Hunting for Idiots (1984) - full transcript

Two petty thieves wind up as errand boys for a prostitute they were hired to kidnap. However, having them around proves to be bad for business and she is kicked out of the brothel by her den mother. They take to the streets and must get by the best they can - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Hunting for Idiots

EOM Shim-jeong

KIM Byeong-hak BAE Gyu-min

KIM In-moon KIM Won-seop

YOON In-ja NOH Gyeong-shin

PARK Am KIM Seong-kyeom

JANG Hyeok HONG Seong-min JANG Il-sik

JI Yun-ju KIM Ae-ra
JEON Hyeon-sook LEE Seong-hun (Child Actor)

CHOE Jae-ho SHIN Dong-uk
RAH Kap-seong YEO Jae-ha

Nam Seong-guk KIM Yu-haeng
PARK Jong-sel SANG Il-whan

BAEK Song LEE Baek
HAN Myeong-hwan AHN Jin-su

Planning KIM Jae-woong LEE Chun-yeon

Cinematography SEO Jeong-min

Lighting KANG Gwang-ho

Music KIM Jeong-gil

Assistant director KANG Cheol-woong JEONG Hong-sun
CHOI Byeong-gwon SEOL Chun-wan

Assistant cinematographer HWANG Dong-guk
CHOI Bong-nam KIM Dong-yong

Assistant gaffer BAE Sang-yong
LEE Tae-il YANG Seung-gyu

Editing HYEON Dong-chun
Photography BAEK Yeong-ho

Production Supervisor CHO Yeong-gil
Production Manager LEE Wan-ho

Audio KIM Byeong-su
Effects KIM Kyeong-il
(Korean Film Association Recording Studio)

Developing Korean Film Association
Color adjustment KIM Gwang-eun

Producer PARK Chong-chan

Screenplay & Director KIM Ki-young

There you are, Doctor.

You are in support of euthanasia
using lethal injection

for people in a persistent vegetative state.

Many religious groups are in uproar.

What do you say to that?

In Korea, we see
over 10,000 motor accidents a year.

Thousands end up in a vegetative state
after brain surgery and many more injured.

They exist like plants
with no will of their own.

They have no consciousness.

In the last 10 years,
over 10,000 vegetative patients

have been burdening families, hospitals
and the government.

Dr. PARK, show them to Block A.

- Yes, this way please.
- Thank you.

They have undergone brain surgeries
but are still in a vegetative state.

The only thing to save them is…

euthanasia, yes?

The religious groups are against euthanasia,

so ironically God is reluctant
to take them, right?

How do you care for these patients?

We have to bathe, brush their teeth,

clean their slobber, nose, tears,
sweat, urine and even feces.

Practically a big baby!

They even show physiological function.

What do you mean?


Do you feel okay?

Can you tell me today's date?

Oh, my…

He was unconscious for a whole year.

It's 1984?

What happened to me?

Something crashed into me from behind.

The patient, recovered
from unconsciousness for a year

refuses to eat saying that
all foods are contaminated.

What should we give him then?

Rice and vegetables are polluted
with pesticides.

Meat and eggs with antibiotics.

Milk and fruit juice with preservatives,
tap water with toxic waste.

Should we feed him by force?

He says that is murder.

His head injury seems
to have caused phobia pollution.

He has come to dread polluted foods.

Either eat polluted food
or starve to death,

if this choice is a hard one,
then you're mentally ill.

I say not eating is the sane choice.

But, sir!

It's a fine line
between the mentally ill and the normal.

I'm the director of this hospital.

I've come to hear your troubles.

Aren't you terrified by science
destroying the Earth?

There are so many animals and
plants going extinct already.

People live longer thanks to science.

Some organisms flourish and some die out

according to a balance of life.

No lifeform can flourish infinitely.

But human population growth
is unprecedented and explosive.

Yes, global population has exceeded 5 billion.

Science has swallowed Earth,

air pollution
by carbon dioxide, lack of oxygen,

depletion of natural resources,
extinction of lifeforms

mass production of atomic bombs,
widespread starvation due to food shortage.

He is going to starve to death.

- Feed him breakfast.
- Yes, sir.

I will not eat polluted food!

What did you force me to eat?

Mixed food, made like porridge.

This is murder!

Here you will have many friends
who think like you.

So other patients can become your doctor,
or even your patient.

Your roommate has attempted suicide
three times saying that life is futile.

So you have a responsibility
to keep him from dying.

This is LEE Hong-ik,
please meet KIM Kang-sik.

What's his illness?

A phobia of cars.

Whenever he hears one,
he thinks it will kill him.

Becoming friends will help you get cured.

If you don't get better,
ask me for advice.

I'm an expert at suicide.

You'll fail again
if you do it like that.

This is just practice.

I only attempt to do it when I'm lonely.

And I'm not now.


I used to live next to a factory.

