Hunting List (1994) - full transcript

Chu Chi Kit returns to HK from Taiwan after many years in hiding, and immediately resumes his relationship with old flame May and rejoins his old friend Cramp in a drug operation. But times are different, and their big boss Lui now cares more about business than loyalty.

Hot chick.

Leave me alone you creeps!

I'm so pleasurable!
I want to suck your nipple.

Leave me alone, pervert!

Look here now, beauty.
- Left, right...

What is it?
Courting girls again?

Yeah, so what?
- Catch, you creeper!

What's the matter with you?
Don't go after such girls.

I'll learn some day...

Hello, big brother. Please take
this here for now.

Please don't angry.
- What is this? I look like a beggar?

Yes run, you coward!

Hand me the bag.

Is this stuff good?

Don't move, Police!

Stand back!

Don't shoot. I'm not Police!

Trust me, I'm not Police.

I can smell cops a mile away.

Here's what i owe you.
You should go into hiding.

Just stop it, lunatic.

You're dead!
- Oh really?

Where have you been?

Guys, greet Brother Kit.
He's my good friend.

We fought together for this precinct
back then.

We risked our lives.

It's all so different, our
old buddies, too.

Everything changed!
- How's Tai Hum?

His father left him money.
He's got a bar now.

How about Seven?
- Don't mention him.

He got killed in a fight.
Now my brother is the boss.

He's fucking wealthy,
driving a Mercedes!

Get the fuck out and
fight me!

Why so angry?
- Bastard deserves a beating!

Let it be. How's your wife?

At child birth she
had infection.

She died when giving birth
to Kwong.

I hired a maid for the kids.

Kit, remember our game?

Once the Police chased you.
You almost choked to death.

That's 15 years ago.

Does Mai know you're back?

You went without saying a word.
She was very sad.

You were her first love.
You must see her.

I'm watching you the whole week.
You're not one of them cheap girls.

You are so lonesome. I want
to give you company.

Let me bring you home.
- No need.

Let me go.
- I just wanna take you home.

I won't hurt you.
- What's going on here?

You get lost!

It's raining heavily.
Can I stay here for a while?

Who do you think you are?
It's closed now.

Hey? You listening? Get lost!

Get out.

Go home.
- What the hell are you doing?

I can go where ever I want!


I came to see you.

Seen enough now?
Then leave.

I heard you fled
to Taiwan.

You never wrote a letter.
First I waited but then...

...I met other guys.
You were not the only one.

How about your brothers
Cramp and Louis?

Have you seen Cramp?
Stay away from him.

But they are your family?
- I don't want such family.

You came back for
them or for me?

Louis got enganged with
Thai Triad

...and now he can import goods
directly. Look at his house!

Kit, you're here!

You rascal, I heard you
shot 3 cops!

Everyone knows that story
over in H.K.

Let's work together and
make lots of money!

Still playing so bad.
- You try better!

You first.

Kit played for me. So know
you lose, of course. Got it?

Kit, have you seen Mai?
- Of course, she loves him.

He is in charge.
She adores him still.

We are family.
Never be bad to each other.

After all it was not your fault.
- She blames us...

...because you ran away.
We are bad influence to you.

I'll talk to her.
- Let me introduce Hong.

Ever were in prison, Hong?
- No.

Killed anyone?
- No.

Ever were in a fight?
- Of course.

Were you scared?
- No!

That's good. In 3 month's
time everyone in H.K. wil know you.

Vietnamese guys
have no rules.

They wanna to take
our territory.

If we don't exterminate them,
we'll have no income.

Cramp, you watch out here.
If we're not back in 2 min... come.

2 min, no worries.

Take this.

Are you scared?
- No.

First blood and any
fear will be gone.

What is it?
- A cigarette.

Wait here.

Nice to see you, brother Kit.

It's me, were are you?
I need a good fuck later.

Get down.

Want some?
- No thanks.

What? Are you scare?
Sit down and have a talk.

Why be scared?
Sit down and have a talk.

And show me some courage.

There's a blue movie on TV
since you came in.

But you just look at me.

Do i look better than
a nude girl?

I don't eat because I'm not hungry.
I don't sit because i don't want to stay.

