Hunting Season (2010) - full transcript

Veteran homicide cop Ferman (Sener Sen) and his hot-headed partner Ydris (Cem Yilmaz) team up with rookie cop and anthropology major Hasan (Okan Yalabik) to investigate the murder of a young woman. The suspects include her conservative family, who might have killed her for honor, her drug-dealing boyfriend and aged billionaire Battal (Çetin Tekindor) who had taken the victim as his second wife.

"For sure, there are some gaps,
through which new things might be seen."

"For sure, there are some gaps,
through which new things might be seen."
The inspiration of the film

Last night the moon was out.

I couldn't even look up.

The moon reflected on the water.

I hear sounds.

Perhaps I hear the leaves falling.

Sometimes small animals walk around.
Some of them are on me.

I'm not scared.

It's peaceful here, maybe that's why.

What if I laid down like this forever?

Why not?
As long as they don't hurt me.

"He" brought me here.

First all the sounds disappeared.

Then I heard the forest.



Now let's get to the bottom of this.

The first thing we say to newcomers
in the homicide department is:

If you look at things from one
perspective you only see one thing.

Will what you see bring you... resolution or does it
get between you and reality?

Sounds complicated, doesn't it?

Let me rephrase it.
You look and you see this.

You say: "This is it!"
"This is the murderer."

What if it isn't?
Could you be wrong?

Of course!

Maybe you can't figure it out
from where you're looking.

Dead end.

What do we do?

- We change our position.
- How?

We exit the dead end enter another street.

Find a road where we can see ahead.

That's right.
We will change our perspective.

We will find a gap and look
through there to see reality.

- Your name is Hasan, right?
- Yes, it is, chief.

Observe the people around you.

Try to guess their criminal potential.

A painter looks at the paint on the walls
when they first walk into a house,

...a carpenter will observe the joinery.
That's called selective perception.

The homicide cops...

...always seek the suspects. You too,
will try to sense potential criminals.

Suspicion, always suspicion!

That's all for today.

Send this as soon as possible,

- Report back to me once it's sent.
- Yes, Sir.

A hand was found
in the swamp forest in Selamlı.

Go there immediately and
report to me on the phone...

- We're not on duty, Sir.
- I know, İdris.

But the team that's on
duty is collecting another dead body.

They can't be in two places at once.

- Are you convinced?
- Murat Öneş speaking.

- You can't keep your mouth shut!
- If he talked, take him in right away!

- Sir, Tahir Akça called.
- Which one was that?

We found his son's body in
the backyard, in the chicken coop.

- I remember, what about it?
- Will you join the interrogation?

- Sir, are we going to talk?
- What?

- Are we going to talk?
- Go to my office. I'll be there.

Call me in for the interrogation.

- What about the phone?
- Muharrem Buhar talked. He confessed.

Hopefully he won't change his mind
when his lawyer is around.

- And there's the other case.
- Sir, tea?

- Whose case are you on?
- His dad was killed inside a car. His son.

I think he did it. He's crying too much
after him. Too much.

- Done?
- Done.

Why are you still here?

The prosecutor is Macit Hakman.
Don't let him come after me.

I don't like that man. Go now!

We'll go but what shall we do
about the staffing?

What staffing?

We've been short-staffed for two months.
We've been working day and night.

İdris is right, Sir. We can't keep up.

OK, choose from one of the newcomers.

We need an experienced...

- Go get that boy.
- Which one?

The one who answered my question.
His name was Hasan, I think.

Why him? Is he suitable?
Is he a good fit? Who is he?

İdris, just bring me the boy!

My god!

- Tell me son.
- What should I tell you, Sir?

What did you study? Where do you
come from, where do you go?

- Before the service?
- Yes.

I studied anthropology.

- I'm currently writing my thesis.
- What is your thesis about?

About serial killers in Turkey.

That's why I chose the homicide.
And thankfully they chose me, too.

There are serial killers in Turkey
that we don't know about?

No there isn't. That's what my thesis
is trying to answer. Why not?

My thesis is called:
"An Anthropological Evaluation...

...of Serial Murders as a
Unique Product of Western Society."

That's a very flashy name but
you didn't need to go to university... find out why there are no
serial killers in Turkey. We'd tell you.

- Are you married?
- No.

- Girlfriend?
- Yes, Sir.

- Is it serious?
- Kind of.

Is she also an "athropopopologist"?

Is this really important?

- Stay close to me, write everything down.
- Okay.

- Greetings.
- Greetings Serdar. Hello everyone.

- İdris, how are you?
- Thanks. Kadir isn't around?

You finally made it.
We've been waiting for you.

You're right but
the traffic was really bad.

Prosecutor Macit, we're not even
supposed to be on duty today. Hi doctor!

Let me introduce. A new addition to
our team, Hasan Rıfat Adıgüzel.

Best of luck to you.
Should we call you Hasan or Rıfat?

- Hasan would work, Sir.
- Fine. What's the situation?

Suspicious death.
So far we only found a mutilated arm.

- The search is ongoing.
- The team is great.

- No other body parts?
- Nothing.

- Who found it?
- This guy saw it.

The waiter at the teahouse across.
He called us during the day.

He didn't see any suspects. Not many folks
come here during this season.

Let me take a look at this hand.

Hasan, say hi to the friend.

What are you doing, this is evidence!

Can I have a look?

What kind of a cut is this doctor?

I think it's a knife cut...

...but that's a guess.

It looks like it was cut after death.

The blood had left the body.
Livor mortis confirms it too.

- Looks like a kid's hand.
- Could also be a young girl.

- There is nail polish.
- Right. It's a young girl's hand.

We need help over here.
Give us a hand, please?

Let's go Hasan,
you said hi to the hand...

...and now comes
a brand new experience.

You held on well.

I saw a lot of newbies faint
on their first day.

I found a bone.

This is probably an animal bone.

What are we looking for here?

Anything that might count as evidence.
The arm has been cut with a knife.

Start with the knife,
then the syringe, underwear, lipstick...

...bag, driver's license, ID.
They didn't teach...

...this stuff to you?
Go ahead.

Where am I?

I'm in a lot of places.

I'm everywhere.

I'm scattered.
I disappeared.

- I'm done watching the game.
- What happened?

The team is not even walking,
let alone running.

Trabzonspor is a different story.
That's in my blood.

İdris, tell Crime Scene Investigation...

...that there are boot
and wheel prints here.

Tell them to take pictures and molds.

- Don't forget about tomorrow night!
- What's tomorrow night?

Detective Mustafa's retirement night.
At Halit Brother's coffee house.

Follow the forensics.

How about a drink after work?

I don't want to make Kezban wait.
She's waiting on the missus all day.

Just one drink.
Newbie you, too.

- How's your wife?
- She's doing OK.

First we're going to set up
the investigation format.

You brought me along
without setting up the format.

The format takes just two minutes.
Let's just enjoy this.

I washed my hands and face
many times and it still smells.

It'll stink for a while. The smell
of a corpse stays.

Let's drink.

Don't worry about it. All in due time.

- So your mom is in Ankara.
- And your dad?

He passed away.
My mom lives with my sister.

- Is your girlfriend here? - Yes.
- Does she have a job?

Yes. She owns a restaurant,
also a butcher.

A restaurant owner and a butcher.

Her father owns a meat restaurant.
It's in the family.

- Do you happen to be married?
- No need to be so formal with me.

He was married but he's crazy.
Couldn't keep the girl.

You, too?

And it is me who held their wedding.

