Hunter Killer (2018) - full transcript

An untested American submarine captain teams with U.S. Navy Seals to rescue the Russian president, who has been kidnapped by a rogue general.

Barents Sea, Russia

Russian Federation Ship Akula Class Connect

USS Tampa Bay LA Class Hunter


The Russian ship is 366 meters ahead

We remain undetected, sir

They don't even know

Maintain distance
Stay behind him

Captain, there's an explosion /
Show / Yes, sir

They activate emergency signals

Keep a close watch

What is that?

There is a 549 meter torpedo

Evade torpedo Going
to a height of 213 meters

Is that from Connect? / No,
sir, it's from above us

366 meters / Everyone get ready!

183 meters / Ready for impact!

Pentagon National Military Command Center


Tampa Bay just now
lost on the peninsula

There is no improvement
There is no problem on the radio

There is no weather problem at sea

Near Russian waters / Yes, sir

They have been chasing
with Russian submarines

for several weeks

Let's hope you don't
as we think

Will we send another ship?

It can't be

We must bring it to
their congress and law

They gather troops

Russian President is involved

He embarrassed him

He keeps breaking the rules

He wants to dominate the area
that, and what's next?

Europe? / We can't leave it
Another Cold War happened

We are watching
military buildup

the most aggressive in Russian history

This is not the time to play politics

Sir, Tampa Bay is missing in the Barents Sea

We catch a signal
danger on the Kola peninsula

It belongs to Russia

There is a secret system on the ship

And 110 people, sir / Sure

If you want to go there, you
must go armed

Submarines that quickly detect

I think the submarine hunter

We don't have a new commander
who can do salvation

We have one

Not Arkansas just now
lost his commander

And I assign new people

He is new, has never been a captain

Joe Glass

Where did you find him? What class is he?

Never entered class, sir

Scottish Highlands Lochaber


USS Arkansas Base
AL Faslane, Scotland

Glass Commander

XO Brian Edwards I
assigned to help you

Good What do you have there?

Warrant of Fleet 6

XO, gather the crew

We will sail as soon as possible

You were just assigned two
day, sir, that's impossible

Impossible? Let me tell you
you something, XO

How many types there are
power on this earth? /Two

Except for your radical plan,
you do one,

now you can do the other one

Yes, Sir

Open the base

All operate / Enter / Come on!


What we know about
he? / She's new

I heard he beat
commander / Yes, yes

I hear he's fine

Do you know where?

So you know a lot? / What?

When did you start fighting?

You are not my captain

Come on, we still have a lot of work


The captain took over

Everything is ready

Defend it

Where are we going, captain?

Everyone, this is your captain, Joe Glass

I won't say I know
your previous commander

I don't know you well

I don't like chat, if you do
Your captain likes it before

I don't know who you are,
and which class you are

I'm working on two things

Maintain sonar and clean the tool

If you think me
know you better

from the previous officer, you are right

I am still alone,

my sister is married,

and my father is dead

That's all I know down here


If you think that means
I lead weakly,

you are wrong

This is not training

Your brothers
in Tampa Bay missing

in Russian waters, it might sink

Everyone you know,
or someone else, there

We will fight

So, follow the instructions

I expect that
best of you

If you think I can do the task
you are better than you, no

Your work
is my responsibility

Continue, XO

that's all

Admiral Fisk

I will give the President
explanation of less than 1 hour,

and AL does not share

I work for a joint team,
not for the NSA, Ms. Norquist

USS we caught 2 explosions
just before missing Tampa Bay / 2?

Maybe one of them,
maybe one of us

Is there a possibility of them colliding?

No, you already contacted a colleague
Your Russia? What did they say?

Who is the secret / now
who doesn't share?

What time is the explosion recorded? /
9:04 and 9:06 What's the matter?

Russia starts to collect
troops at Polyarny,

and we oversee the Russian President

Zakarin with the officer
the security is there

Yes, but why not that / No

He left before two explosions

Meeting schedule with
Minister of Defense, Durov

I don't like coincidence /
I sent a submarine

We will soon have an answer

Come on

You must keep it a secret
I'll tell you

I tried to talk
with the NSA in the field

but there is no news

If this is a Russian plan,

we need to know what is
Zakarin did it there

We will fly the drone
to Russian airspace

No No from above

We need all eyes
and ears on the ground

Make sure you don't miss anything

Do you want me to send a team to Russia? / Yes

Padang Vahdat, Tajikistan


You have 30 seconds now!
Okay! Come on, come on!