And I saw the
movie 2 years ago.

And I'm looking at you because
I despise you.

Bring the goods.
Make the deal.

- Goods first.

I always loved you.
Go home and wait for me.

You want me?
I want you too!

Get up!

You come here with
blank papers?

You want to play games?
I'll show you.

Idiot here has enough money.

Kit, kill him. Shoot him!

I love to piss...

Drink my piss...

Because of you I was late,

I have to stop,
Dad is coming home.

Kit, here's my home.
Do you like it?

I have to stop now.
- It's very nice.

No I cant talk now.
- What is it?

Enough now with
the telephone.

No wonder it's not available!
- Only 10 min!

Don't talk back!
Greet Uncle Kit!

And this is Hong.
What do you want to drink?

A beer.

I know who you are.
The friend of my Auntie.

I am Hong!
- You have grown.

I changed your diapers.

Hong, Kit.

Always courting men.
That's right!

I have it from you!
Am I right, Kit?

Kwong, my boy.
Let me hug you.

Greet Uncle Kit.

You must be Little Kwong!
- Right.

You know what sickness
I have?

I don't know.
- I have a kidney problem.

But that doesn't matter.
Daddy will give me one of his.

Don't hassle Uncle Kit anymore.
- Be a good boy.

Now to bed.
- Good night, Uncle Kit.

I am cursed. My family has
to pay for me evil deeds.

Look who's here!
- Brother Kit!

Long time no see. How are you?
- Good.

What's with the hand?
- Leave it! Where were you?

Who did that?

Which gang was it?

We busted school, fought
and courted girls together!

We always solved all problems.

Now you don't wanna tell me what
happened? We're brothers!

Tell me who did it.
- I gambled and lost.

I could not pay them.
They wanted my bar.

When i denied them,
they cut off my finger.

How much do you owe them?

1,4 million.

And the bastards just
cut off your finger?

Is it them over there?
- It's them.

Invite them for a drink.

They say you are
Louis' brother. - So?

It was a misunderstanding.
Let's take a drink.

Take a seat.

You got some nerve.
Who do you think you are?

Let's go.

Anyone else wanna cut
off my fingers?

Now you're all scared?

Shut up and come!

Kit, come over!
Have some fun!

Fuck that bitch! Come on!

Come over and help me fuck her!

Your turn!

The girl is not bad.

You better kill me now or
I'll revenge later!

Kill me? Come on then
and kill me!

Fuck you, bastard!

Your brother lost much money
in San's casino.

No big deal, but he didn't
want to pay him up.

Triad rules demand a finger.

So last night your brother
destroyed the casino...

...and killed San.
- Bastard.

Money can't make this good.
If you want to...

...clear this matter,
a war can be avoided.

We are honorable.
San always respected me.

I only want to talk
to you.

We are making good money.
No need to fight.

Nobody gains if we fight.
- So Brother Yee said...

We can forgive Cramp,
he's your brother.

...but Tai Hung started
all the trouble.

I hope you will consider
doing something about him.

Please not.
- Come on open up.

It's me, open up.


Boss, Brother Ku,
please come in.

Have a seat.
Want a drink?

You both made big trouble.
- I work so many years for you now.

Please help me out.
- I can protect you...

...but who will protect me?

Take better care
in your next life.

Phone call.



Don't do anything rashly,
wait for me.

What is it?
- Tai Hung is dead.

Don't go!
- If I don't go now...

...something bad will happen.
- And tomorrow someone will kill you.

It never stops.
Now Tai Hung's dead.

You will always be
in danger of life.

Want to find the murderer?

He will kill you, too.
- I'll be back soon.

If you go now,
don't dare to come back to me!

I don't believe it.
They killed Tai Hung!

It wasn't his fault alone?
I was there too!

Why didn't they come for me?
Why? Tell me!

Boss, they murdered our friend, kill them!
- You must be sure who did it.

It was Yee's men!

Why should he revenge
for Brother San?

If I don't teach them a lesson
my face will be lost.

What are you saying?
Brother Yee always helped us.

We must find out who
is really behind it.

Don't act rashly.
Watch out for my business.

Fuck you!

That's typical.

Kit, take care of him for me.

Tai Hung was a playboy,
but he never hurt anyone.

