Hunter's Creed (2020) - full transcript

A recent widower reunites with his old church buddies to film a hunting show in the remote woods, where a supernatural presence forces him to confront his faith. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
So, can I ask?


Why do you believe
this has happened?

Again, speculating?

God becomes God
when you need him

- and they need God right now.
- Help!


Fast in those heels

That's right.

Oh, David, look!

Oh, I'd like
to get in the range

of her 12 point daddy I seen
wander around here a month ago.

- Are you kidding me?
- What?

You see
something that beautiful

and the first thing you
think about is hunting him?

- Yeah.
- Uh-uh, come here.

Oh, don't do,.

Go on, look at her.

Doesn't she look beautiful?

She looks delicious.

You are awful.

I'll never hunt again.

- You promise?
- No.

Gimme this.

I'm not sure how anyone
can deny there's a God

if nature is this beautiful.

You know, I kinda like
you, Mrs. David Bryant.

Hm, well I kinda like you too,

- Oh?
- Mr. Kate Bryant.


What are you doing in here?

I told you to wait
in the bedroom!

- Ooh, what's that?
- No, nothing.

None of your business.

- Honey,
- Goodbye please.

I got you this little
thing and I couldn't wait.

You want me to open that now?

It is Christmas, eve.

- Oh my gosh!
- Put it on,

I want to see.

I had it made at Crystal's.

It is beautiful.

- Let me see.
- Aww.

now it's my turn.

Absolutely not, you
get outta here right now!

Oh, if that's not a
new bow, Christmas is ruined!

Oh ho, you'll just
have to see, huh?

- Y'all set?
- I am ready.

Ooh, let's do it!

Hey there Hunters and Huntettes

and welcome back to another
special behind-the-scenes look

at our upcoming hunting
show, "Buck Fever Addicts."

Now, as most of y'all know,

we're still trying to figure out

what we want this show to be

but because my
mama goes to church

with our extra special
surprise guest ,

we have the incredible blessing

to be able to sit
down with somebody

who knows a thing or
two about reality TV

and working with family
and praying on camera.

So, without further ado,

I am so happy to introduce
the one, the only,

- Dog the Bounty Hunter.
- Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Please tell
these nice people

what we're doing here today.

Well, we are here to
ambush your husband,

I mean, surprise your husband.

How many times has he
watched every show?

- Like seven times.
- So, he must be one

of my biggest fans and
seven is God's lucky number.

So, let's hide

- and ambush Mr. Husband.
- Yes!

All right,

come on!

- Too fast.
- No, you better not peek

or I'll ninja chop
you in the neck.

- Oh.
- Okay, come here.

Stay right there, stop.

All right, now you just
gotta answer one question.


What is your favorite TV show?


- Dog the Bounty Hunter?
- Yeah.

- Hey, hey, hey.
- Yeah brother,

- hey, hey.
- Hey.

How are you?

I'm good, I'm great,
I'm great, I'm great.

- Why is he here?
- Surprise!

So, your wife told
me that you're trying

- to write your own TV show.
- Yes, yes.

So, I came all this way
to give you a couple hints.

Shake my hand, relax son.

- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm fine.

- You got any coffee?
- Yes, we have coffee,

- do we have coffee?
- We have coffee.

So brother, do you guys
have a sizzle reel done yet?

No, Kate is actually
in charge of all that.

Oh Kate,

you gonna show him
how to shoot also?

Oh no sir.

The only shooting I do is
from behind this camera.

Yeah, she would shoot me
before she shot any deers.

- No.
- So, you get

your sizzle reel ready,

you sit down with the
executives from networks

at a big long table,

they look at it and
then they're gonna say,

"Do you guys have a pilot yet?"

Or, "let's shoot a pilot."

And you're gonna say,
"we've already got one."

I love your idea of truth

and your concept of the
number one hunting show,

God and family.

That's perfect, you've
got a great combination.

Do you have any children?

- No,
- Well,

are our parents gonna see this?

We can just cut it
out or not show 'em.

well, we just started trying.

So, we just haven't
told anybody yet.

- Yeah.
- Oh well, good luck.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, yeah.

You're the first to know.

So, when you're done
brother, with your pilot,

share it with me

because I've got some
friends in high places

and I feel like I love ya and
I feel like I owe it to you.

So, you know,

- hey, every dog has his day,
- All right.

Tomorrow's mine

- and yours.
- All right!

- Oh my goodness!
- Yeah, let's do this.

Oh my God, thank you.

Every dog has his day and
today we're making a pilot.

- We are making a pilot!
- Yeah, a pilot.

Oh no!

Do not film me right
now, I look terrible.

Oh, you look beautiful

- no matter what.
- Oh no.

I have a secret to tell you.

Your mom looks
gorgeous with makeup.

- No.
- Mm-hmm.

But, but, but, but,
without makeup,

your mom looks gorgeous,
absolutely gorgeous.