Yes, why don't you tell him.

He kidnapped the poor girl.

No, first start with
"They didn't allow the wedding."

Then you tell the story, we'll listen.

He kidnapped Asiye but
her family went after him.

They decided to shoot İdris.

His family is also strong-willed.

They're from the Black Sea Region.
Bunch of crazies.

They were about to have a feud.

At the time I was doing my service
in their hometown.

His father and I became really close.

He was teaching me how to build boats.
We used to go out fishing together.

So anyway.

Cemil, his father said:

"If it was up to me I'd say shoot him,
he'll learn a lesson."

But his mom would be very upset.
He said "Could you do something about it?"

He said:
"Go do something not could you?"

I'd do anything for Cemil,
so I talked to both families.

They forgave him. I saved his ass.

May God bless you.

After my father died in the sea,

Ferman became like a father to me.

Thanks to him I'm in the service.

I could never pay him back.

It's hard to make a marriage work
with this job.

Asiye is a little crazy
but she's a nice girl.

I made her suffer a lot.

We were trying to make it work but
it didn't, with all the fighting.

Sorry Kezban, I'm a little late.

Don't even mention it.

How is she today?

You know she can be a little tired
on days like this.

- Could I leave?
- Of course.

God bless you.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Bro, could you look over here?

- You guys had a few drinks?
- That crazy guy, he insisted.

- How was your day?
- As usual.

- We found a hand.
- What? A hand?

Oh my God, I don't believe it.

What did you do with the hand?

It was sent to the forensics
in a package.

- It smells in here.
- Really?

Mr. Arda, excuse me.

It smells in here.

That's not possible.
You're right. There is a smell.

Pelinsu I'm talking to you.

Nanna I'm on the phone.
Just give me a break.

Come and gather your things.

Nanny! I'll call you back later.

You never listen to what I say.

We spend our lives trying to understand
what you're saying.

What kind of language is that Pelinsu?

What kind of language?
I don't speak her language.

You better send me to learn it,
maybe then I'll understand her.

You don't know what you're saying.

You're starting to sound like your mom.

Efecan did you eat?
You're done eating but I haven't eaten.

Go to your rooms, right now.
Pelinsu you, too.

- But dad, there's a show on TV...
- I said, right now.

The boy never comes home,
the girl is always on the phone.

- What happened?
- Nothing.

- İdris, what happened?
- Nothing mom.

Things happen every day. Robbery,
kidnapping. Is this what you worry?

My hand is not pretty.

My mom's hands are pretty
but they smell like onions.

My dad's hands smell like cigarettes,
they're dark.

They become more black when he's angry.

My grandad used to say
hands tell tales.

My grandad used to tell tales
with his hands.

People used to stare at his hands.

He used to say each hand has a story.

He could see it, I guess.

When I look at my hands...

...I only see bitten nails.

OK, I get it, but?

We'll move forward after we hear
what the forensics and CSI say.

The forensics are working on the hand,
CSI is looking for the rest of the body.

We saw the hand.

The fingertips have been really damaged
by the water.

Fingerprints will be hard to get.

All we know is that the arm was cut
with a knife,

...belongs to a young girl,

...and was mutilated after death.

Doctor, give me good news!

I stayed up all night,
but I got the fingerprints.

Doctor, you're great!

Fingerprints need to be transferred
to the CSI.

We'll take care of it.

According to the girl's bone development
she is about 15 or at most 16.

Death took place about
2 to 5 days ago.

There were pieces of skin inside
her finger nails.

I'll check the DNA.

the skin belongs to the attacker.

I beg you, please hurry up.

Good news.
The doctor got the fingerprints.

And he found some skin fragments.
He'll check the DNA.

Death took place
5 days ago at most.

Okay. Good luck with the work.

- Is this the new guy?
- Yes.

- How is he?
- Good in theory not so much in practice.

Hasan go to forensics, right away!

Get the fingerprint file and
take it to CSI immediately.

Then, read the files on the other cases.
Take notes.

I'm going to ask questions.

Read very carefully the case of the son...

...who is suspected in his father's death.

İdris, your wife is here.

What are you doing here?

What have you done?

What kind of a man are you?

- What are you taking about?
- You hospitalized the poor man.

- Are you crazy?
- Are you just realizing that?

If he got really hurt
he should report it to the police.

You bandit!

You beat him up and then
you show him your badge.

How can he report you?

I'm going to lose my job because
of you. Don't mess up my job.

I can't survive on the alimony
you give me.

Then stop wagging your tail.

Watch your mouth! I don't wag my tail to
anybody. Besides I'm single, I live as I wish.

- Don't drive me crazy.
- You're already crazy.

- I swear I'll kill you.
- I dare you to kill me.

Don't come for the kids this weekend.

I won't give them to you.

What do you mean?

There is a court order!

Fuck the court order!

You'll never be a man!

Tonight, we're sending off
a beloved colleague from our service.

There's a lot to be said
but it's best to keep it short.

Best of luck to you. This service
will never forget you.

Here is a little something to remind you
of us, from all of your friends.

I'm not much of a talker but
I'll say that...

...I'm leaving my heart behind.
Don't forget me.

Long live the Homicide Department!

I wish we could all retire like this.

He was one of the toughest
guys in the job.

The man who owns this coffee house,
him, too.

The man next to Hunter is your namesake,
they're among the legends at the Homicide.

Of course Hunter is the greatest.

- Why do they call him Hunter?
- Why do they call me crazy?

Because I get crazy and he hunts.

- Hello?
- How's it going?

Good. What's up?

My dad wants to meet you.

He said it's about time.
When are you free?

My security firm is looking
for new people.

Let's give you a job there.
You can't live on your retirement pension.

Mustafa, I'm fed up.

I spent my whole life
chasing after criminals.

You remember
the case of Ragıp from Eyüp?

You got him in the end.

I got him in the end but I lost 14 kilos.

- 14 kilos!
- OK.

- Your girlfriend?
- How did you know?

You slouched, you glanced sideways,
looked a little surprised.

Your face got red.
Your whole body says it.

Mustafa! Cheers everyone!

Cheers everyone! 1, 2, 3...

Oh, my head. It's killing me.
Barely made it to the morning.

It happens when you drink that much.


We kept on drinking. I blacked out.

I don't remember how I made it home.

- Where is he?
- Who? -The newbie!

At the crime scene department.
He'll be back soon.

They found the case from
the fingerprints.

- Wow.
- That's it. We got it.

Her name is Pamuk. Pamuk Seyhan.
Arrested for selling drugs...

...let go for lack of evidence.

There is an address,
no identity number.

She's just a kid! Only 16.

She might be just a kid
but she means business.

She looks real innocent to me,
poor girl.

You're the kid!

Show me a woman who is innocent
and I'll slit my wrists!

Let's go and visit this address...

...and see what we can find.

Go to the car.
I'll be there after I inform Chief Murat.

Even a dog wouldn't stand this smell.

- Yes?
- Police.

- What's it?
- Could we come in?

Excuse the mess.

- What's the purpose of your visit?
- What's your name?

Kâmuran, Sir. Kâmuran Tora.

Do you know this person?

- Sure I do. This is Pamuk.
- Does she live here?

- No.
- How do you know her?

She used to come by my workplace!

- What do you do? - Bartender.
Pamuk used to hang out at the bar.

She was underage
but the boss didn't mind.

- We became friends over time.
- Was she your lover?

- No, I'm gay.
- Do you have her phone number?

