Hunting Party (2011) - full transcript

When a wealthy tycoon's much younger new wife, Julie Loeb, is shot at a family deer-hunting outing, suspects abound. The tycoon, Martin Loeb, is such a likely suspect that Megan openly accuses him and is fired from the case by Kate, at the request of the highly-influential Martin. Martin's ex-wife, Alexandra Loeb, had a clear financial motive, but his grown children are also potential suspects. Megan and Kate's relationship grows ever chillier, but Megan's new case, that of a bludgeoned man killed in a bad neighborhood, brings her right back to the initial murder.

What have you got?

White tailed buck. Took off that way.

- Oh. Let me guess. You missed.
- Shut up!

Spread out. Keep the sun to your backs.

We'll trap him in the gully. Go.

How you doin', sweetie?

Never better.

I thought you didn't like herbal tea.

The sugar helps.

Why are you drinking
something you don't like?

Just trying out new things.

Dad said he had to
force himself to drink beer

before he started to like it.

Oh, great.

Chill, mom.

I'm not trying to make myself like beer.


this was a good idea.

I just wanted to see how you're doing,

you know, with dad dating
your boss and everything.

I am fine.

God, I wish people would stop asking.

But thank you. Thank you.

Do you want to maybe
do something tomorrow?

We could go shopping.

Uh, yeah. I...

I would love that.


Well, maybe. Ah, you don't want to be here.

Thanks for the ride.


Right there on the south side.

- I gotta go. I gotta go.
- All right. Call me.

Have fun.

Oh, I will.

What? My car broke down.
I got a ride to work.

You are so busted.

So how was coffee with Lacey?

Do not change the subject.

So is this love

or a one-night stand?

No, no. A gentleman never
discusses such things.

Oh, baloney.

It's all you guys ever talk about.

I think we have enough dirty laundry

around our office without me adding to it.

You are not gonna make this about me.

What were they hunting?

Oh, deer, I imagine.

Her name is Julie Loeb.

I looked her up on the way in.

She's the new wife of
Martin Loeb, multimillionaire.

He's got two kids from a previous marriage.

And I'm guessing that
that's them over there.

All right. Thank you.

And your name?

Nice wholesome family outing.

Looks like a through and through.

From the cuts and abrasions,

she tumbled as she fell.

She was hit standing up there.

No way to get trajectory
of the bullet off the body,

and finding the bullet itself out here...

I'm not sure it was
the bullet that killed her.

Oh, you could've fooled me.

Bet you it was the fall.

Well, at least it was a quick death.


I don't know what happened.

I shot at the deer. We all... we all did.

Oh, God. Julie...

And no one was in sight of anyone

when you fired?

Well, look around, detective.
The woods are thick.

But they're not covered in
orange safety patches, are they?

We... we were all headed east
with the sun behind us.

Julie knew enough not to walk
into someone's crosshairs.

Thus making my point.

What point is that?

One of you shot her on purpose.

Delicate as usual.

This was an accident.
How could...

how can you even suggest that possibility?

How'd you get that scratch on your neck?

Well, I don't...

I don't know. I...

You try walking through
miles of underbrush.

See how many scratches you get.

Hmm. And yet...

it appears to be your only one.

We'll be in touch.

If he drops the tissue, I want it.

What do you think you're gonna find?

I don't know. That's why
I need your help.

Oh, it's nice to hear you need my help.

Did I say that?

And there was the time that you needed me

to get that woman away from
her abusive boyfriend

so that you could talk to her in private.

Oh. And do you... do you
remember dragging me

to your mom's club for the society ball?

Not to mention, your chronic
need for moral support

every time that you feel guilty

for abandoning Lacey.

Oh, wow. Did I...
did I just go too far? I...

Good morning. Am I interrupting something?


Peter was just leaving.

So are we good?

- Excuse me?
- With Lacey.

I just want to be crystal clear.

I am dating Todd. That's it.

I am in no way trying to replace you.

Lacey and I are great. Thank you.

So we're good?

Define "good."

Excuse me, Dr. Murphy.
There's a phone call for you.

It's the mayor's office.

Thank you.

You pull the femoral blood for her tox yet?


Hey, about that abandoning Lacey comment,

I just...