I was born and exposed to toxic gas.

When the whole village evacuated,
my mom left me behind,

for the factory to take me.

The loneliness.

The fear.

I can't take it!

I can't take it!

I can't take it!

All right.

I have found what I was looking for.

You are a true specimen of pollution.

You must not die.
You're a valuable example.

To meditate,

relax the whole body,

and bring your breathing down
to your abdomen.

You focus your mind to see the truth.

You clap with just one hand
and it makes a sound.

What does it sound like?

Clap with just one hand?

You don't hear it with your ear.

Hear it through the ears of the mind.

They stink!

A biologist who used to be here
gave them to me,

saying when I get the urge to kill myself,
look at the mice.

Even the most respected hero
is worth nothing

if he is dead.


The hospital director said that

according to Buddha
people don't just die and disappear,

they get reborn as animals and plants
to keep lifeforms going.

20 years from now, coal and oil will run out
and we will all freeze to death.

Food shortage due to explosive population
growth will kill millions through hunger.

And if a war breaks out before then,

atomic bombs will wipe out
most of the planet.

But there is nothing we can do.
We have no choice but to just sit and die.

Like idiots.

So much madness.

If we go south,
there is a deserted island.

There are no people and no animals
since there is no flat ground.

But we can scatter flower seeds all over
the island and make a flower island.

Then we can set up beehive boxes
to collect honey.

We will live on honey?

Can I keep mice there?

No, there is no water or grains.

I like animals.

No, no.

I know!

- Rabbits!
- Rabbits?

Rabbits don't need water or grains.

They live on plant roots.

And they breed quickly
so they will fill up the island quickly.

This is so exciting!


You take me there!

If you leave me behind,
my suicide urges will get bad.

Come on! Let's go together!

But how will we escape from here?

Leave it up to me. Just tell me what to do.
I'll do the job, buddy!

Hey! I'm not your wife!

I'm sorry for losing those patients.

The strange thing is
I can't figure out how they got out.

The mentally ill can be ingenious.

I'll be sure to find them.

I'll show you what 20 years of experience
as a police officer is worth.

I don't want you to catch them.

Just protect them from dying.

Just let them die.

He said that medical technology
prolongs human life span

but eventually pushes humanity to extinction.

That's the truth.

In nature, the ecosystem regulates itself.

Mice are like breeding machines.
It can be increased several times.

But when there are too many,

they kill each other to maintain
optimum numbers preventing extinction.

You are asleep!

You haven't reached Zen,
you were just dreaming of food.

Darn! I was dreaming of eating ribs.

Don't talk about food. I'm hungry.

Why is that building so tall and ugly?

People used to build chimneys
to carry the smoke away

and now they made all the houses taller
than the chimney.

To keep pollution far away.

That’s not because of air pollution.

The architect just wanted to
stretch out the arms.

I brought the sparrows.

Are you sure people will come all the way
out here to eat sparrows?

Don't worry.

The smell of grilled sparrows spreads

for miles from here.

Her man will work in the Middle East for 3 years,
so she wants to date me.

What do you think about that?

What about you?

Well, stay away from the likes of her.

Good answer!

On that note,
five grilled sparrows please!

- Right.
- Okay.

Five sparrows.

We're sold out.

We're all out of sparrows.
I'll get some more.

Hey, call and order some more.

These days, pollution has
killed all the sparrows.

Where do you get them?

Sparrows are great aphrodisiacs.
So do your wife a favor.

Come on.

Hey, these are baby chicks!

I was busy so I just brought them live.
Just skin them and grill them.

Oh, so we've been selling baby chicks
not sparrows?

There are no sparrows
with all the pollution!

The males from chicken farms are
sold off as sparrow meat.

Skin them first and grill them.
The guests are waiting.

Real sparrow meat coming up!

Customer is king!

Sparrows go chirp, chirp,
Chicks go peep, peep

Puppies go woof, woof

I pity them.

What's wrong?

I feel bad for the baby chicks.

Just because they were born as males,

they never get to date or get married,

but die with their necks twisted.

I can't kill any more of them.

Let's go back to the hospital
and look after other patients.

Let's stop this business.

We don't need the money.

We can do without it.

No, no!

This is the easiest business ever.

I'm sorry.

Now I know that
making money is harder than dying.

I'll do it! I'll do it!

Sparrows go chirp, chirp,
Chicks go peep, peep

Puppies go woof, woof

To hell with it all!

Get lost!

No more business!

So sparrows are aphrodisiacs?

Aphrodisiacs just contribute
to population growth!

More people just means
we will starve to death.

Go! No more business!

Get lost, all of you!

Go! I said go!

Get lost!

You force to feed the cows water
and beat them all over,

then the flesh absorbs the water,
the cows become 50kgs heavier.

Beat them evenly
so there are no bruises or cuts.

They won't sell otherwise.

Now that's what I call expertise and art.

