other.

Why can't you have a good chat
when you meet?

He is so dense.

He never took the initiative.



Come up.



Let's just forget it and go home.

Cut the crap.


Can you give it to her for me?

Thank you, Master.

Come up.

Hurry up.

How can you

let your master do that for you?

You are my master.
Why can't you do it for me?

- You...
- Mr. Huo?

Mr. Huo!

Are you here to give a gift to my lady?



Mr. Huo.

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

It seems like Mr. Huo isn't dense.

He even gave you a gift in return.

He denied it.

So you don't like it?

Then I'll throw it away.

What if you break it?

Give it to me.

I'll find a chance to give it back.

My lady, you're smart.

Now, you have an excuse

to see him again.

You brat.

It took me a long time
to pick that gift for Xiaoyi.



There is a big event

for Tianjin's martial arts circle today.

Tianjin's seven martial arts schools'
alliance former chairman

of Shunyuan School,

Master Wang Wu,

is announcing

his retirement from the school

and martial arts circle starting today.

He'll never get involved
in the circle's affairs anymore.

Martial artists like us

fight and compete against each other

all our lives.

There are so many feuds
and grievances among us.

But thanks to your support,

over the years

I've gained a lot of privileges
and respect from you.

I will retire starting today

to make way for the younger generation.

I hope the up-and-coming generation

can go more steadily

and on a wider path

than old men like us.

Wash your hands in a golden basin
to purge your sins.

From now on,
all old scores have been settled.

This is the end of the ritual!

Congratulations, Master Wang.

- Congratulations, Master Wang.
- Congratulations, Master Wang.

General Yuan has arrived!

Congratulations, Wang Wu.

You're retiring
at the height of your career.

Your integrity in your later years

will be protected.

My master has already retired.

Please pay attention to your words.

General Yuan.

To what do I owe the pleasure
of your visit?

Originally, I thought

that the famous Tianjin
martial arts circle

had a lot of experts.

I didn't expect them

to be just a group
of incompetent mediocrities.

- What?
- What did you say?

General Yuan.

What is that supposed to mean?

It seems like

you really don't know
what's happening out there.

I heard that the Nong family hired

a martial artist named Huo Yuanjia

who claims that he'll defeat
all martial arts schools,

and he'll open Tianjin's
largest martial arts school.

He's an outsider
who meddles with local rules.


is that true?

Yes, Master.

They say that the head of Shengwu School

is still recuperating at home.

- Is that true?
- What?

General Yuan,

thank you for letting me know.

I will handle this matter properly.

Don't mention it.

You and I

go way back after all.

I should inform you.

Or people might laugh

at the lack of talent in Tianjin's
martial arts circle in the future.


I have already retired.

So I will let you handle this matter.

But remember,

you can't break the rules of our circle.

Yes, Master.

A liability waiver?


For the duel,

you usually need to inform them

and give them a visiting letter.

Then their senior disciple
will fight with you

until a winner is determined.

Regardless of victory or defeat,
both parties will remain dignified.

It turns out that the rules

are used to be their fig leaf.

Since they're afraid of being beaten up,

why not run a real school,

and just reason with people?

Tianjin is not just any normal city.

If you break the rules,

you're offending
the entire Tianjin martial arts circle.

They will use the rules to sanction you.

It's no longer an ordinary duel

to open a martial arts school anymore.

Once you lose,

you'll never be a member
of the Tianjin martial arts circle.

Do you understand?

I do.


Can you lend me some decent clothes?

What for?

Since I'll become a sensation overnight,

I want to change into some new clothes

to celebrate in advance.




Since you have signed the waiver,

you're challenging us at your own risk.

Master Huo.

This way, please.

The shorter the weapon,
the riskier it is to use it.

The longer the weapon,

the stronger it is.

Get drunk with good wine


Swords and heroes

What is the world of martial arts like?

This is interesting.

Lift your arms without mercy

In a fight, there's no retreat

Pretend like no one's around

Pretend like someone's around

Harmony is treasured

Righteousness comes first

Defeat the strong with skills

Yet you must train like the strong

Huo Yuanjia

You send a woman to fight against me?