Uh, she's got minor cuts
and abrasions from the fall.

What I meant to say was that
sometimes, you just seem

so stuck on how things
are supposed to be with Lacey

instead of just letting it happen.

Look. She did her own nails.

I would've expected a manicure
for a trophy wife.

Are you gonna talk to me?

I need you, Peter, okay?

Sometimes I just wish I didn't.

Now take a picture
of her right ring finger.

The nail is pulled down to the bed.

And there's some kind of pigment or paint

on her elbow.

Did you accuse Martin Loeb
of killing his wife?

Well, somebody shot her.

It is a homicide, isn't it,
until proven otherwise?

Not when it's Martin Loeb,
friend of the mayor

and major contributor to his campaign.

Not coincidentally, guess who
I just got off the phone with.

I will be more delicate next time.

No, you won't. You're off the case.

I'm taking it myself.

Remind me again how you're not
trying to replace me.

Body of Proof 2x02 - Hunting Party
Original air date September 27, 2011

Martin Loeb makes one call to the mayor,

and I am off the case,
and Kate just lets it happen?

Who knew that one
of the perks of being rich

is that you get to handpick

your own personal,
kiss ass medical examiner?!

Megan, Julie doesn't come from money, okay?

- That's not what I'm saying.
- I... I know what you're saying,

and I'm serious. She is not a trophy wife.

She's a scholarship kid from Upper Darby.

Okay, she and Martin met a few years ago,

but she did not want to get
involved with a married man.

They didn't even start dating

until after he divorced his first wife.

Great. So she's a woman of principles.

Naturally, she's the one
that gets the bullet.

Peter, let's go. Back to autopsy.

Excuse me?

You know as well as I do,

the investigator stays with the body.

Am I wrong, or are you two
fighting over me?

You can have him.

Be sure to ask about his one-night stand.

Okay, little clues...

Transportation needs another driver.

You know anybody?

- I know lots of people who drive.
- Why'd I even ask you?

Okay, you know, just tell me
what the job requirements are.

Prior experience picking up
and unloading bodies.

It takes a certain personality.

Uh-huh. I mean, how exactly
do you get prior experience

- picking up and unloading bodies?
- Is this the evidence

- from the Julie Loeb exam?
- Yes, those are going out for processing.

Get both of these typed.

I thought you were off this case.

I am not off this case

until I find out who shot that woman.



I think I'll go check on her blood tox.

I'm just your bitch, aren't I?

Stop pretending you don't like it.

One-night stand?

That's just Megan stirring the pot.

Listen, you do understand
that me taking this case

has nothing to do with my dating Todd?

I didn't think it did.

Uh-huh. But you think
I shouldn't be dating Todd.

I have three sisters, okay?

There is no way that I am
getting in the middle

of this catfight.

Who said anything about a catfight?

This is our problem.

This is where Julie was shot.

And this is where each of you
was standing at the time.

According to this, none of you

had direct line of sight with Julie.

So either there was
another shooter out there

that no one saw and left no trace

or one of you is lying.

We came down here today as a courtesy.

Despite the way we were
treated this morning,

and now you're accusing one of us of lying?

What's she doing here?

What was the fight about, Mr. Loeb?

You're not supposed to be on this case.

Dr. Hunt, you don't want to do this.

Julie's blood type was O positive,

and yet, the blood that I found on her nail

and the blood from the scratch
on your neck

was B negative.

Your blood type, Mr. Loeb.

Martin... I'm not a lawyer,

but they can't take your blood
without your permission.

- Shouldn't have dropped that tissue.
- Dad, let's get outta here.


You and Julie had a fight.
She scratched your neck.

You saw your opportunity
in the woods, so you shot her.

That is twice in one day

you've accused me of killing
the woman I love.

Was there a fight, Mr. Loeb?

There was no fight.

Julie doted on me...

included little things,

uh, tying my tie...

helping me put on my hunting jacket.

She must have had a hangnail
that caught on my neck.

At the time, I thought it was a zipper.

When you asked me about it,
I'd forgotten the whole thing.

And now I think we're done being insulted.

You've already lost one career.

You trying to make it two?