What's got into you now?

You pitied the chicks before
and now it's the cows?

No, people with sins are reborn as cows,

then get eaten by people.
That can't be helped.

But I bet even Buddha never imagined a karma
of getting beaten to bloat the meat.

This is no good.

Let's just give up.

Look at these eyes.

I've seen these eyes before.

Could they by my parents reborn as cows?

What nonsense!

Hey, give them a good massage!

Beat them good!

Go on! Beat them!

Mother, I do the beating
because I have no money for my next meal.

Namo amitābhāya buddhāya,
Namo amitābhāya buddhāya!

Beat them more!

They are making me a bad son!

Those bastards!

Have you gone mad?

Oh, we're done for!

To hell with this!

Why do you hit me?

Have you lost your mind?

I… I mean my parents…

Beat the cows, you fool!

Help! Help!

Where do you think you're going?

Beat the cows! Not us!

This toy horse will turn
into a real horse!

It's skill, magic, and wizardry!

Come and see!
This wooden toy turns into a real horse!

Come on! Right now!

It turns into a real horse!

A real horse!

It turns into a real horse!

For your gracious parents,
precious children and dear wife!

We have just the thing for you.

Tiger Bone Herbal Pills
can raise the dead from the grave!

Today, five pills for just 1,000 won!

1,000 won goes a long a way

to show your love for
your parents, children and wife!

There are only 20 pills left!
Don't miss it.

Five pills for 1,000 won!

Hurry before it all goes! Hurry!

Thank you.

Here, here!

For those of you who stay
to buy the herbal pills,

I will show you this toy horse turn
into a real horse!

Hey, show us the real horse now.

Come on!

You got your herbal pills for 1,000 won.

You want to see the real horse too?

Are you serious?

Is this a scam?

Were you fooling us to sell the medicine?

You bought the pills, not the horse!


- Fine then! I'll show you.
- Hurry up and show them!

Watch me horse around!

Hee haw! Watch me horse around!

Do you take us for fools?

That was some horsing around, wasn't it?

You scammers!

That's not a real horse!

I really was horsing around.

What are you arresting us for?

Someone is gravely ill
after taking your herbal pills.

I knew it was too good to be true!

You're coming with us!

You too.

So what are the pills
supposed to be for?

It's for making
the dying come back to life,

so I used wheat flour dough
and spicy cinnamon powder.

Then why did it almost kill someone?

Oh, the pesticide to act as a preservative
must have done it.

No wonder
I heard a buzzing sound in my ear.

That's what the heavens
must sound like.

You got that now?

Find all the people you sold them to
and get them back!

Anyone dies and
you'll be arrested for murder!

Jump to it!

- Thank you, sir!
- Thank you, sir!

We buy back the fake herbal pills!

You die if you take them! You die!

Sell them back if you don't want to die!
Take them and you die!

There they are! Those bastards!

Would you like some grilled sparrows?

Great aphrodisiacs!


We know that they are just baby chicks.

It's weird how I can eat anything now.

May be your pollution phobia is cured.

I'm too shocked by our world
and too starved.

- Let's go.
- Okay.

You know why

people don't make a fuss about dying
when we are all going to die anyway?

You don't think about it
because living keeps us too busy.

Living is tougher than dying.

How are we going to make a living?

We can make it
if we go to Rabbit Island.

Right! Rabbit Island!

Rabbit Island!

- Right!
- Rabbit Island!

The Kentucky style popcorn!
Popped on the spot!

Delicious and nutritious popcorn for snack!

A handful of corn will turn
into a bag of popcorn!

Try this popcorn and go get your moms.

This is free!

Some for me too!

Hurry up, sir!

Hey, you rascals!

What do you think
you are doing in our village?

What if my daughter-in-law gets a fright
and loses her baby?

Hey, now!

You think we are doing this for fun?

This is our livelihood.

All the other pregnant ladies are fine
with the popping sound,

why is it just your girl
that is delicate?

What kind of gibberish is this?

Listen up, punk!

This is a crime! It's noise pollution!

- Noise pollution?
- Right!

Oh, my goodness! Her water just broke!

She is going to lose her baby!
This is terrible!

Get those bastards!

- Help me!
- He's a murderer!

Get help!

Her water broke! What do we do?

You damn bastard!

Is this what you do for a living?
Make woman lose their babies?

Get him!

Teach him a lesson!


How dare you come to our village!

This mining town is a mysterious place
that is both heaven and hell.

Nobody leaves and nobody comes.

Don't you get new comers from other towns?

They are too scared to come.

The number of dead or crippled
is countless,

and that many widows
and orphans to match.

So that's why this place is hell.

But work hard for just three years,

and everyone can buy a big house.

Heaven where you can earn big money!

I prefer heaven to hell.

The only heaven is Rabbit Island.

There comes the mine manager.
I'll put it in a good word.


Think these young men
could work with us?

