Hunting Grounds (2015) - full transcript

After losing their home following a devastating tragedy, a father and son are forced to move to an old family cabin. Neither reacts well to being thrown into this new world. The son's attempts to relate to his father are complicated when two old friends arrive for a weekend of hunting. This trip into the forest will unearth not only buried feelings of guilt and betrayal, but also a tribe of Sasquatch that are determined to protect their land.




(eerie music)

(drum and gong music)


(slow orchestral music)

(dark piano music)



(gun clicking)

(eerie music)

- Hello?

(dramatic music)


(fire crackling)

(light drumming)

Hey, are you hurt?



(heavy footsteps plodding)


(dramatic music)

(bird chirping)

(light orchestral music)

- What are we doing here?

- I need to give Will a call.

- If you didn't get
rid of our cell phones,

you wouldn't have to
stop at a pay phone.

- Michael, I don't
know how many times

I'm need to say this to
you but, we're broke.

We can't afford to pay any
unnecessary phone bills

right now.

Besides, there won't
be a place up there

to charge 'em anyway.

- Yeah, but we would
have saved on quarters.

(light music)


I thought we were
trying to save money.

- Well, when Will
comes to check on us,

he's gonna wanna relax, so
gonna have the essentials.

(light orchestral music)

(engine revving)

- Right here.

(dramatic music)

(heavy piano music)

(birds chirping)

Where's the cabin?

- Will said it's a few
hundred yards that a way.

Let's start gettin'
the stuff unloaded.

I don't want this
to take all day.

Here we go.

That'll (mumbles).

(heavy music)

Well, this doesn't look so bad.

(birds chirping)

Which one of these
opens the door?

Thanks for labeling these, Will.

(eerie music)

(door squeaking)

- What's going on?

- Stay right here.

(ominous music)

- What do you think happened?

- Looks like somebody
ransacked the place.

- You think they're
still around?

- No one else is in here.

I'm gonna go check around back.

You just stay right here.

(eerie music)



Whoever did this,
they're gone now.

Yeah, we gotta get
this place cleaned up.

I'm gonna head over to the truck

and handle moving
all the boxes in here

and chop some firewood.

You just take care of this mess.

- What if they come back?

- Your uncle said
there hasn't been

anybody up here in years.

This could have
happened a long time ago

and no one's been
here to see it.

(laughing) You'll be all right.

Well, better get a move on.

Thanks for taking care of this.

(door slamming)

- (chuckling) Yeah, no problem.

(light piano music)

(door creaking)

- Comin' through.

That mess out there isn't
gonna clean itself, Michael.

Come on.


(birds chirping)

(muffled rock music)


(light piano music)


How's the house comin' along?

- Good.


We got enough wood?

- We could always
use a little more.

Want a go at it?

- No.

I was thinking about asking
you if I could borrow the car.

- What for?

We brought everything we need.


- Yeah, uh, actually I
wanted to see if maybe

there was a college in the area
or somewhere I could access

online courses from in town.

- Michael, I don't wanna get
into another argument with you.


We talked about this before.

- Did we?

Because I remember bringing
it up and you saying no

without even listening to me.

- We're down to the
last of our savings.

I can't afford to
send you to school.

But maybe if you'd gotten
better grades, you know,

a scholarship would be
in the cards for ya.

- I'm sorry I was
distracted from my studies,

but have you ever heard of this
things called student loans?

- And you'd need me to
co-sign for your loans.

And my credit's been god-awful
since before the funeral.

I can't afford to
take on more debt.


- So, that's it?

My life is gonna consist
of living in a shanty

and working a minimum wage
job at some local feed store.

- We're both gonna
have to make do

with what's been given to us.

You're not the only
one who's grieving.

If you want the car,
you can take it in town

and look for job applications.

'Cause once I'm done
repairing things around here,

I'll be right there with you.

- And, it's not like you
could do both or anything.


- I'm gonna be busy
making this place livable

for quite some time.

And I might not be
making a paycheck,

but my days are gonna
be filled with work.

- Never mind.

I'm gonna go inside and
wait for Uncle Will.

- Well, you can't just
do nothing all day.

Why don't you, uh,
clean up that back room

so Sergio can have a place to
sleep 'cause of his bad back.

- Sergio's coming?

- Yeah, him and Will are coming
up this weekend together.

- But him and Will
aren't even friends.

Why is he coming here?