The bullet blew up the C-4 vertebrae

after transecting the spinal cord.

So the bullet did kill her?

Of course it killed her.

Megan said it was the fall.

Well... well, if you want
to get technical about it,

yeah, the path of the bullet
missed the vertebral arteries.

It was the bone fragments that
lacerated them during the fall.

There's some foreign matter in here.

Megan said it was a quick death.

You gonna keep throwing Megan
at me the whole time?

- I'm not throwing anything at anybody.
- Mm-hmm.

I am Switzerland, okay?
I'm a neutral party.

Listen, I haven't done anything wrong.

Well, technically.

So you do think it's wrong.

No, I don't.

Well, unless the only reason
that you're dating him

is because you think
that it can't work out.

Sort of like your one-night stand?

Tox report on Julie's blood.

No drugs, no medications, no alcohol.

Want to know why?

Elevated levels of Beta H.C.G.

This was a double homicide.

Julie Loeb was pregnant.

How's the Julie Loeb case going?

Oh, I am Switzerland. I'm neutral.

Okay. Just out of curiosity,

which one of us is Germany?

I am not getting in the middle
of this catfight, okay?

I don't do catfights.

Julie was pregnant?

Yes, she was... pregnant.

That's a motive.

Yeah, the police are following
up on that at this very moment.

And speaking of police,
I just had a charming call

from lieutenant Pierce

regarding your latest run-in
with Martin Loeb.

I was right about his blood
on Julie's nail.

You were wrong about pursuing

a case that's not yours,
and if you do it again,

I'm gonna assign you to transportation.

They're looking for a driver.

Do I make myself clear?

- Yes.
- Good.

Now since apparently
taking you off the case

isn't enough to actually
get you off a case,

I'm assigning you another one.

A man found downtown, killed by
blunt-force trauma to the head.

Uh, w... what about my investigator?

We do have more than one.

You've driven for a hospital, I see.

Yes, sir. Six months.

Now that's not long.

Are you okay with seeing massive trauma?

You know, severed limbs,

exposed brains,

uh, legs bent the wrong way,
that sort of thing.

You know, 'cause in this office,
we cut people open.

You might see stomach contents,

- organs, all kinds of...
- Yeah.

Sure. That's not...
that's not gonna be a...

You are Martin Loeb's business manager?

Yes. And I've known him for 20 years.

He didn't shoot Julie.

Mm. Did you?

Of course not.

Did you know Julie was pregnant?

She told me about a month ago.

Funny Martin didn't mention it.

She hadn't told him.

She wanted to get past
the 3-month threshold.

Then why tell you?

She came to me for financial advice.

She wanted to make sure
her children were taken care of.

You mean in Martin's will?

I was preparing an audit

of Martin's assets for the attorneys.

Did you say children, plural?

She wanted more than one.

And who would object
to changing Martin's will

to include new heirs?

I can think of at least three
people... his kids and his ex.

His ex wouldn't happen to have
hunting experience, would she?

Alexandra? She's the one

that got Martin into hunting
in the first place.

You know, this is our first
crime scene together.

Do you do yoga?


Close your eyes.


Breathe deeply.

Try to clear your mind. Now open them.

Tell me what you see without
prejudice or precondition.

There's a dead guy in the street.


I'm a forensic pathology fellow.

You need a medicolegal
death investigator. I'm sorry.

Don't worry. There's one
around here somewhere.

What does an investigator do, actually?

Basically, secures the crime scene,

photographs the body, interviews witnesses,

and whatever I tell 'em to do.

But I already do
whatever you tell me to do.

Keep up the good work.

Excuse me.

I'm detective Bell.
This is detective Lopez.

Dr. Hunt. Where's my investigator?

Called to another scene.

- Uh, I'm Dr. Ethan Gross. I'm...
- Ethan!

- Yeah?
- Start taking pictures.


So... does our victim have a name?

Patrick Deline, age 33.

Well-dressed, well-groomed,
caught in a bad part of town.

We figure he came from the burbs

to score some drugs and someone jacked him.

Fits the pattern around here.

Blunt-force trauma to the head.

So what kind of drugs
was he trying to score, guys?

What's your pleasure?

There's a park up the street.
It's a shooter's paradise.