- Of course! - She gave the police
your address as her residence.

Well, she has a boyfriend, Acid.

- What do you mean?
- His nickname is Acid. He sells drugs.

Acid Ömer. He used to sell
at the bar. A lowlife.

He would beat her up and throw
her out all the time.

Pamuk would come stay with
me for a day or two,

...then she'd go back
to that asshole.

They arrested her for selling drugs,

...she had no idea
what was inside her purse.

That jerk was using her.
They let her go.

She must've given my address
at the station not to give him up.

She's going to get me in trouble!
Here's her number.

You got Acid's number?

No. He changes it frequently.

He gets around but
no one knows where he lives.

- How old is he approximately?
- Definitely older than Pamuk.

Perhaps between 20 and 25.

İdris, let's get information
from the narcotics about Acid Ömer.

- Unreachable.
- Did Pamuk have any other boyfriends?

No, she was madly in
love with that jerk.

She's from the ghetto and all but
she's real soft, Pamuk.

She's soft like cotton.

- May this Acid guy come to
the bar tonight? - He might.

If he does, call us at this number.
We'll be around.

Hasan, get the bar's address
and number too.

Is there a problem?
Did something happen to her?

- If it did, who would've done it?
- Of course that asshole Acid.

He was beating her up a lot.

He was really mad
when Pamuk refused to deal.

He put his cigarette out on her chest,
right in front of my eyes.

Can you open up your wrists?

- Sorry?
- Can you show me your wrists?

Did you get information on Acid?

Yes it's there.

What if he doesn't call?

Then we're gonna stay up all night.

What if he doesn't call tomorrow night?

Then we're here on duty
every night until he calls us.

Our job is patience, young man.

You know I'm really curious about
this anthropology thing.

What are you curious about?

First of all, why would someone study
something with such a complicated name?

Second, what is anthropology really?

First of all it's because...

...I was placed into it but...

...I started liking it then
I couldn't find a job after I graduated.

That's why I'm a cop.
What is anthropology?

We can call it the
study of humans, roughly.

And more finely?

Well let me put it this way:

Anthropology studies why
Americans show the middle finger and...

...Turks place their thumbs
between two fingers.

That's what anthropology studies.

You got your answer,
are you happy?

Chief if you allow me...


- Yes, Yasemin?
- My dad is inviting you to dinner.

Really, what did he say exactly?
In your restaurant?

OK, then.

You better watch out. The people
in the service don't like your behavior.

What was that all about with you
and Asiye, the other day?

- I'm suspicious.
- What are you suspicious about?

That's not a good feeling to have.

You taught us suspicion.

You said: "Be suspicious.
Don't believe what you see."

"If you can't see,
change your perspective."

I changed my perspective towards Asiye.

Tell that to the people in the service.


Ok, we're on our way.

I'll call you later.

Hasan, you stay here. Watch the door.

If you see anyone running away,
you follow.

Police! Stop!

I got you. We're not done with this
anthropology thing.

İdris watch where you're going.
Take down the license number.

I did.
34 VS 4621, did you write it?

I am.

First anthropology, then serial killers.

- Please, don't!
- I gave my doctorate in that field.

- İdris, you want me to drive?
- Of course, not.

- He turned right.
- He turned right, right.

- Stop.
- Get out of the way.

Don't you see the police alarm?

- Didn't see it.
- Don't you see?

Don't you see it?

- Where the hell did he go?
- This is where you end up if you bullshit...

- ...and distract yourself.
- You saw it, the car cut in front of me.

- I'm talking to you.
- Hi, chief.

Come back.

Stop. Isn't that
the car in the distance?

- Chief, how did you see it?
- He is the Hunter, he sees.

Don't go in. Let him think
we lost him.

Park here.

Let's silence the radios and the phones.

There are bulletproof vests in the back.

This neighborhood is shady.

He is here.
Let's call for support.

He will fly away until support shows up.

- I say we go in.
- We have no idea what's inside.

It's too risky without the support.

45-28. Station 45-18.

- The bastard's about to leave.
- He says we should wait.

But the guy is as sly as a fox.
He smelled danger.

Support is on its way.

Sir, let me have a quick look around.

- Just wait, they're coming.
- I don't feel good about this.

We catch him tonight or
we don't catch him at all.

- He is going to drive me crazy.
- Don't move.

Come on, let's take a walk!

Don't let anyone in or out.
And don't take any risks.

- Hey brother.
- Police!


Well done! Your really fucked up!
What are we going to do now?

- OK. Let's wait for support.
- Listen to me!

We're not narcotics police.
We're from the Homicide Desk.

We don't have a problem with you.

We just want to talk to Ömer.
That's all.

Give us Ömer and we'll go.

Goddamn you!

Why are you not listening?

I said we'll leave after we get Acid.

Stay where you are.

I thought I put you on silent.

Yes Yasemin?

We were going to meet my dad on Sunday.

- Yes!
- Let's make that Monday.

What's all that noise?

- Fireworks.
- What fireworks?

- Where are you?
- Can I call you back? I'm really busy.

Stop. I said stop. Police.

Turn around. Slowly! Slowly!

Chief what are you doing?

I raised my hands.

I beg you.

- Are you OK?
- I'm shot.

- What?
- I'm shot.

You're OK.

The bullet is stuck on the vest.

You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to an attorney.

If you don't have a private one...

...the state will provide you with one.

You ask for support
but you don't wait for it.

Is your duty to be in a crossfire?
Your duty is to catch murderers.

One dead, one injured.
Two detectives under your care.

You risked their lives. An experienced
officer shouldn't do that Hunter.

You're absolutely right, Sir.
I made an error in judgment.

I can resign right away.

My retirement is coming up anyway.
Do as you see fit.

Now excuse me.

Take a look, it's Acid's file.

I got you in trouble, didn't I? I'll go talk to
the chief and tell him what really happened.

You got used to acting
out on your own İdris.

I am still the leader of this team.

When I retire you can do whatever
the hell you want.

But while I'm here you're going
to speak when I allow you to.

You understand? Get yourself together,
come to the interrogation room.

Are you OK?

What about you?

- A person died.
- A newbie's life was saved.

He was out of bullets.

Look, this is a dirty job,
there is garbage, dead bodies...

bodies torn into pieces,
bad smells.

We deal with dead people.

If you can't handle it,
don't do it.

Go get some sleep now.

Are you hungry Ömer?
You want me to get you a sandwich?

- No, thanks.
- You know her?

- Yes!
- Her name?

- Pamuk.
- Pamuk what?

- Pamuk Seyhan.
- How do you know her?

We were together once.
Once upon a time.

Why were you surprised
to see her?

Perhaps because he didn't think
he would be seeing her again.

- When and how did you meet her?
- A few years ago.

At one of those ghetto discoes.

She used to hang out there. And I...

And you needed someone
to deal for you.

First you got her addicted.

She was allergic to all kinds of drugs.
She didn't do drugs.

Besides we were really close.

We really loved each other.

If you really loved her
why did you beat her up?

- Not true, who's making this stuff up?
- You know her family?

- Yes.
- You know her house then.

Yes, I'll give you the address.

You can give the address
after you tell us what happened.

- What happened?
- You look like you could tell us the truth.

We've been up all night.

Just tell us so we can go home.

Please, chief. I didn't do anything.

If you didn't do anything,
why did you run away, you bastard?

Chief I thought you were narcotics.
I had trouble with them.

We know everything.
You even used a knife.

Knife? Do you mean she is killed?