20 seconds!

10 seconds!


You die!

Congratulations, Martinelli, you're new
just killed the whole team!

You have to be faster, Martinelli


He can't hold back his emotions

He has all of his characteristics

Hey, Commander! Is your sleep past?

Why is he so angry?

Maybe because you upset him

I'm tired of practicing

Do you have work there?

It seems we will go /
How do you know?

He looks at us

Damn, you're right

Get ready We will leave

Where are we going, boss?

Sign in

The crew is in position
and ready to go, sir

Are they awake?

I have something for you, Captain

I know all the supplies,
but I think you should

have it one before we leave

I appreciate your actions

But I can't take the coin

I can't save it

Are you sure, sir?

I only have a place
for one coin in this pocket

Are you on this ship?

My first boat

Is that as bad as they say sir?

I don't know they said
what, but maybe worse

The coin is my lucky charm
Never forget to bring it

Let's go

Yes, captain

All holds are closed
Captain in the control room

The captain took over

Lower the ship

Lower the ship / Yes, captain

91 meters / Yes, sir


Polyarny AL Base, Russia

Welcome to Polyarny, President

Nice to meet you, Dmitri

Did Washington contact? / Yes

I think it's best to wait for your arrival

Yes, let them wait

Gentlemen, get it out
all personal items

I hear this will be difficult / maybe

Damn / You have to do it

Hey, Martinelli, get everything out

Is this not an official assignment?

We can order from
Ministry of Defense,

we never existed / right
Do it, you won't die


You have a beautiful sister,
Martinelli Is she married?

He is not my sister, sir /
It doesn't matter who he is

Russian Aquatic Kola Peninsula

Are there contacts?

This is a Russian water graph

Maybe we are not the ones
first time here

XO, send a scanner

Yes, captain Send a scanner

Sir, I think we got something

Did you see this? /Is it possible
come from the sea floor?

That won't affect it

that's him

A moment Navigate to it

He was shot by a torpedo

Everything to position

Everything is ready

Come on, come on, come on!

Send USS Tampa Bay news
drowned by enemy actions

Yes, Sir

Ready to glide

Prepare for maximum risk

Captain, you have to hear this

Tell me this
from Tampa Bay


From above / Navigate to 221

Find out the origin as soon as possible

What is that?

Captain, there is a contact in front

Where is that? / From above us

American submarine
increase speed

Fire torpedoes 1 and 2

Torpedo in the water! / They shoot at us?

They drew closer

Move to control
manually, and turn left

Watch your face and equipment

Give them new coordinates

Prepare to shoot when
there is contact with the enemy

Ready ship / solution ready

Weapons ready / Turn on sonar and shoot!

Normal launch of 219 torpedo lines

There are a lot of distractions
on the surface, captain

It's hard to find his voice

Turn the weapon 190 degrees

Reduce the height to 12 meters

Reduce height
12 meters Yes, captain

He is there / Gosh

Captain, hit!

Come on, go full speed

Captain, there are still torpedoes chasing us

Go to Tampa Bay

We will aim the torpedo
there / Tampa Bay, sir?

If I have to say everything
twice, we won't survive

Change the path / Yes, sir

When I say, raise him up

61 meters / danger signal

46 meters

30 meters

Repeated, danger signal /
23 meters 15 meters

Captain! 12 meters 9 meters 8 meters

They come, Captain!
Turn right! / Yes, captain

Everything is alright? /Yes

Did we just start a war?

No, maybe we
will be involved in war


I got something

Polyarny Command Center, Russia

President, Mr. Durov

They drown our submarine

What do Americans do?

We must respond immediately
to protect Russia

Sir, I will lead the operation

I want to talk to the President of America

Sir, from USS Arkansas

I got the latest news

Sir, we were shot from the ice

What is the response from Moscow? / There is no

There is no statement whatsoever

And we know they are preparing
the fleet in the last few weeks

What are you implying?