If we get
our little baby girl,

what do you think
she's gonna look like?

Hey baby girl, what're
you gonna look like?

Please ma'am,

I'm trying to have
a conversation.

- Oh, pardon me.
- Go on.

Mm-hmm, well, she says

that she's gonna be just
as beautiful as her mama,

eyes, same hair

and she says she's gonna
love all little baby animals

more than her mama.

- That's a tall order.
- I know.

What if
it's a little boy?

No, that's daddy's baby
girl, no doubt about it.

Unfortunately, I have
some difficult news.

Dave is on his way up here

and I found this bad boy
in the lobby downstairs.

So, I just had to have it.


what good is a squirt
gun if you can't use it?

So today, Mr. Hunter
becomes the hunted.

Ooh, look out son!

Stop, stop!

- Oh,
- Got in my eye.

- Sorry.
- It's fine.


Hey babe, come on,
come pray with me.

Dear God, thank you

for your love and faithfulness,

thank you for giving us
the ability to love others.

Thank you for my husband

and for all of our amazing
time that we have.

Hey, hey baby,.

Is there a nurse?

Can I get a nurse?

Hey guys, I just
heard the news

and I'm very sorry.

As you both know, I
just went through this.

So, I think that
my recommendations

and my advice this
time could be real.

Dave, please love
her all the time,

keep her close to you,
please do the show.

That helped my Bethie so
much to be able to work

and to laugh and to play.

I heard that you said

you had the symptoms
of this disease,

that's a start.

You know the bible
says that life

and death are in the
power of the tongue,

that the most unruly member
of the body is the tongue.

So please, watch
what you both say.

Dave, love her,
kiss her, hug her,

whatever she wants get her.

Kate, I love you very much,

you have a great husband

and I hope you still plan on
another member of the family.

So, from me to you
both, I love you,

I feel especially connected
to both of you again now.

You need anything
at all, let me know.

I hope to see you both very
soon and as I say, aloha.

I'm not sure when
you're gonna see this.

But I just wanted
to let you know,

I love you so much.

God gave me a miracle
when I met you.

And I'm so sorry, so sorry.


I was scared, David.

More scared than
I have ever been.

And I know you're scared too.

But he's gonna take
care of everything.

He's my light,

even in the darkest

Oh, I am gonna miss you.

But I will see you
again soon,.

Come on, Dave!

Let's go!


- There he is folks.
- Back up, back up.

It's darn
good to see you man.

Hey Russell.

Oh, look at that.

Got the old trusty elite, huh?

Yeah, well wait 'til
you see what I got, man.

- It's a secret weapon!
- Why you filming already?

Hey brother,
we've been talking

about doing this show
for 20 years, man.

We are gonna show those
other hunting shows

how it's really done.

All right, all right.


Sorry man,
I couldn't resist.

It's good
to see you, Sean.

Good to see me, he says.

Dude disappears for two years

and then makes it harder
than rocks to find him

to do the hunting show that was
his idea in the first place?

It's good to see me?

- Good to see you, brother.
- All right,

- let's get it on, yeah,
- Here, come here,

- give me the camera.
- Yeah, take it, take it.

- How's the camp?
- Ah yeah man,

super great, everyone from
worship team says hello.

Hey, we finally got
the cabins built.

That took four years.

well, you know Barbara.


- Where's Paul?
- He's on patrol up north

but he's gonna meet us up there.

Let's get 'er done!

We're doing a hunting show,

yee haw!

♪ Valley and I
need your loving ♪

♪ Won't you be my loving wife? ♪

One, two, Freddie's
coming for you.

Three, four, better
get some more.

Five, six, get a crucifix.

Seven, eight, hell's gate.

Man, I don't know,

what's the state record
right now for catfish?

- 127.
- What?

sounds more like it.

127 no way man,

fish used to be
bigger back when,

- Back when what?
- Back in biblical times.

Your brain
used to be bigger.

You would film me,

you hairy perverts.

I swear man,

not even cool.

You move that truck,

♪ I'm gonna bury my emotions,
deep down in the ocean ♪

All right, that's it, stop!

Please, I'm begging you, man.

Oh man, look at that.

Over there, right across,
straight over there.

Look at that.

They're as bald as you
are, Sean.

makes you appreciate

what we're doing out
here, doesn't it fellas?


look at that thing go man.

Look at that!

Aw man, I bet he gets a catfish.

I bet he gets a good old dinner.

All right, well welcome
to "Buck Fever Addicts."

I wanted to name the show
"Russell's Muscles and Bucks"

but the team done shot that
down right away.

Now, our show follows four
bowmen, myself included,

on the hunt for some
good old white tail.

Now, this episode,
we are in the Midwest

on an amazing property,
hasn't been hunted in years.

Welcome to the
beginning of our story.

Now, let's get hunting.

All right, now let me
take another one, yeah?

No, that was
good, that was great.