- 'Cause he's my friend
and I haven't seen him

in a long time.

- I don't want him
going into my room.

He's just gonna get drunk
and root through all my shit.

- It's not your room, Michael.

- You got any other
buddies coming, Dad?

You know, it's a good
thing we moved to this

new palatial estate so
now all your friends

can come visit us.


(heavy orchestral music)


- How are we supposed
to get inside,

if you're standing in the
middle of the doorway?

- Hey, Uncle.

- Good to see you, Michael.

Glad you're here.

- Glad to be back.

- How's it been so far?

- Well, I mean, it's
as good as it can be.

You want something to drink?

- Uh, no, thanks.

- Sergio?

- That's Mr. Guerrero to you.

Where's Rog?

- He's sleeping.

- This early?

- Everyone needs a nap
once in a while, Marx.

So, you gonna get him
up or just stand there?

- Dad (knocking), wake up.

Will and Sergio are here.

- Okay.

(door creaking)

- He should be out in a minute.


- Why don't you wake
up the whole mountain,

while you're at it?

- Lay off, man.

- [Sergio] Shut up
just once, Marx.

- You guys take
down the shelves?

- No, when we got here,
this place was wrecked.

Somebody took down the shelves

and the table was knocked over.

- Never had a problem with
vandals up here before.

- Yeah, they busted in
through the front door.

It won't even lock anymore.

(eerie music)

- If you don't tell me there
are hoodlums around here.

If they come back,
can't even keep 'em out.

- Calm down, I can fix the lock.

- I'll be a lot
calmer once we go,

get my guns out of the car.

- Guns, what do
we need guns for?

- So shit like this
doesn't happen.

- Okay, besides the mess, how
are you guys likin' the place?

- Uh, well, it's run on propane
and there isn't even radio.

I don't really know how
anyone could like it.

- Kids, never grateful
for what they got.

Always something
to complain about.

- Did your dad have a chance
to check out those places

in town I told him about?

- No.

He says he has to
fix this place up

before he can get a real job.
(door creaking)

- Hey Will, how's it going?

- Doin' good, Roger.

How you doin'?

- Can't complain.

- Dad, we'll need--

- Hey, who let a fuckin'
Mexican in here (laughing)?

- How's it goin'
you old bastard?

Long time no see, man.

- Where's your stuff?

- Left it out in the car.

- Ah, how's the family?

- Ah, you know how it is.

My last weekend with Marty,
the kid had the shits

like you wouldn't believe.

Didn't wanna stay inside either.

Cleanin' streams of that
stuff off the sidewalk.

So, I give him a
little what's for.

The fuckin' landlord
calls Child Services.

Can you believe that bullshit?

I got court with Sheila if
I wanna see that kid again.

- Who would have thought the
courts would look down on

child abuse like that?

It's a strange world.

- You can start talking
about raising kids

once you stop pumping
iron every wakin' second

and work on pumpin' some pussy.

- Okay, Sergio, I opened up
my second gym last month.

In my experience, success
is definitely something

women respond to.

Although I'm sure you know
all about that, right?

I'm sure they're just bustin'
down your door after seeing

your beefy list of debts.

- Hey, listen you dick--

- Hey, I'm not gonna listen
to this shit all weekend.

Just knock it off, you two.

- You mind if we take a
look around the property?

I wanna talk about a few things

before we get too distracted.

- Sure, just step outside.

(door creaking)

Everything looked good,
for the most part.

The place was busted
up when we got here.

- That's what Michael
was tellin' me.

We can always swing
by the Sheriff's

on the way back through town.

- Ah, it's not
that big of a deal.

With Michael and I both working,
we got it all cleaned up

and everything up and running.

- [Will] Glad to hear it.

Let's go check around back.

- [Roger] Sure.

(birds chirping)

- What the fuck is that?

- That's an outhouse.

There's no running
water up here.

- Fuck, Rog, I knew you had
it bad, but not this bad.

So, what's the story
with this place, Marx?

Family find it abandoned
and claim it for themselves?

- My grandfather
built this place.

We used to come up
here for vacations.

- [Sergio] I thought
my vacations were bad.

- Why didn't we
ever come here, Dad?

- Your mother didn't feel
like making the trip up

after your grandma died.

- It's too bad you didn't
spend a lot of time

up here, Michael.

Your mom really liked it
when she was your age.

She really loved the
outdoors, seeing nature.