Don't play with us.
As if you don't know.

What knife?
I can't even slice bread.

I swear to God
I have nothing to do with this.

I didn't kill her.
She was my lover.

I loved her and she loved me.

What did she find in you to love?

My eyes are blue.
That's what she used to say.

She loved you and you beat her up.

I beat her up but that was it.
I didn't hurt...

You motherfucker. You put your cigarette
out on her chest, you psycho!

Just talk.

I was on a pill. I was high.
I don't even remember.

I haven't seen her for a while.

Show me the most important person in the
world and I'll swear on them I didn't do it.

But you know who did it!

There is someone you suspect.

Alright, if you're not
gonna say anything...

...I'm gonna have your
whole life get scrutinized.

I'm gonna talk to the prosecutor... keep you locked up forever.

And declare you
as a narcotics informant.

For now you have 3 days inside
to think about it.

We'll see if you go something to tell.

İdris get the girl's address from him.

Get all his phone calls looked at.

And show me your wrists.

Flip. Open up.

Don't you know that all of our men...

...are the same, with attitude.

That's not true.
İdris change a lot.

His job ruined him. Each murder
made him crazier than before.

Whatever I did, wherever I looked,
he was suspicious.

He started following me.

He was looking for a hidden meaning
in my every word.

Is it a thing to do?
Who can endure such a torment?

How can you live with a paranoid husband?


Look, two days ago we found
a young girl's hand.

Perhaps she was running away
from someone as well.

Maybe if her parents were a little
more paranoid it'd be different.

Pray that the same
thing won't happen to you.

I don't want to go dumpster diving
for you corpse.

And I told you. You can't have the kids.
I'm not giving them.

- How come you don't give them?
- I just don't. Good bye!

See mom?

He's really crazy!

- See what he's doing?
- Listen to me!

You punish the children not your wife.

They want see their mom.
Stop acting like this.

Yes, Sir?

I'm at home.

- Yes?
- Come right away!

- You never sleep?
- We never sleep.

Can you tell me why you're here officer?

Müslüm Bey, we ask the questions here
and you respond.

I'm listening.

Anyone else in this family
besides Pamuk?

She has two brothers.
Abbas and Vakkas.

- Where are they?
- They're at work.

Do you know where your daughter is...

- ...Hatun Hanım?
- No, officer.

Did you report her as missing?

Why? She's not missing.

- Then you know where she went.
- We do.

God bestowed her with a great
place to go...

- ...but she didn't appreciate it.
- Don't talk like that.

Why? Is that a lie?

- She didn't live here?
- No.

She got married.
She lived with her husband.

How did a 16 year old get married?

Battal Bey got her age changed to a
year older and then married her.

Opened his house to her,
did everything she wanted...

...but there was something
evil about her...

...she gave all that up
to go be with that good-for-nothing man.

This man, does he nave a name?

Ömer. He's a loser, good-for-nothing.

There was something
between them before.

We did everything to keep them apart.
I broke her bones.

Her brothers beat her up but
she kept seeing him in secret.

Then we were blessed with Battal Bey.
But now we're disgraced.

Especially against Battal Bey.

- Mr.Battal?
- He's our benefactor.

I've been his gardener since Adana.
My wife used to clean up his mansion.

- Pamuk used to help.
- He must be very rich.

- You don't know him?
- Should we?

Everyone knows Battal Çolakzade.

This Battal Çolakzade
is that the Battal Çolakzade?

Yes. Owner of Çolakzade Holding.

Yes. He owns hundreds of firms. He was
the chairman of the chamber of commerce.

He's very rich.
He's our benefactor.

My dad was his dad's gardener.

He brought us to Istanbul
before Pamuk was born.

My youngest son is helping
his new gardener.

Big family. Sons and daughters.

- Wait a second, wasn't he married?
- He was...

...but then he fell for our daughter.
That's how God wanted it.

Police officer, tell me.
What happened to my daughter?

Hatun Hanım we believe that your
daughter is dead.

We think she has been murdered.

God giveth and taketh away.

She got what she deserved.

She lived a life deserving death.

It's our duty to find out who did it.

We'll share the details at the station.

The detectives will talk to the neighbors.

- Did she have a room?
- Of course!

After she got married I never
touched my sweet one's belongings.

Can I look around?

Show me your wrists.

There are still mosquitoes
buzzing around.

Nothing's changed.

You can't fall
asleep because of the sound.

I smell the gutter.

I smell the onion on my mom.

I don't like that smell.

My mom is a part of the kitchen,

always at the
stove, with a wooden spoon.

In my room I imagine things.
I write stories.

I become a ghost. I disappear.

Then my dad's hatred,
my brother's violence...

...the grocer's sweaty smell,
screaming kids...

...gossiping neighbor women,
they all disappear.

I escape into tales.
I become a ghost. I disappear.

Poor girl, they forced her to
get married at age 16.

Yes but why did Battal
have to change her age?

A girl at 16 can marry
with her family's consent.

Guess it wasn't enough or
else why would he bother?

There is a very important player
in the game now: Battal Çolakzade.

He's connected to ministers, parliament
representatives, high-level bureaucrats.

Secret phone calls will be made
they'll try to scare us.

Go after Battal Çolakzade, take him
in for an interrogation. Be careful.

You can leave now.

Ferman don't let İdris...

...get out of control.

My two sons manage 5 meat restaurants.
I manage 3.

We're a chain. I don't count my daughter,
she does her own thing.

But our business is meat not
the restaurant. This meat.

My sheep feeds on the grass from
Bursa and Balıkesir...

...and my cattle feeds on the grass
from Çankırı.

Why is that? Those grasses have thyme.
Thyme makes meat delicious.

My animals never move.

Cause animals that don't move get fat.

Animals that move,
they get muscles.

My animals stay put.

Dad, are you done talking about meat?

Were you expecting someone else?

- What are you talking about?
- I don't know.

Your hair, your make-up, your clothes.
You look dolled up.

İdris why are you here?
What do you want?

First go get something to wear.

Yes, I'm listening.

İdris, what is it?

Why do you look like that?

İdris what's wrong with you?

Oh my god.
The power went off.

İdris get up and get the flash light
from that drawer.

- İdris get up.
- Calm down.

- Where is it?
- Inside that drawer.

If you know where it is,
why don't you get it yourself?

As if you don't know
I get so scared of the dark.

But you have some
wind in your sails. Coward hero.

- Which drawer?
- That one.

You were afraid of the dark when you were
a little kid, you're a big woman now.

- The battery is dead.
- You see? I'm scared.

- İdris?
- Yes?

There are candles in that cupboard.
İdris, go grab them.

İdris, that's enough.
Come closer.

What did you call me?
Coward hero?

Is there anything else
you know...

...that I am scared of?

- Thunder.
- That was when I was a kid.

What about from me?

I was never afraid of you.

Crazy people are not scared of each other.

See how my heart's beating.

Maybe I'm a coward.

I came here to kill you.


Then kill me.

"When I'm gone"

I know you. You don't take care of

You're forgetful. You're careless.
You ignore things.

That's why I made a list of things
for you to do when I'm gone.

I'm writing it down as I remember.

Marriage certificate,
identification cards... policy
are at the top drawer.

Stomach medicine is in the kitchen.

Don't miss the expiration date.

Your underwear is at the top drawer
on your side of the bed.

Abbas, Vakkas, don't get lost!

We'll look into everything you said.
If you lied then you're gonna pay for it.

Show me your wrists.