You have to talk
about the entire history

- of the property, man.
- What?

No man, I don't
want any of that any

of that demonic
crap in the show.

What are you
guys talking about?

When Paul and I
first scouted the place,

we talked to the property owner

and she said that
it used to be run

by this religious cult, right?

And they used to do like
sacrifices and rituals,

like full on Satan
worshiping, you know?

- That kind of thing.
- Naw, that's bull crap.

No, it's true man,
ask Paul when we get up there.

Okay and then God came down,

got rid of them for
their evil deeds

and then blessed the property

so that nobody could ever do
evil there again, the end.

Can't have heaven
without hell, brother.

Both got to exist.

Or neither.

You all
good back there, Sean?

Just drive slow.

How's it look on camera?

- Secluded.
- You'd best not scratch

my roof with that camera.

What is that?

You're messing with us.

No man, I'm
not sure what that is.

So, just pull off
to the left here.

All right, listen, we set
up all four deer stands

on different points of the
property, this place is huge.

We're not even gonna be in
shouting distance of each other.

Great, I've
heard this guy talk enough.

Few hours of my life I ain't
getting back listening to you.



Anybody home?

Coming in.


Hey Sean, where's
the light switch at?

inside, on the right.

Let there be light, woo hoo!

Okay folks, this here
is a hunting cabin

if there ever was one!

We got raccoons sticking
out of the wall,

we got racks, we got bedtime
stories over the fireplace.

We got a foxy lady
over here,

it's a bear.

This must be the kitchen.

Okay, this can work.

I'm Chef Russ the Bus and
this is my prep chef, Stinky.

Stinky and I are gonna bring you

some of the mighty fine southern
cooking that I grew up with

but we're gonna keep
in skunk-spense!

This here is Bucky the Buck,

that's his best friend over
there, Trouty the Trout

and this here is Pine Lake
Resort's finest water,

watch out for the lead content.

It's upwards of 15%.

- And what is this?
- Television.

That's a TV.

Oh, and here on our hunting
trips, time just seems to fly.


- Get the door.
- Okay,

I nearly soiled
myself, gimme a second,

you coulda knocked.

That was my
knock, turkey lips.

Chicken giblet.

Ladies and gentlemen,

our God of Fire for the week.

Don't play around.

Hey, Russell, get
the lights for me.

- No!
- Russell, get the lights

- for me, please.
- Okay,

but if you give me nightmares,

I'm gonna sic my mother on you.

And behold, the angel
of the Lord appeared

to them in the blazing
fire of a bush.

Mom, Sean is gonna
give me nightmares,

would you please
tell him to shut up?

All right, that's it.

One more thing and we're done.

He's gonna
get me, he's gonna get me!

B roll, take one.

Let's try that again.

Can I help you?

Are you lost?

We rented the
cabin for the week,

my friends and I were
just on a hunting trip.

Hey, hey, hey, hey,

Hey, Shooter.

You scared
the crap outta me!

Oh man, it's good to
see you again, brother.

Oh, it's
good to see you too.

How's the wife?

She's good, she was asking
about you again on Sunday.

I've been at, work's
been so crazy, I'm sorry.

- It's, we lost a guy,
- Hey, don't worry about it.

Look, are you ready
to have a great week?

- Yeah.
- Good.

- All right.
- Come on man,

let's get inside.

What are you
gonna do with that flare?

That works.

All right so,

there he is, buck naked,
running down the street

with his hands in front
of his unmentionables,

I pull up behind him.

It's raining out,
he's soaking wet

and I shine the
spotlight on him.

All right, he turns around

- and I'm like, "Billy Swanson?"
- No.

- No.
- Pastor Swanson's son?

- No way!
- On a stupid dare,

his wrestling buddies
put him up to it.

Course, the poor kid

didn't realize that his
confirmation leader was going

to be the one to catch him.

But you shoulda seen the
look of terror in his eyes

when he turned
around and saw me.

- Darn pastor kids, man.
- Yeah, yeah,

all right, so I figure, this
boy needs a lesson, right?

Oh no, come on!

Poor kid, man.

You remember those Paul lessons?

- I remember the Paul lessons.
- Yep.

Well, you
know, kids these days,

sometimes they need a push
in the right direction.

Some adults do too
for that matter.

- Yep.
- So, what'd you do to him?

For him, my friend, for him.

Take him back to the farm,
I pull him out of the car

and I handcuff him to
the children's play set.

Oh, man.

And look, you better
not show this footage

to anyone, all right?

You did not
handcuff him to the play set.

So, it's like 50
degrees outside, all right?

So what do I do?

I pull out the garden hose.

You can't hose down naked
boys in your backyard.

- The kid started crying!
- Are you crazy?

I told him, "hey, you
pray on this all night long.

"And just maybe you'll catch
the Lord's forgiveness."

- Well, did he?
- Miracle.

I let him go early that morning,

the boy's flown straight
as an arrow ever since.