I can't ignore his death.
- Listen, Cramp...

...don't act stupidly.
You have family.

You must promise to take
care of my children.

Don't say that. Tell me if you
plan something.

We're brothers. Why should
I hide something?

Go to hell.

Kit, get in.

Why are you here?
- After you've been here...

...six men got killed.
Boss is worried.

What's going on?
Tell me now!

3 killers in the casino,
one is my brother.

I kill the evil guys,
you still not happy for it?

Superintendant Lau,
Anti Drugs.

We watched you 24 hrs.

It's all a mess since
you came back in there.

I'll quit. I want to go
back to Taiwan.

Nobody knows them better.
- I am one of them!

It was so hard to give up
my life before.

You wouldn't want to live
with such crooks!

We think Louis killed Tai Hung.

Why should he kill
his own man?

Because the drug business
is too important for him.

I don't believe it.
- We saw Louis' car at the murder scene.

Dad called he won't be
home tonight.

Auntie is in hospital with
Kwong and I was scared alone.

Your dad knows?
- How can I tell him that?

Where is he?
- Cramp went to Tai Hung's place.

He tried to call you but
no success.

Where's Cramp?
- Brother Louis.

I'm your brother and your boss.
Who do you think you are?

He killed my friend!
What should I do?

I lose my face.
- If I had enough money...

...I'd leave H.K.!
- He's dead. What can you do now?

You think Brother Yee
will just forget the matter?

When will you smart up?
Pawn your gold watch and your car.

You just fight.
Can't do anything else.

Brother Louis, your call.
- Later.

It's Brother Yee...

Yes... oh, sure.

Yes, I'll do that.
See you later.

What did he ask?
- He wants to talk with me.

- Kit? we have work to do.

Please leave a message.
I'll call you back.

Mai, it's me.
Please pick up the phone.

I did not want to hurt you.
I'm sorry.

I'll call again later. Bye bye.

Brother Kit.

Is that enough?
- Want to go to war?

Boss has a talk.
I killed Brother Sei.

Are you ready?
- All prepared.

I'll go in now. If I'm not out
at 3, you get in.

Kit, you're alright?

Wait. We must search you.


If you can't control your men you
will never be boss.

If I would not control my men,
Cramp would be dead already.

You could have done nothing.

I did not allow them because
I respect you well.

You would not dare risk
your business for such matter.

Time is running up.

You are in bad situation.
If you can't clear the matter...

...I will take care of it.

No worries.
It will work out.

We storm in, shoot aimlessly
and kill everyone.

It's Cramp's mistake.
I give him a lesson.

Please let him go.
He is my brother.

Brother Yee, please
give him a chance.

You beg for his mercy.
I understand that fully.

It makes matters so hard
because he is your brother.

But he stands between us.
Now listen very good.

Can you remove the
obstacle between us...

...even if it's your own brother?

I hope you can solve the problem.
I think you understand.

For our better co-operation.

Now, think about it.

Come on now.
Arm yourself and we go.

Come on what's the matter!

Brother Louis did not call yet.
We must wait for him.

He said to storm in after
3 punctually.

Don't dont anything if he
does not call here.

I have to make urgent call.
- What can be so important?

So you want me to eat here alone?
- My wife is sick.

I must know how well she is.

May I help you?
- No, thanks.

Fuck this, he said to storm in
if there's no call!

Stay calm now.
- He's not your own brother!

Okay, I'll go with you.

I'm sorry, but you
know my bad temper.

I must call.
She will have operation soon.

Then you may go.
- Thank you.

Something's wrong,
hurry guys.

Watch out, it's
all okay!

Brother Louis is okay.
- I don't believe it!

What's that?
Trying to kill me?

Of course not.
- Impossible!

If something would have occured...
all would have been a mess.

Fucking asshole, you
were so close to die!

Don't forget your promise.

Brother Yee did not
like San and See anyway.s

They used his name to make money.
They were a nuisance to him. everything's okay.
- Boss, so it's all fixed!

The matter is finished.
- Don't do anything now.

I will buy goods from Yee
and you'll have lot to work then.

To be honest...

...I was scared not to see you again.

Can you come over tonight?
I'll ask Hong to cook for us.