Ok, go.

Are the brothers involved?

Abbas used to only beat Pamuk.

Maybe he beat her to death.

He says Acid Ömer did it.
He's sure of it.

I even pressed his button.

"How can you let that man roam around,
your sister ran away with him?"

He said: "If we'd found him
we wouldn't let him live".

Vakkas said about the same thing.
He says Acid and nothing else.

It's obvious they've
worked on the testimony.

Vakkas works as a gardener for
Battal Çolakzade.

- That's interesting but why are
you grinning? - It's nothing!

They're really big.

Roads, construction, textile,
dam building, automotive...

We know all that. More importantly,
can we reach anything...

...personal about Battal?

I have 80 firms that make
4 billion liras a year.

I have hundreds of thousands of workers.
Construction, energy, textile.

We have over 20% of the market share
in all of them.

But I chose retirement.

I passed the business
over to my children.

It's my time for silence.

I will tell you one last story.
Maybe you get it, maybe you don't.

They say I'm a rude man.
Be it.

But don't forget in business... one pays for politeness.
Intelligence is money.

They know I like hunting.
It's a habit I take after my father.

He used to take me to the Taurus Mountains
when I was a kid. We're from Adana.

We used to hunt whatever we could.

I mean, my dad
was hunting and I watching.

My dad shot a deer once and...

...I watched the deer die
right in front of me.

His eyes were staring into mine.
I started crying.

That was the first and last time
my dad slapped me.

He said: "Son, if you're gonna
cry don't come hunting."

"Death is a part of the hunt."

He said:
"Life is a hunt."

"Either they hunt you or you hunt.
Make a choice."

That slap was a lesson.
I never cried after that.

Not even in game hunt or human hunt.

That's the essence of the system.

There are hunts and hunters.
You have to decide:

Are you going to be the prey
or the hunter?

- Thank you.
- You chose a great subject.

I'm glad you like it. Thank you.

- Glad you could make it.
- You speech was really good.

I'm retired now. You can call me
whenever you want. I'll come running.

Thank you Battal Bey.

Sir, we are from the police service.

We need to speak to you
in connection to an investigation.

- Right here and right now?
- Wherever and whenever you want, Sir.

Let's go to my house then.
We'll have some tea.

Follow us.

- You wait here.
- Why, Sir?


Wait a minute.

Come in.

He's really pleased with himself.

I'd like to get a hunting rifle
like this one.

- Do you have 500 thousand dollars?
- Excuse me?

That's the price but it's not for sale.

It's my father's.
You like hunting?

We all do but Brother Ferman is
most famous for it.

- Really, what do you hunt?
- He mostly hunts humans.

That's just a joke.

Let me introduce ourselves.
This is İdris Altuğ.

- And I am Ferman Tezcan.
- Here.

We're here to talk about
your wife Pamuk.

- Is she in trouble?
- Should she be in trouble?

I don't know.

The police is here and they want to
talk to me about my wife.

What would you say?

I'd say,
if she could be in trouble...

...why didn't I first go to the police
before they came to me?

That's what I'd say.

Since when have they been sending the
police after women who run away from home?

That isn't Battal Çolakzade, is it?

I couldn't take care of it myself?

Could you take care of it?

What would you do to your wife
if she ran away from home?

Chief Ferman,
what happened to my wife?

We believe she has been murdered.

Alright, Sir.

What did I say?
I said a minister would get involved...

...if Battal Çolakzade is involved.
There is a minister.

- Not even started yet.
- Only a hand?

We'll find the rest, soon.
There is a big team searching.

Why did she run away?

Ask that to the man she ran away with.

Did anything happen to make
her run away?

Like what?

Like, violence, abuse, a death threat.

Again, ask that to the guy
she ran away with.

She experienced violence and death threats
with that drug-dealer.

Did he tell you she stabbed her before?

You must've found out already.

If not, this is a disgrace for you.

You didn't do anything to
bring her back?

I gave this girl a home.
I gave here my love.

I did everything she wanted.

I even take care of my first wife, still.

She still lives under my roof.

But my new wife, she left.
And she paid the price.

Could I have brought her back?

But that wouldn't be right.

Does your ex-wife have something to do
with her escape?

On the contrary,
Hilal accepted her.

Didn't say anything against her.

Treated her like a mother.

Pamuk was just a kid
when she first came here.

She grew up here.
Her dad was my gardener.

Her brother still is my gardener.

You mean you benefited
from the whole family.

I don't know what happened,
I guess I fell for her.

She was like a family back then.

She was about to get lost while chasing
after that good-for-nothing boy.

I said why not.
Her dad was already willing.

Why didn't you adopt her?

You are right.

She's younger
than my youngest daughter.

But who wouldn't want a young wife.

Especially at our age?

Is it over?
I have a lot of work to do.

Ok, Sir. Not right now but we'd like to
talk to your staff.

You can talk to my staff but you should really
talk to that bastard she ran away with.

He has the answer to your question.

Could we take a look at
Pamuk's belongings?

First we put it all in storage
then we gave it all away.

Because you knew
she wouldn't be coming back?

Because even if she came back
she wouldn't be welcome in this house.

Come on, we're leaving.

You go. I'm going to the
bathroom quickly.

How did you come in here?
Leave, right away.

I'm really sorry.

It's dangerous to get this close
to the patient. It's very irresponsible.

It's Battal Bey's daughter, right?

- Don't worry I'm a police.
- I don't care who you are.

It's infectious,
it's not safe to approach the patient.

- Why?
- Why? Are you ignorant?

You'd risk the immune system.

Why do people have respiratory failure?

I'm not going to ask why
because you get angry.

God help her.

Only the bathrooms don't have cameras,
I peed in comfort.

But I was sad about the girl.

All the wealth in the world
doesn't mean a thing.

What's wrong with her exactly?

Respiratory failure or something.

He said infection as well.
Immune system.

The doctor, he asks more questions than
he gives answers for.

This Battal is kind of inauspicious.

He didn't strike me as very dependable.

Why are you laughing at everything?

Really? I'm laughing?

One; Acid.
The guy she ran away with.

He's a psychopath, high on drugs,
could do anything.

He's got stabbing...

...beating up,
cigarette burning under his belt.

Müslüm. There are a lot of motives for
Pamuk's dad as well.

Their honor, most visibly.

He feels indebted to Battal.

They built a house out of the slum they
were were living in with help from Battal.

The girl has been beaten up by everyone.

The neighbors have gotten used to
her screaming.

Abbas. Vakkas.

We could ask:

"If they killed her why did they
leave Acid alive?"

Yes but they said: "We would've done it
if we had found her."

Honor victims are usually women.

But if we change our perspective...

...we could see this as
a collaborative effort.

Battal. His wife ran away.
His reputation collapsed.

He's a humiliated hunter,
he lost his prey.

He wanted it done
and the family got it done.

There is Battal's ex-wife Hilal.

They still live in the same house.

After all those years...

...she couldn't probably have accepted him
getting married to a young girl.

Let's just hope it's not connected
to the Çolakzade family.

They have long arms
that will strangle a lot of necks.

- Chief this is the situation.
- Ok, you keep going.

Hasan, you do a thorough internet search

...on the Çolakzade family.

İdris you and I we'll go after Acid.

Yasemin, hi.

I'm going to be here tonight,
could we cancel the dinner?

- Would you like a cigarette?
- Of course I would. God bless you.

It's not banned inside?

Look my man, here's the thing, if you don't
talk to us the whole thing will be on you.