They seem like good men.

Over there.

Do you think you are cut out for mining?

If it's honest labor,
we are ready to work hard.

Here we put our lives on the line.
So we need committed men.

We won't die, will we?

Nobody dies because they want to.

Are you married?

Women scare me.
They are like blood-sucking leeches.

Working deep down under will
make a man out of you.

You mean you'll hire us?

This one has the face of Buddha
but won't say a word.

I'm the talker and he's the doer.

Go and get a haircut
while I have a drink.

I don't want you to
bring bad luck to the mine.

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.

You must be new here.

I'm going to be a miner.

Here, you might as well be dead
unless you make friends.

They say it's both heaven and hell.

Just give me money,

and I'll take you to heaven.

I'll pay you when I get my first wage.

Hey, nobody does that shit on credit.

Get dinner ready! I have two guests.

Who did you bring?
I should borrow some food from next door.

Anything is fine. They are hungry.

It's that girl who doesn't accept credit.

Just my luck!

This is my daughter.

I raised her without a mom.

A fever when she was little left her
a bit daft.

But this world isn't just
for the smart ones.

Every Jill has a Jack, right?

That's a nice thing to say.

But talk is cheap.

I got leftover rice from the neighbor.

Any later, and it would have fed
to the animals.

She seems even more foolish
because of the cassette tapes.

Always has them on her ears.

Smart girls don't interest me.

Another nice thing you've said.

Thank you for the food.

I was born with good fortune
so I never starve.

They aren't eating on credit, right?

I don't know how you cooked the fish
but it's delicious.

This fish is quite tasteless.

You're acting like cheap bar maids!

We are going to be
one family from now on.

That's how we do things
in this mining town.

Go on. Help yourself.

Eat to your fill.

- What are you thinking about?
- What about you?

Calculating the load that would crush me
if the mine caves in 600m underground.

I was analyzing the charms of
Manager YANG's daughter.

I know what's so charming about her.

It's her female pheromones

in her breath, scent and colors.

It's nothing extraordinary.

Just animal's sexual instinct.

His sleep talk messed it all up.

Will you teach me how to cook?

That fish dish.

- What's your nickname?
- Nickname?

What did they call you
when you were young?


That sounds about right.

Better than bar maid!

What was yours?

When I was in elementary school,
I soiled my pants. So I was Poopie.

We make a great pair.

I'll call you Peepee from now.

I think I smell poop in the air.

I was shocked when I heard
about their dream.

They want to find a deserted island
on the southern coast,

and create a paradise of
rabbits and honey.

Are they in their right minds?

20 years from now, there will be 6 billion people
and Earth will be too small for us.

Isn't that just madmen's gibberish?

No, it's the truth.

Kick them out.
Otherwise they will brainwash you.

A cat would never understand
the mind of a tiger.

Go on. Eat.

I'm the tiger.

What do think about having
two young men in our house?

The two of them put together
won't even make a man.

A man and a woman are
just halves of one.

You must become one by getting married.

But one seems to have
a few screws loose in his head.

What about the other one?

That lunatic is being chased
by something.

May be they are spies from North Korea.


The reward is 30 million won.

Oh, geez!

She's hopeless.

A real nut case.

I found out her nickname. It's Poopie.

I knew it!
Her father was trying to dump her on us.

I tried calling her Poopie.

And what happened?

She slapped me good in the face.

You let her slap you?

You should just cut your thing off.

What? But I have only one.

- Still just cut it off.
- You're kidding, right?

Why are my balls so itchy?

It's a kind of nervous reaction.

No, I caught a whiff of the female scent.

I'm blind! She spat phlegm in my eye!

I can't open my eyes! My eyes!

Oh, my eyes!

Here we all earn the same,
so we have similar lifestyles.

We all do the same things for fun.

Let's go dance.

Not worth the trouble.


What's wrong?

I'm going to the restroom.

You're a good dancer.

Come to the barbershop later,
I'll let you put it on the tab.

So she will let me pay later!

Oh, I needed that.

It's your payday, right?

What's your arrangement with my dad?
You haven't paid us a cent for two months.

We spent all our money drinking
with your dad.

Also we have charge accounts
to settle up.

What crazy shit are you up to?

Do become the son-in-law.

What? Who?

Who else?

I'm always the sacrifice offering.

Don't be ridiculous.
I always get my money.

She doesn't know who she is up against.


Don't give those guys any more drinks.

I heard they owe you a lot.

Those two? They have nothing on the house.

- Your dad paid for it all.
- My dad?

Stop hiding the money!
Give me everything you have.

What right do you have?

I'll be in charge of the marriage funds.

Well, I can agree to that.

Let's give it to her.

Rabbit Island is more important
than marriage!

Let's vote on this. Majority wins.

Hands up if you agree
that I should have the money.

That's two to one. So hand it over.

We should leave here soon.