Calm down. You must take
care of your kids now.

I hit you! You're dead!

Bravo, you just killed Dad!
You are winner!

You're dead!
- Were you a good boy?

Where's Auntie?
- She went to buy noodle.

And where's sister?
- She's playing in her room.

...with Brother Hong.
- Brother Hong?

Dad, why are you here so early?
- Do I have to go up or...

...will he come down?
- Dad, what will you do?

Get him here!

Come here.

If you wanna do that,
go to a motel.

I don't want it in my house.
And never brush her off.

Only she may brush you off!
Understand that?

If you hurt her,
I'll kill you myself.

You understand?
- Yes, Brother.

Don't blush now.
Call me Uncle!

You are undercover!
- We grew up together.

We're like real brothers.
- They're drug dealers!

We're Police.
You must arrest them.

If it weren't for Cramp,
I wouldn't agreed.

When we sold 600kg...

...we will never work
with Brother Yee again.

Then we do our own jobs.

I think he's really dumb.
If we had to fight...

...we would kill
the bastards.

I must tell you something.
- What is it?

I have information, that
Louis killed Tai Hong.

My own brother kill
Tai Hung? Why do that?

Someone saw him at the place.
- What are you saying?

How can you believe that?
- Believe what you will...

..I just tell what i heard.
What yourself.

Tell me you love me.
- I love only you.

Give me cigarette.

Can you make me a bath?

Bring some noodle.


Hello, who's there?

Who was it?
- I ask you.

But you picked it up.

I don't know who she is
but she hanged up at once!

Wrong number.

- Don't pretend to me!

Eat some noodle.

If you don't explain I
won't let you go!

Enough now!

How dare you beat me?

What did you say?
Hong beat you?

I'll kill him!

- Uncle Kit.

- Daddy is very very mad...

...and now he went out.

He wants to find Hong.
Can you get Daddy back?

Did he beat you?

Motherfucker, come out!

Brother Cramp...


How dare you beat
my daughter?

Bastard. I warned you!

I never beat her, how
dare you do that?

Daddy, don't!
- Get away!

Don't kill him!

I'm pregnant.
Please don't hurt him.

Go to hell!

Uncle Kit, Daddy is dead.

Cramp, Brother Cramp!
- He's dead.

Today our Brother Cramp
leaves us to go to Heaven.

Open the Heaven's Gate and
let him in.

Cramp would have liked it.

I tried to call you.
Come in.

I hope you to leave
H.K. tomorrow.

I don't want
Cramp to die for nothing.

I can't persuade you,
that's why I beg you.

I want the killing
to stop.

I don't want you to
be the next victim.

Alright forget it then.
I won't mourn about you.

Mai, I'm a cop.

10 years ago...

...I killed and fled
to Taiwan.

I met Kip Nefung and
became his informant.

He recommended me
to Anti Drugs Force.

I was recruited and
came back here as undercover.

You killed Police in Taiwan?

That was just a setup.

I came back to
investigate my friends...

...whom I grew up with.
Now that Cramp is dead...'s time to tell you the truth.

Brother Kit, why
are you here?

I couldn't sleep so
I went out here.

I was thinking of the past...

...all the fun times
with Cramp and Tai Hung.

Wanna have a chat?
- Get in.

I have to ask something.
- Okay.

What's up?
Bad moods?

When I was a kid,
we all followed Brother Louis.

We adored him.
He was our idol.

We all wanted to be like him.
Me too.

One day someone called
Chung was killed in a fight.

Cramp cried like a child.
Me and Tai Hung, too.

So that night we swore
to watch out for each other... matter what.
We would always be there for the other.

...and now both
of them are dead!

Now I'm the only one left.
I was always the lucky one.

The 'Lucky Guy'.

I thought over and over.

And then I was sure.
There can only be one...

...who would dare to kill
Brother Cramp.

That's Louis. And only one
who would dare betray Cramp.

That's you!
- Me? No!

Brother Kit, I...
- Don't you dare deny.

You are Louis' guy.
- No, Cramp was my boss.

He was so good to me.
- That's why you deserve to die.

Brother Kit, don't act hastily.
Don't push me!

You tell me the truth!

So what?