You're stuck in the thick of it.
All signs point at you.

- What do you mean, chief?
- We mean that...

...everything points at you.

Our girl married a rich
guy but she didn't...

...stay put, she ran away to you.

- Is that true?
- Yes, but...

I'm not done yet.
You also stabbed her before.

You told us that you couldn't
even slice bread...

...but apparently you're skilled.

Pamuk's arm was also outwith a knife...

...and her whole family
swears that you did it.

This is not narcotics or petty thefts.

You'd end up with a life sentence.

But if you know somethings
that might change things for you.

We're gathering evidence
both for and against you.

It's a different story inside prison.

If you want you can call
your lawyer right away.

Chief, I know things but you have to
protect me from that man.

Which man?
Which man son?

Battal Çolakzade.

Why? He threatened you?

This is not about Pamuk
running away to me.

What is it about then?
Tell us what you know.

We can make you a secret witness.
We'll protect you.

Let's get this over with.

No way. You can't protect me. Things are
more complicated than they appear.

If I go to jail
I won't make it out of there alive.

I have to disappear.
Go abroad.

Let's make a deal.
If you drop the case against me I'll talk.

And you'll solve this case right away.

It's not like you think it is.

I'm sorry but that's how it is.

- It's done, right?
- Don't say no to me!

We just have to wait.

- We kept our promise.
- Thank you chief.

Now we can go drink tea somewhere
and I'll tell you everything.

No. First we'll go to the station.

I'll take you into the interrogation room,
you'll have your lawyer with you.

- You'll tell us everything.
- Ok, chief.

- But we'll have some tea?
- You keep talking about having tea!

- Who talked you into this?
- I did it on my own.

You killed your sister as well
for the same reason.

No, if I had I'd be proud of it.

Acid Ömer killed her.

My sister ran away to him
and we never heard from her again.

He ruined our family's reputation.

And this is how he paid for it.

Who gave you the gun?

I got it years ago.

I don't remember from whom.

Was it your dad
or Battal Bey?

Vakkas, don't let them use you.

Who talked you into this?

My son, Vakkas. Is this true?
What did you do?

Mom, let go.

I want my son.

I want my son.

Let go!

Please let go!

- Give me my son.
- No, mom.

The state will provide you a lawyer
or you can hire yourself...

...and follow the developments through him.

- I want my Vakkas.
- Mom!

- God give you patience.
- Give me my son.

Are we sheep to sacrifice?

Didn't we give him enough?

He took my daughter,
my son as well.

Damn you.
It's all because of you.

Chief Şevket, if Pamuk was murdered
by Acid, then this case is closed.

- And Vakkas killed him for revenge.
- Yes.

- It looked like Vakkas was telling the truth.
- What do you say?

He made him do it.
He's behind everything.

Hunter, we're talking about
Battal Çolakzade.

We can't go against him without
solid proof.

He's very powerful.

- We need more than just your instincts.
- We'll find it chief.

Vakkas' mom didn't attack
her husband for nothing.

She knows things.

İdris go talk to her
when her husband isn't around.

With your permission
I would like to visit Battal Bey...

...and talk to Hilal Hanım.
Hasan, come with me.

The police are here
and they want to talk to you.

Let them come in.


Hope you're doing well Hilal Hanım.
We came to see Battal Bey.

He's out on the terrace.

Since I'm already here, I have
a few things I wanted to ask you.

- I'm listening.
- It's about Pamuk.

Poor girl!

Who could have done it?

I'm curious because
she made your husband divorce you.

And he married her. You must've been
really angry and you might...

I see what you're implying.

But she was just a kid
who came to this house.

- She was one of us.
- And your husband's new wife.

But I never made
any sense out of this marriage.

It was like a joke.

Battal did something he'd never do.

All my kids protested. He still married
her even despite Ceylan's protests.

Ceylan has a special place in his heart.

And she never agreed with this marriage.

She even threatened to leave the house.

Because of her health condition...

...she couldn't leave.

Battal Bey abused our poverty.

I believe that he talked Vakkas into this.

He provoked him.

I swear...

...not even his dad or his brother talked
to him about killing him.

Pamuk is gone.

Vakkas is done.

Tell me if we're not the
sheep to sacrifice.

So you ask me this Acid character
is killed for what.

Because he knew things that might implicate
me but he was too scared to talk.

So you're asking what he knew
and why he was too scared to talk.

Is that what you're asking?
Is that correct?

That is correct.

To rephrase my dad:
"How do I know?"

Why do you ask me these things?

The bastard kidnaps my wife.
My wife's brother kills him.

The deed is done. What do you
want me to do? Pray after him?

Ok, I will. His place shall be heaven.
What about Pamuk?

If I were you I'd wonder about
honor killings.

Some families care a lot about
their honor.

Some fathers and brothers
can't handle somethings.

Any other questions?

Asiye. Hi. It's İdris.
Can I see you?

No, not on the phone.
I need to see you.

Where shall we meet?

It's my job to ask questions.

It's my job to catch murderers.
There are two murders we need to resolve.

I know I'm bothering you
but I need to ask you questions.

You're trying to trap me.

You're playing mind games with me.

Look, I'm a hunter, so are you. In some
hunts you aim and pull the trigger...

...and either shoot it or miss it.

And sometimes, you make a trap.

But traps don't suit a hunter
but it still exists.

It requires mastery.
The rule is that...

...your game should not realize
there is a trap.

I did that. You think I'm a deer
easily to be trapped?

Your mind is not a match
against mine.

Come back here
when you have something to say.

Don't come knocking
on my door all the time.

I thought maybe I'd learn something
about hunting from you...

...but you're no match against me.

If you want to find out what's going to
happen to you...

...try knocking on my door again.

Welcome. Have a seat.

- What would you like?
- İdris I don't have time for this.

- I need to get back.
- What is it?

Listen, I thought about it.

Cevriye is right.
The kids need a mom.

We can't do it without you.
I can't live without you.

I want you to come back home.

I'll try to change.
I know I can be a real dick sometimes.

- The other day I was thinking that..
- İdris, it's not even possible.

Why not?

I can't come back home.

If you want I can
take the kids back but I can't come back.

Why? But the other night.
You and I?

That was just a momentary weakness.

What happened the other night
was a mistake.

A mistake?
A mistake?

Here's a mistake.

This is another mistake.

- Behave yourself.
- You've never seen a mistake.

That's enough. Get lost.

- Sir could you calm down?
- Stay away.

Don't you dare!

Get away.

- We're closed.
- We're closed, Sir.

- Give me a bottle of vodka.
- Sir I said we're closed.

The band is rehearsing.

If you come back at 8,
we'll be of service.

Don't cause any problems.

I said give me a bottle of vodka.

Give me a glass as well,
a big one.

We woke up the sleeping snake!

This is what happens when you walk into
someones house without any evidence.

What else did he say?

He said don't come back here.

I say we wiretap Battal Bey's phones.

If you can get a court order...

...then you can listen to
his conversations all you want..

No way. We can't get
a court order against him.

We need to keep going after him.

Without a single evidence...

...what are you going to prove?

Director please trust my instincts.

Please believe in me,
I need a little more time.

You'll see that I'll prove this. I...

This conversation is over.
No wiretapping.

What job offer?

My dad's making a job offer. He wants you
to manage one of his restaurants.


Don't even think about it. Money's good.
Working hours are set.

Hey Hasan!

Is your conversation over
or should I find someone else to help me?