I think Poopie got us good.

Let's take her with us.

She can't come to the island.

- Women can't live without water.
- Water?

I wish I could've been born a woman.

We don't have a charge for the money.

It feels like being in a car
without a steering wheel.

Did you fight with those guys again?

I took their bank accounts
so they can't run away.

We must hold onto one of them at least.

Aren't they just airheads?


The miners here,
their heads are filled with coal dust.

This is so itchy!

Which guy did I catch it from?

Don't get up.

I need to talk to you.

Marry me and live with me here.

I want to do my duty to my dad
as a daughter.

I'm going to Rabbit Island.
I promised my friend.

Such promises don't matter.

Once you marry, friends come second.

I like you, Seok-ho.

But a man must dedicate his life
to his country and his dream.

Right on! That's the perfect answer!

She lost! Friendship prevails!


The despair that I feel 600 meters below ground.
This is what hell must be like.

This is my heaven.

The only heaven is on Rabbit Island.

Your dream about Rabbit Island,
Honey Island…

You're still holding onto it, right?

My generation lost it at this mine.

But not you.

20 years from now, the coal will run out
and the mine will be shut down.

Then it will all be over like you said.

You can't make it here.

I've found you. Get out!

If it had been other men,
they would've given their lives to save my dad.

I should kill her!

Let her hit us.
Can you imagine her sorrow?

You've really fallen for her, huh?

Either that, or I'm just an idiot.

We are leaving.

We can't crawl into a tunnel
where your dad died.

Also he told us to leave
as soon as possible.

The compensation money will come in
a year later.

All we need is
money for the bus.

I'll go with you.
It was my father's last wish.

Wow! It's just what he had planned.

Shut up!
I will run if it doesn't work out.

I should check the bus schedule.

No money for the bus.
This is going to be a zero-budget trip.

You mean we're going to walk?

Dad said a good wife doesn't earn money,
she doesn't spend money.

What a fine wife she'll make!


That kind of girl brings
bad fortune on a guy.

You think there will be any gods who care
for me even though I don't worship them?

There is no god that generous.

- It's bad business.
- Business?

- Religion is just a kind of job, isn't it?
- You'll be damned for saying that.

Temple food! It's all vegetarian.

Is it really okay to
get all this for free?

I offered all the money I had
for my father's funeral ritual.

You're a good daughter.

But you still have the money
we earned, right?

They said I must offer the whole lot
to show my love.

So all the money
we've earned is gone.

This shouldn't be a one-way decision.

Our group decision rule is broken.
We should disband.

I'm going to start
earning money tomorrow.

How? With bare hands?

How come she's not back yet?

She has no money to buy food.

We are totally broke.

Women spend money like water

and men get shocked by it every time.
Isn't that how it works?

Don't start with that again.

I found this kid on the street.

He says his parents are rich.

Call his home.

Tell them to bring ransom money
since we kidnapped him.

It's a piece of cake.

No. The kidnapping is punished by death.

But I'm still going to call them.

Money doesn't grow on trees.

I've seen it on TV.

The money bundle is made
of scrap paper in the middle.

Don't get tricked!

Her father's death has sent her mad.

That's why the men get shocked every time!

- Hey, what's the number?
- 3, 3232.

Your son's name is Cheol, isn't it?

I'll let you hear his voice.

Mom! I've been kidnapped.

They beat me, Mom!

They put me in a sack! I'm going to die!

Mom, help me!

What good is all the money?
Use it for me!

Bring one million won
to number three phone booth.

Stop this!

Kidnapping is most hardest and foolish crime
that can end in a child's death.

Forget it!

How would a mouse understand
a tiger's mind?

Not a chance.

Let's all march to the hanging rope.

Get this!

We have nothing to do with this case.
We are not criminals.


I will tell the cops
that you were behind all this.

Hey, kid! We have no part in this.


The cops will believe me.

I've seen it all on TV.

Let's run away to another town
for alibi right now.

Traitors! Fine, go!

But you won't be able to hide.

- Come on!
- This is the fate of men.

Just get your stuff,
you bag of trouble!

I got the kidnapper!

No! It's too risky!

My son will die!

Please leave them alone!
My son is in danger!

Leave them alone! Oh, my son!

Why do you plan
such a horrible kidnapping?

My mom is crazy about God.
She spends all her time praying in church.

My dad is crazy about fishing.
He spends all his time by the river.

I don't even know why I was born.

Our family is a mess.

So you wanted to get their attention
to see if they care about you?

Will they try to get the ransom money,

or leave me to die
at the hands of the kidnapper?

That is the question.

Then I will pull a kidnapping stunt

so your parents can come back
to being a happy family.

I'm not doing this for money.

It's for you, an orphan
even though you have parents.

The police and your parents will praise me.


I don't know you! I'm an orphan!

I have no mother or father!


I'm sorry! Please give me another chance.

Mom! I've been kidnapped.