- We all read the obituary,
Marx, no need to rehash it.

- Hey why don't you show
some respect, all right?

Shannon meant a lot to us.

- Relax, dude, it
was only a joke.

- Yeah, well, no one
thinks you're funny.

(sad piano music)

- [Will] You have enough wood?

- [Roger] I think so.

- All right, I guess all
that needs to be done

is to paint it and
build the porch

with the tools in the shed.

- [Roger] Yeah, it
shouldn't take me too long.

- How are you doing for work?

You been lookin'?

- Ah, no, but I figured since
I'm only fixin' things up

around here, I can be looking
for a job at the same time.

- Can we do something else now?

- Well, there's really
not that much to do.

- Are you kidding?

There's tons of great stuff.

In fact, there's supposed to
be a meteor shower tonight.

I figured we could find
a good spot and watch it.

- What?

No fuckin' way.

I brought booze.

Roger, why don't you
follow me down to the car,

help unload the goods?

Marx (fingers snapping),
toss me your keys.

- So, the plan for the
weekend is to get drunk?

- No, the plan for the
weekend is to relax, Michael.

(sad music)

- Come on, I'm sure
they're gonna wanna do more

than just drink beer.


- Oh man, usually I'm the
one doin' the fucking,

but that night, I got fucked.



- [Roger] Oh man.

I'm so glad you came
this weekend, man,

it's been too long since
I had a really good time.

- Man, it worked out.

You know I told you I
was in the area for work.

- Yeah.

- I'm actually with a logging
crew on this here mountain.

- No shit.

- Yeah.

We're clearing all
the woods around here

starting at the top,
working our way down.

Hey, Mikey.


Come here.

(muffled rock music)

You wanna beer?

- No thank you.

- Come on.

- Go ahead.

- See, your old man doesn't
care if you have a beer

and we won't let anyone
know you're under age.

- Even if I could
drink, I wouldn't.

- What's wrong with
your boy here, Rog?

How about some
(speaks in Spanish)?

I got it from this guy Darby.

Best shit in town.

- Get out of my face.

- Don't you fucking hit me.

- Well, I think Michael and I

might check out
that meteor shower.

- Fine with me.

We're gonna smoke
some of this shit.

We don't need any
little pussies around.

When you decide to grow a pair,

then you can sit
at the man's table.

Of course, I can't
remember the last time

a little bitch miraculously
grew balls (laughing).

- Go easy on the kid.

- All right, all
right, so sensitive.

(gentle piano music)

- [Michael] I knew
this was gonna happen.

- [Will] I know you don't
like to drink, Michael,

but your dad can
make his own choices.

- After the accident, he
said that that was it.

Clean living.

He wasn't gonna let alcohol
hurt our family anymore.

That lasted, what, three weeks?

- You have to understand, man,

he was married to
Shannon for 20 years.

That's a hard thing to get over.

- Yeah, it's terrible.

Now, who's gonna
make him dinner?

- I know he doesn't show
it, but I think deep down,

he feels the exact
same way you do.

- No, no, this is how
he's always wanted to act.

You know, she was preventing
him from being a lazy slob.

And now he has the perfect
excuse, "My wife's dead."

- I hadn't talked to
your dad in months

before he called
about the cabin.

Is it really that bad?

- My mom died in a hit-and-run.

My dad drank himself out of work

and out of our house.

- Look, hey, I'm sorry.

But today isn't how
it's always gonna be.

Have you looked at any colleges?

- Yeah, Dad says that
we can't afford college.

But that's okay,
'cause, you know,

I'll learn how to cook
grits and hogtie squirrel

and really that's all the
learnin' you need around here.

- You know, things have been
going really well with the gym.

I was thinking about
maybe asking your dad

about you moving in
with me for awhile.

There's schools around my place.

You can hang out with
kids your own age.

Maybe we can even set up a
student loan with my bank.

- Really?

- Yeah.

Like I know, I know that things

are never gonna be the same
now that your mom's gone.

But I want you to have as
normal of a life as possible.

- He'll never go for it.

- Won't know until we ask.

I'll ask him on
the trip tomorrow.

- What trip tomorrow?

- Your dad didn't tell you?

No, it's why Sergio
brought all those guns for.

It's huntin' season.

Sure he wants to shoot some
of the woodland creatures

before he has to leave.

- Great.

- If he's not killing
things one way,

he's just gonna do it another.

- What?