This guy was no shooter.

And as for jacking...


You need a new theory.


two hours.

Bye, officers.

Oh, what about these? You like these?

I'm looking for something really specific.

Oh, okay.

Good to know.

How specific?


Aren't they sexy?

Uh, yeah.

Uh, mm, well, you know,

I'm not sure these are
quite right for you. Um...

What do you mean?

I tried on a pair of Kate's,
and they looked great.

So after you drove for a mortuary,

you drove an ice cream delivery truck?

I like little kids.


What do you want to know, detectives?

Did I kill Julie?

As long as you're offering.

Children, leave.


Don't worry.

I'm gonna confess to exactly
what you think I will.

I hate the bastard.

Wouldn't you?

25 years of marriage,
and like some old car,

he trades me in for a newer model.

But you didn't kill Julie.

Detective, I made out
just fine in the divorce.

And I doubt very much
I'm still in his will.

But your children are, aren't they?

Our mother was angry,

sure, but who wouldn't be?

Well, your mother gets nothing
from your father's will.

But you two stand to inherit less

every time Julie has a child.

Do you know how much our father is worth?

Approximately $100 million.

Right, so that's $50 million each,

$33 million split 3 ways,

and $25 million split 4 ways.

Sure, our inheritance will be reduced,

but not enough to commit murder.

She do all the talking?

We weren't happy about the divorce.

We didn't give Julie a warm welcome.

But dad loved her, and she loved him.

All you had to do was see them together.

She was the love of his life.

You're whistling.

Well, it's nice talking to people

without Megan tossing
verbal grenades everywhere.

Mnh-mnh. You only whistle for two reasons.

Either you've been to the opera

or you got...

I am sleeping in my own bed again,

if that's what you're getting at.

Congratulations, player.
How much did that cost you?

18 years and counting.

So what do we think about this bunch?

Well, they've got the best motive

I've heard so far...



Look, I know that Megan can be
exasperating at times,

- but she's usually right.
- Meaning what?

Meaning that maybe Julie's pregnancy

had something to do with her death.

How so?

Well, I did a paternity test
on Julie's embryo,

and Martin Loeb is not the father.

Julie was pregnant?

You didn't know?

I knew we were trying.

Oh, God. I can't believe this.

Would it surprise you to learn
you weren't the father?

You understand where we're going with this.

Julie was having an affair,
she became pregnant,

you found out it wasn't your baby.

Now when did you discover

that she was trying to write
the baby into your will?

My God.

You people really are

trying to find me guilty
of something, aren't you?

I couldn't be the father.

Five years ago, I had prostate surgery.

I'm sterile.

I knew Julie wanted children.

She was going to a sperm bank,

and she had my blessing.

Do you happen to know which one?

I said she had my blessing.

It doesn't mean I wanted
to know every detail.

Atlantic Reproductive Services.


Uh-huh. It's totally anonymous.

No, you don't need an appointment.

Fill this out. I'll be right with you.

I'm not actually here for this. I...


We're located downtown near City Hall.

Yep. That's the one. Open till 5:00.

We provide all the visual
material you need.

That's... that is good to know,

but I, uh, I was wondering

if you've ever seen this woman before.

So you're not here to give a sample?

You listed your mother as a reference?

Yeah. She thinks I'm great.

You want to call her?


Just so you know,

my investigator was called off the scene.

That was him.

There was a crane accident
at the rail yard.

Nice shoes.

Thank you.

I could see Lacey in those.

I don't see her in a pair of bondage pumps.

Care to clue me in?

We went shopping.

Lacey picked out a pair of shoes
that apparently you showed her.

I showed her?

Next time she wants something,
just send her to me, please.

So are you telling me that
I'm not allowed to wear shoes

in front of your daughter?

I'm telling you that you are in her life

whether I like it or not,

and you just need to understand your role.

And what would that be?

I don't know. I'm still
trying to figure that out.

Okay, see if this helps.

I don't have a role, all right?

I can't control what Lacey sees
or what she likes

any more than I can control you
when you go mouthing off

to a suspect in a homicide.

I am not trying to be Lacey's mother

any more than I want to be your mother,

and quite frankly,

I'm getting a little sick of you
putting me in that position.