- Cheol!
- Dad!

Thank you! Thank you!

- Thank you!
- Thank you!

Where do I get compensation for
the mental distress of getting handcuffed?

Right, about that…

- Thank you!
- Thank you!

I thought the police got you.

I got 300,000 won as a reward.
It worked, didn't it?

What scam did you pull?

It's a very long story.

Let's fill our stomachs first.

As they say, eating is never a crime!

Wow, you're really smart.

All scammers are smart.

Their minds aren't normal.

They said I'm the criminal type.

If you want to make money,
you must find out people's weaknesses.


Good going, dear wife!
You're going to strike the jackpot!

Jackpot? More like a crackpot!

People are always looking
for ways to find good luck.

That's why this book sells so well.

Interpreting Dreams

Dreams, good or bad,
are all mysterious like a riddle.

Dreams are just expressions
of various sexual desires.

Hey, stop ruining my story.

So what do you need us to do?

To attract a crowd.

We're going to put on an incredible show!

What kind of show?

I will drive a car over a man's stomach.

- To make his belly pop?
- You're shocked? It's impressive, right?

I'll use that chance to sell this book.

How many men have you killed
before you got to us?

Don't worry.

Abdominal pressure beats car tires.
It's very safe!

I should've taken out life insurance.

Stop being so pessimistic!

Rabbit Island seems so out of reach.

Back at the mine,
some men died crushed under coals.

There is always someone to beat you.

Yes, you should do this!

You are just the guy.

But it's not my time to die yet.

By the way, this soup tastes funny.

May be it's off.

It’s fine. Eat to your fill.

That way it will build up abdominal pressure.

Abdominal pressure?

Good! Good!

A free show!

I will drive a car over
a living man's stomach!

Is his belly made of steel?
Or is it just full of shit?

He will risk his life
in this medical experiment

just to satisfy your curiosity.

To win the lotto,

you need to have a lucky dream!

With this book that interprets your dreams,
you can tell your future.

It's only 1,000 won!

Only 1,000 won!

It's all in here!

You break a flower pot in your dream,
and your wish will come true.

You see a turtle, you win the lotto.

You see a snake, a woman will have an affair
and a man will lose his wife.

You see an umbrella and
you will find a good match for marriage.

You see a train and
your lover will return from afar.

You see a moon and
you will have a miscarriage.

Now that you've bought all my books,

I will do the experiment to show my gratitude.

If I die, I will leave behind a widow.

Where is Seok-ho?

She went to buy makeup with our pay.

To look pretty for me?

You're one happy-go-lucky guy.

Since I'm so happy,
I'll go to heaven run over by the car.

He's really going!

Go look behind.
I hope his belly hasn't popped.

What was that sound?

The breakfast soup squirted out.

Oh, it stinks of shit
to the high heavens!

I've moved up from Peepee to Poopie.

A match made in heaven!

What happened?

The breakfast soup got squeezed out
as diarrhea by the car weight.

We must go to the hospital.
Your guts must have popped.

No, I feel cleansed and fresh!

Pretend to be dead.

What are you up to now?

You can't make money
unless you take advantage of others.

No. You're going to make money by shitting?

So I have to become a Poopie
for this money.

Where are you going?
You killed my husband!

How am I supposed to live?

Who is going to provide for me?
I'll kill you!

- Hey!
- Give me money!

I want compensation!

Come on!

The human intestine is like tofu,

so it must be severely damaged
by car weight.

I am?

Is that right?

This is terrible.

But he's not dead.
That's what matters, right?

What a crook!

You run over a man
just to make some money?

It's a crime to do this
even to an animal!

You crippled my husband!
How am I going to live?

If you don’t settle,
you'll end up in prison.

She is suing you.

Settle? She wants money?

But I have no money.

Sell your car.

No way!

The car is my number one asset.

Still I have to stay out of prison.

Good thinking.

We've come to the land's far edge.

The journey to Rabbit Island is over now.

We should buy a cheap boat.

I've washed your clothes all night,
yet you still smell like shit.

Go sit in the front.

You made money scamming a scammer!

Although I got humiliated
and became a poopie.

I was the real Poopie before you.

This place looks great.

People here must live long and healthy.

All the seaweed and clam farms
have been wiped out.

The village people have
all gone broke and left.

Why? What happened?

Can we buy a small fishing boat?

What for?

You won't can't much fish.

To go to an island.

There are plenty of
discarded boats in my village.

- Let's go.
- Yeah, let's go.


Please fix dinner for these guests.

Where are they headed?

We heard
there is a deserted island nearby.

But you can't live there.
You won't find any fish.

We won't catch fish.

We're going to raise rabbits
and keep a bee farm.

You can't raise rabbits.
No water on that island.

I'll bet my right arm.
Rabbits can't live there.

Rabbits don't drink water.

Neither do bees.

You didn't know that, did you?