I'm sorry, Sir.
I'll call you back later.

- Yes?
- It's me, Asiye.

- İdris attacked me.
- When?

Just now. The bastard's gonna kill me.
For the love of God please do something.

He's always threatening me.

He wouldn't listen to anybody but you.

- I'm begging you please.
- I'll take care of it.

You two, come with me.

Look Hasan. You're on the phone
all the time talking.

You're just a newbie,
you don't know shit.

Finishing university, writing a thesis
does not cut it for this job

I warned you before. No phones.
This is your final warning.

And you, İdris.

I warned you, too
but you didn't listen either.

Let go of that girl.
Stop threatening her.

Be a man.

I'll put you both out the door.
You know that I'll do it.

I'm fighting a jackal.

He's messing with us.

A poor girl has not even been buried.

Her prayer is not handled yet.
Shame on you.

This is how you're going to
send me off from the service?

Anthropology my ass.

Does your craziness only work against
women or can you use it to solve a case?

Shall we drink?

He put us in our place.

Well, he's right.
The most annoying thing about him...

...he's always right.

- I'm leaving.
- I won't let you leave.

You haven't even told me why there are no
serial killers in Turkey. It's too early!

No, I mean I'm leaving the job,
I'm quitting.

I can't take it any more.

This might seem a little strange...

Everything stinks here. I stink.

I can't even get close to Yasemin,
I can't even hold her hand.

In my dreams corpses talk to me,
sliced arms strangle me.

This is how we all started.

Asiye used to make me leave the bed,
because I smelled like a corpse.

You get used it.

I used to not be able to fall asleep but
now I can sleep 24/7.

I made up my mind.

I'm going to marry Yasemin,
I'm going to have a normal life.

I'm going to make good money.

Her dad's offering me a job as a
manager at his meat restaurant chain.

A woman got you worked up?

This is how they do it.

You know the grass belladonna?

It's a plant.

When you mix it up with arsenic
it becomes an odorless poison.

What a name;
Belladonna: Beautiful woman.

Women, they're beautiful.
And they kill you slowly by poisoning.

You don't feel the poison at first.

It works its way slowly.

Cut this marriage crap.
Work hard at your job.

This job is sacred,
can't leave it for a woman.

Not all women are alike.

- Yasemin is different.
- Idiot.

Be with your woman.
Be a slave to your father-in-law.

Greedy bastard,
meat restaurant future manager.

I swear I'll come to your restaurant
and I'll order a mixed stew.

If I don't like it I'll pour the stew
on your head. I swear.

You're really crazy.

They should lock you up.

We found a hand and
our lives changed.

Kezban you can leave,
you're already late.

God bless you.

You won't stop saying that, will you?

What's wrong?

- You look upset.
- Forget about it.

I won't. We always talk about my troubles
in this house.

- Police officer, talk!
- What should I talk about?

We really messed up this time,
they're making fun of us.

We made a fool of ourselves,
it's worse than getting fired.

I'm going to ask for my retirement..

Yasemin? It's me.
I thought about it.

Based on principle
I accept your father's offer.

Ok. See you.

Yes, İdris?

I just wanted to apologize for today.

You know I would never hurt Asiye.

I still want to apologize,
you are like a father to me.

I'm sorry. I'm under influence
and also a little sentimental.

What was I saying?

Chief, don't worry.
We'll solve the case,

I will never let you down.

Take care.

What's he saying?

Drunk talk.

I scolded him today.
Then I regretted it.

He's really hung up on Asiye.

I've never seen anyone
so obsessed with a woman.

Congratulations. It takes great skill
to break into a house like this one.

I was in special forces in the army.

What do you want?

My wife does not want to
get back together with me.

Really? Too bad.

When she said no to me today
her eyes had a look...

It wasn't pity, it wasn't hatred.

She looked at me like I wasn't there.

She has erased me.

The other night.
The electricity was out.

She's beautiful, rebellious, stubborn.

I was always faithful to her.
She was my childhood love.

You know I'm really screwed up
because I came here.

They'll probably fire me.

That's not important.

Asiye erased me
so the rest doesn't matter.

My people are a little strange.

My case is closed
but I'll close your case as well.

You'll either confess or I'll kill you.

Look young fellow.

You're probably drunk.
I understand you,

I know the pain you're going through
but you don't know what you're doing.

I realize what I'm doing.
She does as well.

I promise you, if you leave now,
I won't report you.

We'll forget this ever happened.
All the records will be deleted.

But get that gun out of my face.

You know where the door is, get lost!

You're not listening to me.
Are you not listening to me?

What did I say?

I said you're going to talk.
Talk, dammit!

If you don't, you'll be dead.

I'm serious. I don't have anything
to lose Battal!

On the count of 3...
If you don't talk, I swear I'll shoot.

Why did you kill the girl?

What's said here
does not count as evidence.

Of course not. That's not important.
What's important is why you did it.

Hunter needs to know that personally.

He'll trap you, you self-loving bastard!

Stop! Calm down!

Don't respond so I'll shoot you.

- Say your prayers.
- Stop.

The reason is different.

God damn you all!

Lower your weapon!

All surveillance tapes are taken
and sent for investigation.

The gun of the guard Muzaffer Turan will
be sent to CSI...

...for ballistic research.
His clothing will be taken...

...and he will be taken into custody.

He was drunk.
What time did he call Ferman?

Around 9.

I'm tired of it.
It was definitely a self defense.

That crazy guy was pointing a gun at me,
look at the videos and you'll see.

It happened just like I told you.
It's all there.

He was about to shoot Battal Bey.
He aimed the gun at his head.

He was swearing at him.

I warned him and then he pointed the gun
at me. There was nothing I could do.

I didn't know he was a cop.

The videos prove Battal Bey is right.
I'm tired of seeing it.

He has nothing to do with this.
Let him go, Murat.

Battal Bey, you can leave
after your testimony is written down.

But we'd like to know where you are in case
we need you to testify again.

Also could you show your wrists?

Not without an order from the prosecutor.

Today was a really hard day.
Don't push my limits.

That's alright.

Okay. You can leave now.
Don't forget what I said.

Nice man you trained, a live bomb
waiting to go off, and did go off.

Don't make this about revenge,
and don't get the press involved.

See what he did there?
Look at his hand.



This is my gesture.

"Change your perspective
to see something new."

He's trying to say something to us.

Perhaps, maybe he's saying
change your perspective, ours...

İdris what are you saying,
what are you pointing at?

What did we disregard?
Where's the gap?

İdris my brother, where are you?

"Murder covered by the entire earth
will still reveal itself."

Really? Interesting.

- Shakespeare said it, in Hamlet.
- Nice saying.

I'm using it in my thesis.

He has another: "Murder does not
have a language yet it will speak."

But when?

Would you want to read a crime novel
if the crime is not resolved in the end?

No, I wouldn't.

- What are we looking for here?
- Don't know.

We're just looking.

For something to change our perspective?



What else do you want from us?

We don't really know either.
We just came to chat.

Tell us whatever you feel like telling.
Tell us about Pamuk.

What else can we tell?
We told it all.

It's enough.

Pamuk was a really good girl.

She had a beautiful voice.
She sang really nicely.

She was slender and fragile.
She was very introverted.

She was afraid of everything.

One time we all went to donate blood.

Her brothers, her dad.

She was so scared.
I say it's nothing, she...

What was the blood for?

- Sorry?
- You were talking about blood.

They asked for it from everyone.

- Who asked for it?
- The doctor.