Pauly boy, we, you, me, walk
different paths sometimes.

I opt for the Coke
and conversation.

- Hey.
- You,

It worked didn't it?

Sometimes people need a push.

Well, gentlemen,
I do believe it's time

to officially separate
ourselves from the world.

- No, no!
- Yes, yes it is.

- Get 'em out.
- Just kidding.


All right, Seany.

Farewell poop emoji,
smell ya later.

You ready to spend

some time out in
these beautiful woods?

Ready to
make some magic happen.

Well, gentlemen, that
is why we are here.

- Amen to that, brother.
- Cheers.


Here we go, cut the light.

All right, now, as is
tradition for us here

at "Buck Fever Addicts,"

the first to sleep

on the first night is the first
prey of the trip.

Old Davey boy here forgot
that , shh.


Here we go.



Y'all want to be grounded?

Sorry Paulie boy.

- Y'all ready?
- Just getting older.

Yeah, I'm coming.

Here comes the bow,
pretty in camo,

here comes the bow,
he will kill a bow,

ho, ho, ho, ho.

Merry Christmas

Now, let me tell you something,

I want to introduce
you to someone.

I want you to be kind
and supportive, okay?

Now, this here quiver,

is the brand new,
Hoyt Defiant Turbo.

33 inches, axle-to-axle,
six inch brace height,

350 FPF, 75% let-off.

4.2 ounces of utter,
lethal, instant buck death.

You can kiss her,

- if you want.
- No.

The girl
that was under the desk

with her said the shooter
said "peek-a-boo."

Nothing to do with any questions
or her praying or anything.

No, the newspaper said

that the guy came up and
asked her the question.

Why else would the
mother write a book

called "She Said Yes,"
if that didn't happen?

wait up, I got a shot.

But there was another
girl that was in the library

and they were
saying the witnesses

could have mixed
up their stories,

- which happens all the time.
- It's a load of crap

and you know it, man.

The girl was face-to-face
with her own death

and she chose to pray.

- That's all I'm saying.
- You're saying it

like the prayers did
anything when they didn't,

her prayers did nothing for her.

Look at this.

Old Paul's got
the senses of a hound dog.

What you
got there, brother?

We got two bucks
about 300 yards down.

Look at
the size of these guys.

Now, the rut happens the first
couple weeks in November.

And what they're doing
is either fighting

over some territory
or over a doe.

Oh, he got 99 problems
but a doe ain't one.


- Straight in the neck.
- Nice shot.

Oh yeah,
good one there mate.

Let's take a look over here.

Oh, look at this!

Wow, what do we got
over here, sonny boy?

What is the worst part
about going hunting?

Taking a crap
in the woods, huh?

Hanging and
skinning the deer.

Thank you, I didn't
like any of the hoists

that I saw online,

so I went ahead and knocked
up something myself.

This way we don't have
to go breaking our backs.

♪ He came in like
a wrecking ball! ♪

All right Davey boy,

- it's your shot, brother.
- All right.

Look at him,

setting up for
the big shot here.


Oh hang on now, shooter,
that's recurve bow range.

Why don't you show
us what you got?

All right, it's been a while.

Time cannot erase
what you know.

You know, I think
old Davey boy here

just needs to a do a
little soul searching,

remind himself how
good he really is.

Maybe I'm just
out of practice.

No, I don't believe
that for a minute.

Come on, now.

makes perfect.

Dave weren't you
supposed to put your weight

on your other foot?

Has it been that long?

Steve, Perry.

- Nice shot.
- Right in the center!

Yeah, that's pretty good

but the Dave I used to know,

well, he could hit a quarter

across the old
campground archery range.


Man, that
was the craziest thing

I ever seen in my life,
how 'bout it Seany boy?

I bet you one American dollar,

you see that fan
right down yonder?

- Yeah.
- One American dollar

says you can't hit it from here.

That's 90
yards, that's not gonna be,

One American
dollar says you can!

Did we or did we
not call you Shooter?

You are holding
the bow backwards, man.

You gotta turn it around, Dave,
you're gonna hurt yourself.

Turn it around.

- Chucked it, come on, man!
- I knew it.

I'm gonna
have to sell my boat,

we keep betting on you.

Double or nothing,
try it again.

Gambling commission

gonna come down on us.

Strong shooter,

I know you're in
there somewhere,

let's see it.

Shooter, shooter, shooter!

All right, we're ready
to go hunting now, folks!

We'll see you bright
and early.

All right, look,

we used to wear something
like this in the service,

you'll get used to it.

- All right.
- Good morning.

- Morning.
- So Shooter,

why don't you tell the kids

at home what you're
suiting up with.

Well, as you can see,

I don't go out to my
spot in my full camo,

if you sweat a lot
like I do, and I do,

I don't 'cause white tails
can smell human perspiration

from about a mile away.

So, I keep cool
until I get there.