Is there no man

in Tianjin's martial arts circle anymore?

- Watch your attitude!
- Mind your words!

- Watch it!
- Mind your words!

- How dare you?
- I heard

that there's a good practitioner

named Wang Wu the Blade Warrior.

Tell him to come.

My master has already retired.

He won't get involved
in the circle anymore.

Today, I'll fight against you
on his behalf.

Whether he is retired or not

is none of my business.

I only acknowledge Wang Wu as my opponent.

I won't fight against a woman.

You want to see my master?

Defeat me first.


Master Huo.

- Youlan!
- Youlan!

- That was impressive.
- Youlan!

- And it's ruthless enough.
- Youlan!

I admire you.

Youlan is dead.

Kill him to get revenge for her!

As I said,

Tianjin's martial arts circle
is a motley crowd.

They signed a liability waiver.

Now, you can't afford to lose?

What's the matter?

You want to kill him?


He is right.

Since she signed a waiver,

we should follow our rules.

Master Huo.

You can open a martial arts school.


good virtue lasts forever.

Whether it can last or not

depends on you.

See him out.

Mr. Huo.

I want to have a cup of tea with you.

What do you think?

Just tell me what you want to say.

You're quite straightforward.

I'll cut to the chase then.

With your skills,

I will make sure you have a bright future

if you serve the imperial court.

I'm not interested.

You will be interested.

Liu Sheng.

What happened?

Where's Mr. Nong?

Master, untie me first.

Yuan and his thugs came

and took my cousin with them.

They said

that we must give them
Mr. Tan in exchange.

Who is Mr. Tan?

I'll get the letter for you, Master.


My cousin told me to give you this letter
if anything happens to him.

He said you'd understand after reading it.


Who else knows about this?

This is bad. Master, I'll be damned.

Hurry up.

It's open.




There is no one in the house.

Have they already moved to Shanghai?

I think so.

They moved.

That's great.

I feel relieved then.

He's dead.

Dump his body.

Yes, sir.

Did you tie all the loose ends?



What about those two girls?

They're yours now.

Thank you, General Yuan.

You wouldn't accept hard or soft tactics.

That's why

I can only invite you over
for a cup of tea.

Mr. Yu

loves his daughter dearly indeed.


people with an obvious weakness like his

often can't keep a secret.

If you hand him over to me,

I'll strongly recommend you
in front of Her Majesty.

Even if you don't love fame or fortune,

I think your father
will be happy to accept them.

Your offer sounds

really tempting indeed.


is it really that interesting
to be a slave

in such a decadent imperial court,

General Yuan?

What a presumptuous statement.

The Qing Empire has well-equipped
and well-trained troops.

Many nations have come to pay tribute.

How can it be decadent?

Well-equipped and well-trained?

Foreign enemies

are already at our doorstep.

Haven't you signed enough treaties
surrendering our sovereign rights

under humiliating terms?

Don't tell me you'll only realize

that the imperial court is a lost cause
when you cede the capital too.

How presumptuous!

To defend against foreign enemies,

we need to solve internal troubles first.

You rebellious traitors are the reason

why the Qing Empire is in deep trouble.

The Qing Empire

is like a house on the verge of collapse.

Its whole structure is completely rotten.

You think you can stop it from collapsing

with a few small pillars to support
the outer walls diagonally?

This is ridiculous.

Even if I have to lock down
the whole Tianjin,

I will

find him tomorrow.

I will let him see with his own eyes

what difference
you intellectuals can make,

who can only talk the talk.


What are you thinking about?

In terms of national affairs
and family affairs,

which one comes first,

and which one comes second?

I only know

that it's harder for citizens to survive

if the imperial court
won't consider their interests.


There's a letter for you.



My dear,

you might catch a cold.

Go back inside.

Is Yuanjia back yet?

He will soon.

He'll arrive soon.

- I'll wait for him here.
- All right.

Stay close.

It's coming.

Master, the boat is here.


It's Wang Wu the Blade Warrior.

Are you Huo Yuanjia?