President Zakarin is already at Polyarny

Continue and maintain position

Yes, sir, you must know
there is a special team there

to determine Zakarin intention

You will be responsible
answer if something happens

If someone shoots at him,
not only are you in trouble

Let's do it, everybody!

Damn What is lightning? /
Martinelli, stop talking!

Let's go!

God damn it

Swallow them

Look at me!

Serious / bad luck

Another submarine, captain

After bombing, maybe
fall to the sea floor

Tampa Bay sank

Tampa Bay doesn't shoot
anyone / captain?

Look closer


Is anyone still alive?

Do you know what the bomb rules are?

There will be a mark

You don't see it
here Look at the hole

That's the pattern out

There should be black scorch marks, right?

You and I have a period
little different

I used to blow up
something, it seems like that

The explosion came from
from inside the submarine

Not from a torpedo?


Check the depth of what
can we get them out?

22 meters, captain

That's a little far away, sir
sink Tampa Bay

They are not worthy of being saved /
They follow someone's orders

Captain, they were just now
shooting at us torpedoes

Russia is in charge of Tampa Bay

That's logical, huh

But it would be more logical,

if they try
their own salvation

Long before we come

Listen, nobody
follow the rule book

Nothing is above

The only person who is
may have a clue

down there on the sea floor

Yes, Russian, sir

From what we know, they
who sank Tampa Bay

I mean we don't know,
XO, but they might know

For some reason, their colleague
leaving them to die

This is a violation, sir / I know

Send a rescue boat

Go down and save them

I want the Russian here

Sir, at least leave it
I contacted the headquarters

They will be killed on
when we get answers

Send a rescue boat

We won't wait for anything

Yes, captain

All are ready to get away

Let go

We're leaving

What are the coordinates? / 140 / Good

Come on, come on

1.5 meters

God damn it

0.6 meter / handle

Come on, come on, come on


I'm Commander of Glass, USS Arkansas

Sergei Andropov

XO, take them for
treated by a doctor

Take care of them

If you hear something from above,
these people are prisoners


Give them nutrition
I want the captain to be healthy

Yes, captain

Already in position

Keep watching

They are preparing
destroyer warship

Point the camera there now

Send the picture to Washington

Yes, Sir

Why don't we get clear images?

Something keeps bothering
We have a connection problem

Can I try it? /Yes ma'am

Can you connect me?

Sir, all channels are blocked

I can't contact
Washington and Moscow

What happened?

Have them try
this frequency / ma'am? /Come here

NSA has several frequencies
satellites that we don't usually share

We are all on the team
same here, right? /Yes



They are good

Who is that? Please enlarge

We lost him / there

That's Durov, Russian Minister of Defense

I see a helicopter
president where is he?

She's up here

Can you look closer?

What are you planning?

Why did they depart

There was a mistake

I have to give orders to Moscow

Immediately secure communication lines

Sir, we might be under threat
attack in the near future

I closed the base,

and turn off all communication
as a security precaution

That's not your decision

I have to tell the minister,
parliament and my general

I talked to
them, and I told them

that you are not healthy
and in my care

This isn't done yet


Dmitri? /From now on,
all military orders

will come from me / Dmitri,
they won't follow your orders

They have no choice
As far as they know,

all orders are
I'll give it to you

I am your Defense Minister

And I intend to defend
our interests and our country

from every threat,
from inside and outside,

and from those who are weak-hearted


Don't move, President

You will be punished

At all times
know what happened,

the nation will be at war,

and only worry about their lives

All other things will be forgotten

Come on, sir

Hey, do you see this?

Take the sound

Do we have a voice? Can you increase it?



This is the overthrow of the government

I have to tell the President

He will recommend
dispatch the entire fleet

He just does his job /
You know what that means

I need you to help me

What about other ministers?

Whatever happens there,
Durov will definitely be aggressive

He will cheat his people
and all over the world

Can we prove this
is the overthrow of government?

The facts are simple

Durov departed
the fleet to fight

If we give them profits
by attacking now,

nobody will remember
who attacked first

I recommend preparing
the entire defense fleet

Sorry, Admiral

We do what they want

Drain he wants our fleet to attack

Do you want to say, him
want an all-out war?