So whatever's going on
between you and Lacey,

figure it out for yourselves

'cause I don't want any part of it.

Dr. Hunt, detective Bell and Lopez are here

for Patrick Deline's autopsy.

You put yourself through college

working as a driver
for a supermarket chain?

That's right.

I have time on forklifts, boom lifts,

pallet loaders, uh, every kind of truck,

from minivans to 18-wheelers.

Oh, and I do have the licenses
to go with them.

Well, Theresa, I gotta tell you...

I am very, very...


So you're the ex neurosurgeon?

We asked around.

- What else did you hear?
- Ethan!

- What?
- So do we have a cause of death?

Depressed skull fractures

to the occiput
and temporal parietal regions

causing massive cerebral contusions

and probably a fatal brain stem injury.

Okay, show me yours.

Show you my what?

What do you know about Patrick Deline?

He was an interior decorator
and house flipper.

We talked to his husband.

He was in that part of town

- to scope out the neighborhood at night.
- The happy couple

was thinking about buying
a loft and renovating it.

Hmm. There's trace on his sweater.

So really, guys,

anything about me, Dr. Ethan Gross?

Ethan, do you want me
to send you outside again?

No, no, no. I don't envy Peter one bit.

Did you know that he's canvassing...

sperm banks right now?

There's something under his nails.

Let's see what we have here.

Huh. Looks like paint.

Did you say sperm banks?

Okay, so I've been to all six sperm banks

in the metropolitan area...

Hold on a second. Six?

That's right.

Does he look a little drained to you?

You know, Pete, you do look kind of pale.

Yeah, I hope you don't have
a date tonight, 'cause that...

Okay, if you're all done...

So I found the sperm bank
that Julie went to,

but she left empty-handed.

Then I went to the I.V.F. clinic
that she was referred to.

They said that when she arrived,
she had a sperm sample on ice,

but they don't know whose it was.

Martin Loeb is not the father
of Julie's baby.

Yeah, we know that.

- Oh.
- Question is, how do you?

Because the real father
is in autopsy room two.

His name is Patrick Deline.

The pigment that was found
on both Julie and Patrick

is high-end paint,

which is available
only to interior designers.

What they were both painting,
I have no idea,

but I'm sure it wasn't a coincidence.

Patrick was gay, so they weren't
having an affair,

but if Martin is sterile,

Julie might have asked Patrick
to be the donor,

hence the paternity test.

You got all that off a speck of paint?

And Ethan told me that Peter
was hitting up the sperm banks,

so from that, I deduced what was going on.

How you doing?


Oh... that's funny.


am I back on the case?

Were you ever off it?

Mm, not really.

Patrick and Julie were
best friends from high school.

She came over a few months ago,

told us she had gone to a sperm bank

but left because she didn't want

the father of her child to be a stranger.

Her first thought was Patrick.

Made us both cry.

And did Martin Loeb know about this?


Julie wanted to keep it quiet.

Because Martin would've been
angry if he found out?

More like Martin's ex-wife.

Why would she care?

Patrick decorated their house
a few years back.

He brought Julie along one day,

and that's how Martin and Julie met.


Alexandra never forgave Patrick

for making the introduction.

The last thing they wanted was

Alexandra poisoning
Erika and Thomas' feelings

about their new sibling.

Thank you very much, Mr. Turtell.

And I am very sorry for your loss.

I'm sorry to ask,
and this may be irrelevant,

but has Patrick done any painting lately?

He painted all the time.

He has a studio space nearby.

Well, thank you for coming, Francine.

I really want this job.

I appreciate your enthusiasm.

No, you don't understand.

I really want this job.

I need...

this job.

I love dead people.


I'm done interviewing these people.

Well, maybe you're just
interviewing them wrong.

Mnh-Mnh. There's only
one way to answer...

"do you have a
history of traffic accidents?"

And no, it is not "do I get to play
with dead bodies?"

What are you doing?

I am identifying a murder weapon.

Yes, Ethan.

Uh, just got the results
back from the crime lab.

Patrick Deline was beaten
with a type of tire iron

made in Germany for high-end car brands.

Also, we got the labs back on
the trace from Patrick's shirt.