All right, over here,
I have my trusty bow,

we've been through
a lot together.

Right here is a
scent killer spray,

it eliminates odor
throughout the day.

Don't go hunting
without it folks.

These are my snacks in my pack.

This is a hunting
blade, in the pack.

This is a range finder,

it's used to gauge the
distance between your stand

and the trees that
are around you

so that you can know how
far the deer are from you.

The woods can mess with your
distance and depth perception.

So, that's what it's for.

- That's it for me.
- Very nice.

What about you, old man?

Oh, well I guess in the end,

the only piece of equipment
that really matters,

this thing of beauty right here.

All right, so,
just record what you can.

Try and get some footage on
your way out of the site.

Just a few minutes
here and there.

Save the bulk of it
when you actually get

to the stand or the blind.

Do your best to get some
good footage, all right?

Like, we want to give our
audience the best appeal we can.

All right, so we
got four blinds set up

on this lovely property.

We have North, East,
South and West.

What we're gonna do
is we're gonna trade off

after each hunt

and get some bragging rights

for who can hunt where the best,

all right?

Nothing like a
little competition.

- How 'bout a little wager?
- One American dollar?

- One American dollar.
- One American dollar.

All right, Shauny, you are
starting on the North line,

- Cool.
- Russell, we are sending you

down the South side.

I am taking the East blind

which leaves Dave with the
wicked witch of the west.

By the way, Dave,
you get any footage

of those satanic
cultists out there?

Try and make it a nice
clean shot, all right?

And, by the way,

God please rebuke Sean
for being an idiot

and save us from evil, amen.

- Amen.
- Amen.

- All right.
- Let's do it.

- Let's get those bucks.
- Oh, by the way, Dave,

ain't nothing in them woods
you can't kill with that bow.

It is a whole new ball game
trying to find your stand

when you can barely
see anything.

Even in the daylight, the
woods can be confusing.

A good practice is to mark
your stands, reflector tape.

Mark your route if you can.

If not, use landmarks.

It's all about landmarks, folks.

We should be close.

Very funny, guys.

Got my candy.

Candy is a must for me.

I unwrap ahead of time,

put it in a napkin
or a cloth, no sound.

The other guys like to eat
last year's jerky as good luck.

Way I see it,

some deer smelling its own
dead isn't too inviting.

So, candy is dandy.

It is beautiful.

That's the best part about
hunting, if you ask me.

It's the quiet.

Oh man, look at that.

Oh, they're beautiful.

We've got one, two, three, four.

Not a bad day one.

No bucks yet.

No hunting ground is alike,
between weather, terrain,

other hunters in the area.

All this affects
the hunting ground.

It can change how things happen.

- Oh, hey, you okay brother?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

Hey man,
brother seriously.

Out here in the
woods this morning,

I didn't have any TP.

Is that poop?

Is that poop?

Hey, yo!

Could hear you boys a mile away.

No, not me.

Must be Daffy Duck over here.

I made him wet his britches.

That true, Dave?


What do you
got there, wise Gandalf?

I got us some snacks.

As you saw, they're
easy to clean

and their hides can be used
for any number of things.

I mean, my kids like it

when I bring 'em back
some fresh rabbit feet

for them for good luck.

One rabbit is a
good meal for one,

it's a light meal for two.

So, this is a pretty good
haul for a few of us.

Russell's gonna cook
'em up real good.

Hey there, welcome
to Buck Fever Feasts.

Now, as always, I will
be your chef today,

Chef Russ the Bus.

These are the lucky
rascals that get

to enjoy what I
got cooking today.

Now, you've got your
grill of goodness,

you got your seasoning,

I like to use lots
of salt and Tabasco

to spice things up for
these boys a little bit.

Now, on the menu today
is Russell's famous eggs

with my secret ingredient.

- Eggs.
- Yeah, well,

anyways you got your eggs.

You got your Russell's
Testament Toast,

you got your Russell's
Heavenly Hashbrowns,

you got your Russell's

Let He Who Has Not Sinned
Cast the First Stone Bacon,

you got your Russell's
sin free sausage.

You got your Russell's Holy Ham.

You got your Grammy's
Special, Glorified Grits, mm.

You are literally
the only person

eating those grits today, man.

Yeah well, y'all
are missing out.

Judas juice, Mary's milk.

Well, that's about 500
million bajillion calories

of hunting feast right there.

Come on, join us.

- That looks good though.
- Yeah, looks great.

Like everyone have a
good hunt this morning

- or set, I should say.
- Not a set,

didn't even see a squirrel.

- Oh yeah.
- Did you guys hear

anything weird out there though?

- Like what?
- Oh right, that looks good.

Like a loud screeching
sound, some kind of animal.

Like a bobcat?

- This was not a cat.
- I didn't hear anything.

- You sure?
- Well,

if you're interested,

I happen to know of someone,

- personally,
- Good job.