I said, I think all this is planned

The Russian Constitution states
if the President is not healthy

during the time of active hostility,

all authorities fall
in the hands of the Russian Minister

Whoever started the rumor
only to gain power

I mean

This is not about Russia,
we deal with

one Minister who defected

So this is the overthrow of the government
and military control

If we pursue Durov,
What will happen?

He might kill Zakarin

Which I think is the reason
he keeps Zakarin alive

This is not the time to analyze
himself or his history

We can't fight it,

unless we respond now

An attack that can kill
100 million Americans

They don't want war
all out, just like us

When someone takes it
step on the chessboard,

you respond

Maybe we have no choice

What if we
free President Zakarin?

What? We don't have /
Let him talk

Thank you mom

We have a team outside
Polyarny base

And submarines outside the coast

They already have a position and
can save the President

I know they want to be involved

If we can bring Zakarin to
Moscow, he can stop this

We save the Russian President?

We may not like Zakarin,
but he is better than Durov

Or there will be war

Admiral, convey this

Send the fleet to position

We need to get ready
to face them

But, I want everything
possible to prevent this

Your saving effort is also done

Everyone, we ordered
go to AL Polyarny Base

There? / How far is that?

Far enough / The place is very
depends on the destroyer

Half the Russian fleet is there

I'm afraid, they say
this is priority

Admiral Durov planned
overthrow of government

We are there for
pick up our 4 people,

and 1 President of Russia

Give me a list of intel
land mine / Yes, captain

Check torpedo and weapon systems

Show, pilot

The place is filled
by sensors and sonar

We have to find a way to
go there without being detected

You're right, XO that's why
we need a local navigator

Can he speak English? /
Yes, he just doesn't want to talk

Okay, thanks

I'm sorry for your men

We have met before

I've passed your ship

I read your file, Captain Me
know you speak English

Fuck you / Okay Good
once we just talked

I have nothing to say

We did not shoot your submarine, Captain

No one

You don't trust me?

Look at this

You explode from inside out

Why are you showing me this?

I don't work with
enemy I'm not a traitor


I don't call you a traitor

The traitor is the person
who blew up your submarine

The person responsible for
the death of all your young sailors,

Admiral Durov

Durov arrested the President at Polyarny

We were ordered to go there
to save him

I can't do it
it's without your help

They are my people

I won't kill them

We don't try to kill your people

We just try
save your President

And maybe stop this

You and I are no different

We are already down here
in all of our careers

From head to toe

We are not enemies. We are brothers

Who else understands
what are we going through?

Anxiety, fear,

months in the bomb
which can explode on the sea floor

That is ourselves
That's what we do

So you know what my sacrifice is for
can get you out of the submarine

I betrayed my men,
I betrayed my ship

I will be tried militarily

It's just that thing
the right thing to do

This isn't about your side or my side

This is about our future

Sir, we found there
who transmits

Come from this base

What's the situation, boss? /Just
I got orders from Washington

Someone came

Come on

We already hold you

The bullet missed, but
he needs to rest

Listen There is good news and bad news

We don't need to die here

USS Arkansas sends
ship to pick us up

American submarines are here? / Yes

This is the problem. We have to take it
President of Russia, and bring him with us


I can't help

This changes things

I don't want to exaggerate, but

I have a feeling if we
can't do this,

things will get more
get worse / fuck

This is already chaotic

How about Martinelli?

I have other plans for you

Captain, we are waiting for your order


I'll be right there / Yes, sir

How are the crew? /They
won't say it, sir

But I've been with them for a long time

They are scared

And how about you?

For 22 years doing this,

I have never been shot,

or such cases

I'll meet you there

With all due respect, sir,

you keep giving orders,
let us worry about it

Okay, let's go

Captain in the control room

USS Arkansas, this is your captain

We will go to Polyarny Base

There has never been an American ship

who made it there

Hura, Arkansas!

Walk slowly

Navigate to 170

Let's go

Yes, Sir

Murmansk Fjord Kola Peninsula

Stay on track 146-144


Everything stops Hold all machines

Everyone, this is Captain Andropov,

from the Konek submarine

He is our guest

XO, take him

What is wrong? Never seen
previous Russian captain?

All eyes to each station

Sir, this system is confidential / I know

Do you speak Russian?

