Hunting Lands (2017) - full transcript

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Frank, if you're calling to cancel...

Not calling to cancel.

Well I'm still at work.

But if you need to chat
I get off in an hour and a half.

Look, I'm gonna need you
to come out here to the cabin.

- Bring your kit.
- Sure.

I can come out tomorrow.

I'm off rotation
for the middle of the week.

No. It's gotta be tonight.

Jesus, Frank.
What the hell did you do?

Just need some medical attention.

Go to the emergency room.
There's nothing to be embarrassed about.

Not an option.

I can be there in a few hours.

-I'll head over after my shift.
-Thanks, Carl.

You're a really stubborn--

Hey, hey, Frank.
Take it easy.


I'm fine, Carl.

You tell me to come
all the way up here.

Now you're fine.

It's not for me.

I'm gonna need
a damn good explanation for this.

I was hunting...

down that buck...

Heard a sound in the distance

and saw a man
dumping something in the ditch.

She's the something.

Trouble spots on her hip.

Get my bag.

What do you want me to do?

I've got it from here.


Can I get one of those?

Thanks, uh... I meant a smoke.

Thought you quit.

I did.

I think this qualifies
as a special circumstance.

You know, my, uh, grandpa...

stowed his smokes in this tin...

hid it in the exact same spot
in the woodpile.

On a scale of one to ten,
how fucking stupid are you?

Someone dumps a body
in the woods

and your first instinct is to take her home
and put her in your bed.

You gotta take her to a hospital.
Go to the police.

Oh, so the sheriff
could take down her statement...

how many flights of stairs she fell down?
Send her right back to him.

Hell, he beats the daylights
out of his own goddamn wife.

You gotta cover your ass here,
this shit doesn't look good.

Anyone else comes up here,

you'll be weighing down
a cot at county.


I'll handle it.

And if I do need you,
I'll let you know.


And later on,

when I'm telling you
I told you so,

I want you to remember this.

Just to change the subject...

Kelly wants you to meet
a friend of hers from work.

From what she says,
this Kylie's pretty funny.

Talks a lot.

She says it'll be
a perfect match...

opposites attract
and what have you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm not inviting you,

I'm informing you
that you'll be attending.

Whatever reason,
my wife likes you and...

wants you to be happy.

I'll admit, it doesn't make
a lick of sense to me.

Look, Frank...

I know we've seen
a lot of awful shit together.

But I can't let you
move out here and quit.

Uh, I left a couple of bandages inside.

Change it in the morning and...
if she starts to run a fever, let me know.

Want me give you a ride
back to your truck?

No, I'll walk.

Thanks for the beer.

Even though the underlying expresses
have not been addressed,

nor will it be.

You know, we've heard a lot about it
over the generations,

but it seems like

they're more people suffering
from disorder than ever.

On passport it was referred
to as shell-shock.

It was-- It wasn't referred to PTSD,
that wasn't even a term,

uh, or acknowledged,
until recently.

The soldiers of past generations,

uh, had a higher mortality rate
when deployed in combat zones.

You just simply didn't have
the survival rates that you do now

with modern medicine,
new techniques.

Soldiers going out
into active war zones

who actually have the chance
to come back

and now that's what
we're stuck dealing with,

we-- we have a problem,
we have...

a large population
of soldiers coming back

and we just don't know
how to treat them.

That's an interesting way
to look at it.

So the world
being less dangerous actually

has a heightened effect
in the stress of the modern soldier.

Let's go to the phones
and get your opinions.

We have Mary on the line
from Newfield, Mary...

What are your thoughts
on this discussion?

I can see what the doctor
is trying to say here,

but during World War II
there was a definite difference

of children dying of disease...

Yeah, did--
Did I tell you what he did?

Yeah, he's making us wear
fucking bow ties...

and matching sweaters,
it's awful.

It's terrible, I look...

completely wrecked but--
Hold on one second.

Hi, can I help you?

Yup, one for

His Girl Friday.

Okay, that's eight bucks.

Hold on.

There you go.

And... here's your ticket.

Wait. Stop.

- Where you going?
- Stop it.

Stop it. I told you.

It wasn't my fucking fault!

Do you understand?
You're not even--

Oh, fuck.

Hey, just let me fucking finish!


Hel-- Hello?

Well this must be
a special occasion.

What'll it be?

Cheap beer and a whiskey.

How's your father
doing these days?

- Haven't seen him
in over a year.

I saw him down at the VFW,
cheering on his little league team.

He still has a bit of fire to him.

That's why we haven't spoken
in a while.

The hell's your problem tonight?

You know who that is?

Can't say that I do, why?

That asshole...
is Frank Olsen.

Henry Olsen's little brat son.

He doesn't look like
a spoiled rich kid.

Was. Not so long ago.

Went off and did the army or...

something. Came back and just...

went out into the woods.

Must be nice.

Must be nice?

You lose your mind out there.

You can't go five minutes
without butting in on some conversation.

It'd be a lot easier
if I was well off like him.

I'm just saying.

You know,
you're always "just saying"...

and yet you never have
anything good to say.

I don't have to sit here

and take your shit.

I'm going to the bathroom.


-Frank Olsen.
-I know.

Just got an earful about you
from my asshole buddy.

I remember Gary as being a hell
of a ball player back in high school.

Yep. From what I heard,
he was one of the best?

Now he's got child support
to pay.