- Sergio's crew,

they're gonna be logging
a lot of the mountain

this side of Eight Canyons.

It's really gonna mess with
the wildlife around here.

You know that great job he
was telling your dad about?

- Yeah.

- It's bullshit.

They got him watching
the equipment at night.

Any jackass can do his job.

- So how'd he get
the weekend off?

- (laughing) He didn't.

His dealer's watching
it over the weekend.

Stupid asshole's been pulling
shit like this for decades.

- I can't believe you've
known him for that long.

I don't know how you stand it.

- You saw us back
at the cabin, right?

Well, I still can't stand it.

Whenever him and Roger
would come and visit Shannon

after school, he used
to just make it a point

just to poke at me.

I never thought
in a million years

I'd still be dealing
with him now.

- So, when's this thing
supposed to start?

- The guy said it should
start any time now.

- There it is.

- Rise and shine (smooching)!


- What the hell
is wrong with you?

- Hurry up and eat or we'll
leave your ass behind.

Come on, let's go.

Hey Rog, got more ammo?

- [Roger] Uh, all
I got is there.

You look like the
one who's hungover.

- Yeah, well it's hard to sleep

when you two won't
shut up all night.

You know, I don't really feel
like going out today, Dad.

I'm gonna stay.

- Come on, Michael.

You're complaining about there's
nothing to do around here,

so now we're finally
doing something.

- Okay, but can we do like,

like target practice
or something?

I just don't really understand
why we have to kill stuff.

- Hunting happens to be a
very fun sport, Michael.

You'll see.

Hurry up and eat.

We gotta get going.

(dark orchestral music)

- Roger, find us a
nice clear spot, yeah?

- There's a place
up ahead over there.

- All right.




- Hey, give me an Oreo.



(birds chirping)

- Roger, hold still.

- Guys.

Get down.

- That is a beauty.

- Who gets it?

- We'll let Michael
get the first shot.

- What am I supposed
to do with this?

- You're just gonna
shoot the deer.

- No, I don't wanna hunt.

- Come on, be a man.

- Do it for me, Michael.

- No, Dad, take the
gun, I don't want it.

- Nope, I'm not gonna take the
gun until you take the shot.

- You're really gonna
make him do something

he doesn't wanna do?

- Will, he's my son.

I think this will
be good for him.

- Dad...

- Your father's been looking
forward to this, Michael.

Now, stop being a
pussy and do it.

Don't touch me again.

- [Roger] Quiet guys,
you're gonna scare him away.

Come on.

Listen, you (mumbles)

Get it in the cross hairs.

You gotta let go of your
breath, then pull the trigger.


(gun firing)

Ah, so close.

- How do you fuck that up?

Did you do that on purpose?

- What are you doing?

- I'm not gonna let it get away.

(heavy breathing)

- You know, Michael, something's
gonna kill it eventually.

- Yeah, but it
doesn't have to be me.



(eerie music)



(ominous music)


- Whoa, whoa, what
the, hey it's me.

What's wrong with you?

You look scared shitless.

The deer do that to you?

Those things can be
pretty ferocious.



- Let's take a
break for a minute.

- [Will] How many breaks are
we gonna take today, Sergio?

- What's that?

- I don't know.

- It almost looks
like hair from a bear,

but I've never seen
one around here.


- Is it a bear?

- We have no bears around here.

- It's the woods.

Of course there's bears.

- You work on this
mountain, right?

Have you ever seen
a bear before?

- No.

- But what else makes
noise like that?

- I've never heard it before.

- It's gotta be a bear.

Maybe we should head back.

- I've never seen
a bear around here

and I've been up in this
area dozens of times.

- Roger, just because you
haven't seen something

doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

- Even if it was a bear,
it's gonna keep its distance.

They're not gonna do anything
unless they're aggravated.

- You see, so let's
stick with the plan.

We'll set up camp soon.

We'll play it safe
from here on out.

- Well, I'm not
taking any chances.

- (chuckling) chances with what?

The nice trail?

- I gotta take a piss.

- Now he's gonna scream bear

every time he starts
acting like a dick.

Don't worry, we'll
be right here for you

when the bear gets
you, all right?

- [Sergio] One of these
days I'm gonna shut you up,

you little pissant.

- You want one?

- No thanks.

(birds cawing)


- Hey Will, remember that
thing we were gonna talk about?

- So yeah, Roger.

I wanna talk to you
about something.


- Guys!