Ask him if he knows the captain
who shot down Tampa Bay

They are trained to do
their job, now

you do your work

This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen

The captain recommended
a Russian captain

to go there

We need instructions

We have been ordered to pass
waters that have never been

submarine pass
Any American before

When you see him, don't
see something else besides

a sailor on the lawn
behind him alone

We saved her life

I thought at least he would break even
will save our lives too

Captain / This is ridiculous!

Your pride to bring him here,

you will be tried militarily

And my job is to guard
you still live long enough

so you can testify


Pilot, everything stays at 160

I got something, captain

Stay close to the stone as much as possible

Yes, captain

Navigate to 150

Down the boat Height of 6 meters

Yes, captain

Down 15 degrees


Sound sensor

Everyone, don't be noisy

For all stations,
everything is asked to be calm

We pull over here

Are there mines?

How do you get past it?

There is another way


He takes us to the road
dead end See the graph

The graph is wrong

There is a way

Where is the road?



There is no sign there is a way,
Captain / Can't pass

We will hit the captain's wall,
we have to turn the machine back

XO, if you can't
hold it back, control yourself

A moment

Yes, there is an opening

We passed it

XO, who is better?

Become right or live?

Yes, Sir

XO took over

OK, everybody

We will enter,
save the President of Russia,

swim, and go to USS
Arkansas / Sounds like fun


What we will
do with Martinelli?

He is fine
will come back to pick him up

We don't know anything

Do not ask me


Calm down, man

Who are you? / I am the
should ask you

We are ghosts

You know us

We are here for
save your president

Help us

Just do what I say

I can take you there

Treat him

They are waiting for your order


Lift him up!

Give your hand, sir

What happened?

do not move

He is here to free
We don't like this either / Damn

Come on, come on!

Matt hurt!

Matt hurt! Protect me!


follow me!

Come on!

Wait there, sir

Come on, sir

Give me a weapon

We have to move!

Fuck you guys!

Come on!

Come on!

God damn it!

Come on!

We lost him

Damn Come on!

Come on, quickly!

Your order is to pick up
4 Americans, 1 Russian

Just focus on them / Good


All systems are checked
Ready to break away

Come on, come on!


Come on!

He got shot!

Let's go!

Keep going, sir!

Come on! We have to go!

Where is she?

He is there!

Come on, President

Come on!

Take a deep breath

Come on, come on

Lift him up!

Come on, quickly!

Where are the others?

Close the cap, we have to go

You just close it

And the President?

He is still alive

Sink the submarine
America before he escapes!

Captain, I heard
something / What is Mystic?

No, sir, that sounds
from the surface

It's a warship

That is a destroyer

I train myself
They won't miss them

Pressure is increasing

Come on fast, or we will die

Activate the transmitter

Change lane now

Captain, we got something. That's him

Shoot them

Control, this is Mystic
We have a leak

We go down

Come on

We have attached it
Open the portal now

Come on, quickly!

Help him!

Sir, there is a rocket!
alarm Lock everything

Yes, captain

Keep going!

There are patients, gunshot wounds

10 seconds

Captain, what should we do?

A distraction shot
Take them out now

Come on fast / 15 seconds

Already closed!

20 seconds! / Prepare for impact!

Prepare for a clash!

Everything handles!

Forward, stay at 010

There is a leak!

Everything's gone!

Are you ok? Wake up

Where is the destroyer? /
I can't find them

We approach him so that
he can hear us

Okay, let's try it

Cob, status

Fire ignite
extinguisher in the torpedo room

The room is filled with water

Captain, there is contact

That's superficial / Good, everyone

I want the submarine to sink

They come

Get ready

They shoot! Torpedo in the water!

Keep watching Turn
60 degrees / Yes, sir

Get ready for a clash!
Everything handles!

Captain, I found out
the destroyer!

We must be fast

Preparing to shoot / Yes, captain

The ship is ready! / Solution ready! / Weapons ready!

Hold the shot

They still come, and keep on approaching

4 minutes to impact!

Sir, are we shooting back?
I said, hold the shot

Get to the bottom

Hold everything

Captain, am I too
soft? / Yes, Captain

Come on, get off quickly

come on

Prepare for a clash!