A residue of calcium and saliva.

Maybe milk or ice cream?

Ice cream?

The good news is, we have
epithelials we can test.

The bad news is,

we have no idea who to test them against.

Okay, well, start by ruling out Patrick

as the source of the epithelials.

And, Curtis, call Sam and Bud,
tell them about the tire iron.

I bet you Alexandra has a German car.

Okay. Or you could just
tell 'em yourself.

Uh, no, I'm not with Bud and Sam.

Oh, well, where are you?

I'm... oh, uh, gotta go.


Herbal tea with sugar...


What's going on?


What? It's just, you know,

you've been spending a lot
of time with Kate lately,

which is fine.

It's good. Um...

and she's, uh...

she's really beautiful.

So it... it's natural that
you would want to copy her.

Are you jealous?



All right, a little... a tiny bit.

The thing is, I just...

I'm your mother.

And I hope you know that

if you need advice about something...

big, small, whatever...

I just... I hope that you know
that you can come to me.

Mom, I want you
to stop worrying about Kate.

Just 'cause I like something of hers

doesn't mean I like her more than you.

And you're right. You are my mother.

And no one's ever going to replace you.



Do you want something else? Juice?

Just say so.

Anything but herbal tea.

Who told you I had it out for Patrick?

Uh, we're not at liberty to say.

It was Martin, wasn't it?

Lying son of a bitch.

He lied all during our marriage.
He lied all during our divorce.

He's just a...

Are you saying he was unfaithful?

Sex? No. Money? Yes.

You wouldn't believe the stuff
I caught him trying to hide.


Artwork, cars... he even had
his own secret yacht.

Detectives, so far no blood,

no hair, no sign
it's been cleaned recently.

We'll take some samples back
for a closer look,

but I think you've got a clean car.

All right, thanks.

We apologize for the inconvenience...

Spare me the apology,
detective. You suck at it.

Well, back to the kids.

I don't know.

Hiding assets...

All this time, we've been thinking

that someone killed Julie over her kid

sharing in Martin's assets.

What if it were someone

who didn't want her to know
what those assets actually are?

Come in.

You know something I hate about this job?

Following the rules?

Never getting to meet these people

once you get to know them.

Julie and Patrick
were decent, caring people,

and they deserve better

than you and I not helping each other.

I couldn't agree more.


As it turns out,

Patrick redecorated the Loebs' house

several years ago.

That's how Martin and Julie met.

And Loeb's ex-wife blamed Patrick,

enough for Julie to keep it
secret that Patrick

was the biological father of her child.

So she's got motive for both murders.

Sam and Bud are looking at her hard,

but so far, nothing.

Well, I've been looking at lab results.

There was some foreign matter
mixed in with the blood

around Julie's wound.

It turns out, the way she landed,

some of her stomach contents
migrated up her esophagus.

But there's also this.

It's the pollen from
a rare kind of oak tree.

So what, did she ingest it?

'Cause it's not in bloom now,
so how did it get in the wound?

It was deposited there by the bullet.

It grazed a leaf on its way.

Well, now we know where
our shooter was standing.


So the southern red oak,

or quercus falcata,

is a medium-sized deciduous tree

with a round-topped head

and leaves, uh, the size of your hand,

with three to five pointed lobes.

Here, look. Here's a picture.


I can't believe I'm doing this...

looking for tree pollen

and hoping some deer hunter
don't shoot my ass.

This is crazy.

No, this is great.

We're medicolegal death investigators.

No, we're not. We are sitting ducks.

Okay, so the tree is rare
in these parts 'cause it's

at the northern limit of its growing range.

Much like the american holly
or sweetbay magnolia, this...

Enough with the tree lesson. We're here.

Let's go find that southern red oak.

All right, I've got the bank statements.

You've got Martin Loeb's statements.

And I got you

a sumatran double espresso.

Oh. Long as I didn't pay for it.

What the hell are you doing?

Yoga. Megan taught me.

I'm trying to look at the crime scene

by clearing my mind of all
judgments and preconditions.

This is the tree, fool.

It works.

Which means, if the bullet hit her here,

then it came from right there.

And there is no way I'm going in there.