Master Wang.

I didn't kill your disciple.

But if you must get an explanation,

I will go find you
and settle it another day.


I can't do it today.

- I don't have money.
- Please be kind.

- Scram!
- Please be kind.

- Give me the child! Cut the crap!
- I'm begging you!

- Give him to me! Let go!
- Don't take my child!

Liu Sheng.

Liu Sheng!

Folks, stop.


I am glad you're fine.

Where's Mr. Tan?

- On the rickshaw.
- Good.

Where's Yuanjia?

Huo Yuanjia.

We meet again.

Cut the crap.

Where is he?

Stop pretending.

I know

that you won't really bring him to me.

I've personally sent someone
to invite him.

Which brave martial artist
is in the rickshaw?

Come out.

Mr. Wang?

Now I believe

that Youlan's death

has nothing to do with you.

Then why did you come here today?

Although martial artists

should not act impulsively,

we need to be responsible.

Even a weak intellectual like Mr. Tan

dares to stand out
and speak for the citizens.

How can I, a martial artist,

be afraid to die
just because of my reputation?

Since he's going to Beijing via Tianjin,

I will make sure he leaves here safely.

This way, please.

All right.

Mr. Tan,

no matter what happens in a while,

don't get out of the rickshaw.

Didn't you already retire?

Why are you getting involved
in this trouble?

Every man is responsible

for the fate of his nation.

You're a dignified general,

yet you're behaving this way.

Aren't you like a vile villain too?

What a joke.

I'm loyal to the imperial court

in suppressing rebels.

How am I a villain?

Since you

broke the rules first,

don't blame me
for not considering our friendship.

Kill them.


Let's go!

Hurry up!


Kill all of them!

Come on!

Hurry up.



Mind the archers overhead!

Come on!

Take this!

Out of the way!

Yuanjia, protect Mr. Tan.

Mr. Wang!

Huo Yuanjia.

Don't you want to be
the best martial artist in Tianjin?


Just go!

Come on!

Kill them.

A bunch of rebels and traitors

dare to go against the imperial court?

You have a death wish.

Liu Sheng!

Liu Sheng!

It's all right, Master.

I'm going to see Xiaoyi soon.

Liu Sheng.

Liu Sheng!

You're so stubborn.

Mr. Tan.

I understand your enthusiasm

for reforms.

But your visit to Beijing this time
will only end in death.

The Qing Empire is unsalvageable.

Are you not afraid of dying in vain?

The great powers all say
that China is weak.

They're right.

400 million compatriots are starving,
cold, poor, and lowly.

The officials are utterly corrupt.

Where's the future of China?

Someone has to stand up

and do something.

Since ancient times,

reforms have always come with bloodshed.

If I fail, I'll die.

If I succeed,

I know I'll also die.

The purpose of my trip

is just for a gleam of light.

I understand now.


when our nation rises someday

and our citizens live a peaceful life,


don't forget to light me an incense stick

and tell me about it.

One who does something
he knows impossible to succeed

is a saint.


What are you thinking about?

My father once said

that good virtue
is the foundation of martial arts.

Martial artists

should convince people with good virtue.

I didn't understand what he meant

until I saw

how Mr. Wang Wu
let go of our private grievances

for the greater good

and even died for it.

I think his good virtue

was the real reason
why he was respected by people.

It's a pity he led such a heroic life,

yet he died tragically
in this troubled time.


What happens after a hero dies?

A hero's origin doesn't matter.

But they must

have a worthy death.

How dare a boor like you

get involved in national affairs?

Can you afford to do this?

Can you bear the consequences?

So what if Tan Sitong
makes it to the capital?

Since ancient times,
intellectuals have hindered the nation.

I will kill you first

before I kill him

so that he can tell you in person

what "intellectuals are useless" means.

Young Master Yuanjia.

Young Master Yuanjia is back.

Young Master Yuanjia is back!



He always wanted to see you.

But he couldn't wait until you're back.




I should be dead already

when you see this letter.

The only one I'm worried about

is you.


Even though the Huo family is considered
a famous martial arts family,

Huo's Fist

wasn't really handed down in our family.