(ominous music)

- What is it?


(gun firing)


(dramatic music)

(gun firing)



(heavy breathing)

- What are you doing?

- Watch it, man.

- What the fuck you shooting at?

- It's down there.

Do you see it?

- What was it?

- I don't know.

It's down there.

- Where down there?

- Down to the bushes.

- You hit something?

Was it a bear?

- No, it wasn't a bear.

This was huge.

- Have you ever seen a
full-size bear before?

- Not up close.

- Well, then you don't know

they can stand up
to seven feet tall.

- No, no, no, this was bigger.

- Everything looks bigger
when you're scared.

The point is, did you kill it?

- [Sergio] It don't think so.

- Well, then we
need to find out.

- Hey, what are you doing?

- Just stay up there
with Michael, all right?

I need to check this out.

- Be careful, Dad.

- I don't see anything.

- We gotta get out of here, man.

That thing is still out there.

- What are we gonna do?

- There's nothing down there.

- There was.

- Well then, it's invisible.

All right, can you
wait to go crazy

until after this weekend?

- What's going on, Sergio?

- I don't know.

I thought I saw...

- It'll be okay.

Let's just get
back on the trail.

We should set up camp.

We're all tired and--

- Imagining things?

- And it's getting dark,
so let's find a nice place

up ahead and relax.

- We should head
back to the cabin.

It's not that far back.

- Maybe he's right.

We can't sleep out
here with a hurt bear.

- We've already concluded
that there aren't any bears.

So, Sergio freaked out and
shot a bush, who hasn't?

But, some of us should
stop overreacting

and start growing a pair.

- You don't know what I saw.

- Knock it off you two.

We're all sane adults here.

Let's just act like it.

- So, we're still
camping for the night?

- Come on.

- Come on, Michael.

We'll find a good spot.

(dramatic music)


- [Roger] This looks good.

- [Will] We're
gonna need firewood.

- [Roger] Michael, can
you go get us some wood?

- Yeah, I guess.

Shouldn't we wait until
the tent's set up?

- There is no tent.

- [Michael] What?

What's gonna keep
the animals out?

- [Sergio] Oh Jesus, we
should have brought the tent.

- There is no tent and
nothing's gonna bother us.

- But Dad--

- Michael, you're
just gonna have to

get comfortable on
the ground, okay?

So, please go get the wood.

(ominous music)




- [Michael] Jesus Christ.

- Don't go all
Sergio on me, man.

Come on.

(fire crackling)


- Calm down, will ya?

- What's got you so freaked?

- I don't know.

It's about three
feet taller than me,

completely covered in hair.

I'd never seen anything
like that before.

- Maybe it was Sasquatch.

- Don't be ridiculous.

Come on.

- I don't know what
else it could have been.

- Are you serious?

You think you shot
at a Big Foot?

- No, he's not serious.

He's being very
stupid right now.

- No, that's the only
explanation that makes sense.

- That's the only
explanation that makes sense?

- That thing is still out there.

And there are
probably more of them.

We gotta go back.

- Calm down, man.

Just relax, all right?

There's no such
thing as Big Foot.

- I don't know,
I've heard stories.

- [Sergio] What stories?

- Knock it off, Will.

- What did you hear?

- Stories of strange things
being seen in the woods.

I heard them when I was a kid.

There's even one about
a group of miners

that were attacked on
this very mountain.

- Will, this isn't funny.

- Keep going.

- Now, it's gonna scare Michael.

- I'm not scared.

Go ahead, Will.

- All right.

It happened about 90 years ago.

There was a group of miners
working on this mountain.

One night, they were
attacked in their cabin.

Rocks, they fell
from the hilltops.

The sides of the cabin

they were just being
shaken violently.

The attacks happened throughout
the rest of the night.

At one point, one of
the men ventured outside

and went around back, was
knocked unconscious by a rock.

And when he came to,
everyone was gone.

But there were these big
footprints all around the cabin.

Ever since then people
referred to it as Ape Canyon.

It's only a few miles away.

Pretty short walk for
our friend Mr. Sasquatch.

- [Sergio] That's true?

- No, it's not true.

He's yanking your dick, man.

- [Sergio] We shouldn't be here.

- Come on, Sergio.

Even if Big Foot did exist,

he's not gonna attack
people, all right?

He's friendly like ET.

- I don't know, Dad.

Maybe he felt threatened.

- Michael, shut up, all right?