He looks exactly the same.

- Who?
- him.

Just bring out the food.

Oh, all right.

Spoon, please!

This is my son's room.
He has gone to Seoul to study.

So don't touch anything.

Sure. I won't lay a finger on anything.


I thought a ghost had returned.

What ghost?

Does it look like this?

Is there a ghost in this house?

It's like he has come back to life.

I don't like that sound.

So much for sleep.

The warmth of the body. The breathing.
So much for sleep.

What's the matter?

It feels like I'm sleeping next
to a honey jar.

I feel like I'm sleeping next
to two snakes.


We are lucky!

There is an island
that used to be inhabited.

It has a house, a field and
even living goods.

Give me money so that I can get ready.

There are lots of things to buy.

The island is no good for people.

There will be four graves in the end.


I have morning sickness.

I must have gotten pregnant.

But I can't remember who the baby's father is.

Who were you with?

I can't have a baby on an island.

What? We've come this far.

I have to send the baby
to school and even college.

Are we going to
raise the child unschooled?

A child needs education.
It's a mother's duty.

Shut up!

So you're not going to
give us the money?

The baby will be out in 7 months.

The money will hardly
be enough for the hospital.

- We must take that money.
- But she won't give it to us.

We have to steal it
or use force if we have to.

If we can't make it to island,
we have to kill ourselves.

No suicide!

Then you do it.

She's drunk
so we'll search for the money.

I heard pickpocketing takes
at least 3 years to learn.

What's wrong?

Someone is grabbing my balls!

You balls? Let go of his balls.

Just teaching the thief a lesson.

- How about his boat?
- Will it float?

You just need to seal off the holes.
About a week's work.

Shouldn't it be bigger to carry water?

But engines are expensive.


That woman has left. Your friend, too!

I knew it! She had all the money.

There is still time before the bus!

How dare you betray me?
Do you want to die at my hands?

No, I'm here to stop Seok-ho
from leaving.

Stop suspecting me.

Give me the money.

Without that money, we'll be committing suicides
before even getting to that island.

I'm not here to run away.

A woman has 12 tongues.

Well, I have only one.

That one turns into twelve.

Give me the money.

If you hit a pregnant woman,
she'll have a miscarriage.


You are not human.

I will be a beast for money.

I've made up my mind.

I'll be a good wife
once I get to the island.


We'll have lots of kids too.

How pathetic it is for a woman
to not have money in her hands.

You are a spitting image of him.

When we first met,
I thought you were the ghost of my son.

Your son is dead, isn't he?

He became strange ever since
he got hit in a fight with a friend.

It must've been a head injury.

He feared the world and
wanted to live alone on an island.

He had the same phobia as us!

Even going to Rabbit Island!

This is driving me crazy!

He must be still out
spending all the money.

I'm sure he's just buying what we need.

You need medical supplies
to have the baby.

This is why I like you.

Will you deliver my baby?

You mean…

They will deliver the rabbits and
beehive boxes tomorrow.

There is so much to buy at once.

How much is there left?

I even signed up for a water pump.

They have water on Rabbit Island.

Who knows? We might find oil!

We need money for her
to have the baby at a hospital.

Animals have babies fine on their own.

You should learn how to deliver a baby
from the old lady.

Are you serious?


Serious as a seal.

You can't run now.
We have no money for the bus fare.

How are we going to pay
for our stay now?

So fix the boat
even if takes all night!

We're leaving tomorrow if we can.

Go and get working!

Give me something to eat.

Go and sleep. You are carrying a baby.

A baby likes to stay near its father.

Right, it's my baby.

I've made a baby without the hard work.

The baby will make you work hard.

Babies are born with such talents.

We will be husband and wife, right?

Where will we have the wedding?

What are you up to?

Rabbits die if you feed them water!

They die if you don't feed them water.

How come you two are so alike?

I can see why your father wanted
you two to get married!

How can you let him
humiliate us like that?

He's saying we're alike.
What's humiliating about that?

He's saying we're both dumb.


But people are all the same.

What an optimist!

Come over here!

Learn how to handle the bees.

In a bee's world, the females rule.

These are all females.

A few male bees only hang around
to be killed when no longer useful.

I see.

Males just get used by females
and die in the end.

Yikes! The females are attacking a male to kill!

I envy the rabbits.
They have no worries.

They have no self-consciousness.
They just know that they are rabbits.

So the grandfather, mother, children,
they are all just rabbits to one another.

People, on the other hand,
have self-consciousness

and know that they are going to die.
How tragic!

Come on! Get ready!

Building a new life isn't
all fun and play.

Give me
if you have money left.

I need to have snacks
for the baby to grow properly.

A large baby is hard to deliver.
Have a small baby.

What a plan!

No money for you.

Go and scam off the baby's father,
not me!

How dare you treat me like this?

If you don't want to be humiliated,
then say who the father is!