That can take your fear away

from you for the
rest of your life.

It's just, I'm surprised
your wrist doesn't hurt more

with all the bible
thumping you do.

- Here you go.
- Truth is truth, man.

- Okay.
- Truth be told,

I'm not at all surprised

that you're hearing weird
sounds in the woods.

It just kinda comes
with the territory,

- you know what I mean?
- Hey man,

can you pass that stuff
over before we start eating?

- What territory?
- Thank you very much, man.

Well, I'm just

You hang around in the
darkness long enough,

you're bound to make
some dark friends.

Well thank you, for telling
me that I'm going to hell.

You know, if you want

to share you religious
beliefs with someone,

- maybe try a better tactic.
- Can you pass me the ham

- as well, man?
- All right,

Thank you very
much, thank you.

You ever want
to see Kate again?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hey, hey, hey, hey,

settle down, take a chill pill!

How you holding up, man?

I'm fine.

You still
seeing that therapist

- from a little while ago?
- No, work's been busy.

How 'bout
that medication?

Is that still giving
you some issues?

I'm not
worrying about it anymore.

I just
remember you telling me

that was making you tired
all the time, right?

Yeah, I stopped taking
it, so, it's not a problem.

Oh well, I think
that's for the best.

You know, I'll be
honest with you, man.

The fact that this
place used to be owned

by some sort of religious cult
kinda freaks me out a little.

Wait, Sean
was serious about that?

'Bout what?

I thought he was
just being an idiot

- with the whole cult thing.
- No, man.

I was with him when
he was talking to her.

She was talking about some
kind of weird voodoo stuff

but I don't know, man.

She seemed a little bit
weird to me herself.

Last summer I found a kid

at the bottom of the
pool of the campground.

The kids were always
daring each other

to sneak into the pool at night.

So, we'd make sure to
check it a couple of times.

And in the past when
we busted these kids,

we found 'em hiding in the
showers waiting for us to leave.

So, I , walk through
the showers, no one's there.

So, I head to the pool

and make sure no one's
hiding in the water.

And I didn't see
anything at first

but, we got those black
lane lines painted

at the bottom of the pool

and something about
the paint looked funny.

Like funny peculiar

and so, I shined
my flashlight at it

and I realized it's
one of the kids.

One of the little kids
and he ain't moving.

So, I jump in, fully clothed,
get him to the shallow end,

drag him out of the pool,
carry him up the steps,

get the CPR going.

I'm screaming, you know,
for help, top of my lungs.

I started to get mad.

I was like, "seriously?

"Like, seriously, is this
seriously about to happen?

"Is this kid gonna
die at youth camp?"

I was so mad

and I realized that this
kid isn't coming back

and our camp medic,
James, rushes up,

takes over for me
on the compressions

and I was so mad, man.

I just, I just let out
this scream of anger.

I swear to goodness, man,

right when I screamed,

the kid spit up like
a gallon of water,

- started breathing.
- Man.

- Yeah.
- Did y'all have to take him

to the hospital,

- all that stuff?
- Yeah.

The ambulance showed up
like 15 minutes later.

And the
official lesson?

always with the lessons.

Well, the lesson I took away

from this was that God's
timing is not your timing.

That it doesn't
always happen the way

that it's, that you want it to

but it always happens
the way it's supposed to.

I'm getting cold, guys.

That was
perfect, Russell.

- Dave, it's your turn.
- No, I'm gonna go to bed.

No man, we all
have to tell a story,

it's gonna make the
whole segment work.

That's the whole point of this.

- No, sorry.
- At least stay

and have another beer, man.

It's like trying
to sleep with a strobe light.

If I get eaten by a
bear, I have it on film.


And that, ladies and gentlemen,

is how you start a forest fire.

Oh, what?

- Just please, move.
- What are you doing?


Hey man, what are you
doing, what are you doing?

Hey, there's a
bathroom in the cabin,

you don't need to go
out there to go pee,

all right, man?

You don't need to it
on B roll for the show.

What are you doing?

I'm even more concerned
with what you're doing

with that mallet bar you found.

- Are you okay, brother?
- The light was,

then there's,
something in the fire.

- Hey.
- What?

- Sure you're okay, man?
- Yeah.

I'm fine, I'm fine.

You know, Sean, Sean
don't mean no harm.

You know that.

He's just trying to help.

Yeah well.

Hey, I can't imagine
what you've been through.

I can't imagine going
through that myself.

There ain't nothing
I, me, or Sean or Paul

or anybody's gonna say that's
going to make it better.

Hold that for safety.

Good night, Russell.

Good night, brother.

Sleep tight, Dave.

Hey, well look
who's decided to stop spooning!

Yeah, yeah.

What's Dave doing?

Dave's just
ready to grip it and rip it.

All right, time to
switch up the stands.

You guys mind if I take
the same one as yesterday?

Yeah, I do mind, man.