This stops right now.

- No, we gotta
stay alert tonight.

What if they come back for us?

- Don't worry, all right?

We got our guns,
you got your knife,

Michael's afraid of
every sound he hears.

I mean, that's a pretty
good security system.

All we have to do is hang
the food up in the tree

then nothing has any
reason to bother us.

- Yeah.


(eerie music)


(drumming music)


(heavy breathing)

(low growling)


(gun firing)

- What the hell's going on?

- [Sergio] It's the Big Foot.

I told you it would
come after me.

- Fuck, Sergio, come back.

Stay here with him.

- Did you see anything?

- Sergio was right.

It was Big Foot.

- What?

No, damn it, Michael,
that's the story I saw

on Unsolved Mysteries.

- I saw it, Will.

Someone's, someone's been here.

- Oh, God, Sergio's crazy
ass must have scared him off.

Come on, we gotta go find 'em.

(generator humming)

- [Sergio] Darby!



- [Roger] What's
going on, Sergio?

- [Sergio] Darby's
supposed to be here.

- Who the hell is Darby?

- This guy from the town.

I had him watching the
equipment for me this weekend.

- [Will] He said
it was his dealer.

- [Roger] Fuck.

Did you tell him
we'd be camping?

- [Sergio] Well, yeah.

- [Roger] Don't you see
what's going on here?

He's the one from
back at the campsite.

He was trying to steal our shit.

And he might have been the
one that fucked up the cabin.

- [Sergio] No, no, no, no, no.

They were here.

(dramatic music)

They killed him.

All that blood.

- [Roger] What the hell
are you talking about?

I'm gonna go find this guy
and put an end to this.

- [Michael] Dad.

- [Roger] Stay with your uncle.

There's no one here.

- [Sergio] He got him.

- [Roger] Enough of that.

(eerie music)

Hey, who's there?


- [Will] Oh my God.

- [Michael] Dad.

- [Roger] Help me.

- [Michael] Dad.

(dramatic drumming music)

- [Roger] Help me.

- Dad!


- No.

What was that?

- That was Big Foot.

It won't stop until
it kills us all.

- Sergio, for fuck sake,
someone just took Roger.

We gotta find him.

- NO, no, fuck you, I'm
going back to the cabin.

- Come back here, coward.

Come on, we gotta
go find your dad.

- I saw it.

I really did and
it's gonna kill him.

- All right, I know
you're scared, Michael.

But someone's gotta help him.

And right now that's us.

- I can't.

- Okay, okay.

Let's figure out what to do
back at the cabin, all right?

All right?

Come on, come on!

(footsteps plodding)

(heavy breathing)

- It couldn't have
gotten in front of--

- There's more than one.



(dramatic music)


- [Will] Come on, Michael.

(heavy breathing)

- [Michael] You got us lost.

- [Sergio] I think
it's this way.

Let's just keep moving.

(heavy breathing)



(drumming music)


- [Will] Open up this
(mumbles), you son of a bitch.

(heavy breathing)

(door clattering)

(heavy breathing)


- Shit, we left
the packs outside.

- My dad's still out there.

- The extra ammo's in the packs.

- I thought he was your friend.

- Well, that doesn't
matter any more, Michael,

because he's dead
and we will be too

without any fucking ammo.

- Then why don't you
go get it, Sergio?

Okay, and hopefully we'll
remember to let you back in.



- What the fuck is
the matter with you?

You don't fucking touch him.

- Stay back, Mother Fucker.

I'm tired of listening
to your shit.

- My shit?

You're the one crying about
coming back to this cabin

as soon as possible and now
you're gonna bitch about,

what, not having bullets?

- Guys.

Well, what are we gonna do?

- We stay here.

- What?

- Yeah, and we got an advantage
over those things outside

as long as we stay in the cabin.

- But, what are we
gonna do about my dad?

- Yeah, we have to find Roger.

- You don't have any
idea where he is.

- Then we, we take the cars.

We go back to town, we
come back with the cops.

Michael, I need the truck keys.

- I think my dad has them.

- Oh shit.

- Sergio (fingers
snapping), keys.

We need to find Roger.

Who knows what those crazy
fuckers are doing to him.

- Oh man, Roger's dead.

He's being ripped apart
by Big Foot as we speak.

- I'm tired of your bullshit.

You're gonna give me those keys,

or do I have to
take them from you?

- Back off!