Should I be the father?

It won't matter much on Rabbit Island.

You're ruining things again!

Don't you know
that she is made up of sewer water?

What? Don't like the sewers?
Then how about shit water?

Somebody is asking about the two men.

Are you looking for two men?

I heard you're staying with them.

Since they seem healthy,
I'll be getting back.

Who sent you?

A psychiatric hospital.

Not a regular hospital?

One man woke up from a one-year coma
after a motor accident.

The other one attempted suicide three times
suffering from loneliness.

He hit his hand with a hammer
fixing the boat!

- Pain's getting worse!
- Oh, no! Oh, no!

Get the medicine!

Oh, this looks terrible!

Goodness, what do we do?

Oh, no!

Stop crying!


What's wrong?

He got hurt.

Let me see.

This is nothing.

We are leaving tomorrow.

We are going to the island of our dream.

We battled against reality and ourselves,
and we won!

I know who you really are.

A man from the psychiatric hospital
came by.

He said your plan to
go to Rabbit Island to avoid pollution

is a kind of seizure
caused by a deranged mind.

You can't send them to the island.

You shouldn't help them!
They are mentally ill!

You can't go! Stop this plan.

Let them go.
They can't die in a mental asylum!

Let them go.

It's dangerous. They will all die!

You traitor!

You witch!

Women ruin everything!

Die, die, you witch!

- You witch!
- Stop it!

You treacherous witch!

I'm hurt! I'm injured!

This is not a mental patient's outburst.

Your parents left you contaminated
by pollution in an empty house.

So you attempt suicides
because you can't bear the loneliness?

That's why I ended up
in a psychiatric hospital.

What if I leave you?

- I won't kill myself.
- Then what?

I will go after you and kill you.

Just ignore the pain.

If you ignore the pain, you won't
even know even if your arm falls off.

Have you seen Seok-ho?

Why are you looking for her so late at night?

She's gone.

I told you
she will never go to the island.

What if she's really gone?

Perhaps you were never
meant to have a wife.

Better this way.

If this happens after we get to the island,
it'll just bring on the suicide itch again.

Suicide itch?

Don't worry. This won't change our plan.

She'll probably be at the bus stop.

It comes early in the morning.

She must be there waiting for it.

Without her, I get suicide urges.





We're leaving tomorrow.
Get to sleep early.

You humiliated me
when I said I was pregnant.

I wasn't pregnant.
I wanted to be pregnant.

If I have your child,
I will humiliate him until the day I die.

I hate you!

I really do!

I hate you to death!

I hate you! I hate you!

I hate you so much, I want to kill you!

I hate you!

I hate you!

I hate you!

I hate you!

I hate you!

I hate you!

Let's make this clear for the record.

Admit that I was a virgin!

I don't really know.


So that's why men get fooled.

Does it really matter so much?

What now?
Is something else bothering you?

What do we do now?

Run away.

Run away?

Let's leave right away.
Just think about us and nobody else.

I was writing a note
saying we're leaving.

All my fears are gone now.

Going to a deserted island
to raise rabbits.

Why did I think of something
so ridiculous?

I wrote a letter to Grandma
saying we will return to our hometown

now that you've recovered
from your illness.

I am awed by the power of the female.

The great reproductive power
becomes human faith and leads to creation.

Humanity will be saved from the doom of
the planet by that human faith.

I should have cured his illness.

What an overly ambitious doctor!

Oh, what is that?

Honey, it says we should call
the hospital right away.

He is a severe case
who can't go anywhere without his friend.

I think the one who left was more ill.

But he has a woman with him.

If there had been no women, the cure,
all men would've gone mad.

She wasn't at the bus stop.



Read this letter.

They ran away

to avoid seeing me
get the suicide urges again.

It's great that this house has
many ropes for hanging myself.

It's great that
there is a sea I can drown in.

They left me in a great spot
for killing myself.

The Rabbit Island isn't what you think.

It’s not some escape plan for a mad man.

Go back to the hospital
and finish your treatment.

They have made your illness worse.


Do what you want to do!
That's always the best!

I should've come up with
the idea of Rabbit Island.

I wasn't born smart enough
to live among others.

I've lived my life in fear.

Now I want to
go find Rabbit Island on my own!

I'll find my own land where I can live freely
without being bossed around.

Why should they be happy

and not me?

I will go and live
on that island with you.

You say the same things as my dead son.

The only meaningful thing in life is
having faith in one another.

Damn it! I'm going too.

I should have left for the fresh sea
instead of this rotten sea with dead fish.

And wherever my wife goes
is a paradise for me.

Let's quickly pack.

We are one family now.

Our son's spirit will be there too.

Actually they are not ill.

When our ancestors were primates,
they couldn't even speak.

We've just forgotten about that.

In mythical stories,
many seagulls flew over these seas.

Now they are gone.
Next, it will be human beings.

The End