There's poison ivy all over
this place. Mnh-mnh.

Hey, you remember when you
helped me fix Megan's phone?


We're even.


did the shot line up?

Just give me a second.

Get outta here.


What is this?


What? Did you find something?

I think we need to get the crime
scene unit back out here.

The divorce settlement came
from selling hard assets...

the artwork, the yacht, the summer home.

No T-bills, no stocks, no paper assets.

I think I know why.

The corporate, pension,
retirement, personal accounts,

they all match up.

Take a look at the family trust.

- That's a hell of a difference.
- Mm-hmm.

Guess who had trading authority
on the account?

Is that it?

Yeah, the results just came back in.

- Wow.
- What?

You recognize that?

I know. It smells like hairspray.

It was Erika, Loeb's daughter...

Except for one thing, there's
a compound in the mixture

that isn't hairspray.


Yeah. Some men use...
not me... use it to...

Stimulate hair growth. Right.

I'll be damned.

Calcium was found in the trace
on Patrick, right?

Yes. Curtis thought it was ice cream.

It wasn't ice cream or milk.

Calcium is one of the primary
ingredients in antacid tablets.


And a symptom of acid reflux is?

Go ahead and have a seat over there.

Mr. Loeb, I...

- Mr. Wright, thank you for coming in.
- ...owe you an apology.

As you told us before...

What were we having?

Excuse me?

The baby.

...wanted to know how it would
affect Martin's finances.

A girl.


The minute you realized

that Julie's request

would force an audit of Martin's assets,

you knew you were in trouble because...

you've been stealing from him for years.

You don't know what you're talking about.

We've got the bank statements, Alan.

Not the fake ones
you've been sending Martin,

the real ones.

So you killed Julie

to cover your tracks,

but the only unanswered question
is Patrick.

Acid reflux, right?

Here you go. My wife has it, too.

See, that's how we knew
you met with Patrick.

You must have really gotten winded

when you beat him to death,
because you coughed so hard,

you expelled saliva.

We pulled blood and hair traces

from the tire iron in your car.

We've got you nailed on Patrick.

And we have traces
of your hair loss treatment

in the woods, exactly where
the shot was taken

that killed Julie.

No lawyer in the world's gonna save you,

not with the evidence that we have.

But tell the truth right now,

and it'll go far with the D.A.

Can I talk to Martin?

I don't think he wants to talk to you.

I didn't set out to steal from him.

I just needed a loan in a hurry
for a business deal.

The deal blew up,
I couldn't repay the money,

so I cooked the books to cover it up.

Martin never questioned it.

And then it just became easy.

So Julie got suspicious?

She thought I was dragging
my feet on the audit.

She was gonna recommend Martin
find another business manager.

I couldn't let that happen.

And Patrick?

The day of the shooting,
he came to my office.

Julie had told him
that she didn't trust me,

and he demanded to know what happened.

He was the father of Julie's child.

He wasn't gonna let it go.

And so you followed him downtown?

I was just so in over my head.

I didn't know what to do.

Please... tell Martin I'm sorry.


I'm so very, very sorry.


The money I could forgive,

but not Julie,

not our child.


Call an ambulance!

Alan? Alan?

Is he gonna make it?

Congratulations, detectives.

You finally have something
to arrest me for.

Quite the drama you had today.

Yeah. Where were you?


There is a video on here

that I think you should take a look at.

You want to watch it with me?

Sorry, but I have a date.

Same girl or a new one?

Good night, Megan.


you like working with me, don't you?

I wouldn't have brought you
that if I didn't.

And here we are, painting the crib.

And, mommy Julie...

you are on.

Hello, baby.

I'm your mommy.

And you're gonna grow up with
a wonderful daddy named Martin.

But there's somebody else who loves you

just as much as we do.

He's your biological father.



Hello... baby.

Uh... I may never be
the father who raises you,

but I'll always be
the father who loves you,

no matter what.

But know...

that I love you,

just as much as Martin does.

Being a parent means wanting
the best for your child,

no matter who provides it.

You... you are so gonna get it.



Hey... Lace.

Hi, it's me.

Um, listen, I've been thinking,


if you really want those shoes,

I think you should have them,

and I'm gonna buy them for you.