(eerie music)

- You wanna stay here?


We'll take a car.

We'll come back with help.

- You'll lead 'em back here,
you'll lead 'em back to me.

- Give me the keys!






- [Will] Oh God.


(heavy breathing)

(eerie music)

- You killed him.

- I gotta get rid of him.

I can't have him staring
at me all night long.

Pick him up.

- What?

- You're gonna move the
body, put him in your room.

- No.

- Stop fucking looking at me!

Fuck you, fuck you.






(heavy breathing)

(door creaking)



- Oh shit!

(heavy breathing)

- Help me.

- ├║What do you want?

- Look, my name is Bauman.

I haven't eaten in days.

Please help me.

- Okay.

Sit down.

And put your hands on
the table and don't move.

- Okay.

Thank you.

Thank you.

- Oh Jesus, what's
happened to you?

- I was kidnapped.

I don't know if they're
still after me or not.

- The Big Foot?

It took my dad tonight.

Okay, you, you have to tell
me what happened to you

so I can try and find him.

- All right.

For years, I'd heard a
story about a lost gold mine

out in these mountains.

When I heard they were
gonna start logging,

I knew somebody would
find it eventually.

I needed the money, so
I scrounged together

whatever I could, made my
way out to the mountains.

That night, started to hear
strange noises in the trees.

I found an abandoned campsite.

That's where it happened.


(footsteps plodding)

But when I couldn't
escape its grasp,

it carried me for
what felt like hours.







(heavy breathing)

- Oh, no!


No, no!


(eerie music)

(heavy breathing)






I saw three of 'em in that cave.

Could have been more.

I don't know.

I didn't try to move again
until the sun came up.

(heavy breathing)

(rocks clattering)



I'm not sure why they
didn't try to kill me.

Maybe I wasn't a threat.

Maybe they didn't
want me to escape

and bring back more
people, I don't know.

I sat there for

I don't know how long.

Watching 'em go
about their routine.

Then two of them left.

That left me with just the one.

I knew if I was ever gonna
escape, it had to be now.

I didn't have anything
to use as a weapon on me.

But I did have some tobacco.

- Hey.

Hey Boogie Man.



Want some?





(dramatic music)


(dramatic drumming music)

I had no idea where
I was so I just ran.

I don't know for how long.

(heavy breathing)

Then eventually
I saw your cabin.

- But, where's the cave?

Okay, you have to tell
me where the cave is

'cause that's where
they're holding my dad.

- I'm sorry, I don't know.

When I got out of there, I
just ran in whatever direction

I was pointed.

Hey, was that an
outhouse I saw out back?

- Yeah.

- You got a gun or anything?

- No.

- Will you come with me?

You can keep an eye out.

We gotta watch
each other's backs.

- Okay.

(ominous music)


- Hey.

Can I have that?

- I thought I was
watchin' your back?

- I don't like the dark.


- Okay.



- Dad, Dad, what happened?

- [Bauman] Oh shit.


- Oh.

- Are you okay?


Are you okay?

- It pulled me into the woods.

They beat me.

It messed up my leg.

I had to play dead before
it would (mumbles).

- What happened to your gun?

- (mumbles) outside
before I saw you.

- We're gonna need that gun if
those things come back here.

(heavy breathing)


- Ah.

Thank God you're okay.

And who the hell was that guy?

- That's Bauman.

The Big Foot had him too.

- Where's everyone else?

- Will and Sergio were arguing

over whether we should stay here

or we should go

and Will tried to
take his keys back

and Sergio stabbed him.

- Oh my God.

- And it's my fault because
Will wanted to go and find you

and I told him not to
because I was too scared.

And now it's my
fault that he's dead.

- No, no, what happened was
not your fault, Michael.

I would have told Will to do

the same exact thing if I could.

The entire time I was out there,

I prayed that you were safe.

Where's Sergio now?

- I knocked him out
and put him in my room

with Will's body.

- Well, we'll just
leave him in there then.

When Bauman gets
back, we're gonna go

and we're gonna get some help.

- Okay.

Do you think we can
make it to the car?

- We got no choice.

Where are my keys?

- I don't know.

- I must have dropped
them in the shed.


- [Michael] Come on, come on.

- I can't go.

- We're gonna get
the key and the gun

and we're gonna get the
fuck out of here, okay?

- Oh my God, they followed me.

(dramatic music)

(gun firing)













(gun firing)



- What are you doing?