Septic tanks to pump...

and a real ugly girlfriend
that looks two towns over.

Could be worse.

One thing he's got going for him
is being his own boss.

And the fact that his, uh,

girlfriend's got a yoga body...

as he likes to put it.

I got plans to do the same
one of these days.

Get your next beer for a smoke?

Well you got yourself a deal,
mountain man.

Here you go.

I needed this.

it's the little things.

A smoke and a cheap beer
can take miles off a man.

First day
of the season yesterday.

I don't get out there
like I used to.

It's been years, actually.

How'd your first day go?

-Landed my permit.
-Ah, you got one.

Now what?

Still work to do.

I should
get out there this year.

You can come walk my land,
if you want.

I'll show you a good spot.


I ain't got the time.

Well, if you're worried
about embarrassing yourself,

you know, I promise to go easy on you
when you whiff every shot.

There's nothing wrong with being a pussy
when it comes to hunting.

It's not for everyone.

Pussy, huh?

It's not for everyone.

What time you want me there?

Early morning is best
for big bucks, but, uh,

we could do afternoon
if you need time to...

primp and groom.

You done for the night?

Early to bed, early to rise.

I got his too.

You come back soon.

I may be a bit hungover tomorrow.

Believe me the cold morning air
will clear that right up.

I'm on the dirt road just off Lawson,
all the way to the end.

You can't miss it.

I know the area.

Plenty of kids spent nights parked
on those roads.

Jesus God Almighty.

You're out here every year?

All year.

Sounds goddamn exhausting.


There was something to be done.

And something to...
consume a man.

Well, you gotta make money.

Come on. Still got a ways to go.

Need another break?


No, just uh...

I haven't been out in the woods
in a bit.


I feel like that's most folks
these days.

You know,
living their lives at home.

Never having to acknowledge
that the natural world's still out here.

The real thing that gets missed...

is out here...

Every move you make changes the move
something else is gonna make.

Yeah, your scent changes
the path of the game, your...

footsteps break apart leaves and twigs
making them decompose faster.

Everything has an impact.

Living out in the back woods
is like,

earning a degree in philosophy.

Everyone makes their own

I made mine as much
as you made yours.

And they all sit in judgement
of the way they decide to live, but...

doesn't matter what the verdict is...

'cause they're always gonna have to live
with the consequences.

Let's head up the hill that way.

Steep hike that way.

I got a good feeling about it.

Never been one to argue
with a gut feeling.

I haven't hiked this much
in forever.

There's a good opening up ahead.

See. Gotta trust my gut.

See, everything in the woods
has a choice to make.

And most of the time
it's the path of least resistance.

But the scents they smell,
the prints they see,

they can block that path.

Just a single owl could change a route
that's been used forever.

Everything has a choice to make.

Like right now... we make ours.

I see.

Got it.

Oh. Did you see that?

Headshot, motherfucker. Yeah!

Fuck yeah!
That shit was awesome.


That's what I'm talking about.

You like that? You like that?

Ha, ha! Woo!


Good shot.

Just shy of the kill shot.

Well it's always good to have a pro
to put in that second shot just to be sure.

Forgot how much of a rush
that was, huh.

Bet you,
it reminds you of the war.

You ever field dress?

I never have, no.

Old man would take it home...
bleed it and skin it.

Go find us a sapling.

A little taller than you.

And as thick as your wrist.

Needs to bend, not snap,
so something still green in the center.

Oh. You don't have to be
a pussy about it.

Why you have to be
a fucking pussy, man?

Fucking pussy.

All right, Lance...

There's plenty out here
that'll eat that right up.

Good for them.
It smells like shit.

Grab that end.

How far out are we?

'Bout a mile and a half.

Ready? Three, two, lift.

All right, Frank.

Let me be honest with you, I got...

I got a business proposition.

Try not to tell anybody but...

I got famous, but...

Now to decide
whether you want to...

take it home with you or not.

Or I could butcher it for you.

You'd be the pro, so...

if you're willing to butcher it for me,
I'm willing to give you any cuts...

you want to keep.

-I can take care of it.
-Appreciate that.

-God, yes.

This is a hell of a place.

It's been in my family
for over a century.

My family used to have a lot of pride
in where we came from.

Not anymore?


Feel like it's skipped a generation.

Had to restore the place
from the ground up.

To be honest with you,
I know a little something...


building something yourself.

I, uh...

got a business proposition
for you.

You know,
my grandpa built this cabin,

he was in search of solitude.

And he just came back
from the Korean war and...

started right in on a family
and a business.

I wanted the same solitude
after my service.

For, different reasons.

You know, I did my job,
I followed my orders, but...

here I could pursue a life
outside the noise of the world.

These woods just...


They don't need much.

Sounds to me like you're hiding
from yourself out here.

Like some kind of punishment.

What was it?

You killed a few people
in combat and you enjoyed it?

And it shocked you...

what you can do to your fellow man
without any guilt.

Did it make you feel
like some kind of an asshole?

The thing you missed is...

you're not the only asshole.
We all are.

Every goddamn one of us.

Fucking and fighting
and trying to get our due,

because it's owed to us.

But only if you take it.

And instead of having
the courage to live your life,

you came out here and you hid
from all the assholes.

And it's a sad thing...

that you're hiding place...

is gonna be your resting place.

All because you had to teach
another asshole a lesson.

And for what?

-- English --