- Ceylan's doctor.
- Why?

They didn't tell us anything.

All the staff at the mansion gave blood.

They had said at the time that...

...all the employees at
all the firms donated.

The girl has respiratory failure.

They're wary of infections.
Why are they getting blood for that?

This will be our last visit.

Battal will make us fired.

It doesn't matter to you.

You're going to quit anyway.

Who told you chief?

You're telling me everyday
without even realizing it.

Did you check the patient's pulse?

Yes, Sir. It's normal.

Let me know if her fever runs past 38.

Doctor, do you have a minute.

Just a minute.

There was a mass blood donation here
a while back. Why was that?

I don't know.
Must've been the previous doctor.

Possibly for an operation.
You should talk to him.

What does it have to do with Ceylan?

Battal Bey has strict orders. We can't
talk to anybody about his daughter.

Where can we find the previous doctor?

Turhan Bey.

Turhan Bey, are you home?

It's the police Turhan Bey.
Doctor Turhan, right?

She was very little.
She was very beautiful.

I can't forget her eyes.

I can't forget her screaming.

God, what did we do?

What you're looking for is right there.

Pamuk's nail marks.

Set this up.








That's the gap İdris was pointing at.

- Yes?
- I hope she gets well soon. How's your daughter?

She's trying to cope with it.

It's a difficult illness.
My wife has it, too.

- Kidney failure?
- Yes.

She is tied to a dialysis machine
three times a week.

No transplants?

Once she had the opportunity.

But my wife, she's a little strange.

There was a young girl who was also waiting
for one, she let her have the transplant.

She thought the girl deserved to live
longer than her.

Who would do such a thing in these times?

That's life, now that girl is
like a daughter to us.

She looks after my wife,
takes her to dialysis.

- Any kids?
- Not in the stars.

After my wife's kidneys were
damaged by anesthesia,

...she was advised against having kids.
We only have each other in this life.

- But we learned to be happy on our own.
- We never did.

My daughter had a transplant
but her body rejected it.

I gave mine earlier,
but it didn't work either.

You know the donor
for the most recent kidney?

It came from outside of Istanbul.

- Where can we find Battal Bey?
- He is at the hunting lodge.

He's trying to distract himself.

Can you tell me how to go there?

- You wait here.
- What if I need to take notes?

Not necessary any more.

Would you like a cup of hot tea?

Your dad's hunting rifle?

Good observation Hunter!

You said: "Come back when
you have something to say."

I did.

I have something to say.

I'm listening.

I have to give you credit.
You're a good hunter.

You set up good traps...

...your hunt doesn't even recognize.

You're right, traps don't suit a hunter...

...but catching your
prey is more important.

Just like the trap you set for us:

Pamuk's cause of death.
You had us searching...

...the triangle of love,
betrayal and honor.

This is how it is in Turkey.
Our murders are not very creative.

That's why we've been
stuck on this scheme.

You pushed us into that direction.

A woman who ran away
from her husband... her lover or a woman
killed by her family.

Honor killing or jealous lover.

İdris did
what he had to do before he died.

He told us to change our perspective.

We did and we saw.

What did you see?

The reason for the murder and
the murderer.

Blood and tissue samples were drawn from
all your relatives and employees.

Because your daughter has kidney failure
and you were looking for a kidney for her.

Pamuk's blood and tissue proved to be
the only match among all the people.

We have the lab reports to prove it.

But there was a problem.
How were you going to convince Pamuk?

And the game started. You started
playing the old man in love with Pamuk.

You divorced your wife.
You convinced her family and married her.

They thought you changed her age
to marry her.

No. You changed her age
so that she could give her kidney.

But your game reached a dead end.

Pamuk did not want to give her kidney,
and ran away to her boyfriend.

You took her back by force...

...and then you took her kidney.

And you killed her.

Despite all your threats...

...Acid was about to tell us
why she ran away.

You made her brother kill him.

Vakkas still thinks this is about honor.

This is it.
What do you think?

Let's take a walk.

Maybe we'll shoot a couple of woodcocks.

These are the last chances.
Hunting season will be over soon.

I told you to come back
when you had something to say...

...but I didn't expect this much.

These are serious accusations Hunter.

Can you prove what you're saying,
do you have enough evidence?

Or are you trying to hit the target
while shooting blind?

We identified boot prints at the scene of the
crime. We have the mold and the pictures.

I'm certain that the boots you're wearing
right now have the same print.

There are also wheel prints. We have
the mold and the pictures for that, too.

I'm certain
it belongs to your 4x4 at the door.

The doctor who planned all this,
his skin was inside Pamuk's nails.

If not enough, I'll keep going.

The anesthetic confessed.

The doctor's computer contains the warning
that Pamuk only possible donor is.

If these are not enough, I'll identify
your daughter's new kidney's DNA.

I already have Pamuk's DNA in hand.
I bet they'll be the same.

Kidney of a girl whose body is torn apart
is in your daughter's body.

Is that enough evidence?
Pamuk is dead, Acid is dead.

Pamuk's family is worse than dead.
They lost their daughter.

Their son's life is in ruin.

İdris died. You destroyed so
many people to save one life.

How does your conscience feel?

What matters is to be able to
live with a guilty conscience.

You trapped me.

I said that you were no match for me
but I was a victim of my arrogance.

Ceylan has a special place for me.

I don't know why.

Maybe because of her illness,
maybe because of her smile...

...or maybe because of
the look in her eyes.

I did everything to keep my daughter alive
but all in vain.

We spent our lives chasing kidneys.
We looked everywhere.

Bulgaria, Romania, Africa.

And her body rejected the ones we found.

My wife gave her kidney, it didn't work.
I tried, it didn't work.

We were left with poor Pamuk.

I loved my wife
but the marriage had to happen.

I gave Pamuk a fortune
but she didn't want to give her kidney.

She said: "No, I won't give
my kidney." She ran away.

I made her come back,
I locked her up here.

It was really bad.
It was a nightmare.

She made it really difficult for us.

She screamed, tried to get away.

We could hardly put her under.

One team took her kidney,
the other was waiting...

...ready for the transplant.

We took the kidney here.
Then I went to the mansion with the team.


...the doctor who was waiting
beside Pamuk called.

Said that she realized what was going on...

...started screaming,

And she died of respiratory failure.

I came back here.

There was one thing left to do.

What happened after all that bloodshed?

The kidney didn't work.

Now my daughter's immunity system
is completely ruined.

Ceylan is dying Hunter.
My wealth and my power didn't help.

- Ceylan is dying.
- I understand your pain.

Weird, you are capable of pain.

I didn't think you were.
You ruined a young girl.

Then you tried to play
a hunting game with me.

I didn't see a single drop of
remorse in your eyes.

What sets apart a hunter from another
is not his intelligence,

...but his compassion for his prey.
And you don't have it.

Pray God that Ceylan dies in peace
without knowing what you have done.

No, never.
She should never hear.

This is where it all started,
and you can end it here.

What happened?

It's settled.
We're leaving.

Hunting season is over.

Words are over.

The songs are over.

No more fall or spring.

The sun won't rise above us no more.

The stars won't wink.

No more wind,
no more snow.

We won't smell the sea.

No more rain on our skins.

No more pigeon somersault,
olive seed.

No more the taste of figs,
no more red cloves.

No more good or evil.
Love is over, so is hatred.

No more suffering... more hardships.

Our wound is no longer bleeding.

We're no longer hurting.

We're covered in white.

We're left without shadows.