He's still out there.

- I'm sorry, Michael, he's dead.

We have to look out
for each other now.

- But it left.

- We don't know where to.

We have to be smart
about this, Michael,

or we may not last
through the night.


What was that?

(heaving breathing)

(door creaking)

(door creaking)


(glass shattering)


Stay down.




- Think they thrown a rock?


(heavy breathing)


(heavy breathing)

What is it?

- They're leaving.

- Well, then we
should leave too.

(footsteps plodding)


(glass shattering)

- Pay back time, you bastards.

(gun firing)

Michael, grab a gun, help me.

- It's locked in the
room with Sergio.


- Oh shit!

(gun firing)

(dramatic drumming music)

(heavy breathing)

(low creaking)

- What are they doing?

- It sounds like they're
pushing on the walls.


- Over there.

(gun firing)

(dramatic music)


- Dad!




- Come on.

Gotta block the window.

Are you okay?

- Yeah.


- They're on the roof.

Get down.



(gun firing)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)


- Did you get it?


(dramatic music)










- [Roger] Grab the
dresser from your room.

We can use it to hold the door.

- Sergio's in there.

- We don't have a choice.

We can't hold this ourselves.




- You need something, Michael?


- [Roger] Michael, hurry!

- Rog?


Come on.





(gun firing)

- Thanks.

- Yeah, no problem.

- We gotta get to the cars.

- No way.

Those things are
still out there.

You want them to kill us all?

- Okay, maybe you're right.

- If we're gonna stay here,

then we need to
block these windows.

- With what?

- With the wood for the deck.

With the wood for the deck

that's in the shed.

- Yeah, he's right, Sergio.

If we can get that stuff,

we can keep these
bastards out for good.

- I'm not going out there.

The cabin is the only
place we're gonna be safe.

- Well, they're hurt pretty bad,

we got all the main
entrances blocked.

And we don't hear them
outside anymore, do you?

Maybe they're
regrouping in the trees.

We can't secure this cabin
unless we get that wood.

- Well, I'm not leaving.

And you're gonna go out
there with that bad leg?

Well, are you?

- I'll go.

- Are you sure?

- Sergio's right.

We have to stay here.

Okay, which means
that the only option

is to lock this place down.

- Well, you can take
your daddy's rifle.

I'm keeping mine right close.

- Take it.

- No, because I need to have
my hands free to carry stuff.


But that means I'm gonna need
one of you in that window.

- I'll cover you.

- Thanks, Dad.

Okay, let's use my window.

- All right.

Well, no time like the present.


- Be careful.

- Don't worry, we will.

(heavy breathing)


(heavy breathing)

(eerie music)

(footsteps pounding)

(heavy breathing)



(drumming music)

(heavy breathing)


- [Roger] Oh no.

Michael, look out.


- [Michael] No, don't shoot.


Dad, open the door.

- Sergio.

- Yeah?

- I need your help.

Get on the dresser.

We just need to
make a distraction.

- All right.

(glass shattering)

(heavy breathing)


(gun firing)

- Ah!


- You don't hurt
my family, Sergio.


(dramatic music)

(heavy breathing)

(tapping) Hey, over here.

This is the one you want.

(gun firing)




- [Sergio] Roger!





(heavy breathing)


- [Michael] Dad!

- Thank God.

Never been more afraid
in my whole life.

You got the key?

- Yeah.

Where's Sergio?

- He got what's coming to him.

Now, let's get the
hell out of here.


Stay right here.

(door creaking)


Get the gun.



(drumming music)


I won't be able to
make it on my leg.

Just go.

- I'm not gonna
leave you here, Dad

Come on, come on, come on.


Oh no.


(eerie music)

(heavy breathing)


Where'd he go?

Come on.


(drumming music)










- [Michael] Dad!

- [Roger] Go.

Get to the car.

(dramatic music)

(heavy breathing)

Give me the key.


(eerie music)


- [Michael] Dad, watch out!






(heavy breathing)

(light piano music)

- [Michael] Come on, Dad.


(low growling)

We're leaving and
we're not coming back.

(low growling)

(door slamming)

(engine starting)

(light piano music)

- Are you okay, Dad?

- I'm okay.

(grunting) Oh, shit.

- I'll get you to the hospital.

Okay, you're gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

(tires crunching)

(wind blowing)

(light orchestral music)

(moving into dramatic music)

(eerie music)