The wind is perfect
for the West blind,

I set that up last week.

You're on the South blind today.

Oh, there he is.

I can't make out how many points

on this beauty

but nice white chest.

It's big, it's big.

He's coming this way.


Kate, how?

- Come on now.
- Oh,.

Come on, we're almost there.

Have you done
this before or not?

I can't do it.

- I can't do it.
- Come on, come on.

We got like 20 feet, come on.

Hey man, why
don't you pull her?

I'll stay here and
you drag me too, yeah?

- No, sorry.
- That's not how this works,

- let's go.
- I shot her, you drag her,

- come on, man.
- Been like this

- the whole way back.
- Hold on, all right.

Sooner we
go, sooner we leave,

- let's go.
- All right, all right,

- all right.
- Let's do it, come on.

- Come on, almost there.
- Yeah, yeah!

You guys see this here buck?

This here is the
definition of not fun.

Well, we have officially
wrapped day two of hunting

and our first kill
winner trophy goes

to our famous
clown-dash-cook, Russell.

Eat it!

- Unbelievable.
- Now, when you're out

on a hunt, the real
important thing,

when you get that first kill

and you bring it
back to the cabin,

you want to be,

What was that?


- What is that?
- Dave?

Hey Dave,

whoa, hey, hey, hey,

hey, hey, it's
gonna be okay, man.

It's gonna be okay.

"Ghost Fever Addicts,"
episode one, action.

- All right, come on, come on.
- Hey fellas.

Yeah, did you find the
alcohol swabs in there, Russ?

Yeah, right there, it was
right there in the cruiser,

I just brought in
the whole pack.

- All right.
- Come on, come here,

come here.

There you go, look
at that, first blood.

That's an honor
right there, buddy.

Technically, I
got my deer first,

so, that's second

Hey, did you
download the files yet?

No, I need the SD
cards, please sir.

- Okay.
- Stop for a second.

Hey man, you're getting
blood all over the place.

Thank you.

- Empty,
- Okay, hold on.

- What?
- Hey maybe it,

hey man, maybe it's with
your other cards, okay?

- Yeah.
- It's in the back.

let me get a card.

It's not in there.

Well, Dave man, don't you
have two of those cases?

Let me see that
camera again, huh?

That's the only one

- that I have.
- It's not in the camera.

- Hey, hey!
- Where's the,

where's the camera
that was in tree?

- It's over there on the,
- Did you leave it

- at the stand, maybe?
- No.

- Did you take it out?
- It's not in there!

- Where is it?
- Hey, settle down man,

- settle down.
- It's gotta be in my bag,

it's gotta be in the bag.

Come on, come on,

come on, come on.

It's not in there man!

Don't touch me, don't!

I'm not crazy, I saw that stuff,
there's candles everywhere.

Did you get it all?

- Seany?
- Yeah man, I got it.

I think we got
to call it, guys?

Well what?

I think we take him home,
we take him to the hospital,

whatever we do
though, but I mean,

we gotta get him outta here.

I thought that maybe that this
trip would be good for him

- but, you know,
- Russell, maybe

- No.
- This is a good thing

- for him.
- Hey man, I don't know,

he's been talking to me
about the meaning of the fawn

- and candles in the forest,
- Yeah, yeah,

- He hugged for two hours,
- He's been on his own,

- He hasn't stopped crying,
- He's been on his own

and he's been working
himself to death since,

- Yeah, exactly man.
- Look, what could be better

than being with friends,
enjoying creation and hunting?

I don't know,

- but it ain't working,
- I'm serious, but,

look, look, think about those
kids at your camp, all right?

They are able to have
an experience with God

because they are at camp,

away from distractions, okay?

He's just working
through some stuff

- right now.
- Yeah, clearly.


I know this is hard but maybe,

maybe this is what
gets him heading back

in the right direction.

And we just need to
be there for him.


Maybe God is doing something
out in these woods.

Maybe you're right.

Sean, you gotta
back off, right man?

I think he's fine, man.

- He ain't.
- All right.

All right, fine.

Just, stop pushing the
buttons, that's it, okay?


All right, gentlemen, Russell,

the second candle that I saw
was there in the fire pit.

You guys said it wasn't
there when you went to bed

and I know it's here.

Oh, come on, maybe, it
was hot when I saw it here

and it just melted.

But it was there, it was there!

I swear it was there.

All right, here we go,

the first hunting day,
this was my stand.

That first candle

that I was telling you guys
about was on the sticks,

there was wax all over it.

Oh, it was right here,
it was right here.

Oh God,

there's got to be something.

Come on, come on!

Hey, watch your step.

Oh yep, thank you.

Whoa, look at this.

Oh man, hey we should
send some of this footage

into "American Pickers"
or something, man.

Yeah, it's
quite the collection

for a religious cult.

Heh, right?

Man, I'm gonna cave your
head in through this glass!

Ooh , all
right come on guys,

hurry up, we gotta catch up.