Shit show it

USS detects an explosion,
just outside Polyarny

Did he sink?

Is the boat sinking?! /
Can't be sure, sir

God damn it!

Prepare the entire fleet
We will be ready for combat

Fisk, we will be blamed that
Zakarin died in our hands

Do you understand what you are doing?

You make them sink the ship
we and everyone in it

As far as they know,
we kidnap the President of Russia

and we kill him

You just started a war today

You also lost the war

US North Atlantic Fleet

Minister, our ship
have a visual of an American fleet


Have them attack / Yes, sir

Russian Northern Fleet

What is that? / Russian Fleet
move to position

They have been spying
our movement

We take them
into battle

Kill him

Are you back? / Yes I need sports

Good work

Come on, get out of here. Come on!


Still can't, Captain

Everything is ready

XO, take over / Yes, captain


Can I trust you?

I have to talk to my generals

I have to tell the truth

Makes sense, sir

But after he found out,

you won't live to tell it

What is the situation in the room
torpedo? / Bad, captain

You go down there / Yes, sir


Come on, help me

Where is the other one? /Only U.S

OK, come on

This is the torpedo room

I can't prepare
all right away, Captain

Prepare 2 tubes

Prepare 2 tubes

Come on!


The destroyer rotates
back, captain / Where?

Not far from us

Hold him

Captain / This is the torpedo room

Tube 2 can't / Yes
2 tubes operating?

Negative, captain


They left

Now what?

You train yourself
are they on the ship, captain?


So you know them well?

Are they loyal to you?

Of course

Show me

This is Captain Andropov

I'm on the boat
diving in the USS Arkansas

I beg you,

hold your shot

USS Arkansas is still alive /
And President Zakarin

Where is the captain?

Launch the missile to the submarine

Stay there!

Shoot now

He is not your commander anymore

Now, shoot

Arkansas broadcast back

This is your President

I talk to you guys
with the highest authority

Any action against America,

is betrayal

He is still alive

Convey this to other Russian generals

I do it now

Sir, my crew doesn't want to shoot
the American submarine

Okay, I'll do it myself

Aim the submarine / Yes, sir

We have satellite images

Things are getting out of control

They will shoot at Arkansas, sir

Then we will blow up
Russian crew first

He was allowed to shoot

Sir, if we shoot at Russian territory,

it will turn on each sensor
Russia and trigger a reply response

If the submarine sinks
with the President on it,

we are in the same situation

Captain, the message came from Washington

Glass Commander

Captain, this is Admiral Fisk

You are authorized to
protect Arkansas and Krumu

Admiral, I need to know what
are we really fighting?

Russia will shoot at you


If we take the first shot

outside of water, all over
the world will see us

Captain Glass, this is Charles Donnegan

You have an amendment in your hand

I give you the authority to shoot

They are still aiming for us, sir

Return to the station

The first procedure is 30 seconds

Everything is ready

Yes, captain

Captain, American submarine
open the missile hole

Missiles 1 and 2 are ready to slide


You want me to call
they were like that, captain?


Captain, just do it
what do you think is right

No, sir I didn't shoot you

Everything is ready, sir


The missile has been fired /
What did he do?

Will arrive in 30 seconds

15 seconds until impact

Everything is locked, sir /
Captain, we are ready to go

Remove the safety / all
the security is off

5 seconds, sir / We have to
shoot now, sir!


3 seconds

Prevention of failure / collision!

what just happened?

Missile about land
Russia / Who shot?

Not us

The command center was destroyed

Missile about the target

Good work


Good work

thank you

How do you know?

I do not know

I hope

Russian fleet retreated

What did you hear

Russian fleet hears orders
directly from Zakarin in Arkansas

He was picked up

Good work / captain

I have to go

Me too

I can't think of any captain

who can do things like you

I could

I'm looking at him

Come on

I've held you, Lieutenant

How are your men? /
He will be fine

You are the best / You too

No, you save
the life of the President of Russia

You keep it on board / Come on

This is a story that can
we tell our grandchildren

I want to take one breath
last before we leave

You will never know
like when you go up

We are the opposite

Ready to go home?

let's go from here

You have been in
in a submarine hunter?

This is the first time

You will be fine
you didn't jump this time