When I was younger,

I didn't master the 64-style Fist well.

I was good at attacking,

but I couldn't stop when I should.

Before I realized it,

I had already caused a lot of trouble.

As they say,
you'll harm others and yourself

if you learn martial arts
without good virtue.

You should value your integrity and virtue

more than winning a fight.

That's why good virtue
is the foundation of martial arts.

Bear that in mind.

I know

that you're extremely talented
in martial arts.

I hope you can use Huo's Fist
for the right purpose

and become a master of your generation.

I hope you won't disgrace

the Huo family's reputation.



Extra, extra!

Japanese samurai Miyamoto Jiro
gives an open challenge

to fight martial artists nationwide
to the death.

If no one comes forward in a month,

China's martial artists
must submit to Japan.

He challenged nine martial arts
schools in Shanghai

and is undefeated so far.

Miyamoto is

a martial arts maniac.

His laijutsu

is not an ordinary
Japanese sword technique.

And Miyamoto

is more than a martial arts maniac.

He's a well-known Budo master in Japan


We can't take Miyamoto lightly.

The situation is chaotic now.

It is very likely
that he's backed by Japan's military.


Are you afraid
that I'll take his challenge?

I know you.

As a martial artist,

you can't just sit and watch

when you see such an insult.

But our priority now

is to promote China's martial arts
to 400 million citizens.

You're the chief coach
of Chin Woo Athletic Association.

If you fight against him, what if...

As an old adage goes,

the nail that sticks out
gets hammered down.

It's not that I'm trying to stop you.

But there are things that one must do,

and things that one must not do.



Yo, don't laugh

The ring is no place to joke around

Don't make a scene and stop jumping

My last advice for you

Rely on me, I'll cover you

Your fists are nothing

Huo's Fist is the best

Laugh? You're still laughing?

The martial arts circle knows

I'm the best in Tianjin

I have that honor

As an extra in my movie

It's good to play the comedic part

The martial arts circle
Without me is just a joke


There's no distinction
Between right and wrong anymore


Clench my fists
To greet visitors from afar


Don't think about conquering
The huge Tianjin


Martial artists will teach you

I went through ups and downs
Through the years

That's not me, which one is me?

You said it before

Because you said it before

I help the weak against the strong

- I laugh off the suffering
- I laugh off the suffering

- I turn hostility into friendship
- What do you want me to do?

The wind and rain aged me

Under the cold body is a burning soul

- Who remembers me?
- Who remembers me?

Demon or saint is determined in an instant

Time will tell what's right or wrong

My spirit is overwhelming

Afraid? Don't be afraid

Don't be too surprised

There are many Chinese martial artists

Legends of heroes are everlasting

Yellow skin, Chinese blood,
All with black hair

Chinese kung fu
Is easy to learn and practice

Flammable and explosive

Big, this big

Their muscles are so big

Strengthening their bodies
To defend China's territory

Black eyes and black hair
All speaking Chinese

If you don't understand,
The joke is on you


There's no distinction
Between right and wrong anymore


Clench my fists
To greet visitors from afar


Don't think about conquering
The huge Tianjin


Martial artists will teach you

I went through ups and downs
Through the years

That's not me, which one is me?

You said it before

Because you said it before

I help the weak against the strong

- I laugh off the suffering
- I laugh off the suffering

- I turn hostility into friendship
- What do you want me to do?

The wind and rain aged me

Under the cold body is a burning soul

Who remembers me?

Demon or saint is determined in an instant

Time will tell what's right or wrong

My spirit is overwhelming

Every man is responsible

for the fate of his nation.

Huo Yuanjia

from Tianjin.

You're like a creek
My kung fu is like a swamp

You think it's a coincidence

You're lucky you were submerged

You know you can't beat me
Why don't you run away?

I want to see
How your martial arts school falls

Down on the ground, bang!
How flustered are you?

The invincible champion

Where's your attitude before?

Put down your weapon
Change your prescription

Scrap toxin off the bone

Bite the dust

The martial arts circle
Is like a party that never ends