Hey, where's Dave?

He's already left, man.

- What, North blind?
- Yeah, it's a long hike,

he probably just wanted
to get a head start.

So, I did get one
thing right.

I did fall out of my tree stand

and I knocked myself out.

Must have scrambled my brains

because I could have sworn
that symbol was carved

in that tree right there.

And it's not there.

Oh my,.

The show must go on.

You're not gonna believe this.

I've been here for
less than an hour

and look who decides to show up.

Look at him.

That is one good looking fella.

All right, he's at 200 yards.

And he's headed
this way.

Yes, yes, yes!

That arrow flew perfectly,

it hit him right in the chest.

This is a good buck,
it's a wide rack,

I didn't get a count on how
many points, yes!

All right,

there it is.

There's the beginning
of our blood trail.

I saw him take off South

but I didn't hear him fall.

So we are following
that blood trail.

There it is,.

And this is why we're
out here, folks.

Looks like we're
going into the woods,

let's get that buck.

It's been about an hour.

Blood trail disappeared.

Figure I got a couple
hours of sunlight left.

I'm gonna keep pushing on.

There's no way he didn't
go down after that shot.

So, not only have I lost the
biggest buck I've ever shot,

I lost myself, literally.

I can't seem to
make sense of it.

The map is showing a ridge
on the Northeast corner

of the property.

And I have yet to see a ridge
on my way out to this stand.

I can't seem to backtrack
to the clearing,

I should have been
marking my trails, stupid.

This beauty is gonna have
to wait until morning,

get the boys to
come help me out.





Hey, you wanted a ghost
story, Sean, here you go.


All right, it is the
end of today's hunt

and I ain't got nothing
to show for it ,

but I don't care 'cause I
already got my doe.

But I did have one big
old buck come my way.


Yeah, I'm here,
can you guys hear me?

I'm here!

Keep talking!









I'm sorry!

God, please!

Dave, come on, man!

Dave, Dave, call out man!

Where you at?




Sean, come on man.

Hey, I'm gonna be right
back man, I promise.

I'll be right back.


No, no, no.


No, no, no, what?


Paul, what's going on man?

Hey, hey!


Wake up!




I'm coming, man, I'm coming.

Come on!

I'm coming, I'm coming.


Hey, hey, hey, dude.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

No you don't do this, all right?


You okay?

What happened, what happened?


Answer me man,
what, are you okay?

What happened?

What, what?

What is it?

She was there,.

It was so beautiful,.

Now that the footage
is out in the public,

there has been a
lot of controversy.

What'd you think when
you first saw it?

Well, when I first
saw it, I had feelings.

I mean, I could get
feelings from it.

So, I thought, you know,
this is either manmade

and/or God made and then
as I watched it again,

I thought, "boy,
there's some things here

"that man couldn't have done

"and of course some
things that man did do"

but, it's a, it's a challenge
to see what really happened.

So, how did you come
to access the footage

in the first place?

I have a very good friend
that's in the family.

So, they called me up, you know,

that's what I do for a living
is find people that disappear

and so, they called me up

and basically
retained my services.

So, this is where you decided

that you can possibly
help them find these guys.

At least the ones that
are left on Earth, okay?

- Absolutely.
- Why get involved?

Well again, I do this
for a living, okay?

And this is a, right
up Dog's alley,

if God's involved, peoples
involved, hearts are involved,

and I feel good when
I do stuff like this.

Many people online are saying

that it's a bit suspicious
that you have a connection

with the family along
with the missing men.

Well, the internet,
you know how it is.

It said I was passed
away, that I died.

I try not to believe
everything I read online.

What do you think
actually happened?

To speculate right now,
I would be kind of fool.

So, I'm not sure.

I know there was,

I'm almost positive there
was a divine intervention.

Do you suspect that Sean
and Paul had something

to do with it?

So, they did something.

That's why God, you
know, knocked 'em out

or put 'em down in the woods.

You don't think
it was a set up?

I suspect they had something
to do with like the gas,

- the ropes,
- Hm.

Something like that
but the sound, never.

The light, how could they
make a light that bright?

When you watch
something like that,

you got the feeling, you do too.

And you, you know,
the presence of God,

- goosebumps, ooh.
- Yeah.

You know, and so did I and
so did everybody else, so.

I think it was again, some
kind of divine intervention.

Do you think the white
light was a set up?

I don't want to argue
with the white light.

That is divine, okay?

I am almost positive.

So, the light I believe was God.

God proves he's alive himself,

he doesn't need anybody
else to do that.

Do you think you'll ever
find him, any of them?

If I don't find them, I'm
gonna find out what happened.

Anybody can find truth, if
they ask the right question.

So, can I ask?


Why do you believe
this has happened?

I think God is showing
someone something.

Or maybe more than one.

I don't know exactly
what happened,

but one thing I do know,

he knows what he's doing.