- Open your curtain.

Hong, get home.

Yesterday all was well.

We want to marry...

...we gave the baby
already a name.

And now he's dead.

It's all over.

You are still young.

You have a whole
lifetime before you.

Rember your baby, and
raise it for Hong.

Don't let it be
a rascal too.

Louis ordered Cramp's death.

Last night that guy
Hong was killed.

His body was at Louis' window.
You could be next.

You are undercover.

You killed Cramp.

You must die!

No, it wasn't my idea!

How's Kwong?
- He's out of danger.

He will need a new kidney.

What did doctor say?
- They must operate soon.

A child in Japan had an accident.
They would donate for him.

How much?
- It will cost appr. 2 Millions.

Louis has no spare money.

Count it.

Tell them not to move.
- Stay calm.

Weapons down!

Get down!

What's the matter?
How dare you rob us?

Get there.

Get down!

One thing I forgot...


What? Motherfucker!

Kill him!

Don't mess around in Tokyo.
Take care of your brother.

Of course. He's my
only family.

Else he will banish me.

Why don't you come?
- I have things to do here.

I have to talk
to your Uncle.

Here's your ticket.
Watch yourself.

Be good.
Have luck.

See you, Uncle Kit.

Where did you get the money?

What did you do?
- Trust me.

I know what I'm doing.


- Have a seat.

No, thanks.

Your man could be involved
in the case.

You mean Kit?

Yes. Brother Yee got
a new shipment.

We wanted to bust them.

Suddenly someone stormed in,
robbed them and burned the drugs.

Now Yee and Louis want revenge.

The Thai dealers have gone
back home.

Worst thing is, all our
plans are fucked up.

You sure it's Kit?

Louis had Cramp and Tai Hung killed.
Kit went crazy it seems.

No rascal would dare offend
Louis by burning the drugs.

No gangster does that...
- Where's your proof?

I hope I'm wrong.
I know he's special.

Maybe it was our men?

Guess whom we got.
He's in the bathroom.

It must be him.

Kwong only needed 2 Millions.
Where's the rest?

If you give it,
I'll kill you quick.

Boss, call from Brother Yee.

I have the man.
- I heard it was Kit.

How do you know it?
He'll give us the money.

Good. Finish it.

Louis wants to cover
up for Kit.

I had enough of this.

Get to work!

I have the man.
- I heard it was Kit.

How do you know it?
He'll give us the money.

So they suspect it's Kit.
He paid the money for the operation...

...and sent Kwong to Tokyo.

Louis and Yee know it too.

If we strike now...

...we will have best success.

Let's go!

I always treated you
like a real brother.

This is your thanks?

Stop, Police!

Don't move, Police!

Put your guns down!
- Don't move!

Stay calm!
- Put the guns down now!

Don't move!
- Guns down!

I won't say again!
- Put it down!

Let's go.
- Weapons down!

Don't move, Police!

What the hell?
Nobody move!

Weapons down!
- Brother Yee, leave now!

We're Police!
- I hate fucking Cops.

Louis, how could you betray me?
- Brother Yee, I...

Let's put all the weapons down
and have a talk.


You there, come out!
- Drop the weapon now!

Come out slowly.

Call an ambulance.

I'm in bad shape.

No, Kit! Please don't
shoot me! No!

How's Kwong?
- Operation was successful.

Soon Kwong can live
like other kids.

That's great.

I always blamed you.
You were so nice to all of us.

I don't know if I'm
rascal or Police.

I killed and stole.

I always make troubles.

I always destroy everything.
- Don't be like that.

Let's start all over.

It's too late.

Write a report.

That was found in the orphanage.
It was there for a month.

We're working 24h on the case.
Asked countless witnesses.

Everyone says the robber
had a mask.

It's really hard for us...
- Are you saying...

Lots of our men died.
Many could not even...

...get a medal for their bravery.

We need guys like you.
You're not scared to die.

We will talk about it later.

Mai, I...
- Yes, Kit?

Kit! Kit, what happened?

Say something!

Get up, you must eat.

Kit, I arranged for your escape.

You can come back later.
Here's some money.

You must hurry.
- Where am I going?


It was very hard to
give up my life for you.

I didn't ask for this job!